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Showdown 11/3/2018


(No Regards recap plays)

(“Misanthrope” By Local H plays as the brand new Showdown intro is being shown for the television audience before we quickly sign into to the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California as we have a pan shot of the audience standing and cheering on their feet and then we finally cut to Pierre Mcguire and Deadprez at the commentators table ready to call all the action)

Deadprez: We are one week removed from No Regards and what a spectacle it was! So much things unraveled and so many new twists and turns have been taken and we get to see the fallout from it all tonight!

Pierre: That’s right, and this rawkus crowd cannot wait to get it underway! We get to hear from Scott Diamond later tonight who had an intense battle with Diamond Cage, Ahren Fournier who is also on the prowl for the EAW Championship has some things to say, and we can’t forget about our huge main event match… TLA takes on Kevin Hunter for the Openweight Championship! It’s gonna be a great one!

Deadprez: Team Showdown over here so go TLA! All of that and more but let’s get the action underway..

(The camera cuts to Aaron Fitzpatrick in the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!!

(“All Out Life” by Slipknot hits!!!)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing first from Huntington Beach, California weighing in at 210 pounds he is “The Submission Psychopath” SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE GATESSSSSS!!!

(Shane Gates makes his way down to the ring as he stretches looking ready for action.)

Deadprez: Shane Gates is taking on his former NEO Syndicate partner here tonight! Can they put the past behind them and focus on just having a good match here tonight?

Pierre: I think that the past might drive them to fight harder and have an even better match Dead! But it will be hard for things to not get personal here tonight!

(“You Only Live Once (Instrumental) by Suicide Silence hits!!!)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing his opponent from Orlando, Florida weighing in at 205 pounds “The Wrestling Machine” DAMONNNNNNNNNNNNN DIESELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!

(Damon Diesel makes his way down to the ring confidently as he takes position opposite his opponent looking eager to begin the contest.)

Deadprez: Two technical wrestling proteges going at it here tonight! This should be a good match!

Pierre: Both of these men know submissions and other moves that can end you in a short time. They will have to have their entire arsenal of counters and holds ready if they want to survive this!


Deadprez: Here we go as Damon Diesel and Shane Gates lock up in the center of the ring. Damon quickly wrenches the arm around the back of Shane. Twisting it hard and then tossing him hard down to the mat! But Shane rolls through holding onto the arm of Damon rolling back up and wrenching it around the back of Damon with force!

Pierre: Absolutely brutal counter there as Shane Gates takes control but Damon gets caught up into the ropes forcing the break! Damon flees back across the ring to the other side but Shane follows quickly to meet him! They lock up! Damon twists Shane out into a headlock! No! Shane counters it into a headlock but Damon shoves him off across the ring! Shane runs off the ropes…

Deadprez: Shane charges Damon! No! Damon side steps grabbing the arm of Shane and tossing him over the top rope to the outside! Shane Gates thrown over the top rope to the outside as Damon Diesel runs the ropes…

Pierre: Damon dives between the ropes and connects with a Suicide Dive to the outside! Absolutely thrilling move there by Damon Diesel as he lands on his feet after completing the Suicide Dive!

Deadprez: Can we really call it a Suicide Dive if he didn’t crash and burn? Wouldn’t it just be a regular Dive?

Pierre: I’m not so sure about that one Dead but Damon is tossing Shane back into the ring now as he goes for the cover!



Deadprez: Kickout by Shane Gates! Damon Diesel looking frustrated now as he climbs up to the top rope and waits for his prey. Gates slowly back up to his feet… Diesel off the top with a Flying Axe Handle! NO! Gates dodged it as Diesel swings wildly nearly falling off his feet from the momentum! And a hard back chop to the chest by Gates to Diesel! Gates with a series of rapid fire chops to the chest of Diesel as he falls back up against the ropes taking even more damage!

Pierre: Diesel falls forward holding his chest in pain as Gates keeps on him stomping away at the back of his neck on the ground! Diesel tries to roll away onto the apron but Gates pulls him back up… Gates with a Suplex over the top rope from the apron back into the ring! Gates bounces off the ropes… Running Knee Strike to the face of Diesel connects!!! Gates rolling now!

