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Voltage 10/21/2018



(A truck pulls up in the parking garage of the American Bank Center as Maximus Grier steps out. He adjusts his blazer and is about to go to the other side of the truck to open the door for Lars as a voice can be heard in the background)

Unknown voice: Excuse me!

(Maximus looks back confused as he sees a security guard approach him)

Maximus: You got me confused with somebody else?

Security: You’re the Grier brother right?

Maximus: Correct.

Security: Is Lars with you?

Maximus: Well duh.

Security: I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave the premises.

Maximus: Wait, excuse me? What are you talking about?

(The security goes in his back pocket and takes a folded piece of paper and hands it to Maximus)

Security: Orders from the commissioner Matt Daniels.

Maximus(reading the paper): “Effective immediately, Lars Grier will no longer be allowed on the premises of any arena for the duration of Voltage. He is no longer a member of the brand and will be competing on Battleground until further notice”???? What the fuck is going on???

Security: I don’t know.. Something about busts and letting the brand down, I just do my job I don’t get into all of that extra stuff. So yeah, it’d be great if you made my job a little easier and you know…

(Maximus shakes his head in disappointment but then nods accepting the request)

Maximus: You got it… this isn’t the last of us.

(Maximus gets back in the truck and after several moments it finally drives off as the security looks on)
(Voltage intro video plays featuring the song “33rd Blakk Glass” by SosMula & ZillaKami, and we open up to the the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas with MASSIVE gold and white pyro firing off from the stage, the titantron, the turnbuckles, and an incredible spectacle of lights prompting the capacity crowd to give every ounce of energy behind their applause. The camera transitions over to Kawajai and Nick Angel at the commentary booth.)

Kawajai: It is officially Wicked Games season which means business is about to pick up in a major way here on Voltage! Last week we were hit with a major blockbuster announcement from Mr. DEDEDE and this week we get to witness the fallout from that announcement not to mention all of the other buildup leading to this massive event that Voltage will be hosting!

Nick Angel: There’s something about Voltage when it’s in Marquee Event mode, the business picks up, the action gets ramped up, and so much more things to get excited over. Like our main event of the evening!!!! The BIG BHRIS BHAMPION, Woogieman makes his return to action here on Voltage against his biggest challenge yet!!!! The returning El Landerson, for the first time in over a year he’s back in EAW. These are two all time greats we’re talking about! I might be more excited for this than CC vs POP! Personally I just wanna get this thing started and witness it instead of talking about it!

Kawajai: You and me bo-

(“Self-Help Tape” by Moses Sumney hits to no reaction, the unfamiliar music has everyone confused, until suddenly Matt Daniels makes his way out through the curtain to a big pop, he has on street clothes, a blazer over a brand new “Captain Charisma” 2018 shirt and some jeans, and a microphone is in his hand as he prepares to address the crowd)

Matt: For the first time in well over six years, the Captain Charisma moniker enters my life. A chapter that I thought had closed a very long time ago turns back the pages for one last reading. I guess this was inevitable with me making my return earlier this year after agreeing to becoming the commissioner of this brand. Season 12 specifically hasn’t been the kindest to me and it comes with the territory, it was always my goal for Voltage to be the absolute best brand that it could possibly be under my watch.. but in doing that I overestimated the fact that I’m in charge of a testosterone filled locker room with a bunch of angry wannabe tough guys all with one goal in mind, to be the absolute best. With that comes the inevitable fate that people will fail to reach those goals because after all.. there’s only room for one person at the top. Right now that person is Rex McAllister. Someone who wants to be where Rex currently is, is a man who we’re all familiar with, a man with the tools and resume to eventually reach that place, but not quite the patience…. Prince of Phenomenal.

(The crowd boos at the mention of his name)

Matt: POP is a man who has decided that I would be the scapegoat for his shortcomings. He needed to place the blame so he decided to cite me as the root of all things wrong with his career. I’m the reason he can’t win a world championship in this era, I’m the reason why he couldn’t lead his team at TI to a victorious match, I’m the reason he cant get it up in bed, pause. It’s excuse after excuse after excuse with this man because he refuses to accept responsibility and own up to what is his doing. Even knowing all of that, I accept it. I accept the fact that it comes with the territory of being in power, people gotta place the blame somewhere so of course I’d be the one to point fingers at, it’s just natural. What isn’t natural is when someone tries to take it to the lengths that POP did and THAT…….. that is where I draw the line.

(Matt’s expression becomes more serious and intense)

Matt: Any man who thinks that it’s free reign to lay their filthy hands on me and disrespect me on the level that POP has done to me WILL have that energy duplicated tenfold. I may have been retired and I may have been coming here every week putting on a smile, filing paperwork, wearing suits. But understand what got me this position in the first place, it damn sure wasn’t a college degree. It was because of the legacy that I was able to build as a WRESTLER in this company for four years. I made a lasting impact and was one of the key pieces in this company’s formative years as a marquee name. Maybe people think because of that I’m some old man who can’t go anymore, but POP… you’re in for a rude awakening. Mr. DEDEDE, Impact, and any other elitist who dates back to 2008 and is still active in 2018, I’m cut from that same cloth and you’ll soon be reminded.

Matt: When DEDEDE forced me to participate in this match, initially I was disappointed. It was either fight or lose my job, so I decided to fight because I didn’t really have a choice. My livelihood was on the line at that point. The fact that it even got to that point makes my blood boil. Knowing that a miniscule piece of shit like POP can manage to solicit something like that because of his lasing out, that alone makes me want to go harder to destroy him and everything he stands for. That is why I now embrace the idea of lacing my boots up one last time, and putting an end to a man who’s trying to put an end to me.

(“If I Had A Heart” by Fever Ray hits to boos as POP makes his way out with a mic in hand, he begins talking over the music before it cuts off as he’s making his way up the ramp)

POP: Hold on just one second! You’re not going to flip the narrative on me and make ME look like the bad guy. Let’s not forget why you’re in the situation you’re in.. BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T GIVE ME THE WORLD TITLE MATCH THAT WAS PROMISED TO ME. That’s all you had to do! But no you wanted to be Captain Petty and veto every decision Andy made because apparently beating his team at Territorial Invasion wasn’t satisfying enough. In doing that you messed with MY livelihood. My opportunity to fight for a world championship was washed down the drain because you put your dignity as a commissioner on the backburner.

Matt: My dignity? You sound as bad as the idiots who think not quitting EAW means you have no dignity. Let’s be clear, I didn’t owe you shit. I don’t owe you shit right now outside of an asswhooping that you’ll get soon.

POP: That mentality right there is why you’re an incompetent commissioner and why you’re forced to come out of retirement in order to keep your job. Would it have killed you to honor one of Andy’s commands? Nah you had to stroke your little ego and it’s come back to bite you because now you have an enemy in me.

Matt: Bite me? Look Justin, you’re not necessarily somebody I’m afraid of getting in the ring with. You’re damn near as old as I am with way less of a resume. I’m still in tip top shape and can still do everything in the ring I could do in 2008, can you even do what you could in 2012? You know, the last time you held a world title?

POP: Let’s not talk about 2012 again, I don’t think you want to hear some facts.

Matt: Oh please, grace me with this knowledge great one!

POP: Let’s not forget why you hightailed it out of EAW to begin with. You didn’t have some formal retirement. You ran away from this company because the sheer force that was EAW at the time and a new era taking over was too much for you to handle, you got bodied by Ashten Cross and disappeared. Last time you were the poster boy for anything in EAW, Reasonable Doubt 2012 happened. Ya know, only the worst fucking Marquee Event to ever happen. You dropped the fucking ball and I picked that shit up and carried EAW to brighter days all while you hid in the shadows like a little bitch.

