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Tempest Pre-Show: Hosted by The Visual Prophet & Veena Adams

(EAW intro plays.)

(The scene opens up inside the KFC Yum! Center, the site of tonight’s Voltage exclusive event, Tempest. For weeks, the tension on Voltage has been high and tonight promises to bring several of the personal rivalries that have been building on the gold brand to a head. “One Minute” by XXXtentacion is playing, the official theme song of Tempest. The fans who will be attending tonight’s show are starting to filter inside the building. Everyone seems pumped! The cameras cut to a special area of the ringside portion of the building. The fanciest preshow panel table ever has been set up. It’s purple, trimmed with gold, and the top is covered with fine, white fur. The EAW New Breed Champion, The Visual Prophet, sits in a golden throne like chair with a bedazzled headset on. His championship sits in in the middle of the table. To his left sits Veena Adams in her own throne style chair, and she wears a matching bedazzled headset.)

Veena Adams: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the exclusive Tempest preshow, live on Fight Grid, hosted by yours truly AND the New Breed Sovereign, The Visual Prophet!!

(Viz lets out a sassy sigh, but smiles.)

Veena Adams: The theme of tonight is #KingsOnly because FINALLY EAW is putting on a show that isn’t marred by women pretending to be equal professional wrestlers alongside their male counterparts. Under Siege and Ides of March were travesties, and thankfully Vizzy’s charity work on Empire is done. Those little cunts can stay secluded on ‘Vagina Island’ now… hey Tyler. And that’s exactly where they belong.

The Visual Prophet: I don’t know about you, my Vanilla Goddess, but Tempest has certainly shaped up to be a most interesting event!

Veena Adams: Right?! This family drama between the former World Heavyweight Champion, Rex McAllister, and Daryl Kinkade has had me hooked this week!

The Visual Prophet: See you soon, dad.

Veena Adams: I was SHOOK.

The Visual Prophet: Same. And how about Noah Reigner acting like Xander Payne won’t legitimately kill him the second he lands on him with some high impact move? Noah barely weighs 180 pounds soaking wet, and Xander certainly tops the scales around 375.

Veena Adams (rolling her eyes): Typical idiotic Noah. The invincible act gets real old, real quick because let’s be honest! Noah Reigner showed the world he’s no better than anyone else when he stupidly let himself get attacked at Road to Redemption and lost his briefcase. Like who lets someone steal their world championship contract like that?!

The Visual Prophet: Who lets SOSA steal their briefcase?!

(Viz looks so put out having to say SOSA’s name.)

Veena Adams: We’re going to have to protect your New Breed Championship.

The Visual Prophet: Don’t worry Veena. That thug will never, ever get his hands on my championship.

Veena Adams: And neither will that idiot, Myles.

The Visual Prophet: Pffff.

Veena Adams: There’s some other matches too.

The Visual Prophet: Yeah. POP versus Connie. Charles Marr versus Jack Ripley. The Big Bhris Bhampionship will be on the line!

Veena Adams: And our President, Jackson Blayde, will be defending his National Elite Championship against Farrell V.

The Visual Prophet: :wow:

Veena Adams: Only a man that orange deserves to be called President.

The Visual Prophet: We will have several special guests join us tonight, AND we have a match.

Veena Adams: Denis Ryley will take on Kyie Daniels of the Legion.

The Visual Prophet: I suppose we can take a commercial break now. When we return, we will have our first exclusive interview of the night!

(Viz and Veena flash their perfect smiles and Fight Grid fades into a commercial.)

(Promotional ad for Allianz travel insurance. Always, always get the insurance.)

(Fight Grid returns and opens backstage to the interview area. The Visual Prophet’s assistant, Nina, is standing by with a microphone.)

Nina: Hi! Hi! Bae and Veena give me interviewer job for tonight! I am very excited to announce the first guest! Please welcome… Jordie Ripley!

(Jack Ripley’s sister steps into the frame and she wears a serious expression on her beautiful face.)

Nina: Jordie, hi! How are you?

Jordie Ripley: Good, I guess…

Nina: Are you excited for Jack versus Charlie tonight?

Jordie Ripley: I mean, I’m excited to watch my brother finally beat that little troll’s ass once and for all.

Nina: Really? Charlie say he have relations with you. You sure you want Jack to win?

(Jordie can’t help but roll her piercing blue eyes.)

Jordie Ripley: First of all, yikes. As if I would ever sleep with someone like Charlie Marr. I have standards and Charlie Marr is a misogynistic piece of shit. Secondly, I do want to Jack win. He’s my family and my best friend. I want him to have all the titles. Jack is the best wrestler in this company and now that he’s not being held back by Theron and his ego, Jack can finally shine and show the world what he’s capable of. Also, I just want to go on record and say I have NEVER blamed him whatsoever for what happened back on Voltage. I’m the one who grabbed Jack and pushed him out of the way, so if anyone is to blame for this it’s me. But what’s done is done, and we can’t go back and change it. All we can do is just mo-

???: Move forward? Blah, blah, blah.

(Charlie Marr steps into the picture and Jordie immediately tenses up. Nina, however, looks a little excited her first ever interview has taken a dramatic turn.)

Charlie Marr: Hi, kitten. How are you?

Jordie Ripley: Never call me that.

