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Voltage 5/5/2019

(EAW intro plays.)

(The show immediately cuts to a highlight video, summarizing everything that happened on last week’s wild ass episode of Voltage!)

● The Legion and The Wildcards exchanged words after The Legion once again defeated a talented local tag team. Finn and Kyie made it known that they wanted the Unified Tag Team Championships, while The Wildcards told them to earn their chance at them!!!
● The tag team bout between Farrell V/El Landerson and Korey Gaines/The Woogieman basically broke down into a one-on-one match between Landerson and Woogie! Their hatred for one another overrode the fact they had partners, but in the end it was Woogie who pinned the Big Banderson Bhampion, Landerson, to give himself and Korey a much needed victory!!!
● Charlie Marr versus Daryl Kinkade was officially announced for the Fighting Spirit main event! Daryl spoke his mind, demanding that the match give himself and Charlie license to kill one another. The stipulation? Barbed. Wire. Massacre! Later on that night and prior to his match with Denis Ryley, Charlie would accept that stipulation. He would also go on to use Ryley as an example of what he’s truly capable of inside the ring, and end Ryley’s career in EAW!!!
● Former National Elite Champion, Jackson Blayde, was all over the place last week! He made it known that he plans to get the National Elite Championship back, but not in the way people might think! The President of the United States of Blaydemerica extended an offer of citizenship to the massive newcomer, Oskar Wagner, as well as a lot of money if he could destroy Jack Ripley and get that championship away from the RIP Daddy! Of course, what’s interesting about that is Blayde interrupted a conversation between Oskar and Noah Reigner’s coach, Cameron Church, in order to do that! Apparently Church and Wagner used to be a tag team on the European indy scene!!!
● And speaking of the National Elite Championship, the new owner of that belt was in action! Ripley cut an inspired promo before his match, talking about how he would defend the championship proudly and restore its prestige against any and all challengers. He would then go on the defeat spirited newcomer Bowen Castillo. After the match, Oskar Wagner showed up and attacked Jack! Oskar would once again get the better of Jack and leave him lying!!!
● Impact would make an appearance, and cut a promo. He explained his actions from Grand Rampage, letting the world know it wasn’t anything personal towards Lethal Consequences. He would then cut down Noah Reigner, and talk about their upcoming match at Pain for Pride!!!
● The match between the aforementioned Oskar Wagner and one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, Xander Payne, would end with some fuckery. Jack Ripley would show up and get some measure of revenge against Wagner, before Das Wrestler could officially put away Xander. Xander would seem more than happy to escape the match, as Jack and Oskar would have to be separated by EAW officials!!!
● The former New Breed Champion, The Visual Prophet, would look to regroup with Veena Adams and Nina by his side. The three would arrive at Voltage with a plan in mind, and it started with Veena attempting to convince Captain Charisma that Viz should be the man challenging Noah at Fighting Spirit. Captain Charisma would refuse to name a challenger in Veena’s presence, which did nothing but piss Veena off and force her hand. She would return to Viz and Nina, telling them both to get ready for a war, before she would slip away to make a phone call. Viz, Veena, and Nina seemed convinced that Captain Charisma would be handing Rex McAllister the World Heavyweight Championship shot at Fighting Spirit!!!
● Before the main event, the World Heavyweight Champion, Noah Reigner would make his way to the ring with the other two members of House Reigner. He would speak about Impact and the Gawd Contract, and what’s on the horizon for Pain for Pride. However, Jackson Blayde would show up and challenge Noah for Fighting Spirit, and given the history between the two of these men, it was more than easy for Noah to accept the match!!!
● The main event match that featured Rex McAllister going up against the other half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, Myles, would be one of the best matches on Voltage this season. The amazing rookie Myles would match the two-time World Heavyweight Champion hold-for-hold, move-for-move. Myles would prove without a shadow of a doubt that he is a future world champion in EAW. Rex would pick up the victory, but Myles’ more than earned the respect of the future Hall of Famer!!!
● As Voltage was going off the air and Rex was making his way to the back, Viz would blindside Rex and beat the living shit out of him! Veena would get on the microphone, talking some shit about how the messy world championship situation was, and demand that security leave Viz be as EAW officials showed up to try and break up Viz’s assault on Rex! She would then say having spoken to her Uncle Ryan, there would be a match at Fighting Spirit featuring Rex and Viz. But here’s the kicker! If Viz wins the match, Veena and Captain Charisma would be sharing Voltage commissioner duties!!! Viz would toss Rex off the stage, into a pile of equipment, and deliver a ‘Bow To The Heart’ off the stage onto Rex!!! :wow:!!!

(The highlight video fades out, and the cameras show shots of the energetic and sold-out crowd inside the AsiaWorld-Arena in Hong Kong, China! Voltage’s theme song, “33rd Blakk Glass” by Sosmula & Zillakami, is playing as gold and white pyro begins to explode from the stage! This whips the crowd into a frenzy as they wave their signs around and mug for the cameras! Finally, the camera down at ringside cuts to James Peters and Rich Russillo. As always, the two Voltage broadcasters look stoked for the show!)



James Peters: We are FINALLY getting that match we all want from Charlie Marr and Daryl Kinkade. At Fighting Spirit, the former tag team champions will step into the ring against and finally settle their differences. Both men have agreed to do this inside one of the most barbaric and horrific matches EAW has ever seen.

Rich Russillo: Barbed Wire Massacre. :wow:

James Peters: That’s going to be a mess. I can tell you that right now, Rich. The hell Rex McAllister and Impact put one another through in the inaugural Barbed Wire Massacre match is something I will never forget. Impact survived that match back at King of Elite so secure his eighth world championship, but he was in no position to handle what came after that match.

Rich Russillo: Well, only one member of MarrKade is going to be able to survive come Fighting Spirit, but regardless of who it is, neither man will ever been the same again.

James Peters: They wanted to kill each other. It’s gunna happen.

Rich Russillo: As we mentioned, we have three Fighting Spirit matches announced already. In addition to Marr versus Kinkade, another one of those matches is for the World Heavyweight Championship. I think it’s fair to say that this championship is causing a lot of unnecessary drama here in EAW, but Noah Reigner does have a challenger for Fighting Spirit! Our esteemed and incredible President will be stepping into the ring against his rival!!!

James Peters (rolling his eyes): Yes. ‘President’ Blayde will be taking on Noah Reigner for the World Heavyweight Championship, and that match will have Pain for Pride implications. Impact is determined to face Noah for that championship come June, but if Jackson can somehow pull off the upset, then that will throw Impact’s championship plans through a loop.

Rich Russillo: WHEN President Blayde wins the championship, you mean. But honestly, I get what you mean. It wouldn’t complicate things any worse than Veena Adams did last week. She seemed convinced that Captain Charisma was going to hand Rex McAllister a world title opportunity at Fighting Spirit, which is apparently what she wanted for her man, The Visual Prophet. After Captain Charisma refused to name a challenger for Noah, Veena declared war and as we all saw at the end of Voltage, Rex McAllister was destroyed.

James Peters: Rex versus Viz for Fighting Spirit is official, and that match worries me. That match puts all of our futures here on Voltage in jeopardy. If Viz wins that match, Veena will become the co-commissioner of Voltage, and we all know that she will make all our lives a living hell.

Rich Russillo: It’s a precarious situation, but I believe in Rex. Rex has been rock steady this entire season, and he is Voltage to me.

James Peters: Sofia Clarke sat down with Rex earlier today to talk about that, and we’ll be airing that interview later on tonight.

Rich Russillo: It’s lit.

James Peters: When we come back, we’re going to get started! Three of Voltage’s newest signees will be in action! Last week, Bowen Castillo nearly pulled an upset over the National Elite Champion, Jack Ripley. Tonight, he finds himself in action against KYOTO and Adam Wolf!

Rich Russillo: Get comfy, folks! It’s gunna be a great night!

(The scene fades out on Rich and James.)

(Voltage immediately fades into the backstage area. The newly minted number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Jackson Blayde, is shown pacing back and forth in front of the back entrance to the Asia-World Arena. His face and posture are pensive, giving the viewers the impression that the President of the United States of Blaydemerica is tense. Standing just off to the side is his better half and FLOTUSOBA, Jazmin Garcia. She has given up on watching Blayde pace about and has her chocolate brown eyes glued to her phone. She seems kind of bored with whatever she’s looking at, by the way. Blayde finally stops in front of the door and sighs dramatically. Jazmin can’t help but roll her eyes.)

Jazmin Garcia: You have got to relax.

Jackson Blayde: I can’t relax. Oskar Wagner should have already arrived by now.

Jazmin Garcia: You do realize he’s not even scheduled to be here tonight, right?

(Blayde places his hands on his hips and gives Jazmin a hard look. The fiery brunette stares right back at him.)

Jackson Blayde: I’m well aware that he’s not schedule for a match, howe-

Jazmin Garcia: However you are hoping he shows up to torture Jack Ripley some more and accept your offer.

(Blayde nods his head.)

Jazmin Garcia: Money talks and Oskar is not a stupid man. He’s already made his intentions for the National Elite Championship clear. Ripley said last week he will take on anyone and everyone for that belt, so now Captain Charisma just needs to make the match official for Fighting Spirit. I bet you anything that’s already in the works. Oskar wants the match. Ripley will most certainly take the match. Oskar is going to beat Ripley all over Seoul, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he won’t present you with the National Elite Championship. The United States of Blaydemerica is going to have both championships in its possession, and you truly will be the most powerful leader in the world.

(Jazmin flashed Blayde a smile, and almost instantly the President felt better. Jazmin was such a calming presence in his life, and she truly knew the right thing to say when he needed to hear it, no matter how ridiculous it sounded.)

Jackson Blayde: You’re absolutely right and I have no reason to worry. Oskar has to accept the position as my Secretary of Defense. But do you think there is any chance that the mongloid that hangs out with Reigner got to him first?

Jazmin Garcia: Cameron Church? I don’t know. But even if he did, Oskar seems like a smart man. Money talks, and so does power.

(Before Blayde could reply, the back entrance of the arena opened. Much to Blayde’s and Jazmin’s delight, the behemoth known as ‘Das Wrestler’ entered. Oskar immediately stopped in his tracks and took a good look at the duo. Blayde and Jazmin exchanged looks with one another, and finally the President cleared his throat and extended his hand.)

Jackson Blayde: Mr. Wagner. How are you doing today?

(Oskar remained stoic, his expression completely unchanged. He also didn’t take Blayde’s hand. Blayde casually placed his hands inside the pockets of his custom made Armani dress slacks.)

Oskar Wagner: I’m well.

Jackson Blayde: How has your trip to China been so far?

Oskar Wagner: We both know that’s not what you want to talk about.

(That was all the prompting Blayde needed to drop the pleasantries.)

Jackson Blayde: You’re 100-percent right so lets stop screwing around. I think I made it perfectly clear that I would love to see you end the career of Jack Ripley and take the National Elite Championship he stole from me, AND more importantly, the championship he stole from the United States of Blaydemerica. You are more than impressive inside that ring, and we could definitely use someone like you as our Secretary of Defense. This is war, and every single week we take down new threats to our sacred nation. With you acting as our muscle, we will truly be unstoppable.

(Oskar’s mean mug stared at Jackson and then over at Jazmin. Neither wavered under his glare and that impressed Oskar.)

Oskar Wagner: I received word earlier this afternoon that Ripley signed to face me at Fighting Spirit.

(Jackson couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face.)

Jackson Blayde: Well isn’t that something.

(Oskar extended his hand. Jackson happily accepted it and gave it a shake.)

Oskar Wagner: Consider Ripley’s championship reign done.

Jackson Blayde: Consider your bank account quadrupled. I’m going to enjoy this partnership.

(Oskar didn’t reply. He just nodded his head and brushed passed Blayde and Jazmin. Once he was out of sight, Blayde turned to Jazmin and grinned.)

Jackson Blayde: Voltage will be ours.

(Jazmin returned his grin.)

Jazmin Garcia: Fighting Spirit is going to be fun.

(Blayde just nodded. He took Jazmin by the arm and the two headed down the hallway. Voltage fades to commercial break.)

(Commercial break for Covergirl cosmetics featuring The Visual Prophet and Nina. Always remember, that makeup knows no gender, and eyeliner especially looks good on everyone. Easy, breezy, beautiful… Covergirl.)

(Voltage returns from break and cuts to Bella Braxton standing inside the ring. She looks absolutely stunning in a skin-tight, neon yellow Fashion Nova mini-dress, gold lace-up high-heeled gladiator sandals, and her makeup is flawless. She raises the microphone to her perfectly glossed lips and gets ready to announce the competitors for the first match of the evening. “Hungry Like The Wolf” by Duran Duran plays throughout the arena as Bowen Castillo steps out onto the ramp.)

Bella Braxton: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is a triple threat match! Introducing first from Clemson, South Carolina, weighing in 197 pounds… “The Carolina Playboy”… Bowen… CASSSTTTTIIIILLLOOOO!!!

Rich Russillo: Brash and confident, Bowen is the type of man that people can look up to. Let’s see if he can back up that cocky attitude, because I’m sure everyone would love to see him succeed.

James Peters: He was unsuccessful against Jack Ripley last week, but hopefully for his sake he can bounce back with a victory here tonight.

(“Kinda Like a Big Deal” by Clipse feat. Kanye West blares throughout the arena as KYOTO makes his way onto the entrance stage, before walking down the ramp.)

