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Showdown 6/19/20

(EAW intro plays.)

(RECAP: It begins to air the entire ordeal with Minerva making herself comfortable at Raven Roberts’ home. It then forwards to the part where she finds the envelope inside a book and looks at it with interest. It pans forward to the segment with Minerva, where it announces Raven’s little “secret”, which is Raven will never be able to have children.)

(RECAP: It goes over to Sarah Price backstage as she meets up with Harper Lee. Sarah grants Harper the opportunity at the Specialists Championship and Harper accepts it. It then forwards to Sarah calling out Constance to the ring, but it eventually leads to everyone in the Specialists Scramble getting involved and clashing. It leads to the return of Sierra Bradford who helps Sarah out. The two members of SASS embrace and show some unity before Pain for Pride.)

(RECAP: It goes to Veena Adams going to Ryan Wilson about a match at Pain for Pride. She brings up the Specialists Scramble, but Candice Blair walks into the office and informs everyone that she signed a full-time contract and one of the rewards for that is to pick her match at Pain for Pride and it’s going to be against Veena…in a Philadelphia Street Fight.)

(RECAP: It goes to Ryan Wilson calling out Ahren Fournier in the ring. Ahren comes out and explains why he got involved in the PURE Championship Match last week and is aware that Ryan can’t fire Ahren due to it being bad publicity that a new Hall of Famer would get fired a few weeks before the ceremony. Ahren challenges Ryan to a match at Pain for Pride. Ryan accepts the challenge, but makes it a Hardcore Match.)

(RECAP: Xander Payne takes on Alexis Chambers, but Jake Smith gets involved as he lays out his challenger.)

(RECAP: It goes to Jamie O’Hara in the ring where he cuts a promo where he raises the stake — which is that if he doesn’t defeat Mr. DEDEDE at Pain for Pride, he will retire.)

(Recap ends.)

(Showdown fades into the EAW Performance Center as the socially distanced crowd cheers. “Diva” by Beyonce is heard in the background before it pans to the ring where Candice Blair is in the middle of the ring. Candice has a smile on her face as she has a pink bedazzled microphone in her hand. In the background there’s two hot pink director’s chairs. One of them has “Candice” written in beautiful cursive in the back.)

Candice Blair: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Saturday Night Showdown! More importantly, welcome to this LIVE edition of “Getting Candid” with Candice Blair! At last, I was able to get this show on EAW programming and I am more than excited for it to be on the Season Finale of Showdown!

(The socially distanced crowd cheers!)

Candice Blair: We got so many amazing matches from our side at Pain for Pride! We get to see Ahren Fournier and Ryan Wilson in a Hardcore Match! We get to see Jake Smith and Xander Payne clash it out for the PURE Championship. We get to see a pure wrestling classic between Harlow Reichert and Xavier Williams. We get to see Showdown reign in the main event as we see the goat, the Ace, Jamie O’Hara put his career on the line vs. Mr. DEDEDE!

(The crowd cheers for the massive main event!)

Candice Blair: All of those matches are amazing in their own right and there’s no doubt that Showdown has fucking killed it this season and proved to be the superior brand in EAW, but I think the one match that people need to be on a look out for is between two women who have been beefing these past several weeks. This match is truly going to be a diamond in the rough as Candice Blair, “The Hot Commodity” takes on “The Vanilla Goddess,” Veena Adams in a Philadelphia Street Fight! That Pain for Pride ring is going to be too small to carry out both of our egos, so that’s why we will take our issues to the streets of Philadelphia if we need to. It’s not brainer that Pain for Pride would be the event where we settle this beef between the two of us. It’s something that I am more than looking forward to doing. But, I wanna give Veena the floor to speak her mind because I’m more than interested to hear what she has to say. Ladies and gentlemen, Veena Adams!

(“ME” by Taylor Swift featuring Brendon Urie plays as the crowd boos at Veena Adams coming out. Veena doesn’t seem too phased about the reception of the crowd as she almost embraces the crowd.)

Gavin Kirkland: It should be quite honest on how Veena Adams feels about Candice Blair, but giving Veena a platform to speak her mind? It’s not going to end on the happiest note.

Eve: Veena has made it clear how she feels about the women in this company, so I don’t expect for her to hold back when talking about Candice.

(Veena Adams gets to the ring as she grabs the microphone from her director’s chair. “ME” dies down as Veena sits on the director’s chair as Candice Blair does the same thing with her chair.)

Candice Blair: Thank you for joining me, Veena!

Veena Adams: Whatever. It’s at least I can do before I annihilate you at Pain for Pride.

Candice Blair: I beg to differ, but the reason I asked you out here was because I wanted to know more about you, Veena. I wanted to ask you the questions that people don’t bother asking you. I don’t want you to hold back on what you are planning to say. I want you to be 100% real and from the heart — or whatever, you have in place of your heart. So, let’s get things underway. I think the question people want to know is this: why do you hate women so much?

Veena Adams: Oh, sweet, stupid, Cumdumpter. I don’t hate women. I just hate the female Elitists in this company. If there was one thing that made me vomit, it was seeing that women dominated Pain for Pride last year. All of these women think that they can pursue these male dominated championships and win. Oh, it started one of the most cancerous movements — #QueensOnly.

(Veena Adams shivers in disgust before continuing.)

Veena Adams: #qUeEnSoNlY like, shut the fuck up. Gawd, it got so fucking annoying to hear women say that in their videos. There may be the female portion of the fanbase, who are more than happy to see women dominate in this company, but they don’t realize that this is creating a sense of entitlement with these bitches. It’s made them believe that they can rise above their gender and accomplish anything that they set their minds too. There’s no need for whores like Blandrea Valenwhore and Cumeron Ella Ava to win the EAW and Answers World Championships when the Universal Women’s Championship is a thing. There’s no need for Cuntsuela and Cumille to be Interwire Champion when there’s a perfectly good Specialists Championship that they can always pursue. There’s a reason why Empire was made and it was to give these whores the platform they believe that they were entitled too and yet, they took it for granted and screamed #FUCKEMPIRE like a bunch of ungrateful brats because they weren’t seen as the best thing ever. Wah, wah, wah, is all I heard from them. This season, they all did their thing. Hell, they ended the 2010s with nine out of the eleven champions being women, but I’m over this fucking feminist movement. Pain for Pride will be the first stop in ending this pathetic movement and proving to all the women that they don’t have shit over me. Especially you.

Candice Blair: Me?

Veena Adams: You come a family who are the leading ladies of the feminist movement that’s run rampid in EAW these past couple of years. Cumeron is the worst of them all. Now, you get all of these whores believing that they can be the next Cumeron and do what she’s set out to do and that’s step out of the women’s division and believing that they can accomplish something outside of it. Started with Cumeron, now Trashidy Barf, Blandera,Cuntven and do you not realize it’s become like a domino effect? Yeah, they’ll get themselves a meaningless Universal Women’s Championship or Specialists Championship reign and then, they begin to get themselves a bit of an ego and believe that they’re too good for women’s wrestling. Hell, Cumeron is already on board with the idea. It won’t be long until Cuntsuela and Cumille follow along. Knowing that you’re the youngest out of that horrid bunch, it won’t be long until you develop that sense of entitlement. You Avas are all the same, Cumdumpster. At Pain for Pride, I won’t just expose you, I will expose all of you from being the entitled and vindictive bitches you are.

Candice Blair: Entitled and vindictive? That’s not me, Veena. That’s always been you. I mean, you’re always the same person who needs to constantly point out your last name. Without your last name, there’s no doubt that you wouldn’t be touching this company.

Veena Adams: That’s fucking rich coming from you.

Candice Blair: Nah, I believe in my skills enough for it to be the reason why I would get signed over you. Yeah, my last name is pretty nice, but my capabilities in the ring are what people should be recognizing. You’re looking at the woman who took Jamie O’Hara to his limit at Under Siege and broke his fucking knee. You’re looking at the women who came seconds away from changing this so-called “dream match” between Jamie and DEDEDE and pulled off one of the greatest upsets in EAW history. While I’ve been competing in these high caliber matches, you’ve been competing with slumps like TNT and trying to convince the world that we should be taking you as some sort of threat. Way a go, your match with Harper at Odyssey was the performance of your career. You didn’t get pinned and Harper needed to make you pass out in order to win, but I’m not buying this whole badass side of Veena Adams. That’s one of the reasons why I made this match a Street Fight at Pain for Pride. I feel like this could be the match that displays that side of you, Veena. What a perfect way to prove that people shouldn’t overlook you by defeating an Ava and in front of everyone who is going to be seeing this match. We’ve been the bane of your existence since forever. You haven’t been successful in defeating any of us. You think that it’s going to be easy to defeat me? Spoiler alert: no. It’s going to be difficult and it’s going to be something that you’re not ready for.

Veena Adams: I’m not ready for this? Bitch, I’ve been fucking ready. I have been waiting months for an opportunity like this. Yeah, you’re not a huge star like your sisters, but it’s going to be a real blast with attacking you with whatever I get my hands on and knocking you down a peg or two.

Candice Blair: You think that’s what’s going to happen?

Veena Adams: I KNOW that’s what’s going to happen.

Candice Blair: Why don’t we find out now?

(Candice Blair stands up from her seat and pushes it to the side.)

Veena Adams: You can’t be forreal.

Candice Blair: I am.

Veena Adams: I don’t resort myself to childish bull–


Gavin Kirkland: CANDICE BLAIR MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Candice charges at Veena Adams with a meteora at the corner! Candice gets Veena by the hair before connecting with an inverted stomp facebreaker as that sends ‘The Vanilla Goddess’ back! Candice charges at Veena with another meteora, but she follows that up with a monkey flip! Candice gets to her feet as Veena does the same thing shortly after! Candice with a Lou Thesz press on Veena Adams!

Eve: These two are not wasting time! Veena Adams manages to roll herself on top of Candice Blair and begins to throw some punches to ‘The Hot Commodity.’ Candice manages to roll herself on top of Veena Adams! Oh god, it seems like Candice is trying to strangle Veena like she did two weeks ago on Showdown! Veena manages to roll herself on top of Candice and it seems like Veena is trying to choke out Candice Blair too!

(A dozen security guards come racing inside the ring and begin to pull away Candice Blair and Veena Adams, taking them to each other. Candice and Veena glare at each other while trying to trash talk to each other.)


Gavin Kirkland: LET THEM FIGHT!


Candice Blair (off-mic): I’LL WIPE THE FLOOR WITH YOU, BITCH!

(Veena Adams is the one that gets escorted out of the ring by security. Meanwhile, the security inside the ring try to calm down Candice Blair. The camera pans to commentary.)

Deadprez: These women cannot stand each other. At all.

Gavin Kirkland: This is going to be a catfight at Pain for Pride and I am going to love every second of it!

Eve: It was an explosive start to Showdown, but let’s kick it off with the first match of the night!