(Charlie’s brilliant blue eyes are cold, and he stares right into Jordie’s.)

Charlie Marr: You didn’t mind it the other night.

(Jordie goes to slap Charlie across the face, but he grabs her wrist. Nina’s eyes widen and she wisely takes a step back. Jordie wrenches her arm free.)

Jordie Ripley: And stop spreading lies!

Charlie Marr: Are they lies though? The only lie that I’ve heard told his week is your brother saying he is going to kick Charlie Marr’s ass. We both know that as soon as that bell rings, I’m going for his fucking head. This match is ‘Falls Count Anywhere’ which means absolutely anything goes, and that’s a perfect situation for me, Jordie. I hate the rules. I hate playing nice. I love having free reign to kill someone, and when that bell rings and my hand is raised at the end, there’s not going to be anything left of Jacky boy except for a shell of a man who used to be a wrestler.

(A cruel smile crosses Charlie’s face.)

Charlie Marr: You pay close attention tonight. You, and the rest of the world. Tonight, I’m going to stamp my ticket to Grand Rampage and whether it’s against Farrell V or Jackson Blayde, I’m taking back the National Elite Championship and finally have a title reign that’s not bogged down by dead weight.

(Jordie just shakes her head in disgust. She’s had enough and turns to walk away. Charlie grabs her by the arm. Jordie looks down at Charlie’s hand on her arm like it’s diseased.)

Charlie Marr: Oh Jordie. If I were you, I wouldn’t show up during the match and hit me with a chair either. If you ever do something like that again, you will regret it.

(Jordie pulls her arm free and stalks off.)

(Fade to commercial.)

(Commercial break for Mountain Dew Kickstart. Perfect for all nighters when you’re trying to meet a deadline!)

(Fight Grid returns and two-thirds of House Reigner are standing by. The World Heavyweight Champion, Noah Reigner, and Evelyn Ridley are dressed in street clothes and standing outside the building.)

Evelyn Ridley: The amount of stupid in this world never ceases to amaze me, and I’ll be real honest, Xander Payne might be the dumbest motherfucker I have ever seen. To hear him speak makes me wish I was deaf. The entire world would be much better off if none of us ever had to listen to that man utter another asinine word again. That fat fuck needs to wake up the fuck up and realize that tonight is not going to end well for him. Since day one, Noah has been shooting the Xander Paynes of the world and leaving them for dead. Bullet straight through the head. Bang. Fuck all the doubters and the people who still say the same dumb shit about Noah. He didn’t earn his title. Bitch, please. Noah did earn this goddamn championship and fuck anyone who says differently. Nobody has a fucking clue about what we go through. Xander sure as fuck doesn’t and that’s why later on tonight, that tub of lard is going to get got. He made the biggest mistake of his life when he decided to open his gross mouth and challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship and the fact he actually had his request granted just blows my fucking mind. But oh well. Here we are. And Noah is going to make sure he puts that miserable fuck down.

Noah Reigner: I’ve said pretty much everything I want to say at this point and unlike tubby, I’m not going to repeat myself like a broken record. Instead, I’m going to turn my attention towards the Prince of Phenomenal and Lethal Consequences since there’s no way in hell I’m going to lose to Xander. Later on tonight, the two of you are going to wage a war for the right to face me at Grand Rampage. Honestly, I don’t give a fuck who comes out on top. I’ve beaten you both before and I’ll easily do it again. The roll I’m on right now, no one can fuck with me. Both of you live in the past, long for the good ole days, and refuse to believe your best days are behind you. I don’t have to stand here and preach about how this is a new era of EAW. The talent level is at an all time high, and I’m the person leading the charge. My display of dominance isn’t going to stop once I walk into that ring at MCG in Melbourne. Neither POP nor Lethal Consequences possess anything that can hurt me. Their match tonight is just a formality because whoever ends up winning it, is going to fall at the feet of Noah Reigner. When I walked through these doors last year, I made it my goal to shoot straight for the top; no pit stops along the way. I knew that I would never be satisfied unless I had a world championship belt in my grasp. When I won Cash in the Vault, people wanted to talk their shit. They didn’t want to give me the time of day. Almost every single person in this place had something to say. The more they hate, the more determined I get to dominant, and that’s exactly what I’ve done every single fucking time I’ve stepped into the ring. This world championship will never leave my waist, and I have a Killshot waiting for every stupid fuck who steps up to me. Bang bang motherfuckers. I’m Noah Fucking Reigner.

Evelyn Ridley: House. Always. Wins.

(Noah makes a gun motion with his hand and points it at the camera. After pulling the trigger, Fight Grid switches to the backstage area.)

(Nina is standing by with Myles. She doesn’t look impressed with ‘The Soldier.’ Myles looks as equally unimpressed with Nina.)

Nina: Oh. It’s Myles.

(Myles just rolls his eyes and takes the microphone from Nina. He doesn’t have time for this shit. Nina sticks her tongue out at the back of Myles’ head before walking off.)


Myles: Still having other people gas him up.

(Myles shakes his head.)