Bella Braxton: Introducing next, currently residing in Los Angeles, California.. Weighing in at 220 pounds.. KYYYYOOOOOTTTOOOOO!!

James Peters: This is this mans debut tonight! I’m excited to see what he can do, never know, we could have a future World Champion on our hands here.

Rich Russillo: Being pretty quick to anoint him the next World Champ there big guy, why don’t you calm down a little. He hasn’t even been in an EAW ring before yet..

(KYOTO climbs the steel steps and makes his way into the ring, Bowen immediately goes into talking shit from across the ring.)

Rich Russillo: Ok now he’s been in the ring.. Go ahead and anoint him

James Peters: Oh ok cool, thanks.

(“Everybody Dies” by J Cole starts up, and Adam Wolf breaks out from behind the curtain. He’s wearing a lot of expensive jewelry, and sunglasses. He shows off a little then starts making his way to the ring showing off his expensive chain, and jewelry to the fans as he makes his way down.)

Bella Braxton: And their opponent from Plantation, Florida.. Weighing in at 160 pounds… “The Golden Boy”.. ADAAAAMMM WOOOOLLLFFFF!!

Rich Russillo: Here is another man debuting tonight. He seems like a cocky young fellow doesn’t he? Wonder where he got all of that expensive stuff.

James Peters: Who knows, maybe he spent all of his EAW money already. But no worries I’m sure he’ll be able to make it all back and then some. An impressive young gentleman I hear.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Rich Russillo: Welp, there goes Adam Wolf, he just rolled under the ropes, and pretty much said forget this. This is a triple threat so he cannot be counted out on the outside, someone will have to be pinned, or submitted to take this one. But Adam seems to think it’d be better if the other two went against each other. Bowen and KYOTO give each other a glance, before rolling out of the ring after Wolf. Adam is too busy talking to a girl in the front row to notice! NOW’S NOT THE TIME TO MACK MY BROTHER! He hasn’t even taken his sunglasses off yet or the bling might I add this is ridiculous. Bowen, and KYOTO now right behind Adam Wolf, Bowen taps him on the shoulder.

(Adam doesn’t look back he’s too busy with the chick in the front row.)

Adam Wolf (Off Mic): Yeah one second. So like I wa saying..

(KYOTO taps him on the shoulder now.)

Adam Wolf (Off Mic): Bitch I said one second…

(Both tap him on the shoulder, and he turns around.)

Adam Wolf (Off Mic): BITCH I SAID… Oh shit..

James Peters: Adam just got the shit slapped out of him by Bowen, and now both KYOTO and Bowen take Adam and throw him into the ring. Both Bowen and KYOTO looking to go back in the ring, BUT BOWEN GRABS KYOTO AND THROWS HIM INTO THE BARRICADE! Smart thinking, as he now rolls into the ring, and focuses in on Adam Wolf. Adam in the corner picking himself up with the ropes. Bowen sees and starts charging over at him, clothesline in the corner connects, and Adam collapses to the ground. Bowen picks Adam right back up, and seems to be going for a suplex, but Adam is fighting out of it. Yes, he’s able to wiggle free, Bowen swings wildly at Wolf, but Adam rolls under, and runs towards to ropes, bounces off them, and delivers a hurricanrana to Bowen. Bowen right back to his feet, and is greeted with a Super Kick! Bowen seems caught off guard by that. Bowen turning around right into ANOTHER SUPER KICK! NOO! KYOTO from out of nowhere just hit Adam Wolf with a spin kick right to the face and he flops down to the ground.

Rich Russillo: Wolf rolls out of the ring, and KYOTO turns his attention to Bowen. KYOTO picks up Bowen and slams him down to the mat, and follows it up with a knee drop right to the face. He rolls through and hops up onto the middle rope and springs off into a moonsault right onto Bowen. KOYOTO goes for the cover, and with the ref in position he makes the count

Ref: One!

Rich Russillo: That’s not nearly enough though, this match continues. KOYOTO grabs a hold of Bowen’s hair, and tries to pick him up. OH thumb to the eye, Bowen now grabs a headlock on KOYOTO, but Bowen is fighting back. Going back into the ropes, Bowen shoots KOYOTO off the ropes, sending him to the other side of the ring. KOYOTO bounces off the ropes, and is greeted by a shoulder tackle by Bowen. Bowen now running back to the ropes, HE’S TRIPPED! Adam Wolf back, and has pulls Bowen out of the ring. SUPER KICK! Bowen is flattened by that superkick. Adam goes right back to Bowen and picks him up.. KOYOTO!! Over the top rope, a suicide senton right on top of both Bowen and Adam. KOYOTO picks Adam up, and charges him right into the barricade. He turns his attention to Bowen, and throws him back into the ring. Bowen gets back to his feet, and gets his chest caved in by a chop by KOYOTO, and another, and another. Bowen is being backed up to the corner, and starts raining palm strikes to the face and chest of Bowen. He collapses down, and KOYOTO starts stomping the chest in of Bowen.

Ref: One! Two! Three!

James Peters: He lets off so he won’t get disqualified. But he rushes right back in and lands double knees right to the face of Bowen. He drags Bowens body to the middle of the ring, and tries to go for a pin.

Ref: One! Two!

James Peters: Kick out by Bowen. KOYOTO seems a little dejected by it, but he continues on the prowl. Oh look out! Adam from out of nowhere with frog splash!! KOYOTO saw him coming though and moves out of the way! Bowen wasn’t as lucky though as he gets his pumeled in! KOYOTO picks up Adam and throws him out of the ring again! And goes for the pin on Bowen.

Ref: One! Two!

James Peters: No another kick out by Bowen. And Adam is right back into the ring, SUPER KICK TO KOYOTO! Now he goes to pin Bowen!

Ref: One!

Rich Russillo: No another kick out. Now he goes and tries to pin KOYOTO!

Ref: One!

Rich Russillo: Nope, another kick out. Adam seems frustrated right now, and quite honestly he probably should’ve went for the pin on KOYOTO first, but whatever. Wolf now going on the prowl.. See what I did there? .. James? Did you.. Did you hear what I said? Or? You’re not saying anything, but I feel like that was really clever and funny.. So, would appreciate if you acknowledged…

James Peters: Adam now with a standing moonsault landing directly on Bowen.. No! Bowen got his knees up and gets back up to his feet. THE JETS!! BLACK MASS KICK TO THE FACE OF ADAM AND HE’S OUT LIKE A LIGHT! THE PIN!!

Ref: One! Two! Thr-

James Peters: KOYOTO just dove in and broke up the pin! And now he turns his attention to Bowen, and picks him up from the ground, and lands a perfect drop kick right to the face! And Bowen rolls to the ring apron, but is quick to get back on; KOYOTO sees Bowen back to his feet, and charges. SPEEAARR!! No! Bowen sidesteps KOYOTO and kicks him squarely in the chest. KOYOTO is staggered. Bowen rushes back into the ring, but KOYOTO arm drags Bowen down to the ground. But he rolls through and gets back to his feet, GOING BACK TO THE SPEEEEAARRRR!!! No! KOYOTO is able to move out of the way and throws Bowen out of the ring. Wolf back to his feet, but KOYOTO doesn’t notice! AIR RAID CRASH NECKBREAKER connects to KOYOTO!! Wolf goes for the pin!

Ref: One! Two! Thre–

James Peters: NO! Kick out! Adam Wolf is pissed, he’s going right into the face of the ref! He thought that it was all over! But as he lets his attention going astray, KOYOTO is back to his feet! SWEET SORROW!! SUPER MAN PUNCH TO ADAM WOLFS FACE, HE IS KNOCKED OUT. KOYOTO now going for the pin! Wait.. BOWEN IS BACK, HE THROWS KOYOTO OUT OF THE RING AND IS GOING FOR THE PIN! BOWEN CASTILLO IS GOING TO STEAL THIS MATCH!! THE COVER!!

Ref: One! Two! Three!!!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Bella Braxton: Here is your winner… BOWEN CASTILLOOOO!!!!

Rich Russillo: Bowen Castillo just stole this match! KOYOTO took out Adam Wolf with the Sweet Sorrow, but Bowen came in from out of nowhere and won it. And KOYOTO isn’t happy about it!

James Peters: That’s wrestling though I guess Rich, not much he can do about it.

(Bowen gets up and directs the referee to raise his hand up in victory, and he obliges)

Rich Russillo: This could just be start of his young career… I mean the man is damn near 40 but you never know.

James: OH GOD SWEET SORROW!! KOYOTO FROM OUT OF NOWHERE JUST KNOCKED BOWEN CASTILLO OUT WITH THAT SUPERMAN PUNCH! He is not happy that Bowen stole this match from him! He just made a statement with that! He did the the work, and Bowen Castillo stole it from him, all’s fair in war!

Rich: We’ll be right back!

(The EAW Universe is treated to a final shot of KYOTO standing over Bowen’s body before the ringside shot fades out.)

(Voltage cuts to the locker room of the World Heavyweight Champion, Noah Reigner. Noah is sitting on a bench, with his championship sat down beside him. Evelyn Ridley and Cameron Church are also present. As usual, the trio are all business. Noah looks up at Cameron, but the expression on the champion’s face isn’t exactly readable. Cameron, though, senses there’s something going on and finally breaks the silence.)

Cameron Church: What’s on your mind, mate?

(Noah exchanges a look with Evelyn. The thing that has been on both of their minds for the better part of a week is the nature of the relationship between the head of Combat Church and apparently his former partner and student, Oskar Wagner. The same Oskar Wagner who’s seemingly on Jackson Blayde’s payroll now.)

Noah Reigner: I think it goes without saying, especially when you consider how Voltage ended for me last week. Blayde stepped up and threw down a challenge, knowing damn well that I was going to jump at any chance to beat his ass again. Why he wants to jeopardize his career again by stepping inside the ring with me is beyond me, but you can’t fix stupid. But Blayde is nothing if not crafty, and I want to know who the fuck ‘Das Wrestler’ is, and how do you know him?

Evelyn Ridley: I was under the assumption that Aron was the only partner you had during your time as an active wrestler.

(Cameron ignored the accusatory tones that both Evelyn and Noah were speaking to him in. He was used to both of them being overly suspicious of everything and given Noah’s status as a champion in the biggest company in the world, The Assault Rifle’s guard was always up. Cameron bit back a sigh.)

Cameron Church: Oskar was my first student. I met him backstage during a show in Germany, and obviously you both see the physical gifts he has. I saw a lot of potential in him, and offered to help him learn the ropes a bit. We worked together for awhile and I laid the foundation for the wrestler he turned himself into. We did team together, yes, back in Commonwealth Wrestling. It was briefly as I was on my way to Spectacular Championship Wrestling and competing here in the States more often than not. Oskar felt Europe suited him best, and until he arrived here in EAW a few weeks ago, I had not spoken to him, though I did keep tabs on him like I do all my students. I won’t act like I’m not happy for him and proud of him for making it to EAW, because I am. Oskar is an incredible talent and his potential is unrivaled.

(Evelyn couldn’t help but interrupt Cameron.)

Evelyn Ridley: Well I personally don’t give a fuck about his potential. What I care about is apparently he is in some kind of fucked up alliance with Jackson Blayde now, and Jackson is Noah’s next opponent. So really, what the fuck do we need to know about this man, and what are the odds he gets involved in Jackson’s business come Fighting Spirit?! Jackson Blayde is a desperate piece of shit, who wants nothing more than continue to live this deluded fucking fantasy that he is the President. He might want ‘Das Fuckface’ to take the National Elite Championship from Ripley, but you can’t possibly think Blayde won’t use anyone on his payroll to his advantage to get what he wants which is now Noah’s championship.

Noah Reigner: Not that I care if the odds are stacked against me because that’s the battle I’ve been facing my entire career, but Evelyn is right. We all know that Jackson is crafty and he’s lost to me a million and one times. I mean, I did humiliate Jackson and send him packing with a destroyed knee to boot, so for him to actually step up and challenge me for my championship… I find it hard to believe he’s not walking into a sure death without some kind of plan.

Evelyn Ridley: There’s no fucking way Jackson would go down this road again knowing damn well how it’s going to end. He sees your fucking student as a goddamn insurance policy that is going to get him the World Heavyweight Championship AND a guaranteed spot at Pain for Pride.

Cameron Church: I understand your concerns, love, and trust me, I have them myself. I was speaking to Oskar last week when Jackson first approached him. I warned him that Jackson is a man who is not to be trusted, but I can’t control anything beyond that.

Evelyn Ridley: But you’re the one who put Oskar on EAW’s radar, are you not?

Cameron Church: He’s an incredible athlete and deserves an opportunity to compete on a stage such as this.

(Evelyn’s eyes narrowed, and if looks could kill, Cameron would be dead right now.)

Evelyn Ridley: So whatever fucking happens at Fighting Spirit is on you then, because if Jackson uses Oskar to destroy Jack to indirectly get the National Elite Championship back AND then uses him to help win the World Heavyweight Championship, he becomes the most powerful fucking person on Voltage. I swear to Gawd I’ll slit my own throat before I watch Jackson Blayde parade around as a goddamn world champion. This is complete bullshit Cameron, and I am so sick of your shitty decision making interfering with Noah’s career. You were more than willing to let that fucking sexdoll tear apart House Reigner last summer, and now we all have to deal with the repercussions of you supporting a glorified charity case.

