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Showdown 2/9/2019

(EAW Intro plays)

(We see a brief clip of Hurricane Hawk standing backstage going over some notes for the nights show.)


(His cell phone buzzes and he pulls it out. We seen him read the text message and the camera turns to see the screen)

(It’s a message from Leo Quinn that reads “On my way with the package”)

(Hawk grins as he closes the phone)

(We see a recap begin to play from King of Elite as it opens to Damon Diesel hitting various moves before being disappointed after losing the New Breed Championship match. Drake King lays it on the line and nearly gets the win but has to see Myles make the pin on Xander Payne. SOSA Henderson takes the fight to Noah Reigner but Noah eventually overcomes to take the briefcase. TLA overcomes Lethal Consequences after a run in from POP. Chris Elite fights hard even doing a double moonsault from the top of the cage but Ahren Fournier comes out with the Championship in tact. Malcolm Jones works through his three opponents and walks away with the King of Elite crown)

(“DNA” by Kendrick Lamar plays as the Showdown Intro runs for the broadcast before transitioning to show the sold out crowd cheering like crazy in the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We see various signs such as “CHUDD IS MY (BURGER) KING!” “Mr. Jax Reichert” and “I LOVE SOSA” are seen before the camera pans to the commentary desk of Eve and Deadprez)


Deadprez: And that’s not all as Hurricane Hawk says that he has major announcements to make regarding the fall out from King of Elite as well as Showdown’s future! It’s gonna be a fantastic night where we will also be hearing the first words from Malcolm Jones after winning King of Elite, plus we are expecting a message from Openweight Champion, TLA, after retaining against Lethal Consequences! It’s been a wild ride around here lately and I think things are about to get even crazier!

Eve: All that and so much more! Gina Romano is standing at the ready inside the ring! And I’m getting word that we are about to get underway!

(Camera cuts away and we get a glimpse of Gina Romano in the ring before the shot pans to the stage as “No Regrets” by Pusha T hits and Hurricane Hawk walks out to a big pop)

Gina Romano: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Showdown General Manager and EAW Hall of Famer, HURRRRIICCCCAAAAANNNNEEEEEE HHHAAAAAWWWWWWWKK


(Hurricane Hawk comes down and enters the ring. He sits on a rope to help Gina get out before having a microphone handed to him.)

Hurricane Hawk: How’s it going, Phillie?


Hurricane Hawk: Man, King of Elite was one hell of a show, wasn’t it? We had some ups and some down but I’m a positive guy so let’s focus on the ups. And yet again we see a member of Showdown bring home the crown at the end of it all! So let me as the Showdown General Manager formally congratulate the 2019 King of Elite, Malcolm Jones!


Hurricane Hawk: That crown means he has the opportunity to cash it in for a pre-announced match at a time of his choosing for a world championship! It’s a major opportunity and one that proved fruitful for the last King of Elite and reigning Answers World Champion, Theron Nikolas! Now I know he may not be anyone’s favorite person here, but it’s hard to argue with the results. And now Malcolm has the opportunity to decide how he wants to play the same hand that Theron turned into a world title reign. If he plays his cards right he could main event Pain for Pride two years in a row. If he plays them wrong, he could end up not featured at all when the time comes. It’s a fascinating set of possibilities and that’s why King of Elite is always so intriguing because it begins us on the road to Pain for Pride. Of course we still have the Grand Rampage before we get there and that’s another thing we need to discuss. I’m here to officially announce that before we get to the Grand Rampage, Showdown will be hosting its own exclusive event. I’m here to officially announce ‘Under Siege’, which will be live on FPV from the Oracle Arena on March 9th!


Hurricane Hawk: Some arrangements are still being made but it promises to be a major night for the blue brand as both the EAW Championship and the Interwire Championship will be on the line. Next week we will host a contendership match to see who will face Malcolm Jones for his Interwire Championship at King of Elite. And in the coming weeks we will determine another match to find a challenger for the EAW Championship that Ahren Fournier retained in one of the most entertaining cage matches I’ve seen in this company against Chris Elite! But it doesn’t stop there. That’s just the titles Showdown itself controls as self contained titles. We haven’t been given the clear to bring a challenger from Dynasty for TLA’s final Openweight opponent, but they have their own event coming up so I’m not too worried about it in all honesty. But… we have newly crowned Unified Tag Team Champions in the Jaded Hearts. And I would love the chance to see those titles back on Showdown. So we will be looking for contenders to the tag titles in the coming weeks as well. And one final match that I can confirm will take place… we will be hosting a gauntlet match to determine Showdown’s next contender to the New Breed Championship!

(The crowd is buzzing after all of this information. Hawk turns and point back at the stage)

Hurricane Hawk: And, on a more personal note, I want to put the entire locker room on notice. I am meeting tonight with Leo Quinn from EAW’s Security Department. We have finally gotten the Road To Redemption security footage through international law enforcement customs and we will be reviewing the tapes tonight. Whoever attacked me and threatened the roster will be found out soon. Very soon.

(Hawk looks much more stern after saying this but catches his breath and looks back to the fans.)

Hurricane Hawk: But I’ve taken enough time up here. This is Showdown and you people came to see some fights! So let’s get to business! Gina, you’re up!

(Gina Romano steps up and enters the ring, taking the microphone from Hawk before “No Regrets” picks back up and the General Manager makes his exit, high fiving fans as he goes)

Gina Romano: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“La Marmelade de Ma Grand Mère” by Florent Caubien hits as Provençal makes his entrance, attempting to greet a fan on the way down but becoming fearful of them as he drew too close)

Gina Romano: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Triffouillis-les-Oies, France, weighing in at 204 pounds… PPPPRRRRROOOOOVVVVVEEENNNÇÇÇÇAAAALLLLLLL!!!

Eve: Provencal is a man who comes out and gives all his heart inside the ring.

Deadprez: problem is that heart is a French manufactured white flag he likes to wave.

Eve: I mean… I’m not arguing.

(Provencal gets up into the ring as “All Out Life” by Slipknot hits and Shane Gates comes out looking all business. He glares at Provencal who begins to look nervous)

Gina Romano: And his opponent, making his way to the ring from Huntington Beach, California, weighing in at 210 pounds… SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANEEE GGGGAAAAAAAATTTTEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!

Deadprez: Shane Gates hasn’t always had the easies time here on Showdown but he’s a man who comes to fight each and every match! The Submission Psychopath is looking to build some momentum here tonight!

Eve: There’s a lot of opportunities up for grabs for Under Siege according to Hurricane Hawk. It’s a great chance for either of these men to make an impression and get something that sparks their careers!

(Shane slides into the ring and backs into the corner, looking primed and ready to go. Provencal just looks nervous again as the referee calls for the bell)


Deadprez: Shane Gates moves in and Provencal circles around, trying to find himself a way to escape the grappling specialist! Gonna be hard though because Shane is pressing him! He’s getting closer with every step but Provencal keeps circling around the ring and I think he’s shaking! YOURE A PRO WRESTLER! GROW SOME BALLS!

Eve: Shane has Provencal cornered and grabs him! Pulls him in and launches him into a T-bone suplex! Provencal crashes to the mat and here comes Shane again! He tries to drop down on top of Provencal but the Frenchman panics and shoves Shane away before rolling out of the ring! He doesn’t want any part of Shane Gates in a submission battle! He’s out on the outside and I think he’s looking at walking away!

(Provencal begins to move towards the ramp looking fearful)





Deadprez: His finisher? It’s a small pack—





Deadprez: Shane Gates pulls off the win! Can’t say I’m shocked but Provencal nearly caught him with that small package!

Eve: He did but Shane powered out and executed his Enter Night to seal the dominant win! Gotta say! That’s a good look for Shane at a time when things are opened up!

(Shane celebrates up the ramp with his fist in the air as he walks back through the curtain. The camera follows him and he is greeted by Hurricane Hawk backstage)

Shane Gates: Hey Hawk. I’m guessing you saw that win out there?

