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La Pantera Sexual

TLA is a badass veteran international luchador who has won championships in various promotions all over the world. In the ring, TLA is known for going hard with his combo of high flying maneuvers alongside old fashioned street brawling. TLA has fought everywhere from underground fight rings to the largest arenas in the world and through all the wins and losses one thing has remained consistent. TLA can’t stop and won’t stop. A rabid fan of wrestling himself TLA is fiercely loyal to his fanbase which has gone under numerous names such as the TLArmy, TLArmada, HusTLAz, and ouTLAwz. TLA generally is an honorable fighter but due to his rebellious street fighter background won’t hesitate to cheat or use dirty tactics against fuckboiz who he and the fans feel deserve it. Outside the ring, TLA is known as the owner of Sexual Panther Productions, SPP’s various films, and it’s most famous product The Poon Palace, a chain of nightclubs he has set up all over the world where record breaking amounts of puss gets crushed on a nightly basis.

Written by Fight Grid

Rex McAllister

Sienna Jade