Noah Reigner: I’m not happy with this whatsoever, and I expect you to make sure that Oskar stays the fuck away from the Fighting Spirit main event. I have busted my ass all fucking season to make sure I have set myself up for the best possible situation come Pain for Pride, and honestly that is me beating the living shit out of Impact and making him wish that shitty ass Gawd Contract did not exist. I’ll be damned if Jackson Blayde, Impact, or anyone else with money and stupid ass contracts try and fuck me out of my championship. I have overcome everything this place has thrown at me, and I am going to make sure that I walk into Pain for Pride as the champion, and leave Pain for Pride as the champion.

(Noah and Evelyn were glaring at Cameron now, but Cameron’s face was emotionless as always. The wrestling coach straightened his shoulders and took a good look at both Noah and Evelyn.)

Cameron Church: House. Always. Wins. Oskar won’t be a problem.

(Evelyn didn’t look convinced, but Noah nodded his head at Cameron. The champion stood up from the bench, grabbed his belt, and slung it over his shoulder.)

Noah Reigner: Good.

(Noah left the locker room, and after glaring at Cameron for several more seconds, Evelyn turned on her heels and followed him. When the door shut, only then did Cameron let out a sigh.)

Cameron Church: What a mess.

(Voltage fades to commercial break.)

(Commercial break for Starbucks featuring Malcolm Jones. As your local barista for the new ‘Malcolm Jones’ drink. It’s a venti, dark roast coffee, extra bitter, but steaming hot. :wow:)

(The show returns and cuts to Bella, who is standing in the middle of the ring.)

Bella Braxton: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(“In My Mind” by Dynoro and Gigi D’Agostino plays as the Legion come out to the stage, they’re showered with boos but they can’t help but smirk)

Bella Braxton: Introducing first, accompanied by Kyie Daniels from Birmingham England, The MIDLAND KILLER, FINN…EDWARDS!

James Peters: It is very known that The Legion are frustrated with how they are deserving of a title shot but aren’t getting it. But can they prove that they deserve it here tonight?

Rich Russillo: But Finn Edwards’ opponent tonight Farrell V is not one to take lightly, him and Landerson were a devastating tag team last week and if The Legion lose now, it’s over.

James Peters: :usure:

Rich Russillo: Yes, very.

(Finn Edwards enters the ring as Kyie Daniels stands smirking from ringside. “In My Mind” fades off and is replaced by “Hair of The Dog” by Nazareth and Farrell V comes out to astounding cheers by the crowd. He does his taunt before walking to the ring)

Bella Braxton: And his opponent from Indonesia weighing in at 235 pounds, MR.EVERY NIGHT, FARRELL…V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Peters: Farrell is coming off a loss to Korey Gaines and Woogieman last week with his partner Landerson. But let’s just see if he can win singles competition here tonight.

Rich Russillo: I wouldn’t keep your hopes up because Kyie over there might interfere once or twice to help his partner get the win, who knows, either way it won’t be his fault.

(Farrell enters the ring and acknowledges Finn being talked to be Kyie. He goes to the corner and the ref wastes no time ringing the bell for this match to start)


James Peters: Here we go as both men circle each other around the ring, Farrell calling for a lockup, OH FINN PUNCHES HIM SQUARE IN THE FACE! Farrell shrugging it off, LEGSWEEP BY FARRELL V! Farrell coming down on Finn landing punch after punch on him on the ground! Finn pushing away, he’s rolling out of the ring. Oh look and Kyie coming to check if he’s ok- WAIT FARRELL, SUICIDE DIVE ON BOTH LEGION MEMBERS! FARRELL PUSHING KYIE AWAY AND GRABBING FINN, Finn thrown right back into the ring by Farrell V! Finn is getting up, FARRELL WITH A ROUNDHOUSE- NO! FINN STOPPING FARRELL MID SPIN PUSHING HIM INTO THE ROPES, FOREARM SMASH BY FINN EDWARDS! Farrell collapsing to the ground, Finn with the cover!

Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rich Russillo: KICKOUT! Finn Edwards has to do a lot more to keep Farrell V down for good. Finn dragging Farrell to his feet, holding Farrell, CHOP! Farrell, RETURNING WITH ANOTHER CHOP! OH FOREARM BY FINN FORCING FARRELL BACK! Farrell moving in OH FINN WITH A SPIN KICK! Farrell is still up, CLOTHESLINE- NO FARRELL DUCKS UNDER! Farrell running the ropes as Finn Edwards turns around, FARRELL V WITH A SPINNING WHEEL KICK! Finn brought down by Farrell V and as it looks Kyie Daniels is not happy by it, yet is he really happy about anything? Finn slowly sitting up but Farrell, running the ropes…WAIT FINN GRABBED THE LEG OF FARRELL BEFORE IT COULD BE MET WITH HIS FACE, FINN SPINS HIM OUT, HE ROLLS UP, HEADBUTT TO THE HEAD OF FARRELL V MAKING HIM STUMBLE BACK! CLOTHESLINE BY FINN OVER THE TOP ROPE! Finn taking a breather as Farrell gets up, ON FINN BEING YANKED TO THE OUTSIDE BY FARRELL V! Kyie coming over and yelling at Farrell, WAIT, FARRELL V WITH A, RUNNING CROSSBODY TO KYIE! Finn is up, he’s walking towards Farrell, WAIT FARRELL GRABBING FINN, THROWN RIGHT INTO THE BARRICADE! Farrell still holding on to Finn- OH FINN WITH A KNEE, Finn throwing Farrell into the ring, Finn rolling in, he’s closing in on Farrell- WAIT ROLL-UP BY FARRELL!

Ref: ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ref: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




(Kyie nails him in the face with a punch before crouching down helping his partner up.)


Crowd: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Kyie slides out of the ring to help Finn while Korey helps Farrell up and helps him out of the ring. The last shot is of the Legion watching off in anger as Voltage goes to commercial break.)

(Voltage returns from break and fades to the backstage area. Farrell V is seen hurrying down the hallway, favoring his neck thanks to the beatdown placed on him moments ago by The Legion.)

Farrell V: GAINES!

(The shot opens up to show Korey Gaines. Gaines stops walking and turns around, allowing Farrell to approach him. There’s definitely a little bit of history between these two, and Farrell can’t help but look a little puzzled as to why Gaines came down to the ring and ran The Legion off.)

Farrell V: Thanks for saving me.

(Gaines shrugs.)

Korey Gaines: Don’t mention it. Those two morons irritate the hell out of me, and it was the right thing to do.

Farrell V: They do their fair share of talking, that’s for sure. But is that the only reason? You and I have never really seen eye to eye, despite the fact the match we had against one another was one of my favorite here on Voltage so far. You’re a great competitor, dude. You might not have a lot of respect for me, but I respect your ability inside the ring. Tough break last night against, SOSA.

Korey Gaines: It was a tough break, and honestly that loss is going to sting for a bit. That match for the New Breed Championship was my first chance to capture gold here in EAW and it sucks coming up short. But what I learned last night is that I’m ready for more. I’ve been here long enough to see how things work, and I know that I’m good enough to step inside the ring with anyone here and take them to their limit. I know that I’m going to continue to get better because I’ll do whatever it takes to put myself in the right position to succeed. I know that every man and woman who signs their name on the dotted line wants championship gold. After getting so close last night, I want it more than ever now.

(Farrell nods his head.)

Farrell V: I can certainly relate to that. I came close myself back at Tempest, and it burns me up inside that I wasn’t able to knock Jackson Blayde off his high horse. At least we don’t have to watch him hold the National Elite Championship anymore. Jack Ripley took that from him and now that belt can finally have a champion that’ll do it justice. I just hope Noah Reigner can beat Jackson come Fighting Spirit.

Korey Gaines: I agree.

(Korey pauses for a moment, and then continues on.)

Korey Gaines: You and I did have a great match, and you were the better man that night. The competitor in me didn’t like to admit that I lost to you, but you fought your heart out against Blayde and made the most of the ‘unique opportunity’ we both wanted. I do respect that, and I respect the way you’ve been able to bounce back from that loss. I was looking forward to getting back in the ring against you last week and throwing down, but we see how well that worked out.

(Farrell let out a laugh.)

Farrell V: Landerson and Woogie had other plans. Those guys just don’t like one another and will do whatever they can to tear the other person to pieces. None of us can handle the greatness that is the Landerson versus Woogieman rivalry. I’m not shocked we were reduced to a supporting role.

(Gaines grins a bit.)

Korey Gaines: Landerson versus Woogie is the greatest feud in the history of wrestling.

Farrell V: Marr versus Kinkade who?

Korey Gaines: :wow: You’re alright, man. I’m sorry we started off on the wrong foot.

Farrell V: Ditto. If you ever find yourself in a situation like I did tonight, bet I’ll have your back like you had mine. I appreciate that, and I’ll make sure the favor is returned. (H)

(Gaines extends his hand and after a moment, Farrell takes it. The two shake on it.)

Korey Gaines: So you want gold, right?

Farrell V (nodding): Of course I do.

Korey Gaines: And I still want championship gold.

(A knowing smile spreads across Farrell’s face.)

Farrell V: The Legion also want gold.

Korey Gaines: So you see where I’m going with this, right?

Farrell V: I definitely do. You want to team up together and take on The Legion, and after we defeat them you wanna face The Wildcards for the Unified Tag Team Championships.

Korey Gaines: You got it. Pain for Pride is all anyone can talk about, and I want to compete at the show just as bad as everyone else. May as well do it as a champion.

Farrell V: I’m not arguing with that.

(Gaines and Farrell start walking down the hallway together, most likely going in the direction of Captain Charisma’s office. Their conversation continues on as Voltage cuts another section of the backstage area.)

(El Landerson is backstage, just hanging out, as Sofia Clarke approaches him. She is ready to interview the Big Banderson Bhampion.)

Sofia Clarke: Hello, El Landerson. I just wanted to ask if there was anything you had to say before you leave?

(Landerson nods his head.)

El Landerson: Yes I have to talk to the Eaw universe. So Eaw universe I am going to talk about how like I said I want Denis Ryley to face the Woogieman on Voltage. Then the winner will face me at none other than the Fighting Spirit FPV where they will face me for the BBB championship. Then I will go on to beat the Woogieman or even Denis Ryley to go on and go to Pain for Pride but first my business is with them. And Sofia before you ask basically I made this match because I want fresh competition instead of just facing Woogieman again because I already beat him like three times already. So this time he has to earn it or it will be Denis Ryley facing me. And also I want to talk about Grand Rampage because I sho-

Sofia Clarke: Well, El Landerson, surely you know what happened to Denis right? After what Charlie Marr did to him, he’s in no shape to even walk right now, much less compete.

El Landerson: Well you should apologize for interrupting me Sofia because that’s not nice.

Sofia Clarke: Sorry sir, but what will you do now that you know Denis isn’t able to compete?

El Landerson: Well, I-

(All of a sudden, the legend himself, The Woogieman, walks into the scene!)

The Woogieman: Well you’ll nothing El Landerson. You want fresh competition but I am the only one you have your best match facing. So this time you won’t get to make the decision.

El Landerson: What are you talking abo-

James Peters: OH MY GOD! WOOGIEMAN JUST LAID OUT EL LANDERSON! AND THERE GOES SOFIA, LEAVING THE TWO TO BRAWL WITH EACH OTHER! Woogieman now throwing Landerson into the wall, and now he’s just laying down a rain of punches to the Big Banderson Bhampion! This isn’t right! Someone has to stop this fight right now!

Rich Russillo: Less of a fight than it is Woogieman attacking Landerson from behind, but I definitely agree with you. This is a coward move!! Woogieman beating down the champion, and what’s this? THE BOTTOM! Woogieman just dropped El Landerson with the Bottom, and now he picked up Landerson’s microphone! What does he have to say about all this?

(The Woogieman puts the microphone close to his face, but before talking he pauses to give a dramatic stare to intimidate everyone.)

The Woogieman: The Woogieman will face El Landerson next week on Voltage. And I will become your new Big Banderson Bhampion. But that’s not all. On Voltage, it will be me versus El Landerson, in a Japanese Deathmatch!

James Peters: WHAT!?


(The fans are in shock at the words of The Woogieman, as he has a grin, looking down at Landerson. With the dramatic announcement, Voltage fades to commercial break.)

(Commercial break for Kleenex, Visine eye drops, and Shape Tape concealer featuring Jaded Wolfe Heart superfan, Kizzy. If you are like Kizzy and have been directly victimized by the tension between the reigning EAW Stable of Year, you haven’t stopped crying and you haven’t been able to sleep. The Kleenex will dry your tears. The Visine will get the red out of your eyes. And the Shape Tape will hide those ugly dark circles caused by your lack of sleep.)

(Voltage returns from commercial and cuts to the ringside area. It’s time for another match!)

(‘Real American’ by Rick Derringer starts to play, although it’s nearly completely overcome by the boos of the fans in attendance. Despite this, Jackson Blayde comes out to the ring with Jazmin Garcia.)

Bella Braxton: Making his way to the ring.. Accompanied by Jazmin Garcia.. From Memphis, Tennessee.. Weighing in at 229 pounds.. JAAACKSONNN BLAAAYYDE!!!

James Peters: The former National Elite Champion, and the self proclaimed “New Face of EAW”, Jackson Blayde! You don’t have to like this guy, but you can’t deny he is a great competitor, and we’re sure to see that tonight!

Rich Russillo: Yeah because he is our President! But this match may go a bit differently with his opponent. Someone who he likely didn’t expect to have to be on the opposing side of. And that guy, let’s bring him out now.