Myles: Anyways. Tonight is a big night for me. I don’t think I need to stress how much it would mean for me to walk out of Tempest as the new EAW New Breed Champion. The Visual Prophet has done everything he can this week to get under my skin and try to rattle me. He’s played his usual mind games and he’s made this match personal by bring up my deceased family. Let me say this, though. Try as he might, Viz has not rattled me in the slightest. He’s made me a little angry, but he’s definitely not gotten inside my head, and the worst thing Viz could have ever done is piss me off. I thrive off anger. I thrive off the feeling I get when I have someone in the ring that I can just beat the living shit out of. I’m not here to play games and charm the crowd. I’m here to win. I’m here to win championships. And honestly? Right now, my goal is to make sure I walk into Pain for Pride as the New Breed Admiral… not the soldier. The fucking admiral. I want that belt strapped around my waist, and I want everyone in Atlanta to appreciate the fact it was me who managed to stop Viz’s reign of terror. If there’s one thing I’m looking forward to doing tonight, it’s getting in that ring and showing Viz just who the fuck Myles actually is. I’m not just a wrestler, I’m a fighter, and I will bring absolutely everything I have inside of me to that ring tonight. I won’t leave anything in the tank. I will give it all I’ve got. I will make a damn statement. When someone like Viz is standing opposite of me, there’s nothing else I would rather do than rip off his head. Viz is a false prophet. Beneath that facade lies a man who’s desperate. He knows he’s not capable of getting the job done fairly against me, and you know what? I’m prepared for his worst. I know he will stoop to the lowest of lows to try and keep me from reaching my destiny. No matter what Viz throws at me tonight, I plan on having an answer for it.

(A smirk crosses Myles’ face.)

Myles: Viz, I know you’re watching so listen closely. TONIGHT will be the biggest fight of your career so far. While you hail your matches at King of Elite, with Noah, and with Tyler as your career defining performances, you remain ignorant to threat that I possess. You underestimate me, and disregard me, and that is going to be what brings you to your knees tonight. I’m not going to be some jackass who runs around screaming KnEeL, but when we’re done tonight you’re going to respect me and you are going to respect the fact that I’m the one who destroyed the New Breed Bitch’s tyrannical reign.

(After one final shot of Myles, Fight Grid cuts to commercial.)

(Commercial break for Elite Coffee starring Noah Reigner and Raven Roberts.)

(Fight Grid returns, and cuts to Rich Russillo and James Peters at their own broadcast booth! The Voltage announce team are all smiles, clearly excited for Tempest!)

Rich Russillo: Welcome to everyone who’s tuned in for the preshow!

James Peters: I wish I were a little more awake right now. For some reason my phone kept going crazy! Back-to-back-to-back videos from Denis Ryley and Kyie Daniels.

Rich Russillo: Don’t remind me.

James Peters: I admire their passion, Rich! That’s the stuff we like to see around here! We stan two people giving it their all regardless of the match and whether or not it’s part of the main show!

Rich Russillo: I think what some people fail to realize is that every match you’re given in EAW is a blessing. We constantly have main eventers left off their respective shows on an almost weekly basis. People who would give anything to be inside the ring, showing the world what they’ve got.

James Peters: Some people just don’t trust the process, Rich. They don’t want to be patient. They don’t see this platform as worth their time unless they have immediate success. Rex McAllister never had immediate success. Jamie O’Hara didn’t have immediate success. Several people on the main show tonight didn’t have immediate success. But what they did, and what makes them champions is that they stuck with this sport through the hard times. They never cried. They never bitched. And they never tucked their tail between their legs and quit. That’s what defines them. That’s what makes them special.

Rich Russillo: :wow: You really got on your soapbox there.

James Peters: I just love passion and people who keep going no matter what hand they’re dealt.

(“Type-03″ by Mick Gordon plays as Denis Ryley makes his way to the ring much to the fans dismay, as they begin to boo. Denis continues walking down the ramp without a care for the audiences reactions.)

Bella Braxton: Making his way to the ring.. From Orlando, Florida… Weighing in at 204 pounds .. DENISSSS RYYLEYYY!!!!

James Peters: Denis Ryley has had his ups and downs since arriving in EAW but he hopes to change that tonight on the Tempest Kickoff show!

Rich Russillo: He sure does, but we’ll see if he manages to do so against his opponent, or enemy I should say, here tonight.

(“In my mind” by dynoro and Gigi d’agostino starts playing, with the crowd booing just as much, if not even more, than before as Kyie Daniels and Finn Edwards make their way down to the ring.)

Bella Braxton: And his opponent… Accompanied by Finn Edwards… From Birmingham, England… KYYYYIIIEEEEE DDDAAAANNNIIEEELLLSSSS!!!!!

James Peters: This man, I don’t even know what to say. He’s no good, and if what he’s done here isn’t enough, just see what he said to Denis this week!

Rich Russillo: After losing their championship match to the Jaded Hearts, I could see why the Legion may not be in the best mood, but Denis Ryley may actually have to watch his back for once.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

James Peters: The bell has rung, and this match is now underway! Denis Ryley and Kyie Daniels circle the ring before closing in with a collar and elbow tie up! The two struggle for control but Denis is able to get Kyie in a headlock! Kyie struggles to get out of it, but he’s able to push him towards the ropes, bouncing Denis off of him! Denis bounces off the other set of ropes and Kyie catches him with an arm drag, and he wrenches on the arm! Kyie keeps the hold applied, but Denis is able to pull himself up, before freeing himself of the hold with multiple punches to the midsection! Denis now attempts a Clothesline but it’s ducked by Kyie, AND THERE’S A ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!! DENIS HAS JUST BEEN KNOCKED OUT AND THERE’S A COVER EARLY ON!!!