Matt: I hightailed it out of EAW? I accomplished everything that I needed to accomplish, there was nothing left for me to do realistically. I could have done what so many of my peers who I started out with did, I could have hogged the spotlight and continued to pursue success but that’d be beating a dead horse. I SOLIDIFIED myself. I gave all of you little fucks a chance to catch up and carry the torch and what did you do with it? Not a damn thing. Also let’s not get me confused with yourself, unlike you my name isn’t just synonymous with one specific era in this company. I was the top talent in multiple eras before gracefully bowing out. My four years in this company I captured three world championships, five hardcore championships, a Grand Rampage, and a King of Elite, what have you done besides rot in midcard hell? You had a spark when you started now you’re just garbage. Went from top 5 to not mentioned at all. Your time at the top is synonymous with dark ages of EAW. You’ve never proven to be a main player when it actually mattered. You’re grouped in with Colin Kaline and Moonlight Predator as guys who headlined Pain for Pride despite having no business doing so. Then after Pain for Pride you tried to follow my blueprint and create a wannabe Triple Crown Syndicate known as Project EGO. You even jacked us and tried the PFP leader vs underling/ring leader angle with HBB but unlike you I actually won my match against Mak.

POP: Your blueprint? What is this blueprint that you speak of? Look Matt I don’t know if you notice or not but NOBODY gives a shit about you or your inflated legacy that can be attributed to facing weaker talent in EAW’s formative years. Me still being around is proof that I have adapted, proof that I am still one of the main players in this company even to this day. I’ve been in and out of the company but once I really set foot here after returning a year and a half ago, I have been on an absolute tear. I have had accomplishment after accomplishment. I dominated against any and everybody that was put before me whether it had been Mark Michaels or Mr. DEDEDE. I have captured three championships in the past year alone, I was on one of the most heavily promoted marquee matches for the last Pain for Pride. Unlike you, I have longevity. My game is aging like fine wine, you on the other hand? This company has passed you up and that’s why you never returned to the ring until you were forced to. It’s truly a shame that the five Captain Charisma fans left watching from their nursing home have to see the shell of you attempt to actually wrestle in 2018 against a wizard in that ring. I’m going to run circles around you and make you feel like a fucking idiot for not giving me a world championship shot.

Matt: Do you think winning a REVOLT Championship against whatshisface impresses or intimidates me? Or better yet your National Elite Championship wins against an acid induced Stark and an incompetent inconsistent Nobi? Let’s not forget you lost the title to him in the first place. You aren’t that good, you never have been, and when we face in that ring I am going to expose you for the clown that you are. The overrated shell of a man that YOU are. You’re going to witness the difference between a mere veteran like yourself, and an ICON like me.

POP: Icon? Bitch where? I don’t see it. Only thing I see is a scared man who’s in denial about his fate and his place in this company. You’re no icon, you’re not in anybody’s top 5, you’re simply just a flash in the pan who had a few moments that nobody remembers. When people say icons, usually they’re talking about the pioneers and the legends in this business who have stood the test of time, transcended eras, and didn’t get passed up. You know, guys like myself, Impact, DEDEDE, Banks. You though? You’re nothing more than a symbol of a long forgotten time, who turned his back on this company when it needed him the most. And couldn’t stand to see this company move on without you, create new stars, and reach a new peak. There was once a time when you were a locker room leader, young dudes looked to you for guidance. But now? Now you’re just nothing but a guide for what NOT to do. For example, making an enemy out of the Prince of Phenomenal. A decision that you won’t live to regret. When November 17th hits, people won’t know the difference between Captain Charisma or any other disgraced dickeating reject, because it’s going to be your very own personal Curtain Call.

(POP drops the microphone in front of Matt Daniels feet and quickly storms out of the ring as Matt Daniels looks on angrily, “If I Had A Heart” picks back up as POP backs up down the ramp yelling at CC, as CC yells back off mic)

Kawajai: An explosive back and forth between these two men. It still hasn’t sunk in with me, the reality that Captain Charisma will be making his return to EAW in a ring! This is monumental Nick!

Nick: Indeed it is, Captain Charisma is in my personal top 5 of all time, when I was coming up he was one of those guys I looked up to and tried to mold myself after. I’m sure you have your stories of him being a locker room leader during your time as a performer. It’s just crazy. Not to mention POP is no slouch himself!

Kawajai: Well that’s an understatement, these are two certified LEGENDS in this business going head to head for the first time ever in a dream match scenario. This is something I thought was only possible via EAW 2K19 or something but nope! We get to witness this live in the flesh and in 2018.

Nick: I certainly can’t wait, but up next we have our first action of the evening!

(A split screen shows MarrKade and Jackson Blayde/Osamu Arcichida in their respective spaces making their way up the hall)

Nick: Tag team champs take on Osamu and Blayde… NEXT!

(Commercial break)

(Wicked Games advertisement)

(Ferrari commercial starring Impact)

(“What A Shame” by Too Close to Touch begins to play and the Texas crowd rises to their feet. Daryl Kinkade makes his way out to the entrance ramp to another big pop, with both his Unified Tag Team Championship on his shoulder and National Elite Championship on his waist. He acknowledges the crowd, enjoying the moment, and stands to the side. Charlie Marr appears from the back with a nasty little smirk across his gorgeous face, his Unified Tag Team Championship on his shoulder. The reaction for the controversial Elitist is mixed, as per usual, but together MarrKade stand tall and begin to make their way to the ring. Before Bella Braxton can introduce them, Jackson Blayde comes running out from the back!)

Nick Angel: JACKSON BLAYDE FROM BEHIND WITH A CHAIR! HE TAKES OUT KINKADE! MARR TURNS AROUND! CHAIR TO THE FACE! Jackson Blayde drops the chair and begins stomping away on both of the Unified Tag Team Champions! Cherise is out as well and she is screaming at Blayde to destroy them both! No doubt Jackson Blayde and Cherise both feel like Jackson deserves to be in the hunt for the National Elite Championship and he seems hellbent on showing that to everyone right now!

Kawajai: Jackson Blayde is dragging Daryl Kinkade down to the ring area and slams the champion’s face off the ring apron! Jackson Blayde with a series of kicks and punches to the face of Daryl Kinkade! He attempts to grab Kinkade from behind and lay him out with a German suplex to this floor but Marr has gotten up and is rushing to make the save! Marr slams into Blayde, which gives Daryl a bit of a reprieve, but HERE COMES OSAMU OCICHIDA! He spears Charlie Marr back into the barricades and begins to beat the shit out of him! YES!

Nick Angel: Several EAW officials are rushing down to ringside now to try and get this situation under control! We are supposed to have a tag team match tonight between these four, not a brawl! We’re gunna break real quick, and hopefully when Voltage returns we will be able to get things underway.

(EAW cuts to a commercial featuring the Jaded Wolfe Hearts doing Jaded Wolfe Heart things… promoting the new Anastasia Beverly Hills palette ‘Sultry’, available now at Ulta, Sephora, and

Nick Angel: Welcome back folks.

