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Showdown 7/21/2018

(We open up to a shot of Diamond Cage walking backstage wielding a barbwire baseball bat with the EAW Championship strapped around his waist as he’s walking through the area as backstage workers begin parting out of his way as Cage continues to walk)

??: Whoa, Whoa, Cage wait.

(Cage keeps walking ignoring as Hurricane Hawk runs behind Cage and gets in front of him as Cage chokes up on the baseball bat)

Hawk: Listen! Before you do something deranged, I need to know what the hell you are about to do.

Cage: Watch.

(“Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Nirvana hits throughout the arena as Cage walks off leaving Hawk looking concerned as he continues his walk before camera pans to Deadprez and Pierre Mcguire at the commentary table)


Deadprez: And he’s brought an equalizer with him! Obviously last week has set him off to where he feels he needs protection! He needs protection from a group that made him look like a fool last week!

(Cage steps inside the ring with the baseball bat and is handed a microphone as the crowd continues to cheer and Cage has a no nonsense look on his face)

Cage: I knew once I became the EAW Champion again that a target was on my back, guys are going to step they game up and do everything possible to take what I’ve earned away from me. But a coward attack is nothing that surprises me, believe it or not I’m not here to speak, I’m not here to ask why. I’m here to deliver a response. Get your asses out here and finish the job!

(Crowd Cheers as Cage drops the mic and stands in the ring awaiting the NEO Syndicate as the camera rushes up to the ramp but nobody comes out)

(Hurricane Hawk is shown rushing out to the stage)

(Cage grabs up the microphone)

Cage: Shut the fuck up.

(Hawk looks at Cage gritting his teeth)

Cage: I’m handling things my way, and my way isn’t for cooler heads and it sure as hell doesn’t give a damn about who is running this show. I’m the EAW Champion, I’m the man around here and the man is going to put people in their place his way.

Hawk: Cage. If you make any outside contact outside of the main event for tonight with the NEO Syndicate, you won’t have the chance to pick the stipulation for your match at Midsummer Massacre.

Cage: Come again?

Hawk: That’s right, I’m not playing favorites, what happened last week was the Damon, Michael and Liam, they pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes. Including me, and with that being said I’m giving you the opportunity, any kind of match you can think of, you’ll get it but you will not start this show and ruin tonights big six man tag team main event!

Cage: I’ll comply, any match eh? How about this, I want a match where I don’t have to worry about anyone but Michael Bishop, I want a match where he can’t escape and where there’s no salvation for him. I want a Steel Cage match at Midsummer Massacre against Michael Bishop.

(Crowd Cheers for that announcement)

Hawk: Consider it done. AT Midsummer Massacre for the EAW Championship it will be Diamond Cage Vs. Michael Bishop for the EAW Championship inside a


(Crowd reacts even louder as a sick grin crosses the face of Cage and Hawk looks at Cage with concern)

Hawk: Inside a Barbwire Steel Cage, You want it, you’ll get it.

(Crowd cheers even loudly as Cage smiles as “Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Nirvana picks up again as Hawk makes his way to the back and Cage exits the ring and begins slapping fives with fans as we return to Pierre and Deadprez)

Pierre: In Cage fashion, he elects to defend his championship in a monstrosity like a barbwire steel cage, can you believe this?
Deadprez: Yes, it’s Cage. of course he’ll pick an environment where he could very well be shredded AND lose his EAW Championship.

Pierre: Well that’s our BIG main event set for this big return but we’ll be back following these messages!

(Short Commercial Break — Empire Recap)

(The camera returns to Aaron Fitzpatrick in the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!!

(“In the Zone” by PL hits to a silent reaction.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing first from Harlem, New York weighing in at 230 pounds… NAHEEEEEEEEEEEEM “THE DRRRRREAM” BOGARD!!!

(Naheem Bogard comes running out to the ring and he looks really happy to be here.)

Deadprez: He looks so happy! He’s really excited to be here in an EAW ring and it’s so contagious!

Pierre: I agree! He is definitely here and he is definitely happy.

(“Pecypc” by Omnimar hits to loud boos from the crowd.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his opponent from The Pits of Persia “The Temptress” TAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYO!!!

(Tayo comes out to the ring ignoring the boos from the crowd as he makes his way into the ring looking confident and smirking arrogantly at his opponent.)

Deadprez: What the hell? Isn’t a temptress a girl’s name?

Pierre: Are you assuming his gender Dead?!?!?

Deadprez: Shit no of course not! Diversity is our strength. But Tayo will have to use his actual strength to get the job done this week against the Dream!

Pierre: I think that he has proven that he is capable of that as he looks to challenge for the New Breed Championship soon at Midsummer Massacre!!!


Deadprez: We are underway as Tayo is blowing a kiss to his opponent! Naheem looks caught off guard as he gestures to the crowd.

Naheem: What the fuck?!?!?

Pierre: But Tayo charges in as Naheem is weirded out and rolls him up!



Deadprez: The kickout by Naheem! Naheem back up as Tayo immediately drops him with a Clothesline! Tayo running up to the top rope now as he lunges off with a karate kick right to the chest of Naheem! Tayo back up as he waits for his opponent and kicks him in the gut… Stunner connects!

Pierre: Tayo runs across the ring and lands on Naheem’s chest with a Senton Splash! The cover!



Deadprez: And Tayo pulls himself off the cover! Tayo could’ve won right there but he is looking to inflict more punishment and the crowd is not happy.


Pierre: The crowd doesn’t really seem to care about Naheem but they are solidly against Tayo as he unloads with right hands on his opponent in the corner. Naheem tries to escape but Tayo takes him down with a Missile Dropkick! Tayo smirking as he lays posing on the mat waiting for his opponent to get back up. Tayo just toying with Naheem!

Deadprez: Both men back up as Tayo hits a hard Back Chop on his opponent! Tayo grabs Naheem by the head… Snap DDT connects!!! Tayo kicks Naheem on the mat playfully as Naheem looks to be the one dreaming here tonight! Tayo lifting Naheem all the way off the mat up above his head… and he powerbombs him hard into the turnbuckle! Naheem bounces off as Tayo grabs him and connects with Frustration Released!

Pierre: Naheem looks deceased as the crowd boos when they see Tayo still isn’t going for the pin. Naheem being held up on the ropes as he regains consciousness and stumbles forward… Tayo connects with the Thrust Force Knee as Naheem flies back over the top rope! But Tayo grabs him by the neck and pulls him back over… MERCY KILL CONNECTS! The cover!





