The Visual Prophet


The Problematic Prince, the arrogant, androgynous Viz. The one true prophet. Preacher of undying love, spent his first few months in EAW as New Breed Champion and aligned with Veena Adams. Owns a pet tiger gifted from Kim Jong-Un, has an assistant named Nina D, has done exclusive deals with Netflix, a clothing line with Fashion Nova, has appeared on various news outlets including ESPN, and has had some of the most heated verbal battles and matches in EAW in season 12. Season 13 sees him out in his own on Showdown still sassy but more focused on succeeding in the ring as he did out of it. No longer forcing people to say his name and say they love him, Viz is one of the most talked about talents in pro wrestling. Prophet still wants his name spoken but now he simply asks everyone

“Who do you love?”

Written by Fight Grid