(“I Love it Loud” (Wolf Howl Intro) by Kiss hits, as Shaker Jones steps out onto the stage with Detectives of The Bozo Victims Unit, following right behind him. The Bozo Unit along with Shaker all stop at the top of the ramp to admire the small crowd here in the Performance center.)

Deadprez: The last few weeks GM Wilson has mad it clear that Shaker is not in his vision what he see’s in the future of Showdown. He has even made it more clear that he’s over this whole BVU shit and their antics they pull each week, and here tonight I don’t see a change and Shaker is going to continue to do what he has been doing.

Gina Romano: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first, from Inglis, Manitoba, Canada!!! Weighing in at 238lbs!! He’s accompanied by the Bozo Victims Unit!! THE CANADIAN WOLF!!!! SHAKERRRRRRRRRRRR JONESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

(Shaker and the BVU finally make it to the ring as “Walking the Wire” by Imagine Dragons hits as Alexis Chambers steps out onto the stage as the crowd gives a mixed reaction. As she makes her way down the ramp.)

Gina Romano: And his opponent!! She’s from Detroit, Michigan!! Weighing in at 117lbs!! THE MOTORCITY GODDESS!! ALEXIS CHAMBERS!!!

Eve: You are so right! Alexis is going to have her hands full with three extras surrounding the ring here tonight.

(Alexis hops to the apron on one knee as she slides through the bottom and middle rope. See makes her way over the corner keeping her eyes on Shaker and the three members of the BVU as she makes her way up the turnbuckles and raises her hands in the as she steps down, she walks right up to Shaker bumping chest as the BVU tries to come around the ref gets in the middle and finally is able to get them to leave the ring. As each one of the members of BVU stand at one side of the ring.)

Deadprez: She surely making her presence known.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Eve: And this match is underway! Both Shaker and Alexis both circling measuring each other as she continues to keep an eye on the two bozos on each side of the outside of the ring. Shaker forces Alexis to go straight to a elbow-collar lock up, Alexis trying to use every bit of strength to push Shaker back…Shaker with the weight advantage is easily pushes her up against the ropes as Alexis slips her foot over and out of the ropes causing the ref to step in with a five count. Shaker precedes to press up as it causes both of her legs to come up off the mat.






Ref: Come on Shaker release the hold.

(Shaker release as he raises his hands up as to show he is done as he circles around taking in the boos from more then half the 50 lucky fans in a attendance.)

Deadprez: Shaker needs to turn and capitalize. Oh Alexis rushes…leaps up and gets her legs around shaker head..ALEXIS WITH HURRICANRANA SENDING SHAKER SLIDING OUT OF THE RING. Shaker regroups with Biggums but doesn’t see Alexis running the ropes as she dives through the ropes catching shaker in the back causing him to smash into Biggums sending him into the barricade.

(The small crowd erupts with cheers as some start to chant THIS IS AWESOME!)

Deadprez: Alexis slowly gets up and shakes off the hard hit and brings Shaker to his feet and slides him in the ring. Before Alexis could slide in to the ring herself she’s meet with Ty and Asson on each side of her. Looks like the ref has some choice words for them.

(The ref hangs his head through the ropes. Alexis hopes to one knee on the apron as she slides through the bottom two ropes.)

Ref: If any of you three get involved in this match again, I’ll make sure you three are removed from ringside.

Eve: The ref really doing his job out here. GM Ryan Wilson made it clear two weeks that the vision for this brand shouldn’t include Shaker, So I am sure GM Wilson made sure to have a few words with this ref prior to the match.




Deadprez: ALEXIS KICKS OUT…Shaker bring Alexis up to her feet. Alexis looks to be fighting him off with a few punches to the midsection before Shaker pulls her in to a side head lock. Alexis looking for away out of as she moves closer to the ropes and finally gets a bounce off the ropes sending Shaker across the ring. Shaker off the rope. Alexis now springing off the ropes jumping in to the returning Shaker…SHAKER IS DOWN ALEXIS LAYING IN PUNCHES AFTER THE LOU THESZ PRESS.

Eve: She’s really got this small crowd fired up right now. She’s really going need to bring this same attitude in to Pain for Pride next week against Dr. Blue, if she thinks she’ll have any chance against the former Interwire Champion. Alexis quickly gets up and runs the ropes but before Shaker could get off his knees…SHINNING WIZARD..She just dropped shaker to the mat with the FOH.

Gavin Kirkland: Hah! Eve it’s only a mud wrestling match. I am sure the only thing you need to worry about in that match is either being buried face first in the mud or being pinned.ALEXIS GOES FOR THE COVER. Either way, I am sure it will be a match that will be talked about for ages, if you know what I mean!




Deadprez: Shaker just getting that left shoulder up before the ref got that three count. What amazing effort by Alexis and to Shaker Jones for managing to survive that kick. Alexis climbing the ropes looks like she might be going for the Heart Stopper, if she manages to connect with this shaker might as well hang the boots and call it a night.

Eve: No shaker is up as she goes for the moonsault, no Shaker catches her in mid air as he carries her to the middle of the ring. Alexis with the reversal sliding and rotating around burying Shaker in to the mat with a DDT that stuck him feet first in the air. Alexis goes for the pin.




Deadprez: NO! Shaker gets his shoulder up. What is this all three BVU members are all standing on the apron. The ref keeps Biggums from entering the ring as Alexis goes for Detective Asson, but she drops to the ground before she makes it, bouncing off the ropes she goes to other side of the ring to go after Detective Ty but is tripped up by Shaker with a drop toe hold. All BVU members now standing on the outside with their hands up as if they did nothing wrong. The ref looks to be giving his last warning about interfering.

Gavin Kirkland: Alexis tries to pull herself up using the ropes but Shaker grabs her by the leg dragging her to the middle of the ring. Alexis rolls over to try and up kick Shaker but he’s able to slap it away with one hand but Alexis is able to slip the other leg out and slides out of the ring and fines herself face to face with Detective Biggums. She reaches up and slaps him across the face then quickly slides back in to the ring but she is met with a boot stomp to the back. The ref tries to pull Shaker off, but shaker presses on the ref…

Eve: Detective Biggums pulls Alexis out of the ring and whips her in to the barricade as the crowd boos. Biggums then picks her up and tosses her through the ropes and Shaker quickly goes for the cover.




Deadprez: ALEXIS SNAPS A SHOULDER UP! Shaker with a look at the ref, the ref giving the sign it was only a 2 count. Shaker looks pissed as pulls himself up and drags Alexis back up. He pulls Alexis in for the power bomb, he lifts her up so quick that she using’s her and Shaker’s own momentum flips over the top and carries Shaker over with a Sunset flip powerbomb variation, she has the arms locked the ref quickly comes down for the count but Shaker kicks out…

Gavin Kirkland: ALEXIS QUICKLY TO HER FEET WASTING NO TIME WITH A SPINNING KICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HIS HEAD KNOCKING SHAKER TO THE MAT. LOOK! ASSON IS ON THE APRON. Alexis wasting no time and super kicks Asson through the ropes sending her to the ground, Alexis stumbles over and falls over the top of Shaker on her back and hooks a leg.




Eve: Alexis putting all what strength she had into that pin, but Shaker being the bigger stronger man and Alexis taking time to superkick Detective Asson gave Shaker just enough time to get that shoulder up at the last moment. Alexis and Shaker both slowly make it to their feet, Shaker charges Alexis but Alexis makes a bold choice and ducks the Whipsmash but no Shaker spring boarding off the rope and no he just hit Alexis with the Supa Dupa Kick sending Alexis to the mat.

Deadprez: Shaker half stumbles around before lifting Alexis to her feet, irish whip sending Alexis across the ring looking like setting himself up for another Whipsmash but no Alexis is up looking for a hurricanrana but no she just changed it up half way through and now has the Lexi Lock locked in. Shaker fighting with everything he can so she doesn’t have a chance to fully lock in the hold.

Gavin Kirkland: Small chant of LET”S GO LEXI!! starts as Shaker slowly tries to move closer to the ropes…Alexis still trying like hell to lock in the move but Shaker finally able to reach out and grab the ropes..Alexis finally locks in the Lexi Lock. The ref trying to get Alexis to release the hold and finally goes in to a the 5 count but she immediately let’s go.

Eve: It’s good to see she broke the release of that hold, Shaker’s shoulder was dam near out of the socket. Alexis quickly grabs Shaker around the neck dragging him out to the middle of the ring looking to give a…No Shaker picks her up in to the Fireman’s carry…Is he going for The Shakermaker..Shaker tosses her up for the Cutter but no Alexis traps one arm with her legs keeping Shaker from preforming the Cutter. She then pushes herself off in to hurricanrana Shaker’s arm in to a arm drag take down sending Shaker rolling across the ring.

Gavin Kirkland: Every time Alexis comes out here she amazes me with a new move of hers. Alexis wasting no time goes straight for FOH connecting she goes for the cover but Detective Biggums is on the apron working his way in the ring but the ref keeps stepping in to his way. Alexis then turns her attention to Biggums taunting him to join in but Shaker is up as runs up on Alexis pushing themselves off the ropes Shaker rolling it in a pin Alexis barely rolling out it. Alexis now has Shaker with the pin holding tights as the ref drops in for the count.




(Shaker pushes Alexis off as she rolls out of the ring. As the ref calls for the bell.)

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Eve: The ref is really going to play as if he didn’t see her grab him by the tights. Well I do gotta give it to her tonight though. With the disadvantage of the BVU’s presence which should never be underestimated, she managed to pick up a victory against the Lead Detective of the BVU.

(Shaker is off the hinge over that as he kicking the ropes screaming cuss words as Alexis walks up backwards holding the back of her head with both hands as “Walking the Wire” by Imagine Dragons hits the speakers as the camera fades to a commercial for the Main events at Pain for Pride 13.)


(The scene pans to the EAW Performance Center. We get to the hallway where the Universal Women’s Champion, “The Gypsy Moth,” Minerva is standing in. Both sides of the hallway have photos of Minerva. Minerva is looking at pictures of herself from what she was able to accomplish within a year. It blows Minerva’s mind that she was able to accomplish so much from last year’s Pain for Pride to this year’s. She wasn’t supposed to be someone who found herself in this position, but it’s a surreal feeling to her. But, it’s unknown if she will let people know that. Minerva’s eyes wander around from picture-to-picture before she notices the camera already in the same area as her.)

Minerva: Get a good look at this phone.

(The camera looks at the first photo and it’s Minerva with her Heavenly Hell sister, Constance Blevins raising the Empire Tag Team Championships and Unified Tag Team Championships at last year’s Pain for Pride.)

