Take A Knee

(Fight Grid intro plays and the Fight Grid logo stays on the screen for a moment as we fade to a studio set with Kathy Kush standing mid stage with a screen behind her)

Kathy Kush: Hello everyone! Welcome to this special edition of Fight Grid! I’m your host, Kathy Kush. We are coming to you with an update on the status of an elitist injured earlier tonight at a live event in Hagerstown, Maryland. We received this footage sent in from a fan on Social Media that was taken during a match between Malcolm Jones and Cody Marshall.

(Camera pans up to the screen behind Kathy to show the footage as she continues speaking)

Kathy Kush: As you can see, Malcolm Jones manages to escape Cody’s attempt to hit the Rapture before executing a dropkick and moving to try and climb the turnbuckle, presumably to attempt his patented Five Star Swag Splash. But it’s to no avail because as soon as he reaches the top rope, Joshua Nicholls of the Revolution comes from the crowd and pushes him off the top to send him to the mat. The referee waves for the match to be called off, but it doesn’t stop the assault that Joshua proceeds with. Malcolm would attempt to fight back, shoving Josh away and getting to his feet. But as soon as he backs Nicholls to the ropes, he pulls back to clothesline him over the top, but Nicholls would suck and Jones was struck with a chair to the head from Josh’s tag partner, Jake Smith, who had been hiding on the outside. Nicholls then forces Jones throat first against the ring ropes to choke him as Smith slides in the ring. Nicholls takes the chair from Smith and places Jones’s leg inside of the chair right around the knee before both members of the Revolution leap into the air and stomp down on the chair, collapsing it around the knee. Jones can be seen in obvious pain as The Revolution stand over him, mocking him. Showdown correspondent, Cori Simmons, managed to catch the pair as they came backstage for the night.

(Screen cuts to later with Cori Simmons backstage at the curtain as Jake and Josh walk through looking very proud of themselves)

Cori Simmons: Jake, Josh, you guys just assaulted the Interwire Champion! What’s going through your minds? Why did you do this?

Jake Smith: *smiling* That bum of a champion tried to mock me because he won some shitty TLC I was in a few weeks ago. He thinks I’m forgettable? And then he shits on my partner like he did last week? Let’s see how long until he forgets me this time.

Joshua Nicholls: *smug* When we beat Cody and Jack this week, we’ll take the titles from those overhyped sex dolls and send their plastic asses back to Empire after they make us some sandwiches like good little bitches. Then we’ll take our Unified Tag Team Titles and show Malcolm Jones what true Champions look like!

Jake Smith: Hell Yeah! We run this show now! We don’t give a damn who says what! We do what we want, when we want!

Joshua Nicholls: Hey Malcolm, why don’t you take that bum knee we just gave you and—

Both in unison: Kneel to the Revolution!

(Camera cuts back to Kathy at center screen in the studio)

Kathy Kush: Jones was rushed to a nearby medical facility where it was discovered he had indeed suffered a minor sprain in his knee. He is expected to miss at least two weeks of action, but is expected to be fully recovered in time for the Showdown exclusive event, Under Siege, where he is expected to defend against one of Damon Diesel, Drake King, or SOSA Henderson. That’s all for now. Tune in next time to keep up with your favorite elitists, right here on Fight Grid!

(Camera fades out and the Fight Grid logo buzzes)

Most Valuable Elitist #169

Empire 2/14/2019