Aaron Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner… TAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYO!!!

(“Pecypc” by Omnimar hits as the referee raises up Tayo’s arm in victory.)

Pierre: And it really was a mercy kill. Naheem was not in it at all here tonight. Completely and utterly rekt!

Deadprez: Tayo just fucked around with his opponent and then put him away when he felt like it. He is going to definitely be a challenge for his opponent at Midsummer Massacre!

(Tayo has a microphone in the ring as the crowd is groaning.)


Pierre: Wait what the hell?!?!?

Deadprez: Who is that?!?

Pierre: It’s Xander Payne! Xander has lept into the ring and takes out Tayo with the New Breed Championship! Tayo stumbling around the ring in pain after being hit in the face by the championship!

Deadprez: Tayo turns around as Xander drops the title… Xander grabs Tayo… THE PAYNEKILLER CONNECTS!!!

Pierre: Tayo laid out unconscious! He has been owned by Xander!

(Xander Payne is shown standing above Tayo holding the New Breed Championship as we fade into Eve standing backstage with The Revenant, Damon Diesel and Liam Archer)

Eve: Please welcome my guest at this time, The NEO Syndicate! Guys, last week it was a plan that went to fruition and has resulted in The Revenant getting a championship match against Cage but we want to know what’s the reason for this assembling?
Revenant: You tried to get a word with us last week and we told you to piss off, but I won’t do that this week. Fact of the matter is we aren’t green in this business, were the best on this brand and why wait for our turn when we can add in all our strengths together and take our future into our own hands? We went after the big fish and we reeled him in and now he’s ripe for the picking and the only thing left to take from him is the EAW Championship.

Eve: Liam? You was his tag team partner. Why the deception?

Liam: Cause who the hell does Cage think he is? Telling ME? To stay out of his way. That’s the biggest croc of sh*t I’ve ever heard. I got in his way alright and I made sure that I was the one to set off the beating when he had that man vulnerable in this ring and the beatings won’t stop, The Revenant is going to beat Cage and I’m 100% confident in it the same way I’m confident we’ll defeat Cage and those other rookies with him tonight in the main event!

Damon: Listen, Cage should know not to trust anyone still. I mean how long as he been in EAW? Nobody likes the guy long enough to remain his friend let alone his partner. Nobody is better than anybody in our group, we don’t have an ego and that is why we’ll be successful! We are the best Showdown has to offer and damn it we’ll prove it tonight and we’ll prove it when we bring the EAW Championship to the NEO Syndicate.

Eve: And what about the Barbwire Steel Cage?

Revenant: What the hell about it? Doesn’t matter, Cage is going to learn that it takes more than blood and guts to be a champion. He’ll learn it when he loses his championship in a match he selected. I’m done talking to you, and we are also done talking to you Eve. We have a main event to prepare for. And once again, piss off.

(The three men walk off as Eve looks on disgusted as Camera pans back to the ring with Aaron Fitzpatrick awaiting the next contest)

(“Yung Flex” by Team Extreme blares through the speakers as Viktor Jackson walks down the ramp slapping hands with fans.)

Aaron: Introducing first, from Richmond Virgina weighing in at 200 pounds… VIKKKKKKKTORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR JAAAAAAAACKKKKKKKSONNNNNNNN!!!

(“Revolution” by Pennywise hits and the crowd cheers. Drake King walks down the ramp with arms up smiling at all the people in the crowd.)

Aaron: And his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at at 220 pounds… DRAAAAAAAKEE… KIIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: And away we go. Drake King a relative newbie in EAW, versus the one and only Viktor Jackson. Viktor has experience on his side, but let’s see if it actually plays a factor. Drake is trying to start this thing off with a bang as he rushes right at Viktor, but Viktor is able to turn that momentum on Drake as he delivers an arm drag. Drake rolls back up and runs right back at Viktor, but Viktor side steps Drake and he flies out of the ring. What’s Viktor thinking here? He’s looking around at the audience, and clapping. The audience is getting involved clapping along. There he goes, Viktor runs across the ring, and jumps over the ropes hitting a nice senton right on Drake King. Viktor pops right back up and starts hi-fiving the crowd.

Deadprez: Aw, that’s nice, that’s a nice moment. NO! It’s dumb! You know it’s not a popularity contest. You should be trying to put your opponent in as much pain as possible to win, but fraternizing with the crowd is cool too if you want to lose. Finally after that disgusting display, Viktor rolls Drake back into the ring. Drake is getting back to his feet, but here comes Viktor looking for a knee! But Drake moves out of the way and chops Viktor right in the chest! And he delivers another one! And another! He’s back Viktor back into the corner, and finishes it off with a punch to the face. Viktors body crumbles down to the mat. Drake picks Viktor up to his feet, and leans him up against the turnbuckle. What’s he thinking here? Drake is going up to that second rope, Monkey Flip! Oh Damn! Viktor with enough momentum to land on his feet! That was amazing I must say! Drake didn’t see that coming, and runs right back at Viktor! Viktor does a split! And pops back up, and hits a beautiful dropkick right in Drakes face!

Pierre: Reminds you of your old days eh Deadprez?

Deadprez: If I attempted a split at any time in my entire life, I would’ve split everything if you know what I mean.

Pierre: Gross.. Anyway Viktor now on the offensive as he picks Drake up, inverted atomic drop! Seems like he’s trying to set something up here… He turns Drake around.. KILL STREAK! No, Drake breaks out of it! Viktor comes right back at Drake with a lariat but Drake ducks under, and runs off the ropes! He comes back and hits a cross body on Viktor. They both pop up from the ground, and it looks like Drake didn’t get any of that! Viktor caught Drake and rolled up onto his feet with Drake still in his arms! But looks like Drake is wiggling out of it! He is, Drake lands on his feet, and slaps Viktor! Belly to Belly suplex! Drake picks Viktor up, and grabs a hold of Viktor again, and pulls him closer to the turnbuckle! Belly to Belly suplex again! This time directly into the turnbuckle. He pulls Viktor out to the middle of the ring. The pin..

Ref: One! Two!

Deadprez: No! Viktor kicked out, but that was nice thinking by Drake! Drake picking up Viktor by the fro here, he places his knee behind the neck of grabbing Viktors wrist.. What is this? He throws his own body to the ground while still having a hold of Viktors arm! That was some sort of modified neck breaker! How innovative! Drake gets up, and places his foot right on the neck of Viktor. You can hear Viktor screaming out in pain, his neck has been through some stuff tonight. Drake now, just jumping up and stomping down, and another stomp, and another. He jumps up one more time, but this time lands with his knee right down on that neck. You can tell Viktor is in a bad way here. Drake is backing off of Viktor, but I don’t think he’s done, I think he has something in mind.. Here he comes! Shining Wizard! No! Viktor ducked out of the way! Small package! Pin by Viktor!