Minerva: Isn’t it funny how neither of these teams are here? Heavenly Hell was the kiss of death for any of the tag teams that faced us — Wildcards, FloBros, The Revolution, The Mechanical Animals, Lucas Johnson and Lance Blackfyre and who would we forget Jenny Punk’s failed project, The ILLIONAIRES? If you want to look forward to that, Vizzy and Drizzy were doomed from the start and it was proven to be right. By the way, if Vizzy needs a shoulder to cry on, he knows where to find me. :mjgrin: When looking at this photo, it was ridiculous that we needed to earn our way into the match when the two other teams already in the match, didn’t need to do any of that. It was another clear sign of how me and Constance we’re management’s favorites. But, I like to think that Constance and I did great for ourselves. We managed to become the longest reigning Unified Tag Team Champions, 2019 Tag Team of the Year and we didn’t throw ourselves a celebration. There was no social media notice on our achievements like there was for Theron Nikolas out of all people. No, we didn’t need to praise. We didn’t need men and women to put on fake smiles on their faces like they weren’t some of the people that wanted nothing more than to see Heavenly Hell fall apart.

(Minerva looks at the picture next to it as it has Minerva with the Iconic Cup in her possession.)

Minerva: I was crushed when I didn’t win the Iconic Cup the year prior. I wanted nothing more than to make the immediate impact, but it seems like that wasn’t in the cards for me. Constance and I talked about what if we met in the finals and we said that we would love and support the other like we’ve always done. In my heart, there was no other woman I saw in the opposite side of the ring than Constance. That match at Clash of Kingdoms? It was one of the most emotional matches that I had ever been a part of. I’m not the most emotional person out there. I don’t wear my emotions on my sleeve like some of the other women, but it was one of the few moments in my career, where I wouldn’t have been upset if Constance won. I wouldn’t resent or hate her; however, I wanted to win. I didn’t get to that point of the tournament to lose and I knew that Constance felt the same way as well, but only one of us could have won and it was me.

(Minerva turns to the other wall in the hallway and it’s Minerva with the Universal Women’s Championship at Under Siege.)

Minerva: That’s one of the most beautiful photos I have ever looked at. :wow: I had lost the tag titles earlier that night. I had to watch my partner get her ankle examined, but if it wasn’t for her blessing to go achieve something for myself, I probably would have never cashed in the Iconic Cup. At that moment, the issues between myself and Raven Roberts began. I don’t blame Raven for having any sort of resentment against me for that moment, but she lost the title how she gained it. There’s that slight paranoia that the same could happen to me, but it’s not something that I am going to be worrying about. If the moment comes, we’ll see what happens. That’s not the point that I wanted to get across. It’s that I look for Pain for Pride to put an end to this entire situation between myself and Raven. It may have started with an Iconic Cup cash in, but it’s going to end with me leaving Pain for Pride with the Universal Women’s Championship.

(Minerva looks to the picture next to it and sees the match card for Minerva versus Raven Roberts at Pain for Pride.)

Minerva: We’re headlining Pain for Pride. The pressure is on, but I am as cool as cucumber at the moment. Apparently, Raven will be having an interview on Voltage and that’s something I am really going to need to listen and take in. As for right now, I leave you guys with this photo because it’s going to be similar to what the result of Pain for Pride will be.

(Minerva points to the photo as the camera zooms into the photo which is Minerva raising the Universal Women’s Champion above her head on an already beaten down Raven Roberts.)

(Scene fades to commercial break.)

(A commercial promoting Minerva putting her Universal Women’s Championship on the line against Raven Roberts at Pain for Pride next weekend on FPV!)

Gina Romano: The following match is scheduled for ONE FALL…and is a triple-threat match!

Gavin Kirkland: First person that turns the lights off…and I’m going to scream!

(The arena lights suddenly go dark…)


(…for a few seconds until ‘Awaken’ by Dethklok powers through the arena’s sound equipment. On the EAW-tron we hear the word ‘Musta’ the word ‘Ryan’ appears then quickly fades)

Musta… Krakish… Musta… Krakish… The Time has Come… To Awaken Him…

(White spots of light are roaming randomly across the arena gradually. The Ryan appearing on the EAW-tron stops, now when we hear ‘Krakish’ that we see the word ‘Wilson’ appear then quickly fade)

Musta… Krakish… Musta… Krakish… I call upon the ancient lords of the underworld to bring for this beast and AWAKEN!!!

(When the word ‘AWAKEN’ is screamed by Dethklok lead singer Nathan Explosion, there are some pyrostaking off on the entrance under the EAW-tron, teamed with the arena lights opening up fully. We thensee the name ‘RYAN WILSON’ appear followed by a combat onstage from the man who now makes way down the ramp dressed for a fight and carrying a hockey stick with some barbwire at the business end of it)

Gina Romano: Coming down the aisle, from Montreal Quebec Canada…weighing in at two-hundred and twenty pounds…he is WILDSIDE…RYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN WILLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSSSSOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN!!!

(As the announcement is made, Ryan makes his way to the ring with his focus dead set on it, until he slides between the ropes and stands in the middle of the ring. As the lyrics of the song go to say ‘Icommand you to Rise’ the Montreal native raises his stick above his head pushing it up each time the word rise is said, which is eight times. On the last one, he screams a battle cry taken from the depths of his lungs)

Eve: The Showdown General Manager, here and ready to take on all who step before him.

Gina Romano: His first opponent…from Alberta, Canada…weighing in two-hundred and ten pounds…he’s the Turret of Triumph…JOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH


(Gangsta by Skepta ft BBK rocks the place as Jonah Wolfe steps out of the back with a bulletproof vest on and a Iron Man type helmet on, the eyes glowing)

Gavin Kirkland: Oh Gawd, this guy again.

(Jonah walks casually down to the ring)

Deadprez: He ran into some bad luck last week. Lucas Johnson managed to pull out the win on Alex Blade, with Jonah coming just a hair away from breaking up the three count. But he was unable to.

(Jonah stands in the ring, looking around with his helmet lights casting light onto the ring)

Gavin Kirkland: Of course he wasn’t able to. He’s too damn cocky. He needs to lose that damn helmet!

Eve: Leave the guy alone. It’s a fashion statement and he enjoys making it!

(‘Bela Leguosis Dead’ by Bauhaus fills the arena as the minimal spectators turn their head to the entrance)

Gina Romano: And their final opponent…from the Arches National Park in Utah…weighing in one- hundred and fifty-seven pounds…KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCZZZZZYNNNNNNNNSKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

(KACZYNSKI steps out of the back wearing a black and white mask, along with black pants. He stops at the top of the ramp, looking out onto the small crowd, shaking his head in disgust)

Gavin Kirkland: Looking at my notes here…all three of these men consider themselves to have some kind of ruthless heel personality to them. Can’t we get like a caring babyface or something?

Deadprez: Like one that comes out and helps Grandma find her seat?

Gavin Kirkland: Exactly! A little bit of variety.

(KACZYNSKI finds his way down the ramp and into the ring. Jonah Wolfe has already removed his helmet and vest)


Eve: And we are off! KACZYNSKI makes the first move, instantly locking up with Jonah Wolfe. Jonah has both the height and the weight advantage here…but KACZYNSKI seems to be winning as Jonah is slowly bending at the knee.


Ryan Wilson (Off mic): You went for him first? I’m the bigger name! I’m the bigger man! I’m the damn General Manager!!!

Gavin Kirkland: Ryan turns around and he and Jonah are just staring at each other. Not match of a size

difference between these two. Ryan slowly turns ar-AND LAUNCHES AN ASSUALT ON JONAH! A left…then a right…then a left…then a block by Jonah! Jonah hooks Ryan up under the arm…hip toss! Ryan is back to his feet, charges Jonah…ANOTHER hip toss. Ryan back up again once more…charges Jonah…ANOTHER HI-NO! Ryan ducks underneath the arm of Jonah Wolfe, quickly grabs Jonah around the neck…INVERTED HEADLOCK BACKBREAKER and Jonah is writhing around in pain!

Eve: Ryan back up and he is laughing at Jonah.

Ryan Wilson (Off mic): Where’s the rest of your suit, Tony Stark?

Deadprez: Uh-oh, don’t look now but KACZYNSKI is up to his feet and measuring up Ryan Wilson. The ref is over checking on Jonah…KACZYNSKI up behind Ryan Wilson…LOW BLOW!!! LOW BLOW FROM BEHIND!!! Ryan Wilson drops to his knees. KACZYNSKI runs, bounces off the ropes…DROPKICK TO THE SIDE OF RYAN WILSON’S HEAD!!! KACZYNSKI quickly covers Ryan.


Eve: Ryan with the quick kickout! He will not go down that easy.

Gavin Kirkland: KACZYNSKI back up to his feet, grabs Ryan and pulls him to his feet. A good hard Irish whip and Ryan crashes into the corner, face first.

Deadprez: What is KACZYNSKI doing?

Eve: He’s grabbing at that turnbuckle, ripping off the padding.

Gavin Kirkland: This early in the match? I guess he wants to get it done and over with.

Eve: KACZYNSKI pushes the groggy Ryan’s face onto the exposed metal…he’s GRINDING it in! Ryan is screaming in pain!

Gavin Kirkland: Come on ref, stop this garbage!

Eve: KACZYNSKI lets go of Ryan, who is just standing there with his head on that exposed turnbuckle. KACZYNSKI grabs the rope, springs himself up onto the top rope…jumps…LEG DROP ONTO THE BACK OF RYAN’S HEAD!!! RYAN WILSON FALLS BACK TO THE GROUND GRABBING HIS FACE IN PAIN!!!

Deadprez: KACZYNSKI positions himself on that removed turnbuckle…he jumps…AND JONAH WOLFE OUT OF NOWHERE WITH THE HOWLING!!! Jonah covers KACZYNSKI…

Gavin Kirkland: The ref is waiving off the pin attempt. He is point to KACZYNSKI’s foot which appears to have fallen onto the rope after The Howling! Pewter Man looks pissed!

Eve: Jonah grabs KACZYNSKI and pulls him into the middle of the ring. Jonah turns around…SUPERMAN PUNCH! SUPERMAN PUNCH! RYAN WILSON DESTROYS JONAH WOLFE WITH THAT SUPERMAN PUNCH!!! All three men are on the mat…but Ryan Wilson is the only one moving. He crawls over to KACZYNSKI, the closest man to him. He hooks KACZYNSKI’S leg.



Deadprez: KICKOUT BY KACZYNSKI!!! Ryan Wilson smacks the mat in anger. KACZYNSKI rolls over onto his stomach…AND RYAN LOCKS IN A CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!!! HE IS PULLING BACK HARD ON KACZYNSKI!!!

Eve: KACZYNSKI’s hand is in the air…he looks like he is ready to tap out…NO! JONAH WOLFE JUST WRECKED BOTH MEN WITH A PERFECTLY PLACED MOONSAULT!!!

Gavin Kirkland: Ryan Wilson slammed his head pretty hard on that mat…he may be out cold.