Deadprez: Gates looks to be firmly in control as things are moving quickly now. Gates continues to stomp away at his opponent. Diesel crawls away into the corner but is met with a hard back handed chop from Gates! And another! And another! NO! Diesel moved out of the way! Diesel with a Spinning Roundhouse Kick taking down his opponent! But Gates gets right back up immediately looking to continue the fight! A RUNNING DROPKICK FROM DIESEL CONNECTS!!! Gates falls back as he lands in the corner in pain. Diesel charges in…

Pierre: GET CRUSHED CONNECTS! Damon Diesel with the vicious Double Knee Strike to his opponent! Diesel drags Shane back out into the ring as he goes for the cover!!!



Deadprez: Kickout by Shane Gates!!! Damon Diesel pulls his opponent back up as he signals for the end!!! GAME OVER!!!


Deadprez: NO WAIT! Damon Diesel escapes as he falls behind Shane Gates! Diesel with a School Boy rollup!!!





Aaron Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner… DAMON DIEEEEEEEEEEESEL!!!!

(“You Only Live Once (Instrumental) by Suicide Silence hits!!! Damon Diesel has his arm raised in victory as Shane Gates looks on in amazement that he just had this match taken from him so quickly.)

Deadprez: Shane Gates put away with a simple rollup just seconds after he thought he had this thing won! He looks like he can’t believe he lost! He’s still ready to go for more!

Pierre: But that will have to wait for another day… Wait what is this! Looks like Damon Diesel is showing some sportsmanship here tonight!

(Damon Diesel extends his hand to Shane Gates offering to shake the hand of his former partner.)

Deadprez: Gotta respect that.

(Shane Gates simply rolls out of the ring and heads backstage.)

Pierre: Well I don’t know what to make of all that.

Deadprez: What a poor sport! Shake the man’s hand at least! Come on Shane what the hell.

(The camera cuts to a commercial for EAW’s voting awareness campaign. If you don’t vote you will be put through your bed by Apocalypse one night while you are sleeping.)

(No Regards recap plays including Ahren Fournier defeating Chris Elite with the unexpected arrival of Kassidy Heart, as well as Ahren confronting Cage at the end of the show)

(Showdown comes back on air as “Starboy” by The Weeknd hits to boos, Ahren makes his way out to the ring accompanied by Kassidy Heart, the two walk up the ramp confidently strutting and shooting off fans)

Deadprez: This man might be the most talked about person on Showdown right now especially with Kassidy Heart by his side.

Pierre: An unexpected alliance for sure, but somehow it makes perfect sense. A lot of people feel despite him not being a likeable person, that Ahren might be next in line to take on Cage for that EAW Championship and actually dethrone him. On the Empire side of things a lot of people think that it is only a matter of time before Kassidy has the whole division in the palm of her hands. This duo could be a huge force to be reckoned with by the conclusion of this season.

(Ahren and Kassidy enter the ring and are handed mics, “Starboy” dies down as the boos can be heard from the fans immediately, Ahren waits for it to stop before speaking)

Ahren: Last week, I proved to the world what I’ve known all along, and that is the fact that I was the GOAT Champion on Voltage. When Chris Elite was World Heavyweight Champion and I was Interwire Champion, EYE was the top champion on that brand and I carried that brand on my back. I yelled it across the mountains and Chris didn’t wanna hear it then, but he heard it loud and clear at No Regards, because he had no choice otherwise. I did what I said I was going to do, I went out there and I outperformed him, outsmarted him, outclassed him, and walked away with the victory. Now him and Big Mike can both go play with one another to make each other feel better. I got big boy shit to worry about, like something Chris will never have the luxury of ever touching again in his life, a world championship.

(The crowd boos at Ahrens declaration as Kassidy then steps up to speak and the boos pour even louder before she can begin speaking)

Kassidy: Listen, no matter whether you like it or not.. it’s just facts! I know it sucks to wake up and know in the back of your mind an amazing person like Ahren exists while the rest of you have to go on with living your mediocre uneventful wastes of time you call a life… but it’s okay, because we’re here for you to live vicariously through! It’s not everyday you get a pair of GOATs who live their life to the fullest and accomplish everything they set out to do, but lo and behold…. The Magnum Opus.