Ref: One! Two! Thr-

Pierre: No! Drake was able to kick out of that right in time. It was close though. Lariat! Viktor just laid Drake out with a lariat, what force he had behind that! Viktor now picking Drake up! Chop to the chest! And Drake returns with a chop of his own to Viktor! But Viktor responds with another chop! Drake returns with a chop! Back and forth these two keep chopping each other, trying to show their toughness! Chop by Viktor to Drake. Drake with a chop to Viktor. Viktor with.. No! Drake blocked that one! T Bone suplex! That just launched Viktor right across the ring! And Drake has something in mind here! He’s going up to the top turnbuckle! Viktor is down, and it seems that Drake is looking for that 450 splash! Here he goes… Wait Viktor up on his feet, Drake thought he took more out of Viktor than he did. Drake leaps anyway, diving crossbody! Viktor catches him! He flips him into position! KILL STREAK! IT HITS! AND THE PIN!

Ref: One! Two! Three!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: What a display put on by both men here tonight! It was pretty back and forth but I think the experience of Viktor shined through at the end. Tricking Drake to get confident enough to go for a high flying move, when Viktor knew it was coming all along.

Deadprez: Yeah, I’m not a fan of the high flying, everyone knows this. Drake had the match won if he stayed grounded. Unfortunately he’s a millennial that thinks being high is cool, when it’s not, and he paid for it.

Pierre: Yeah.. Well good job to Viktor, but I’m sure Drake will be able to bounce back from this in no time.

(Commercial Break — Midsummer Massacre is officially sold out!)

(“Blackout” by Breathe Carolina hits as Ahren Fournier walks out onto the stage dressed luxuriously in his finest suit. He has the Interwire Championship dropped on his shoulder. Even though he’s inside, he’s wearing sunglasses. He walks up to the camera and shows off his watch)

Ahren: That costs 500k.. Yeah, I’m rich. That’s what happens when you’re the GOAT Champ..

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Ladies and Gentleman please join in welcoming, the GOAT Champion of EAW, The Interwire Champion, Ahren Fournier!

(The crowd is loud, but split. Half are baa’ing along, and some are just flat out booing, but the noise is loud. Ahren stands in the middle of the ring looking out into the crowd smiling.)

Ahren: Thank you, thank you my Fournicators.. Tis I, you’re champion, the champion of the little people.. Ahren Fournier. I’m here because I’m excited. Again last week I proved why I was the very first pick for this brand, and should’ve been the very first pick overall for this entire company. I caaaarrrrriieed, HBB to the finish line, like I knew I would have to. You see it’s written out in the stars, HBB’s light, is fading, and the only way that he can capture that spark again, is through titles. While people like me? We don’t need titles to be thought of as the top guy on the brand. We don’t need a piece of gold strapped to some leather to justify our spot in this company. I’m someone that transcends what it is to be a professional wrestler. I don’t need the Interwire Championship, the Interwire Championship, needs me.

(The crowd loudly boos)

Ahren: Oh.. Oh you.. You disagree? Tell me, look down at the attire you’re wearing right now, what is it? Please tell me.. It’s an Ahren Fournier GOAT shirt isn’t it? You’re damn right. You people know I have eyes right? I can see what you wear week to week. I can see what my royalty checks look like. I know that I’m doing damn well at the merch stand! But it doesn’t come as a surprise to me, because I know who I am. I am entertainment personified, and you pay to see me, THE GOAT! Now there’s people like HBB, that see me doing great things with the Interwire Championship, stealing the spotlight from everyone around me, and he’s jealous. The last time he was here, getting a shot at the Answers World Championship back on Dynasty, I was nothing. I was a non factor on a dead end show. Was that my fault? Politics ran rampant on that show back then, and I was dead in the water before I even began. But I was naive, I didn’t know the ins and outs of all of EAW. But it was blatant from the get go.. Especially when HBB decided to just waltz on back, and have a title match. The sad part about it is, they actually let him do it! Fast forward and here we are a year later, and he wants to do the same exact thing. But now he’s trying to take it out on me! But he didn’t expect a push back. He probably sees the same old Ahren that was there on Dynasty when he was battling for the Answers World Championship. He doesn’t know that things actually change while he’s gone. People progress, people create change, and when you’re not here the change normally tends to shift past you. That’s where HBB should be finding himself, a shell of him former self past by by time. But unfortunately he doesn’t understand the concept of time and still believes it’s 2010, or whenever he was famous. He didn’t expect someone to fight back on him saying he deserves this, and he deserves that. But I am Ahren Fournier.. I won’t be a doormat for anyone. If you want a match with me, you have to earn it! Did he? Do you guys think he earned an Interwire Championship match against me off of last weeks performance?!

(The crowd cheers)

Ahren: I can’t hear you! I said, do you think that THE HEART BREAK BOY WON A SHOT AT THE INTERWIRE CHAMPIONSHIP!

(The crowd cheers louder)

Ahren: Yeah?! Well then let me remind you of something, it doesn’t matter what you people think.

(The crowd starts to boo)

Ahren: No, stop, don’t boo me because you don’t like the truth! That’s not right, as a matter of fact that’s wrong! I won the match last week, not him, me. I had to muster all the strength I had just to get that W! So if you ask me if HBB impressed enough? Naw…

(“Ice Tray” by Quavo plays throughout the arena as HBB comes out onto the stage. He’s wearing a cowboy hat, and boots.)

Ahren: Oh god, a cowboy hat? Cowboy boots? What is this malarkey.

HBB: Listen Ahren, I hear you complaining again as usual, but now you’re just grasping at excuses not to face me. You know damn well that I had that match won, and you decided to come in and steal the victory after I had done everything. That is the truth; don’t worry though, I got my revenge. How does your jaw feel? It’s a shame I didn’t kick you hard enough to break your jaw, it would save us from the torture of you running your mouth.

Ahren: Shhhhhhhhhhh… Shhhhhhhhut up. Shut your mouth, you don’t talk to me like that when you talk to me, ok? You talk to me with the utmost respect, because that’s what I’ve earned. Do you know how I earned it? Nights like last week, when I was paired with a middle aged man who still likes to play dress up. You want to come out here and try to degrade me because I won us the match? I don’t think so.

