The Curious Case Behind The Chris Elite Crew Assaults

The curious case behind the assaults on Chris Elite’s crew members intensifies all around the EAW Universe. From the fans, to EAW personnel themselves, everybody is speculating and pointing fingers. For those out of the loop, Big Mike was viciously assaulted two weeks ago on Voltage in the parking lot by an unknown attacker. Both Chris Elite and Malcolm Jones have been working expeditiously in order to find the person behind this assault and bring them to their own kind of justice, street justice. Chris Elite has gone out of his way to dodge questions from the media regarding the attack as shown on Voltage when Kathy Kush failed to get a word from him. His partner Malcolm Jones however, has gone on record several times in an attempt to clear his name from any allegations. Malcolm Jones’ name has been thrown around by most people in speculation of who the potential attacker could be. “I’ve seen people try to throw rifts between the two of us several times, but the fact that people would solicit a mutual friend of ours in order to do such a thing is very low. Especially in a time where we need to be bonding together in order to bring him justice.”

Some fans however find Malcolm’s constant pleas to be disingenuine. “He’s trying to cover his tracks and slowly but surely eliminate all factors that would stop him and his gang from bullying Chris out of his championship. He’s not fooling anybody but Astraea!” said Courtney from Brooklyn. Malcolm also has his segment of supporters who are believing his pleas of innocence. Jamal from The Bronx thinks “Malcolm is a loyal dude, I couldn’t see him doing that to Chris. You saw what happened last Voltage, he went speeding to help Chris’ entourage, I don’t think he would have done that had he actually been responsible.” Differing opinions, differing theories, but zero proof. That all changes this Sunday when the attacker behind Big Mike and the rest of Chris Elite’s associates is exposed. Regardless of how this turns out, it will be must see television.

Written by Fight Grid

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