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Showdown 9/1/2018


(“Misanthrope” By Local H hits as the Showdown intro begins to play before we cut to the live feed of The Centurylink center with thousands of screaming Showdown fans before cutting to the ramp as a fireworks display is shown before a pan around the arena as we finally cut to Pierre McGuire and Deadprez at the commentators table)


Deadprez: You mean where Showdown is going to reign supreme when we defeat the other brands. It’s an on going war that has every brand bringing their best soldiers but you know Showdown bringing that heat and our general manager has said on all social media platforms that tonight is the night that Showdowns team will be finalized and I can’t wait but that’s later on. Let’s get into our first match with the young blood throwing down here to make a name for themselves on the supreme brand!

Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“Golden Age” by Woodkid hits as Gabe Reno makes his entrance)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from San Diego, California by way of Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 205 pounds… GAAAAAAAAAAABEE REEEEENNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!

(“L’amour Toujours” by Gigi D’agostino hits as Luciano Capone makes his entrance)

Fitzpatrick: And his opponent, making his way to the ring from New York City, New York, weighing in at 215 pounds… LUCCCIIIIAANNNOO CAAAAAPOOOOOONNNEEE!!!

Pierre: We open the action on Showdown this week with a double debut from these two young men. Both have just signed their contracts and both have immense potential. What do you see in this matchup Deadprez?

Deadprez: I see two young men looking to start on the right foot. As far as a physical breakdown, Luciano holds his ten pound weight advantage but I think Reno’s three inch height advantage plays a big factor tonight. Also, you say young men. My notes say that Gabe Reno first debuted in wrestling 20 years ago. That experience will definitely play a part in this match.

Pierre: Looks like we are set to go!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: Both men move towards the center of the ring and we get tie up. Reno slips into a side headlock and we get a hip toss takedown. That experience playing into effect right now. Capone needs to find an escape but Reno is wrenching at the side headlock. Now Capone pulling at Reno’s arm but Reno adjusts his position and maintains control. Capone starts to land a few shots at the back of Reno’s head… Gets his opening! He slides his head out and nips up to his feet! Capone back up but— DROPKICK TO THE FACE OF RENO FROM CAPONE! Reno is down but now Capone grabs him by the head and pulls him up, looking to capitalize while he has the upper hand. SNAP SUPLEX! Reno lands hard on his back! He’s wincing in pain!

Deadprez: That’s the negative to all that experience partner. Twenty years means you know what you’re doing, but your body has been through that much punishment already in your career. Each shot hurts just that much more. Now Capone lines up! WOW! Standing moonsault! What athleticism from this new signee! Tries a quick pin!



Kickout from Reno! Now Reno rolls to the apron, looking for a break to gather himself. He steps to the side and pulls himself up by the ropes… HERE COMES CAPONE!

Pierre: RENO SLIPS TO THE SIDE! CAPONE WENT FOR A SPEAR THROUGH THE ROPES BUT RENO MOVED AND CAPONE CRASHED AND BURNED TO THE OUTSIDE!!!! Capone may have hit his head against the barricade! Now Reno steps back into the ring and tells the red to start the count!


Capone is not moving! He’s blinking his eyes but I don’t know if there’s anyone home!


Reno leans against the turnbuckle watching and waiting!


Capone is awake! He’s sees where he is and tries to shake the fog out of his head!


Capone up to his knees! Looks to the ring!


Capone is crawling! Reno looks annoyed!


Capone is nearly to the apron now! He might make it in time!


Capone has his hands on the apron skirt! He’s pulling himself up… BASEBALL SLIDE FROM RENO! HE MAY HAVE JUST KNOCKED CAPONE’S TEETH OUT! And now Reno is on the outside and he’s stomping into Capone! He grabs Capone and lifts him up, rolling him into the ring. Reno follows quickly behind! Now he pulls Capone up, and now he whips him into the ropes. Clothesline!

