Elite Answers Wrestling, also known as EAW, is a sports and entertainment global juggernaut that has been established for a decade now. EAW is the number one combat sports company in the world with a bullet, putting on some of the highest rated sports programming on a weekly basis, and providing the number 1 shows on cable television. EAW has stood out from day one due to it’s high production value, but has built credibility by putting on the most memorable matches, moments, rivalries and stories on all of sports and entertainment.

Elite Answers Wrestling was created in June of 2007 by Ronn Banks, as well as Mak and Evan, gaining a cult-like following. Following the demise of parent company, Answers Wrestling Federation, EAW regained it’s independence in December of 07′ after drawing the highest ratings in the sports titan company as the # 1 brand. Backed by a conglomerate of wealthy billionaires, EAW has been given the freedom and financial independence from day one to put on as scintillating a product as they can, mixing heavy drama with dizzying displays of athleticism and an unparalleled sports element found in very few wrestling promotions.

EAW holds three active weekly shows, including it’s flagship show ‘Saturday Night Showdown’ that stands as the longest weekly episodic show in major wrestling history. Along with it comes the critically heralded ‘Friday Night Dynasty’, as well as the award winning show brimming with young talent ‘Sunday Night Voltage’. EAW hosts monthly Free-Per-Views, or FPV’s, hosted on television as well as provided on the EAW Network which has garnered close to 20 million subscribers worldwide.

EAW over the years made an effort to expand it’s market as well as crush the competition around it. From it’s inception in 2007 EAW started out in the North Eastern region of the United States, with it’s headquarters located in New Jersey. EAW quickly expanded upon regaining it’s independence from AWF. In 2008 the critically and commercially successful major event, ‘Pain for Pride 1’ took EAW to new heights, making it a national phenomenon. By Pain for Pride 2 EAW became solidified as the number 1 company in the United States, and by Pain for Pride 3 in 2010 EAW marked it’s territory as a global force.

Currently EAW is responsible for the rejuvenation of combat sports, creating the biggest box office attraction in pro wrestling, boxing or MMA since the 1980’s. It is now a worldwide phenomenon, responsible for selling out seats relatively easily in the United States and putting on a sellout world tour in the year of 2015.

In April of 2018, EAW purchased a majority stake in REVOLT! Pro Combat. In the deal, EAW acquired all of REVOLT’s assets and likenesses. The transaction stipulated that all wrestlers with REVOLT! Pro Combat contracts would now be under EAW contracts. The purchase strengthened EAW’s stranglehold on the wrestling industry, once again asserting itself as a global wrestling giant and expanding upon its empire by ensuring an even brighter future looming on the horizons of tomorrow.

EAW is now currently a monopoly in professional wrestling, with a widespread reputation of being “major league pro wrestling”. It is the third largest sports promotion in the United States behind the NFL and the NBA, and has catapulted wrestling into being one of the most watched sports in the world. In 2018 EAW enjoyed its highest year of revenue, drawing a net of over $4 billion in revenue due to it’s television contract, sponsorships, live attendance, merchandise and the success of the EAW Network.

EAW Chairman - Mr. DEDEDE

Matt Daniels - Voltage Commissioner


StarrStan - Dynasty GM

Jenny Punk - Showdown GM

Signing Up
You’re entering the game of EAW. You must decide various information such as your hometown, moveset, and the overall features that make up your character. You’ll find the full character template on our forums which you’ll fill out and then be sorted onto 1 of our 3 brands. You’ll need to find an available pic base to match your wrestling character and it’s highly recommended to find someone that has pictures on PSD-Dreams or someone with high resolution photos so that you can be properly represented on our graphics.

Shows & Activity
The shows, Voltage, Dynasty, Empire, and Showdown are written by a collection of EAW writers in script format. We’ve innovated the game by posting real-time live shows on our chat for the community to react to before it is posted. FPV’s are always presented in the live chat format while weeklies usually get posted. When it comes to you, the more consistent you are, the more chances you have of making it far in EAW, like pushes, title reigns, top storylines and other accolades. It is best to pay attention to scripts to know where you’re going and what matches you wrestle, along with knowing your status here. If you have any questions regarding your progress, contact your show writer(s) for better insight or ideas.

EAW Promoz
EAW requires you to promo in order to hype your competitive matches, this allows us to bounce off your character and further continue storylines within our weekly events. While not having any word limits on our Promoz, we do have a limit of waiting 24hrs between posting another promo if your opponent hasn’t responded yet. Our writers often look for a few things when regarding your Promoz in order to determine the outcome of your matches or feuds.

Match/Feud Relevance
Character Portrayal
Entertainment/Creative Factor
General Consistency


EAW is currently the longest running e-federation, that was based on the Wrestling Section of Yahoo! Answers. At its start in 2007, EAW was one of the two only e-feds from Yahoo! Answers around, feuding with Answers Wrestling Federation, the second e-federation running. EAW eventually merged with the now defunct AWF as a third brand. After AWF closed, EAW started up once again as a solo company. You’ll find many characters still using their Y!A usernames as ring names in EAW.

EAW does created characters only, we want to see what you can come up with and bring to the table. Parody characters of real wrestlers are allowed but we prefer you at least put a twist on the character portrayal. In some cases, you will find people with similar names to actual wrestlers but that usually roots from our Yahoo Answers past. Users would sign up using their screen names from Yahoo as their ring names but you’ll find quirks and backstories that separate them from those characters. This is a rare case as we’ve moved on from our Yahoo roots.

EAW has a lot to offer. Top notch writing and graphics. Stellar video making, and a pretty enjoyable active community. We have a lot of platforms to communicate on whether it be on chat or through the forums that is rivaled by no other. We try our best to make your tenure here as enjoyable as we possibly can.

EAW allows intergender feuds and matches. We’ve been lucky enough to have enough female characters over the years to build their feuds, divisions, and belts. You’ll find yourself feuding with people of different backgrounds if the story calls for it.

Yes, you can. We typically like to let individuals go into stories surprised to see how you bounce off the situations. Though, your writer is always open to tweaks, developments, and potential ideas for the future.

Deadlines for promoing fall 11:59pm EST the day before the scheduled show.

We highly advise you stick to one, though, if you have been around for a consistent six months you are allowed to have multiple if you feel you can handle it. If it turns into a problem we will limit you to only handling one character.

Promos are judged based on overall quality. Key factors would be match relevancy and character portrayal. We look to see if your promo(s) relate to the storyline, mention your opponent, and/or demonstrate character progression. Promos must include clear and concise points—we don’t put a huge emphasis on being overly lengthy, but if that’s your prerogative then go for it. Additionally, promoing multiple times a week increases your chances at winning. However, posting more promos doesn’t guarantee an automatic win. It ultimately comes down to who posted the better promo.