Deadprez: Jonah is slowly up to his knees…as is KACZYNSKI. Both men use the ropes to pull themselves up completely, locking eyes with each other. KACZYNSKI charges Jonah, but Jonah drops down…AND PULLS DOWN THE ROPES…KACZYNSKI goes FLYING over the ropes…but manages to catch himself on the apron. Jonah runs to the other side of the ring…bounces off the ropes…come flying back…AND JUMPS…BUT KACZYNSKI DUCKS AND JONAH GOES-NO!!! JONAH JUMPED OVER KACZYNSKI BUT GRABBED HIM ON HIS WAY OVER…THEY FLIPPED…AND JONAH LANDED A MONSTROUS SITOUT POWERBOMB!!!

Gavin Kirkland: Jonah is just jealous because KACZYNSKI can wear his mask the entire match.




Eve: Well Jonah better at least get back into the ring before this ref counts them both out.





Gavin Kirkland: Jonah uses his momentum and pushes KACZYNSKI into the ring through the bottom rope.



Eve: And Jonah himself gets in before the ref can get to nine. Jonah stands up in the ring…AND IS MET WITH ANOTHER SUPERMAN PUNCH BY RYAN WILSON!!! Ryan goes for the cover…



Deadprez: NOT TODAY! KACZYNSKI was the axe handle to the back of Ryan…breaking up the count.

Ryan quickly to his feet and is staring down KACZYNSKI. KACZYNSKI charges him…Ryan reaches out, but KACZYNSKI slides under his grasp and past him. KACZYNSKI quick up onto the ropes and turns around on the middle rope. KACZYNSKI jumps…CHAOS THEORY!!! CHAOS THEORY!!! RYAN WILSON JUST LAID KACZYNSKI OUT WITH CHAOS THEORY! THIS COULD BE THE END FOLKS!!! RYAN GOES FOR THE WIN…




Eve: NO!!! JONAH WOLFE HAS GRABBED KACZYNSKI AND PULLED HIM OUT OF THE RING BEFORE THE THREE COUNT!!! Jonah slides into the ring and both he and Ryan Wilson are up to their feet. Jonah charges Ryan, but Ryan sidesteps him…but grabs him…SWINGING neck breaker! Ryan back to his feet…runs over…jumps onto the ropes…LIONSAULT…AND JONAH GETS HIS KNEES UP AND CATCHES RYAN IN THE MIDSECTION!!!

Deadprez: Ryan is rolling around in pain and Jonah is up to his feet. AND KACZYNSKI JUMPS ON HIM FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE, GRABBING HIM IN A HEADLOCK…AND…

Gavin Kirkland: Is that crazy fucker gnawing at Jonah Wolfe’s head? I bet he wishes he had that helmet again.

Deadprez: Jonah runs back…AND SMASHES KACZYNSKI INTO THE CORNER. KACZYNSKI lets go…Jonah runs into the middle of the ring and turns around…KACZYNSKI stumbles forward…JONAH WITH THE ‘OH CANA-‘ NO!!! KACZYNSKI JUMPS OVER HIM!!! Jonah is up and turns around…DROPKICK AND JONAH FALLS TO A SITTING POSITION IN THE CORNER!!!. KACZYNSKI rolls over and stands in the middle of the ring…he runs over to Jonah…CANNONBALL!!! KACZYNSKI is quickly back up…grabs Jonah and pulls him away from the corner…he hooks his leg up over his neck…’THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION AND IT’S CONSEQUENCES HAVE BEEN A DISASTER FOR THE HUMAN RACE’…HE HAS IT LOCKED IN!!! JONAH IS FLOPPING AROUND LIKE A FISH TRYING TO GET OUT OF THE HOLD.

Gavin Kirkland: What the hell was that called?

Deadprez: The Indus-

Gavin Kirkland: Don’t care!

Eve: The ref is down asking if Jonah wants to call the match. Jonah looks like he is in pain!

Deadprez: This could be…NO!!! RYAN WILSON IS UP AND HITS ‘GAME OVER’ ON KACZYNSKI!!! KACZYNSKI IS A CRUMPLED MESS ON THE GROUND! Ryan turns and sees Jonah Wolfe standing back up. I think he sees an opportunity…GAME OVER ON THE ALREADY WEAK JONAH WOLFE!!! RYAN GOES FOR THE COVER!!!






Eve: Ryan pulled out all the stops at the end to make sure he…and only he…got the win before heading to Pain for Pride!!!

(The scene opens to yet another terrible intro to Crack Stories. It highlights some of Bronson’s matches this season and of course, his win at Odyssey, the intro ends with a quick shot of the words #NEWBREEDBRO popping on the screen. The words disappear as Bronson blows smoke in the camera on a close-up shot. He is smoking a doobie, he leans back into his beanbag chair and looks like he’s too far out of his mind. Julio Nixon is next to him telling him that they’re on the air.)

Bronson Daniels: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the greatest segment involved in this show as proven the past few weeks, welcome to Crack Stories! Crack Stories have been a hit the past few weeks with most liking it and some being a huge buzzkill like Jalyn Garcia. All in good fun, my dudes. We have 1 more to go, who’s left Julio?

Julio Nixon: You gon pass that or what?

(Bronson passes the doobie and Julio takes a hit.)

Bronson Daniels: Oh yeah sorry, I guess this week, we smoke it live on air and not give a shit about the consequences. :wow:

Julio Nixon(as he blows smoke into the air.): You know it bro. And yeah, I think it was Shawn Sturgis who won last week on Voltage.

Bronson Daniels: Ahhh….Shawn Sturgis……..That;s right, Shawn Sturgis…….I’m sorry, I can’t really seem to know who this guy is. Ain’t he that vanilla midget who’s stuck in that dead end tag team on Voltage? Doesn’t he wear make-up too if I’m correct? I can’t really put my finger on it.

Julio Nixon: Yeah, that’s him. And yeah, he does wear make-up and wears cheap costumes.

Bronson Daniels: :krabs: He does that normally?! I thought I was just that high again! I mean, dude, come on. He’s a grown man in the top wrestling company in the world and he dresses and acts like a teenager who’s going through some type of weird ass phase his mom wants him to grow out of. Everybody takes a look at everybody in this match, and I can tell you right now nobody looks at Shawn Sturgis and sees a champion, he’s a dude here to make us laugh, he’s doing a good job of doing that already. I have no idea what Minerva sees in this–

Julio Nixon: Ayyyy bro, that’s not confirmed. Anyways, you just gon overlook Shawn like that?

Bronson Daniels: Nah bro, as stoned as I am, I’m still being real. I know of him. His name floats around as a future star on the Voltage brand. I mean, not too long ago, he came within an inch of beating one of them Avas…..was it the maid or the adopted red head? It doesn’t matter, anyways, he came up short and showed what he was capable of, and what did he do? He formed a tag team with someone who’s just dead weight to his ankle. He’s bringing himself down being in that Unique Ones. Yeah, Ogawa likes pain too…OOOOOOHHHHH!!! I mean, Shawn Sturgis is like LeBron James and Ogawa represents like the rest of the entire 2007 and 2018 Cavs teams, cut the dead weight bro which LeBron did when he ditched both Cleveland teams. That might be a bad analogy but I’m too high to care. Anyways bro, you ain’t doing jack shit in this match, everybody didn’t care for you going into this match, and they won’t care when this match is over and you once again walk out empty handed.

(Bronson takes another hit of the doobie before passing it back to Julio.)

Bronson Daniels: This was fun wasn’t it? I sure hope Shawn or anybody else takes these comments too harshly in the ring. It’s all in good fun, but some points were made. I may come off as that cool dude, but I’m all business when I step in that ring especially with something like the New Breed Championship on the line like you saw at Odyssey. Jalyn has seen nothing like me, I’m going to elevate that New Breed Championship to heights not even his mentor could have dreamed of. He’s already beaten Andre, Shawn likely doesn’t even care that he’s here as long as he hurts somebody. I promise nobody is as hungry for this victory as Bronson Daniels is. Jalyn, Shawn, and Andre will find that out soon enough, I WILL walk into Philadelphia, I WILL become the #NewBreedBro, and I WILL be a fighting champion people can be proud of going into the new season! This match, this opportunity, this chance, will all be…MINE.

(The battery on Bronson’s camera phone seems to have died as the scene fades to black.)

(The camera pans to Kyra Phillips in an interview room.)

Kyra Phillips: We are just one week away from the biggest event of the season — Pain for Pride! From our side of things, we got five fantastic matches set in stone. The Showdown brand plans to steal the entire show, but one of the matches, which is going to be the hidden gem of this entire show is when my guest right here takes on EAW Hall of Famer and former World Champion, Xavier Williams! Harlow, thank you for joining me today!

(The camera pans to Harlow Reichert who smiles at Kyra Phillips.)

Harlow Reichert: My pleasure, Kyra.

Kyra Phillips: Harlow, you’ve had quite an interesting season. You’re a former PURE Champion. You’ve created a bit of enemies. You defeated Mr. DEDEDE, but I think it’s safe to say that this was a season where you hit your stride. What do you think?

Harlow Reichert: This season did not turn out to be the way I expected it. I went from being just another talent on Empire to being one of the focal points in the mid-card title scene on Showdown. I won the PURE Championship, a championship that embodies the type of wrestling that is near and dear to my heart. I prided myself in being the most fighting champion that the title has ever had and it’s safe to say that I accomplished that. This season, I got the most title defenses. I came to Showdown every week more than ready to defend my championship. Going into Under Siege, I outlast almost all the competitors in the match and proved that I am a workhorse. From that match, it shouldn’t be a shock that the PURE Championship meant the world to me. Still, it means the world to me because I hate seeing what Jake Smith has been doing to the championship. It is the complete opposite of what the championship stands for. Xander Payne isn’t someone who I think would be a better champion than Jake. I hardly doubt that this match is going pure wrestling at all. Both of them have been known to cheat the best and it seems like the PURE Championship is going to suffer from all of that. If I don’t end up on the same brand as the PURE Championship next season, I hope any of the future champions elevate the belt because it’s going to need all the help that it can get.

Kyra Phillips: With the EAW Draft around the corner, is there any brand that you’re hoping to be on?

Harlow Reichert: Is it wrong for me to say that I don’t want to be on Voltage? :lupe: Not that I hate the brand, but the matches that the Elitists on Voltage have, they aren’t my cup of tea. They’re having Hardcore Ironman Matches and Electrified Steel Cage of Deaths. We’re having a Barbed Wire Massacre at Pain for Pride and it’s going to be chaotic and all over the place. I’ve said it before, but I love my rules and structure. It’s one of the reasons that I love pure wrestling. As for Dynasty, FPVs like House of Glass and the unpredictability of Reckless Wiring aren’t something that I’m too fond of. As for Showdown, they seem to be the purest out of the three, but I’m not too crazy about the Hardcore Match or Street Fight that we’re going to be having at Pain for Pride, but it doesn’t seem to be as chaotic as the other brands and that’s something that I am more than grateful for. Is it safe to say that I wanna be on Showdown? Ryan Wilson and I may have a few disagreements about stuff, but it’s nothing that I can’t handle.