Deadprez: DUCKED BY CAPONE! Kid has life! Bounces off the ropes again! FLYING CROSSBODY TAKES RENO DOWN! Now Capone sees his chance! Quickly to the top rope… SUPERNOVA!!!!!

Pierre: INTO THE KNEES OF RENO! Now Reno takes his turn to run to the top rope! RATED R! The front flip leg drop lands right across the neck of Capone! Cover!!!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

(“Golden Age” by Woodkid hits as Gabe Reno stands up and raises his arms in the air)

Deadprez: big win here for Reno in his debut! Looking forward to seeing what he is able to do here in EAW!

Pierre: He showed a lot of mental maturity in this match! You gotta wonder what else he has up his sleeve!

(Commercial for the Poon Palace, now taking reservations for children’s birthday parties)

(Camera opens right back up to Shane Gates And Damon Diesel standing inside the ring as Damon Diesel holds the microphone in his hand and begins to speak)

Damon: We’ve been waiting, and honestly my patience is running real thin. This brand doesn’t realize how desperate they are in need of someone willing to step up, when I look around I don’t see anyone else willing to fight for Showdown and captain this brand to victory. I see people sitting on their hands, well despite what you all think about the NEO Syndicate, not only are we 2/3rds of the best in the entire brand and we pride ourself on that through grit and hard work but when one of us goes down we all still achieve and even though Michael Bishop sustained some serious injuries doesn’t take away the fact that we are still standing, when the Syndicate was formed it wasn’t about your typical group with a leader. The syndicate was about equals of the best talent collectively working towards the same goal and that is to be the absolute best. Therefore whatever brand we are on makes us the absolute best and we prove it every time we step foot in an EAW ring whether as a unit or as individuals we are the best and therefore we want to prove that Showdown is the best. And we want to do it on a big stage at one of the biggest fall classic events in EAW history.

(Shane rises his microphone as he begins to speak)

Shane: Normally with our credentials a guy would jump at the opportunity to have talent like this represent but not our General Manager who listens to nothing but shitty music and is busy doing everything else around here except making the decision as to who is going to be the captain of his army heading into the War Games. I’m not a patient man and neither is Damon. We are perfectly capable of going into this match ourselves and surviving the War Games because together we’ve proven to be so much stronger. We’ve proven that we could work and I’d rather have a unit than have bullshit teams created on the fly. This is our show, and we will defend our turf, feed these hungry dogs Hurricane Hawk or you’ll be made the laughing stock of EAW considering you was the one who presented this challenge, but you aren’t adherent to the challenge. Get your ass out here right now and give us what we earned and what we deserve and that is to showcase why the if you think the NEO Syndicate is dead that you are absolutely dead wrong.

(“Moments pass with no one coming down the ramp before on the titantron we see Hurricane Hawk in his office as the door is heard being slammed on the way out”)

Hawk: Angry ass mofo.. but back you two, my favorite people who have been on my ass about this captain thing. You think I be out here challenging these brands for smoke and be scurrying away? Hell no. I’ve been weighing my options because I want the best possible chance to win and also in regards to every other brand I want every single bit of the smoke that is about to be delivered because gentleman I am going to give you exactly what you want. Come Territorial Invasion, you two will be on the team and will enter the War Games and will fight in the biggest turf war in EAW history and you’ll bring home the brand warfare trophy.

(Smiles come across Damon and Shane as they begin to celebrate before Hawk cuts them off)

Hawk: But you aren’t necessarily the captains of the team, I just spoke to the man who will be the captain of team Showdown, and I feel this is the best possible option because this man thrives in the kind of environment you’ll be stepping inside, this man lives for the thrill of this kind of match and not to mention he is absolutely angry every damn day and I doubt he’ll pick Territorial Invasion to be in a damn good mood. Considering you both know him well. Eh I’ll just let you see for yourself considering he’s on his way out to the ring right now.