James Peters: Or at least I thought he was knocked out, Denis stays in it!

Rich Russillo: Kyie now with a chinlock applied on Denis and it looks like he’s trying to lock in a sleeper hold! Denis keeps fighting out of it though, and he gets to a knee! Now the other! Denis now getting to his feet and he drives multiple elbows into Kyie’s midsection, freeing him from the chinlock, and Denis now DROPPING KYIE WITH A DROPKICK!! Kyie stumbling back into the corner, and Denis charges in, HITTING KYIE WITH A CLOTHESLINE IN THE CORNER, FOLLOWED BY A SNAP SUPLEX!!! Kyie is in pain now and Denis looks like he wants to keep that going as he makes his way to the top rope! Kyie regains his footing as Denis dives, AND KYIE CATCHES HIM WITH A KICK TO THE CHEST!!! KYIE KICKED DENIS RIGHT OUT OF THE AIR AND HERE’S ANOTHER COVER!!!


Rich Russillo: DENIS KICKS OUT AGAIN!! You know, these two have been going back and forth a lot this week, and Kyie has threatened to go as far as to murder Denis! If Kyie keeps this up that just might happen!

James Peters: You’re right about that, but Kyie is clearly still feeling some pain after that combination by Denis! Nonetheless both slowly get back to their feet, but Kyie charges right at Denis! CODEBREAKE- NO!! DENIS CATCHES KYIE, AND THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE, RIGHT INTO FINN!!! Denis catching his breath as Kyie uses to barricade as an attempt to get himself up, but that doesn’t last long as Denis runs the ropes! SUICIDE DIVE!!! IT CONNECTS AND DENIS QUICKLY ROLLS KYIE BACK INTO THE RING BEFORE GOING INTO THE CORNER! Kyie, although regaining his footing, he clearly doesn’t know where he is as he goes into the opposite corner! But Denis charges in! LAST HOU- NO, KYIE GOT OUT OF THE WAY, AND HE ROLLS DENIS UP!!!




Rich Russillo: DENIS GRABBED THE ROPES!!! Kyie is furious as Denis somehow still managed to survive in this match! Kyie now delivering hard punches to the face of Denis, before backing towards the ropes, waiting for Denis to get up! Denis does just that, but he needs to watch out! KYIE CHARGES IN, BUT DENIS MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND PULLS THE ROPES, SENDING KYIE OVER THEM, BUT HE MANAGES TO LAND ON THE APRON!!! Denis tries to attack Kyie but Kyie is able to catch him with a forearm, and now he dives! SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE CONNECTS- NO IT DOESN’T!! DENIS MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AS KYIE NEARLY JUMPS INTO THE REFEREE!! DENIS NOW, ROLLING HIM UP FROM BEHIND!!!



James Peters: These two are holding nothing back, but Kiye looks like he’s ready to put an end to this one! Kiye backs up into the corner as Denis hazily gets to his feet, and charges in! SUPERKICK BY DENIS!!!! KYIE RAN RIGHT INTO IT!!!! KYIE JUST ATE A SUPERKICK, AND THERE’S THE COVER NOW!!! THAT’S IT FOR KYIE DANIELS!!!


(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Bella Braxton: Here is your winner… DENIS… RRYYLLLEEYYY!!!!!

James Peters: DENIS WINS!! What a great showing tonight after what was nothing short of a verbal war they’ve been having this week!

Rich Russillo: Definitely a disappointing place to lose tonight for the Legion, but stay tuned because we’ve got more to come tonight!!! It’s lit!

(The scene switches backstage and more specifically, into Captain Charisma’s office. Captain Charisma is standing by with ‘The Underdog Daredevil’ Korey Gaines. Gaines’ left knee is heavily wrapped and he’s using crutches to get around just as a precaution. Sitting on Captain Charisma’s desk is the briefcase Korey won a couple of weeks ago on Voltage.)

Captain Charisma: It says a lot about your character that you’re here tonight, despite your obvious disappointment about your current situation. I respect that, but next time, don’t think you have to buy a ticket! You work here, man.

(Korey chuckles, but then he looks down at his knee and sighs.)

Korey Gaines: I would give anything to be able to compete tonight, but next week I’ll be good to go. I wouldn’t miss Tempest though. I’m always going to show up and support the brand whether I’m physically able to compete or not. I love it here and I can’t wait to get back inside the ring.

Captain Charisma: Well from my understanding you’ll be good to go as soon as next week, and that’s why I asked you to stop by my office. You won a ladder match against a very game and very dangerous Denis Ryley. In doing so, you pulled down a briefcase that contained a ‘unique opportunity’ for the winner.

Korey Gaines: I did and after losing my first chance at something like this against Farrell V, I’m dying to know what my opportunity is going to be.

(The briefcase is sitting on Captain Charisma’s desk and he pulls a small set of keys out of his pocket. He unlocks the briefcase and inside is a piece of gold paper with words printed on it.)