Kyra Phillips: Speaking of Ryan Wilson, he is the reason that you’re going up against Xavier Williams at Pain for Pride. What are your emotions of the match that you’re going to be competing in a week from now?

Harlow Reichert: It sucks that he couldn’t find any other match for us, but I wasn’t going to miss out on Pain for Pride. I wasn’t going to have Xavier miss out on Pain for Pride. It’s his first Pain for Pride as a member of any roster since 2017 and no one should be missing out on Pain for Pride. Xavier is always putting me before himself and I hate that sometimes. If I wasn’t going to be missing out of Pain for Pride, he wasn’t either. We’re almost like a package deal in a way. If I go, he goes. If he misses out on Pain for Pride, I was going to miss out on Pain for Pride. Although, I still consider myself as an individual who can make her own decisions and that was something that Xavier trusted me in doing. Ryan was the reason why this match was even suggested, but I’m the reason that this match became a reality.

Kyra Phillips: Are you concerned about this match tearing you and Xavier apart?

Harlow Reichert: I’m not. I got nothing, but love and respect for Xavier. I am so thankful for what he has done for my career. When I was training at the EAW Performance Center, he scouted me from everyone else and took me underneath his wing. He took a woman who gave zero fucks about wrestling and molded her to becoming a pure wrestling queen. Now, I think it’s for Xavier to see what he’s training done for me. A pure wrestling match? I wasn’t expecting for this match to turn into a pure wrestling match, but I’m more than game for it. I’m the best pure wrestler in this company. I don’t think that Xavier is quite aware who he’s stepping into the ring against. I’m far from the woman that he took underneath his wing. I’m a woman who has experienced all the pros and cons of this business. Not as much as Xavier has, but a pure wrestling match? And against me? I respect the fact that Xavier wants to challenge himself. He’s a Hall of Famer and former World Champion. Defeating him would be one of the biggest victories of my career. Imagine me defeating the two men who fought for the Hall of Fame Championship at Pain for Pride 9 in one season. :wow:

Kyra Phillips: You get through Pain for Pride and what’s next for you?

(Harlow Reichert takes a moment to think about the question.)

Harlow Reichert: Continue to prove that I am the best pure wrestler in the world, get another championship reign and raise my stock on being the best performer I can be. This season has had it’s ups and downs, but like I said around the beginning of this interview, I’ve begun to really see what I am capable of. I’m questioning if Xavier knows what I am capable of. We’ve stood together as allies and there’s no other person on Showdown I would want as an alli than Xavier, but at Pain for Pride, he is just another opponent. I look nothing forward than to steal the show with him and show everyone what a REAL PURE wrestling match is because you won’t be getting that from Jake Smith versus Xander Payne.

Kyra Phillips: :wow: Best of luck to you at Pain for Pride, Harlow!

(The scene fades to ringside.)

Gina Romano: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!

Small Crowd: ONE FALL!

Gina Romano: Introducing first, he hails from Long Island, New York! Weighing in at 197 pounds! Accompanied to the ring by his manager Albert Hitchman… “THE WRESTLING MACHINE” LUCAS JOHNSON!!!

(“Young and Bitter” by Hot Tag Media Lucas Johnson walks down to the ring wearing his Beats by DRE headphones that was given to him by his manager Albert Hitchman as he blasts music with an intense look on his face canceling the noise out from the fans that could give two shits less about him in the first place.)

Deadprez: Always a threat, always has the talent and ability to be a top star here, he is looking for it, and tonight a win over a Hall of Fame Inductee for 2020, could do it.

Eve: No doubt he has all the tools to be a Champion and has shown brilliance at times, he is that one big win away, could happen tonight.

Gavin Kirkland: He might, but tonight he faces Ahren Fournier and there’s a reason he is in the Hall of Fame.

(When Lucas reaches the ring apron his manager Hitchman gives him one last prep talk as he gives the middle finger to his doubters as Hitchman takes off the headphones, Johnson heads into the ring for combat and has a new mindset of taking no prisoners and doing whatever it takes to win. His music fades as Starboy by The Weeknd starts to play. Ahren Fournier slowly comes out, pointing the umbrella into the ring. Wearing his beaked mask, he slowly starts to walk to the ring as Lucas awaits. There is a mix of cheers and boos.)

Deadprez: That is a man on a mission. Ryan Wilson, has been a thorn on his side and it all comes to a head a Pain For Pride, he better not sleep on Lucas Johnson.

Eve: This is definitely a trap match so close to Pain For Pride, Ahren better tread lightly with a very hungry Lucas Johnson.

Gavin Kirkland: No Jennipurr tonight.

(As Ahren reaches the ropes, he climbs to the top rope, pointing out before dropping down to the ring and taking off his gear, he starts to laugh as the referee checks them, and then calls for the Bell..)

(DING!!!!! DING!!!!!!! DING!!!!!!!!!)

(Fournier locks up with Lucas Johnson, quickly spinning behind him, taking Johnson to the mat with a leg take down, he starts to walk all over Lucas back as he rolls out of the ring and screams at Ahren.)

Deadprez: Ahren playing the dirty games! He is enticing Lucas as the match starts. Lucas rolls back in the ring, he locks up with Ahren, no! A poke in the eye staggers Lucas back, a clothesline, knocking Lucas down! He gets back up, Ahren with a quick elbow, now throws him into the ropes, Belly to Belly Suplex! Going for a cover!



Eve: Lucas Kicks Out! He was caught by surprise there, turning quickly into an arm drag by Ahren, he is really on his game tonight and can’t get focused! He tries to lunge at him again, stopped quickly with a head butt! Lucas stumbles back, Ahren laughs, charging in but Johnson catches him with a huge knee, it stuns Ahren, he falls back some… POWER CLOTHESLINE! AHREN FLIPS IN THE AIR! LUCAS FOLDING HIM OVER FOR THE COVER!



Gavin Kirkland: AHREN KICKS OUT! You’re not getting Ahren that easily! But Lucas does have the advantage now after taking Ahren by surprise! He is constantly kicking him down! He is trying to cover up, but Lucas continues kicking! Referee is finally getting in there before Ahren becomes a stain on the mat!





5…. Lucas stops!

Deadprez: He is trying to keep Ahren down, sound strategy but this man is a Hall of Fame inductee, he has to control the tempo and even Hitchman is screaming for Lucas to start using his wrestling ability, Lucas is trying to brawl right now! Lucas picking up Ahren by the hair, a series of forearms stuns Ahren, whipping him against the ropes, he charges in, Ahren steps to the side, Lucas puts on the breaks, hopping to the second rope, Ahren turns right into a Bulldog! That hit the spot! He might be done here!



Eve: AHEN KICKS OUT AGAIN! Lucas slams the mat, you can tell how desperate he is for a huge win! He has Ahren back up to his feet, picking him up for a huge suplex, it is stalling, ALL THE BLOOD RUSHING TO THE HEAD OF AHREN! HE DROPS HIM HARD ON THE MAT! Lucas is not climbing the ropes, he is GOING FOR A HUGE MOONSAULT! HERE WE GO…. LUCAS MISSES! AHREN GETS OUT OIF THE WAY AT THE LAST SECOND! LUCAS LANDED AND MISSED AHREN IS SLOWLY GETTING UP! LUCAS GETS TO IS FEET….THE CLIMAX! LUCAS HUST HARD TO THE MAT! HITCHMAN IS BESIDE HIMSELF! Ahren slowly walks over to Lucas, he unloads with forearms and European Uppercuts! He is getting back up, Ahren throws him to the rope, no short arm clothesline! Lucas is down!

Gavin Kirkland: Took a high risk and paid for it! Here we go now, he grabs Lucas, picking him up by the hair, he runs against the ropes, Lucas ducks, Ahren misses with Protect Ya Neck! Lucas bounces back, he tries a clothesline but Ahren ducks, he bounces back one last time, Ahren catches him with a pop up Suplex into… THE LULLABY!!! HE HAS THE CROSSFACE CHICKEN WING CLAMPED ON!

(The crowd cheers as Ahren pulls back, screaming and laughing as Hitchman is beside himself, losing his mind, Ahren pulls back more…)


Eve: He can’t hold on anymore! He…. WAIT!!!!

(The crowd starts to boo as Ryan Wilson slides into the ring and starts attacking Ahren Fournier. The referee calls fort the bell!)

(DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Gina Romano: The Winner of this match as a result of a Disqualification! AHREN FOURNIER!!!!

(Ahren is getting kicked by Ryan Wilson, he looks at Johnson who is slowly starting to get up, Albert slides in a chair, then another as both Ryan and Johnson take their turns slamming the chair on Ahren’s back!)




(The crowd boos, as Ryan Wilson drops his chair, Lucas stands back as Wilson picks up Ahren in a Package Piledriver…..)



Gavin Kirkland: You know how many times he’s done that to others!? He DESERVED IT!

(Ryan Wilson stares at the fallen Ahren Fournier, a smirk comes in front of his face before “Awaken” by Dethklok plays throughout the arena, he starts to laugh, Lucas nods and rolls out of the ring with Hitchman, he stays there for a moment staring down at Ahren, who hasn’t moved, before he backs up and laughs, then EMT’s show up to check on Ahren as Wilson makes his way to the back.)

Deadprez: This is sickening, we’ll be right back.

(The last thing shown is Ahren slowly starting to stir as EMT’s rush to his aide and a smiling Ryan Wilson looks on.)


Off-screen voice: Where did ‘The War To End All Wars’ between Jamie O’Hara and Mr. DEDEDE truly begin?

Stew-O (confessional): A case could be made it began the day Jamie O’Hara first walked into this company.

( We see highlights of Jamie O’Hara from his early days as an Elitist in 2014, starting from the Voltage Draft pre-show 6-man-tag match and battling up the ranks until managing to defeat DDD’s tag team partner at the time, Ryan Savage, for the EAW New Breed Championship. )

Deadprez (confessional): When you talk about the story of Jamie vs DDD you got to remember, long before these two bulls ever had a reason to lock horns, speculation still existed as to what would happen if Mr. DEDEDE and Jamie O’Hara ever took place.

( Footage shows Mr. DEDEDE dominating as the World Heavyweight Champion for 2014, winning Elitist of the Year, Match of the Year, and running through the tag team division with “The Savage Ryans” in 2015. )

HRDO (confessional): I’ll never forget, it was right after Pain for Pride in London, the event where Jamie won his Cash In The Vault briefcase match. And in my mind Jamie O’Hara had already proven his worth as a future leading Elitist in this company. It was clear, by then, that he was here to stay. And so EAW releases this poll throwing a list of never seen before matches on our website, asking who would the fans like to see compete in a “dream contest.”

( The poll airs multiple “dream match” scenarios – with Mr. DEDEDE vs Jamie O’Hara leading the poll at a dominating 62% )

HRDO: Overwhelming fan support for DDD vs Jamie. In 2015. And months later following the EAW Civil War it dawns on me to approach DDD about this potential match. And how big of a spectacle it would be to have that at the following year’s Pain for Pride.