(“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana hits to a AMAZING pop as Diamond Cage steps out with the EAW Championship and new “CAGE” skull t-shirt on as the crowd cheers loudly as Cage begins making his way down to the ring)

Deadprez: FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I LIKE THIS, I agree with this, let this crazy bastard enter the War Games. If anyone knows anything about that structure it’s Diamond Cage and damn it who better to lead us to victory than a man who has been so red hot for almost a year now!

Pierre: But this means Cage will have to compete twice! That’s a lot to ask considering he’s defending that EAW Championship in a Triple Threat and he also will captain Showdown? Cage has proven to be indestructible but the odds haven’t been moreso stacked against the kingpin of EAW right now.

(Cage enters the ring as he looks at Damon and Shane who share looks with each other as Cage places the EAW Championship on his shoulder and begins to speak)

Cage: I said it last week and I’ll say it again, doesn’t matter if I’m defending the EAW Championship in a Triple Threat, the fact of the matter is I see this EAW Championship as the number one Worlds Championship. This championship is EAW and so am I and with that I not only carry EAW but this belt is exclusive to Showdown which makes Showdown EAW as well and this brand is a reflection of me. We know I’m not one to let’s say place nice with others but I am the one to get the damn job done. You two have no knowledge of war games but you’ll learn quickly or get your head split the fuck open it doesn’t mean an absolute damn thing to me. I know who I am and I am the most dangerous unstoppable fighting machine and everyone is talking about smoke well. If that’s how the kids are using it then Diamond Cage wants all the smoke to prove just who is the number one champion in EAW. I don’t like either of you and the reason Michael Bishop had his injuries was because he went to war with Diamond Cage and pretended to be fine afterwards and I haven’t forgotten about the day you son of a bitches attacked me. But one thing is for sure, as captain we are going to do things my way, which is the fun way, we’re gonna throw punches and use whatever we can find and we are going to kick their asses and bring the victory back to Showdown? Sounds good? Good.

(Cage drops the microphone as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” hits and he takes his leave as Damon And Shane share a look and they begin conversating to themselves)

Pierre: Well that’s our EAW Champion, blunt and gets right to the point as he looks to lead Showdown to victory, I have my worries but if anyone can get the job done it’s Diamond Cage.

Deadprez: Cage might be the absolute worse captain in all of sports, Cage is like the Kobe Bryant of War Games meaning he’s more likely to hit people with Barbwire bats than save his teammates the same way Kobe was more likely to shoot over 6 defenders before pass the ball. But this is his world and Team Showdown is complete! Diamond Cage, Damon Diesel and Shane Gates are about to go to war together!

(Commercial Break— EAW 2k19 Showcase Mode Advertisement)

(Camera opens back up to the Centurylink arena)

The camera cuts to Aaron Fitzpatrick in the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is the second match in a Best of Seven Series!!! And it is a No Disqualification Match!!!

(“Till I Collapse” by Eminem hits to a loud pop from the crowd as Nobi appears on stage and salutes the crowd. Nobi takes in the adoration from the fans before walking towards the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing first from Indonesia weighing in at 251 pounds… “The White Knight” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBIIIII!!!!

(Nobi begins making his way down the ramp slapping hands with his many fans. Nobi is shown taking selfies with fans smiling as he gives his t-shirt to a small child at ringside.)

Deadprez: Nobi took that L in the first match of the series last week. He is looking to make a big comeback this week!

Pierre: Nobi has been very silent since his loss to Terry. He is very focused on regaining his ground in this best of seven series!

Deadprez: Terry has said he is going to destroy Nobi! Nobi just returned recently but Terry has decided that his 15 minutes of fame are up! Nobi isn’t planning on letting his return fizzle out this soon tho!

Pierre: But Nobi has the power of… WAIT WATCH OUT!!!

(Terry Chambers comes running down the ramp with a steel chair smashing it across the back of Nobi!!! That sounded like a gun going off in this sold out arena! Nobi goes tumbling down the ramp as Terry chases after him bashing him with the chair! Terry tosses Nobi into the ring as the referee calls for the bell!!! DING! DING! DING!)

