(“Highlights From Last Weeks Showdown is shown with Michael Bishop demanding a championship match for Midsummer Massacre, all the way to Ahren Fournier and the Heart Break Boy’s confrontation)

(“Misanthrope” By Local H hits as the BRAND new Showdown intro begins to play syncing perfectly with the new music before cutting to the Amyway Center in Orlando, Florida as pyrotechnics begin to go off and we have a pan around the arena with the screaming fans in attendance before cutting to Pierre Mcguire and Deadprez rocking an old school Tracy Mcgrady Orlando Magic Jersey)

Pierre: WELCOME TO ANOTHER EDITION OF SATURDAY NIGHT SHOWDOWN!! AND GET A LOAD OF THAT NEW MUSIC!!! SPECIAL THANKS TO LOCAL H FOR A ROCKING SONG AS WE OFFICIALLY START OUR ROAD TO THE SHOWDOWN EXCLUSIVE MIDSUMMER MASSACRE! We have a HUGE main event with Cameron Ella Ava and Mr. DEDEDE defending the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships against Drillmatic, the team of the lovely Astraea Jordan and Malcolm Jones! And we have Michael Bishop who will be surely looking to secure an EAW Championship match in his tag team affair where he’ll stand across the ring from the EAW Champion! And so much more on this action packed edition of Showdown!

Deadprez: I’m rocking my old school Orlando Magic, Shaquille O’Neal jersey. Special thanks to mitchell and ness for the hook up! Welcome to another edition of Showdown starrin the best commentator alive, ME! The Deadprez, Ima be carrying this show along with my rookie Pierre and we ain’t here to waste much time cause we got one hell of a show in store for these great Orlando fans here in this beautiful arena! I’m pumped!

(“Blackout” by Company Flow hits to a big pop as Lethal Consequences makes his way through the curtains with a adobehouse t-shirt on and sunglasses as he makes his way up the ramp with a confident expression on his face.)

Pierre: We’ve heard rumblings all week about the possibility of an appearance by the recently returning Voltage elitist and two time Hall of Famer Lethal Consequences, but we hadn’t known for sure! Last Voltage he made a pretty big announcement regarding his position in this company when he revealed that the shares in this company that were once owned by EAW founder and former owner in principal Ronn Banks was passed down to him shortly before Pain for Pride. He had a lot to say about how his past few stints here have all ended badly due to run-ins with authority backstage, which is why he decided to take on the role of an authority figure himself for “protection”.

Deadprez: Not only that but he made it perfectly clear that he wanted to compete at this years Midsummer Massacre and sounded pretty disappointed that it was Showdown exclusive, so perhaps that could have something to do with this visit?

(LC stands in the middle of the ring as “Blackout” dies down and he grabs a mic)

LC: So as you all know by now, I am not just the man LC, but I am THE MAN LC… in every literal sense of the word. This new role that has managed to fall in my lap, it’s everything I need in order to truly prosper in EAW like the good ol days. Back when I didn’t have to worry about any authority figures with hidden agendas and old grudges holding me down. Now I hold the power. The Enterprise holds the power. With Andy Dominguez on my side, I won’t have to worry about the issues that have constantly plagued me throughout my time here over the past four or five years. It’s time to finally restore the glory to the name Lethal Consequences and take back what’s been owed to me for how this industry chewed me up and spit me out. The future is very bright, and that’s why I have decided to visit Showdown tonight.

LC: You see… one thing that has always pissed me off which I made been very adamant about is the absence of Midsummer Massacre over the years. I asked the questions everyone was afraid to ask, and I didn’t get the answers I wanted to hear. I spoke up and my career suffered for it. Now look, all of a sudden with no Lethal Consequences in sight… or so they thought, the company decides to bring back the greatest event in the history of this business, Midsummer Massacre! For the first time in a very long time, everything seems right in the world of EAW.

LC: You may ask “well why is LC so set on this Midsummer Massacre event?” wondering why it’s so special not only to me, but in general. Well here’s the facts, just one decade ago way back in 2008 I debuted in this joint at that very event. I didn’t just debut but I made a statement, I laid waste to one of the greatest talents in the history of this company in HRDO and took the company by storm. So basically, every year Midsummer Massacre serves as “National LC Day”. What did they decide to do with my holiday? “They” shut it down, they couldn’t muster the fact that the fans lined up year after year to celebrate history, the event that LC debuted at! They wanted to write me out of history and minimize my impact so of course the only logical thing to do would have been to completely get rid of the very event that defines me and that I made famous. It’s just business, nothing personal though right? LC has been considered “bad for business” since 2012 when I was fired from this company for disrupting the powers that be….. by being me. So of course National LC Day would also be considered bad for business… it’s just logic! I just wish the company would have been straight up with me over the years instead of beating around the bush with illogical explanations as to why my signature event had never seen the light of day. I actually believed it at one point too.

LC: Can you believe I actually returned to this company last year thinking things would be different? I actually thought I’d be placed into a great situation heading into the tenth Pain for Pride, I thought I’d ride that high into a classic Midsummer Massacre feud. But instead I got placed on the armpit of EAW also known as last year’s Dynasty and stuck in purgatory until I decided to part ways. This year there’s been a cultural revolution in EAW so to speak, the “feeling” that I once felt has been looming in the horizon. I walk down the halls and even the smell is different, the catering… less mountain dew and doritos but more soul food. I thought to myself, the only thing that would make this if uhhh I don’t know? Midsummer Massacre was back? And low and behold my prayers were answered! Low and behold they bring the show back… but just like they did my legacy, they minimize it from being a “Big Four” marquee event to some lowly Showdown exclusive replacement for Dia Del Diablo.

LC: My question is… what the hell makes Showdown so special to be the hosts of National LC Day? I look around and this brand is being carried by Diamond Cage who I fought years ago at that very event, Heart Break Boy who might be the only one on the roster who comes and goes as he pleases more than I do, and then the rest is a bunch of inexperienced up and comers who probably wasn’t even born when this event last took place. So since EAW is still somewhat incompetent to where they won’t give my holiday it’s proper respect as a interbranded event, I’ll just do what I do best and defy their rules. As one of the owners of this company via The Enterprise, I, Lethal Consequences hereby announce my intent to compete at Midsummer Massacre. But it’s less an intent and more like a definite, all I need is an opponent. You can be from any brand in EAW, Showdown, Voltage, Dynasty, Empire, Turbo, NEO, Burnout.. IDGAF just come out and I’ll make you a star. Now who’s willing to face The Blue Moon in his natural habitat? Oh I forgot to mention, in an Extreme Rulez match! With the “z”, I ain’t wit allat Elite shit. So ye.

(LC paces back and forth as he waits for somebody to come out, looks at his watch, checks his phone, scratches his chin. The crowd grows tired from the waiting as he does too and eventually puts the mic back up to his face to begin talking again.)

LC: I had a feeling this would happen… it’s cool. Because if last Voltage didn’t give you any indication of how I’m rolling this go round, I came prepared for any and every situation. So this one didn’t work out I guess, but you better bet your ass I’ll be there at Midsummer Massacre, in an Extreme Rulez match. Even if it means I have to initiate “Plan B”.

(LC drops the mic as “Blackout” picks back up, he rolls out of the ring in frustration ignoring the fans with their hands out as he storms up the ramp.)

Deadprez: Well LC is going to try to find his way into Midsummer Massacre, or as he likes to call it.. “National LC Day” one way or another, but he’s going to need to find an opponent to do that. Unfortunately tonight’s visit didn’t quite go as he hoped it would.

Pierre: Yeah but what’s this “Plan B” he mentioned? LC has shown that he always has a trick up his sleeve and if last weeks Voltage was any indication, he’s one for the unexpected surprises.

Deadprez: Indeed partner but we’ll keep you guys at home updated on LC, in the meantime let’s take a look back at last week’s Empire!

(Commercial Break – Thrusday Night Empire Recap)

Aaron: The following contest is a Tag Team match, scheduled for One Fall!!!!!

(‘’Hard’ by No Jumper, Tay-K and Blocboy JB hits as The Core Bros come out, ready to fight. )

Aaron: Introducing first… from Baltimore, Maryland, at a combined weight of 406lbs…. THE CORE BROS!!!!!

(‘The Final Countdown‘ by Europe hits as Xavier Arnold comes out, concentrated as he heads in as the first man agains the core bros. The Core bros snickering and staring him down as he enters the ring)

Aaron: And their first opponent…. From Cologne, Germany, weighing in at 219lbs…. XAVIER ARNOLD!!!!!

(Xavier and the Core Bros lock eyes for a moment, before their attention is drawn to the stage, as ‘Until it sleeps’ by metallica hits. Shane Gates emerges, flanked by his manager Handa, as Gates heads down to the ring, barely a hint of stress or anticipation on him).

Aaron: And His partner…… From Huntington Beach, California, weighing in at 210lbs…… SHANE GATES!!!!!