( B-Roll footage of DDD and O’Hara in the year 2015 with O’Hara winning his first EAW Championship, and DDD capturing the Answers World Championship for what would be his 6th World Championship reign; both happening in the same exact year )

HRDO (confessional): And DDD turns it down. He tells me point blank, flatout, “the guy isn’t ready.”

( B-Roll footage of O’Hara failing his CITV cash-in, and coming up short in various matches in EAW Season 9. )

HRDO (confessional): But I think even at the time DDD knew that the potential was there for this man, Jamie O’Hara, to become a peer to him and those of his ilk. You could tell he took the prospect of an eventual match up seriously. Otherwise, he would have taken the match, and probably would have won, in all honesty. But he had no desire to roll out the carpet for “Tomorrow’s Legend”, he wanted The Ace. And well, that’s exactly what Jamie would inevitably become.

( Jamie O’Hara’s legendary reign of dominance as the World Heavyweight Championship begins in the 2017 Grand Rampage. We see him roll through challengers far and wide, from the likes of Xavier Williams, TLA, former champion Jacob Senn, various opponents on the Voltage brand at the time, and even his own wife Cameron Ella Ava. )

Consuela Rose Ava (confessional): It was amazing to watch. As a fan and fellow Elitist you couldn’t get enough of it. It didn’t matter who you were, how close you were to him, what kind of past you and him had. If you were in the way of him and his championship reign, you were “getting fucked, cunt.” He didn’t slow down for anybody, not even my sister.

( B-Roll footage of Jamie O’Hara winning Elitist of the Year, World Heavyweight Champion of the Year, and receiving a separate honorable plaque for becoming the longest reigning World Champion in EAW history, despite his reign being nowhere close to finished. )

Flannery McCoy (confessional): 2017 was instrumental for Jamie O’Hara and him having that year was monumental for the rest of us. Jamie’s success felt like EAW’s success, in a strange way. At that years’ Grand Rampage The Ace was born, and for the months following he was established.

Stew-O (confessional): We all knew that we were seeing something unprecedented, just a display of unparalleled excellence that nobody else in the company was able to hold a candle to. However to me what really takes the cake, and really set The War To End All Wars in motion wasn’t the excellent performance that we all saw – it was what you DIDN’T see.

( Handheld camera phone footage shows footage from a Voltage house show in early 2018. )

Deadprez (confessional): laughs A lot of folks still believe Jamie vs DDD never actually happened up ’till now. Technically speaking, that isn’t true.

( We see Jamie O’Hara, as the World Heavyweight Champion, competing against Mr. DEDEDE in a non-title main event match in that untelevised live event. The entire arena full of people are all standing on their feet watching it. )

Matt Daniels (confessional): I was actually there that night.

( Daniels holds up one of his arms, showing the hair standing up on the back of them. )

Matt Daniels (confessional): Goosebumps, just thinking about it.

Jake Mercer (confessional): I’ve seen the footage. It’s a bit grainy, shaky handed, camera man coughs straight into the microphone a few times – but it’s good enough. I meditate in front of it before bed every night.

( Brief highlights showing the exchanges in the untelevised, unofficial one-fall bout between DDD and Jamie are shown. We see DDD countering a Genki Cannon with a Spear in midair, DDD missing a Shooting Star Press and running into ‘In Excelsis’, and a thrilling exchange with DDD reversing out of a piledriver into the Grand Slam, only for it to end in a two count. )

Eve (confessional): I still kick myself for not being there to see it. I’ve had multiple people who were there that evening tell me that it was the best match they’ve ever seen in person. It was even trending on twitter, despite it being untelevised, unannounced, not even promoted for that particular show. That is how good it was.

( The footage shows Jamie pinning DDD, 1-2-3, and holding up his World Heavyweight Championship in celebration. )

Jake Mercer (confessional): I hate to pull off my Ronan Malosi impression, I’m not nearly as gifted a scholar, but if I can offer a bit of a hot take: DDD said Jamie wasn’t ready to face him in 2015. However three years later, in my mind, the roles were reversed. It was DDD who wasn’t ready.

Stew-O (confessional): If I recall correctly that match happened at the spur of the moment. But honestly, it was as excellent as you would expect. And on that night, Jamie O’Hara was the better man.

( DDD and Jamie are seen shaking hands and celebrating together in the ring to the ovation of over 15,000 fans that evening. )

HRDO (confessional): I think despite what people say about that impromptu encounter, we haven’t even scratched the surface of what either of them are capable of. They are both going to produce something far greater on their second go-around, and why wouldn’t they? Considering the inferno that has been ignited between the two ever since then.


( Fast forward to the EAW 2018 Draft Show, where Jamie O’Hara was put on the shelf courtesy of an Equalizer after attempting to save his wife, Cameron Ella Ava, from a three-on-one beat down courtesy of The 1%. )

Starr-Stan (confessional): A lot of people seem to forget, there was a point where nobody knew if or when Jamie O’Hara would even be willing or able to come back from that Equalizer shot. He was just so burnt out at the time.

( Highlight footage of Mr. DEDEDE’s war between Cameron Ella Ava throughout the latter half of 2018 is shown, with their various matches on Dynasty, as well as Voltage’s Wicked Games, Dynasty’s Operation: Doomsday against Cameron and her sister Ms. Extreme. We also recap heinous moments carried out by DDD such as the infamous ‘Red Wedding’ assault on Cameron Ella Ava’s mother, Carmen Ava. )

Starr (confessional): DDD and The 1% were running roughshod all over Dynasty to the point where the war waged against Cam and the Ava family became more insidious as the weeks went along. And to Cam’s credit, despite being outnumbered and overpowered at every turn, she more than managed to hold her own.

( Exclusive footage airs of Jamie O’Hara’s training and rehab regiment, with him in workout attire running up bleachers during scorching hot days, hiking shirtless through the Outback wilderness, and performing lateral box jumps in a secluded weight room. )

Starr (confessional): You just know it ate at Jamie, and I mean ate at him, having to see his wife fend for herself with every possible obstacle that was stacked against her.

HRDO (confessional): Those battles against DDD arguably took a piece of Cameron Ella Ava’s soul. She came out the other end of it, went on to do great things, but you know the expression “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I don’t think that applies here.

( EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Backstage at Road to Redemption 12, fresh off of her match with Mr. DEDEDE, Cameron Ella Ava is walking alone in the backstage corridor with applauding Elitists standing by. She is overcome by emotions, and manages to get away from others far enough to break down and cry. Jamie approaches her, allowing her to weep into her arms, however Cam shoves him away and locks herself into a room to try and process her trauma. )

Deadprez (confessional): It was all brewing and boiling over, the cards were all falling in place for the inevitable.

( Recap airs of Jamie O’Hara winning the 2019 Grand Rampage match. )

Deadprez (confessional): When Jamie won that 2019 Grand Rampage it proved to the world that “The Ace” – throughout all of the personal and professional turmoil – was still alive and well.

( Recap airs of Mr. DEDEDE and Jamie O’Hara engaging in an electrifying staredown on the Dynasty after Gateway To Glory, just as the Answers World Championship Fatal 4 Way match was confirmed for Pain for Pride 12. )

Eve (confessional): You heard the rumblings come back again, especially when you knew that DDD and Jamie were sharing the same Pain for Pride main event. And I think we all know what unfolded on that fateful night.

( Highlights are aired of the Pain for Pride 12 headlining match featuring Theron Nikolas, Darkane, Jamie O’Hara and Mr. DEDEDE all vying for the Answers World Championship. The Match Of The Year award winning contest particularly highlights DDD and Jamie’s extraordinary performances. O’Hara is seen kneeing Theron into submission, appearing merely inches away from capturing yet another World Title, when his dreams would be dashed by a spear from out of nowhere by DDD. DDD pins Theron, holds up the Answers World Title, while Jamie sits outside of the ring at the bottom of the ramp with a look of dejection. )

Stew-O (confessional): It’s been a bit of a contrasting Season 13 for both of these men. In DDD’s case, at least for the most part, it’s been a season of dominance. For Jamie, it’s been one of perseverance. But not without its trials.

( We get snapshots of all of DDD’s Season 13 Answers World Title retentions and major Showdown victories, and see Jamie O’Hara coming up short at Territorial Invasion in War Games, Reasonable Doubt against Illionaires, Road to Redemption against Cameron, the 2020 King of Elite Finals. Inversely, Jamie O’Hara coming up with clutch victories at certain points is also shown including his victory over Tyler Parker at Battle of Egypt, a Showdown Triple Threat match against Raven Roberts and TLA, his victory against Candace Blair at Under Siege, and his No Way Out Match victory at Odyssey against 5 other Elitists. )

Stew-O: For Jamie, or for DDD, for that matter.

( DEDEDE is seen tearing his MCL against Andrea Valentine at Fighting Spirit, and having to be helped out of the ring with his wife Kassidy Heart and EAW officials following the match. )

Matt Daniels (confessional): What makes Jamie O’Hara and Mr. DEDEDE who they are doesn’t simply have to do with everything they accomplished. We’ve already well established that they’re the best. You could make legitimate arguments for either one of them being the best that any of us have ever seen lace a pair of boots. But what makes them different is what they’re able to overcome. The obstacles that they are able to spite by their sheer will and drive for excellence. That neverending drive to be the best, that’s what makes them different from every other Elitist in history.

( B-Roll footage of DDD and O’Hara staring down at a recent Showdown, where DDD confirms that he will be making it to Pain for Pride, and where Jamie promises DDD that he knows nothing of what in store, other than that “what DDD doesn’t know WILL kill him.” )

Jake Mercer (confessional): In their first encounter, DDD wasn’t prepared. This time around, there is zero excuse now.

HRDO (confessional): Jamie O’Hara has now decided to take this war to another echelon and put everything on the line. He’s put himself in a position I personally have been in before, so I understand why exactly he is risking everything.

( B-Roll: O’Hara standing before the socially distanced crowd, with flashes of the greatest moments of his career going before his eyes, and appearing at a rapid rate across the screen. )

HRDO: It’s because that is exactly what this day of retribution, Pain for Pride, means to him.


( A shot of an unsuspecting Cameron Ella Ava in the ring at the Grand Rampage. Another shot of a portrait showing Jamie O’Hara next to Cameron Ella Ava, followed by a final shot in the sequence showing Cameron Ella Ava laying virtually dead in the ring following a flaming Equalizer strike. )

HRDO (confessional): Everything.

( Action footage showing Jamie O’Hara and Mr. DEDEDE. )

Stew-O (confessional): We all wanted this so badly. Well, as the adage says best, “Be careful what you wish for.” What we wanted was epic. “Gawd vs Ace”. Something for the ages, that’ll stand the test of time.

( A look of burning passion in Jamie’s eyes follows with a look of bloodlust and wrath on DDD’s scowling face. )

Stew-O: The price for that, however, will be catastrophic.