Kawajai: Kade and Marr are shaking off the effects of that attack from behind by Jackson Blayde and Osamu Arcichida. It looks like Daryl Kinkade is gunna start the match off against the number one contender for his National Elite Championship, Osamu Arcichida!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Nick Angel: Charlie Marr gives Daryl some words of encouragement before stepping out of the ring. Kinkade is staring a hole right into Osamu. You think he’s forgotten how Osamu dropped him on a chair last week? This crowd is electric right now, wanting nothing more than for these two men to start tearing into one another. There’s nothing but focus in the eyes of Daryl Kinkade. There’s nothing but amusement in the eyes of Osamu Arcichida. The two are circling one another, Daryl looking for a lock up. Both jockey for position as they lock horns. This is going to be fast-paced, action packed, with no margin for error. Kinkade with a hip toss that brings Osamu to the mat. Kinkade tries to follow it up with quick cover, but Osamu with a head scissors. Kinkade quickly out of that and attempts to stand them both up. Osamu knocks Kinkade’s feet out from underneath him and he goes for the quick cover. Daryl slips out, grabs the leg of his challenger, attempts to twist it back, but Arcichida knocks him back, quickly grabs Daryl by the arm, and tries for a quick armbar. Daryl reverses it… is able to somehow go for a roll-up…


Kawajai: Very quick kick-out by Osamu Arcichida! Both are back to their feet now. They each take a moment to regroup before returning to the center of the ring and locking up again. This time Arcichida backs Kinkade into the corner. The official is telling Arcichida to break the move, and Arcichida does, but it’s literally just for a split second! He punches Kinkade in the stomach and lights his chest up with a vicious knife-edge chop! It echoed throughout this building and you can already see the redness in Daryl Kinkade’s chest. Kinkade attempts to walk it off, but Arcichida doesn’t let him go to far. He follows him and punches him in the head, followed up by a series of strikes to the stomach of the double champion. Arcichida with the quick snapmare that takes Kinkade down into a sitting position. He rushes to the ropes, but Kinkade is already back to his feet! Arcichida runs right through him, sending Kinkade doubling over with a knee to the gut! Arcichida from behind now… but Kinkade ducks! Arcichida manages to stop his own momentum and slams Kinkade’s face across his knee! Kinkade is tough though and shakes it up, firing back with a series of right hands. He drops Arcichida and rushes for the ropes himself…

Nick Angel: Charlie Marr with the tag as Daryl flies at Arcichida, looking for a clothesline! Arcichida ducks… but he’s met with a drop kick by Charlie Marr!!! Daryl follows it up with a leg drop across the throat of Osamu Arcichida and Charlie Marr goes for a kick cover!



Kawajai: Osamu Arcichida with a kick out!

Nick Angel: Charlie Marr grabs Osamu Arcichida up by the hair and throws him into the corner. There is absolutely no love lost between these two men. We all witnessed Marr attempt to end Osamu’s EAW career last week. Marr is driving his shoulder into Osamu’s gut, relentless on his attack. He’s following it up with some absolute brutal kicks to the chest and shoulder of Arcichida! Marr never has any mercy for the people he steps into the ring with, and look at that! What a disrespectful slap to the face of Osamu Arcichida!

Kawajai: But seriously, all that’s done is piss off Osamu Arcichida. He lets out a barrage of obscenities directed towards Charlie Marr and drives the Unified Tag Team Champion into the opposite corner! He’s wailing away on Charlie Marr, beating the man down into a sitting position! Now he’s kicking Charlie Marr in the face!!! He’s looking to do permanent damage to Charlie Marr and I don’t blame him! Charlie Marr is an asshole and deserves every bit of this! Marr’s nose was at the very least fractured last week at the hands of Osamu Arcichida and that’s why Arcichida is focusing on the facial area! He drives his knee into Marr’s face, grabs him by the beard, and slams him face first into the mat! Arcichida turns towards the turnbuckles and starts unlacing the turnbuckle pads!

Nick Angel: Daryl Kinkade rushes the ring to put a stop to that but he is immediately cut off by Jackson Blayde! Blayde sends Kinkade over the top rope and crashing to the ground! Jackson Blayde slips out of the ring and grabs Daryl Kinkade and whips him into the barricades! 901 KNEE! JUMPKING RIPCORD KNEE STRIKE AND DARYL KINKADE IS DOWN ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING! Jackson takes a moment to admire the damage done, before grabbing Daryl and throwing him into the ring steps! Kinkade crashes hard, and Jackson rushes forward! BOOT TO THE FACE! He crushes Kinkade against the steps! Jackson throws his hands up and begins to taunt the crowd, and these people in Corpus Christi just hate Jackson Blayde! Blayde and Cherise exchange smiles with one another before Blayde slips back into the ring!

Kawajai: While all that was going on, the official forced Arcichida away from the turnbuckles. While he fixed the turnbuckle padding, Marr managed to hit Arcichida with a low blow and crawled to his corner looking for the tag. Obviously Kinkade is nowhere to be seen right now thanks to Jackson Blayde, and that’s given Arcichida a chance to recover. Arcichida grabs Charlie Marr and pulls him back to the center of the ring! Arcichida goes to work on Charlie Marr’s knee now. He’s promised to tear every ligament in the knee of the Unified Tag Team Champion. He slams Marr’s knee into the mat over and over, before stomping away on it! Marr is desperately trying to crawl towards the ropes, but he’s unable to make any sort of progress. Arcichida has revenge on his mind!

Nick Angel: Arcichida with those clubbing blows to the back of Charlie Marr, and there’s very little Captain Babyface can do right now…

Kawajai: Did you just jack Blayde’s nickname for Marr?

Nick Angel: Arcichida pulls Marr close to his corner and looks to head towards the top rope! Jackson Blayde with the blind tag! Arcichida whirls around and looks infuriated that Blayde would tag himself in. But Blayde is already going to the top rope! JACKSON BLAYDE WITH THE FLYING ELBOW TO CHARLIE MARR’S KNEE!!!! JACKSON BLAYDE HOOKS THE LEG AND GOES FOR THE COVER!




Kawajai: KICK OUT BY CHARLIE MARR! Marr manages to get the shoulder up just in time, but Jackson Blayde is not deterred. He pulls Charlie up to his feet and forces him back against the ropes. Spinning back elbow to Marr’s bloodied face! Roundhouse kick to the head! Jackson Blayde takes Marr and spikes him into the mat with a DDT!!! Blayde looks to go for another cover but Daryl Kinkade comes rushing into the ring! Osamu Arcichida is quick to cut off the double champion and begins firing off a series of punches to Daryl Kinkade! Kinkade fights back as Jackson Blayde takes advantage of this carnage to slip outside the ring and pull Marr into the ring post! Blayde’s not done! He grabs ahold of that knee and slams it into the post! Back inside the ring, Daryl Kinkade takes out Osamu Arcichida with a shining wizard!!!! He follows it up with another one and drags Osamu Arcichida into the center of the ring! The official is yelling at Kinkade to get out of the ring, but Kinkade has had enough of this. He is putting the boots to Osamu Arcichida! He grabs Osamu up and whips him into the ropes! Arcichida comes flying at him and Daryl Kinkade with a beautiful overhead belly to belly suplex! Kinkade up quickly and whirls around as Jackson Blayde comes flying at him! Kinkade lifts the knee and sends Blayde flying! Blayde down on the mat and the National Elite Champion is in his element right now! Arcichida is back to his feet but Daryl runs the ropes… Arcichida follows him… Daryl hooks his arms on the ropes and sends Osamu Arcichida crashing to the floor. Kinkade turns around to launch himself over the ropes and onto Arcichida, but Jackson rakes the back and stops the champ. Blayde looks for the backstabber, but Kinkade fends him off. Kinkade bring his leg up and catches Jackson in the balls! Jackson Blayde doubles over and Kinkade flies over the ropes and down onto Osamu Arcichida!!!! Kinkade is wailing away on Osamu Arcichida and meanwhile, Charlie Marr is limping over to Jackson Blayde! Cherise is screaming at Jackson to get it together and Marr with the roll-up!!! Marr with the roll-up!!!!! HE HAS A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS AS WELL!!!!!