Deadprez: All four of these guys are ready to fight, The core bros in sync as Marco steps into the ring first against Xavier. Arnold nods to Gates… who doesn’t seem to be all to entertained, or even seeming to care, Dunno what happened between them. Guess we’ll see.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!).

Pierre: Well now is the time to throw any drama out the window, because we’re off!!! Xavier and Marco locking up. Marco trying to break the stalemate as he throws a nasty knee into the midsection of Arnold, arnold drops to a knee- But nails Marco with a hiptoss!!!! Grounding the Core Brother onto the ring floor!!!!! Arnold attempting to rain down with some strikes, but The core brother hooks a leg onto Arnold’s leg, and rolls through!!!

Deadprez: As Arnold rises to his feet, Marco with a left!!! But it’s blocked, and Arnold throws a right hand- The Core brother leans back and dodges it, Marco with a right hand rocking Xavier, Marco turns, and a NASTY SIDEKICK!!!!! PLANTING Xavier onto his hands and knees!!!!!! Marco wasting no time as he runs to the topes, gaining the rebound momentum, DOUBLE FOOTSTOMP!!!!! NO!!! Arnold just BARELY rolls back out of the way, Marco Core with a roundhouse kick!!!! But Xavier Arnold ducks it, Spinning Backfist!!!! Marco core is rocked as Arnold irish whips him into the ropes, Core with the rebound- SPEAR!!!!! A hefty Spear from Arnold!!! Core is planted!!!!

Pierre: People don’t usually find ground game exciting, but to me, it’s fascinating to watch!!! Marco Core currently planted on his back as Arnold tries to utilize his position on top. Not a big martial arts guy, but OUCH!!!! A mean right hand to Core, Core trying to throw some shots up, but not enough to break the assault as Arnold secure an arm, what’s he- KIMURA LOCK!!!!! ARNOLD’S GOT A KIMURA LOCK!!!! BENDING THE CORE BROTHER’S ARM BACK!!!! EARNING SCREAMS OF AGONY FROM MARCO CORE!!!!

(Rico Core attempts to enter the ring, but is stopped by the referee who orders him to stay on the apron in his corner. However, Shane Gates’ manager handa climbs onto the ropes on the opposite side and yells to Arnold).

Handa: (Off Mic) DON’T EASE UP!!!!!! KEEP CRANKING IT ON HIM!!!!

(Referee marches over to the opposite side).

Deadprez: Handa unintentionally drawing the Referee’s ire- WAIT!!!! RICO CORE FROM BEHIND!!!! ARNOLD FINDS HIMSELF GRIPPED WITH A WAISTLOCK!!!! SUPLEX!!! GERMAN SUPLEX FROM RICO CORE!!!! And before the referee can do anything, Rico core has rolled outta the ring!!!! Marco Core capitalizing as he peels Arnold off the ground, and irish whips him into the turnbuckle!!!! Arnold with barely any time to comprehend what the hell just happened, as Marco core comes with a CORNER SPLASH!!!!! WAIT!!! RICO CORE FROM BEHIND!!! RICO CORE LOCKS IN A CHOKEHOLD AS MARCO CORE BEGINS TO BATTER ARNOLD’S MIDSECTION!!!!!

Pierre: The Referee ordering Rico core to let go, as he does and acts completely innocent!!! Marco Core wasting no time as he NAILS Arnold with a Bicycle kick!!!! And then- JUMPING DDT!!!!! ARNOLD IS SENT BACK INTO THE CENTER OF THE RING, almost CATATONIC!!!!! He’s trying to crawl, Marco Core is just rising to his feet as Arnold staggers to his corner, He’s going for a Tag on…. Gates…

(As Xavier Arnold reaches the apron to tag Shane Gates, Shane gates hops off and heads up the ramp a ways).

Deadprez: WHAT IS HE DOING? Shane Gates is…. He’s ABANDONING Xavier Arnold!!!! This is fucking Lunacy!!!! And it looks like Arnold is in a perdicament now, as Marco Core tags in Rico, Arnold frustrated as he turns around- SHINING WIZARD!!!!! SHINING WIZARD TO ARNOLD!!!!! The stuffing is knocked out of the Showdown prospect as he’s hit with a Shining Wizard. Arnold staggers- SUPERPLEX FROM RICO!!!!! The gassed Arnold finds himself at the mercy of both Marco, and the still fresh Rico Core!!!

Pierrei: This is hard to watch, Rico lifting Arnold off the mat, and locking in a Rear Naked Choke!!!! ENZIGURI!!!!! ENZIGURI FROM MARCO CORE!!!! AS HE SLIDES RIGHT OUT OF THE RING, THE REFEREE SHOUTING HIS HEAD OFF!!!! Rico Core stomping his foot on the ground, Xavier Arnold barely there as he gets up on wobbly legs, Rico runs to the ropes for the rebound- GREEEN LIIIIIGHT!!!!!!! GREEN LIGHT FROM RICO CORE!!! A RUNNING KNEE STRIKE!!!! ARNOLD IS OUT!!!! RICO COVERS!!!!!






(Ding! Ding! Ding!).

(‘Hard’ by No Jumper, Tay-K and Blocboy JB hits as the core bros rise victoriously, Xavier Arnold laying battered at their feet).


Deadprez: The Core Brothers did everything they needed to…. But it wasn’t theirs or Arnolds falt, Shane Gates bailed on his partner, and left Xavier to the sharks- no, the wolves. The Core Brothers exiting up the ramp as Handa just shakes his head

Pierre: Uh oh…. Handa calling up the ramp, and he comes Shane Gates sliding back into the ring!!!! Shane Gates MOUNTING the fallen Xavier Arnold, and RAINING strikes down!!!! How does this make you feel powerful? You Jipped you and your friend out of a victory, and now you feed on his corpse like a vulture? What a dastardly move by Gates.

(The camera fades out as Shane Gates stands in the ring and raises his hand to the boos of the crowd, Handa clapping his hands in approval. The Camera to the backstage interview area)

(Camera shows Eve standing wearing a beautiful white dress as she stands there smiling before she begins to speak)

Eve: Ladies and Gentleman, the EAW Champion! DIAMOND CAGE!

(The crowd roars of approval as Cage steps into the scene donning his leather jacket and EAW Championship draped around his shoulder before Eve presents him with the question)

Eve: Cage, as you know it is my job to not only present you with questions but to also do a little inside digging and it has been revealed to me that, coming off a brutal championship match against Rex where you won the title and then another hard hitting affair with the Answers World Champion, Darkane and then defending your championship against Damon last week. It’s no secret that you aren’t 100% but you have been competing with a concussion?

(Cage looks down at Eve)

Cage: Yup.

Eve: Okay.. So don’t you think that’s a bad idea?

Cage: Nope.

Eve: You’ve worked so hard to get said championship and now that you have it don’t you think preserving your body would be the smart thing to do so you can keep the championship.

Cage: Listen, you think I care what these doctors have to say? As long as I have this EAW Championship it doesn’t matter how much pain I’m in, I’m willing to go through so much worse to make sure this championship doesn’t leave my side. So yeah, I have a concussion, sometimes I get knocked for a loop but I’m the EAW Champion. I’m one of the best in the world, maybe even better than the best in the world because I do what most men can’t do.

Eve: So tonight you’ll compete again but this time in Tag Team Action, and if the opposing team wins, at Midsummer Massacre you will defend your EAW Championship against Michael Bishop, any thoughts?

Cage: Same ole, same ole, another guy trying to sell some shit nobody trying to buy. I respect it though, wanting to be the EAW Champion is mandatory but not when the man holding this championship is named Diamond Cage.

Eve: And tonight? You won’t be doing it alone, what about Liam Archer?

Cage: Just stay out of my way kid and we’ll get the job done.

Eve: Thanks for your time Mr. Cage.

(Cage smiles and walks off)

(Camera transitions back to Aaron Fitzpatrick standing inside the ring)

Aaron: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a triple threat match!

(“In the Zone” by PL begins to play over the speakers Naheem emerges from the back with a focused look on his face, ignoring the fans reaching out to tag his hand.)


(Yung Flex” by Team Extreme hits the speakers and out comes Viktor Jackson bopping his head to the beat of the song before entering the ring.)

Aaron: Introducing second, from Richmond Virgina weighing in at 5’11” 200 pounds… VIKKKKKKKTORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR JAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKSONNNNNNNN!!!

(“Ресурс” by Omnimar blares through the speakers as Tayo menacingly steps forth onto the stage, the crowd showering him with boos, he strides forward down the rampway, eyeing Viktor and Naheem with a sense of calm tranquility.)


(“It Follows” by Cane Hill plays after the lights go out. Xander Payne appears at the top of the stage with his New Breed Champion proudly resting on his shoulder. He smirks at the displeasure of the crowd before heading ringside.)

Aaron: Introducing your special guest commentator he is The Paynekiller and your New Breed Champion…….. XANNNNNNNNNNNNDERRRR PAYYYYYYYYYYNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


Pierre: Welcome Xander, pleased to have you here.