Captain Charisma: This is a contract, granting you entry into the Gold Rush tournament that begins next week on Voltage. The finals will take place at Grand Rampage, as you know I’m sure, and the winner of the tournament will go to Pain for Pride in June to face the World Heavyweight Champion in one of the headlining matches of the three-day event.

(Korey blinks.)

Korey Gaines: Hold up. Hang on. So if I win this tournament, I’m going to headline Pain for Pride :|??

(Captain Charisma nods.)

Korey Gaines: :wow:

Captain Charisma: Good luck, Korey. Since day one you have shown a willingness to go up against anyone and give it your all. You are fearless and there’s no doubt in my mind that you won’t make the most of this opportunity. There’s a lot of people cheering for you, I’m sure. Make them proud.

(Korey still seems a little stunned that he’s been granted entry into the Gold Rush tournament. He finally comes back down to earth and shakes Captain Charisma’s hand. The scene cuts back to Veena and Viz at their customized broadcast table.)

(Veena and Viz wear matching expressions of amusement.)

Veena Adams: Oh Matty. Of all the things he could have given the kid, he gives him that…

The Visual Prophet: Skater boi is going to see his Pain for Pride dreams die real quick.

Veena Adams: Quicker than Luke Perry died from a stroke.

The Visual Prophet: Veena, please.

Veena Adams: What? I love Riverdale. I’m gutted.

(Before The Visual Prophet can reply, the ground starts to shake. Veena’s blue eyes go wide and she grabs onto the desk for support. Viz removes his trademark 3-lens sunglasses and looks around.)

The Visual Prophet: Are we having an earthquake?

Veena Adams: They don’t have earthquakes in Kentucky. Just tsunamis and volcanoes!

(Out of sheer politeness the New Breed Sovereign does not correct his Vanilla Goddess.)

Veena Adams: Oh dear gawd…

(Viz and Veena look to their left, and the camera follows their lead. Viz touches his hand dramatically to his heart when he sees what’s coming their way. Big Bhris Bhampionship competitor Chudd is lumbering towards their table. He has a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken tucked under his arm and he’s currently ripping into a chicken breast. As he chews, crumbs and chicken grease dribble down his chin and onto his chest.)

Veena Adams: I think I’m going to be sick.

(Chudd finally makes his way up to Viz and Veena and practically collapses on top of the table. It miraculously doesn’t break under his weight.)

The Visual Prophet: Imagine if he were facing Xander Payne.

(Veena shudders.)

Veena Adams: That’s too horrible of a thought.

(The bucket of chicken falls to the ground and Chudd lets out a depressed sigh.)

Chudd: Three second rule.

The Visual Prophet: No honey. You’ll never get that picked up in three seconds. Can someone please come get this man and remove him? We’re in the middle of a show.

(Chudd holds up his fat hand. He’s trying desperately to catch his breath at the moment.)

Chudd (wheezing): Hang on. I have something to say.

Veena Adams: What the hell can you possibly have to say? You can barely catch your breath!

Chudd (gasping): Tonight, I will get in the ring and and and I will compete for the most prestigious title in all of Elite Answers Wrestling. I will face Landerson, Woogie, and that dirty French bastard Provencal!

The Visual Prophet (sighing): And what’s your point?

(Chudd thinks for a moment.)

Chudd: My point is this. I will not have a heart atta-

(All of a sudden, Chudd straightens up, gasps, and grabs his left arm. He collapses to the ground, the impact causing the arena floor to crack where he lands. Veena is even knocked out of her chair! Viz rushes to help Veena, as medical personnel come running into the scene. None of them stop and check on Chudd. They immediately go to Veena, who’s grabbing at her neckbrace.)

(Fade to commercial.)

(Commercial break for Hot Pockets featuring Provencal.)

(Fight Grid returns and cuts to Veena and Viz. Veena looks a shaken by what just happened with Chudd causing the ground to crack. She is still dramatically grabbing at her neck, and wincing every so often.)

Veena Adams: I really hope Chudd dies inside the ring tonight.

The Visual Prophet: Are you okay?

Veena Adams: What choice do I have? I have a job to do. Regardless of what happens to me, I will make sure I power through. Overcoming adversity is nothing new to me, and maybe if I’m lucky, one day Gawd will perform another miracle and allow me to regain the use of my neck. It’s been a few years since Xavier Williams stole the best years of my life from me, but I’m doing everything I can to just make it in this world. It’s awful knowing that I could very well spend the rest of my life in this neckbrace, but I will persevere. I’m sure the earthquake Chudd just caused will hinder my recovery, but I believe in miracles.

(Viz smiles sweetly at Veena and pats her hand.)

The Visual Prophet: You are a miracle.

???: Oh god. You both should just go fuck yourselves.

(Raven Roberts walks onto set wearing a red mini dress and heels, her hair and makeup obviously styled by people paid way better than the EAW glam squad. She has a “Rex McAllister” arm band on her left arm)

Raven Roberts: That’s just the natural conclusion of you two being around each other isn’t it?

Veena Adams: What the fuck are you doing here, cum bucket?

Raven Roberts: I have something of a personal interest in one of the matches here tonight. But some producers said you may want an actual wrestler’s opinion on things.

(Viz and Veena exchange looks with one another.)