HBB: Deny it all you want, but you saw last week, you felt my boot, you know damn well I’m still on a high level. And quite frankly, dare I say, a level even higher than you. You did the bare minimum last week, and showed your true colors. Is that how a champion is supposed to act? Pretend to sleep during a match? Pretend to sleepwalk? No, that’s not what being a champion is all about. Quite frankly, back when you first won that title, sure, you had some credibility, and you carried it with dignity. But now? It’s all gone to your head, and you’re not the same person you started out as.

Ahren: God, please help me find the strength not to slap the shit out of this man. Give me strength. Oh, sorry, that’s your boy isn’t it? Didn’t know that he was seeing others on the side? Guess he’s not so committed to you hmm? But yeah, hmmmm, HBB? I can be real, I’ll be truthful, and tell you like it is. Did I do the bare minimum last week? I’m not so arrogant to totally negate the fact that yes, I let you do all the work. It was by design though, not because I wasn’t capable of winning the match by myself last week, but because it was smart not to. I don’t think you have what it takes anymore, and to tell you the truth I was always going to give you this match.

(The crowd explodes in cheers)

Ahren: Alright, alright calm down. But it wouldn’t be a smart move on my part to just hand it to you would it? Sure HBB the old GOAT vs. Ahren Fournier the Young GOAT sounds great on paper, and it will rise my stock just on names alone. But how good can this match be? By laying out on the mat while you wrestled, you got beat up. You wrestled a full match where you displayed what you had, because you had no other choice. You basically wrestled a handicap match last week didn’t you? And you had to exert energy, you had to take a beating, and yeah, you did win that match. But you had to show everything you had. You know we wrestle in front of cameras? Very high tech ones at that; I can scout you that way, and know what I’m getting myself into. There is no definition on how a champion should be in wrestling. Some act with respect, dignity, class.. Others make what they want. An entertaining never-ending party.. I make the people want to see this. I make the people want to see me. HBB I am the biggest must see champion in EAW today based on my antics. You’re welcome for the house. You’re welcome for your paychecks. This is the new age way of thinking, and whether it’s right or wrong, it is what it is. I’ve had success. So much so that even if you did beat me for this title, I’ll be completely fine. I am the definition of what the Interwire Champion should be whether I’m actually the Interwire Champion or not. For years to come people will check the template on Interwire Champions, and I’ll be one of the ones at the very top. So talk whatever nonsense you want, because the fact will remain the same, people will remember me.

HBB: You know how many people have said that they’re above something, that people will remember them? This is one minor moment in time, we have a long way to go. The only way to be immortalized in this company is to create memories, and be in the Hall of Fame. Be a World Champion, beat the best of the best, and have you done any of these things? I’m sure you’ll think that you have done some, but if we don’t look at life through the Ahren Fournier lens, and look at it through reality, we will see that you over hype everything that you are. You aren’t a World Champion, you aren’t a Hall of Famer. If you retired right now, you aren’t making the Hall of Fame. If you retired right now, what would your legacy be? A decent Interwire Championship run, and a win over Jamie O’Hara. That’s about it. Do you think that’s enough to carry the legacy of Ahren Fournier for eternity? No. You’re just another Tybull, another Tig Kelly, another *bleep*. Someone that thinks they’re destined for great things after some success, only to let it get to his head. And you can’t tell me that it hasn’t gotten to your head, because just look at you. Look at this aura that you have self imposed for yourself. The only one looking at you as this GOAT, is yourself. Sure you entertain the crowd, but do they believe in you to win a match? I don’t think so. They cheer your antics on, they’re entertained by you, but that doesn’t garner success in the wrestling ring. And sure, it’s not about what the fans think, it’s not about what people think in general because they can be wrong. We have busts all the time, we have breakout performers who we never thought could get that success. But how many of those people actually exist? The overachievers? It’s a very minuscule number that are actually capable of breaking out of that perception. Are you one of them? Because from what I see, it looks as if you think you’ve already made it, and when it comes down to it.. Once you think you made it; that’s when you fail. Sure I’m a Hall of Famer, sure I’m considered one for the best, but I know that I haven’t been competing at top form as of late, and I plan to make amends for that. So Ahren, I know you said yes in those jumbled words of yours.. But I need you to say it again, do we have a match?

Ahren: Yeah… We have a match.

HBB: Great..

(HBB goes to turn away)

Ahren: BUT! On one condition..

(HBB stops and turns back around slowly)

HBB: Ok? What would that be.

Ahren: You had an impressive showing against two nobodies last week HBB, very impressive indeed. But let’s see how your endurance can handle the stylings of AHREN FOURNIER! MUWAHAHAHA.. You see, we aren’t going to have any match HBB, no no no no.. We are going to have a marathon. Maybe you can be impressive in spurts, but can you go the distance? So you see, The GOAT challenge is, if you decided to accept it.. IS AN IRON MAN MATCH!! Yeah, didn’t see that coming did you? You say you still have it HBB? You say I’m not as good as I say I am? I beg to differ on both accords. You don’t have the endurance, i have the talent, put it together aaannnnnnnndddd what do you get? An old time legend getting embarrassed on one of the biggest stages of the year. What do you think little engine that could? You have enough for the long run? You know you can’t go back into hiding if you were to win this match right? You’ll actually have to stick around this time.. Quite dau-

HBB: ENOUGH! Yes, you want an ironman match? You got it. Be careful what you wish for Ahren, your cockiness might have been your downfall.

(“Blackout” by Breathe Carolina plays as HBB makes his way backstage. Ahren holds the Interwire Championship up, and starts taunting the crowd)

Pierre: Whoa, well that got pretty intense. Strong words from both guys, but I guess we have an intewire Championship match at Midsummer Massacre!

Deadprez: I knew Ahren was just stringing HBB along this whole time! Obviously he was going to give him a match at the end. He just wanted to see how bad HBB really wanted it. He wanted to see if he would actually work for it instead of just getting a hand out. And luckily for him, he passed.

Pierre: Well we now know that this match is in fact happening, and not only is it happening, but it’s an Ironman match!

Deadprez: I CAN’T WAIT! But that’s Midsummer Massacre, still got some more Showdown! GOATdown, the best brand in all of EAW to get to!

(Camera transitions backstage to Eve who is standing by in the interview area with a microphone in hand)

Eve: Hey guys I am here with a veteran in this company who feels his time is long overdue and last week he was given an opportunity to change that, please welcome my guest at this time… the number one contender to the Openweight Championship… Terry Chambers!