Ahren: For the past seven days the talk around EAW has been about the Magnum Opus. The newly formed alliance of Ahren Fournier and Kassidy Heart. Am I surprised? Of course not, if I wasn’t me I’d spend my time talking about me as well. But I AM surprised about some of the things that have been speculated. Apparently some people can’t detect sarcasm so let me clarify some things. No, I am not dating Kassidy nor are we romantically linked in any shape, form, or fashion. For whatever reason, a delusional fan interrupted us last week claiming to be her ex or some shit, and I wasn’t in the mood to entertain anybody’s bullshit so I kicked his ass. I wasn’t in the best mood especially considering he was distracting me from talking to Matt Daniels about securing this match against Cage for the EAW Championship at Wicked Games, which I never did get the chance to do. That’s why I’m out here tonight.

Kassidy: We’re picking up where we left off. Ahren Fournier is next in line for that EAW Championship and we demand he get his rightful shot ASAP. I mean what’s stopping it from happening? Cage has no more formidable challenges left, he’s ran through the whole Showdown locker room, except for ONE MAN. That man is Ahren Fournier, the man who will soon be able to once again call himself the GOAT Champion. If Cage isn’t a coward that is.

Ahren: When I approached Cage at the end of No Regards I put him on notice, and now I’m here to collect and plant my flag. It’s time to take that next step in my career and become the world champion I was destined to be. With the greatest female elitist doing it today by my side, it only makes sense. She’ll help me excel to newer heights and vice versa. Two of the greatest of our respective genders on one team? Unprecedented, and unmatched.

Kassidy: You can say that again. Some of you may be thinking, well what brings the two of us together? How did Kassidy and Ahren end up on the same side? Well it’s simple. We are like minded individuals with the same goal and similar career paths. We have been casted aside, fucked over, and continuously held back by the entities that wanted their little pet projects and so on & so forth to advance before the two of us. So we’ve had to work twice as hard for half as much, and it ends now. We realize that if we come together there isn’t anything in this company that can stop us. Not a staff member, not a wrestler, and certainly not any of you pathetic fans.

(The crowd boos again)

Kassidy: Your booing doesn’t change the fact that we are going to shine to spite you. We have never been your chosen ones, never been your picks to succeed, but we used being overlooked as fuel and outshined all of your favorites. Now that we’re together it’s just going to be that much worse for EAW. With me by his side, Ahren WILL become a world champion. When it’s all said and done, the Magnum Opus will reign supreme over EAW and everybody won’t have any choice but to DEAL WITH IT.

Ahren: I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I mean let’s just look back at my time on Dynasty. Look at the roster from around that time and all of the jackasses who were getting opportunities over me. Everybody you dumb fucks supported ahead of me and thought would be better long term investments than me. Now look! Look who’s on top, and where are any of them? Shit I don’t even know, probably somewhere on the streets begging for change. Meanwhile here I am, fur coats, designer clothing, the finest of fabrics, and the brightest future in this whole company while at the same time being the brightest star in the present moment. I hate to say I told ya so but… I told ya so. There’s only one more obstacle left to knock down, and that’s Cage, not that he’s really an obstacle, more like a little traffic cone in the middle of the street I get to kick over to the side and stay on my path. A man who embodies everything about the Dynasty roster I was a member of last year. Although you weren’t on that roster, you remind me of those fucks. You’re somebody these people look at as the top guy on this brand, so by default you’re somebody these people look at as my superior. Although I know that’s a crock of bullshit and not the case, I can never truly dispute it as long as you hold that championship. And let’s be honest, you’re long overdue getting that thing snatched away from you, so allow me to do the honors. I’m done talking about it though, the ball is in your co-

(“Don’t Stop” by InnerPartySystem hits to a loud mixed reaction as Noah Reigner makes his way out with Evelyn Ridley by his side who has his CITV briefcase in hand, they storm to the ring and stand across from Ahren and Kassidy who look on annoyed)

Ahren: I didn’t know Diamond Cage had the ability to transform into a vanilla midget. Who the hell are you and why should I give a shit?