Kawajai: CHERISE JUST THREW HER SHOE IN THE RING! IT HIT THE OFFICIAL IN THE BACK!!!! The official is up and he is reprimanding Cherise for getting involved! Charlie Marr looks pissed because in his mind, he had this match won for MarrKade. Cherise is now standing on the apron arguing with the referee that she did nothing wrong!

Cherise: I did nothing wrong! The shoe just came off my foot! As if I would ever throw a Louboutin at someone! It’s a $1500 shoe! Mon dieu… ça me fait chier you im-

Kawajai: THAT ASSHOLE JUST SUPERKICKED CHERISE OFF THE APRON! Charlie Marr is laughing as Cherise is basically unconscious on the outside of the ring now! Jackson Blayde is back up to his feet now and he does not look happy to see his manager down on the outside of the ring! He sneaks up behind Charlie Marr… BACKSTABBER!!!! Marr is down! HE PULLS CHARLIE MARR UP… CROWN BREAKER!!! CROWN BREAKER!!!! MARR IS DOWN! MARR IS DOWN!!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Bella Braxton: AND HE-

Kawajai: OSAMU ARCICHIDA TAKES DARYL KINKADE AND THROWS HIM INTO BELLA BRAXTON! Bella is shaken up but quickly gets out of the way as Osamu grabs the ringbell and attempts to slam it down on Daryl. Daryl rolls out of the way, kicks out at Arcichida and drops him down to a knee. Daryl peppers him with a series of forearm shots and grabs for that ringbell! Osamu kicks it from Daryl’s hands and the two fight their way back up to their feet. Daryl drives his elbow into Osamu’s temple and tosses him into the crowd!!!

Nick Angel: XANDER PAYNE HAS COME RUNNING DOWN! Jackson Blayde is on the outside helping Cherise back to her feet and Xander tries to take out Blayde!!! Blayde pulls Cherise out of the way and Xander goes crashing into Charlie Marr who just rolled out of the ring!!! Payne and Marr go crashing into the ringsteps!!! That’s a whole lot of weight that just came crashing into Charlie Marr!!!

Kawajai: The man is listed as 255 pounds…

Nick Angel: The man is lying.

Kawajai: Xander untangles himself from Charlie Marr and looks up at Jackson Blayde, who’s retreating up the ramp with Cherise! What. A. Mess.

Nick Angel: Switching gears, last night Dynasty held it’s brand exclusive event, Operation Doomsday which featured so many shocking moments I don’t know how to keep count, let’s take a look back at just a few of them.

(Operation Doomsday recap airs)

(“Can I Live” by Jay-Z plays and the entire arena rises to their feet in anticipation for the entrance of Impact. The crowd loudly boos as he makes his way out to the ring, cocky and confident as ever, with a smirk on his face.)

Kawajai: Last time we saw this man, he was assisting Theron Nikolas by viciously assaulting Darkane and stealing that Answers World Championship from him. Now, after Mr. DEDEDE granted him a ‘Gawd Contract’, Impact said last week he is coming to Voltage to take the World Heavyweight Championship off the waist of Rex McAllister.

Nick Angel: He hasn’t broken a promise yet, Kawa! The fact that he’s now on Voltage is a score for us.

(Impact grabs a microphone and audibly tells Bella Braxton to ‘get the fuck out of the ring.’)

Impact: Before I even begin, I have one question; were you paying attention? Were you all paying attention to what happened at Operation Doomsday? If it wasn’t made clear to you, there is one dominant force in this company and there will ever only be one dominant force in this company. The 1%. We proved Cameron Ella Ava is nothing more than empty-headed flavorless overrated bitch. You got exposed just like everyone in this audience got exposed if they thought for a second the strings weren’t being pulled by the Liquid Swords. You must be new around here if you don’t think I’m at the helm of this ship. We steer the way, you follow. That’s how it goes in this company and that’s it will ALWAYS go.

(The crowd boos loudly as Impact leans against the turnbuckle before pacing back to the middle of the ring.)

Impact: If you think you’ve been seeing a lot of Impact lately, you’re right. Lucky for you, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me too. Because I’m on this brand full of inept wonderbread wannabes for one reason and one reason only. I’m going to be your next World Heavyweight Champion, and if what you saw happen to Darkane this past Sunday is any indication, there isn’t a damn thing Matt Daniels, Rex McAllister, or any single one of you can do about it. I have bled, sweat, and broken bones for this business and there are far too many people in it who make a joke of this brand and this company. That changes now. From now on, if you want to disrespect me, you’re going to have to pay with your life. I’ll cut anyone down to size the moment they want to step to me. Last week, Malcolm Jones, I gave you a pass. But I don’t want that little encounter to embolden anyone of these cheeky prepubescent looking fan boys thinking they’re gonna step to me without fallout. It ain’t gonna happen again.

After you get your ass handed to you buy HBB, come see me. You can taste my boot just like every single overconfident joke that has stepped to me like I owe them something. That’s how it’s always been. You’re not special. You don’t hold a special place in history for mistakenly thinking you’re on the same level as me, MJ. I have seen you before, just in a different vessel. I can’t count on my two hands and two feet how many men have thought they have the fortitude to do it. I’m used to it. My reputation constantly precedes me. Unfortunately, being a legend in this business, it isn’t something I can help. I’m not a tool to prove your worth. I’m the only sure-thing on this brand and I just arrived on it. Let it be known gospel now that I’m here that you better make sure you tread carefully with what you say and with whom you associate. I have a lot of redeeming qualities about me but my memory is long. If you cross me, if you cross the Liquid Swords, if you step to me and try to use MY LEGACY as a tool for YOUR GAIN then the consequences will speak for themselves. Malcolm Jones, rewind your DVR and listen to that part again carefully because it applies to you principally.

Don’t get it mistaken. I’m not just here to gloat. I’m also here to send a message. I am here to make sure that nobody is misconstruing what is happening right now in EAW and what the future holds for Voltage. Nah, if you ain’t got the message yet, let me make it even more clear for ya.

(Impact takes a few steps forward before giving the side-camera a cocky smile once again.)

Impact: For anyone who had it incorrect, for anyone who might’ve thought “OH MY GOD Impact’s washed up, Imp can’t go anymore, Imp is delusional”, I hope you’re taking a hard look in the mirror and thinking about your life choices. Because if you think what happened at Operation Doomsday was “SHOCKING” or “A BRUTAL ASSAULT” as some of these overeducated wrestling pundits have been calling it all damn weekend, you better tune out now. Change the channel, go watch Snooki suck dick on MTV, because what happens next won’t be for the faint of heart. The smell of fear has been emanating since I arrived last week. The foul stench has been following me ever since I left Australia. Everyone has become aware there is a new wave in Voltage but it begins with an I and it fucking ends there. The cream of the crop has already risen in this company. There is a reason it’s called the ‘1%.’ The 1% of talent, the preeminent performers this business has ever seen. We have transcended across brands to cement what it means to be in the 1%. It doesn’t matter what has to be done. It doesn’t matter whose jaw needs to be broken or who needs to be put in their place. Voltage changes from this moment on and you’re going to sit at home and watch it happen. You can order their merchandise, you can scream their names, you can idolize these abecedarians as you please but in the end – once they step through the middle of those four ropes – it won’t matter.