Hurricane Hawk: I did. He nearly caught you in that small package but otherwise I’d say you kept control the whole way through. You did good tonight Shane, so I’m officially declaring you the first participant in the New Breed Gauntlet match at Under Siege.

Shane Gates: Nice. I’ll take that. And this time it’ll be me who comes out on top!

Hurricane Hawk: Well it’s a gauntlet match so it won’t be an easy—


(Hawk looks and darts away, leaving Shane wondering what just happened. Hawk turns a corner and finds Solomon walking away from Terry Chambers’s unconscious body)


(Solomon grins at him)

Solomon: Hmmm? Can you prove I did anything? Did you witness anything? I don’t believe you did. But whatever became of our dear friend Terry here, that person seems to have taught him the true meaning of Dystopia.

(Hawk gets in Solomon’s face)

Hurricane Hawk: You’ve got some nerve… Fine. Your ass wants to run around doing all this hardcore bullshit? Try that against someone who was a hardcore champion in this company! You’ve got Cody Marshall in a few minutes. Anything goes. Get ready. He’s been wanting to kick someone’s ass for a while.

Solomon: Shouldn’t you worry more about who’s been attacking you lately?

(Solomon grins as he walks off. Hawk breathes a sigh as moves towards his office)

(Commercial for PB&J, the reunion that inspired our hearts)

(“Pray For Em” by Meek Mill hits to a huge mixed reaction as Malcolm Jones makes his way out with the King of Elite crown wrapped around his head and the Interwire Championship around his waist, he also has an iced out rolex around his wrist that he’s pouring water on in a smug manner while walking down the ramp.)

Eve: The man of the hour is here! Malcolm Jones did Showdown proud last week as he outperformed three other men in order to capture the King of Elite crown, and he is basking in all of his glory right now.

Deadprez: Well deserved too, Malcolm has shown so much versatility this season as a tag team competitor, to the Interwire champ facing off against more up and coming names, to head to head bouts with Hall of Famers, to matches like King of Elite with the huge incentive of that match. Through it all he’s stayed consistent in his performance and that has resulted in constant wins. The man is on a roll and I can’t help but applaud him, Showdown’s dominance of the King of Elite tournament rolls on. The question now is, when does he plan on using this opportunity for a world title match?

Eve: Maybe we’re about to find out..

(Malcolm confidently struts down the ramp with his focused geared straight towards the ring that has a throne sitting in the center of it. Malcolm enters the ring as he is handed a microphone and sits on the throne as the music fades. He begins to speak..)


(The crowd gives a loud mixed reaction for the NY war cry/greeting call)

Malcolm Jones: This crown on my head… it just feels right. I mean that in the sense of… it just makes too much sense. I always knew I was a king, my ancestors was kings so naturally I come from royalty it’s in my genetics, it’s part of the reason why my people enjoy things like gold and diamonds. But y’all ain’t ready for that level of wokeness yet so lemme chill. So with that in mind plus the fact that we was in the motherland itself, there was no way I wasn’t walking out without that crown. For all of Season 12 I have sat back and chilled. I let these little fuckboys sitting from the sideline talk all types of shit about how Season 11 ended for me and tried to define my whole existence by one loss and in the midst of everything I just kept pushing, I kept grinding, and I kept getting even better. I racked up gold, I racked up big wins, I did everything in my power to overcome any setbacks I faced prior and to bring the respek back to the name of Malcolm Jones. I’m a ticking time bomb and I’ve been that way since the moment I stepped foot on this brand, and the moment the clock hits zero is the moment a lot of your favorite wrestlers worst nightmares come to fruition. I’ve dominated the tag team division, I dominated the midcard division, and really soon it’ll be time for me to get back to the top of the card and dominate these so called main eventers.

Malcolm Jones: People tend to forget just exactly who I am and what I’m capable of and they often misconstrued me exploring other ventures with me falling off or something, so I had to remind y’all all of exactly who the fuck I am. For those of you who still haven’t gotten the message in the wake of me whooping ass then let me remind you. I’m the motherfuckin King of Elite, I’m the King of EAW, and soon ima be a motherfuckin world champ. I’ve done it all this season at all levels and the most appropriate way of capping it all off would be to win that EAW Championship and word to everything I love, word to the dead homies.. I WILL walk away with that belt before it’s all said and done. I been grindin my whole life, I faced adversity in my journey to EAW and then I faced even more adversity once I got here. Just like in life prior to this company, I overcame it all.. I did everything in my power to become the best I could possibly be, to shut the mouths of the dickeaters with doubts about me, and to FLOURISH. I’m fulfilling a prophecy that was bestowed onto me from the moment I entered this world. I was born to be a king, I come from a lineage of royalty and whether I got this King of Elite crown or not is no indication of my royalty honestly. I’m a king with or without it, and I’ll be a king long after I cash this crown in and become a world champion.

Malcolm Jones: Now the question I’ve been getting all week has been “yo Malc when you gonna go after the title?” and to that I say.. stay tuned. I ain’t giving away no sauce, I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing, I’m gonna keep being the best damn Interwire Champion anybody could ask for and stunting on any opponent who thinks they can take this away from me. Don’t get it twisted either, just because I’m Interwire Champ now doesn’t mean that I ain’t gonna keep going hard to keep this around my waist. At the end of the day the only thing better than one title is two titles. I shuffle multiple bitches around everyday why the fuck would having more than one title be any different? Ima be Interwire Champ AND EAW Champ one day and the only thing people will be able to do is accept it and like it. And that open fade invitation is still valid, I’m the motherfuckin “Can-man” because anybody CAN get it. Afri-CAN, Ameri-CAN, Mexi-CAN, Domini-CAN, Puerto Ri-CAN, it don’t matter! I got smoke for whoever and these hands are equal opportunity. Run up and get done up and that’s on the squad. I don’t care if you’re a jobber like Solomon Hill or a GOAT like Heart Break Boy, when it comes to this title around my waist I’m a fighting champion and I’ll do whatever to preserve it’s prestige while also adding to it. I guess you could say I’m a jack of all trades. You won’t find anybody else rubbing elbows with bums like The Revolution when they got bigger shit on their plate like world championship opportunities, but ima do for y’all what no oldhead ever did for me and ima give back to the community. Most people will probably be better because of it.

Malcolm Jones: So what’s next for Malc? I don’t know yet. I’m sure somebody out there wants to try to test their luck and step up to try to take this title so I’ll just wait and see who’s next on the list to get bodied. I’ll let them come to me then ima dog walk them like I always do, and the cycle will just repeat. It’s a matter of seeing who’s next on the menu. I got an appetite for destruction and you better believe I’m gon eat. The balls in your court I guess, come get this smoke whoever whenever wherever, I’m with the shits and anybody thinking otherwise gonna get a rude awakening real soon. So stay tuned, because this is just the beginning. King of Elite was cool, but I ain’t stopping there, I ain’t stopping till I completely dominate on all facets. Showdown you have just been put on notice, don’t say I didn’t warn you, because when I come to take what’s mine, it’s gonna be a famine for the rest of you. Better take heed to my words and make plans ahead of time, but that won’t save you either. The only choice you have is to take it. The King has spoken.

(Malcolm drops the mic and stands up from the throne as “Pray For Em” picks back up. He taunts the crowd while holding up his Interwire Championship.)

Eve: Strong words from our King of Elite, Malcolm put the whole brand on notice and said he’s coming for EVERYTHING. I must say, it doesn’t sound like generic bragging he might be dead serious!

Deadprez: Oh you better believe he is, Malcolm has backed his talk up all season and put his money where his mouth is. Is he going to stop everybody from eating and taking all the food for himself like he claims? Or is he biting off more than he can chew? That remains to be seen but if I’m a betting man I’m going with the guy who has yet to fail me this season.

Eve: Either way, things are going to get really interesting on Showdown here soon as Malcolm Jones has that crown just waiting to be cashed in. I can’t wait to see how things turn out.