(‘Blackout’ by Company Flow follows, but the booing continues as Lethal Consequences makes his way to the ring.)

Bella Braxton: And his opponent… From Oakland, California.. Weighing in at 230 pounds.. LEEEETHALLLLL CCOONNNSEQUENCESS!!!

James Peters: Lethal Consequences has been on top of his game as of late, despite things not going his way at Grand Rampage. Although I can’t exactly agree with how he does win these matches, LC does know how to get the job done.

Rich Russillo: Yeah, but surely we shouldn’t see any of that tonight, right? I mean, these guys were friends, partners, surely these two would want to fight fair.

James Peters: Well, I guess we’ll see.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

James Peters: And the match is underway! LC and Jackson Blayde now looking at each other, hesitant to make a move, meanwhile Jazmin watches on at ringside. The two now circling the ring, and now they engage in a collar and elbow tie up! LC quick to get a headlock in on Jackson, but Blayde is able to push him into the ropes! LC bouncing off of it, right into a headlock takedown by Blayde! LC struggling to get out of it, as Blayde tightens his grip on the headlock! LC now trying to get to a knee, which he does successfully, and now he manages to get to both feet! LC now pushing Blayde into the ropes, AND LC CONNECTS WITH A DROPKICK! LC now grabbing Blayde and begins to hold him in a rear chinlock, and Blayde is trying to reach for the ropes, but to no avail! Blayde now trying to reach for LC, and he grabs him by the neck! SNAPMARE BY BLAYDE, and now Blayde is the one holding LC in a chinlock! LC manages to get to his feet though, and he drives his elbow into Blayde, freeing him from the hold! LC now picking Blayde up, looking for a suplex! But Blayde is able to slip behind him! AND BLAYDE ROLLS HIM UP!


James Peters: BUT LC KICKS OUT!

Rich Russillo: Blayde now irish whipping LC into the corner, and he follows behind! CLOTHESLINE- NO! LC avoids it, and there’s a knife edged chop by LC! LC now with an Irish whip into the opposite corner as he charges in, but this time Blayde is able to avoid LC, AND HE HITS A JUMPING NECKBREAKER! Blayde now backing up, waiting for LC to get to his feet! BLAYDERUNNE- NO! LC GETS OUT OF THE WAY, AND NOW IT’S LC ROLLING BLAYDE UP!


Rich Russillo: Kick out! LC now, ACID RAI- NO! BLAYDE CATCHES HIM, AND THERE’S A DRAGON SUPLEX! LC manages to get to a knee, BUT THERE’S A ROUNDHOUSE KICK, DROPPING LC! Jackson now making his way to the top rope, and he has his sights set on LC! DIVING ELBOW DROP CONNECTS! BLAYDE WITH THE COVER!


Rich Russillo: LC KICKS OUT! Blayde now picking LC back up now, FRACTURE DDT- NO! BACK BODY DROP BY LC! Blayde now going towards the ropes, BUT LC SENDS HIM RIGHT OVER THEM WITH A CLOTHESLINE! LC now rolling out of the ring, and the two now are going back and forth with hard hitting punches! The two going back and forth with these strikes, but LC has gained the upper hand!

(The cameras cut backstage. Noah Reigner and Evelyn Ridley watch on backstage as LC brawls with Blayde outside the ring.)

James Peters: There’s the current World Heavyweight champion Noah Reigner watching backstage, but there’s LC now attempting to throw Blayde into the ringpost, but Blayde is able to stop himself, before hitting an elbow into the jaw of LC! Blayde now slams LC into the ringpost this time, before rolling him back into the ring! Blayde now following behind as LC gets to his feet, ROWS PEDAL! BLAYDE JUST GOT HIT WITH THAT SWINGING REVERSE STO, AND NOW THERE’S LC WITH THE COVER!


James Peters: BUT BLAYDE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! LC with a frustrated look on his face as he gets back to his feet, but it looks like he’s going to try and put this one away this time! LC dragging Blayde to the top rope, and things aren’t looking too good for the “New Face of EAW”! LC now trying to hook his arm, but Jackson is delivering strong punches to the midsection of LC! Blayde now delivering punches to the face of LC as he begins to lose his grip, AND BLAYDE PUSHES LC OFF THE TURNBUCKLES! LC manages to land on his feet, BUT BLAYDE DROPS HIM WITH A DIVING MISSILE DROPKICK! Blayde now crawling back into the corner holding his head, and it looks like he’s once again waiting for LC to get back up!

Rich Russillo: That, or he’s trying to take time to recover! Either way, he needs to make a move before LC gets a chance to do the same! LC is getting to a knee, but President Blayde is charging in! RIGHT INTO THE ACID RAI- NO! GERMAN SUPLEX!! AND LOOK AT JAZMIN GARCIA! SHE’S JUST PULLED THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING! LOW BLOW BY JACK- NO! LC JUST CAUGHT HIS LEG, AND LOOK AT LC! HE CAN’T BELIEVE IT! AFTER ALL OF THEIR HISTORY TOGETHER! ACID RAIN! THE ACID RAIN CONNECTS, BUT THERE’S NOBODY TO MAKE THE COVER! LC CAN’T BELIEVE HIS EYES! I’m sure Noah and Evelyn have smiles on their faces seeing Jackson’s attempt to steal this win fail, but now how will LC capitalize? LC picking Blayde up to his feet, and you can see the frustration in his eyes! NO! NOT THE PRESIDENT!!!! YOU TWO ARE FRIENDS!!! ROWS PEDAL FOR A SECOND TIME, AS THE REFEREE IS CRAWLING BACK INTO THE RING! THERE’S THE COVER! THE REFEREE IS SLOWLY GETTING INTO POSITION! THERE HE IS!


Rich Russillo: NO! NO WAY! PRESIDENT BLAYDE GOT THE SHOULDER UP! OUR FEARLESS LEADER SOMEHOW SURVIVED! LC can’t believe his eyes, everything that just happened these past few minutes! This has been insane! But what’s LC supposed to do now? Jackson was able to survive the Acid Rain and the Rows Pedal, what else is LC supposed to do?

James Peters: Well it looks like we’re going to see an answer to that question now, as LC begins to drag Jackson up by his hair, and now he lifts him up! GO TO JAPA- NO! FRACTURE DDT! IT CONNECTS! RIGHT OUT OF NOWHERE! I DON’T KNOW WHERE THAT CAME FROM, BUT JACKSON DOESN’T HAVE THE STRENGTH TO MAKE IT TO THE COVER! Jackson, using everything he has to try and crawl to the cover, BUT LC ROLLS OUT OF THE RING! And just like that, there goes probably Blayde’s best chance of winning this match! Or, maybe not! Neither man are getting to their feet, but LC is outside the ring! If he can’t make it back, Jackson Blayde will still win, and we’re already at a count of two!

Referee: Three!.. Four!..

James Peters: LC has yet to even move, and we’re at a count of five! This could be it for him!

Referee: Six!.. Seven!..

James Peters: LC is trying to reach for the apron as an attempt to get to his feet, but we’re at a count of eight! Is he going to make it!?

Referee: Nine!.. Te-




Rich Russillo: Jackson was so quick to go for the cover after hitting that knee, that I don’t think he noticed that LC was close enough to even grasp the ropes! Nonetheless, this match is still on, and President Blayde isn’t happy about it! Jackson now dragging LC to the corner, and now he’s slamming LC’s head into the top turnbuckle! Jackson, relentlessly slamming LC into the turnbuckles, but LC is able to stop him with his foot, and now he slams Jackson’s head into it! LC leaning Jackson onto the second rope now, and LC now bounces off the opposite pair of them! 619 CONNECTS! LC now getting back into the ring, and he just collapses on top of Jackson for the cover!


Rich Russillo: BUT PRESIDENT BLAYDE ONCE AGAIN GETS THE SHOULDER UP! THAT’S OUR FUTURE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! THE LEADER OF THE ESTEEMED NATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF BLAYDEMERICA!!! LC now slowly getting to his feet, and he’s just staring at the near-lifeless body of Jackson Blayde, and it looks like he has something in mind! Jackson now grabbing the legs of Blayde, and he’s setting it up! THE BLACKOUT! LC IS TRYING TO GET THE HEADLOCK IN NOW, BUT BLAYDE IS DOING THE BEST HE CAN TO FIGHT OUT OF IT! ELBOW AFTER ELBOW, BUT LC HAS IT LOCKED IN! IS THIS IT FOR JACKSON!? IS HE GOING TO TAP!?

James Peters: It’d be awful for Jackson if he was to not only lose, but to tap out here tonight! He’s reaching for the ropes, but can he make it? He’s doing his best to try and crawl, but LC is just increasing the strength of his grip! Jackson has to find a way to fight out of this submission!

Rich Russillo: Jackson once again attempting the elbows, but this time they’re connecting! LC’s grip on the headlock is slowly loosening, and now he’s out of the headlock! Jackson now turning around, AND HE GETS OUT OF THE SHARPSHOOTER! Jackson somehow survived the Blackout, but that must have caused some serious damage, but as both men make it to their feet, Jackson makes the first move, taking LC down with a clothesline! Jackson now holding his midsection as he sits near the corner, and this is what I’m talking about!

James Peters: Yeah, well Jackson’s going to need to fight through the pain if he wants to win! Jackson now slowly making his way towards LC, but what’s he going to do now? Jackson now, CROWN BREAKE- NO! LC FINDS HIS FOOTING, AND HE NOW RAMS JACKSON INTO THE CORNER! LC now rolling out of the ring, and, what’s he doing? LC looking under the ring, AND IT’S A STEEL CHAIR! WHAT’S HE DOING? IF HE HITS JACKSON WITH THE CHAIR HE’LL BE DISQUALIFIED! LC rolling into the ring, but there’s the referee! The referee taking the chair from LC, what was he thinking? And now look, Jackson Blayde, getting to his feet as the referee puts back the chair, OH MY GOD! OF COURSE! OF COURSE THAT WAS HIS PLAN! LC JUST KNOCKED JACKSON OUT, AND LOOK WHAT IT IS, THE HALL OF FAME RINGS! LC dragging Jackson Blayde onto his shoulders now, GO TO JAPAN! IT CONNECTS THIS TIME, AND THERE’S THE COVER AS THE REFEREE GETS BACK INTO THE RING! JAZMIN CAN’T BELIEVE HER EYES!


(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Bella Braxton: Here is your winner… LEETTHAALLLLL… COONNSSEEEQUENCESSS!!!!

James Peters: I can’t believe it! I’d say I have a problem with LC using the rings to win, but I guess you can call that payback!

Rich Russillo: You’re right about that, but you can just tell by the look on LC’s face, he didn’t want this to end like that! Nonetheless, your winner, Lethal Consequences! I’m sure Noah and Evelyn are ecstatic about this!

(LC has his hand raised by the referee, as he looks at Jackson in disappointment, and Jazmin, who’s yelling at the referee. Meanwhile, Noah and Evelyn are backstage, smiling at the end of the match. Voltage cuts to commercial break.)

(Commercial break for Mountain Dew Kickstart Hydrating Boost drinks, and more specifically the raspberry citrus flavor. They’re GOAT. Try chugging two back to back for an extra added boost… and a rapidly beating heart.)

(Voltage comes back from break and Matt Daniels is seen inside his office. The stress of what’s going with Voltage is written all over his face. Stress is not a good lewk for the gorgeous golden god of a man, and the tension intensifies as there’s a knock on his door. When the door opens and Xander Payne sticks his head in, Matt honestly looks a little relieved. Xander moves inside the door, and Myles follows him in. Both champions are dressed in street clothes and are carrying their titles with them. Matt eyes the belts The Wildcards carry.)

Matt Daniels: Tan belt straps? Who authorized that?

(Xander proudly looks at his customized championship belt.)

Xander Payne: I did, obviously. I’m the Tag Team God and I do whatever the hell I want. I wanted tan belt straps, so I got tan belt straps.

(Myles can’t help but roll his eyes at Xander, and then he looks at the Voltage commissioner.)

Myles: You wanted to see us?

(Myles is favoring his left knee, a direct result of his war last week against Rex McAllister. Matt gives Xander an exasperated look before replying to The Soldier.)

Matt Daniels: I did. First of all, I want to congratulate you on a hell of a match last week. You and Rex took it too one another, and I know this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this, but it bears repeating. Myles, you are the future and it wouldn’t shock me whatsoever to see you headlining Pain for Pride yourself in the near future.

(It’s Xander’s turn to roll his eyes at Myles, but the Australian simply smirks. Myles has definitely heard people refer to him as ‘the future’ before, but that doesn’t mean he’s sick of hearing it.)

Matt Daniels: How is your knee doing, by the way?

Myles: To be honest, I could have competed this week. I didn’t need the time off but I understand the doctors and everyone involved wanting to be cautious.

(Matt nods his head.)

Matt Daniels: I’m glad you understand, and honestly, I just want you both to know that I’m proud of you. I’ll be the first to admit that I never thought this tag team would work. I thought Veena put you two together just to jerk you both around given your history with one another, but you guys became champions. Xander, it goes without saying just how talented you are as well. You showed everyone how great you are back at Tempest when you nearly defeated Noah Reigner for the World Heavyweight Championship. I’m incredibly excited to see what both of you are able to do together as the Unified Tag Team Champions.