Veena Adams: There is literally only one wrestler sitting up here right now and that is the New Breed Sovereign. You are a fucking cunt, and have absolutely no right to give an opinion on anything, least of all actual wrestling. That dumb stuff you ring rats do on Empire is going to pale in comparison to everything we see here tonight and maybe if you do your job and keep Rex pleased, some of his talent will rub off on you and you won’t completely fucking suck at this job.

(Raven takes a small chuckle.)

Raven Roberts: Yeah… you’ll forgive me if I don’t take relationship advice from someone who’s actual claim to fame is her family member that spent the better part of this season promising to rape someone.

Veena Adams: I’m sure it was the most pleasure Cameron Ella Ava has ever had in her life. She deserved it.

Raven Roberts: Yeah. Well. That’s about a statement and a half from you, isn’t it? But as far as actual wrestling goes, seeing as I was the first person your Visual Prophet couldn’t put down with his finisher, and the person who’s name he still can’t keep out of his mouth lately, my credibility stands for itself there, dye job.

The Visual Prophet: Raven, do you love me?

Raven Roberts: I love you like a cat loves swimming.

The Visual Prophet: Do you love Vanilla Rex?

(Raven smiles and shakes her head at the audacity.)

Raven Roberts: My relationship is my business. We’ve been together barely six weeks.

The Visual Prophet: Do you love the fact you broke up a man’s family and it’s because of you he is going to be facing off against Darling Daryl in a match that could very well spell the end of their relationship?

Veena Adams: There is no bond stronger than father and son unless it’s Viz and Veena, and you just brought your whore ass right in the middle and completely destroyed everything. How does it feel to be a fucking homewrecker? A nasty little slut? A little Empire ring rat who just spreads her legs for whatever fucking Elitist she can sink her claws into? How does it feel knowing you are nothing more than some pi-

Raven Roberts: You done? Don’t care. My relationship with Rex doesn’t have a damn thing to do with his relationship with Daryl. In fact the night that YOU, Veena, drove a wedge between them with that trashy tag match you whipped up just because you can’t take your little witch fingers out of anything, I cancelled my date with Rex so he could chase Daryl down and work things out. What the two of you are trying to do is involve me in something that started well before Rex and I started dating. We got together on Valentine’s Day. Daryl’s split with Charlie and his little My Chemical Romance style emo meltdown has been brewing since last fucking year.

(Veena looks down at her perfectly manicured nails. After a moment, she turns to Viz.)

Veena Adams: Do you hear something, Vizzy?

The Visual Prophet: I don’t hear anything.

Veena Adams: I didn’t think so. We should probably cut to a commercial break.

(Raven gets to her feet before walking off.)

Raven Roberts: What I fucking thought you little—

(Fight Grid abruptly cuts to commercial break before Raven can ether the shit out of Veena.)

(Commercial break for Fashion Nova, featuring the exclusive collection designed by The Visual Prophet.)

(Fight Grid returns and the scene cuts backstage where Nina is standing by the with number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Xander Payne.)

Nina: Xander! Xander! Hi!

Xander Payne: Hi.

Nina: Tonight is big night for you! You have chance to beat Noah Reigner for world championship.

Xander Payne: Yes.

Nina: How you feel right now?

Xander Payne: I feel fine. This entire week I’ve kept my temper and didn’t let anything Noah had to say affect me negatively. The fact of the matter is, once that bell rings later on tonight, I’m going for broke. This is my first opportunity to win a world championship here in EAW and I’m going to make the most of it. My New Breed Championship reign is often scoffed at, but lets be real. No one wanted that championship until I won it at Payne for Pride 1. I pried it from The Revenant’s traitorous hands and became the New Breed God. Since then we have seen a New Breed Queen and a New Breed Sovereign. You have people running around already claiming to be a New Breed Majesty and of course there’s Myles, who wants to be the New Breed Admiral. This whole movement of being the New Breed Something Something never would have taken off if not for the fact I became a God.

Nina: New Breed Sovereign better.

Xander Payne: Shut your mouth. The New Breed Sovereign is not better than me and you know who else isn’t better than me? Noah Reigner. The so-called Assault Rifle has basically threatened me with death this week and that’s because he knows the only way to defeat me is to put me down for good. I have devoted half of my life to this business and now I’m in a position to make sure all my hardwork and dedication has paid off. I’m better than that idiot holding the Interwire Championship. I’m better than a half-wit man who thinks he’s part goat. I’m better than whatever the hell a God Emperor is. I’m better than a woman who has an adjective for a name. I have already proven I’m better than that hack Jackson Blayde. And tonight, I will outclass Noah Reigner and take his title away from him. I’m going to walk into Grand Rampage as the World Heavyweight Champion, and after I defeat POP or LC, I’ll go on to headline Payne for Pride 2 in the state of Georgia. Atlanta is a city that breeds mediocrity. The Atlanta Braves have one World Series. The Falcons are choke artists. I don’t even remember the name of the basketball team, and of course they don’t even recognize the real sport that is hockey. Having me there as a headliner this summer is going to bring the city prestige. Payne for Pride is the biggest event of the year, and I’m looking forward to walking into it as the Elite Answers Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion.

(Nina beams at Xander, who ignores her and walks off. Fight Grid fades to its final commercial break.)

(Commercial break for the now defunct Atlanta Thrashers hockey team. Once upon time, we did recognize hockey, Xander Payne.)

