Terry Chambers

God’s Gift to Wrestling

Terry Chambers took his leave from wrestling almost 1 year ago after failing many times to back up his words. He gave in to all the haters and walked away. During that time he rarely ever talked to anybody or rarely did anything with anybody. Most of the time he was just walking around alone late at night or just sitting alone in the church. After about 8 months since his exit, he was on the independent scene with a whole different look and different moveset. After his matches in the indies when they asked for interviews he walked away and when wrestling podcasts asked for interviews he never picked up the phone. Terry Chambers spent almost the entire year locking the distractions out of his life and getting better inside the ring. He is seen on a few occasions training himself in the ring late at night learning different types of styles in the ring. His last movie was a box office smash but refuses to take any other movie or television roles because of his lack of talking and his all of a sudden new found dedication to wrestling.Terry Chambers still has the mindset to be the best but he is taking a much different approach to doing that in being a silent machine with a different persona. Fans often at the house shows would chant “Kill Terry Kill” because of the way he would dismantle his opponent and be very silent in doing so before, during, and after the match

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Malcolm Jones

Captain Charisma