(Commercial recapping Thursday Night Empire)

(The camera cuts to Gina Romano standing in the ring with a microphone wearing a pantsuit and glasses looking very professional.)

Gina Romano: The following is a HARDCORE MATCH and it is scheduled for…


(“MORTAL KOMBAT” by CLUE ft. SKEAMER hits to loud boos from the crowd.)

Gina Romano: Introducing first from London, England weighing in at 253 pounds he is “LDN-MADE” SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLOMON!!!

(Solomon approaches the ring ignoring the hate thrown at him from the crowd.)

Eve: Solomon looks ready for violence here tonight! He is dressed all in street gear and prepared to massacre his opponent!

Deadprez: Cody Marshall needs to crush this man… For ‘Merica!

(“Lowlife” by Theory of a Deadman hits to surprisingly loud cheers from the crowd.)

Gina Romano: And his opponent from Dallas, Texas weighing in at 305 pounds… he is the “American Sniper” COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODY MARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSHALLL!!!!

(Cody Marshall makes his way to the ring wearing a powdered wig and carrying a copy of the United States constitution as he reads it to the fans on his way to the ring.)

Eve: Cody Marshall is really getting into the American spirit here in Philadelphia! And these fans are loving it! They want to see him teach Solomon a lesson about freedom!

Deadprez: For once I actually agree with you Eve. It seems that Solomon is such a universally dislikable person that he is truly someone we can hate together. Let’s get married.

Eve: Let’s not.


Deadprez: Well as some of you may know Solomon attacked Terry Chambers earlier before their scheduled match which led to this surprise Hardcore Match. A real treat for the fans here tonight because I have a feeling these two are going to rip each other apart!

Eve: It appears that Cody Marshall is approaching Solomon and continuing to read the US Constitution to him. But Solomon punches Cody in the face! He has had enough of Cody’s preaching! But Cody unrolls the Constitution and tosses the paper to the ground… what the hell..

Deadprez: There was a lead pipe wrapped inside the US Constitution! And Cody bashes Solomon over the head with it! Solomon staggers and drops to his knees! Cody winding up now… and a baseball swing with that lead pipe catching Solomon right on the side of the head! Cody just knocked this man the fuck out! Cody with the cover!!!


Eve: Somehow Solomon kicked out! I really thought this was going to be over quickly after that! Not many people can just get up after taking a lead pipe to the head!!! Even Cody looks shocked as he takes off his powdered wig and shoves it into Solomon’s mouth before stomping hard on his face.

Deadprez: Holy shit! Cody is bald!!

Eve: …

Deadprez: My mind is blown here but possibly not as blown as the mind of Solomon who just had his skull crushed in by that Big Boot of Cody Marshall!!! Cody grabs Solomon by the throat and pulls him up before tossing him over the top to the outside! Solomon being tossed around out here like a ragdoll as he falls down crumpled up on the floor! Cody steps over the top rope as he climbs down to the outside…

Eve: But wait! Solomon grabs him by the ankle! Cody falls and hits his head on the apron before falling down to the outside! Solomon grabs the steel ring steps and bashes it hard into the gut of Cody Marshall!!! Solomon lifts the stairs up again! He is going for Cody’s head! Shit he is going to crush him!!!


Deadprez: Cody Marshall moved out of the way! The stairs bounced off the ground and hit Solomon in the face!!! Cody back up… He charges in with a Big Boot to the head of Solomon! No! Solomon ducked! Cody kicks up and his leg lands on top of our announce table!

(Deadprez is shown whipping out a cloth and polishing Cody’s boot with one hand and the other hand on his chest as he recites the Pledge of Allegiance.)

Eve: What the hell are you doing Dead? If this wasn’t a Hardcore Match this would count as interference…

Deadprez: Kick his ass Cody!

Eve: We have lost all bias here tonight but it looks like Dead’s distraction only gave Solomon a chance to strike! He reaches into his jacket… what the hell is that!

Deadprez: NO!

Eve: Solomon with a steel metal ball in his hand and he smashes it right into the leg of Cody Marshall! Cody hollers out in pain as he falls to the ground holding his leg. Solomon laughs as he juggles the ball in his hand reaching into his jacket and pulling out three more as he continues to juggle!

Deadprez: But suddenly the jester display ends as Solomon begins whipping the metal balls towards Cody! Smack he hits him right in the leg! Another one right in the gut! A third one collides into Cody’s huevos!! And the last one collides with Cody’s skull!!! Solomon just completely destroyed Cody with that combination! He must have had this planned before the match!

Eve: But Solomon isn’t done! He flips open the apron and reaches underneath… What could he be looking for!!!

Deadprez: Solomon reaches inside… and pulls out… oh shit it’s another metal ball!!!

Eve: But look at the size of it! Holy shit that’s a bowling ball!!! Cody Marshall has no idea what is about to hit him!!! Cody sitting up holding his head and balls in pain as Solomon is waiting for him!

Deadprez: Solomon takes his stance as he tosses the bowling ball like he is tossing it down a lane right for Cody Marshall!! LOOK OUT!!! HE GONNA GET A STRIKE!!!

Eve: But Cody Marshall rolls out of the way just in time! The bowling ball continues rolling and smashes through the barricade and continues to roll out into the audience knocking over numerous fans!!!

Deadprez: We love lawsuits. But what Solomon does not love is that Cody is back up and he has a steel chair! Solomon pleads for mercy as Cody prepares to hit him with the chair! But what is this! Cody is relenting! This ain’t like him! This ain’t what a true American is all about!!!

Eve: Cody is giving Solomon the chair! Has Cody Marshall changed his colors here tonight?


Deadprez: Solomon laughing at Cody for giving him the chair.

Solomon: You stupid bastard! Prepare for pain!!!

Eve: Cody Marshall smirks at the crowd… BIG BOOT CONNECTS!!!

Deadprez: Cody Marshall with a Big Boot right into that chair sending it into the face of Solomon! Solomon laid out on the outside as he is bleeding profusely from his nose! His face just got disfigured as fuck!


(The commentators duck for cover as a fan whips the bowling ball from behind the barrier and it comes flying back into the ringside area and crashing down near the commentary table leaving a crater on the ground.)

Deadprez: Damn how heavy is that thing?!?!?

Eve: Cody Marshall now eyeing the bowling ball as he turns around and grabs Solomon. Cody salutes the crowd as he grabs Solomon around the throat with two hands…





(“Lowlife” by Theory of a Deadman hits as the referee raises up Cody Marshall’s hand in victory. Solomon is still out cold on the floor with blood pooling up behind his head as the bowling ball slowly floats away.)

Eve: But if it was so heavy before how is it floating now?

Deadprez: It is best not to think about these things Eve. Just enjoy this moment. A truly proud moment for the greatest country in the world!

Eve: I suppose Cody did get a level of revenge on Solomon for what happened to Terry Chambers earlier.

Deadprez: Yes yes that too! Get well soon Terry!!!

(Cody Marshall is shown wrapping his lead pipe in an American flag and handing it to a small child at ringside as a present. The camera then fades backstage where Jack Haze is watching the monitors as Cody comes through the back))


Cody Marshall: Seriously kid. Leave me the hell alone. I don’t want any of your hippie peace pipe garbage. No I do not have a minute to talk about Mother Nature or what the fuck ever.

Jack Haze: Cody! Listen! please!

(Cody goes to walk away)

Jack Haze: I can get you into a title match at Under Siege!

(Cody pauses and looks back)

Cody Marshall: A title match?

Jack Haze: That’s right. I just spoke to Hurricane Hawk. I can get it set up. I just need to know you’re on board with me.

Cody Marshall: The hell do you mean “on board with you”?

Jack Haze: I can help you so much Cody. We could accomplish amazing things together. I’m a technical master, you have the strength of an ox, it’s a perfect match up! We fill in each other’s gaps!