Xander Payne: We’re going to dominate. I can promise you that. We defeated The Jaded Hearts and The Revolution soundly, and left no doubt in anyone’s minds that we’re both fully committed to this team and making it work. We’re going to be the headlining act at Payne for Pride 2 featuring Myles next month, and I hope that this company does its part and find us challengers that are worth our time. I don’t want to see The Revolution again, because everyone knows how that match is going to end. Those two idiots don’t need to lose a third tag team championship match, and honestly neither do The Legion.

Myles: Well personally, I’ll fight anyone and defend these championships against any team who earn it.

(Xander scowls.)

Xander Payne: Payne for Pride 2 Featuring Myles is the biggest event of the year and we don’t want just anyone inside the ring with us.

Myles: Why not? If two people earn the right to face us, I say let them bring it. I believe in my abilities, and you always preach about your 16 years in this business. You should be ready for anyone at any time, and if we can defeat the best team this company has to offer in The Jaded Hearts, then we can beat anyone. I say let all of EAW step up, and The Wildcards can put them all down for the one, the two, and the three.

(Matt clears his throat and both members of The Wildcards look at him.)

Matt Daniels: Well the road to Pain for Pride, or whatever you want to call it…

Myles: Myles for Pride.

Xander Payne: ….

Matt Daniels: Well whatever it is, it’s going to make a stop at Fighting Spirit. Korey Gaines and Farrell V approached me earlier tonight and asked me for a match next week against The Legion. I’m signing that match, and the winning team will take on The Wildcards at Fighting Spirit for the Unified Tag Team Championships. Both teams are aware of what’s on the line, and are excited for this opportunity.

Myles: Bring it. The Legion are a couple of idiots who do nothing but talk shit without having the ability to back it up. If they somehow pull off a miraculous win against Farrell V and Korey Gaines, then Xander and I will be look forward to beating their asses again and shutting them the hell up for good.

Xander Payne: As far as Gaines and Farrell, well I guess we can’t say that team will never work can we? Myles and I are proof that anyone can put their differences aside for the greater good. That being said, neither of them even remotely compare to the Tag Team God and The Soldier. So it doesn’t really matter who we end up facing at Fighting Spirit, does it? The Wildcards are heading to Atlanta, and Payne for Pride 2 featuring Myles will go down in history as the greatest Payne for Pride ever.

Myles: Myles for Pride.

(Matt just shakes his head.)

Matt Daniels: It’s Pain for Pride, with an ‘I’. However, I wish you both the best of luck. I know that you’ll both elevate those championships to another level.

(Neither Myles nor Xander could disagree with that. They both shake hands with Matt Daniels before exiting the office. Voltage cut back to the ringside area.)

(The camera focuses on Bella, who is standing in the middle of the ring.)


(“It Ain’t Safe” by Skepta begins to play across the PA system, and the crowd inside the Asia-World Arena begins to boo. Charlie Marr and Jordie Ripley step onto the stage, and the crowd absolutely unleashes every bit of negativity they have inside of them at the awful duo. Charlie closes his eyes and soaks in the reaction, as Jordie fawns over him as per usual. She links her arm through his, and after a moment, the two of them begin to make their way down to the broadcast booth. Charlie takes his seat first and Jordie follows suit, both of them putting on headsets.)

Charlie Marr: China is one hell of a shithole. Listen at all these ungrateful people refusing to appreciate the fact that a living legend and future world champion has just blessed them with his presence. I’m so sick of going to these places and never getting the respect that I deserve.

Jordie Ripley: People totally suck and you know that. They never recognize actual talent when they see it. You are the greatest man to ever step foot inside this company and after you finish Daryl off for good at Fighting Spirit, you’re finally going to get the chance to move on to bigger and better things. Pain for Pride is going to be huge for you, babe. I just know it.

(Charlie winks at Jordie, who leans over and kisses him on the cheek. The two get settled in as Charlie’s music fades out. It’s replaced with “Snakeskin” by Example, and the second Daryl Kinkade steps onto the stage, the audience goes crazy!)


Charlie Marr: Sickening. Imagine living in the world where the hero is actually the villian, and the villain is the one people root for. I will never understand this fucked up world we live in.

Jordie Ripley: Like why do people cheer for Daryl Kinkade? He’s like one box cutter away from slitting his wrists and bleeding out, which honestly is not a bad thing. Of course that would take the fun out of Fighting Spirit for you babe, because you wouldn’t have a match, but at least Daryl Kinkade would finally be dead.

Charlie Marr: I plan to end the man with my own hands and you know that. Come Fighting Spirit, the world will see the last of my former tag team partner and I will finally be able to move on with my life.

(Daryl comes to a stop in front of the broadcast booth and that causes Charlie to rise to his feet. The former Unified Tag Team Champions glare at one another, while Jordie looks on nervously. The referee slides out of the ring and coaxes Daryl away from Charlie, and finally ‘Norfolk’s Finest’ gets into the ring. Daryl sheds his ring jacket, and glares over in Charlie’s direction, even as his theme music fades out. After a moment, “Stitch” by Wage War begins to play.)


(The ovation for Jack is just as loud as it was for Daryl. Despite the situations both Elitists currently find themselves in, the crowd is looking forward to this match between two of their faves.)

Charlie Marr: Is it true that your dad said to us the other night that I’m like the son he never had?

(That was absolutely not true, but Jordie giggled anyway.)

Jordie Ripley: You’re adorable.

Charlie Marr: Hey Ma and Pa Ripley. I’m sure you’re watching right now and just so you know, your son Jackie is a bitch.

(Jack slips into the ring, ignoring the two who are going to attempt to call the match, and he poses with his National Elite Championship. After a few seconds, Jack takes his corner and passes his championship off to Bella. The two competitors inside the ring get set for the match and the referee calls for the bell.)

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Jordie Ripley: Ohmygawd babe, I’m excited! Are you excited?!

Charlie Marr: Excited to watch what I’m sure is going to be an absolute dud of a fucking match? I’m ECSTATIC!

Jordie Ripley: This commentary thing is going to be totally easy.

Charlie Marr: Do you actually know the difference between a headlock and a facelock?

Jordie Ripley: I’m a woman of MANY talents, as you already know. You just sit there and look sexy, and let me give the play-by-play of this match.

(Charlie just chuckles in response as the action inside the ring gets underway.)

Jordie Ripley: Jack immediately goes on the attack! He lunges for Daryl, looking for that single-leg takedown and both men hit the mat! These two guys are evenly matched, so it’s not like either one truly has the size or strength advantage over the other. Daryl is like two inches taller and Jack is like two pounds fatter. That’s literally nothing so in all actuality, this really isn’t a good warm up match for either of them if you look ahead to Fighting Spirit. Oskar Wagner like outweighs Jackie by a million pounds, and babe, you have like 40 perfect pounds of solid muscle over Daryl.

Charlie Marr: :oh: You did your research.

Jordie Ripley: Obvi!

Charlie Marr: Well the two wankers are still on the mat, and it’s your waste of space brother who gets my former tag team partner by the waist and flips him over. Jackie Boy gets in position to grab an armbar, but the other person inside the ring locks his hands and refuses to allow Jack to pry them apart and lock in that submission. He who shall not be named is able to roll around, get himself in a better situation for the time being, and now he’s the one who reverses and gets the worst National Elite Champion I have ever seen in position for an armbar submission of his own!

Jordie Ripley: Jack’s momentum allows him to roll over Daryl, though, and now Jack is back to his feet! Daryl lets go of the arm and he also returns to his feet. Jack shoves Daryl back, and ewwww. Don’t look over here! PAY ATTENTION THE CHAMPION, DARYL!

Charlie Marr: Little pussy headass bitch.


Charlie Marr: Indoor voice, Jord. This match is not that exciting.

Jordie Marr: Sorry babe!

Charlie Marr: Jack hits the turnbuckles and my former partner runs towards him! That guy with a drop kick that drops Ripley, and now he who shall not be named starts putting the boots to the champ… and I use that term loosely because we both know that eventually Jack will crack under the pressure of being a champion and fuck up his title reign like he did over on Dynasty. What kind of dumb fuck loses to Erebus Jennings of all fucking people. He’s stomping away on Jack and honestly that’s just embarrassing for Jack.

Jordie Ripley: Daryl grabs Jack, hits him with another uppercut, and snaps him down with a suplex! Daryl immediately goes to the top rope… why is he looking over here? He’s pointing at you, babe.

(The camera cuts to Charlie, whose eyes are locked on Daryl’s. Charlie gives Daryl the finger.)

Daryl Kinkade (Off Mic): Real mature. Just wait until Fighting Spirit when it’s just you a-





Charlie Marr: That shit would have been hilarious.


Charlie Marr: A dropkick.


Charlie Marr: Stop screaming, damn.

Jordie Ripley: Never heard you say that before! I’m just trying to show everyone how easy this commentary thing is! Jack drives his knee into Daryl’s stomach and pushes him into the corner! Jack immediately goes to work, stomping Daryl into the mat! Daryl is down on the ground and Jack begins driving his knee into Daryl’s face! That’s kind of funny don’t you think, babe?

Charlie Marr: The only thing that’s funny is when my former tag team partner starts speaking about how he used to carry me. I can’t fucking wait to get to Fighting Spirit and end his life. Trust me, I didn’t want to end another man’s life last week, but he who shall not be named needed to learn a valuable lesson, and that’s to not fuck with Main Event Marr.

Jordie Ripley: Rest in peace, Denis Ryley. You won’t be missed.

Charlie Marr: Jack scoops up what’s his face and drops him with a DDT. Now Jack is climbing the ropes and I guess he’s going to do something stupid.

Jordie Ripley: MOONSAULT!

Charlie Marr: Oh look. He’s going for a cover.




Jordie Ripley: DARYL WITH THE KICK OUT! Jack immediately wraps Daryl up in a headlock and he looks to wear down the former National Elite and Unified Tag Team Champion. Daryl is looking to try and fight out of this, and he’s tapping his foot on the mat. The crowd is rallying behind and Daryl starts to fight his way back up to his feet! Jack is forced to loosen his grip on the headlock and Daryl fends him off with several elbow shots to the gut! Daryl rushes the ropes and comes flying at Jack! BIG BOOT! DARYL FOLLOWS IT UP WITH A STANDING MOONSAULT! INSTEAD OF GOING FOR THE COVER HE GRABS JACK AND SETS HIM UP FOR HIS VERSION OF THE PUMPHANDLE PILEDRIVER!!!! FROM NORFOLK WITH LOVE CONNECTS!!! DARYL GOES FOR THE COVER!!!




Charlie Marr: Ripley gets the shoulder up.

Jordie Ripley: Daryl doesn’t look pressed! He jerks Jack up by the hair and he looks to end this match with Beautiful Lie! If that cross-legged Fisherman’s Buster connects… this match could be over!!!

Charlie Marr: Would that bother you?

Jordie Ripley: I made my choice. The only person I want to see have success is you.

Charlie Marr: Good girl.

Jordie Ripley: Jack is fighting back right now! Daryl lets go and Jack hits him with a solid right hand! Daryl fires back with a right hand of his own! Jack with a right hand! Now Daryl! JACK! DARYL! JACK! DARYL! THESE TWO MEN ARE EXCHANGING PUNCHES AND IT’S FINALLY JACK WHO CATCHES DARYL RIGHT IN THE JAW! THAT MOMENTARILY STUNS DARYL! JACK GRABS DARYL AND HITS HIM WITH A SNAP SUPLEX! DARYL SITS BACK UP AND JACK STARTS KICKING DARYL!

Charlie Marr: Pussy kicks.

Jordie Ripley: You can say what you want about my brother, but he’s highly skilled. Those kicks always meet their mark and they hurt. Daryl is in a lot of trouble right now and Jack is grabbing him and pulling him back up to his feet.

(Before anything else can happen, “Symphony No. 9 – Allegro Con Fuoco” by Antonin Dvorak begins to play across the public address system.)

Charlie Marr: Oh damn!

(Oskar Wagner walks onto the stage and stares down at the ring. Jack has let go of Daryl and is walking towards the ropes.)

Jordie Ripley: Well this is an unexpected surprise.

Charlie Marr: Is it really though? Your dumb fuck brother has a real talent for pissing people off.

Jack Ripley (Off Mic, and at Oskar): You just gunna stand there like a fuckin’ bitch??

(Oskar remains non-responsive. Jack continues to shout at “Das Wrestler” until the German FINALLY reacts. He raises his hand and points behind Jack.)





(Ding! Ding! Ding!)


(Oskar smirks as the referee raises Daryl’s hand in victory. “Snakeskin” begins to blast across the PA system.)

Charlie Marr: Nah. Fuck that.

(Jordie lets out a startled sound as Charlie tosses his headset and grabs the National Elite Championship that is sitting on the edge of the broadcast table. He hits the ring and bashes Daryl in the back of the skull with it! Daryl drops to the mat and Charlie begins beating the living hell out of his former tag team partner with the belt! Daryl is defenseless and the referee tries to step in, but Charlie shoves him out of the way! Charlie has busted open the back of Daryl’s head with the belt and he tosses the belt to the side. Charlie grabs Daryl and throws him out of the ring, and then drops down to the floor. Jordie has a chair in her hands and Charlie snatches it from her. He begins raining blow after blow down on Daryl’s back. Jordie is reaching under the ring and much like she did last week, she pulls out a coil of barbed wire. Charlie bends the chair over Daryl’s back and tosses it to the side. He throws Daryl back into the ring and takes the barbed wire from Jordie. He begins unwrapping it and once he has enough, Jordie hands him a bolt cutter. Charlie hacks off the length of barbed wire and he immediately wraps it around Daryl’s neck! Charlie grabs Daryl and he throws him over the top rope… HANGING DARYL BY THE NECK! Daryl immediately begins to kick and thrash, his hands clawing at the barbed wire that is digging into his neck! Charlie is screaming at his former tag team partner, and Daryl is unable to get himself free! A team of EAW officials rush the ring and grab Charlie, forcing him to let go of the barbed wire noose he created, and Daryl drops to the ground. Several officials surround Daryl and they start unwrapping that barbed wire from around his neck. Daryl is choking and trying to get back in his lungs. He is clearly hurt thanks to the attack. Charlie is dragged from the ring and escorted to the back and Voltage fades to commercial break.)