Xander Payne: As you should be.

Pierre: The bell sounds and immediately Viktor Jackson and Naheem storm the towering Tayo with wild punches and kicks, but the near seven-footer grabs both of their heads and clocks them together!

Deadprez: Smart strategy.. not.

Xander: You’d think they would go for the legs but hey that’s none of my business.

Pierre: Tayo approaches Naheem who is just getting to his feet and he clubs him on the back, sending him down. He picks Naheem up and tosses him over his shoulder like sack of potatoes but incomes Viktor with a running front dropkick! That forces Naheem to slide off the shoulders of Tayo! Roundhouse kick to the back of Tayo’s head from Naheem! Tayo quickly shakes off the cobwebs and shoves Naheem to the ground!

Deadprez: Lookout! Viktor is perched on the top rope! He soars high in the air and connects with a diving crossbody.. but he’s subsequently caught! Bearhug! That 5’11” frame isn’t going to last very long!

Xander: What an idiot! He was waiting for him the whole time and he still jumped into his arms.

Deadprez: No kidding!

Pierre: Sometimes it’s high risk, high reward.

Xander: Yeah, well how did that turn out for him Pierre?

Deadprez: Meanwhile, Naheem dropkicks the back of Tayo’s head! Forcing him to drop…

Pierre: No! He still has Viktor in his clutches! What incredible strength displayed here! Naheem is in disbelief as he repositions himself to the side of Tayo! He jerks back and launches forward with the Harlem Sidekick! A superkick flush on the jaw and that finally forces Tayo to drop Viktor! BAM! ANOTHER HARLEM SIDEKICK! Tayo falls through the middle rope and onto the outside!

Deadprez: Aha! Swinging neckbreaker by Viktor onto Naheem! All that help for nothing! He grabs Naheem and whips him into the corner! He charges at Naheem but is introduced to a pair of boots! Spinning roundhouse kick out of the corner!

Xander & Pierre: DUCKED!

Xander: Don’t ever interrupt me again Pierre!

Pierre: Sorry! Anyways, Viktor swings Naheem around and drills him with an array of chops to the chest! He hooks the neck of Naheem and connects with a beautiful snap suplex, but the shadow of Tayo looms over Viktor as Tayo swoops over the top rope. Viktor shows no fear and immediately starts chopping away at the chest of Tayo who shrugs it off and drops Viktor with a thunderous clothesline!

Xander: Again the stupidity of these men is astounding, especially Viktor Jackson, go for the legs! Chops won’t do anything to Tayo.

Deadprez: Now it’s Naheem speeding towards Tayo and he’s met with a lethal roundhouse kick which sends Naheem on dream street! He drops down for the pin!



Pierre: Broken up. Tayo calmly eyes Viktor from his knees and gets back up to.. NO! Viktor attempts to connect with a DDT but Tayo lifts him high in the air! Gorilla press slam! WAIT! Viktor miraculously lands on his feet! Naheem slings a kick to the calf of this giant and two, three kicks galore! He’s down to a knee! Viktor seizes the opportunity and plants him with a DDT!

Xander: Now they go for the legs, they should have listened to me from the start.

Deadprez: I know right! With your wrestling prowess, it’s no wonder you’re the New Breed Champion!

Pierre: Enough of the brown nosing Deadprez, jeez.

Xander: One more crack like that and I’ll smack the shit outta you.

Deadprez: Pay attention, Pierre! Naheem just cleaned Viktor’s clock with a Harlem Sidekick! Down goes Viktor! He leaps on top of him for the cover!



Pierre: SHOULDER UP! Naheem tried to catch Viktor off guard but to no avail. Naheem turns his attention to Tayo who has just sat up. He dashes towards the ropes and drops Tayo back down with a basement dropkick! Here comes Viktor! He tags Naheem with a running lariat! Naheem is right back up though, he bolts towards Viktor but is met with an arm drag! Naheem is back up again! This time Viktor catches him – belly to belly! Fast-paced action here folks! Viktor turns around into Tayo who was standing in wait, a monstrous European uppercut jacks Viktor’s jaw, he grabs Viktor and pulls him in with his own Belly-to-Belly suplex! The impact literally shaking the ring!

Xander: As much as I dislike him, I have to give him props.

Deadprez: You don’t have to give him anything, you’re the New Breed Champ!

Xander: Alright, now you’re going overboard, settle down bozo.

Pierre: Naheem is back up and he zooms towards Tayo who catches him in his arms! He throws him back! FALL AWAY SLAM ONTO VIKTOR! He’s throwing these two around like rag dolls!

Deadprez: As he should! When you have that combination of size and agility, anybody he steps in the ring with is bound to be run over.

Xander: The bigger they are the harder they fall Deadprez, who’s ass are you supposed to be kissing anyway?

Pierre: Tayo walks to his fallen victims and picks up Viktor WITH ONE HAND! As if he were a small child! He scoops him up on to his shoulders in a torture rack position! He could be going for the mercy kill but Naheem flies outta nowhere and connects with a missile dropkick causing Viktor to land hard on his side as Tayo flies into the corner! Naheem notices this and sprints towards Tayo connecting with a shotgun kne–

Deadprez: NO! Now he’s caught in no man’s land! Tayo’s got him in a bearhug submission and with his strength, the pain must be unbearable!

Xander: Unbearable, really? I get it, bear hug – unbearable, don’t quit your day job.

Pierre: Tayo lifts Naheem onto his shoulders now! I wonder what he has in mind?! He charges towards the opposite turnbuckle! POWERBOMB!!!!! INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!!! NAHEEM BOUNCES OFF INTO THE THRUSSSSSSST FORCEEEEEEEE KNEEEEEEEEE!! DOWN HE GOES! Tayo quickly turns around to see Viktor sneaking up on him! Viktor belts out a battle cry and charges at him! BIG BOOT FLATTENS HIM! He bends down grabs Viktor off of the ground and lifts him onto his shoulders in the torture rack position! Meanwhile, Naheem is back up to his feet albeit wobbly but Tayo SCOOPS HIM ON TOP OF VIKTOR! IT’S A TWO FOR ONE SPECIAL!!!! THEY’RE LIKE A STACK OF LUMBER! MEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRCYYYYYYYYY KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

He covers both men! with one hand each pressed on their chests!






Pierre: An incredible display of brute strength gets Tayo the victory! What did you think of that Xander… Xander?! Where are you going?!

Deadprez: He’s going to confront Tayo! They’re face to face! WHOA! XANDER JUST BACKHANDED THE TASTE OUT OF TAYO’S MOUTH!

Pierre: I don’t think that was such a very good idea! Tayo cocks his head and suddenly pulls Xander up on top of his shoulders!!! MEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRCYYYYYYYYYY KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! WHAT AN IMPACT!

Deadprez: Such disrespect to the New Breed Champion!

Pierre: What are you talking about? He initiated the contact!

(Tayo is seen grabbing the New Breed Championship and raising it into the air.)

Deadprez: That championship belongs to Payne!

Pierre: For now..

(Camera fades backstage to Hurricane Hawk who’s sitting in his office watching Digimon on his laptop with his legs kicked back, suddenly a knock is heard at the door as he jumps up and exes out)

Hawk: Come in!

(Andrea Valentine walks through the door with her Openweight Championship draped over her shoulders as the sight of her solicits loud cheers from the crowd)

Andrea: Hey Hawk, I was approached backstage at Empire last week by one of your assistants, you wanted to discuss something with me?

Hawk: Oh hey Andrea it’s great to see you! I was expecting you, glad that you showed up. First of all, I’d just like to congratulate you on a job well done at Pain for Pride, you outfought not just three men, but three great men, three of the best this entire company has to offer, and you came out on top. You earned that championship, and you did it by pinning me. Not only did you pin me but you earned my respect, I know you’re a fighter and you have it in you to not only be a great Openweight Champion, but eventually a great Women’s World Champion.

Andrea: Thank you for those kind words sir, that means a lot coming from a Hall of Famer like yourself.

Hawk: As long as you keep the same energy you kept for Pain for Pride and then some, you’ll be well on your way to becoming one someday too! But let’s crawl before we walk first :whoa:. That’s why I called you in for a meeting, as you know as Openweight Champion, you have to defend your title three times, one defense per brand. So you’ll have to successfully defend this championship against a representative of Showdown, Dynasty, AND Voltage, before you’re able to officially put your bid in to become the number one contender for the Women’s World Championship. With our Midsummer Massacre event coming up soon, I thought what better time to have our Showdown representative face you than there?

Andrea: I see. Well Hawk, I’m ready for any and every challenge you put before me. So I just hope for your brands sake that this representative is someone who’s ready for what I’m going to bring to the table, because I don’t plan on losing this championship.

Hawk: That’s the spirit Andrea, I was hoping you’d feel the same way I do. With that being said, I’d like to introduce to you the person you’ll be facing at Midsummer Massacre for the Openweight Championship….