Cody Marshall: I already told you I don’t want any man trying to fill my gaps.

Jack Haze: NOT LIKE THAT! No! What I mean is working together! But the thing that’s held you back is this violent and aggressive exterior! I can teach you the ways of nirvana! I can help you become enlightened, Cody! Just trust me and we could go so far together!

Cody Marshall: I’m not really up for some granola-ass shit. Not my style.

Jack Haze: But if you agree to work with me then next week it’ll be you and me versus The Revolution! And the winners will face The Jaded Hearts at Under Siege for the Unified Tag Team Championships! And with our combination of abilities, it’s a slam dunk!

(Cody takes a moment to think it over)

Cody Marshall: Fine. I’ll work with you. But I’m not doing any of this sissy shit. I’ll do things my way. We have chemistry in the ring and get a win, then maybe we talk. But until then I’m gonna go celebrate my win with a cold one.

(Cody finally walks away from Jack and moves towards his dressing room after grabbing a beer out of a nearby cooler)


(Jack looks excited as the camera fades)

(Commercial for House Reigner Realty: Rent is due, bitches)

(Cameras transition backstage to a name-tag on a locker-room door which states “LOVE SOSA,” as the thunderous crowd in Philadelphia begin to roar. The camera zooms in on the name-tag then shows crew members surrounding the door. One of the members holds a cigarette in his mouth as he bangs on the door)

Crew Member (banging on the door): SOSA, you’re up next!

(“Love SOSA” Intro by Chief Keef begins to play backstage while SOSA Henderson emerges from his locker-room with two ladies wiping their lips and walking off the opposite direction as SOSA zips his pants. The crowd continues to cheer and chant “WE WANT SOSA” for their hometown hero as SOSA bumps fist with his crew members and heads out into the arena)

SOSA: See you again, ladies. (He smiles toward their direction as they walk away)


Deadprez: This crowd is certainly loving them some SOSA. I don’t see how they can respect a man that is a thief.

Eve: Say what you want about him but one of the things that set SOSA apart from his dirty tactics is his love for the people of Philly.

Deadprez: I haven’t heard a reaction like this for someone that is fairly new to our company in a long time. I wonder what SOSA has in mind next after coming up short against Noah Reigner at King of Elite!

Eve: That match was without a doubt one of the best matches we’ve had so far in 2019. SOSA was able to show why he does truly belong among the elite competitors in the EAW. But I’ll admit, it would have been sweet for him to carry that briefcase over to Showdown.

“Bitches love SOSA!”

“Raris and Rovers”

“These bitches love SOSA!”

“O end or no end”

“Fucking with them O boys!”

“You gon get fucked over!”

(SOSA Henderson marches down the ramp dressed in a sleeveless leather jacket with “BULLETPROOF” written on the back of it. He also wears designer sunglasses as the crowd’s cheers get louder for him)

Eve: Wow, these bitches really do love him.

Gina Romano: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your hometown hero, he is “The King of Philly!” “BULLLLLLLETTTTTPPPPPRRRRROOOOOFFF!” SOSSSSSAAAA HENNNDERSSSOOONNN!

(The crowd’s chants turn from “We Want SOSA” into “WE LOVE SOSA!” as SOSA is handed a microphone. He takes in all the love for a moment with the crowd chants then begins to speak)


SOSA Henderson: I love you too…This is where it all began. Right here in this city. It almost feels like yesterday when I met some guy that went beyond his own limits to make sure SOSA Henderson was prepared for this journey. And I’ve come out here to tell you, I won’t let you down. I’m fully determined to make sure SOSA stands on top of this profession. Most importantly, I’m going to place another trophy in Philly’s Mount Rushmore. We have a history of great men that came through this city. SOSA Henderson will be added upon that list. The EAW will be added upon that list of professions that Philly has taken over. I’m energized and ready to place my hand back into some more opportunities. At King of Elite, we all saw how I took the now EAW World Heavyweight Champion, Noah Reigner to his very limit!

(The crowd boos at mentioning Noah’s name)


SOSA Henderson: No, no, no… I do the robbing around here! But you’re absolutely right, Noah Reigner got lucky. What kind of champion needs a “bitch” to help him win his battles? And after all that talk about SOSA sneaking and attacking him from behind. This mutherfucker goes out and attacks the man with 8Reignz! The great one! Y2Impact from behind to win himself the world title. He’s clearly taken lessons out of SOSA’s book so I’ll like to congratulate, Noah. He might have learned that from me but on the other hand, if I ever see him or that desperate weak slut, Evelyn ever again. Next time, I’ll make sure I put my dick in her mouth so she stays in a woman’s place! So, don’t worry Noah, Evelyn, Voltage, C-Brand, I’ll see you again very soon. Right now, SOSA is taking it all in! I’m taking in all of the positive energy and I will like to declare this year as the year of SOSA! I’m already becoming one of the most electrifying men in this business. There are many greats I’ve looked up to and now they shall look up to me. I’m the future and the one that will trailblaze this company into new heights. Since coming here, I’ve beaten every obstacle placed in front of me. And there’s no one that will stop my momentum. So, that brings back up the question… “What will SOSA do next?” Hmmm…

(The crowd buzzes as they wait for SOSA to go on)

SOSA Henderson: I have an idea. How about the chairman… Mr. Ryan Adams gets his sorry lazy ass up and make a match. A match where SOSA Henderson should be fighting for championship gold. Because let’s be honest, who do we got on this damn roster that can compete with SOSA? Is it Jack Haze? Among the top mid-carders that I’ve beaten in my debut match?! I beat him so bad, his own former partner wanted a piece. Will it be Drake King? The man that hops around freaking out because people saying “OK?” Lame ass bitch. Trust me, we all know what’s “OK.” It’s “OK” for your ass to come up with a better slogan. It’s “OK” for your ass to step inside the ring with SOSA Henderson. Then it will be “OK” for the world to acknowledge SOSA Henderson over you! Will it be Jax Walker? A guy that also came from nothing so he tried to take the easy route by fighting for a country that doesn’t even respect him! Will it be BIG BHRISH ELITE? The former World Champion I just pinned? The so-called “Elitist of the Year” may not be so elite after all. Will it be Ahren Fournier? Our World Champion? The man whom I carried his ass to a victory over Team Broah? Or since it’s black history month, will it be against the newly crowned, King of Elite – Malcolm Jones? But we all know who the truly the real king is! THE KING OF PHILLY! (Crowd cheers) So who will it be? Who knows… All I know is, my plan is to become a champion. Every company I’ve been, I have always built myself up to become awarded as a title holder. This will be no different and I will stop at nothing to accomplish my next feat. But here’s another kicker… I know Showdown can’t compete with me. We all know Voltage can’t compete with me and we all know I’ll lay out everyone asses on Dynasty. Therefore, no one’s safe. Since the EAW doesn’t mind Noah Reigner “stealing” my spotlight and cowardly winning the world championship. I still won’t mind taking more things that don’t necessarily belong to me. But it’s for our own benefits. This company bleeds for someone to save them. SOSA Henderson is the key component to raise a newer level of success. You see my supporters are behind me. This city is behind me. They know what greatness is when they see it. I’m taking this world by storm. There are things that I already have in mind for a change. Just like Martin Luther King’s dream, I also have my own dream. But this dream is already fulfilled. The dream of SOSA Henderson as the face of Elite Answers Wrestling. The dream of SOSA Henderson as the greatest rapper that ever took a mic. And the dream of SOSA Henderson being the greatest world champion of all time!

(Crowd Cheers)

SOSA Henderson: The time has come for the King of Philly! You all better look out and watch your back! 2019 is MY year! AND THESE BITCHES WANT SOSA!

(SOSA Henderson drops the mic as “Love SOSA” by Chief Keef picks back up. He presents with a confident demeanor as he takes in the rest of the crowd’s home welcoming then cameras fade into a commercial)

(Commercial for Alabama Ski Vacations, 78 degrees is perfect weather for the slopes!)