Noah: If you knew anything about the company you work for, you’d know EXACTLY who I am. The chick next to you certainly does.

Kassidy: I don’t know what this person is talking about.

Ahren: Look, are you somebody else looking for an autograph or something? I’m on the clock right now I’m kinda busy calling out a world champion because I’m next in line for the title. Don’t you have something better to do?

Noah: Funny you say that…

(Noah Reigner takes his briefcase from Evelyn and lifts it high up into the air as he gets in Ahren’s face)

Noah: Let me put you up to speed. You see this right here? It’s the Cash in the Vault briefcase, that means that I have a world championship opportunity whenever the hell I feel like having one. That means a position in line doesn’t mean shit to me because I’m skipping it whenever I want. You’re over here calling out Diamond Cage when it’s me you should be worried about. You know that whole Voltage event we got going on that you tried to get involved in without facing somebody who’s actually on the brand? I got more leverage in making Noah Reigner vs Diamond Cage for the EAW Championship at Wicked Games happen than you do of having Ahren Fournier vs Diamond Cage.

Ahren: According to whom?

Noah: According to that contract I outperformed seven other men and women to secure.

Ahren: You can shove that contract up your ass, I’m next in line for that championship and if you think you can fuck my plans over then you got another thing coming to you.

Noah: Do I? Because the only thing that’s going to happen is you sitting on the sideline watching me do what you can only dream of doing. The funny thing is I didn’t have any plans of making this thing happen until you came onto my home brand of Voltage last week and caused a scene. So now you have my full undivided attention.

Ahren: Aww another groupie who wants my attention, join the club. That briefcase or not, it’s nothing but a cover up of how much you really fucking suck. You got lucky by winning it and you’re holding onto it as near and dear as possible because you know when you finally attempt to cash in you’re going to fall flat on your face like the conman that you are. You think daring to step in front of me and cash in is going to deter me? Do it then pussy. All you’re going to do is prolong the inevitable, because either way when it’s all said and done it will prove that I am better than you. Whether you cash in and you fail, or you by a snowball’s chance in hell end up winning and then I’ll be your first challenger and snatch the title from you. It’s your choice.

Kassidy: Choose wisely, but don’t take too much time to think, the result is all the same.

Evelyn: Shut the hell up. You know what you’re getting Ahren into and you don’t even care. This diva wouldn’t have lasted a day back in the Combat Church.

Noah: I guess I’ll just have to remind em. I’ll do you one better Ahren. I’ll give you the choice to pick your poison.

Ahren: It doesn’t get any more poison than standing across the ring talking to y-

Noah: Take me on in a one on one match, any time, any place. Line em up and I’ll shoot em down.

Ahren: So you want me to take a pit stop on my path to the EAW Championship by raising your stock and facing you? That way I won’t have to deal with you cashing in before I get my chance and prolonging my opportunity?

Noah: You don’t really have a choice in the matter, so let’s get more specific. Either you face me at Wicked Games one on one. Or I face Cage at Wicked Games and that title ends up on Voltage while you have no world title to even fight for.

Ahren: You’re that petty huh? Okay, I’ll humor you. You just signed your own death certificate. You should have kept your ass on Voltage where you were safe and protected.

Noah: Being “protected” isn’t really my scene. I enjoy the chaos. I’ll see you two in New Orleans.

Ahren: Hey Kass, show them what happens when you try to interrupt the Star Boi.

(Kassidy walks in front of Noah and Evelyn)


(“Starboy” by The Weeknd hits as Ahren and Kassidy make their way back down the ramp taunting Noah & Evelyn, Noah is calming her down and reassuring her in the ring as Kassidy & Ahren laugh at the two)

Pierre: Talk about an unexpected confrontation! Ahren thought he was going to call out Cage but was instead met by Mr. CITV himself! Things got ugly towards the end and it looks like a match may have been set for Wicked Games but we’ll keep you updated on that.

