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Most Valuable Elitist #243

Rising Star of the Week

Donovan Duke

Rising Star of the first week after Territorial Invasion is Donovan Duke. On Voltage Donovan went up against “The Last Messiah” Drake King after both were coming off of losses at Territorial Invasion, and Donovan put up a remarkable fight. Donovan even had the match won at one point as the referee reached a three count, unfortunately it turned out Drake was at the ropes. In the end Donovan was unsuccessful as Drake picked up the victory, but his efforts deserve to be recognized after putting up the fight he did.

Beef of the Week

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Show of the Week


Our Show of the Week for this week was Dynasty. This was an amazing way to get back to the weekly shows after Territorial Invasion, as this week kicked off the Grand Prix as well as the Specialists Championship tournament, with Harper Lee, Kasey Kaos, the Maidens of Malpractice, and the reuniting Jaded Hearts picking up victories in their respective matches. We also learned that Limmy Monaghan would be starting up a singles career, and Mr. DEDEDE would be facing the Visual Prophet at House of Glass for the World Heavyweight Championship. The show closed out with an amazing Universal Women’s Championship match, and there was no doubt that this Dynasty was incredible, deserving of Show of the Week. 

Match of the Week

Serena Bennett vs Candice Blair

Match of the Week and Beef of the Week has to go to the Universal Women’s Championship match that took place on Dynasty between Serena Bennett and Candice Blair. The promos leading up to this match were fantastic from both Candice and Serena, and once they finally got the chance to face each other they did not let any of us down. This match showed just how much they wanted to be Universal Women’s Champion, as well as how much they’ve been waiting for the opportunity to get their hands on each other ever since Candice first challenged Serena. Both women should be proud of what they did this week, especially coming off of Serena’s performance at Territorial Invasion.

Promoer of the Week

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Champion of the Week

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Most Valuable Elitist

Serena Bennett

Promoer of the Week, Champion of the Week, and our Most Valuable Elitist for this week is the woman who walked out of Dynasty as the Universal Women’s Champion, Serena Bennett. Serena and Candice took each other to the limit and performing at this level right after a match like Wargames couldn’t have been easy for Serena, but somehow she managed to retain her Championship, continuing her reign on top. It may be a while before we see Serena ever lose that Championship, as she’s on top of her game right now. Congratulations Serena Bennet on a successful Championship defense!

Written by John Helms

Voltage 10/4/20

Dynasty 10/9/20