Deadprez: We are underway and Terry Chambers wasting no time at all with that sneak attack from behind! Remember this is no disqualification and Terry sure didn’t forget! Terry driving the steel chair into the neck of Nobi as he goes for the cover!!!



Pierre: And Nobi gets the shoulder up! But Terry Chambers uses the chair to put the shoulder right back down! Terry like a man possessed as he continues to bash the chair into the shoulder of Nobi!

Deadprez: Nobi with absolutely zero chance to recover as Terry Chambers rolls out of the ring and flips open the ring apron. Terry looking around inside! What else could he need besides that chair?

Pierre: Terry pulls out a baseball bat! Oh god Terry going full Negan style on Nobi here tonight!

Deadprez: Terry sliding back into the ring as Nobi is shown getting back up. Terry in position as he prepares to swing the bat…


Deadprez: I think I saw a tooth fly as Nobi just got bashed across the head with that bat! A pool of blood now forming around Nobi’s head! Terry Chambers climbing up to the top rope… and he leaps off driving the baseball bat right into the back of Nobi!

Pierre: Nobi spasming from that shot with the baseball bat as Terry Chambers doesn’t look like he’s finished yet! Terry rolling out of the ring and going under the ring apron yet again!

Deadprez: Terry Chambers drags a table out from under the ring!


Pierre: Terry giving the people the wood that they so desperately crave!

Deadprez: Terry setting the table up in the ring as Nobi continues to lie motionless on the mat! I think he’s dead Pierre!

Pierre: Nobi will never give up Dead! He has the power of these great fans on his side!

Deadprez: Terry grabs Nobi’s motionless body as he lifts him up dragging him over to the turnbuckle. Terry pulls Nobi up above his head in powerbomb position as he climbs to the top rope! TERRY WITH A POWERBOMB OFF THE TURNBUCKLE THROUGH THE TABLE!!! BAH GAWD HE KILLED HIM!

Pierre: Nobi really not having a good night as Terry screams at him.

Terry: How’s the shoulder bitch?!?!?

Deadprez: Come on Terry! Just pin the man already! This thing was over the moment that bat collided with Nobi’s skull and maybe even before that when he cheap shotted him from behind!

Pierre: Nothing cheap about it Dead! This is No DQ! Anything goes! Terry rolling out of the ring as he yet again goes under the ring. Come on Terry Nobi is a nice guy! Just finish this thing and shake his hand like a respectable man!

Deadprez: Terry is ruthless here tonight as he goes under the ring… and pulls out a sledgehammer!


Deadprez: Terry back in the ring as he climbs up to the top rope with the sledgehammer! Terry looking to destroy Nobi! TERRY LEAPS OFF!!






Aaron Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner… TERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY CHAMBERS!!!

(“Can’t Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr. hits as Terry Chambers has his arm raised in victory and the entire crowd falls silent.)

Deadprez: I think we just witnessed a murder Pierre. Terry Chambers has won the first two matches in this Best of Seven Series and based on the damage that Nobi took tonight I’m not sure if he will even be able to compete in the last five matches.

Pierre: We have medical staff coming out to the ring now as Terry Chambers takes his leave. I’m not sure I can really blame Terry for any of this, he was just doing his job to win the match but Nobi was completely and utterly destroyed with no hope at all of winning this thing. His fans are sure to be disappointed!

(Doctors are shown loading Nobi onto a stretcher as the camera cuts to a commercial for EAW 2k18 Remastered Edition! Buy this exclusive Game of the Year edition featuring all new revised statistics for each wrestler calculated by our trusted team of butt buddies in their side server! HAA)

(We Open Up Backstage where Xander Payne is shown to the audience on Showdown holding his New Breed Championship and looking particularly upset)

Xander: I don’t even know why I’m here. With all this brand warfare stuff going on this could be a trapped and this guy isn’t even here yet. Typical Showdown competitor to no show to a challenge they presented. Wel- Oh there you are.

(Drake King walks up as Xander and King meet eye to eye)

Drake King: ok.