(Commercial break for Blue Buffalo pet foods featuring several cute cats name Riley, Aria, Beatrix, Talulah, Maverick, Fuzzy, and Sienna, and one precious dog named Brody.)

(Voltage returns from break, and cuts to James and Rich.)

James Peters: Earlier tonight, Rich and myself teased the fact that our broadcast colleague Sofia Clarke sat down with Rex McAllister earlier today.

Rich Russillo: Sofia and Rex spoke about a number of topics including The Visual Prophet, Fighting Spirit, and Pain for Pride.

James Peters: Rex didn’t hold anything back during this interview, not that he would anyway. Rex has never been the type of Elitist to tread lightly, and dance around the subjects at hand. I think it’s safe to say that is looking forward to Fighting Spirit, and beyond that as well.

Rich Russillo: Right now, we are going to take a look at Sofia’s in-depth interview with the former two-time World champion.

(Voltage cuts from James and Rich, and the interview Sofia conducted with Rex begins to play.)


(The scene opens up to an undisclosed location inside AsiaWorld-Arena. EAW personality, Sofia Clarke, is sat in a chair. Across from her sits the two-time world champion, Rex McAllister. Rex looks remarkably well given the events of last week. The image of The Visual Prophet diving off the stage to deliver a ‘Bow To The Heart’ to Rex is something that will be remembered by the EAW Universe for a long time. The situation is not lost on Rex either. He sits up straight, shoulders squared, and a thoughtful expression across his face. For the better part of a year, Rex has been on a journey that has taken from headlining Pain for Pride last year, to another world championship, to several battles in between, to where he’s at right now. It’s definitely been a hell of a year for Rex, and it’s not over yet. Sofia flashes the Voltage Elitist a smile.)

Sofia Clarke: Rex, thank you so much for joining me this afternoon.

(Rex acknowledges Sofia’s presence with a polite nod.)

Sofia Clarke: A few weeks ago, you battled your heart out in Grand Rampage for a chance to face a world champion of your choosing at Pain for Pride. You came up short and had to watch Jamie O’Hara celebrate a massive win at your expense. Somehow you were able to push all that aside and return to Voltage the very next week and defeat Myles. That match was nothing short of incredible from both of you. But we all know how it ended. How are you feeling? It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks for you.

(Rex slightly re-adjusts himself in the seat, and ponders everything that was just said down to the question of the hour before letting out a brief sigh.)

Rex McAllister: Honestly, I feel like I’m having a bout of deja vu. I mean, I really am. For nearly a year or so, Sofia, it’s acts like that…like what happened last week after my match, that I’ve become quite accustomed to. It’s nothing new. Being brazen, showing the hunger to go after more…(gestures to himself as he speaks) Sofia, that epitomizes who I am as an individual myself just like anyone else. No, I’m not going to throw someone off a stage and then top it all off by landing a death defying elbow drop like the Viz did to get my point across. I don’t need to, honestly, and where the deja vu tends to come in is where everyone is after the same thing when it comes to me, Sofia. Think about it. I’m one of the known standards of today. One of the best, without question. Not many can argue it with me and tell me otherwise. You find any brand we currently have now, then, and even before that over the last year where you haven’t heard the name Rex McAllister being uttered beyond just the hyperboles of being ‘Dad’ to some of the upcomers, males..females alike, or a daddy dearest, with a set of surrogate sons and a future step mom, who says to his so-called adoptees don’t tell me, show me. And you know what? You won’t find one, because I’m everything that I say that I am. I’ve accepted that I have this big bullseye on my back. I’ve accepted that a green light goes on inside people’s heads nowadays and that I’m a the target that everyone wants to try their hand at knocking down a notch, a stepping stone, Sofia, whether I’m a champion or not. I told you a week ago before my match with Myles that I would find a way to make it to Fighting Spirit. Well, as luck would have it, I didn’t have to do much at all to make that happen except wear this bullseye and continue to do what I do best, and that’s show why I’m still one of the best in the world today. The Visual Prophet didn’t do anything different from anyone else that has taken the same route, and when this is all said and done it’s gonna be Viz that will be thanking me for adding him on the long list of those that fell at my feet before he’ll ever be added to the short list of those who’ve taken me down in the last year, Sofia. Mark my words.

Sofia Clarke: What do you make of these rumors? The Visual Prophet and Veena Adams both seem to think that Captain Charisma wanted to fix the Gold Rush tournament in your favor so you could go on to main event Pain for Pride without having the win Grand Rampage in order to do so. Even if it was Veena posing as Mr. DEDEDE, the tournament was still cancelled as a result and Captain Charisma had his ethics questioned.

(Rex rolls his eyes and slightly nods his head and shrugs.)

Rex McAllister: What are rumors, Sofia?

(He asks rhetorically.)

Rex McAllister: They’re nothing more than stories that people tell, propaganda to sell to others to help push their little agendas, generating smear campaigns to further their cause. And how do you further a cause? By getting people onboard whether they know the real truth or not. They’re telling the stories while knowing very little of the truth, and they don’t really care what the truth is because if it’s not as popular as the rumor then they’ll gladly spice it up in their own manner to simply continue passing it along with the story changing little by little with each new person trying to tell it, and as a result of this the story becomes more and more exaggerated all the time. The truth is I’ve never had anything to do with any type of power play to get what I wanted, to be where I am at in this company. I’ve worked tirelessly for everything and have hardly ever asked for anything. The problem with rumors though, is while they can ruin reputations to be sure, they eventually lose all meaning after a while if the scapegoat in it all can withstand everything long enough to finally reveal the truth. I can’t stop rumors from spreading, and I can’t change people’s minds that insist on believing them. All I can do at this point is bide my time and wait for them to slip up and make the mistake that eventually leads to their undoing and my rise. All these rumors happen to do is validate what I already know, and that’s that I’m without a doubt a success, and when you’re a success there’s always someone there that wants to tear you down and be the one to say they were able to do it, but I’ll never let someone say that they were the one to end the story of McAllister, never.

Sofia Clarke: Well the match is official, and whether you wanted this or not, the fate of Voltage is resting squarely on your shoulders. You have never shied away from your feelings towards Veena, and the damage she’s caused every time she’s touched a Voltage show or has meddled in the business of various Elitists. If you don’t win at Fighting Spirit, she gets equal control of the brand, and when you throw in her family connections, you may as well just say she will have the power to do whatever she wants on Sunday nights. What are your thoughts?

(Rex strokes his hand over his chin and shade of facial hair, pondering.)

Rex McAllister: I’ve had very little success since Veena started sticking her nose in Voltage affairs, not as I did when Matt Daniels was running the ship. I can either chalk that up as a coincidence or get paranoid and begin to think like they do towards Matt, towards myself and bringing myself down to their level. Full control of the brand may be up for grabs, but that ain’t going to change my approach going into Fighting Spirit. Viz has a whole lot to prove come that time, and Veena can hope the stars align just right come that time. It’s one thing to fuck with my matches to try put me in a situations less than desirable with hopes of shortening my career. But when they directly come looking for me to send some sort of message, they’ve damn sure made it personal, and now that they have my full attention they can both bet their last bottom dollar that I’m gonna make sure that neither one of them ever come looking for me again under these circumstances. They’ve dug their own graves, and I’ll take the greatest of pleasures and burying their dreams of further power plays, putting them to rest for good.

Sofia Clarke: When it comes to facing someone as controversial and as talented as The Visual Prophet, how do you prepare?

(Rex just stares at Sofia with a funny look on his face and then smiles before speaking up and shaking his head.)

Rex McAllister: Really?….(chuckles a bit at the thought of the interviewer poking and prodding him for a real answer..) But don’t you all worry, because ole daddy McAllister has always got something cooked up for ya, and it will be no different for this special little snowflake and his special little snow ho when the time is right. Next question, Sofia.

(Sofia does her best not to laugh at the fact Rex called someone a ‘snow ho.’ It was funny, though. She hides her smile and turns serious again.)

Sofia Clarke: Hypothetically speaking. What happens if you come up short at Fighting Spirit? Are you ready to live with the fact you would have basically handed over Voltage to a tyrant?

(Rex smirks a bit, looks down as a grin forms on his face before looking back up to respond.)

Rex McAllister: That would sure would be a good way to drag my name into the dirt wouldn’t it? To be known as the guy that came through at the most crucial points when everything was on the line for himself, but when it was time to put up or shut up with control of the brand at stake this Elitist then lays an egg. I’m gonna make this clear as crystal, okay? Not only is that not going to happen, it’s simply not an option. This isn’t just for Matt Daniels! This isn’t just to give him full control of Voltage! This is for ME! I didn’t bust my ass all season for this brand to make it the best that it could be over all others just to fail now. I will come through at Fighting Spirit and leave the Visual Prophet’s hopes and dreams that hinged on the control that Veena Adams would’ve had shattered and unrealized. It’s like I already said. He’s not the first to do what he’s done, he’s just the next. He’s done nothing to stand out, and he obviously doesn’t know my history well enough to realize that he’s now in uncharted waters. He’s in the deep end now after losing the New Breed Championship, and now he’s going to have to learn to stay afloat after I put him down or risk being drowned and shoved to the bottom of the ocean to that familiar pit of obscurity never to be seen or heard from again.

(Rex wears an intense look on his face.)

Sofia Clarke: Win or lose come Fighting Spirit, your path to Pain for Pride is unclear. Impact has used his Gawd Contract to place himself in a match against Noah Reigner for the World Heavyweight Championship should Noah make it past Jackson Blayde in a couple of weeks. Impact and Noah are two men that you have been connected to for most of this season. Knowing that they’ll be facing one another, do you feel left out?

(Rex intense look washes away and again a grin comes over him at thinking of the prospect before continuing.)

Rex McAllister: Things were pretty unclear a week or so ago as well, Sofia, but now here I am going into Fighting Spirit just as I said I would be, and if nobody knows anything else about me then they should know this. When I declare something will happen, then you can be sure that it’s going to happen. I’ll continue to tell you, tell the next person I see, the fans, peers alike. I’ll tell anyone. I’ll tell Adam the head of security that allowed me to enter the building from the back during a live edition of Empire the night me and my girlfriend decided to go for some coffee. I’ll tell Rodney the senior manager that works outside in the truck that’s responsible for every single last one of the elitist’s entrances and pyro going on without a hitch…hell, even Charlene in the lunchroom that makes volcanoes out of my mash potatoes. Anyone, Sofia. That when Pain For Pride comes around I will be in the main event, and it will be for the World Heavyweight Championship. Impact will be there, but just like he pulled that carpet out from under me at King of Elite, I’m gonna return the favor on the biggest stage of them all and it won’t matter who the Champion is whether it’s Noah Reigner or Jackson Blayde. Everyone wants it to be Noah to include yours truly but anything can happen between now and Pain For Pride. The road started toward that marquee over a month ago, and it’s always a bumpy one to get to that destination. I just need to stay the course, keep doing what I’ve been doing all season long because that destination is what my whole season has been working toward. Getting back there and redeeming myself after failing and leaving last season with a bad taste in my mouth, one that I never want to taste again in my career. My path may seem unclear, but soon I’ll make sure it becomes very clear.

Sofia Clarke: So, I think we all know who you want to face at Pain for Pride then.

Rex McAllister: I wanna face nobody less than the absolute best, Sofia. When this season ends. When I become the World Heavyweight Champion again for the second time, I want to have accomplished such a feat against guys whose greatness goes without question, because when it’s said and done I don’t want there to be any debating, any questions that I earned it and that I deserved it. All season I’ve done everything to put myself in a position to be beyond consideration as nothing less than that main event spot at Pain For Pride. And when Fighting Spirit is said and done it will be my actions in the ring that will have spoken the loudest. Just give me the best and I’ll do the rest. Come hell or high water, in the end, I will main event Pain For Pride again, and I will become the World Heavyweight Champion again.

(He states as a matter of fact.)

Sofia Clarke: You know there’s a draft coming up after Pain for Pride. You have spent most of your career on Showdown, and have made a nice home for yourself on Voltage. What are you looking to move on to, or do you feel like you have a lot more to do here on Sunday nights?

(A smile grows on his face as he thinks of the different prospects.)

Rex McAllister: I wanna be where the best are at, straight and simple. This season that happened to be Voltage by a long shot, and I’d like to believe I had a lot to do with that myself. But it took facing the best every step of the way to be seen in the light that I am today. It’s been a continuous journey for me, Sofia. One where I’ve done everything that’s needed to continue evolving and becoming bigger, better, and stronger, and I’ve been placed in the right position to take advantage of the opportunities that I earned whether it was on Showdown, a place that for many years was the standard of all brands. Or another. This year it’s been Voltage. So when that draft comes around, hopefully these words are heard and taken to heart when considering this Elitist. You want continued top level peak performances and beyond then you do your part in that process and put me in amongst the best. That’s all I want.