“War To End all Wars.”


(It pans back to ringside.)

(Enemy Strike by Yuki Hayashi hits as Myles steps out onto the stage. The crowd boos heavily as he makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring)

Gina Romano: The following contest is a triple threat match set for..

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

Gina Romano: And it is a Cash in the Vault Ladder Match Preview!!! Introducing first.. from Melbourne, Australia.. Weighing in at 227lbs.. THE MANIFEST!!! MYLES!!!

Deadprez: And here’s the former tag team champion, Myles, making his way to the ring. There’s probably a lot on his mind knowing that he has the opportunity to take his caeer to the next step by winning next weeks big match!

Eve: That’s for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing how he does tonight against the two other Cash in the Vault Qualifiers from Showdown.

(Pure Water by Skepta hits as Dray Fontana steps out onto the stage. Again the crowd books heavily as Dray smirks at the reaction from the crowd. Dray then makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring)

Gina Romano: And his opponent!! From Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom!! Weighing in at 200lbs.. THE PRINCE!!! DRAY FONTANA!!!!

Gavin Kirkland: Dray has definitely shown us a lot so far in his young career, but now he has the opportunity to achieve the greatest accomplishment of his career yet by winning the Cash in the Vault Ladder Match. Being able to compete in such a highly anticipated match must be a great feeling for the Prince.

Deadprez: Definitely! Unlike Myles, Dray has never held a championship here in Elite Answers Wrestling, but he has proven that even without a title he is good enough to fight in one of the toughest matches to compete in. There is no doubt in my mind that Dray will put it all out there next week. Lets see how he does tonight against some of his competition.

(Black Honey by Thrice hits as MITSUBACHI steps out onto the stage. The crowd cheers him on as he makes his way down the ramp and towards the ring)

Gina Romano: And their opponent.. From Sōka, Saitama, Japan!! Weighing in at 187lbs.. THE SILENT ANIMAL!!!! MITSUBACHI!!!

Deadprez: Just like Dray Fontana, the Cash in the Vault is a major opportunity for MITSUBACHI to really break out in this company. He earned his spot in this Cash in the Vault Ladder Match a few weeks ago and has had his mind set on that match ever since. He is definitely a darkhorse heading into the Cash in the Vault and that may play to his advantage next week. However, tonight Dray Fontana and Myles will get a good look at MITSUBACHI a week before Pain for Pride! Lets see how this plays out!!


Deadprez: And there’s the bell! Right out of the gates its Myles with a forearm shot onto Dray Fontana! Myles now turns over to MITSUBACHI and connects with a forearm shot onto him as well! Myles now shoving MITSUBASHI as MITSUBACHI ends up crashing back first against the corner turnbuckles! Myles charges in.. RUNNING CORNER FOREARM BY MYLES AS HE BLASTS HIS ARM ACROSS THE HEAD OF MITSUBACHI!

Gavin Kirkland: BUT LOOK! It’s Dray Fontana with a forearm shot of his own that lands right into the back of Myles! Myles presses up against MITSUBACHI in the corner, but quickly responds with a back elbow that lands right onto the chin of Dray Fontana!! Dray staggers back as Myles turns around and faces his direction! SUPERKICK BY DRAY FONTANA OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

Eve: NO!!! MYLES CATCHES DRAY FOOT!! Dray is balancing on one leg as Myles has control of his foot and ankle!! And Myles tosses Drays foot off to the side!! BUT DRAY FONTANA KEEPS THE MOMENTUM GOING AND USES IT TO GO FOR A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!! NO!!! Myles ducks underneath the leg as Dray Fontana spins all the way around!! BUT DRAY TRANSITIONS INTO A PELE KICK AND IT CONNECTS!!! Myles is standing groggily on his feet as he turns around.. KOUTOUBU KICK BY MITSUBACHI FROM OUT OF THE CORNER AS HE CRACKS MYLES RIGHT ACROSS THE FACE WITH HIS BOOT!! Myles instantly drops down to the canvas of the ring then rolls under the bottom rope an down to the ringside floor!!

Gavin Kirkland: And now it’s MITSUBACHI and Dray Fontana who lock up with one another in the ring!! Dray frees his arm and connects with a right hook onto the side of Bachi’s face! MITSUBACHI with a hook of his own!! But now Dray Fontana connects with a knee strike to Bachi’s abdomen as Bachi bends over in pain! Dray now grabs MITSUBACHI’s arm and irish whips him to the side ropes! MITSUBACHI hits the ropes then bounces back!! DISCUSS LARIAT BY DRAY FONTANA!!!!

Eve: NO!!! MITSUBACHI DUCKS UNDER THE ARM!! He continues to run to the far ropes! He bounces back as Dray turns around!! SPINNING BACKFIST BY MITSUBACHI!!! It connects and sends Dray Fontana down to the canvas!! MITSUBACHI reaches down and grabs Dray Fontana by the hair and brings him up to his feet! Kick to the abdomen by Bachi!! He pulls Dray Fontana in!! SNAP DDT BY MITSUBACHI!!! NO!!! Dray Fontana shoves MITSUBACHI back and forces MITSUBACHI to bounce off of the corner turnbuckles and back towards Dray!! SITOUT SPINEBUSTER BY DRAY FONTANA!!!

Deadprez: MITSUBACHI is down on the canvas as Dray Fontana slowly gets up and looks down at his opponent! Dray now stomps down onto the chest of MITSUBACHI! Again another stomp!! Dray combs his fingers through his hair as he stares down at Bachi! Dray turns around.. BIG BOOT BY MYLES THAT BLASTS DRAY IN THE FACE!!! Dray Fontana instantly hits the canvas as Myles goes running up to the side ropes due to the amount of force he put into that boot!

Eve: Myles now takes a few steps and goes over to MITSUBACHI. He gets down on one knee and begins firing away with grounded forearm shots across Bachi’s face!! ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX FORAREARM SHOTS BY MYLES!! Myles stands up to his feet and slowly makes his way over to Dray Fontana. DOUBLE FOOT STOMP INTO THE ABDOMEN OF DRAY FONTANA BY MYLES!! Myles now reaches down and grabs Dray Fontana by the head. He brings him up to his feet. Myles now wraps his arms around Dray and lifts him up onto his shoulders!! Myles charges towards the corner!! SNAKE EYES!!! MYLES JUST DROPPED DRAY FONTANA FACE FIRST AGAINST THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!! Dray Fontana stands groggily as Myles runs to the opposite ropes! He bounces back!! BIG BOOT TO THE FACE BY MYLES AS DRAY DROPS DOWN!! THIS CROWD IS GOING WILD AFTER THAT SEQUENCE OF MOVES!!!

Myles(Off-Mic): SHUT UP!!!

Deadprez: Well, Myles was never really a fan of pops from the crowd and it’s showing right here. He simply brushes off the noise made by these fans and is now walking towards the downed MITSUBACHI! Myles grabs Bachi by the head and brings him up to his feet. KNEE STRIKE TO THE ABDOMEN BY MYLES!! Myles now pulls Bachi in!! He’s going for a Powerbomb!! NO!!! MITSUBACHI reverses it with a back body drop!! Myles hits the canvas hard and clutches at his back in pain. He slowly gets back up to his feet.. CALF KICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD BY BACHI!!! Myles stumbles over towards the ring ropes and bounces back.. SPINNING BACK FIST BY MISTUBACHI TAKES MYLES DOWN TO THE CANVAS!!! BACHI COVERS!!!




Deadprez: Kickout by Myles! MITSUBACHI gets up to his feet. He grabs Myles by the head and brings him up to his feet as well! MITSUBACHI lifts Myles up into a fireman’s carry position! It looks like he may be going for his Go to Sleep!!

Eve: No look! Myles has a hold of the top rope!! MITSUBACHI is trying to walk to the center of the ring, but Myles isn’t allowing it!! MISTUBACHI still continues to try and pull Myles to the center, but Myles’ grip is too strong right now!!

Gavin Kirkland: Dray Fontana is now up to his feet and he sees the position that Myles and MITSUBACHI are in! Dray runs behind MITSUBACHI!! SUPERKICK!!! DRAY JUST SUPERKICKED MYLES IN THE FACE AND MYLES RELEASES THE TOP ROPE!! MITSUBACHI has no idea how it happened, but he makes his way over to the center of the ring with Myles still on his shoulders!! He could hit his Go to Sleep right here!!! But No!! It’s Dray Fontana! He’s made his way onto the ring apron behind MITSUBACHI!! AND HE SLINGSHOTS HIMSELF INTO THE RING!!! SPRINGBOARD FOREARM TO THE BACK OF MITSUBACHI’S HEAD BY DRAY FONTANA AS MITSUBACHI FALLS FACE FIRST TO THE CANVAS WITH MYLES’ ENTIRE BODY LANDING RIGHT ON TOP OF HIS HEAD!!!

Deadprez: Myles is slowly making his way up to his feet as Dray is standing right behind him! He’s stalking Myles right now as Myles finally gets to his feet!!! BACKSTABBER BY DRAY FONTANA!!! Myles is down! Dray hooks the legs!!




Deadprez: And another kickout by Myles!! Dray gets back up to his feet and sees MITSUBACHI clutching at the back of his head. MITSUBACHI is slowly making his way to his feet with the assistance of the ring ropes in front of him. Dray makes his way behind MITSUBACHI!!! BACKSTABBER BY DRAY ON MITSUBACHI!!!

Gavin Kirkland: NO!!! MITSUBACHI HOLDS ONTO THE ROPES AS DRAY SLAMS HIMSELF BACK FIRST AGAINST THE CANVAS!!! Dray is clutching at his back in pain and slowly making his way up to his feet! MITSUBACHI turns around to face Dray, but Dray charges at MITSUBACHI!! MITSUBACHI grabs a hold of Dray Fontana!! FISHERMAN BUSTER SUPLEX BY MITSUBACHI CONNECTS ONTO DRAY FONTANA!!! MITSUBACHI is in full control now as both of his opponents are down in the ring! Bachi makes his way over to the corner. He climbs himself up to the middle rope!! Bachi looks down at Dray Fontana who still has yet to move after being supexed moments ago.. AND MITSUBACHI CONNECTS WITH AN OVERHEAD KNEE DROP DOWN ONTO THE FACE OF DRAY FONTANA!!! DRAY IS OUT COLD AND MITSUBACHI HOOKS THE LEGS!!!




Eve: BUT MYLES BREAKS UP THE PIN BY DRIVING A FOREARM IN TO THE BACK OF MITSUBACHI!!! Myles gets up to his feet and grabs MITSUBACHI by the back of the head. He brings MITSUBACHI up to his feet and runs with his head in his grasp towards the corner!! AND MYLES BASHES MITSUBASHI HEAD UP AGAINST THE CORNER!! Myles now turns MITSUBACHI around in the corner! Myles with a knee strike to the abdomen that forces MITSUBACHI to bend over! Now a forearm shot by Myles onto the back of Bachi’s head! Bachi drops down to one knee, but Myles quickly pulls him in!! POWERBOMB BY MYLES AS BACHI hits the canvas hard!!!