Xander: You challenge me to be here just to play this game with me? And all you have to say is “ok”

Drake King: ok.

Xander: You think saying that repeatedly is going to make you get anywhere close or near to this New Breed Championship? This is an interesting time in EAW and the day I finally hand this championship over for bigger and better cause I won’t lose it. This division will become nothing but the New Breed Disasters.

King: You really don’t know when to shut up? Running your mouth like I’m like every other challenge. You obviously don’t know what to expect and that is why on the show where brands are fighting for supremacy, I’m taking that championship and I’ll defend it on this brand and we’ll finally have a New Breed Champion that doesn’t have to rip off shitty Vin Diesel movies for his name or have to change Pain to Payne to put on a t shirt which is the most unoriginal thing I’ve ever seen.

Xander: Unoriginal? Those shirts made money first of all. They still making money, and second of all who are you to say anything? You’ve done nothing and know absolutely nothing about being a champion and I swear to god I didn’t get my name from a Vin Diesel movie. I honestly thank god I wasn’t drafted to Showdown because not only would I run through this roster but I’d have to succumb to sheep and mindless blood worms like you who think they’ve climbed to the top and
Maybe you are there trying to knock me off but when I knock you down it’s a long way back down and I don’t think you’ll be able to crawl your way back up pal.

???: Enough!

(Raven Roberts is shown walking into the scene)

Raven: You two can bicker and challenge each other just to argue, I’m keeping this short and sweet I’m in the match as well and I don’t plan on losing, I plan on bringing that championship to Empire and I don’t need to trash talk, my actions in the ring are words spoken more clearly.

(Raven walks off as Xander looks on)

Xander: I’m never coming to Showdown again

(Xander storms off as Drake King is the only one left)

Drake: ok.

(Camera pans back to the arena)

(“Ice Tray” by Quavo hits to a BIG reaction from the crowd as the Heart Break Boy steps out with the Interwire Championship strapped around his waist)

Aaron: The following contest is a Tag Team Match and it is set for one fall! Introducing first, From Ferguson, Missouri! Weighting in at 220 Pounds!! THE CURRENNTTT EAW INTERWIRRREE CHAAMMMPIONNNN!! The HEAARTTTT BRREAKKK BOYYY!!

(HBB’s music dies down as he takes the Interwire Championship from his waist and holds it in his hand)

(“Holier Than Heaven” by The Amity Affliction hits as a smug Ahren Fournier steps out to boos from the audience)

Aaron: Introducing his partner, from Pawtucket, Rhode Island! Weighting in at 210 pounds! AHHHHRENNNNN FOURNIEEERRRRRR

(“Glory Bridge” by Chief Keef feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is heard through the speakers as Drillmatic makes their way out to a Mixed Reaction from the crowd)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: AND THEIR OPPONENTS…. Weighing in at a combined 385 pounds……. Astraea Jordan, Malcolm Jones….. the Unified EAW Tag Team Champions….. DRILLMATIC!!!


Deadprez: I’m in absolute honor to be in the presence of such a GOAT like Ahren Fournier. He even elects to start this match against Malcolm Jones as he and HBB share a glance before he turns to Jones and both men lock up for a collar and elbow tie up. Ahren gains control quickly as he applied a hammerlock behind the back of Malcolm Jones. Malcolm though gets his way out of that little predicament by using his free arm to hook Ahren by the head and he snapmares him down to the canvas and quickly applies a headlock. Jones tightening his grasp but Ahren begins rising up to his feet but Malcolm still wearing him down before Ahren drives his elbow into the mid-section of Malcolm and he drives his elbow again forcing the break of the headlock!