(After a brief moment, Terry Chambers walks through the door with a confident smirk on his face he then approaches Andrea as he reaches his hand out for a handshake, she obliges)

Terry: Hello Andrea welcome to Showdown, I’m Terry Chambers, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to our matchup at Midsummer Massacre, may the best man win.

Andrea: Likewi-

(Terry’s grip becomes tighter as he forcefully pulls Andrea closer to him to the point where they’re now face to face)

Terry: Emphasis on best MAN.

(Terry turns his back to Andrea as he walks out of the office leaving Andrea to look on with an angry scowl on her face)

(“Warriors” by Imagine Dragons plays as the Dragon Slayers walk onto the stage. They walk down the ramp and stop at the ring apron.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And there opponents.. Weighing in at 407 pounds.. The Dragon Slaaaayyyyerrs!!

Pierre: These two had an impressive victory against the Core Brothers last week. Which quite possibly might throw them into the forefront of the Tag Team division to get a title shot. But with tonights main event, they really don’t even know who that will be.

Deadprez: True, the biggest opponent is the one you don’t know.. I think that’s a saying? Whatever, I just made it one if not. But we don’t know who the champions will be come the next title defense.. But we may know the challengers.

(“Ice Tray” by Quavo hits and the crowd explodes with cheers. HBB walks out onto the stage and slaps all the fans hands as he walks down the ramp. He struts into the ring, and poses. He takes a look at the Dragon Slayers before turning his back, and going to his corner)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And their opponents.. Introducing first… From Ferguson, Missouri… Weighing in at 220 pounds… “God’s Son” The….. HEART…. BREAK….. BOOYYYYY!!!!

Pierre: Here is quite possibly the next challenger for the Interwire Championship, The Heart Break Boy. Quite frankly if Ahren were to accept his challenge, he is without question the biggest challenge that I can think of for Ahrens title. But Ahren felt as though that HBB didn’t actually deserve a title match. Is Ahren scared? I have to say he might be, Ahren would have to bring his A game if he wanted to take care of business against HBB, but that’s for the future.. Tonight? They team up. Will they be able to coexist? We shall see.

Deadprez: First of all, Ahren isn’t scared. He brings up a valid point, what has HBB done recently to warrant a title match? Lose a title match? Yeah, I’m on Ahren’s side with this one. He needs real challengers, not ones they pull out of retirement every 6 months. And as for you question.. will they coexist? They don’t need to coexist Pierre; Ahren the true GOAT is on this team. He always wins, so it’s a given.

Pierre: I guess we’re just going to have to see about that.

(“Blackout” by Breathe Carolina hits the speakers and Ahren Fournier walks out to a raucous reaction, a lot of GOAT cheers. He comes out wearing his Interwire Championship, wielding an umbrella. He comes strutting down he ramp swinging the umbrella around.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his partner, weighing in at 210 pounds… From Pawtucket, Rhode Island… “The GOAT Champion”.. The Interwire Champion… AHHHREEEEENNN FOOOOUUUURRRNNIIEEEERRRR!!!


Pierre: What are you doing.. Please stop.

Deadprez: It’s the GOAT call.. God get with the times Pierre. It’s fun, ok? And I’m just serenading the GOAT Champ, as is the entire crowd.. Hear that noise?!

Pierre: Yes, it’s a very odd sight, and audio clip. But if we could talk about the match.. Ahren said that HBB has to prove himself in order for him to get a title shot. Do you think HBB will be able to do that?

Deadprez: Well Pierre.. I guess, we’ll just have to sit back, and find out.. won’t we? ……. But no, no way.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: On one side of the ring we are all set, Sam Steele will start us off.. On the other? Well I’m not quite so sure what to make out of it…

Ahren: Listen here bitch, you want a title shot? You’re going to have to prove yourself. So I’m going to be here on the ring apron, watching the match, while you try to prove yourself to me. Don’t tag me, don’t look at me.. Don’t breathe on me.. This is all you.

Deadprez: Brilliant! Ahren has told HBB that this match is all HBB’s! HBB should be very ecstatic with this news! This is his shot at getting a shot, he should be very thankful, because if I was Ahren I wouldn’t even give him this opportunity. So here we go, HBB in the ring with Sam Steele. Mike Shaw standing out on the corner .. And Ahren.. Well.. Looks like he’s going to take a little nap on the ring apron…

Pierre: He has pulled out a sleep mask, and a pillow from under the ring, and is laying down on the ring apron. I can see that Ahren takes talent scouting very seriously.. Sam Steele and HBB tie up now, and HBB just delivers a quick arm drag. Sam pops right back up, and shakes his head. HBB goes right over to Sam, and delivers a quick kick to the stomach, Sam goes to clutch his stomach, and HBB doesn’t let up with a straight right hand, backing Sam up into the ropes. HBB whips Sam to the other side of the ring, where Sam bounces off the ropes. HBB is waiting right there, and delivers a back body drop to the returning Sam Steele. Sam is holding his back, but is still managing to get up. HBB is looking good here. HBB now backing Sam up into the turnbuckle, and delivers a hard chop to the chest. HBB glances over at Ahren, and shakes his head.. Ahren.. Ahren seems to be having a dream.. Where he’s running somewhere.. And he’s reaching out with his hands.. Grasping at something. Making a kissing motion with his lips… I-I don’t want to know… BUT BACK TO THE ACTION.. HBB lifts Sam up to the top turnbuckle, and follows him. It looks like he’s going for a superplex here! No! Sam is fighting back!.. But HBB is fighting back his fight back!! HBB gains control.. There they go! Superplex! Sam is in lots of pain. He’s crawling over to his corner looking for a tag.. But here comes HBB!

Deadprez: No! Sam gets up, and delivers an enziguri, and tags in Mike Shaw. Mike comes in quick, and delivers a knee to the mid section. PUMPHANDLE SLAM! Mike has gained control quickly! He’s now just stomping away at HBB, crushing his face in. He lifts HBB back up, Northern Light Suplex! With a bridge… The pin!

Ref: One! –

Deadprez: Not even close to being the end of HBB. But it was smart thinking on the part of Shaw. Mike now pulling HBB up, still in a german suplex position.. And he delivers it! He holds the hips, and brings HBB up to his feet again. ANOTHER German Suplex.. But he’s not done yet.. He gets HBB up yet again.. ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX AND THIS TIME HE FLIPS HBB OVER HEAD AND HBB LANDS CHEST FIRST DOWN INTO THE MAT. Mike Shaw has taken over. HBB crawling toward his corner looking to tag Ahren in, but Ahren is still sleeping.. Oh.. Looks like Ahren is having a nightmare now. Poor guy.


Pierre: Ahren is swinging away at whatever is haunting his dreams.. Unfortunately it doesn’t do HBB any favors in this real life match. Mike is bring HBB up, for what seems to be yet another German.. But HBB starts swinging erratically, trying to hit Mike anyway that he can. Mike stops that quick as he drops HBB, and starts pummeling his back, and delivers a neck breaker! Mike now dragging HBB over to their corner, and just tosses him into a seated position in the turnbuckle. Tag to Sam Steele. Sam Steele leaps over the ropes, and delivers a double foot dropkick into the sternum of HBB. He is in a bad way here, but this match is basically a damn handicap match! He’s not going to get any help from Ahren out here.. Who now seems to be sleep walking.. Over here.. I-I’m sorry folks I’m trying to keep my eyes on the action but it would appear that Ahren is coming over here.. Eyes closed.

(Ahren walks over to the broadcast table and picks up a headset)

Ahren: I-I’m.. I”M THE GOOOOAATT.. BAAAAA. Don’t touch my pancakes, I’ll stab you bitch.. You know where you are? I’ll cut you with this butter knife fool..

Pierre: AHREN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! HELP HBB! And there he goes folks.. Staggering back to his corner.. And he’s resting peacefully again, as his partner is getting mauled. Sam now with a swift kick to the chest of HBB, and another.. But HBB blocks that one, and delivers a right hand to the face of Steele. But Steele returns with another big kick to the chest. But HBB isn’t back down, as he delivers another right hand, and another! Sam tries to deliver another kick, but HBB ducks it and runs off the ropes. He comes running back and hits Sam with a diving elbow, HE KICKS UP! He prances over to his corner and seems to be getting ready for Goldprint! Sam starts getting up.. But here comes Mike Shaw! GOLDPRINT TO MIKE! HBB backs to the corner again.. TAG! TAG BY AHREN. HERE HE COMES! STORYBOOK ENDING ONTO SAM STEELE! Here’s the cover by Ahren!

Ref: One! Two! Three!!!!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

(Blackout by Breathe Carolina plays as Ahren hurriedly rolls out of the ring, and grabs his Interwire Championship, and a microphone.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Here are your winners, the team of HBB, and Ahren Fournier!!

Pierre: What the hell just happened! HBB was seconds away from winning this match all by his damn self, but Ahren sneaks in and gets the pin. And this is the guy that you call the GOAT Champion??


Pierre: Be serious..