Because I am going to be the face of this brand and I am going to singlehandedly carry it through Season 12 just as you’ve all sat on your couches and watched me do before…

(Impact drops the microphone as the crowd boos and he slowly exits the ring, simply acknowledging fans with a smirk, making them even more angry.)

(Recap of the back and forth between VIP and LC plays ending with LC’s response last week)

(“God’s Plan” by Drake plays as VIP Makes his way down to the ring. VIP is carrying a sign that reads ‘Adobe House Trash.’)

Bella Braxton: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL! Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada – weighing in at 280 pounds – he is the 6ix GOD… VIP!!!!

Kawajai: Well, Nick, for the past couple of weeks we’ve seen VIP trashing Adobe House records and LC but this week he’s up against Mr. Cash in the Vault Noah Reigner who is on a tear as of late.

(“Don’t Stop” by InnerPartySystem begins to play as Noah Reigner walks out onto the stage to a mixed reaction from the Texas crowd. Evelyn Ridley follows close behind him. Reigner is focused and stares down VIP as he enters the ring.)

Bella Braxton: And his opponent, being accompanied by Evelyn Ridley. From Seattle, Washington, weighing 180 pounds, HE IS MR. CASH IN THE VAULT…. NOAAHH REEIIGNNERRR!


Kawajai: Both men square up and VIP starts talking trash to Mr. Cash in the Vault – he’s mocking Noah Reigner! Reigner shakes his head, he told VIP this week … the House always wins! AND THESE TWO ARE NOW THROWING HANDS WITH ONE ANOTHER! THEY’RE GOING AT IT!

Nick Angel: VIP is looking to get the upperhand early here, throwing right hands towards Reigner. A left connects and VIP whips Reigner toward the ropes. Reigner comes charging back at VIP… A HUGE KICK TO THE FACE OF VIP! VIP goes crashing to the mat after that counter from Noah Reigner. Reigner stands back to his feet now and quickly grabs VIP… BUT VIP ROLLS UP REIGNER IN A CRADLE!!!


Kawajai: Reigner quickly kicks out! But he looks furious at the rollup attempt from the 6ix God! Reigner begins hammering VIP with forearms and elbows to the face, sending him stumbling into the corner. REIGNER BEGINS KICKING THE CHEST OF VIP WITH BRUTAL HIGH KICKS! VIP stumbles out of the corner briefly before falling fast first onto the mat, clearly hurt from those kicks, Nick.

Nick Angel: Noah Reigner isn’t done. Reigner approaches VIP from behind, he wraps that arm around… VIP dodges the WOLFE’S BLOOD! VIP ducked just in time… Reigner turns around now and VIP strikes him with a right hand, and a left hand, and another right hand. VIP runs towards Reigner to clothesline him to the outside… BUT REIGNER DUCKS AND SENDS VIP CRASHING TO THE OUTSIDE! That was a huge fall and it looks like VIP fell right on his head on that.

Kawajai: Look at this… Reigner is back to his feet already. He’s waiting for VIP to get to his feet! Reigner runs off the ropes and toward VIP who just now got to his vertical base… SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES ONTO VIP! The referee begins to count but Noah Reigner bounces right back up. A murder-suicide in Corpus Christie, Texas, ladies and gentleman, courtesy of The Assault Rifle Noah Reigner!

Nick Angel: Watch the damn match! Reigner has VIP back in the ring and he’s setting him up, Kawa! Reigner lifts VIP off his feet… ROGUE CUTTER: THE TRINITY! VIP IS OUT!!! BUT REIGNER STILL ISN’T FINISHED!!!

Kawajai: VIP is rolling around on the mat after that inverted cutter from Reigner…. he reaches his knees… REIGNER CHARGES… KILLLLLL SHOTTTTT!





Bella Braxton: Here is your winner, Mr. Cash in the Vault, NOAH REIGNERRRRR!

Kawajai: Noah Reigner easily puts away VIP with a little resistance tonight and I think he also sent a message to Rex McAllister – or the ‘champ’ as Reigner has called him – with this victory tonight.

Nick Angel: I’m sure the World Champion was watching closely, Kawa.

(Noah Reigner makes his exit as he’s met midway down the ramp by Cameron Church and Evelyn Ridley who celebrate the easy victory with him. VIP is seen slowly getting up with assistance from the ropes, his back is turned to the ramp as the crowd can be heard getting increasingly louder and suddenly….)


Nick Angel: I guess there’s only so much public embarrassment a man can take before he gets tired of the scrutiny. And now LC is making his way ringside as he goes for that “Adobe House Records Trash” sign that VIP brought out with him, and he rips it to absolute shreds!!! He’s now grabbing a mic and making his way back into the ring….

(LC once again stands over the lifeless VIP as he begins talking)

LC: You’re a lot more tolerable when you aren’t conscious and unable to run your big ass mouth. I guess the “Views” from the pavement ain’t as comfortable as the Views From the 6. I’ll tell you what though, you’ve slightly amused me these past few weeks. The lengths you’ve taken to make an enemy out of me and troll me has truly been entertaining…. but I ain’t the one you wanna play games with boy. So here’s my proposal to you, me…. you….. Wicked Games, I’ll discuss the terms later. Hit me up with you wake up from that deep sleep.

(LC drops the mic and makes his exit as “Blackout” by Company Flow hits)

Kawajai: There you have it, LC has officially made the challenge and now it’s up to VIP to answer!

Nick Angel: Let’s hope he gives us the answer we’re all looking for. It seems like he’s awoken something in LC that we haven’t seen in a long time. Maybe those suits and board meetings didn’t fit him after all and this is just what he needed to get that edge back!

Kawajai: What a turn of events, but up next we have our World Champion Rex McAllister taking on Devan Dubian, this is a storied rivalry, men who are no strangers to one another and have faced off so many times in this past year alone it’s hard to keep count. But as long as Rex holds that title and Dub has world championship aspirations, they will continue to clash. Dub looks to have a huge statement win as he tries to make his case to be the next in line for the title, Rex tries to defend his turf… it all happens NEXT!

(Commercial break)

(EAW Supercard Commercial featuring a new exclusive pack including a rare Kendra Shamez card)

(Xander Payne antivirus commercial)

(Voltage comes back on air with Bella Braxton standing in the middle of the ring)

Bella Braxton: “The following match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first…”

(“The Sky Is a Neighborhood” by Foo Fighters begins to play as Devan Dubian emerges to the ramp to a huge pop from the crowd. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring as he waits for Rex to enter.)

Kawajai: Well, Nick, last week we saw Devan Dubian and Noah Reigner defeat Lars Grier and the World Champion Rex McAllister. Now Dub is going to have to prove tonight that he can defeat the champion without any help.

Nick Angel: You’re right, Kawa, the Assault Rifle Noah Reigner won’t be in the corner to tag in tonight – it’s all Dub and he’s got a lot to prove here tonight.

Bella Braxton: From Leicester, England, United Kingdom, weighing 230 pounds… DEVANN DUBBBIANNNN!

(“Still Unbroken” Lynyrd Skynyrd plays as the crowd cheers heavily as Rex McAllister emerges onto the stage with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist as the crowd chants his name. The champ walks slowly down to the ring.)

Bella Braxton: From Sea Isle, New Jersey, weighing 238 pounds…. HE IS THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… REXXX MCCAAALIISSTERRR!

Nick Angel: After a loss last week, which some have attributed to Lars Grier, the World Champion is looking to regain momentum as we move closer and closer to Wicked Games where we know so much will be on the line.