Sofia Clarke: I think it’s fair to say that you are absolutely a future Hall of Famer. You have racked up an impressive list of accomplishments here in EAW so far, including two world championships. What else do you want to accomplish? Anyone you’d like to face?

(Rex takes a moment to consider the questions. Given his prideful nature, he can be modest every now and then and this happened to be one of those moments.)

Rex McAllister: I just wanna wrestle Sofia. I wanna go out every chance I get and put on a show, one that when the fans walk away they only have one name at the top of their minds and that’s Rex McAllister. And to be able to go out and do that, I owe that to everyone here that’s played a part in some capacity or another whether it be big or small. Peers, allies, enemies, management, the Board, the fans. Especially the fans. You name it. There’s so much inspiration and motivation that I find in all that, the different aspects of this business that I know. Even the ones I don’t that I know I’ll learn along the way. It all drives me, drives the passion that I have inside me to be the best. I’ve been blessed with the God given abilities to perform at a very high level, Sofia, and the scary part is I know I’ve not even reached my peak by a long shot. You ask what else do I want to accomplish? I wanna continue to impact this place in a positive way as I have, be that example to those that are bound for future success that leads them to become renowned champions and later if their respective journey takes them to such lofty heights, then Hall of Famers. Who do I wanna face? I wanna face them all. No matter who it is I know I can learn something new from each experience. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that to continue to grow and evolve, you have to be able to adapt to your surroundings and each experience that you come upon. Single steps at a time though, Sofia, one right after the other. I’m still young enough, and the sky is still the limit. I’m just gonna stay patient and continue to trust the journey wherever it may take me.

Sofia Clarke: Before we wrap up, I want to give you the chance to speak directly to Viz and Veena. What do you have to say to them other than ‘see you soon.’ 

(Rex looks at Sofia with a somewhat sarcastic smile as he starts to speak.)

Rex McAllister: For months now Veena, Viz, you’ve played your cards right for the most part, you have. I think it goes without saying you two will have something cooked up just as you did previous in other matches with something at stake. You want power. You’re driven by greed, your excessive pride, and egos. But all that? Greed, envy, sloth, pride and gluttony: these are not just mere vices anymore. They’re used as marketing tools. Lusting over what you don’t have but are you really going to tell me you don’t have everything you need?

(Rex pauses for just a moment.)

Rex McAllister: Envy is just that nudge toward yet another sale, and believe me that doesn’t make you stand out either. I mean look at the both of you? Just using each other to get to where you wanna be until you’re both all used up! That’s great! That’s perfect in fact! But it’s not going to get you as far as you may think. Too many times I’ve had to go through this with others that tried to block my path to the top, and that was before I ever became a World Champion, and now since those times I’ve done it twice and I did it by being who I am and not what many of the so-called haters try to perceive me to be. The truth always prevails eventually.. It’s like I said going into my match against Myles. I’m just an ordinary kind of guy that’s been blessed with a gift, and really I ain’t going to try to be anyone else come Fighting Spirit. Viz you’re trying to make a name for yourself, and I respect that. I do, but you went about things the wrong way. But not to worry, Vizzy, I got ya covered. We’ll get all this cleared up real soon my man, believe that. You’re both merely on time that’s been given to you on loan…borrowed, and Veena, Viz? That time is about up.

See you soon.

Sofia Clarke: Thank you for your time, Rex. Good luck at Fighting Spirit. I’m going to go out on a limb and speak for everyone on Voltage. We are all rooting for you.

(The scene fades out and Voltage cuts to commercial break.)

(Commercial break for Volkswagon. Why settle for a SUV when you could have a SUV from Volkswagon?! It’s the perfect for Big Banderson Bhampion, Landerson, and his entire family.)

(Voltage returns and cuts to the office of Matt Daniels once again. The Voltage commissioner is seen leaving this time, shutting the door behind him.)

???: HEY!

(Matt can’t help but roll his eyes at the sound of that familiar voice. He turns around and tries to hide his annoyance as Lethal Consequences walks up to him.)

Matt Daniels: What can I do for you, LC?

Lethal Consequences: :skip: That’s a pretty loaded question, don’t you think? What can you do for me? Well, lets start with the obvious. I was screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship back at Grand Rampage. There was never an ‘I’m sorry, LC. Lets make that up to you’ phone call or text message from anyone around here, not that I’m entirely surprised by that because people like YOU, Matthieu, don’t believe that I should do anything other than face the same three people over and over again. You never wanted me in the ring with Noah at Grand Rampage, but when I ended POP’s career back at Tempest, you didn’t really have a choice but to just go with the flow, now did you? You probably enjoyed the fact that Impact showed up and took the World Heavyweight Championship from me, and that’s why you never even blinked an eye when he waved that Gawd Contract around like a power hungry suit-wearer and made his own championship match for Pain for Pride. But even before Pain for Pride, there’s another event coming up; Fighting Spirit. Now, one would think that you’d do the most logical thing and give me another opportunity to take the title from Noah Reigner. I get it, though. Rex McAllister versus Noah is a match that sells itself. Hell, The Visual Prophet versus Noah Reigner would be a mouth watering match for you to present as well. Granted, neither of them have a valid argument as to why they should get an opportunity at that anorexic bitch’s championship, BUT JACKSON BLAYDE IS THE ONE WHO SWOOPS ON IN AND GETS THE MATCH?!

(Lethal Consequences has to take a deep breath.)

Lethal Consequences: I don’t even know what to say right now except I just went out there and defeated the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. I did that, Matt. I pinned him to the mat, and trust me. It hurt me to do that. Jackson Blayde is the only person in this company who’s actually had my back, but now he’s nothing more than another win for my record, and even more proof as to why I’m the man who should be facing Noah at Fighting Spirit.

Matt Daniels: Where are you going with this, LC?

Lethal Consequences: Where do you think I’m going with this? I think it’s pretty crystal clear what needs to be done. Put me in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Fighting Spirit.

Matt Daniels: I’m not going to do that.

Lethal Consequences: :skip:

Matt Daniels: Jackson tossed a challenge out to Noah, and Noah accepted. They want to face one another, and that’s the match that’s going to happen. I won’t be changing it. While I’ll admit that what happened to you at Grand Rampage was unfair, that had nothing to do with me. If you truly feel screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship, then you need to take that up with the man who caused the problem.

Lethal Consequences: Impact.

Matt Daniels: That’s correct.

(Lethal Consequences strokes his chin, and finally just shakes his head.)

Lethal Consequences: Given the way you’ve dealt with me this season, I shouldn’t even be surprised you’re turning a blind eye to the injustice that happened to me. It wouldn’t even shock me if you were the one who personally placed the call to Impact, and told him the use the contract in this way.

(Matt throws his hands up in the air.)

Matt Daniels: I’m getting sick and tired of people questioning my ethics. I had NOTHING to do with Impact returning at Grand Rampage. I was just as shocked as everyone else, and we all found out at the same time. The last thing you want to do right now is start talking the same shit Veena and Viz are. I have never shown any type of favoritism towards any Elitist on this roster, and I’m certainly not out to screw anyone over either.

Lethal Consequences: Then change the Fighting Spirit match. Take Blayde out, put me in.

(Matt shakes his head.)

Matt Daniels: How about I do this instead? Why don’t you take your anger out on the man who cost you the championship. Face Impact at Fighting Spirit.

(Lethal Consequences glares at the commissioner, but finally nods.)

Lethal Consequences: Fine.

Matt Daniels: Are we done now?

Lethal Consequences: For now. But you and I aren’t done by a long shot.

(Lethal Consequences turns on his heels and storms off. Matt lets out a sigh and just shakes his head.)

(Voltage fades from backstage and cuts to ringside for the final time tonight. It’s time for the highly anticipated main event, and inside the ring, Bella is all smiles.)

Bella Braxton: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

(‘Another One Bites The Dust’ by Queen begins to play as smoke smothers the stage. The Visual Prophet makes his way with Veena Adams and Nina through the smoke as the crowd begins to boo. He poses on the stage, soaking in the energy of the crowd before walking down the ramp.)

Bella Braxton: From Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 230 pounds….. THE VISSSSUUUUALLLLLL PROPPPPPPPPHEETTTTTTTTT!!!

James Peters: Tonight, The Visual Prophet has one of the biggest matches of his career. A championship or a contendership isn’t on the line, but an opportunity is up for grabs for The Visual Prophet to establish his name in the history books.

Rich Russillo: The Visual Prophet has an opportunity to defeat Impact, the first ever Triple-Crown winner here in EAW and one of the greatest of all time today. If The Visual Prophet defeats Impact, that could mean great things for his future.

(As Prophet takes his entrance gear off, ‘Can I Live’ by Jay Z follows to a thunderous reaction. Impact steps onto the stage, making his presence felt as he glares through the souls of the EAW Universe. He walks down the ramp with a confident stride.)

Bella Braxton: AND HIS OPPONENT! From Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 240 pounds….. IIIIIIIMMMMPPPPPPAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCTTTT!!!

James Peters: There is a reason why we said Impact is one of the greatest elitists of all time. Every time he steps into the arena, the crowd wakes up and is in their loudest form. Every time Impact wrestles in the ring, he performs at his best level possible.

Rich Russillo: Both of these men have been battling against each other, insult after insult, and tonight we get to see all of that end in this main event. Tonight, The Visual Prophet faces his biggest challenge yet, and his challenge is the greatest champion in EAW history, Impact.


Rich Russillo: The bell rings and we are about to witness a Free-Per-View caliber match between The Visual Prophet and one of the greatest of all time, Impact. Both men begin to meet in the middle of the ring, looking each other straight in the eyes after the war of attrition they have involved themselves in the past few days.

James Peters: We all have gathered here after these two took social media to storm. Impact shoves the face of Prophet, pushing him away as the crowd roars. The Prophet not shocked at the disrespect Impact is showcasing as he walks towards him and pushes him to the ground.

Rich Russillo: Impact gets up to his feet, steam coming out of his head as Prophet kicks his midsection! Prophet grabs his arm, throwing him into the ropes and back! THEY MEET IN THE MIDDLE!! IMPACT WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK, TAKING PROPHET DOWN TO THE GROUND!!! Impact running the ropes, jumping over Prophet and into the ropes! He runs into Prophet! PROPHET BULLDOZES THROUGH IMPACT WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK OF HIS OWN!!!

James Peters: Prophet with a smile on his face as he runs into the ropes and back. IMPACT JUMPS UP, LEAPFROGGING OVER PROPHET!! Impact waits for Prophet as he runs into him! DROPKICK FROM IMPACT!! DROPKICK THAT CONNECTS WITH THE JAW OF PROPHET AS IMPACT GOES FOR THE COVER.


Rich Russillo: Kick out! Impact is going to need to inflict more damage if he wants to get a successful pinfall in this match. Impact now grabbing Prophet’s hair, unmercifully pulling it as he grabs his tights and picks him up! VERTICAL SUPLEX!! Prophet flips over his head, landing on his feet and wrapping his arms around his waist and moving him towards the ropes! He pushes him into the ropes as both men roll back onto their feet! PROPHET LIFTS HIM UP!!!

James Peters: GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Impact keeps his feet on the ground, preventing Prophet from hoisting him up for the suplex. Impact sends his shoulder back, missing it as Prophet ducks down and DRIVES HIS KNEE AGAINST THE MIDSECTION OF IMPACT. Prophet Irish whips him to the opposite side of the ring, but Impact turns it around, sending Prophet instead! Impact leans down as Prophet jumps over him! PINNING HIM DOWN!




Rich Russillo: Both counts very ineffective in this match as both men immediately get up to their feet! Prophet charges into Impact, missing as Impact dodged it! Impact turns around as Prophet runs into him again!! IMPACT LIFTS HIM UP!! AND SENDS HIM FLYING INTO THE AIR AND PLUMMETING TO THE GROUND!!! Impact using his power to his advantage as he grabs Prophet, grabbing his tights and lifting him up! AND PLANTS HIM WITH A VERTICAL SUPLEX!!! COVER!!


James Peters: Prophet escapes out of the cover! Impact picking up the pace in this match, beginning to establish his dominance as Prophet makes his way up to his feet! IMPACT GRABS HIS HEAD AND RUNS PAST HIM!! RUNNING BULLDOG! NO!!! PROPHET GETS OUT OF THE WAY AND SENDS IMPACT FLYING INTO THE ROPES!!! IMPACT HANGING FROM THE SECOND ROPE AS PROPHET JUMPS INTO HIM!! ROPE HUNG BACKSTABBER!!! COVER!!


Rich Russillo: KICK OUT!! Prophet snatches him up, holding him against the turnbuckle and sending him towards the other corner! Impact back goes crashing into the corner turnbuckle as Prophet charges into him! IMPACT GETS HIS LEG UP, MOMENTARILY STUNNING THE PROPHET!! Impact hops up, sitting on the top turnbuckle as he soars off! PROPHET DUCKS HIM, IMPACT LANDS AND ROLLS ONTO HIS FEET AS PROPHET JUMPS UP ONTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE, SPINS AND SOARS ONTO IMPACT!!!! IMPACT WITH A DROPKICK!!!! A DROPKICK IN MID AIR AS IMPACT CRAWLS OVER FOR THE COVER!!


