Strawberry Steve

Freshly Picked

Strawberry Steve, or as the ladies call him, The Doctor of Strawbanomics, is a professional wrestler who popularized the art of Sloth Style, also known as Strawb Style. On the indy scene, he got over by doing little to nothing, with his signature “Deadly Kicks” that barely connected with his opponent. His reasoning behind this laziness, is that he’s out clubbing all night, and his energy is completely empty during matches. Occasionally he will try, but that’s mainly when his opponent does one of two things: Prefers Lemons to Strawberries, or kicks him in the dick and strawbs. But, most of the time, he’s lazy in and out of the ring. The time he has the most energy is in the club, which is probably where he’ll promo from.

Written by John Helms

Kid Ohio

A. Catalina Flowers