Theron Nikolas


A man that once believed that he was absolutely untouchable. The man that holds the record of being the longest reigning Answers World Champion now finds himself without the crown and thrown he cherished more than anything else in the world. It’s been two and a half years since Theron Nikolas walked through the doors of Elite Answers Wrestling. He’s never once made a move that hasn’t in some way or form been work towards a plan that he’s put in place. Whether it was getting his name out in front of the world by siding with a former EAW World Champion as his Kings Guard; whether it was branching out on his own to chase a prize that everyone else wanted, or pulling together a group of Elitists that would guarantee the position at the top of this company that he had always wanted. The Answers World Championship has been the only thing that Theron Nikolas had cared about. He would have stabbed his own mother in the back if it had meant that he wasn’t going to lose it – but with the arrival of Pain for Pride came the day that Theron never believed was going to come. The day where the man who once looked in the mirror and his reflection was nothing short of a true God Emperor, now finds himself as a man that has nothing. No Answers World Championship, no crown, no throne – nothing. He’s now a man without a plan; forced to step forward without precise motives. He doesn’t know what’s going to come next, and for a man that’s as calculated as Theron Nikolas has proven to be – there’s no idea what the man is going to do. He could sink deeper into the madness that he has shown, or perhaps with his downfall will come a man reborn from the ashes of what once used to be his kingdom.

Now Theron doesn’t have anyone left to fall back on. He’s a man standing in the middle of a jungle where he has no allies. It’s Theron Nikolas against the world. A man forced to redesign, rebuild, reclaim.

Written by Fight Grid

Vic Vendetta

Most Valuable Elitist #189