James Peters: The Visual Prophet gets his shoulder up! Impact making his way to his feet while Vizzy is resting beneath the bottom rope. Impact waiting for The Visual Prophet to stand on his feet. IMPACT JUMPS ONTO THE TURNBUCKLE JUMPING TO THE SIDE!!! PROPHET JUMPS OVER THE TOP ROPE, DODGING IT AS IMPACT JUMPS OVER TO THE APRON!!! PROPHET TURNS AROUND AND SHATTERS THE JAW OF IMPACT WITH A BIG BOOT!!!

Rich Russillo: Impact splatters onto the ringside concrete! Vizzy quick on his feet, looking over the top rope as Impact gets up! Prophet begins to ascend the turnbuckles, getting his feet on the top turnbuckle, FLYING OFF AND ONTO IMPACT!!!! JUMPING AXE-HANDLE!!! NO!!! Prophet lands his feet, Impact circles around his waist, picking him up and DRIVING HIS BACK INTO THE EDGE OF THE BARRICADE!!!!

James Peters: Prophet’s back went smashing against the barricade and Impact picks him up again, AND SLAMS HIS BACK ONTO THE TOP OF THE APRON!!! Impact with two back suplexes, one onto the barricade and the other on the apron. He rolls Prophet under the bottom rope and into the ring, climbing up onto the apron and scales the turnbuckles! Prophet uses the ropes to get up to his feet! IMPACT SOARS OFF THE TOP!!! AND CONNECTS WITH A DIVING BACK ELBOW TO THE FACE OF VIZZY!! COVER!!


Rich Russillo: PROPHET POPS HIS SHOULDER OFF THE CANVAS. Impact now gets back up to his feet, picks Prophet up and throws him into the turnbuckle! Prophet bounces off the turnbuckle as Impact grabs his head! AND DRIVES IT INTO THE CANVAS WITH A RUNNING BULLDOG!!

James Peters: Impact with a running bulldog, following it up as he hops onto the second ropes, leaping backward! FLIGHTS SIGHTS!! NO!!! Vizzy rolls out of the way! Impact lands on his feet, rolling to the other side of the ring! Both men sprint into each other, Prophet dodges the clothesline, circling around Impact and bringing him down to a reverse sto! TWISTING DDT!! NO!! IMPACT TWISTS HIM AROUND, TURNING AND HOOKING HIS ARMS!!! FULL NELSON FACEBUSTER!! THE HAIL MARY CONNECTS AS IMPACT GOES FOR THE COVER!!


Rich Russillo: KICK OUT!! Impact now grabbing the jaw of Vizzy, relentlessly pulling it up to his chest! Impact smack-talking the former EAW New Breed Champion! Impact now shoving the face, disrespectfully slapping him as The Visual Prophet begins to develop an angry look on his face! Impact turns around, runs into the ropes and back! VIZZY WITH A SUPERKICK!!!! A superkick that rocks Impact momentarily! Prophet grabs his head, bringing him down and PLANTING HIM WITH THE TWISTING DDT!!! PROPHET HOVERS FOR THE COVER!!


James Peters: Impact pops his shoulder off the canvas! The Visual Prophet impressed, also not shocked that Impact kicked out. Prophet picks up Impact and sends his fist down to the side of Impact’s face! Impact struggles to keep himself on his feet after the punch as Prophet lands another punch on him. And another one! And another one! Prophet got him close to the ropes, grabbing his arm and pushing him past him!

Rich Russillo: Impact holds onto the ropes, preventing from being whipped to the other side as he slaps the wrist of Prophet, releasing the grip. Vizzy runs into him, Impact ducks down and tosses him over the top rope! Prophet lands onto the apron, getting up as Impact springs off the ropes! SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK, STUNNING THE SOVEREIGN!!! Prophet reels into the ring, hanging from the middle rope from the belly up as Impact jumps back onto the ropes! AND FLIPS BACKWARDS! FLIGHTS SIGHTS ONTO THE HANGING VISUAL PROPHET!!!! SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT ONTO VISUAL PROPHET, WHO WAS HANGING FROM THE SECOND ROPE AND IMPACT GOES FOR THE COVER!!


James Peters: PROPHET KICKS OUT!!! Impact is livid! Impact is shocked that Prophet got out of that pinfall predicament! An irritated, annoyed Impact makes his up to his feet and walks into the corner, turning around and screaming for Prophet to get up! Vizzy is on his feet! IMPACT CHARGES INTO HIM!! HE JUMPS UP! EVISCERATION!!!!!




Rich Russillo: THE PROPHET GETS HIS SHOULDER UP!!! Impact is beyond disbelief! Prophet just kicked out of two of Impact’s signature maneuvers! Impact now grabbing his two legs, twisting them around! He is looking for the WALLS OF IMPACT!!! PROPHET USES HIS LEG STRENGTH TO SPIN HIM INTO THE GROUND!!!


Rich Russillo: Both men get up to their feet at the same time! PROPHET WITH A SUPERKICK, ROCKING THE JAW OF IMPACT!!! Impact stumbles towards the ropes, rebounding off it and CONNECTING WITH A SUPERKICK OF HIS OWN!!!

James Peters: Both individuals fingertips away from each other, scrambling as they struggle to stand on their own two feet! Both with a look of determination in their face! OH!!!! BOTH MEN WITH THE SAME INTENTIONS!!!! THE PROPHET CONNECTED WITH THE KISS TO THE HEAD WHILE IMPACT CONNECTED WITH THE FIST OF FURY AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

Rich Russillo: There is not one single person in this building who is sitting in their seats! Everyone applauding the performances these two have given tonight! Both men with the same thoughts and with the same results! Both knocked out and laid out on the canvas! Prophet begins to slowly crawl over to the bottom rope as Impact goes for the turnbuckles! Both men trying to get up to their feet as fast as possible to take advantage of this situation!

James Peters: The ropes helping Prophet make his way to his feet as the turnbuckles act as the same purpose for Impact. Both men drift away from their areas and meet together in the center of the ring! PROPHET WITH A RIGHT TO THE JAW OF IMPACT!!! Impact on spaghetti legs now! IMPACT WITH A RIGHT TO PROPHET!! BOTH MEN CONTINUING TO EXCHANGE PUNCHES AS PROPHET SPINS AROUND!!! IKE TURNNNNNERRR SPECIALLLL!!!!!

Rich Russillo: Impact reels out of the ring as Prophet quickly climbs up the turnbuckle! PROPHET SOARS ABOVE IMPACT!!! AND LANDS WITH A DIVING ELBOW DROP!!!!! Prophet immediately right back onto Impact, placing him on top the apron! He climbs up, joining Impact and grabbing him! IMPACT GRABS PROPHET AND RELENTLESSLY TOSSES HIM INTO THE RING POST!!!

James Peters: The Visual Prophet’s head just went driving into the hardened ring post! He may have a concussion! Prophet slides down the ring post as Impact quickly picks him up, setting him up between his legs! PROPHET PICKS HIM UP!!!! PROPHET DRIVER ONTO THE APRON!!!!! HE ROLLS TO HIS FEET AND CLIMBS THE TURNBUCKLE!!! HERE IT COMES!!

Rich Russillo: BOOWWWWWWWWWWWW TO THE HE- IMPACT ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AND PROPHET GOES CRASHING ONTO THE EDGE OF THE APRON!! Prophet may have destroyed his ribs from that impact onto the apron! Impact beginning to enter the ring! Impact looks at Nina, who is attending to Visual Prophet from ringside, grabs her and tosses her into the steel steps! HERE COMES VEENA!!! HURRICANRANA!!! NO!!!! IMPACT HOLDS ONTO VEENA ADAMS!!! AND TOSSES HER INTO NINA WITH A POWERBOMB!!!!!

Rich Russillo: Impact now focusing his attention back onto Prophet. HE PICKS HIM UP!!!! AND POWERBOMBS HIM ONTO THE APRON!!!! MY GOD!!!! If that failed Bow To The Heart attempt wasn’t enough, the apron powerbomb might as well be! Prophet is rolled back into the ring!!!

James Peters: Impact slides back into the ring. Impact now stalking Prophet! Impact waiting for Prophet to get up to his feet and I don’t think he can! Impact grabs Prophet with a sadistic smirk planted on his face! Impact intentionally pulling Prophet slowly up to his feet, savoring the moment as he pushes Prophet away. IMPACT JUMPS UP!!! EVISCERATION!!!! THE THIRD EVISCERATION IN THIS MATCH CONNECTS!!! COVER!!


Rich Russillo: PROPHET GETS HIS FOOT ONTO THE BOTTOM ROPE! Impact with a dangerous look in his eyes, turning around and looking for Nina. He believes Nina or Veena placed Prophet’s foot onto the bottom rope, saving him, but they are nowhere to be found. Impact took them out earlier and does not know that Prophet actually placed it himself. THE VISUAL PROPHET ROLLS HIM UP!!


James Peters: NO!!!!! Impact escapes out of the roll-up! Both individuals get up to their feet quickly!
EVISCERATION! NO!!!! PROPHET HOLDS ONTO HIS LEGS, LETTING GO AND SUPERKICKS IMPACT!!! Impact stumbles towards the corner of the ring, rebounding off it and back into Prophet!! PROPHET PICKS HIM UP!!! PROPHET DRIVER!!!!

Rich Russillo: The prophet driver connects as Vizzy climbs up the turnbuckles! VIZZY IS ATOP THE TURNBUCKLES!! HE SOARS OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!! AND DRIVES HIS ELBOW ONTO THE HEART OF IMPACT!!! BOW TO THE HEART!! COVER!!!


James Peters: IMPACT GETS HIS SHOULDER UP!! The Visual Prophet sitting beside the body of Impact as he is completely shocked. Prophet gets his foot up, making his way up to his feet as he grabs Impact, pulling him up to his feet! PROPHET LIFTS HIM UP!!! FIREMAN’S CARRY!! PROPHET DRIVER!!!!!! NO!!! IMPACT ROLLS HIM UP IN A CRUCIFIX!!!


Rich Russillo: PROPHET ESCAPES!! Prophet gets out of the crucifix pin as both men slowly stand on their feet. IMPACT DROPS HIM DOWN!! AND TWISTS HIM AROUND!! AND SITS THE KNEE ON THE BACK OF HIS HEAD!!!! THE WALLS OF IMPACT ARE LOCKED IN!!!!

James Peters: The Visual Prophet is in a precarious and dangerous position! Impact pulling his back while resting his knee on the back of his head. The all-so famous Walls Of Impact that has won him many championships, could defeat The Visual Prophet tonight!

Rich Russillo: However, Visual Prophet begins to fight out of the Walls Of Impact, turning his hips as he tries to maneuver out of it. Impact now turns it around, positioning it back into the normal position. But, Prophet pushes him away, releasing the hold as Impact should’ve kept it locked in!

James Peters: Both men get up! PROPHET PICKS HIM UP!!! PROPHET DRIVER!!! The rolling death valley driver connects as Prophet rolls up to his feet, immediately getting up to the top turnbuckle. PROPHET SOARS!!! BOW TO THE HEART!!!!


James Peters: Impact with a terrifying look in his eyes as he tightens the triangle choke. Prophet losing oxygen, he could either pass out or submit by tapping! But, Prophet now beginning to pick Impact up! He is refusing to lose this match by submission as he deadlifts him up! AND TOSSES HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!! DEADLIFT POWERBOMB INTO THE SECOND TURNBUCKLE AS IMPACT ROLLS TO THE CENTER OF THE RING!!!

Rich Russillo: The Visual Prophet now climbing up the turnbuckles and this could be it for the Sovereign! He poses at the top turnbuckle! AND HOPS OFF THE TOP!!!! HE DROPS HIS ELBO- OH!!! IMPACT WITH AN EVISCERATION IN MID AIR!! COVER!!!



(‘Can I Live’ by Jay Z hits to a thunderous pop from the crowd. Impact rolls off the body of The Visual Prophet, raising his arm while still laid out on his back.)

Rich Russillo: These two elitists put on a main event level performance here tonight and the man that walks out as the victor is Impact. Impact with a hard-fought win over a former EAW New Breed Champion as we are getting closer to Fighting Spirit. The VIsual Prophet was looking to close in with the second Bow To The Heart in this match, but Impact had the resilience and energy to get up to his feet and connect with his Evisceration finishing move in mid-air.

James Peters: The Visual Prophet walked into tonight with the opportunity to defeat a legend in this business, but he didn’t. However, he proved why he deserves to hang with the top elitists of this company. He proved his validity to the EAW Universe and that is what is best. Rex McAllister is in for a hell of a time come Fighting Spirit when he squares off against Viz, and if I’m Niah Reigner or Jackson Blayde, I’m worried about stepping into the ring with Impact.

Rich Russillo: Impact definitely hasn’t missed a beat. In fact, he could be in the best shape of his life right now. The fact of the matter is, the living legend that is Impact is looking to capture his ninth world championship and good luck to anyone who tries to keep him from that.

(Veena and Nina have recovered and have pulled The Visual Prophet from the ring. Impact continues to celebrate his triumphant return to the ring. As Voltage goes to fade, the camera cuts to the stage. Lethal Consequences has walked out and of course that has captured Impact’s attention. LC takes a good look at his former Generation Genesis partner and just shakes his head.)

Lethal Consequences (Off Mic): I’LL SEE YOU AT FIGHTING SPIRIT!

(A smirk crosses Impact’s face as he shrugs.)

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Most Valuable Elitist #179

Empire 5/9/2019