(Fight Grid returns, and for the last time we see Viz and Veena sitting at their special preshow panel table. Veena looks at her champion and flashes him a smile.)

Veena Adams: We have a few minutes left here on Fight Grid, before Tempest goes live. How about we do some predictions, Vizzy?

The Visual Prophet: Of course!

Veena Adams: Father versus son. Former World champion Rex McCallister take on Daryl Kinkade in a submission match.

The Visual Prophet: I’ll be honest, Daryl Kinkade in a submission match with Rex might be the most one sided match on this card besides of course Thy Sovereign against Myles! I mean, Daryl is a former tag team champion, former national elite champion, he held both these titles at the same time and he deserves his credit. Rex is one of the best Voltage has to offer and despite losing his World title to Impact at King of Elite, he is still absolutely a solid wrestler. I want it to be noted I am higher up on the card then both these gentlemen by the way.

Veena Adams: Noted.

The Visual Prophet: As for both of them, I hope they both accidentally lick each other on the face and get salmonella poisoning and keel over in the middle of the ring and die because they both are a pair of undercooked tofu looking cacs that are going to distract people from The Main Attraction, Thy Sovereign. But, more than likely I predict Darling Daryl Kinkade winning via a roll up.

Veena Adams: It’s a submission match, Viz

The Visual Prophet: Oh, then I’m going Kinkade with inspiration from me and he makes Rex tap to an ankle lock!

Veena Adams: Fair enough. I just hope that Rex opens his eyes and realizes that his STD-ridden whore of a girlfriend is nothing but trouble and that he dumps her. But anyways, next is the fatal fourway match…

The Visual Prophet: YASSS! My favorite superstar in the company, Woogieman! Woogie takes on that fat slug Chudd, that quesadilla eating midget Landerson, and that registered sex offender Provencal for the coveted Big Bhris Bhampionship! I’ll be honest, if I wasn’t for that disgusting eating contest they held on Voltage, I’d easily give this to Woogieman for the win here at Tempest. Provencal, he may look like a kid diddler but I kid you not, I can see him winning this match!

Veena Adams: I don’t even know why this match is on Tempest. Watch some idiot actually vote for this for Match of the Night. :wow:

The Visual Prophet: The next contest is a falls count anywhere match between Jack Ripley and Mr. Charles Marr. Now, Jack Ripley is another tag team specialist who has come to Voltage to be a single’s champion just like me. Except he wisely isn’t getting in the long line of challengers across EAW looking to take my New Breed title…he is looking to pin his opponent anywhere and go on to become the number one contender for the National Elite championship. Jack Ripley isn’t facing some ordinary man, however. Voted best beard in EAW, Charles Marr has also been known as a tag team guy prior to the splitting of MarrKade a few weeks ago. Charles Marr is a controversial man, something I actually love about him, and he ignited this rivalry by maiming Jack Ripley’s sister and mocked them both by saying he would pay a visit to see her in the hospital. Jack seems motivated and Charles Marr is a crazy creep so I expect this match to go the distance. A battle from the balcony to the basement, falls count anywhere with a title opportunity on the line?

Veena Adams: So who are you going with Vizzy baby?

The Visual Prophet: I got Jack Ripley pinning Charles Marr after he slips in the locker-room showers and breaks his neck like he broke Daryl Kinkade’s heart.

Veena Adams: #darlingdaryl… lets get it trending. Next up… Lethal Consequences versus The Prince of Phenomenal. Two oldheads.

The Visual Prophet: The World Heavyweight Championship Number one contender’s match! This one I’m excited for, Veena. Prince of Phenomenal is one of the greatest Elitist to ever wrestle! Lethal Consequences is a two time hall of famer! I used to watch these guys in high school…I am 24 years old! If this was 2011, I’d be more excited but hey this is what happens when old people don’t retire. I know it’s for the number one contender’s spot to the World title but Jesus Christ how many times are we going to see these guys beat each other up? I was at home in 2011 watching these two choke to Alexander De Vinci for the EAW Answers World Championship. Now? They are here in 2019 still fighting for world title chances to choke away. When will the nostalgia wear off? When will we run out of icy hot and Epsom salt for these geriatric goofs? I don’t know…they may be the last thing in the ring when a nuclear bomb destroys us all and they stand unsullied and alive like cockroaches as they fight in the year 2099 for the dust that is what is left of the EAW World title. Impact will be in the corner ready to run in and interfere because he’s another old piece of shit but eh at least it isn’t Solomon getting this shot, am I right?

Veena Adams: So what do you think will happen?

The Visual Prophet: I think if this was 2011, I’d pick Lethal Consequences. It definitely is not 2011, so I’m going with PoP. All slander aside, PoP is just better than Lethal right now. PoP deserves the right to go for the World title and choke one last time!

(Veena makes a choking noise and grabs at her neck. She’s hilarious sometimes.)

Veena Adams: Now. The National Elite Championship match. I’m sure this one is going to be a blood bath.