(Terry Chambers appears in the frame to a mixed reaction)

Terry: What’s up Eve?

Eve: It’s great to have you here Terry, I must ask you, how does it feel to be the first up for a shot at that Openweight Championship?

Terry: I feel nothing. I won’t feel anything until that championship is draped over my shoulders and I can hold it up as it’s official owner. I’ve been in this business for years, sure I took some time off but all in all the goal has always been the same. To win a championship in this company and solidify my legacy, time and time again I’ve witnessed myself come up short when an opportunity would arise and this time I don’t plan on dropping the ball. By the way I’m not just Andrea’s first opponent for this title, I’m her LAST.

Eve: You appeared on the last Empire and seemingly cost Andrea her Round 1 Empress of Elite match, are these head games on your behalf?

(Terry looks at Eve in disgust)

Terry: Games? Excuse me but I don’t play any games. Games don’t win championships. I simply appeared on Empire because that’s where my opponent resides and I wanted to see what I was in for. I stood at the top of the ramp, I didn’t interfere, I came out there to scout. So how the hell did I cost her anything? She was clearly intimidated by my presence let that get into her head to the point where it resulted in a loss. She costed herself that match. By the way here’s my scouting report: the moment she saw me, she froze up and lost. That just goes to show how she handles situations of pressure, and if that’s what we can expect from her going forward well she simply won’t be champ past Midsummer Massacre. That championship needs a holder who doesn’t freeze up or let people who aren’t trying get in their head. That holder will be me.

Eve: Tonight you’re up against Cody Marshall-

Terry: That’s right, and unlike Andrea two days ago, I look to send a statement by actually defeating my opponent. Cody’s had a lot of garbage to say but trust and believe I don’t need any more motivation to kick his ass than I already have. As for you Andrea, I don’t know if you’re in the building tonight or if my presence spooks you to the point where you’re avoiding me. I see the look of terror in your eyes every time you see me. You realize the clock is ticking on your reign and that the facade will be exposed. Understand this though, there won’t be any lucky surprise roll up pins this go round, I’m bringing the fight directly to you and I’m not holding back. Tonight’s just a preview of what’s to come. Hold that championship quick and cherish it… because these are your last days with it.

(Camera opens up to Aaron Fitzpatrick standing inside the ring waiting the next contest)

(The camera cuts to ringside where TLA is shown joining Deadprez and Pierre at the commentary table.)

TLA: Hola amigos I am out here this week to interfere in this match.

Pierre: Damn that’s honesty

Deadprez: We should probably call security.

TLA: :whoa:

(The camera cuts to Aaron Fitzpatrick in the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

(“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash hits to loud boos from the audience!!!)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing first from Dallas, Texas weighing in at 305 pounds… “LETHAL WEAPON” CODYYYYYYYYYY MARRRRRRRRRRSHALLL!!

(Cody Marshall makes his way down towards the ring with a smile on his face laughing at the booing crowd.)

TLA: This bald homie out here smiling like I ain’t fixin’ to whip that ass with the quickness.

Deadprez: Calm down TLA! You can’t even interfere before the match they will call it off. I mean don’t interfere at all that wouldn’t be a good lucha thing.

Pierre: I know that TLA and Cody have had issues in recent weeks but this match is between Cody and Terry Chambers. Cody has talked a lot of trash about Terry this week mocking him for never holding a championship in EAW! However, Terry looks to change all of that at Midsummer Massacre!

(“Can’t Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr. hits to cheers from the crowd!!!)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his opponent… from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at 287 pounds… “THE BARBARIC CARNIVORE” TERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRY CHAMBERSSSS!!!

Deadprez: Terry Chambers busting out here with newfound confidence after his win at Pain for Pride Festival and his upcoming Openweight Championship opportunity! Terry will get a chance to face the same woman who handed TLA here the L at Pain for Pride!

TLA: Yo tranquilo ese ain’t no need to throw that shade. I am sensing a lot of hostility maybe I won’t fuck up Cody Marshall tonight I’ll fuck up you instead!

Deadprez: Oh shit calm down just stating the facts! Terry Chambers looking to continue his roll but tonight looks to take on a former Hardcore Champion to prove he is ready to hold a championship title himself.

Pierre: Watch yo back Dead. TLA gonna jump you in the parking lot later. Terry has stated that he is sick of Cody Marshall’s recent attitude walking around and demanding respect and opportunities. Terry works to earn his respect and I’m sure he plans to beat some into Cody here tonight.

TLA: Yo I got much luv for Terry I’ve worked with him many times. He a real one and this should be a real competitive match until I interfere in it.

Deadprez and Pierre: Don’t interfere!


TLA: Oh shit Cody Marshall going in like Terry Chambers is his hermana!

Deadprez: … Well Cody has charged Terry right after the bell and is laying in right hands to the face of his opponent! Terry thrown back off the ropes but he fires back taking Cody down with a Running Dropkick! Terry pulls Cody up by the arm and throws him into the corner… No Cody reverses sending Terry into the corner! Cody charges in but Terry dodges out of the way back into the ring! Terry rolls Cody up from behind!!!



Pierre: Cody kicks out as Terry nearly stole one there!

TLA: Damn that woulda been embarrassing as fuck.

Pierre: Cody rolls out into the ring but Terry kicks him hard in the back! Terry runs off the ropes… and a hard punt kick to the chest this time connects! Terry now going towards the ropes… he climbs out to the outside but Cody is already up and grabs him through the ropes! Cody with a hard knee to the head of Terry as he drags him back through the ropes. Cody off the ropes… and a falling elbow strike to the ankle of Terry takes him down!

Deadprez: Cody stomping away at Terry on the ground as he jumps up to the middle rope… Flying Elbow Drop connects!! Cody now pointing at TLA at ringside as he grabs Terry by the hair and begins slamming his head down on the mat.

TLA: CATFIGHT! Tho legit I’ve seen harder catfights than this at the Poon Palace tho Cody you gonn’ have to do better to impress La Pantera Sexual!

Pierre: Cody off the ropes now as he drops the knees hard across the face of Terry Chambers! No! Terry moved out of the way and is now back up! Both men now stalking each other as they look to lock up yet again in the ring. They lock up as Cody Marshall immediately moves between the ropes forcing a break. The referee has Terry back off but Cody shoves past the referee and takes down Terry with a hard Clothesline!