(The camera opens to Gina Romano in the ring)

Gina Romano: The following singles match is scheduled for ONE FALL!!!!!

(The lights go out as “Ready for War” by Adelitas Way blasts around the arena Drake King walks out to the stage as the lights turn on as the crowd screams “OK!”)

Gina Romano: Introducing first…from Brooklyn, New York…weighing in at 220 pounds…DRAKKEEEEEEE KINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

Deadprez: Drake King does not look happy coming into this match, combined with his lost at King Of Elite and the crowd screaming ok, King is at the edge right now.

Eve: Well I think he’s going to let out all this built up anger against Ollie Odinson or maybe the anger will get the best of him

(King enters the ring screaming NO! as he scans the crowd, “Ready for War” dies down as “Guile’s Theme” plays and Ollie Odinson comes out with his guitar hero guitar, Kara Danvers)

Deadprez: LOOK AT THIS MAN HE’S AN ABSOLUTE JOKE! He’s already lost to The Revolution last Showdown and now he acts like nothing happened coming out with a stupid video game prop

Eve: Don’t go so hard on the guy he’s only had one match, maybe he can turn the tables and come out on top in this match

Deadprez: …

(Ollie Odinson comes to the ring as Drake King tries to keep a straight face he gives Kara Danvers to the ref as the ref is confused)


Eve: Ollie Odinson starting off the match quick wasting no time to pick up with Drake King, King perplexed pushes Odinson away quickly with a shrug as he attacks Odinson with a barrage of punches. The King showing why he earned that nickname as he’s not giving Odinson any room to breathe, Odinson scrambles away and out of the ring BUT KING RUNS TOWARDS THE ROPES SUICIDE DIVE BUT DRAKE KING RUNS BACK IN AND YELLS AT ODINSON TO GET UP AND RUNS TO THE ROPES AGAIN FOR ANOTHER SUICIDE DIVE! BUT NO ODINSON DODGES AS KING BANGS HIS HEAD ON THE BARRICADE. King stumbles back as Odinson throws King back into the ring, King gets back up but Odinson quickly goes for a rollup


Deadprez: Quickly King gets out of it as he crawls to the ropes, Odinson grabs him by the legs but King turns himself around and kicks Ollie away. Midsection superkick by King as Odinson falls to his knees AND SUPERKICK Odinson falls but King is not done as he kicks Odinson I think he’s setting up for the curb stomp. I STAND CORRECTED KING RUNS TOWARDS THE ROPES ODINSON ROLLS AWAY BEFORE THE FOOT CONNECTS WITH HIS FACE ODINSON SWEEPS KING OFF HIS FEET. Odinson is still in this, but what is he doing he’s moved out to ringside, he’s grabbing Kara Danvers…he rolls himself into the ring Ollie viciously attacking Drake King and oh lord the audacity of this man Odinson has one foot on King and taunting him with Kara Danvers, King looking at him with absolute shock pushes him away.

Eve: Odinson tried to hit King with Kara Danvers but King dodges what is Odinson trying to do get himself disqualified? King kicks Odinson in the leg forearm…spinning back first GUT KICK IMPALER DDT LAWS IN THE EMPIRE CONNECTS KING GOES FOR THE COVER


Deadprez: WHAT! HOW DOES OLLIE ODINSON KICK OUT OF THAT King is in absolute shock he’s pounding his fist to the ground and yelling to the ref, how can such a rookie give Drake King a hard time Drake grabs the ropes and pulls himself up. King shrugs Odinson off and rolls out of the ring, the crowd shouts OK but Drake King can’t take it he tries to attack a crowd memb- ODINSON HE’S ALIVE HE’S LEANING OUT OF THE RING GRABBING KING BY THE HAIR KING SLAPS HIM… SICK KICK THE GUILLOTINE CONNECTS ODINSON IS DANGLING LIFELESSLY FROM THE MIDDLE ROPE HE ROLLS INTO THE RING DRAGGING ODINSON TO THE CENTER OF THE RING…



(DING DING DING!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(“Ready For War” plays as Drake King crawls over to Odinson grabbing his hair and screaming in his face)


Deadprez: Drake King’s got a lot to say to the fallen Odinson

Eve: But don’t expect Odinson to take this light hearted, the future is b-

Deadprez: Just stop, so much optimism can give you a heart attack

Eve: *sigh* yeah. All right.

(Commercial for Charmin toilet paper featuring Cody Marshall)

(The camera fades into the Poon Palace in Philadelphia where the party is going wild and TLA is shown celebrating with the EAW Openweight Championship. Also every stripper in the club is wearing her own replica of the Openweight Championship.)

TLA: So Lethal Consequences was all like yo I tricked you homie. I been playin’ them mindgames. And then I was all like but I saw thru all that and have tricked you instead holmes. Pero homie was a step ahead of me again and knew that I would see thru his mindgames and it was at that point I really started to worry. Or I would have if I had not anticipated that he would see through my seeing through of his mindgames. I’m confused I need more of that good Jose Cuervo shit. Or some of that good Baja Blast shit. We gettin’ it all in and goin’ off like we do up in here tonight!!!

(The tequila do flow as the music blasts across the speakers even louder. The camera zooms in to TLA sitting with a group of his finest Poons in the VIP booth where TLA continues to tell his story of his win at King of Elite.)

TLA: The beef was real intense. He put up a real strong fight. There were even moments where La Pantera Sexual began to doubt himself. However, with the help of mi familia and the support of all my fans I was able to turn the tide!

???: ¿Es verdad? ¿Es realmente verdad nieto?

TLA: Mierda…

(TLA’s abuela enters sliding down a fstripper pole from the above floor wearing only an EAW Openweight Championship replica as well as carrying La Chancla in her hand. Everyone gasps and covers their eyes in horror.)

TLA: Yo where did you even get that we didn’t hand one out to you?

Abuela: Este es el verdadero campeonato. Lo gane por ti… nieto.

TLA: What the hell so the one I got isn’t even the real title. Imma need that back. Abuela por favor necesito el oro.

(Abuela begins to unstrap the championship as screams can be heard throughout the Poon Palace.)

TLA: Dios mio… No necesito el oro… Please just keep it on. I’m good with this fake one.

Abuela: Bueno bueno. Creo que entiendes. Una lucha más. Tú ganarás o…

(Abuela taps on La Chancla menacingly as TLA cringes and Steroid Dawg whines loudly in sorrow. Abuela then somehow manages to spin back up the stripper pole to the floor above with surprising agility for a woman of her age.)

TLA: Damn that bitch really knows how to motivate me. She right tho. Una lucha más. One more match. I think Dynasty is up next. Last but not least. I survived Consuela Rose Ava. I survived Lethal Consequences. Now we gonna find out who is comin’ at me next. I be ready to take on all comers. Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. You think you can take this title off me y’all step up and do it. Otherwise we fixin’ to take this shit over. Goin’ all the way to the top with this thing. But tonight chicas… continuamos la fiesta!!! Una lucha más!

(The Openweight Title replicas hit the floor as Steroid Dawg unleashes a happy bark and the music blasts even louder.)

(Camera opens on the commentary desk)

Eve: Well… that was certainly… ummm…


Eve: …ok. But now we have message that our backstage correspondent, Cori Simmons, has something for us.

(Camera cuts to the backstage area. Cori Simmons is seen standing by with a microphone in hand. She flashes the camera a bright smile.)

Cori Simmons: Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome my guests at this time, Magnum Opus!

(The EAW Champion, the flawless GOAT himself, Ahren Fournier steps into the frame. He looks completely immaculate in his all black Armani suit and stunning white fur coat. The EAW Championship is resting on his shoulder and he’s wearing designer sunglasses to shield his eyes from his own future which is soooo bright. Beside him is the female half of Magnum Opus and one-half of the newly crowned Unified Tag Team Champions. Kassidy Heart is wearing a fitted, black mini-dress, over-the-knee black designer boots, and matching white fur coat. Her Unified Tag Team Championship rests on her shoulder, and the Vixen’s Championship is strapped around her waist. Together, the two of them are a striking vision.)