Deadprez: I am serious Pierre, I’m dead serious. It’s about making a lasting impression while doing as little as possible. He picked up the win with one movie! That’s how you get shit done! Ahren wrestled smart tonight, simple as that.

Pierre: He stole the victory from HBB, after HBB did all the work.. A real GOAT would show his worth every single night!

Deadprez: He did.. He won the match.. Are you dumb?? OH WAIT THE GOAT SPEAKETH!!

(Ahren rolls back into the ring, and stands face to face with HBB, He holds his Interwire Championship in HBB’s face and huddles over, pretending to be really out of breath, before he begins to speak)

Ahren: Oh god.. Whew, what a hard fought match, but I was able to carry your lazy, old ass to the win. You’re welcome. But I’ll tell you what HBB, I watched the whole match, and I wasn’t impressed at all. This was your try out! This was your way to show me you deserve this title! But you just let me carry the whole match! Sure we won the match, but we have me to thank for that. You were sloppy, sluggish, and you needed me to carry you to the end.. So still.. I have to say.. No match for you..

Pierre: GOLDPRINT! HBB had heard enough, and just planted Ahren right in the face with that Goldprint! Ahren is out cold! HBB did everything in this match! And didn’t want to hear anymore of what Ahren was spewing out… Good for HBB!

Deadprez: WHAT A COWARDICE MOVE BY HBB! DESPICABLE! That was a cowardice move by HBB! Ahren won him that match, and you’d expect him to be grateful, but no.

Pierre: No! Good for HBB, Ahren deserved that! We’ll be right back folks.

(commercial break)

(The camera cuts to ringside where Aaron Fitzpatrick is shown in the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for ONE….

(“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash hits to a mixed reaction from the crowd!!!)

Deadprez: What the hell is this?

Pierre: Well this man is not scheduled for a match here tonight…

(Cody Marshall appears on stage sipping a Budweiser before he walks slowly down towards the ring carrying the American flag. Cody enters the ring and waves it around the ring before setting it in the corner and saluting it patriotically. Cody takes off his “Make Showdown Great Again” hat as he yells at Aaron Fitzpatrick to hand him the microphone.)

Cody Marshall: Cut my god damn music!

(The music fades as Aaron Fitzpatrick leaves the ring and Cody Marshall takes another sip of his beer.)

Cody Marshall: I am sick and tired of the disrespect. Last week I was treated with disrespect and I won’t have it this week right here in Orlando!

(Some of the crowd cheers at the mention of their hometown!)

Cody Marshall: We are right here in the greatest damn country the world has ever seen… THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. As a real American I am disappointed by the way things have changed around here. How the hell did we get here? Just recently America was a good place. Cody Marshall was the Hardcore Champion of EAW! Cody Marshall was dominating Hollywood as an A-list sitcom star! Then last week I have to face some loser named Terry Chambers and another one in Michael Bishop who made me tap out by cheating. I have never been more humiliated in my entire life and to make things worse I had to run into that degenerate piece of trash TLA backstage who felt the need to disrespect me yet again for no reason.

Crowd: TLA! TLA! TLA!

Cody Marshall: Oh you like TLA? Good for you people. I don’t like TLA. I don’t like Michael Bishop neither. Fuck Terry Chambers and his loser ass kids. What I do like is cracking heads and I will do just that to every overrated untalented jackass that EAW puts in front of me. Michael Bishop wasn’t even in my league. I didn’t need to win that match because Terry Chambers is even lesser than in my league. I should be competing against Diamond Cage for the World Title and anyone else getting the shot is undeserving compared to me. I lost my fucking wife you people have no idea what I have been through to keep fighting in this business! Nobody has sacrificed as much as I have! Yet people like TLA have the audacity to sit around backstage and run they mouth like they deserve a title shot before me.

Crowd: TLA! TLA! TLA!

Cody Marshall: Yeah I get it. TLA is a hero for you people. The fake ass trash in the audience that ain’t true ‘Muricans like Cody Marshall! Let me show you all how fake your hero really is. I got some footage that will expose TLA as the villain that I always knew that he was. People like TLA creep into this company from places like NWF. When NWF sends its people they aren’t sending their best! Roll the tape!

(The tron shows footage from a New-Age Wrestling Federation show in 2010 where TLA is shown wearing a “DIE EAW DIE” shirt and a red, white, and green bandana as he competes against Blade and Demo to unify the NWF Championship and the NWF World Heavyweight Championship. The footage fades away as Cody Marshall is shown smirking in the ring.)

Cody Marshall: Look at this poser. People like TLA come into this company from places like NWF and places like REVOLT! to destroy the society that we have built! Did you see what he was wearing on his head?!?!? Yet TLA is here in America wrestling in EAW? Oh and the shirt he was wearing too I guess that’s bad too. TLA doesn’t give a fuck about EAW and I am going to prove that he is a secret agent loyal to NWF and REVOLT! and working to destroy our great company from the inside! Yet TLA gets all the merch deals, all the World Title shots against Jamie O’Hara, all the cash to run his fancy ass clubs while Cody Marshall is stuck in the trailer park! You damn right I am angry! I want what’s mine! I want my title shots! Cody Marshall should be the face of this motherfucking brand! Cody Marshall should have…

(The crowd erupts as “Ambitionz az a Ridah” by Tupac hits!!!)

Deadprez: You asked for it and here he comes…

Pierre: And he has company with him!!!

(TLA emerges from backstage with a long line of strippers following his lowrider. Steroid Dawg is shown riding in the front seat as as the Poon Palace girls surround the ring and Cody Marshall looks furious. TLA enters the ring with a microphone as his music fades.)

TLA: Yoyoyo it’s yo boi TLA comin’ at y’all live with that electricity and power STRAIGHT OUTTA ORLANDO!!!

(The crowd cheers with the exception of some diehard Cody Marshall fans that are chanting “USA! USA! USA!” and “EAW! EAW! EAW” towards TLA.)

TLA: Ay papi I heard about yo wife. Got you a lil waifu problem but La Pantera Sexual is out here to pay them condolences and offer you a solution to that problem. You feelin’ a lil hostile out here homie. You gettin’ a lil mad you ragin’. Got that salt flowin’ thru yo veins. But this vato loco got just the solution for you dawg. Cody Marshall… it’s time for you… to ride the POON TRAIN!!!

(The crowd cheers as the Poon Palace girls begin marching around ringside inviting fans over the barricade with them.)


Pierre: Settle down Dead… We have a job to do!


(Deadprez jumps over the commentary table knocking Pierre’s Baja Blast over as he joins the Poon Train!)

Pierre: I guess I might as well…

(Pierre is shown reluctantly standing up as one of the strippers grabs him by the collar and pulls him in.)

TLA: What do you say Cody?!?!?

Cody Marshall: Absolutely… NOT.

(The crowd boos as Cody Marshall is shown folding his arms angrily in the ring.)

Cody Marshall: I should kick your ass right here you EAW and America hating poser!

TLA: Yo tranquilo ese. I ain’t hate EAW and I ain’t hate America. It’s no secret I wasn’t always an EAW fan back in that day. I keep this shit real and when I be out here reppin’ for the Showdown fans and for EAW week in and week out that shit is earned. I ain’t always been here but this company and these fans earned my respect and…

Cody Marshall: Excuses excuses! People don’t change TLA! You should head on back to NWF or better yet head on back to Mexico and put a luchador mask on. It’s who you are.

TLA: Oh shit you gonna go there dawg? You gonna make me bust out them big guns you gonna tryna slander me like that chico? I give no fucks I go hard doin’ this shit lil bald ass hick. Gonna make you go run to yo cousin to bang that culo out to keep them tears away motherfucker. People never change? So that mean Cody Marshall the same guy he always been?

Cody Marshall: Damn straight. I have been the same damn man since day one busting heads, kicking ass, and drinking beer!

TLA: Good thing I be doin’ that homework. Goin’ all undercover n shit investigating the fuck out this hatin’ lil gringo. He think he all Mr. America spoutin’ that morality n shit. Wanna take shots at TLA cuz he takin’ them Ls. Tappin’ out with the quickness to Michael Bishop last week. Pero he come from a much worse place and I got that footage. Get that shit rollin’!

(The camera cuts to footage of “Reverend” Cody Marshall’s debut promo from Turbo in 2016. Cody is shown calling his opponent “Black Jesus” Rocco Wilder a “ghetto punk” and an “uncivilized ape” as well as tellin him that he needs to “go back to the plantation” and threatening to build a wall to keep his people out of America. The footage fades away as Cody Marshall is shown raging in the ring.)


(The crowd is shown booing loudly and throwing trash in the ring as Cody Marshall storms around the ring.)

Cody Marshall: You son of a bitch TLA! That’s not even relevant to 2018!

TLA: Tranquilo… You be showin’ even older shit about me tryna hate how this any different?