Pierre: Ahren runs off the ropes and comes forward but Malcolm leap frogs right over him showing that amazing athleticism but Ahren runs off the ropes again AND MALCOLM FLOORS HIM WITH A BEAUTIFUL STANDING DROPKICK! Ahren pops up quickly and runs at him but he’s taken down with an arm drag! He pops up again and he’s dropped once again with a beautiful arm drag! Ahren frustrated as he creates distance and makes his way over to HBB who is laughing at him. Ahren looking none too pleased as he slaps HBB on the chest which is a legal tag as HBB steps inside the ring and Ahren encouraging him to see if he can do better. HBB and Jones look to meet for a tie up BUT HBB INSTEAD WITH OPEN HANDED CHOPS! REPEATEDLY! And he grabs the arm of Jones and whips him into the ropes, HBB KNOCKS HIM DOWN WITH A CLOTHESLINE.

Deadprez: Jones rising up as HBB LIFTS FOR AN ATOMIC DROP! And he delivers another skin damaging chop for good measure! HBB coming in hot as he Irish whips Jones into the ropes, as the momentum sends him forward. HBB DELIVERS A BIG BACK BODY DROP. Malcolm hits the canvas hard right there holding his lower back as HBB shares a look at Ahren who is none too impressed. Astraea tags herself in as she creeps up behind HBB who is arguing with Ahren. She comes from beh- GOLDPRINT! No Astraea catches his boot and hits a dragon screw which could ultimately break someone’s leg any given night. Jordan begins stomping aggressively all over the Interwire Champion. HBB scrambling up to his feet as Astraea delivers a big forearm smash followed with another! But HBB counter attacking as he delivers a chop to the chest of Astraea! But Astraea with a knee to the mid-section. Front face lock is applied as she looks for a snap suplex

Pierre: BUT HBB BLOCKS! HBB using his leg to block as he instead lifts Astraea who punches HBB IN THROAT WHILE BEING LIFTED! HBB backs up as Ahren slaps him on the shoulder and makes his way inside the ring as Ahren grabs Astraea by the foot as he tried to deliver a boot to the body BUT ASTRAEA IS ABLE TO DELIVER A BEAUTIFUL ENZIGURI TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD OF AHREN FOURNIER!! Ahren is knocked into the ropes but comes forward and ASTRAEA USING THAT BRAID AS A WHIP THAT MAKES A SICK THUD OFF THE RIBS OF AHREN. Ahren in pain as Astraea grabs him but Ahren breaks from her grasp and connects a big European uppercut! Ahren begins unloading with European uppercuts repeatedly before stopping his vicious onslaught. Ahren turns to HBB.

Ahren: SOME GOAT YOU ARE? Couldn’t even handle this woman!

Deadprez: HBB WITH A SCOWL BUT ASTRAEA TAGS IN MALCOLM JONES WHO GRABS AHREN! Ahren though with a back elbow to the face of Malcolm Jones ! Malcolm backs himself up as Ahren runs but Malcolm swinging for a clothesline. Ahren hooks him from behind with a waist lock. He’s looking for the German Suplex but Malcolm counters it with a back elbow to the face of Ahren this time! Malcolm running at Ahren And drops him with a enziguri. Ahren down as Malcolm STANDING SHOOTING STAR PRESS. HBB quickly comes in followed by Astraea who make her way toward HBB and she connects with a Yakuza Kick! HBB ROLLING OUT OF THE RING FROM THAT BOOT! Malcolm begins making his way to the top rope as Astraea in the meanwhile spots HBB STIRRING AND SHE RUNS FOR A SUICIDE DIVE! HBB SIDE STEPS HER AS SHE GOES CRASHING INTO THE BARRICADE. MALCOLM PERCHED AT THE TOP BUT HBB QUICKLY HOPS ONTO THE APRON AND PUSHES HIM OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! HBB ENTERS THE RING AND HES LOOKING FOR THE GOLDPRINT TO MALCOLM!!!! HE INSTEAD CONNECTS WITH AHREN!!! JONES MOVED OUT OF THE WAY AND HBB TURNS RIGHT INTO THE C NOTE!! Spear delivered! And he once again makes his way to the top. Ahren is downed in the middle of the ring. Jones is perched! FIVEEEE STARRRR SWAGGED SPLASHHHH CONNECTINGGGGG AND WHAT A SIGHT IT WAS AS JONES HOOKS THE LEG!!