Deadprez: Cody mocking Terry as he screams at him down on the mat.

Cody: Get up boy! That the best you got?

Deadprez: And a hard clubbing blow from Cody across the back of Terry as he tries to get up!

TLA: Come on Terry do it for yo hot wife! Then we can get her hooked up with a job makin’ some dinero on the pole ya heard?

Pierre: Another clubbing blow from Cody Marshall! NO! Terry dodged it! Terry back up as he grabs the arm of Cody and pulls him down with an arm drag! A hard kick to the chest from Terry to Cody as he tries to get back up! Cody crawls into the corner as Terry charges in… Corner Cannonball connects!!! Terry drags Cody out into the middle of the ring and goes into the pin!!



Deadprez: The kickout by Cody Marshall! Terry off the ropes… Running Senton! Cody moves out of the way and immediately locks a headlock in on Terry! Terry powers up elbowing Cody hard in the face as he breaks free! A hard back chop from Cody to the chest of Terry who responds with one of his own! Now Cody going in battering the face of his opponent with a series of elbow strikes!

Pierre: But Terry with a Running Enzuigiri taking Cody down to the mat!!! Terry now going up to the top rope… Terry Chambers off the top with a Flying Clothesline!!! The cover!



Deadprez: Another kickout from Cody Marshall!!!

TLA: This gringo ain’t goin’ down. I respect the hustle but he still a fuckboi.

Pierre: Terry again pulls Cody Marshall back up by the arm as he kicks him in the gut and hooks him in for a Suplex! But Cody lands on his feet behind Terry! Cody grabs Terry from behind and hits a Back Suplex! Terry landing hard on his shoulder as Cody grabs Terry around the neck and yanks him back up before dropping him hard back first on his knee. Terry grabs his back in pain as he rolls outside the ring.

Deadprez: And Cody Marshall running off the ropes… Oh shit the big guy isn’t gonna… SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES!!! TERRY MOVES OUT THE WAY! OH SHIT!!!

(The commentary team scatters as Cody Marshall shoots into the table. Deadprez, Pierre, and TLA jump out of the way.)

TLA: Pinche pendejo bout to get that ass kicked!

(An enraged TLA is shown taking his shirt off and moving in on Cody Marshall as Terry Chambers jumps in the way holding TLA back and telling him he’s got this..)

Terry: Chill chill man. I got this.

TLA: Iiight iight I feel you. Do your thing holmes.

(TLA backs away as Terry Chambers turns around and is caught with a Superkick from Cody Marshall taking him down! Pierre and Deadprez return to commentary slowly followed by TLA.)

Deadprez: Alright we are back on.

Pierre: Good to be back. Oh shit watch out!!!

Deadprez: Cody Marshall grabbing TLA from behind and tosses him over the barricade into the audience!

Cody Marshall: Get ‘em the hell outta here!

Pierre: Cody now grabbing Terry Chambers as he tosses him back into the ring! Cody Marshall follows back into the ring as he stomps Terry into the corner! Cody grabs Terry by the throat but Terry is holding onto the ropes!

Deadprez: The referee is demanding that Cody release the chokehold as Terry shoves him away! Cody releases the hold angrily as he elbows the referee in the head backing up! The referee caught right in the jaw and falls down to the mat in pain!

Pierre: Cody Marshall looks pissed as he goes right back into choking the hell out of Terry Chambers! Cody lifting Terry up… RAPTURE CONNECTS! The cover by Cody!

Deadprez: But the referee is still down! Cody Marshall enraged as he gets back up and is trying to shake the referee back awake! The referee moving slightly…

Pierre: Wait what the hell! IT’S TLA OFF THE TOP ROPE!! Hurricanrana connects to Cody Marshall!!! Cody thrown across the ring as he gets back up and runs right into a Superkick from Terry Chambers! Cody falls across the ropes as TLA runs across the ring… 305 CONNECTS!!! TLA with the Tiger Feint Kick as he lands on the apron! Cody propelled back into the ring right into the arms of Terry Chambers!

Deadprez: Terry lifting up Cody Marshall… T-5 CONNECTS! THE COVER! The referee is up!





Aaron Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner… TERRRRRRRRRRRRY CHAMBERSS!!!!!!!!

(“Can’t Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr. hits and the crowd cheers as Terry Chambers has his arm raised in victory by the referee!!!)

Pierre: Terry Chambers did it!!! Terry with a big win on his road to Midsummer Massacre! Could we be looking at the next Openweight Champion?!?!?

Deadprez: Yeah sure Terry got the victory but he owes a big assist to that man right there! TLA fucking over Cody Marshall here tonight!

(TLA is shown smiling down at Cody Marshall in the ring who looks enraged. TLA is shown leaving behind the curtain when suddenly an arm blocks him.)

Pierre: Oh shit it’s the boss!

(Hurricane Hawk stops TLA from leaving as he steps out onto the stage with a microphone.)

Hurricane Hawk: Not so fast there! Now listen here TLA… Cody… you two have been causing disruptions on my show since I took this job and I will be having no more of it! It is clear that you two have some beef to settle and you are going to continue causing problems for me until you get your hands on each other so we might as well make it official! At Midsummer Massacre it’s going to be Cody Marshall vs. TLA!! AND THE WINNER GETS AN EAW CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH AT TERRITORIAL INVASION!!

Deadprez: A big announcement there from the General Manager! The match is on!

Pierre: Both TLA and Cody Marshall look pumped for this match as they look forward to tearing each other apart!

(The camera cuts to a charity commercial begging people to donate money to the recovery fund for the raped village of former Native American Elitist Tomi.)

(Glory Bridge by Chief Keef ft A Boogie hits to a huge mixed reaction as Malcolm Jones and Astraea Jordan come out to the ring dawned in their ring gear. They’re both holding their respective tag team championship belts as they lift them up to show off to the fans.)

Pierre: Drillmatic is here! Last week the team of Astraea Jordan and Malcolm Jones was able to dethrone the team of Mr. DEDEDE and Cameron Ella Ava as they captured their first championships here in EAW.

Deadprez: That’s right Pierre, it was a great performance that was put on, by Astraea especially as she stood toe to toe with an all time great in Cameron despite the extra things going around in the match. A great way to bounce back by this team from two back to back disappointing losses in their careers. Can’t help but wonder what’s next, and maybe we’re about to find out!

(They enter the ring and are handed mics as the music dies down and begin talking.)