Deadprez: These are two men who could very well be next in line for the world championships on their respective brands but Noah has felt the need to make Ahren’s business his as he pushed his weight around to try to hinder Ahren’s aspirations following a bad first impression on Voltage. That slap from Kassidy to Evelyn only made things even worse, I expect Noah to return the favor really soon.

(A split screen of Drake King & Terry Chambers walking down the hallway plays)

Pierre: On another note, the future of Showdown is really bright and last week at No Regards was a great indication of that. Despite the losing effort to Raven Roberts, Drake King put the world on notice that he had arrived and was not just a formidable opponent, but a prospect that EAW should be on the lookout for. He looks to bounce back from the loss against a man who’s more concerned with the NOW rather than the future, Terry Chambers has been reaching for that opportunity to become the next in line for a championship and defeating one of the hottest young stars may just be that boost he needs.

(The camera cuts to Aaron Fitzpatrick in the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

(“Revolution” by Pennywise hits as the crowd erupts into “OK” chants.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing first from Brooklyn, New York he is “The King of OK” DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAKE KINGGGG!!!

(Drake King makes his way out to the ring all bandaged up from his match at No Regards. He looks to have a slight limp as he walks to the ring and is favoring his arm.)

Pierre: Well we sure saw a different side of Drake King at No Regards where it looked like the inner beast came out of that man! He really took it to Raven Roberts showing no remorse but unfortunately did not come out to bring the EAW New Breed Championship.

Deadprez: He failed Showdown to be honest. Now look at him out here milking this injury for sympathy from our fans. He wants to tell them that he is “OK” but yet here he is apparently not even “OK” enough to compete tonight.

Pierre: Well somehow he got past our doctors and I don’t know about the sympathy stuff but he sure doesn’t look in any shape to be facing Terry Chambers here tonight.

(“Can’t Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr. hits as the crowd begins to chant “KILL TERRY KILL”!!!)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his opponent from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at 287 pounds… “THE BARBARIC CARNIVORE” TERRRRRRRRRRRRY CHAMBERS!!!!

(Terry Chambers makes his way down to the ring with a towel over his shoulders looking even more intense than usual. He stares an icy cold glare through the soul of Drake King as he enters the ring and stands across from his opponent looking for action.)

Deadprez: Terry is going to kill this little punk Drake King! He is going to make sure he is not OK! I can’t wait to see him rub it in these stupid little “OK” chanting losers faces!

Pierre: Damn Dead you are really on a dick tonight. But Terry Chambers does look to be in killing mode here tonight. He calls himself the Barbaric Carnivore and Drake King may just be eaten alive right here on Showdown!


Deadprez: We are underway as Drake King and Terry Chambers lock up in the ring. But the beastly Terry easily shoves Drake back up against the ropes! Drake holds his back in pain as he gingerly steps back out into the ring to go again!

Pierre: But Terry just easily shoves Drake back into the corner! Now Terry charges in with a corner splash! NO! Drake dodges it! Drake dodges as Terry collides with the corner! Now Drake lighting Terry up with a series of hard shots to the head!!

Deadprez: But Terry shoves Drake back hard sending him down to the mat! And Terry tackles him throwing hard shots to his gut! Terry ripping off the bandages of Drake King as he begins to punch him as hard as he can underneath the bandages! Terry is trying to cause permanent injury here tonight!

Pierre: You can see the black and blue bruises of Drake King all over his body as Terry Chambers targets his weak points with zero remorse! Drake makes it to the ropes as the referee forces the break…

Deadprez: But Terry just yanks Drake off the ropes with his formidable strength! Terry pulls Drake up… and drops him down with a devastating Spinebuster in the ring! Break his fucking back Terry!!!

Pierre: Terry grabs Drake King by the hair as he yanks him back up and shoves him back into the corner! Terry runs in but Drake jumps up to the top rope and kicks Terry back!!! FLYING CROSSBODY BY DRAKE KING!

Deadprez: But Terry catches him in midair and throws him up back over his shoulders! SAMOAN DROP CONNECTS! THE COVER!!!