Cori Simmons: Last weekend at King of Elite, both of you emerged victorious in your respective championship matches. Ahren, you defended the EAW Championship in a vicious cage match against a very motivated Chris Elite. And Kassidy, yourself and Sienna Jade followed up your Grand Prix victory back in December by dethroning MarrKade for the Unified Tag Team Championships. Both of you have got to be feeling like you’re on top of the world. What did those victories mean to you both?

(Cori holds the microphone out. The GOAT lowers his sunglasses and looks at Kassidy. The two silently communicate for a minute before Ahren smirks arrogantly.)

Ahren Fournier: I speak for both of us when I say that victory is exactly what the both of us expected. I have proven time and time again that lil baby dick eater bitch Bhris doesn’t belong inside the ring with me. I am a fucking GOAT. I am the standard bearer. I am the be all, end all of everything Showdown related. None of these people can stand up to me. I have raised the bar, and we’re keeping it high. GOATS know how to climb you know? The cloven-hoofed goats of Morocco climb the Argania spinosa. That’s a special kind of tree, come to think of it. Because GOATS who climb trees, only deserve to climb special trees, and the argan tree is that kind of tree. At King of Elite, I proved to be a climbing GOAT. I climbed that cage. I proved to be a smart GOAT. I made sure I knew what was going on at all times. I escaped that cage the moment I had a chance, and I never looked back. This GOAT stays being the champ. I’m sick of fucking Bhris. I’m ready for a new opponent. I need someone who’s actually going to challenge me. This roster… well it’s pretty downright pathetic.

Cori Simmons: Well this roster is now home to the reigning King of Elite.

(Ahren removes his sunglasses just so the entire world can see him roll his eyes.)

Ahren Fournier: Am I actually supposed to care? GOATS only. Fuck outta my hemisphere. The fact is, I’m the EAW Champion. I PROVED how great I am at King of Elite. When I stepped inside the Elimination Chamber back at Road to Redemption people doubted me. They didn’t think I could hang with all freakin’ mighty Diamond Cage. That pussy hasn’t been seen since I beat his ass and took his championship, and hopefully he’s dead in a fucking ditch somewhere. This title finally has someone holding it who can do it justice. This title is something I hold near and dear. Cori, I take this title every night and give it 47 pets. That’s one more than I give my cat, my daughter, my precious Jennipurr. When I’m done petting it, I pick it up and I hold it. I hold it close and place my lips against its ear. I whisper to the EAW Championship that she’s beautiful. I make sure she knows her value. I never let her feel out of place or like anything less than the most important person in my life. I have never hidden the fact that my Interwire Championship was my first love. But the love I have for this EAW Championship, man. That gets me right here.

(Ahren touches his heart.)

Ahren Fournier: She knows, Cori. Oh my EAW Championship knows what she means to me. She finally has a master and someone she can proudly call her GOAT Daddy.

(Cori looks a little perplexed. She looks past Ahren and turns her attention to Kassidy.)

Cori Simmons: You played a big role in helping Ahren keep his cham-

Ahren Fournier (quickly cutting off Cori): My victory was incredible. And yes, Kassigoat and her cheering for her me definitely helped drive me to be at my best. Magnum Opus is the premiere team in this company.

Cori Simmons: Well, I think Sienna Jade might disagree with that. Kassidy, how did it feel to finally get some sort of a payoff and walk away with the Unified Tag Team Championships?

Kassidy Heart: Well, I’ve never hidden the fact that professionally I feel unfulfilled. I believe that I bring a lot to the table and this company simply doesn’t value that. My contract states that I am an Empire Elitist, but when’s the last time I was actually featured on the show? I haven’t been seen or heard from since I defeated Cleopatra for the Vixen’s Championship, and honestly that’s really starting to bug me. I worked very hard to get my contract with REVOLT last year. It was the culmination of everything I’ve been through and I just feel like since the merger, and now more than ever, all of my hard work has been lost in the shuffle.

Ahren Fournier: But you see Kass, that’s why Magnum Opus is so important for you. You are on Showdown, which is a much better show than Empire, and you’re featured with me… the most important person in this company. I am the EAW Champion. You are my GOAT friend. Together, we are just going to keep doing what we’re doing and that is dominate here on Saturdays.

(Ahren takes Kassidy by the chin and lifts her face so she can look into his eyes.)

Ahren Fournier: Now, lets do our secret fire handshake.

(Without another word spoken, Magnum Opus do their handshake. Cori backs off, leaving them to it, and the scene fades out.)

(Camera opens to Gina Romano in the ring)

Gina Romano: The following contest is your main event match of the evening, and it’s scheduled for ONE FALL….

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!……

(“Give ‘Em Hell, Kid” by My Chemical Romance hits as intense flashing lighting envelopes the arena to loud boos from the crowd. The Revolution of Jake Smith and Josh Nicholls make their way out taunting the crowd on their way down the ramp heading toward the ring.)

Gina Romano: Introducing first at a combined weight of 433 pounds they are the team of Jake Smith and Joshua Nicholls they are… THE REVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVOLUTION!!!!

Eve: The Revolution have arrived and are ready to try and make a statement tonight, DP! They’ve tried picking up momentum ever since they began to team up! And tonight allows them the chance to truly find out what their tandem is really made going against the combination of Jax Walker and The current Interwire Champion and this year’s Mr. King of Elite, Malcolm Jones!

Deadprez: That’s right, Eve! To make any type of name for yourself it’s all about beating the big names, and right now their are no two bigger upstarts on the entire Showdown roster, perhaps, than Jax Walker and Malcolm Jones! But if you’re the Revolution, you really have more to gain from a matchup like this than anything else! If they want to make more noise this is their chance!

(“Welcome Home” by Coheed and Cambria as Jax Walker slowly and methodically makes his way out! The Dog of War raises his arms up parallel which elicits a positive reaction from the crowd as he makes his way toward the ring.)

Gina Romano: And their opponent….He hails from Berea, Kentucky….He weighs in at TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE POUNDS…..He’s THE DOG OF WAR…….JAAAXXXXXX WAAALLLLLKKKKEEEERRRR!!!

Eve: Ever since Jax Walker first re-debuted as ‘The Dog of War’ his mentality has changed, his aggressiveness has made him an instant favorite among the newest competitors to grace us in a while. He definitely has a lot to offer, and he once again looks to prove it here in yet another main event for the newcomer!

(“Pray For Em” by Meek Mill as the brand new King of Elite and current reigning Interwire Champion, Malcolm Jones makes his way out, crown and all sitting upon his head. Malcolm basks in the mixed reaction and attention overall that he’s receiving from the capacity crowd at the top of the ramp. Malcolm then makes his way down the ramp toward the ring staring straight ahead to his opponents to finally where he meets Jax Walker at the end of the ramp at ringside.)


Deadprez: And when he’s teaming up with this dude, surely that spotlight like many others get swallowed whole by the aura that this man brings to the big stage. The legend of Malcolm Jones, while clearly still in it’s infancy, continues to grow with each passing month! Going from advancing to the KOE finals at Road To Redemption, then closing th deal at KOE. This man is on fire right now, and there appears to be very little anyone can do to stop it at this time! He looks raady to go, Eve!

(Both Jax Walker and Malcolm Jones make their way up on the apron. Jax from the steps and Malcolm by hopping up on the apron just outside. Jax Walker ducks under the top rope and enters the ring to meet up with Josh Nicholls of Revolution.)