Cody Marshall: Fuck off you ignorant piece of trash! People like you shouldn’t even be in this country! You think you are such a big deal cuz you crossed the border and America gave you the opportunity to become an EAW Elitist. Not just an EAW Elitist but supposedly one of the premier faces here on Showdown. What a joke! If it wasn’t for the generosity of the United States of America you wouldn’t be shit! You would still be back living on the streets of Mexico wrestling for pesos until the cartel comes along, cuts your head off and you end up in a hole somewhere! You know what fuck it. I am pissed and I need someone or something to take it out on! How about you?

TLA: Now that is something I can agree on. Imma beat yo ass puto!

(Cody Marshall grabs the American flag and charges in as TLA and Cody Marshall begin fighting in the ring as they fall to the outside! Cody shoves the Poon Train aside as he crawls backwards up the ramp still holding onto his microphone.)

Cody Marshall: You think you are tough? You are fucking with a former Hardcore Champion! You want some of this? We gonna do it at Midsummer Massacre and we gonna do it my style! I don’t give a damn what you want to call it! A Hardcore Match? A Street Fight? There gonna be nothing to stop me from taking you out of EAW once and for all and show just what happens when you disrespect Cody Marshall!

(TLA is shown picking up his microphone from in the ring.)

TLA: Oh you wanna wait? Shit homie I am disappointed. I thought you was down to throw hands?

Cody Marshall: Don’t think I’ve forgot about tonight… You think you are the only one around here with bitches TLA? I’ll show you how we do in Texas! WOMAN? WHERE YOU AT BITCH? DON’T MAKE ME PUT HANDS ON YOU! GET YO FAT ASS OUT HERE AND MAKE TLA A SANDWICH! A SANDWICH OF PAIN!

(Suddenly dozens of 300 pound trailer park hos are shown climbing over the barricade with glass Budweiser bottles as they smash Poon Palace strippers over the head. Pierre and Deadprez are shown screaming as they run back to the commentary table. The Poon Palace strippers pull out lead pipes from somewhere as they begin to defend themselves! TLA is shown checking on one of the strippers as Cody Marshall jumps him from behind. TLA turns around and Cody and TLA begin battling it out in the ring as the trailer hos and Poon Train are battling it out on the outside!)


Pierre: We have lost control out here! All hell has broken loose!

(Showdown General Manager Hurricane Hawk appears on the ramp rallying the troops as security officers swarm ringside dragging people away. The crowd is shown booing the security angrily.)


(Hurricane Hawk tries to calm the crowd down as the security officers continue to do their job clearing out the ringside area.)

Deadprez: Does this mean that the Poon Train is cancelled?!?!?

Pierre: Well it might be delayed… But I’m not sure how much longer we can delay the inevitable clash between Cody Marshall and TLA! Marshall laid the challenge down here tonight and if Hawk wants to prevent more incidents like this he might be wise to book it sooner rather than later!!!

(Cody Marshall and TLA are shown among the last of the rioters being dragged out by security as the camera shows them yelling words that the censors have to beep out at each other.)

Deadprez: We will be back after things settle down!

(Commercial Break – Brand New Diamond Cage “Explicit Champion” T Shirts available only on EAWShop.com!)

(Camera Transitions to Aaron Fitzpatrick standing in the ring awaiting the next contest)


(“You Only Live Once”(Instrumental) By Suicide Silence hits as Damon Diesel makes his entrance walking down to the ring with a sly smirk on his face as he slides in the ring and raises his hands high in the air)

Aaron: Introducing first, from Orlando Florida! Weighing in tonight at 205 Pounds!! “The Wrestling Machine” DAAAAMONNNNNN DIESEEEEEELLLLL…!!

(“For Whom The Bell Tolls” By Metallica hits, the song kicks into gear as Michael Bishop step out looking confident donning a leather jacket before he takes it off as he enters the ring)

Aaron: Introducing his tag team partner, from Chicago, Illinois! Weighing in at 247 Pounds! “The Revenant” MICCHAAAAAAAEEEELLLL BISHOOOOOOOPPPP…!!!

(“Glitter And Gold” By Barns Courtney hits as Liam Archer makes his entrance down the ramp)

Aaron: Introducing the opponents first, from Ballymun, Dublin, Ireland! Weighing in at 225 Pounds!! “The Outlaw” LIAAAAAMMMMMM ARCHEEERRRRRRR…!!

(“Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Nirvana blast throughout the arena as Cage steps out with the EAW Championship around his waist and his leather jacket on as he storms down to the ring)

Aaron: Introducing his partner, from Edmonton, Alberta Canada! Weighing in at 225 Pounds! HE IS THE CURRENT ELITE ANSWERS WRESTLING CHAMPION!! DIAAAAMONNNDDDDDDD CAGEEEEEEEE!!

(Cage unstraps the EAW Championship and raises it high in the air before he hands it to the referee and then takes off his jacket before locking eyes with Michael Bishop)


Pierre: Michael has so much to gain from this match and he has to rely on his partner, it’ll be Cage insisting to start this match against the man he defeated last week in Damon Diesel! Cage though challenging Michael Bishop to get in the ring, Michael looking around, and he insist! We could be getting a preview of Midsummer Massacre here as Cage and Michael lock up for the collar and elbow tie up! Michael the bigger of the two immediately greco roman waist lock on Cage as he went behind him and he lifts Cage! Cage blocks though and breaks the grip of Michael and begins delivering LOUD Knife Edge Chops to the chest of Michael Bishop! Cage firing off another loud chop! Cage then follows it up with a forearm smash to the face! Cage grabbing Michael Bishop by the head and he slams his face off the top turnbuckle!

Deadprez: Bishop turned as Cage begins driving his shoulder with shoulder thrust into the mid-section of Michael Bishop! Bishop quickly stopping his onslaught with a clubbing blow to the back of Cage! Cage backs up as Michael runs at Cage for a lariat! Cage ducks boot to the mid-section by Cage! He hooks Michael probably going for a snap DDT! Michael pushes Cage off Cage going right back to Michael WHO HOOKS HIM AROUND HIS WAIST AND SENDS HIM OVERHEAD WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Cage up holding his lower back as Michael grabs Cage by the hair AND FIRES A BIG EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!! Cage though responds with a BIG RIGHT HAND OF HIS OWN! Michael grabbing Cage AND SENDS ANOTHER BIG EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!

Pierre: Cage USING HIS HEAD AS A BATTERING RAM AS HE SENDS A HEADBUTT RIGHT TO THE NOSE OF MICHAEL BISHOP!! Jesus christ, and look Cage may have knocked himself loopy there! Michael holding his nose and backing up into his corner as Damon slaps him on the tag for the tag and runs in! DAMON IMMEDIATELY DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWNS CAGE!! AND BEGINS RAINING DOWN STRIKES!!! MOUNTING CAGE AND BEGINS PUNCHING HIM ALL OVER HIS HEAD AND FACE!! Cage, TRANSITIONING THAT FULL MOUNT AND GRABS THE ARM!! KIMURA LOCK! Cage has this locked in!! Damon! He’s rising with Cage! Cage has his legs wrapped around the waist of Damon! Damon punching Cage in the mid-section! Damon RUNS TO THE NEAREST TURNBUCKLE DRIVING CAGE’S BACK INTO THE CORNER! Cage releasing the hold, Damon applies a front facelock! He’s going for the snap suplex, but Cage blocks the attempt and sends a big right hand to the face of Damon!


Pierre: Michael entering the ring running at Cage! What the hell is going on! CAGE SENDS HIM OUTSIDE OF THE RING TOO!!! CAGE LOOKS CONFUSED BUT DOESN’T CARE AS HE RUNS OFF THE ROPES!! SUICIDE DIVE INTO BOTH MEN!!! Cage immediately mounting Liam and he begins beating the hell out of him! Cage going off with rights and lefts! Connecting in rapid succession! MICHAEL!! HELLRAISER!! RUNNING KNEE STRIKE RIGHT TO THE SKULL OF CAGE!! Michael grabbing the lifeless Cage and sends him inside the ring! Damon gathering himself as Michael makes his way to their corner and Damon grabbing Cage and lifts him! SPINNING BOMB!!! HE DRIVES CAGE RIGHT INTO THE CANVAS!!

Deadprez: Liam has turned on Cage! Liam climbing into the ring as the referee doesn’t know what the hell is going on around here, Damon tags in Michael Bishop who is smiling and look at Cage rising, all three of these men surrounding him! It was a plan! CAGE IMMEDIATELY SWINGS!! MICHAEL QUICKLY APPLIES THE FRONT FACELOCK!!! HE LIFTS CAGE AND PLANTS HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE EXECUTIONER!!! HE COVERS!!