Malcolm Jones: Prior to last week, the past couple weeks hadn’t been too kind to me personally. A lot of misfortunate situations had taken place to where I found myself in a position that opened the door for a lot of dickeaters to come out the side of their mouths on social media and other outlets to pop shit that’s gonna come back to bite them in the future. I had to sit there and endure the shit talking and dickeating because it’s a part of this whole process, but as we all know… he who laughs last laughs best. Basically, we found ourselves in a great situation to where we could finally prove ourselves as a team. Mr. DEDEDE decided a great way to “bond” with his tag partner at the time and soothe their differences would be to defend their titles….. against Astraea and I of all people. Now I’m sure the conspiracy theories and false allegations of us being in cahoots ran wild. I could only imagine all of the “DEDEDE is about to hand his proteges a championship!” comments from fuckboys who apparently haven’t watched the product since February to see that I haven’t been cool with that clown all year. We were prepared though, we were ready for every scenario especially the scenario of a careless DEDEDE entering the match, leaving Cam to fend for herself against the two of us in what would then be a quick and easy win for us. We didn’t let that rock tho.

Astraea: We evened the playing field by basically turning it into a one vs one matchup with me versus Cam, and well… we see how that turned out. I whooped that bitches ass until DEDEDE decided to stick his nose where it don’t belong and he got dealt with as well. I coulda just imagined all of the naysayers and basic bitches praying on the opportunity to downplay my first title win by saying it was an easy win that was a foregone conclusion. I mean I know I made it look easy the way I was beating that bitch ass but I earned the right to hold this here championship, a lot of your faves can’t say the same. But then again if I’m not your fave wyd sis? But now it’s phase two in the process, we won the titles, now we have to do what it takes to hold onto these titles and prove that we will be the best champions this company has ever seen.

Malcolm Jones: Which is why…. we’re out here tonight. It’s no days off for us. So we not gonna just settle on being gassed off winning our first championships and thinking this is the end all be all, nah this is only the beginning. We hungry for more and we running fades all summer 18 and then some. No days off on this side. While we holding this championship and making it the most popping title in the whole company, Astraea gonna be running through the competition on Empire, securing that Empress of Elite bag, and them holding two championships at once. And you never know I just might decide to claim my rightful place at the top of this brand and go after the EAW Championship, and we’ll both do it as your tag team champions.

Astraea: There’s just one problem though.

Malcolm Jones: What’s that?

Astraea: I don’t think anybody’s brave enough to come get this smoke.

Malcolm Jones: Hmmm… you might be right. I think people are realizing that they gotta backup their words when they talk shit so now it’s nothing but crickets.

Astraea: I see. Well let’s give it some time first, let’s see if anybody got the heart to come out here and be the first opponents of Drillmatic.

(MJ and Astraea wait for a while as no one comes out, they then begin to start speaking again)

Malcolm Jones: As I thought, this company is filled with fuckboys who talk shit from a distance but can’t put their money where their mouth is. A lot to say behind the scenes but can’t do it up close in person or back it up in the ring. Sad!

Astraea: Truly. Maybe they’re scared you’re gonna have The Joneset come out and interfere if they face us!

Malcolm Jones: Nah, that’ll never happen again y’all don’t have to worry about that, besides, they’re nothing but a bunch of weaklings who serve as nothing but fodder isn’t that right? Come on out guys!

Astraea: Oh I know, they think DEDEDE is somewhere behind the scenes pulling strings for us to succeed so they won’t get a fair shot!

Malcolm Jones: Imagine being that out touch with the very company you work for.

Astraea: I don’t know then…

Malcolm Jones: Fuck it I’ll just start calling out names. How about that NEO Syndicate group filled with dudes who weren’t even on NEO and another whose biggest moment there was losing to the ghost of Shackleford? I know the leader is booked but maybe the lackeys want a shot at winning a championship too?

Astraea: Eh I think they gotta wait till they get the go ahead from daddy, he’s too busy using them to prop his own self up against Cage for him to let them do something on their own.

Malcolm: Speaking of NEO, how about Charlie Marr and Daryl Kinkade? I been wanting to face both of y’all since coming back, care to step up to the plate?

Astraea: Speaking of lackeys… as if Rex would let his children get bodied by somebody from Empire and destroy the lure of them supposedly being “the future”. Speaking of new stables tho, what about The Pride?

Malcolm Jones: Didn’t you just whoop Revy’s ass?

Astraea: True but I’d love to do it again. Throw any of her partners in it to come get this L too.

Malcolm Jones: Shit from what I can tell she’d much rather team up with her idol Ari-

Astraea: Anyways. How about the Core Brothers?

Malcolm Jones: Now that’d be an interesting matchup. Might be too much melanin for the EAW Universe to handle tho.

Astraea: True, don’t want our tag match to be called a low point or be compared to neanderthals. Hmmmm….. how aboouuuttttt… The Crowes Nest!

Malcolm Jones: I doubt they’ll want any smoke after this upcoming Empire. How about, oh I know! The 1%! DEDEDE can get his revenge on us by sending Ripley and Theron at us to reclaim the tag titles!

Astraea: But how ever would DEDEDE be able to choose between his two absolute favorite children who he’s conspired to hand everything to and his new partners?!

Malcolm Jones: Oop. I almost forgot. Welp, looks like we out of options unless one of those teams are bold enough to step up to the plate and run this fade.

Astraea: At the end of the day, either somebody’s gonna take the fight to us or we taking the fight to somebody else and it’s not gonna be pretty because we gonna just pop on random teams. This is gonna be a title that gets defended with pride and honor, not a useless prop to make me look better. I’m already a bad bitch as it is I don’t need anything extra to help me look better. So let’s try this again, any tag team in the back who wants a shot, come on out and getcha L.

(“Warriors” By Imagine Dragons hits as the Dragon Slayers make their way out in street clothes and microphones with a grin on they face as Drillmatic looks on as they stand on the stage)

Samuel: Would you look at this? Two love partners who are now holding EAW Tag Team Championship gold, I mean it’s so beautiful I almost want to cry Mike. Like I couldn’t have written any better myself.

Mike: This is a load of crap. If you two are looking for a challenge then it’s no greater threat to this union than us. We’ve been playing around long enough and it’s about time we get our damn due and we’ll happily take it at Midsummer Massacre when we end this little story of love and claim the EAW Unified Tag Team Championships.