Kawajai: With an intense look in his eyes, Devan Dubian stares down the champion from across the ring and Rex simply stares back blankly. Here we go! Collar and elbow tie up between Rex and Dub – these two are so evenly matched in height and weight, their strength just about matches up as well. They break the lock! Both men look around at this sold-out capacity crowd here in Corpus Christi, Texas. They lock up again, but this time Rex drives Dubian into the turnbuckle. The referee is telling both men to break the hold! Rex breaks the lock-up and slowly backs away with his hands in the air. Both men circle the ring again.

Nick Angel: We’re off to a slow start in this match but both men are really taking their time to make a move, I think, Kawa.

Kawajai: Both men are taking their time and they lock-up once again, this time Dub is driving Rex McAllister into the corner turnbuckle. The referee is once again telling both men to break the hold! Dub complies, also putting his hands in the air and backing away from McAllister. Dub shrugs as the crowd grows restless… WAIT, DUB JUST SLAPPED REX RIGHT IN THE FACE! THE ENTIRE ARENA JUST STOOD UP AT THE SAME TIME IN A COLLECTIVE GASP!

Nick Angel: Look at the look on Rex’s face… HE CHARGES DUBIAN AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A SPEAR! Rex McAllister is delivering a series of right hands to the dome of Devan Dubian in retaliation for that slap. Rex is going to town with these right hands and this crowd is loving it, Kawa! Rex McAllister brings Devan Dubian to his feet. A knife-edge chop to the chest of Dubian! Another knife-edge chop! REX IS DELIVERING CHOP AFTER CHOP TO THE CHEST OF DEVAN DUBIAN DRIVING HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!

Kawajai: With every chop this place grows louder! Rex McAllister just absolutely mutilated the chest of Devan Dubian, you can already see the welts forming from those vicious knife-edge chops from the champion. Rex whips Dubian into the opposite turnbuckle… REX CHARGES! OH! A huge counter from Dub as he got the boot up just in time and drove it right into Rex’s face. But the champion is still standing! Rex charges again but Dubian drives him off with an elbow to the face. SNAP DDT! Dubian gets in some offense after that attack from Rex following that slap.

Nick Angel: Dub might’ve miscalculated by slapping the World Champion, but I think he knew what he was doing, Kawa. Getting inside his head! The champ became too over aggressive! Dubian is back on his feet and he picks up the World Champion by his hair… ANOTHER SNAP DDT! Dubian now… attempts the pin!



Kawajai: The champion gets the shoulder up just before two, it’s going to take a lot more to put away Rex McAllister and I think Dubian realizes this. Dubian stands right back up and puts a headlock on the World Champion. Rex McAllister’s neck is clearly in pain right now and Dub is just taking advantage of it, wrenching the neck in hopes of wearing down the champion. This crowd, however, is calling for Rex to get back to his feet as they stomp theirs in unison. McAllister is using the energy of this crowd to slowly make his way back to his feet as Dubian tries to keep him on the mat unsuccessfully. Both men are on their feet now as Dub still has that headlock lightly locked in! Rex delivers an eblow to Dub… NO! NECKBREAKER!

Nick Angel: Just as it looked like the momentum in this match was shifting, Dub puts Rex right back down on the mat… wait, a pin attempt!



Kawajai: NO! Dub is just so calculated, that neck breaker was a game changer in this match just as Rex was getting some momentum from this Texas crowd. Dubian is again back to his feet and he picks up the champ off the mat again, dragging him to his vertical base using his hair. Dub looks at Rex for a moment before running off the ropes, charging him… REX PICKS UP DUBIAN…. SPINEBUSTERRR!!! A HUGE SPINEBUSTER TO DUB!

Nick Angel: TALK ABOUT A MOMENTUM CHANGE! That came out of nowhere and now Rex has the opportunity to take back control of this matchup. McAllister struggles back to his feet now, holding his neck. Rex charges right back toward Dubian and picks him up. OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX FROM REX TO DUBIAN, SENDING DUB FLYING ACROSS THE RING! Rex snaps right back up to his feet and charges… he deadlifts Dubian back to his feet… ANOTHER BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX SENDS DUB FLYING!

Kawajai: This crowd is going nuts as the champion is now definitively on the offensive against Devan Dubian. Rex is holding his neck but he’s still moving quickly despite the earlier attack from Dub. Dub is now sitting in the corner turnbuckle after being thrown around the ring like a ragdoll from the sheer power of the World Champion. Rex charges towards Dubian… GROUNDED DROP-KICK TO THE FACE OF DUBIAN! Rex rolls Dubian out from the corner and it looks like he might be out!



Nick Angel: Dub gets the shoulder up and Rex wastes no time, immediately standing up and bringing Dub back up as well. Rex delivers a knife-edge chop yet again to the chest of Dubian which is already covered in welts and looks to be bleeding slightly from the earlier chops from Rex. The champ delivers another chop and this sends Dub toward the ropes – he bounces off – Rex goes to deliver another chop to Dub… but DUB DUCKS! Rex turns back around toward Dub… BLEEDING EDGE!!!!

Kawajai: NO!!!! REX PUSHES DUB AWAY, BACK TOWARD THE ROPES! Both men charge each other … DOUBLE LARIAT! Both men just clotheslined each other and sent the other crashing toward the mat right in the middle of the ring and the crowd is on their feet applauding the effort these two men are putting into this match. The referee checks on both men, but Nick I think that clothesline might’ve taken more out of the World Champion than it did Devan Dubian.

Nick Angel: No, you’re right, Kawa – the neck of Rex McAllister was already in pain, was already hurting him, and that huge lariat from Dub is certain to have lasting effects, at least for the remainder of this match. Dubian is slowly crawling back to his feet however the champion is still down, holding his neck, after that double clothesline.

Kawajai: Dubian is back on the offensive now, delivering two stomps right to upper-back and neck region of Rex McAllister. Dubian drags the champion towards the ropes and throws him on the outside to the apron but hangs on to his neck… oh no! He hangs him off the ropes with his feet. A ROPE HUNG DDT CONNECTS! DUBIAN ROLLS THE CHAMP OVER FOR THE PIN! THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT!



Nick Angel: THE CHAMP GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE! THE REFEREE CAUGHT THE FOOT ON THE ROPE! The champion stays in this match if not purely due to his ring awareness and experience, Kawa. That could’ve been the end of this match because Dubian has been targeting that neck all night long. Dubian briefly questions that two count to the referee before standing back to his feet, growing frustrated by the resilience of the World Champion. But what do you expect – he’s champion for a reason!

Kawajai: You’re right but Dubian is yet again back to his feet and he’s now stalking Rex McAllister… waiting for him to get to his feet. He’s looking to strike here as the champ slowly makes his way to his feet… BLEEDING EDGE!!! REX COUNTERS AND THROWS DUB WHO CRASHES TO THE MAT! DUB POPS BACK TO HIS FEET BUT REX CONNECTS WITH A SNAP SUPLEX!!!

Nick Angel: DUB STANDS RIGHT BACK UP AFTER THAT SNAP SUPLEX! Rex doesn’t expect it… he turns around!!!! BLEEDING EDGEEE!!!! Dub, however, has to crawl over to Rex and he only gets the arm over the chest of the champion! He can’t hook the leg!



Kawajai: REX MCALLISTER KICKS OUT OF THE BLEEDING EDGE! WOW! WOW! The look on Dub’s face as he lays on the mat tells the whole story, Nick – furious and absolutely bewildered on how the champion kicked out of that. Dub has been trying to put this match away from the beginning but he just can’t seem to do it. Dubian looks on at Rex who is still laid out on the mat. He motions for him to get up as the crowd is waiting in anticipation to see what Dubian is going to do next… could he be going for the PROPEL TO PARADISE?! DUBIAN CHARGES!!!