(“Glory Bridge” picks up once again as Astraea joins Malcolm in the ring and begins celebrating)


Deadprez: I mean are you surprised? Obviously HBB and his ego got in the way. He obviously wanted to superkick Ahren for making a mockery out of him.

Pierre: You know that isn’t true and from where I’m sitting it’s looking like he wanted to hit Jones with the kick. Either way it cost them the victory but I doubt his motivation was to lose here tonight Deadprez.

Deadprez: HBB is a glory hound, if you knew anything about this man you’d understand that!

(Final Commercial Break— Dynasty & Empire Recap)

Fitzpatrick: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

(“Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana hits as Diamond Cage comes out wearing a referees shirt with the sleeves ripped off and the EAW Championship around his waist)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing the special guest referee for this matchup… he is the EAW Champion!!!! DIIIAAAMMOONNNDDD CAAAAAAAAGGGEEEE!!!!!

(Cage removes his title and holds it up for the crowd. He then places it in the timekeepers area before entering the ring)

(“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash hits as Cody Marshall makes his entrance)

Fitzpatrick: And for the competitors! Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 305 pounds… COOOOOODDYYYY MMMAARRRSSSSHHAALLLLL!!!!!!

(Cody comes down and looks at Cage, who waves for him to get in the ring. Cody looks at him for a moment before shaking his head and moving himself to the side of the ring, choosing not to climb in)

Pierre: These two men brawled hard last week and Cody planted Cage on the stage with a chokeslam. He’s gotta know Cage hasn’t forgotten.

(“Ambitionz Az A Ridah” by Tupac hits as TLA makes his entrance)

Fitzpatrick: And his opponent, making his way to the ring from Tlaxcala, Mexico by way of Miami, Florida, weighing in at 210 pounds… T! L! A!

(TLA approaches the ring and looks between Cage in the ring and Cody still on the outside. TLA opts to enter the ring but places himself in a corner where he can see both men)

Deadprez: But this is the man that stood tall in the end. TLA took Cody out with a pipe last week. He may not have hurt Cage himself, but he’d be unwise to assume any alliances.

Pierre: Well they both seem to hate Cody, who has finally entered the ring. Maybe the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: TLA moves towards Cody but Cody backs himself into the corner. He points at Cage.

Cody (off mic): don’t you fuck me here, maple leaf.

Deadprez: Cody simply doesn’t trust Cage to call it fair but… but Cage just shrugged him off and slid out of the ring. He’s telling the men to fight it out! Cody looks between the two and finally moves towards TLA. We get a quick tie up but Cody uses that size and power to throw TLA backwards. TLA stumbles backwards into the ropes and bounces off. Cody with a Big Boot!

Pierre: But TLA with a baseball slide underneath the tree trunk Cody calls a leg! TLA pops back up! HITS WITH A ZIG ZAG! Goes for a pin!

Deadprez: BUT CODY JUST PRESSED HIM UP AND OFF! Serious power from the big man! TLA is shocked! I don’t think he expected that! Now Cody is getting back to his feet and he looks pissed off! TLA comes in and tries to land some shots but Cody shoves him off! TLA charges in but— CODY WITH THE POWER AGAIN! Cody just lifted TLA straight up into a gorilla press! Drops him into a cutter! BUDWEISER SLAM CONNECTS! Cody with a pin!



Deadprez: To be fair, Cage is divorced. He’s free to do as he pleases. And do you see that woman? She a baddie.

Pierre: But he’s supposed to be reffing this match and Cody is telling the same thing at him! Cage just waves him off! But TLA has just rolled to the outside while Cody is distracted! He’s searching under the ring! HES GOT ANOTHER STEEL PIPE! Cody turns around and sees it! Cody now trying to ward TLA off! He’s trying to reason! TLA is looking at Cody with that steel pipe in his right hand! Cody doesn’t want that pipe in play— And The referee agrees! Here comes Cage back into the ring, beer still in hand! He runs up to TLA!

