Update on Dynasty’s August 19th Supershow + two matches announced!

( EAW intro plays. )

( The scene opens up inside of a makeshift studio that has been erected inside of SND Arena, the site of this weekend’s EAW shows. Fight Grid host, Molly Waters, is seen sitting behind the desk and she is wearing a smile on her face. )

Molly Waters: :whew: Good morning, EAW Universe! Molly Waters here with some breaking news coming off the heels of an absolutely fantastic episode of Dynasty last night!

( A small recap video of Dynasty highlights begins to play, showcasing all the talented men and women that were in action last night for the red brand. When it fades out, the camera returns to Molly and focuses on the screen behind her and to the left that shows a still frame shot of Limmy Monaghan and Dr. Angelo D’Angelo from last night. )

Molly Waters: Last week, Limmy Monaghan and The Visual Prophet were involved in a fatal four-way match to determine Andre Walker’s opponent for Midsummer Massacre. It seemed as if Limmy was well on his way to securing the number one contendership for the World Heavyweight Interwire Championship but Dr. Angelo D’Angelo would get himself involved and that would allow Viz to hit Limmy with a low blow and take him out of the equation. Madison Kaline would go on to win the match by pinning Amir Yusuf, thus earning the opportunity to face Andre at EAW’s first marquee event of the season.

Molly Waters: Limmy’s frustration was evident last night as he came to the ring to address what happened last week with Viz. He called the former two-time World Heavyweight Champion out but got a visit from Viz’s manager, Dr. Angelo D’Angelo instead. Dr. D’Angelo made it perfectly clear that Limmy had no one to blame for the loss but himself, which of course is something Limmy vehemently disagreed with. Unfortunately for Limmy, the argument with Dr. D’Angelo only served as a distraction and Viz was able to sneak into the ring and slam a chair over Limmy’s head. The heinous attack left the former Hardcore Champion unconcious in the center of the ring and as a result, Dynasty General Manager, Tyrone Montgomery, has decided that at Dynasty’s August 19th Supershow, The Visual Prophet will have to answer for his actions when he faces Limmy Monaghan in a one-on-one match!

( Molly pauses for a moment to allow her words to sink in before she continues. )

Molly Waters: That will certainly be an exciting match and it joins Serenity Valdez versus Diamond Dixon for the Specialists Champion, which was announced last week. That being said, Limmy versus Viz wasn’t the only match that was added. Since the start of the season, tension has been mounting between the winner of the New Era Classic, Joso, and one of the brightest rookies EAW has seen in awhile in Ruler. The two have engaged in several confrontations and it all came to a head last night as Ruler faced off against Andre Walker for the Interwire Championship. History was on the line for Andre. If he successfully retained the title, he would break Mister K’s long standing record for the longest-reigning Interwire Championship in history. Let’s take a look at what happened.

( A video begins to play showing Joso and Ruler’s heated confrontation backstage. Joso was left seething as Ruler left to prepare for his championship match. The match itself is showcased in a more detailed highlight reel with focus placed on the ending. Ruler had the match in hand when Joso would appear, halting his momentum and giving Andre a chance to recover. Joso would end up knocked off the apron by Andre, giving Ruler a chance to hit his finisher, but Andre would side-step it and spear the hell out of Ruler to get the win and make history. )

Molly Waters: After speaking with Tyrone Montgomery following the main event, he came to the conclusion that something’s got to give between Joso and Ruler. Both men are clearly talented and destined for big things, so on August 19th, Joso and Ruler will join the winner of the World Heavyweight Interwire Championship match in a triple threat with the Interwire Championship on the line! Either Andre Walker or Madison Kaline will defend against Joso and Ruler and that match promises to be an absolute show stealer. Speaking of this Supershow, I can now confirm via Tyrone Montgomery himself that it will be aptly named, Dynasty Presents: Poor Unfortunate Souls!

Molly Waters: That’s all the time I have for now. Stay tuned for more breaking news as Showdown and Voltage take center stage tonight and tomorrow, and Midsummer Massacre is on the horizon! I’m Molly Waters! Have a wonderful day.

( Molly smiles into the camera as the scene fades to black. )

( EAW logo buzzes. )

Written by Fight Grid

Dynasty 7/22/22

Showdown 7/23/22