Nick Angel: Rex McAllister stops him in his tracks! Rex is able to get up and deliver a swift right hand to the gut of Dubian. BLEEDING EDGE!!!! NO, REX COUNTERS YET AGAIN SENDING DUBIAN BOUNCING OFF THE ROPES… DUBIAN CHARGES BACK…. REX EFFECT! REX EFFECT CONNECTS TO DUBIAN! REX MCALLISTER HOOKS BOTH LEGS!






Kawajai: WOW. What a performance from Devan Dubian tonight and despite all his efforts, the champion barley came out of this thing the winner.

Nick Angel: That Rex Effect came at the right time and the fact that Devan Dubian was lining up for the Propel to Paradise shows you how badly he wanted to come out of this match the winner. What a contest!

(Dubian looks on bitterly as Rex’s hand is raised on the apron by the referee as he raises the World Title in the air and points to it while holding his neck as the crowd cheers.)

Nick Angel: Would you say Dubian proved that he is still world championship worthy despite the loss?

Kawajai: 100 percent. If I’m Matt Daniels or any other GM out there, Dub is somebody I want to put in the forefront fast, because this match could have easily went either way.

Nick Angel: Coming up next we have our OTHER world champion here on Voltage, the legendary Woogieman in main event action. This is huge! Landerson makes his return in a title match, the man who almost defeated Mr. DEDEDE years back on Battleground to win the AWC, now has another chance, I can’t wait!

(A video package airs showing highlights of the careers of Woogieman and El Landerson)

(The camera transitions back to the ring where Bella Braxton can be seen)

Bella Braxton: The following contest is for, the BIG BHRIS BHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

(“Here Comes the Boom” by DMX plays as El Landerson runs out onto the stage, greeted by a sea of cheers. Landerson is focused, as he high fives fans on his way to the ring.)

Bella Braxton: Making his way to the ring… From, San Jose California… Weighing in at 160 pounds… ELLLLLL… LANDDDDERSSSOOONNNNN!!!!!!

Nick Angel: El Landerson, possibly one of the best on the roster. This is going to be a classic for sure.

(“If Ya Smell” by Adam Massacre plays as The Woogieman makes his way to the ring. The fans are still cheering, as Woogieman knows that this is going to be a battle.)

Bella Braxton: And his opponent…

Kawajai: The Woogieman and El Landerson, two incredible wrestlers. The crowd here seem to agree, as both of these two are beloved within the EAW Universe.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Kawajai: this match is now underway, and it is for the Big Bhris Championship, as these two men, are just standing, looking right at each other. They start closing in on each other, and the Woogieman, just looking down at El Landerson! Woogieman doesn’t look too impressed, but Landerson now rolls him up!


Nick Angel: Woogieman kicks out! And he has definitely been rattled by that! The two men now going in for a collar and elbow tie up, but Woogie attempts a clothesline on Landerson. Landerson ducks it, and hits a huge hurricanrana on Woogie! The crowd is pumped to see El Landerson in action, as he runs the ropes, but Woogie nails him with a Clothesline, this time connecting! Woogieman now, going for a sharpshooter early on! But Landerson kicks Woogie off of him, before kipping up, right back to his feet! He ducks another clothesline from Woogie, and goes for a Hurricanrana, but Woogieman keeping ahold of him! And a huge Buckle bomb right into the turnbuckles! Landerson though, rolls out of the ring. Woogie now, runs the ropes, and a Suicide di- oh. He stopped right in front of the ropes, and rolls out of the ring instead.

Kawajai: it only makes sense, as Landerson isn’t even on his feet yet. Woogieman, tosses Landerson right into the ringpost, at a count of 3! Woogie now, throws him back in the ring, but as he gets up himself, Landerson kicks his foot, causing Woogieman to fall outside the ring! Landerson, trying to make it back to his feet, but Woogieman is back in the ring, and immediately hits a huge knee drop on the back of Landerson! Woogieman now, has Landerson in a Cobra Clutch, trying to wear him down. Landerson though, attempts to get to his feet, which of course, isn’t adding much height. Landerson now, reaches for the ropes, and causes the rope break! Woogie man though, immediately picks Landerson up for a Samoan Drop, but Landerson gets out of it, and drops Woogie with a huge DDT! And now a kip up, mocking Woogieman! Landerson now, going up to the top rope. FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH CONNECTS!!!! LANDERSON WITH THE COVER!!!!


Nick Angel: and Woogieman manages to kick out once again! Landerson though, picks Woogieman back up to his feet, and Irish whips him into the corner. He runs, attempting a corner forearm, but Woogieman avoids it with a Rollup. Landerson gets out of it, but is immediately lifted off of his feet by Woogie, with a huge Samoan Drop! Woogieman though, is now going to the top rope himself! He is taking his time though, playing up to the crowd. This could cost him though, and it does! As Landerson swipes his feet, dropping him on the top Turnbuckle! Landerson now, goes on the same turnbuckle, and is now hitting Woogieman with forearms, to the crowd counting along.


Nick Angel: But Woogie has had enough as he pushes Landerson off the turnbuckle! Landerson fell hard, but as Woogie is getting back up in position, Landerson rushes back to the top rope! Landerson now, hits one more forearm on Woogieman, before DROPPING HIM WITH A HUGE HURRICANRANA OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!! LANDERSON WITH A COVER NOW ON WOOGIEMAN!!!!


Kawajai: HE KICKS OUT!!!! SOMEHOW, WOOGIE GOT THE SHOULDER UP!!!! Landerson though, doesn’t care, as immediately he is setting Woogie on the ropes. He is going for the Tiger Feint Kick, but as he runs off the ropes, he is met with a huge spinebuster! Both men taken off their feet after what we just saw. Woogieman, rolling out of the ring. He crawls over to the timekeepers area, and uses the barricade to get up. He is, grabbing a mic? Woogie, manages to get back into the ring, and is about to speak to the fans!

Woogieman: “You see, this guy right here? He is the size of my leg! Why am I facing him? And why is this match still going o”-

Kawajai: Woogieman, throwing the mic before he can finish, and is now picking up Landerson! He is setting up for the Bottom! But Landerson, hits a flatliner on Woogie! Landerson now, goes towards the turnbuckles, getting to his feet! Woogie gets back to his feet, but Landerson now, grabs his head, running to the opposite turnbuckle! And a crossbody! Landerson now, immediately going onto the top turnbuckle! FROG SPLASH!! WAIT, WOOGIEMAN HAD HIS KNEES UP!!! WOOGIEMAN GETS TO HIS FEET, AND RUNS THE ROPES!!! THE PEOPLE’S ELBOW CONNECTS!!!!! THE COVER!!!


Nick Angel: WHAT!!?!? LANDERSON KICKED OUT!!!! WOOGIEMAN CAN’T BELIEVE HIS EYES!! LANDERSON IS STILL, IN THIS MATCH!!!!! Woogieman’s face right now, is priceless! Besides that, Woogie is lifting up Landerson, and putting him on the top rope. He now is running, and runs off the ropes, before knocking Landerson off the top rope, outside of the ring! Woogieman though, doesn’t follow him, as the ref starts the count!

Referee: One!.. Two!… Three!… Four!

Nick Angel: Landerson, is somehow stirring, but will he be too late? He is trying to get to his feet, after what he has just suffered.