(“For Whom The Bell Tolls” By Metallica hits as this shocked crowd starts to boo as The Revenant, Liam and Damon stand in the ring posing and raising their hands high in the air)





(Final Commercial Break– Friday Night Dynasty Recap)

(Camera transitions to Eve running backstage as she is trying to catch up to Michael Bishop, Liam Archer and Damon Diesel)

Eve: Guys…Guys! What was the point of your actions? Why did you just lay out Diamond Cage lik-

(Damon and Liam enter Michael’s locker room as Michael stops and turns to Eve)

Michael: Piss off, we’ll explain when we are ready

(Michael enters the room and slams the doorbehind him as camera pans right back to the live audience

(The camera cuts to Aaron Fitzpatrick in the ring ready for the introductions to the main event of the evening.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a tag team match! AND IT IS FOR THE EAW UNIFIED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

(A EAW Unified Tag Team Championship graphic is shown on screen.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing first the challengers…

(“Glory Bridge” by Chief Keef feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie hits to a mixed reaction from the crowd.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: At a combined weight of 285 pounds… the team of Malcolm Jones and Astraea Jordan… DRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLMATIC!!!

(Malcolm Jones and Astraea Jordan make their way down to the ring wearing matching attires and holding hands as they enter the ring.)

Pierre: Here comes the challengers Malcolm Jones and Astraea Jordan who are definitely getting a big opportunity to make history here tonight against the EAW Unified Tag Team Champions!!! Many in the crowd seemed confused by this duo some are still upset over Malcolm’s actions leading to his Pain for Pride match with Chris Elite, others have been supporting him from day one but none more than Astraea!

Deadprez: Whether you like them or you hate them you have to acknowledge their talent and they are certainly capable of pulling this off here tonight and they know it. Whether you want to call it confidence or arrogance we will find out here tonight if they are just as good as they seem to think that they are!

(“ULTRAnumb” by Blue Stahli hits to cheers from the crowd as Cameron Ella Ava appears on stage followed shortly after by Mr. DEDEDE as the boos begin to rain in.)


(Cameron Ella Ava walks in front of her partner down to the ring holding up her championship to cheers from the crowd as Mr. DEDEDE follows slowly behind her.)

Deadprez: Cameron Ella Ava seems to be all but ignoring her partner here tonight as the recent incidents involving both of these champions have to be taking a toll on the team!

Pierre: We will see if they can put all that aside for the good of the team.

(The referee holds the championships high in the air for all to see.)

Deadprez: That’s what it is all about here tonight!


Pierre: We are underway as it looks like Malcolm Jones is gesturing for Astraea Jordan to start the match and Cameron Ella Ava is starting on her side without even consulting her partner! Guess it is ladies first here tonight!

Deadprez: The crowd divided here as Cameron Ella Ava and Astraea Jordan lock up in the middle of the ring! Both look fired up as Cam immediately darts behind Astraea grabbing her around the waist. But Astraea using all her power to wrench open the hands of Cam as she grabs onto one arm specifically wrenching it around and grasping the wrist of Cam! The wristlock applied as Cam quickly rolls through. Cam back up and grasps the arm of Astraea wrenching it around behind her head but Astraea pulls her hand free!

Pierre: NO! As soon as Astraea pulled free Cam grabbed the head of Astraea and tossed her down to the mat with a Snapmare! Cam holding Astraea down in the headlock as she has taken early control of the match after a tense exchange! The veteran Hall of Famer Cameron Ella Ava putting that wisdom to good use!

Deadprez: But the tenacity of the challenger Astraea Jordan cannot be stopped as she powers back up to her feet shoving Cam off her and up against the ropes! Cam charges back across the ropes…

Pierre: And takes down Astraea with a Shoulder Block! Astraea crawls away back into the corner as Cam descends upon her but the referee forces her back as Astraea gets in between the ropes. Cam complies with the official as the crowd gives her a small ovation for her respect of the rules and sportsmanship. Cam and Astraea staring each other down as they pace around the ring getting ready to lock up yet again.

Deadprez: They lock up in the ring… and Cam immediately kicks Astraea hard in the gut! So much for sportsmanship when the title is on the line! Cam grabs the arm of Astraea as she goes to wrench it around behind her once more but Astraea ducks down beneath it and shoves Cam off of her. Cam turns around as Astraea challenges her to bring it on and Cam charges in but Astraea once more going in between the ropes and the referee forcing Cam to back off!

Pierre: Astraea using some avoidance tactics here as Cam is clearly getting frustrated. Cam refusing to back off as the referee is forced to count her off and Cam eventually relents. Cam backs up in the ring as Astraea walks out and grabs her by the hair! Astraea pulls Cam around by the hair and slaps her hard across the face! The blatant disrespect by Astraea to the champion!

Deadprez: And Cam has had enough of Astraea’s attitude! Cam charges in throwing hands battering Astraea back into the corner as Astraea tries to cover her head from the onslaught! Cam punching hard at the gut of Astraea instead! But Astraea slides back into the ropes as Cam continues to bash on her! The referee counting before pulling Cam off Astraea but Astraea shoves the referee aside and grabs Cam by the face shoving her hard while clawing her eyes!

Pierre: Cam looks pissed as she charges in thrusting her shoulders into Astraea in the corner. Cam’s eyes shut from the fingernails in her eyes but goring Astraea like a bull into the corner as the referee yet again has to intervene to stop Cam’s onslaught. Cam clearly with a lot of pent up aggression here as Astraea finally emerges out from the corner and walks around the ring slowly.

Deadprez: AND ASTRAEA CHARGES CAM WITH A CLOTHESLINE! NO! Cam ducks and hits Astraea with a forearm smash to the face! Astraea now rolling out of the ring to catch her breath as Cam signals to the crowd! Cam charges off the ropes… SUICIDE DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE!


Deadprez: Cam crashing and burning as Astraea rolls to safety on the outside! Astraea slowly gets back up as Cam is crawling back towards the ring. Cam back up as Astraea drags her back down to the mat… Cam up… but Astraea drops her with a Clothesline! The referee counting both women out as their partners are urging them to get back up! Both women back up as they trade punches outside the ring before Astraea tosses Cam back to the inside!

Pierre: Astraea following Cam up to the apron as Cam kicks her hard as she is climbing between the ropes! Astraea falls down on the apron as Cam follows her out to the apron lifting up her opponent! Cam tries to toss Astraea back into the ring but Astraea catches her around the neck… Snap DDT connects on the apron! Both women fall off the apron from the impact of the DDT as the referee yet again begins the countout!

Deadprez: Astraea back up as she grabs Cam and throws her back in the ring. Astraea slides back in as she goes for the cover!



Pierre: Kickout by Cam! Cam fighting here all by herself as Astraea grabs her around the neck and locks in a Sleeper Hold! Cam fading here as the crowd wills her back to her feet! Cam punching free of Astraea’s hold but Astraea delivering shots of her own! Astraea gets the advantage after a series of hard shots to the face! Astraea grabs Cam by the hair and tosses her over the top rope!

Deadprez: NO! Cam held on and charges back taking out Astraea with a vicious Clothesline!

Pierre: NO! Astraea ducked the Clothesline and grabbed Cam from behind by the neck locking in another Sleeper Hold! Astraea drives Cam down hard to the mat with a Sleeper Hold into a Reverse DDT! Astraea leaps into the cover!!!



Deadprez: The kickout by Cam yet again! Astraea looking flustered that Cam kicked out but quickly regains her cool as she stalks Cam on the ropes choking her out on the middle rope. The referee pulls her off but as Cam crawls across the canvas Astraea runs off the ropes and kicks her hard in the skull! Astraea walks over to her corner and tags in Malcolm Jones!

Pierre: Malcolm now entering the ring as Astraea lifts up Cam! The referee ordering Astraea out of the ring but she is refusing to go as both Malcolm and Astraea grab an arm of Cam… and a Double Falling Armbreaker connects!!! Astraea goes back to the outside as Malcolm Jones slides into the cover!!!



Deadprez: Cameron kicks out! Malcolm Jones returns to his corner and tags Astraea back in! Astraea immediately climbs up to the top rope waiting for Cam… Astraea off the top rope!!! FLYING CROSSBODY!!!

Pierre: But it is countered by Cam who rolls through into a pinning combination!



Deadprez: Astraea kicks out! Both women back up as Cam charges in punching at Astraea who pushes back hard! Cam trips back in towards her corner as Mr. DEDEDE tags himself in!!! Mr. DEDEDE back in the ring as he ducks under a Clothesline from Astraea! Mr. DEDEDE off the ropes as he runs into Astraea taking her down with a SPEAR!!!

Pierre: But Mr. DEDEDE not going for the cover as Cam yells at him to cover. Instead he tags Cam back in! Cam immediately rushes into the ring to go for the cover!!!



Deadprez: And the kickout by Astraea! Cam looks furious that Mr. DEDEDE didn’t go for the cover as he shrugs on the apron! Cam picks Astraea back up as she throws her across the ring with an Irish Whip! Astraea reverses whipping Cam across the ring and catching her in the gut with a knee as she returns from the other side! Cam collapses down to the mat in pain holding her gut! Astraea going in with a series of stomps to her opponent as Cam holds her arms up trying to deflect the punishment from Astraea!