Eve: The Bell has sounded and we’re ready to get this Tag Team main event match underway! Jax Walker starting out for his side and Josh Nichols starting out for his! Both men the up and both testing their strength trying to force the other back into a corner! Eventually it’s the bigger Jax Walker that grabs the advantage by forcing Josh Nichols into the corner! Back elbow by Jax Walker is dodged by Josh Nichols and Nichols attacks with multiple kicks to the midsection of Jax who’s now trapped in the corner! Now Josh Nichols looking for a knife edged chop but Jax Walker absorbs one and then uses his strength to grab Josh and power him back to the corner where he uses a knife edged chop! And another! And another! Shoulder thrusts by Jax Walker! Now Jax Walker grabs Josh Nichols out of the corner and whips him to the ropes and there’s a blind tag by his partner Jake Smith and a backdrop by Jax to Josh Nichols! Here comes Jake Smith! Oh! I take that back! Jax Walker anticipates well for Jake Smith! Back body drop to Jake Smith by Jax Walker and Jake tries to recover and back down he goes with a clothesline from Jax! Another clothesline delivered by Jax! This time to the oncoming Josh Nichols! Jax Walker now tags in the current Kiong Of Elite and reigning Interwire Champion, Malcolm Jones!

Deadprez: And Malcolm explodes out of his corner as Josh Nichols rolls from the ring and it’s Jake Smith that’s at his mercy! Malcolm Jones with a running swinging neckbreaker! Malcolm follows up with a diving knee drop on to the helpless opposition! No! Not quite! Jake Smith had enough to avoid the contact this time as he’s now back on his feet! Jake Smith with a kick to the gut of Malcolm Jones! Jake the whips the current KOE and Interwire Champion to the ropes but the whip is reversed and Jake Smith goes into them instead! Dropkick coming back though by Jake Smith! Great instincts shown by Jake Smith in that situation! Now Jake hurries and tags his Revolution partner Josh Nichols back in and both begin stomping away at Malcolm Jones! Jax Walker tries to get into the mix but the referee is there quick to hold off the ‘Dog of War’! The referee now forces Jake Smith to leave the ring, giving him a warning! Jake leaves as Josh Nichols looks to continue the advantage for his side! Josh Nichols mounts Malcolm Jones and begins landing repeated hard rights! The referee warns Josh but Josh gets in his face with some explicitives! The aggressive Josh Nichols didn’t care too much for the referee getting in his face, but I doubt he cares what the referee wants from him! The Revolution does whatever they want! Josh Nichols grabbing Malcolm Jones but Malcolm fights out of the grasp of Josh and begins throwing rights at Josh before whipping him to the ropes but this time Josh reverses the whip sending Malcolm instead! And a running dropkick coming back by Malcolm Jones! Malcolm grabs up Josh Nichols and delivers a belly to back suplex! Running leg drop to follow up! Malcolm Jones with the cover!

Referee: ONE!!!…..TWO!!!…..KICKOUT!

Eve: And The Revolution still alive! Malcolm Jones tags in Jax Walker and both men pick up Josh Nichols and whip him to the ropes! Double back drop delivered to Josh followed by double elbow drops! Malcolm gets in the referee’s face for trying to reprimand him! Jax Walker picks up Josh Nichols high up in a military press! And Josh ever resourceful gouges the face of Jax Walker! Jax loses his sight momentarily which allows Josh to escape! Josh Nichols falls to the canvas initially but stands right back up and runs at Jax Walker! Running dropkick sends Jax Walker falling into the ropes! What a dropkick by Josh Nichols who follows it up with a swinging neckbreaker! Josh tags in Jake Smith and climbs to the top turn buckle! Jax turns around upon recovery and walks right into a flying missle dropkick from Josh Nichols! Jake Smith grabs up Jax Walker now and takes him right back down with the slingblade! Jake Smith with a cover now on Jax Walker!

Referee: ONE!!!….TWO!!!!……KICKOUT!

Deadprez: And Jax Walker despite taking a pounding is able to kick out! And now Jake Smith on a knee now as he sits Jax Walker up and applies a headlock to Jax! The Revolution looking to make a big impact here on Showdown, and in EAW period! Malcolm Jones, the Interwire Champion actually urging Jax Walker to fight through this hold being applied by Jake Smith! The referee checking with Jax who simply shakes his head that he’s not ready to give up, not ready to quit! The Revolution may have something to prove in a match up like this, but so too does someone like Jax Walker, who was also apart of that Fatal Four Way TLC match a few weeks ago! He’s certainly in the discussion, but he needs to find his way right now! Jake Smith is trying to keep this hold locked in, but Jax Walker with the strength advantage looking to take advantage of that by working his way out of this situation! Jake Smith is in shock to see Jax slowly forcing his way up! Jax starts shooting his fist up which hypes up the crowd a bit as they continue along with Malcolm to urge him on and back to his feet! Now a back elbow strike to the midsection of Jake Smith! And another! Jax Walker is free and he shoots himself toward the ropes but he meets a running forearm coming back from Jake Smith! Jake Smith whips Jax Walker who reverses it and sends Jake Smith towards his own corner instead! Josh Nichols tags himself in! Jax Walker fell to a knee after that whip! Josh Nichols takes advantage by landing forearms clubs to fhe back on Jax to try and keep him down!
Referee: ONE!!!…..TWO!!!…..KICKOUT!

Eve: And The Revolution still alive! Malcolm Jones tags in Jax Walker and both men pick up Josh Nichols and whip him to the ropes! Double back drop delivered to Josh followed by double elbow drops! Malcolm gets in the referee’s face for trying to reprimand him! Jax Walker picks up Josh Nichols high up in a military press! And Josh ever resourceful gouges the face of Jax Walker! Jax loses his sight momentarily which allows Josh to escape! Josh Nichols falls to the canvas initially but stands right back up and runs at Jax Walker! Running dropkick sends Jax Walker falling into the ropes! What a dropkick by Josh Nichols who follows it up with a swinging neckbreaker! Josh tags in Jake Smith and climbs to the top turn buckle! Jax turns around upon recovery and walks right into a flying missle dropkick from Josh Nichols! Jake Smith grabs up Jax Walker now and takes him right back down with the slingblade! Jake Smith with a cover now on Jax Walker!

Referee: ONE!!!….TWO!!!!……KICKOUT!

Deadprez: And Jax Walker despite taking a pounding is able to kick out! And now Jake Smith on a knee now as he sits Jax Walker up and applies a headlock to Jax! The Revolution looking to make a big impact here on Showdown, and in EAW period! Malcolm Jones, the Interwire Champion actually urging Jax Walker to fight through this hold being applied by Jake Smith! The referee checking with Jax who simply shakes his head that he’s not ready to give up, not ready to quit! The Revolution may have something to prove in a match up like this, but so too does someone like Jax Walker, who was also apart of that Fatal Four Way TLC match a few weeks ago! He’s certainly in the discussion, but he needs to find his way right now! Jake Smith is trying to keep this hold locked in, but Jax Walker with the strength advantage looking to take advantage of that by working his way out of this situation! Jake Smith is in shock to see Jax slowly forcing his way up! Jax starts shooting his fist up which hypes up the crowd a bit as they continue along with Malcolm to urge him on and back to his feet! Now a back elbow strike to the midsection of Jake Smith! And another! Jax Walker is free and he shoots himself toward the ropes but he meets a running forearm coming back from Jake Smith! Jake Smith whips Jax Walker who reverses it and sends Jake Smith towards his own corner instead! Josh Nichols tags himself in! Jax Walker fell to a knee after that whip! Josh Nichols takes advantage by landing forearms clubs to fhe back on Jax to try and keep him down! But Jax Walker uses all he has in the way of strength to force Josh Nichols to the corner opposite from which he can tag out! Jax Walker sends the face of Josh Nichols bouncing off the turnbuckle! MIGHTY! MIGHTY! THAT SPINNING SPINEBUSTER DELIVERED TO JAX WALKER BY JOSH NICHOLS! NOW THE COVER BY NICHOLS!