Cage (Off-mic): WHOA! What in the fuck do you think you’re doing? Are you trying to get disqualified?!?

(Cage grabs TLA’s empty left fist)

Cage (Off-mic): This is professional wrestling! Open handed strikes only!

(TLA looks between Cage and the steel pipe. He shrugs and nods his head)

Deadprez: Looks like Cage is big about even the littlest rules!

Pierre: But what about the big ones like no steel pipes? Even Cody is arguing now! But TLA with a big shot across the jaw of Cody Marshall with that pipe! Cody falls flat and rolls to the outside! Cage takes a swig if beer and begins to count!


Cody hops back up onto the apron and under the rope! Glad he heard that fast count from Cage! Now TLA raining that steel pipe into the rib cage of Cody! Chopping the big man down and looking to end this fast as possible! But Cody finally gets a boot up and shoves TLA with his leg! TLA stumbles back and straight into Cage! Cage dropped his beer bottle and it’s just pouring out! He grabs it and looks to see how much he lost! He’s not happy!

Deadprez: Id say he’s not too happy! He tosses the empty bottle to the outside and calls for another from the vendor walking the aisles! Hang on, he’s telling the guy to wait a sec! CAGE KICKS TLA IN THE GUT! CRADLE TO THE GRAVE CONNECTS! TLA IS LAID OUT! Cody has recovered! He sees TLA! Drapes an arm over him! Cage counts!



Crowd: Three!

Cody looks up! Why did Cage stop— Cage just rolled outside of the ring mid count because the beer vendor got to the barricade! Man needs his refreshment, I guess!

Pierre: What kind of—

Deadprez: Don’t question it. Just enjoy. Cody is livid on the inside! But instead of yelling at Cage again he’s just stomping a hole into TLA! Probably a wiser focus. But TLA now has rolled to the side and out to the floor and—

(Cage has leaned over to Deadprez)

Cage (heard on Deadprez’s mic): Hey man. You got two bucks? I’m short.

Deadprez: Bruh you are the champion of a multi billion dollar company and you ain’t got two bucks?

(Cage gives him the finger and walks away. He reaches over and grabs a cold one out of the vendor’s beer chest)

Cage (off-mic): I owe you.

Pierre: Well that was something. But back to the action, TLA has recovered on the outside but it looks like Cody has also found the steel pipe that TLA dropped. Similar to the one TLA used to lay Cody out last week! TLA looks cautiously, not wanting to go in empty handed. Cage re-enters the ring… AND JUST BUSTED THE FRESH BEER OVER THE BACK OF CODY’S HEAD! Beer and glass fly everywhere! TLA sees his chance! He climbs up quick! Cody is still on his feet, stumbling around, he turns—

Deadprez: MEXICAN DESTROYER! TLA plants Cody and it looks like the big man’s head just planted into some broken glass! Blood flowing from the top of the former hardcore champion’s head! TLA makes the cover! Cage makes the count!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner by pinfall… T! L! A!

(“Ambitionz Az A Ridah” by Tupac hits as TLA rises to his feet, victorious.)

Pierre: That was chaotic. When these three collide in the triple threat match, I can only imagine what that will be like.

Deadprez: Well, TLA gets the win in— MURDER! DEATH! KILL! CAGE JUST LAID OUT TLA!

Pierre: The Champion wants to send a message! TLA got the win, but Cage is still the dominant force— CODY FORM BEHIND! BOTH HANDS ON THE CHAMPION’S NECK! RAPTURE! Cage lands in the broken glass himself! And Cody stands above both of his upcoming opponents! Blood trailing down his face showing what kind of beast lies within!

(A final shot as Cody exits the ring, wiping blood from his face. A camera approaches him as he leaves, but he shoves it away, leaving a smear of blood all over the lens)

(Camera fades to black)

(EAW Logo Buzzes)

Written by Fight Grid

Dynasty 8/31/2018

Voltage 9/2/2018