Pierre: Astraea holding her arms out taunting her opponent as some in the crowd cheer while others boo. Astraea ignores it as Cam sits up she goes down to her knees to punch Cam hard in the face! Cam back to her feet as she staggers back into the ropes and Astraea chokes her down on the ropes! Cam falls back into the middle of the ring as Astraea connects with a Superkick taking her right back down!

Deadprez: Cam sits up holding her jaw in pain as Astraea tackles her down and begins to connect with a series of right hands to the face of the Tag Team Champ! Astraea looking possessed as she continues to deliver pain. Astraea smiles at Malcolm in the corner as Cam gets up into the corner! Astraea runs across the ring and hits a Missile Dropkick into the corner! Cam collapses down into the ring as Astraea has taken control of this contest!

Pierre: This may be a tag team match. A mixed tag team match at that but only two of the wrestlers have really been fighting this match. Two women literally killing they selves here in the main event…. Since when did we become Empire?

Deadprez: This ain’t Empire these female athletes are being brought to you by Showdown tonight as Astraea is climbing up to the top rope now! Astraea off the top rope with a Double Axe Handle!

Pierre: NO! Cam kicks Astraea hard in the gut! Cam grabs Astraea by the neck as she pulls her over with a strange makeshift Belly to Belly Suplex! Astraea pulls herself up in the corner as Cam charges in… right into a boot from Astraea! Astraea pulls herself up to the second rope but Cam immediately back up charging in and punching Astraea right in the face! Astraea falls over the top rope down to the apron as her leg is caught in the ropes!

Deadprez: Astraea caught up in the ropes as she screams in pain from her leg being wrenched sideways inside the ropes! She has definitely torn something… those ropes are not meant to break someone’s fall! They may have caught her but they are tight around her leg like a vice grip. This ain’t some trash ass indy promotion with the loose ass ropes always breaking and shit! EAW do shit professional!

Pierre: Malcolm Jones sliding around the apron as he pulls on the ropes trying to free his tag team partner! He does it! Astraea falling down on the apron as Cam shoves Malcolm off of it! Cam grabs Astraea by the braid pulling her up over the ropes! Cam with a Suplex on Astraea into the ring… NO! Cam turned it into a Brainbuster dropping Astraea on her head as she goes in for the cover!



Deadprez: The kickout by Astraea!!!

Pierre: Astraea’s many fans wilding now as she comes back to life! Astraea back up on her feet as she has Cam surprised looking on in amazement! Astraea dropped right on her head and she is still standing here and fighting! Astraea charges in after Cam as the crowd cheers her on battering Cam back into the corner! Cam’s fans shocked silent as Astraea kicks into the gut of Cam over and over and over!

Deadprez: But Cam shoves Astraea back into the ring! Cam charges forward… GODDESS’ TOUCH CONNECTS!!! RUNNING ENZIGURI TO ASTRAEA! IT’S OVER! CAM WITH THE COVER!!!




Deadprez: Cam and her fans can’t believe it either as Astraea has somehow survived one of if not the deadliest moves in Cam’s arsenal! These two ladies have given it everything out here tonight as Cam is on her knees trying to figure out what to do next while Astraea is laid out in the middle of the ring… she looks towards her tag team partner DEDEDE as she reaches her hand out to tag him in, but he’s nonchalantly whistling and looking the other way….

Pierre: But while they’re bickering and arguing she’s giving Astraea enough time to make a full recovery here in the ring but Cam turns her attention back to Astraea before she’s able to get completely up….

Deadprez: Cam pulls Astraea back up as she lifts her up over her head! Cam looking for a Powerbomb… but Astraea rolls through! Sunset Flip! NO! Cam rolls through Cam with a Dropkick right into the face of Astraea! Astraea falls back into the corner as she pulls herself up… Cam charges in with a Clothesline!

Pierre: NO! Astraea tosses her over her head and Cam lands on the apron right next to Mr. DEDEDE! Cam’s partner hops off the apron ignoring his partner as Cam climbs up to the top rope! Astraea grabs Cam but Cam retaliates with a hard right hand to the face of Astraea sending her falling back into the ring! Cam climbing up to the top rope…

Deadprez: But Astraea right back up as she runs into the rope crotching Cam up on the top! Astraea now climbing the ropes herself as she grabs Cam up on the top! Astraea positions herself behind Cam throwing her off the top rope with a Powerbomb! But Astraea transitions in midair into a Cutter! LATE REGISTRATION CONNECTS!!! OFF THE FUCKING TOP!!! THE COVER!!! ASTRAEA’S DREAM IS ABOUT TO COME TRUE!!!




Deadprez: I can’t believe it Pierre and I witnessed a lot of spectacular kickouts at Pain for Pride Festival just a few weeks ago!

Pierre: Astraea can’t believe it either as she looks absolutely exhausted. Astraea weakly grabs her braid and begins whipping Cam with it. Cam looks like she doesn’t even feel it. Astraea begins to clench her teeth as she whips Cam even harder with the braid! This time Cam felt it! But wait Cam finally catches one of Astraea’s whips and grabs onto that braid as she screams and pulls Astraea in towards her! Cam bashes Astraea in the head with her fist as Astraea falls back and clenches her face! Cam is absolutely spent! She once again looks to DEDEDE as she wants to tag him in, but DEDEDE is still refusing, she’s sarcastically nodding her head in agreeance now, AND SHE SLAPS DEDEDE RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE!!!! TECHNICALLY THAT’S AN OFFICIAL TAG! But DEDEDE is still refusing to check in! Although technically DEDEDE is the legal man, he can do whatever he wants since he owns EAW, and the ref won’t dispute it! So Cam still has to figure a way out for her team as she’s going to look to finish this off with or without DEDEDE. She turns back around to the laid out Astraea and lifts her up by the braid…

Deadprez: And Astraea is now fighting back with her own fists as she begins pummeling at Cam!!!!! Cam drops the braid as she falls back against the ropes… Cam falls forwards… FREE SMOKE CONNECTS FROM ASTRAEA TO CAM!!! Cam falls forward into Astraea’s arms as she lies motionless! Astraea looks unsure what to do as she wraps her arms around the neck of Cam… and wrenches the neck around!

Pierre: Cam collapses down on the mat holding her neck in pain and she may have suffered severe injury! Astraea eyes the corner as she climbs up to the top rope. Astraea signals out to her fans as the entire audience is on their feet! ASTRAEA LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE! LOVE SOSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! IT CONNECTS! ASTRAEA WITH THE COVER OVER THE LIFELESS CAM!!!!





DEDEDE: Look at you dumb bitch! You were THIS close to getting pinned for the three count but I saved your ass. You aren’t shit without me! Consider this a favo-







(“Glory Bridge” by Chief Keef feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie hits as the entire crowd is shown on their feet cheering as the referee awards the championship belts to Astraea Jordan and Malcolm Jones.)

Deadprez: Astraea and Malcolm have done it! This championship has been a long time coming for the both of them! They have reached the top of the mountain and they did it together!!!

Pierre: Mr. DEDEDE clearly didn’t give a damn about this match at all and only got involved for his own selfish reasons, and that cost him in the end! He barely participated and it was basically two on one… or it would have been if Astraea wasn’t determined on proving that she could win this match fairly. Malcolm and Astraea could have easily dominated Cam in a Handicap Match situation but they took the honorable route here tonight narrowing it down to essentially a singles match between Astraea and Cam for the large majority of the match. Then Mr. DEDEDE felt the need to insert himself in towards the end and that spelt the end of it!

Deadprez: Whether DEDEDE got involved or not, it’s absolutely clear that the winner here tonight is Astraea Jordan but going forward this title will not just be her burden to carry. Malcolm Jones will have to prove he is worthy of that championship title he just won alongside Astraea… as the titles say… as a team.

(Astraea is shown celebrating in the crowd with her championship among her legions of fans. Malcolm Jones is shown smirking in the camera showing off his title.)

(Back in the ring, Mr. DEDEDE is just getting up recovering from the Free Smoke)

Deadprez: Talk about a backfire for our chairman tonight, he tried to make Cam look like the fool only for him to come out looking like one… and now he’s slowly getting back up with assistance from the ropes.. AND OUT OF NOWHERE HE’S HIT WITH AN EQUALIZER BY AN ENRAGED CAMERON!!!!! THAT’S DEDEDE’S FAVORITE WEAPON BEING USED AGAINST HIM!!!! DEDEDE FALLS ON HIS BACK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING AS THE BROKEN GUITAR IS WRAPPED AROUND HIS NECK!! CAM JUST STANDS OVER HIM LOOKING IN DISGUST!! AFTER WHAT HE DID TO HER HUSBAND JAMIE, I DON’T BLAME HER!

Pierre: Season 12 already kicking off with a bang as we see the end of one era and the beginning of another for the tag team division.!

Deadprez: Cam may disagree right now although after that performance there is no shame due to her… I sense that this is just one of many more great moments to come this year right here on Showdown!!!

(Camera focuses on Cam standing in the ring staring at the laid out DEDEDE before fading to black)

(EAW Logo Buzzes)