(Astraea and Malcolm share a look as Astraea begins to speak)
Astraea: Um, I’m sorry didn’t you lose to the Core Brothers like two weeks ago? :mjgrin:

Malcolm: Igh so boom, I was kinda hoping for the Core Brothers to have a little cultural flavor but I don’t mind humbling the uncultured so we accept and we going to hand yall a L simple and hopefully get some competition from a team that is up to our standards, this like a warm up. The EAW Tag Division got teams as we said before but not like Drillmatic, so at Midsummer Massacre we going to entertain yall and walk out still Unified Tag Team Champions!

(“Glory Bridge” picks up again as The Dragon Slayers begin to take their leave with a smile on they face as Astraea and Malcolm raise the Unified Tag Team Championships high in the air as the camera transitions to a quick Commercial Advertisement for Territorial Invasion)

(Camera opens right back up to Aaron Fitzpatrick waiting for the next contest)

Aaron: The following contest is set for one fall and will be a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!!

(“Until It Sleeps” By Metallica hits as Shane Gates emerges with his manager Handa)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing first..From Huntington Beach, California, weighing in at 210 Pounds!!! SHAAANNNEEEE GATES!!!

(‘The Final Countdown‘ by Europe blast throughout the arena as Xavier Arnold steps out with an intense look on his face as he storms down the ramp locking eyes with Shane Gates)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing his opponent, From Cologne, Germany, weighing in at 219 Pounds!! XAAAVIERRRRR ARNOLLDDDD!


Pierre: This match is based off of Shane taking advisement from his manager and bailing on Xavier Arnold in a tag match last week and that’s where Xavier demanded a No Disqualification match against Shane and here we are as XAVIER IMMEDIATELY WITH A DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN AND BEGINS RAINING DOWN THE STRIKES ON SHANE AS HE BEGINS TRYING TO COVER HIMSELF UP TO BLOCK THE BLOWS!! Shane pushing him off of him as both men scramble as Xavier quickly with a boot to the mid-section and sends a clubbing blow over the back!

Deadprez: Xavier grabbing Shane by the head and dragging him to the nearest turnbuckle and slams his head of the top turnbuckle! Shane turns as Xavier begins putting the boots to him with repeated stomps to the stomach! Xavier pulling Shane out of the corner and sends him to the opposite corner with a hard irish whip! Xavier running at him! Shane gets his boot up! He hook Xavier by his head and fires STRONG european uppercut! He hooks him and sends another big uppercut! Shane fighting back as he grabs Xavier and looks to send him outside of the ring! Xavier lands on the apron! Shane runs at him for a forearm!

Pierre: Xavier buries his shoulder in the mid-section of the incoming Shane! He hooks a front facelock! HE’S LOOKING TO SUPLEX SHANE OUT OF THE RING AND ONTO THE FLOOR! Shane blocks with a punch to the throat of Xavier! Shane backing up.. AND HE RUNS WITH A DROPKICK TO THE KNEE AS XAVIER DROPS JAW FIRST ONTO THE APRON! Bad collison with the apron as Shane makes his way to the outside floor as his manager looks on pleased and encouraging him to cause more damage! Shane grabbing up Xavier to his feet, AND HE DRAGS AND SLAMS HIS HEAD OFF THE STEEL STEPS! He isn’t stopping as he grabs him AND DRIVES HIM FACE FIRST INTO THE UNFORGIVING STEEL STEPS AGAIN!

Deadprez: Shane refusing to let up as he makes his way towards the timekeepers and pushes him out of his chair! Shane with the chair in hand! Walking towards Xavier! AND HE SWINGS THE CHAIR FOR HIS MID-SECTION! AND IT CONNECTS!! Xavier drops to a knee as Shane sends the chair inside the ring! And grabs Xavier as well before sending him inside! Shane flipping up the ring apron looking for something, he pulls out a Kendo Stick! And he slides in. But Xavier grabs that chair! AND HE JUST THROWS THE CHAIR AT THE SKULL OF SHANE AS HE WAS COMING INSIDE THE RING! JESUS THE SOUND OF THAT CHAIR CONNECTING WAS SICK! Xavier grabbing Shane and lifts him onto his shoulders! FIREMAN’S CARRY NECKBREAKER!!


Deadprez: He’s punishing him here and I think Xavier may have to tap out!


Deadprez: What the hell is he doing here! Hanada is going berserk here as Viktor just leaves! AND XAVIER! DRAPES HIS SHOULDER AROUND SHANE!!


(“The Final Countdown” By Europe hits as Xavier is helped up and has his hand raised by the referee as Viktor looks on from up the ramp with a smile on his face)


Deadprez: Viktor had no business getting involved and what the hell was his reason for even wanting to get involved and cost Shane this match!

Pierre: I have no idea, maybe opening an old can of worms I guess but it’s paid off in a victory for Xavier! We’ll take one last commercial break as we prepare for our main event!

(Final Commercial Break — The Diamond Cage: Explicit Champion T Shirt, now coming with Toy Barbwire Baseball bats for the Kids!)

(Camera opens right back up to Aaron Fitzpatrick waiting for the next contest)

Aaron: The following contest is set for one fall and will be a Six Man Tag Team MAIN EVENT!!

(“This Fire Burns” By Killswitch Engage hits as The NEO Syndicate make their way out of the curtain to a Mixed Reaction from the crowd)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 677 pounds! The Revenant! Damon Diesel and Liam Archer! THE NEO SYNDICATE!!!

(‘’Hard’ by No Jumper, Tay-K and Blocboy JB plays as the Core Brothers make their way out excited)

Aaron: Introducing the opponents first, from Baltimore, Maryland, at a combined weight of 406lbs…. THE CORE BROS!!!!!

(The Core Bros stand in the ring trash talking the NEO Syndicate as the music dies down)

(“Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Nirvana hits as Diamond Cage storms through the curtain and takes off his leather jacket and unstraps the EAW Championship and runs down the ramp as the Core Bros immediately go after Damon Diesel and Liam Archer)


Pierre: CAGE HAS BEEN WAITING ALL NIGHT TO GET AT THEM AS Marco grabs Damon and smashes his head off the top turnbuckle! Liam and Rico brawling and trading right hands back and forth as Cage and The Revenant continue brawling in the crowd! This is chaos! Cage and Bishop are fighting and! I CAN’T SEE THEM!! WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY!?!!?


(Camera transitions to Michael Bishop delivering clubbing blows to the back of Cage)




(Final shot of security gaining control of the situation between Michael and Cage as both men continue trying to get to each other)

(Camera fades to black)

(EAW Logo Buzzes)

Written by Fight Grid

Dynasty 7/20/2018

Voltage 7/22/2018