Referee: Eight!… Nine!.. TE-

Nick Angel: AND HE MAKES IT IN!! Somehow, Landerson makes it back into the ring, right before the ten count! Woogieman, shocked again, but goes right back into the offensive, and starts stomping on Landerson. Landerson though, rolls under the ropes, onto the Apron. Woogieman tries to pick him up, but Landerson catches him with a rope stunner! And Landerson hits a huge Springboard Sitout Facebuster! Landerson is barely able to get to his feet, I am shocked that he was able to pull that off! Landerson though, attempts to cover him, but Woogie crawls to the ropes, which was very wise of him! Landerson though, crawls to the turnbuckles to get to his feet, and now both men are up. Landerson, charges at Woogieman, but Woogie, urging Landerson to stop!

Woogieman: “Take it easy man. It’s not that serious! Let’s just take it slow, alright?”

Kawajai: Woogieman, pleading with Landerson to take it easy, and now they go back into a collar and elbow tie up. Woogieman, pushing Landerson towards the corner, but Landerson slides under him, and rolls him up!


Kawajai: Woogieman kicks out, but Landerson drops him again with a Roundhouse kick! Woogieman, stumbles onto the second rope, and you know what that means for Landerson! He runs the ropes, and HITS THE TIGER FEINT KICK ONTO WOOGIEMAN! And he does a springboard body splash, and hooks the leg!


Kawajai: WOOGIE KICKS OUT!!!!! Landerson now, is the one in shock, as are we! Woogieman has just kicked out of the Tiger Feint Kick, the move that Landerson was sure would get the job done. Landerson now, throwing Woogie out of the ring, but Woogie, using the apron to get to his feet. But look out! LANDERSON WITH A HUGE BASEBALL SLIDE, TAKING OUT WOOGIEMAN!!! Landerson now, is on top of the barricade, and, what is he thinking? Landerson, with a FROG SPLASH OFF THE BARRICADE!!!!! The referee is counting!

Referee: Four!… Five!…. Six!….

Nick Angel: Landerson, isn’t done there, he goes back into the ring, restarting the count, but is now.. Climbing the top rope! What is he thinking!? FROG SPLASH OFF OF THE TOP RO- NOO!!!! WOOGIEMAN MOVED!!! HE ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY!!! BOTH MEN ARE LAID OUT NOW AS THE REF IS NOW AT A THREE COUNT!!!! NEITHER MAN IS ABLE TO GET TO THEIR FEET!!!!

Referee: Five!… Six!… Seven!

Nick Angel: Woogieman is stirring, and he wisely restarts the count! He tries to throw Landerson into the ring, but Landerson hits Woogie’s head on the apron. Landerson now throws him into the ring. Landerson, getting into the ring himself, BUT WOOGIE CATCHES HIM WITH A SNAP DDT!!! AND A KIP UP!! HE SOMEHOW, HAD THE ENERGY TO KIP UP AFTER AL- Oh. Woogieman, collapsed. I was about to say, he somehow had the energy to kip up, after all that he has been through, but clearly, this match has taken a toll on him. But Woogie, able to make it to his feet anyway, and he is in the corner, waiting for Landerson to get to his feet. Woogie charges at Landerson, but Landerson ducks him, he does a springboard off of the ropes, an- SPEAR!!!! SPEAR BY THE WOOGIEMAN, RIGHT OUT OF THE SKY!!!! THE COVER NOW BY WOOGIE!!!


Kawajai: I can’t believe Landerson is still in this match, getting his shoulder up! And it looks like Woogieman can’t believe it either, but now he is backing up once again. Landerson, slowly gets back to his feet, AND A SECOND SPEAR BY WOOGIEMAN!!! HE COVERS HIM FOR A SECOND TIME!!!


Kawajai: LANDERSON’S HAND IS ON THE ROPES!!!! THE REFEREE, JUST NOTICING THE ROPE BREAK!!! WOOGIEMAN CAN’T BELIEVE IT, HE THOUGHT HE HAD IT WON!!! Woogieman now, arguing with the ref, but he eventually turns around and picks up Landerson. He throws him into the corner, and backs up. He charges at Landerson, but he counters it, tossing Woogie shoulder first into the Turnbuckles! Landerson now rolling up Woogieman!


Kawajai: Woogie kicks out, but Landerson hits him with a Hurricanrana, with the pin!


Kawajai: And Woogie still manages to kick out. Woogieman, attempts to get up, but has to lean on the corners to do so, which isn’t good for him as Landerson immediately charges in with a Stinger Splash! Landerson, pulls Woogieman off the corner, BUT WOOGIEMAN GRABS LANDERSON!!!! THE BOTTOM CONNECTS!!!!!! Woogie though, isn’t going for the cover, instead, he is leaning Landerson on the second rope! What is Woogieman thinking?

Nick Angel: Woogie now, doing Landersons signature taunt, and I know exactly what he’s thinking! Woogie, runs the ropes, but Landerson slides under the ropes before Woogieman could hit a huge Tiger Feint Kick, to mock him! This bought Landerson time, but he is forced to hold on to the apron just to stay on his feet, which buys Woogie time to run the ropes, AND THIS TIME HITTING A BASEBALL SLIDE ON LANDERSON!!!!! Woogieman has been mocking Landerson this whole way through, obviously trying to get to his head. As Landerson gets to his feet, Woogieman runs back into the ring, and runs the ropes again, for A SECOND BASEBALL SLID- NO, LANDERSON! PULLS WOOGIEMAN RIGHT OUT THE RING!!! This is exactly what Landerson needed. A clear opening. Landerson now, picks up Woogieman, and throws him into the barricade! He picks him up once again, but this time throws him into the ringpost, before hitting a huge dropkick on Woogie! Crushing his ribs into the post! Landerson now, throws Woogie back into the ring, but Woogie rolls to the other side. Landerson gets back in, and charges at Woogie, but Woogie catches him with a Flapjack! Leaving Landerson leaning on the top rope!!!! Woogieman, has an idea in mind, and this could be the end for El Landerson!

Kawajai: Woogieman, runs the ropes, but is met with a Drop Toe Hold by Landerson, leaving him on the Middle Rope! Landerson, realizes he isn’t moving! Landerson runs the ropes, TIGER FEINT KICK, FOLLOWED BY A HURRICANRANA INTO THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE RING, RIGHT BACK INTO THE MIDDLE ROPES!!! You know what this means! Landerson, runs the ropes again, A SECOND TIGER FEINT KICK- NO!!!! WOOGIEMAN COUNTERS WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!! Woogieman now, attempts to Irish whip Landerson, but Landerson tosses him back into the ropes, and hits a huge dropkick, but Woogieman stays on the middle rope! Landerson, runs the ropes one more time! TIGER FEINT KICK!!!!! WOOGIEMAN IS OUT, THAT’S IT!!! But Landerson, he isn’t finished yet! Landerson to the top rope!!! FROG SPLASH!!! IT’S OVER!!!! LANDERSON HOOKS THE LEG!!!! GOODNIGHT WOOGIEMAN!!!


(Ding! Ding! Ding!)


(“Here comes the boom” plays as El Landerson celebrates his victory, as The Woogieman is in pain, disappointed at his loss.)



Kawajai: Hat’s off to Woogieman for an incredible reign, I have no doubts he’s going to bounce back from this loss, this may just be the start of an amazing rivalry, but for now it’s the era of Landerson!

(Landerson is handed the bhampionship as he holds it high and proud, confetti comes reigning down as the camera fades to black)

(EAW Logo Buzzes)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Operation Doomsday (2018)

Battleground 10/22/2018