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    Most Valuable Elitist #191

    Rising Star of the Week Dr. Bethany Blue To begin this edition of Most Valuable Elitist, Dr. Bethany Blue walks away with Rising Star of the Week. At Bloodsport, the Doc managed to walk away with the very first briefcase with an ultimate opportunity barbed wire ladder match. The moment she debuted, Bethany has been […] More

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    Showdown 8/11/2019

    ( EAW Intro plays ) (“DNA” by Kendrick Lamar starts up, cueing the beginning of Saturday Night Showdown! As the music plays throughout the speaker system of the TD Garden, the camera pans over the raucous fans in the audience, filling the arena to capacity. As the camera collects it’s last few shots of the […] More

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    Most Valuable Elitist #190

    Note: Probably when I post this, Bloodsport would have past, so please ignore the future tense stuff about Bloodsport. :lupe:  This was written around Friday night, but I wasn’t able to post it because life got in the way. I’m sorry, I’ll be better. :mjcry:   Rising Star of the Week Katheryn Wicked Katheryn Wicked […] More

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    Bloodsport (2019)

      ( EAW logo buzzes ) ( The sound of chair crashing into somebody’s skull can be heard. ) ( The sound of a table splitting into two as somebody is driven through it can be heard. ) ( The screams from a person being impaled by a foreign object can be heard. ) ( […] More

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    Dynasty 8/9/2019

      (EAW Logo Plays.) (We are quickly shown a brief recap of Friday Night Dynasty from last week. Mike Gambino stealing a win from Justin Windgate, Darcy May beating Lindsey Kingsley, Fatal Destiny winning, and Provencal defying the odds and beating Landerson. We see Jason leave Ronan for dead against Fatal Destiny, Darcy get some […] More

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    Voltage 8/4/2019

      (EAW intro plays.) (As is customary in Voltage land, a recap video of last week’s show plays. Korey Gaines, the number one contender for the Interwire Championship, would kick the show off and attempt to address Terry Chambers! However, he would he interrupted by Amura from Bora Bora, who would steal the moment to […] More

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    Showdown 8/3/2019

    (EAW intro plays.) (“DNA” by Kendrick Lamar begins to play throughout the speakers of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York as the crowd riles themself up for a jam-packed episode of Saturday Night Showdown! The camera pans over the crowd in the arena, bursting at the seems to get the chance to see some […] More

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    Dynasty 8/2/2019

      (EAW Logo Plays) (The show begins clips from last week are shown. Justin Windgate, Archimedes J. Manson, and Vic Venom victories are replayed from last week briefly before we see Drake King destroy Cage and get in a standoff with Vic. We then see Darkane coming out with his shovel as he destroys SOSA […] More

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    Most Valuable Elitist #189

    Rising Star of the Week Jenny Cien For such a short period, Jenny Cien has captured the attention of the EAW Universe with her fierce and aggressive demeanor. She managed to pick up the victory against Kristen Myers on Voltage. She found herself making her Showdown debut at Midsummer Massacre against Carlos Cruz, and it […] More

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    Theron Nikolas

    A man that once believed that he was absolutely untouchable. The man that holds the record of being the longest reigning Answers World Champion now finds himself without the crown and thrown he cherished more than anything else in the world. It’s been two and a half years since Theron Nikolas walked through the doors [...]
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    Brody Sparks

    People always say that good things come in small packages. Brody Sparks was the perfect example of dominance in a small package. She may have been small in size but she was more than what meets the eye, nothing was bigger than the impact she left behind. Brody Sparks is truly an unforgettable woman. No [...]
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