Deadprez: Dray Fontana is slowly getting up to his feet as Myles turns his attention to him! Myles charges at Dray Fontana now!! RUNNING KNEE STRIKE BY MYLES!!! NO!! Dray side steps as Myles stumbles on his feet! Dray gets behind Myles!! GERMAN SUPLEX!! It connects!! Myles hits the canvas hard as Dray Fontana makes his way to the corner! He’s climbing up to the top rope!! Dray now standing at the top rope! He’s look out to this 50 person crowd!! MOONSTOMP BY DRAY FONTANA!!!!

Gavin Kirkland: NO!!!! Myles rolls out of the way as Dray Fontana stumbles backwards on his feet! Myles back up!! But Dray Fontana charges at him!! KNEE STRIKE TO THE ABDOMEN OF THE RUNNING DRAY FONTANA BY MYLES!!! Myles hooks Drays head..DE FACTO!!! SPINNING PUMPHANDLE SAMOAN DROP BY MYLES!!!! IT CONNECTS!!!!! Myles is going for the-






(Black Honey by Thrice hits as MITSUBACHI slowly gets up to his feet and gets his hand raised by the referee. The crowd cheers as MITSUBACHI celebrates his victory)

Gina Romano: Here is your winner… MITSUBACHI!!!!

Deadorez: MITSUBACHI just stole that victory from Myles a moment ago!

Gavin Kirkland: Yes, but in the Cash in the Vault, you need to go to those measures in order to be the winner. MITSUBACHI may be one of the guys with the least accolades to his name, but he already has the mindset that he needs to win any way possible! This is what is going to make MITSUBACHI tough to deal with at Pain for Pride!!

Eve: These three Elitists went all out and we saw all sorts of action in the ring.. But I don’t think that what we saw tonight will be even a fraction of whats to come at Pain for Pride!!

Deadprez: You’ve got that right Eve! There will be ladders, four more competitors, and a shot at a world title over the course of the next season on the line! Will one of our Showdown Elitists walk out with the briefcase? We’ll find out next week at Pain for Pride!!

(The camera shows MITSUBACHI celebrating as Myles is on the ground looking at him with a pissed off facial expression due to how this match played out. MITSUBACHI looks down at Myles as they make eye contact with one another. The scene then fades to black.)

(Commercial break featuring Mr. DEDEDE putting his Answers World Championship on the line against Jamie O’Hara — Gawd versus Ace on the FPV next weekend!)

(The scene opens to Kyra Phillips standing inside the ring in front of a table. The ring is covered in brown carpet.

Kyra Phillips: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Pain for Pride PURE Championship Contract Signing! Introducing first…..the challenger! XANDER PAYNE!!!!

(“It Follows” by Cane Hill hits as Xander Payne walks out from the curtain to overwhelming boos. He soaks in the boos. Xander Payne is wearing black jeans, and a custom #PayneForPride3 sleeveless shirt. He flips off a few people through the plexiglass who are booing him.)

(Xander walks up the steps and steps through the ropes, he walks over to Kyra and offers a handshake, Kyra goes for the handshake but Xander pulls his hand away and plops down in the leather chair and kicks his feet up, awaiting for Jake Smith’s arrival. “It Follows” dies down.)

Kyra Phillips: And his opponent, he is the EAW PURE Champion! JAKE SMITH!!!

(“War” by Grandson hits as Jake Smith walks out, also to overwhelming boos from the limited crowd. He is wearing a custom gray silky suit. He opens his jacket and reveals the PURE Championship around his waist. He smiles from ear to ear on his way to the ring. He steps into the ring, unstraps the title from his waist, and lays it across the table next to him and Xander. Xander eyes the title for a second before looking back at Jake who is taking his seat at the opposite end of the table.)

Kyra Phillips: Now gentlemen–

(Jake interrupts as he picks up his mic off the table.)

Jake Smith: Let’s just get this signed and move along shall we? There’s a contract signing on Voltage I’m in charge of and I need to get planning started! :mjlit:

Xander Payne: Is this a joke to you?

Jake Smith: Nah, (Jake leans over the table and looks on Xander’s side of the table.) HEY XANDER’S CHAIR….HOW YOU HOLDING UP BUDDY? Now that’s what you call a joke. You, you’re just not important enough for me to waste my time on you. You don’t deserve to be in this match in the first place, you glorified fat loser.

(Xander cracks the tiniest grin as he picks up his mic.)

Xander Payne: Really? I’ve done nothing this past season but show how much of an asset I am to not only this brand, but this damn company. Sure, I’ve had some downs this season, but I never let it slow me down. Three different occasions this season…THREE! I came up short of becoming Answers World Champion. Grand Rampage was my night, and I still can’t believe I let it slip through my fingers. I should be main eventing Pain for Pride against Cam’s whipping boy, but I’m not. I had to stop for a second after that, and think about where I was and my direction at Pain for Pride. I had no clue what I would be doing, I felt I lost all my hope at Grand Rampage and thought I’d be stuck in the battle royal or something…but then at Odyssey…..I bumped into you. It hit me instantly. I’m the best PURE wrestler in this company and nobody wants to admit it. And we all know that PURE Championship needs some prestige to be put back into it after the damage you’ve caused….and who’s better for the job than this guy right here? (Xander points at himself.)

Jake Smith: Have you decided maybe you went for the PURE Championship because that’s your ceiling and you realized you’re not World Championship material after failing over, and over, and over again?

(Xander chuckles off the comment as a few members of the crowd give a few “OOOHHHs”.)

Jake Smith: That’s right Xander, you’re here because you’re not destined for anything better. You lost all those World Title matches for a reason, because you just aren’t good enough. You got bodied by Cameron at King Of Elite after all that shit you talked, then you got bodied again when she was wrestling fucking pregnant. You’re a loser dude. What are you gonna say? I’m going nowhere because I’m in the PURE scene too? Buddy, I never intended to win this PURE title the second time, it just happened because I’m just that damn good. I’m a two time PURE Champion for a reason, because I’m dangerous. I’ve ruled the midcard division with an iron fist ever since I was traded from Dynasty and I haven’t looked back and I don’t plan on stopping until I decide I’m bored of it and go after a bigger throne than the PURE Championship. At the end of the day Xander, I’m better than you, that’s the only thing that matters, which is the main reason I’m walking out of Pain for Pride….STILL the purest wrestler in this company!

Xander Payne: You’re serious right? Tell me you’re not being serious. Dude, you’re a bum with a belt. Let’s go back in time a bit shall we? Your first title win, you beat MARK FUCKING MICHAELS….whoopty fuckin doo…do you want a parade for doing something likely everybody in this company has done which is beat Overbookster? It didn’t take you long to drop the ball after that win did it? You lost it to that talentless hack Harlow shortly after. Oh, and you entered that gauntlet at Under Siege because there was nothing better for you to be doing. You had the luck of the draw and picked the bones of Harlow as he was laying crippled. What’s pathetic is she almost beat you several times even in that condition. Me on the other hand, have been working my ass off to get where I am on the card today. You of all people shouldn’t be criticizing my resume, I hold victories over Mr. DEDEDE and Impact just in recent months. I even have a victory over that slut Cameron earlier in the season. I put Darkane and Myles on the shelf using my dangerous arsenal and I won’t hesitate to do it to you also. Meanwhile, you’re facing guys like Shane Gates and Lucas Johnson and you can barely even escape those two bottom of the barrel bottom feeders. Oh, and the cherry on top, you’re fucking Terry Chambers baby sister and in exchange she’s saving your title reign any time it’s in trouble.

Jake Smith(with a chuckle): She does that by her own choice, I force nothing against her. Are you trying to imply that my second PURE reign is fraudulent because of her? Alexis is a beautiful independent woman who makes her own choices. Also, I can’t control facing the Shane Gates and Lucas Johnsons of this world, Ryan Wilson forced me to. If I had the say, none of my previous challengers would have gotten a shot, including your fatass. Also, speaking of Alexis, she evened the odds at Odyssey, you saw I had that match won fair and square, but I was being screwed over by Shane’s hooker wife and Lucas walrus manager. I beat Ryan without her help asserting my dominance. Don’t bring Ahren into it because why in the world would I have the clue he would interfere? I had no idea he even did until well after the match. People may not see those as definitive wins, but I use my smarts and I walk out champion every time. It’s why I’m a two time champ and it’s why I walk into Pain for Pride as champ, and it;s why I will walk out of pain for Pride, still champion. My smarts and my abilities, nobody stands a chance which is why I’m that confident going against you Xander.

(Jake Smith grabs the pen and signs the contract.)

(Xander Payne twirls his mic thinking for a second.)

Xander Payne: You’re THAT confident eh?

(Jake nods his head.)

Xander Payne: Alright, well….if you’re that confident….why don’t you leave that whore Alexis Chambers in the back at Pain for Pride. You want to prove yourself worthy of the title, no better place than on the grandest stage with the whole world watching. This fight is between you and me.

(Jake brushes his hand through his hair for a second, showing a slight concern, before smiling back.)

Jake Smith: You got it! She has her own match to worry about at Pain for Pride…which I will enjoy. :mjgrin: Anyways, you’re right. I need to shut people the hell up who say I’m a paper champion, and I’m gonna show everybody that while exposing you at the same time.

Xander Payne: The only exposing that’s gonna do down is exposing you for the fraud you truly are when you finally face some competition where you’re in way over your head. I’m taking that title and heading into the new season putting prestige back into it. You ain’t the “Mightiest One”, you’re just another one of my victims I will put down as I win my third championship in this company at the third annual #PayneForPride!

(Xander Payne takes the pen and signs the contract before shoving the contract and pen to the side, both men stand up as Kyra Phillips leaves the ring knowing this can’t end well. Jake Smith slowly puts the mic to his lips.)

Jake Smith(sarcastically): May the best man win.

Xander Payne: I WILL!

(Xander Payne spits in the face of Jake Smith and hops over the table and tackles Jake Smith to the ground. Both men are on the ground throwing shots at each other.)

(Ryan Wilson is frantically calling for security to get to the ring at the top of the stage.)


(A boatload of security runs in as the social distanced crowd boos loudly. The security manages to pry Xander and Jake apart form each other and take them to opposite corners. Jake puts his hands up and acts calm.)


Xander Payne(off mic): COME ON CUCKBOY!

(Jake stands up being held back, he is angry. Jake calms down and agrees to leave the ring as security is restraining Xander as much as they can.)


Jake Smith(off mic): COME ON FATSO!

(More security comes in and they successfully manage to restrain both Xander and Jake back. Both men are on opposite ends of the ring shouting inaudible insults at one another.)

(EAW logo buzzes.)

Voltage 6/19/20

EAW Pain for Pride 13 Red Carpet.