The Visual Prophet: Farrell V challenges Jackson Blayde for the National Championship in a no disqualifications match. I’ll be honest…I really like Jackson Blayde. I think he is rich and has a body that just screams HE GOES HARD. HGH if you wanna’ abbreviate it but this guy is almost as good of a champion as Thy Sovereign! Then we have Farrell V who, I guess is a cool guy? I feel like the fans loved him for beating up on Jackson Blayde on Voltage but I just don’t know if that’s enough to get a sexy, sexy, rich, sexy guy like Jackson off his game. Farrell V has the entire crowd on his side, it’s clear they love him! Farrell beat another crowd favorite in Korey Gaines to even get this title match and I’ve made it clear I like Korey Gaines. Not because Korey is actually good, but because he gave me props after I kicked his ass and I think that’s a good attribute all these EAW elitists should strive to emulate.

Veena Adams: So you think Farrell V will win the National Elite title?

The Visual Prophet: Oh, hell no. Jackson is like me and he will do whatever he has to do to keep that title around his waist! Royal Crown Breaker for the three count as Blaydemerica holds a parade in his honor!

Veena Adams: Hmmm, a parade. I’ll make a phonecall. That is must-see Voltage TV!

The Visual Prophet: Time for the “main event”! Though it likely ends the show, we know whatever match I am on is the main event because The Visual Prophet is the main attraction! But, here we have “The Assault Rifle” against “The Paynekiller”! We have House Reigner going one on one with The House of Pancakes! Noah Reigner and Xander Payne with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line! I have faced Noah Reigner, he kicks people in the face and they hurt. In fact, I feel like he hates black people with how hard he tried to kick me with that Killshot. I have not faced Xander Payne but I have watched a lot of his work before. Xander Payne is what we call, fat. Xander Payne’s ID picture has stretch marks. Payne apparently only weighs 10 more pounds then me and I believe this is an offensive lie that EAW has done to perpetuate this glutton as a true competitor. I’m not saying he isn’t in shape, what I mean is he is built like a shape. A very wide sphere to be exact. Noah Reigner isn’t that much better. This match up looks like one big before and after picture of an obese cac who just got triple bypass surgery and their stomach stapled. One is overweight and the other is underweight and I am mildly impressed by either as men. I will say this, both men are great wrestlers. Neither is a good human being, and I legit think Noah Reigner may be the descendant of Adolf Hitler with the way he kicked me in the face a few months ago. If he kicks Xander Payne like that in the gut, Xander Payne won’t feel it. If he aims for the head like Thor should have did with Thanos? He should win!

Veena Adams: And finally… we have the real MAIN EVENT! The only match worth seeing tonight. My darling Vizzy, I know you are going to go out there tonight and do me proud.

The Visual Prophet: Veena, I am the New Breed Champion. I know you will not be allowed ringside but I know you will be with me in spirit. I know you will be by my side in spirit as our bond goes beyond the physical realm! I am bummed you will have to watch me brutalize Myles but it’s likely for your own good. I am going to hurt that beautiful face of his and retain this title of mine!

Veena Adams: Spoiler Alert, Viz! C’mon, give the people a prediction!

The Visual Prophet: Fine…*sassy sigh* ok! Myles is a square jaw Cac who is somehow Mexican and somehow Australian at the same time. His parents are dead so they probably are in hell watching this FPV on a big screen as their toes are stabbed with thousands of tiny needles and their backs are whipped for eternity and beyond. Myles is one of the toughest men in EAW, he is in amazing shape and has even pinned the number one contender to the world title and potentially the next number one contender to the world title in Xander Payne and Lethal Consequences. Myles has a finishing move known as The De Facto and once he hits it, it usually means lights out for his opponents! Myles was the face of the one and only Battleground super-show, where he main evented and defeated Xander Payne! That show was so successful with him main eventing it, that Battleground closed down the very night after it aired. The Soldier, you know cause that’s what Myles name means in latin, he’s been on a shaky war path since then all while I, THE VISUAL PROPHET, have ruled supremely across EAW as the New Breed Champion! I think it’s clear I have faith in myself but let me make my prediction concrete for all you people…

(Viz adjusts himself as he stares right into the camera.)

The Visual Prophet: I WILL WIN BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! I WILL RETAIN MY TITLE! MYLES IS GOING TO GET A BIG KISS TO THE HEAD FOLLOWED BY BAM A KISS TO THE HEAD! Simple as that! They should change the name from Tempest to THE VISUAL PROPHET because after I pin Myles and defend this New Breed Title, this FPV will be synonymous with my greatness and you all will be saying my name!!!!

(All of a sudden, a shriek erupts from the mouth of Veena Adams! Viz whips around and comes face to face with Myles! Myles slams his fist into the Prophet’s face and kicks him in the gut! The caught off guard New Breed Champion isn’t able to react as Myles picks him up and lays him out with a De Facto!!! The spinning pumphandle Samoan Drop plants Viz on the floor! Myles stands over the fallen New Breed Sovereign and points at Veena.)

Myles (Off Mic): This is your champion? This is your New Breed Bitch?

(The Australian jerks Viz up and throws him over his shoulder!)


(With a smirk, Myles drops Viz THROUGH THE PRESHOW PANEL TABLE with Canadian Rack DDT combination!!! The table breaks in half and Myles snatches up the New Breed Championship, holding it high in the air! Veena has dropped down to her knees and is checking on Viz, as Fight Grid fades to black.)

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Written by Fight Grid

Dynasty 3/22/2019

Tempest (2019)