Referee: ONE!!!…..TWO!!!!……

Eve: And Malcolm Jones saves his side from potential defeat there as he breaks up the pinfall! Josh Nichols hurries with a hand full of Jax Walkers hair and tags in Jake Smith! The Revolution really going to work now with those frequent tags, trying to keep the advantage! Dropkick delivered by Jake that sends Jax Walker back against the ropes! Jake Smith catches Jax Walker coming back! Fisherman suplex delivered by Jake Smith! Well done! The referee there again to make the count!

Referee: ONE!!!!……TWO!!!!……KICKOUT!

Deadprez: Jax Walker powers out again! Jake Smith scurries back to his feet trying to beat his opponent to the punch! Jake Smith on the attack again but this attack doesn’t seem to be getting it done. Jax Walker stops Jake Smith in his tracks with a high knee that make Jake double over on the canvas in pain holding his midsection! But Jax Walker is quick to pull Jake back up and this time picks him up high above his head in a military press! Jake Smith shakes his head in disbelief and Jax Walker bring Jake Smith down into a running powerslam combination and now goes for the cover!

Referee: ONE!!!…..TWO!!!…….THRE-

Eve: This time Josh Nichols interrupts the count for his side giving the Revolution another chance in this matchup! Jax Walker finally tags in Malcolm Jones but Josh Nichols has the referee’s attention so he doesn’t see the tag! Now the referee sees Malcolm and orders him out of the ring! Malcolm argues his case to the referee but no avail, as Jake Smith attacks Jax Walker but Walker able to fight back! Malcolm Jones back on the outside apron looking on! Jake Smith finds the advantage however and delivers a northern lights suplex to The Dog Of War, Jax Walker! Jake picks up Jax again to his feet and delivers crossfire that falcon arrow maneuver! No! Not this time as Jax Walker fights out with clubbing blows to the head! Jax Walker off the ropes and a nice shoulder tackle takes Jake down! Now there’s the tag to the reigning Interwire Champion and current King of Elite, Malcolm Jones! Malcolm knocks down Jake Smith with a right hand! Pele kick delivered to the incoming Josh Nichols! Josh rolls away and Malcolm stalks Jake Smith now! Malcolm picks up Jake Smith with authority and whips him to the ropes and then catches him delivering a modified flapjack that bounces Jake off the ropes on the other side awkwardly right into a tornado DDT! THE CUBAN LINK!!! MALCOLM JONES LOCKS IN THE COBRA CLUTCH ON JAKE SMITH! JAKE YELLS OUT! HE’S STRUGGLING TO REACH OUT FOR THE NEARBY ROPES! MALCOLM JONES COULD SUBMIT JAKE SMITH RIGHT HERE! JOSH NICHOLS TRIES TO INTERVENE AND IT UP BUT JAX WALKER THERE TO CUT HIM AND THEN CLOTHESLINES JOSH OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR! CAN JAKE SMITH KEEP FIGHTING THIS SUBMISSION MANEUVER!!?? HE’S YELLING OUT IN PAIN!! JOSH NICHOLS HOLDS OFF JAX WALKER ON THE OUTSIDE BY TOSSING HIM INTO THE BARRICADE! JOSH SLIDES BACK IN BUT MALCOLM JONES TAKES NOTICE AND RELEASES JAKE SMITH AND MEETS JOSH SMITH HEAD ON! BOTH MEN TRADING BLOWS WITH EACH OTHER! KNIFE EDGED CHOP FROM JOSH NICHOLS! JOSH WHIPS MALCOLM WHO REVERSES IT AND NOW JOSH REVERSES AGAIN SENDING MALCOLM TO THE ROPES AND A TORNADO DDT COMING BACK BY MALCOLM! JAKE SMITH BACK UP LOOKS FOR THE CLOTHESLINE BUT THE ATTEMPT IS DUCKED BY MALCOLM WHO REBOUNDS OFF THE ROPES ON THE SIDE OPPOSITE! C-NOTE!!! SPEAR!!! JAKE SMITH JUST GOT COMPLETELY DRILLED BY THE REIGNING INTERWIRE CHAMPION! THE COVER BY MALCOLM JONES!!!

Referee: ONE!!!….TWO…..THRREEE-…..

Deadprez: It’s broken up at the last second by Josh Nichols! Now Jax Walker from behind has tackled Josh Nichols down to the canvas! Both Malcolm Jones and Jax Walker whip one of the Revolution members to the ropes! THE IED BY JAX WALKER! THE RUNNING BIG BOOT TO JOSH NICHOLS DELIVERED SIMULTANEOUSLY AS MALCOLM DELIVERED THE UPTOWN RIDE TO JAKE SMITH! JAKE SMITH’S SHOULDERS ARE PINNED TO THE CANVAS!

Referee: ONE!!!…..TWO!!!!…..THRREEE-……..

Eve: And Jake Smith barely kicks out of the pinning predicament! Goodness gracious that was so close! The referee forcing Josh Nichols and Jax Walker from the ring! Malcolm Jones on the attack of Jake Smith but a drop toe hold by Jake! Malcolm Jones falls into the ropes! A kick to the midsection delivered by Jake Smith to the grounded Malcolm Jones! Jake Smith climbs up to the top turnbuckle! Jake Smith leaps off with a leg drop onto the apron with his right leg connecting with the head of Malcolm Jones! Jake lands just right on the apron with a sly smile on his face! Completely satisfied with his work! Malcolm Jones holding his throat in pain! Jake Smith hurries back up the steps and up to the top turnbuckle again! Jax Walker slides back in and throws his momentum into the ropes and Jake Smith gets crotched on that top rope! Jax Walker climbs up on the turnbuckle as Malcolm Jones crawls away and out of the way! He’s crawling over to the corner opposite! Jax Walker now drapes the arm of Jake Smith over his shoulder and grabs him up! AND HERE THEY GO!! SUPERPLEX DELIVERED BY THE DOG OF WAR!! JAKE SMITH’S BODY BOUNCES OFF THE CANVAS! MALCOLM JONES IS ALREADY CLIMBING UP THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! JOSH NICHOLLS TRIES TO GET IN THE RING BUT JAX WALKER KNOCKS HIM FROM THE APRON WHERE HE FALLS AND HITS THE FLOOR!! 5 STAR SWAG SPLASH!!! THAT SPLIT LEGGED FROG SPLASH CONNECTS!! MALCOLM JONES MAKES THE COVER!



(‘Pray For Em’ by Meek Mill starts up as the crowd gives off a mixed reaction once again as Malcolm Jones has his hand raised in victory by the referee before he yanks it away. Jax Walker stands up looking down and around to his left at his fallen opponents as the referee raises his hand as well for a moment. Malcolm Jones bends forward to lean against the ropes at first, and then is given his Interwire Championship as the shot shifts to the down and beaten Revolution.)

Gina Romano: The winners of this match…..the team of Jax Walker and MALCOLM JONES!!!

Eve: A good main event match that saw The Revolution, who came into this feeling good about themselves, as they should. But tonight it just wasn’t meant to be, but these tenacious young competitors will find a way to bounce back, I just know it!

Deadprez: I agree, Eve. But tonight, the combination of Jax Walker and the current Interwire Champion and 2019 King of Elite, Malcolm Jones however proved to be too much! Malcolm’s momentum continues just as Jax Walker gets things back on track! Congrats to Malcolm and Jax!

Eve: Yes! A great win f— wait… I’m getting reports of something backstage?

(Camera cuts to the backstage area where we see a group of wrestlers and producers stood around a circle in a commotion. Between the group it can be seen someone is laying on the ground)

???: MOVE! MOVE!

(Hurricane Hawk makes his way through the crowd and we see that it is Leo Quinn, EAW Security Official, unconscious on the floor. Several shards of what look to have once been a dvd lay around him and he has a note on his chest.)

Hurricane Hawk: Not again…

(Hawk grabs the note and the camera moves over to look over his shoulder. In blood red letters it reads “ALL SHALL KNEEL… SOON”)

(EAW Network Logo Buzzes)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Dynasty 2/8/2019

Voltage 2/10/2019