Pierre: But Terry lifts Drake King’s shoulder up himself! He’s looking to inflict even more damage than that here tonight! Terry pulls Drake up onto his shoulders as he charges into the corner…. TURNBUCKLE POWERBOMB!!! Drake King writhing in pain in the corner from that manuever! He falls forward…


Pierre: Terry Chambers with a murderous look on his face as he grabs Drake King on the ground from behind… the Coquina Clutch has been locked in! He calls this NIGHT NIGHT and it looks like Drake King is going to be put to sleep!

Deadprez: Drake King taps out! We have a winner!



(“Can’t Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr. hits as Terry refuses to have his arm raised by the referee and chases him off before grabbing Drake King by the hair and tossing him over the top rope.)

Pierre: Terry Chambers with an absolutely dominant victory here tonight. However, in Drake King’s defense he was clearly injured and probably should have taken the week off. I am sure that his fans will respect him even more however now that he has proven he is willing to be a true fighter even in the worst of times.

Deadprez: Wow really Pierre? You would have to be a fucking dumbass to get in the ring with this beast of a man at anything less than 100%! I have zero sympathy for Drake King if he was good enough he would have actually put in some effort to overcome his disadvantage but this was legit pathetic. Terry Chambers killed this man and if you are not prepared he will do the same to you!

(The camera cuts to an advertisement from the Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman who offers EAW $69 billion dollars to hold an event in his country. He is also offering $69 trillion dollars if Sheridan Muller appears as World Heavyweight Champion before one of his servants reminds him that she is a woman. He appears surprised and then confirms that he doesn’t think she is a woman so she would be allowed to compete in his kingdom.)

(Camera pans to Eve standing by with a microphone in hand)

Eve: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome my guest at this time… Chris Elite!

(The crowd cheers as Chris Elite steps into the frame with Big Mike by his side)

Chris: Yerrrrr

Eve: Hey Chris, last week didn’t quite go your way against Ah-

Chris: Lemme cut you off right there. I don’t need your code language for “Ahren slapped the shit outta you”. It is what it is, I lost last week but we all know that loss wasn’t a straight up one and it don’t make me look any less of a man than I am. He had to have his bitch come in and save him, and lowkey she was tryna cop a feel with my homie Big Mike aint that right?

Big Mike: You damn right she was, I ain’t go down cuz I was in pain or anything, I went down cuz the way she gripped my shit… a breh was about to explode right th-

Chris: Woah woah calm down we have children watching. I feel you though, now Kassidy is exactly what I like to refer to as a PAWG.

Eve: A PAWG?

Chris: Oh don’t worry Eve you’re one too. A Phat Ass White Girl.

Eve: Isn’t that an insult?

Chris: No you silly goose. It’s a compliment, not fat… but PHAT, it means you’re a rare breed, a white girl with the cake, junk in your trunk, a badonadonk, you get the gist. Basically… you could GET IT.

(Eve blushes)

Eve: Well uhh… thanks?

Big Mike: Yeah you iight but you ain’t no Kassidy or anything like that. She could be one of our new Cardi B hoes. Ahren better watch his hoe cuz I know she eyeing the kid.

Chris: Speaking of which, Ahren I know you watching and you better be watching close because if you think you gonna piggyback a cheap ass win against me into a world title shot then you got another thing coming your way you fucking bozo. This shit ain’t over, not only do I want my runback but I want your head on a silver platter. You the type to have a bad bitch like Kassidy by your side and not try to smash because you too scared. You ol bougie bitch, you prolly only only keep her by your side so you can go purse shopping together you diva. Them bum ass furs you be wearing looking like you raided Cruella de Vil’s closet, you been on my dick you love my style. Your shits not even fucking with my fur given to me by Cam’ron himself. So fuck you, you fake ass Starboy. I ha- (Chris stops mid sentence) …well look who it is.

(Noah Reigner steps into the frame accompanied by Evelyn Ridley)

Noah: Chris.

Chris: Noah.

Noah: I couldn’t help but overhear you talking about Ahren and I couldn’t agree more. Just wanted to give you a heads up, I’ll be kicking his ass soon and softening him up for you.

Chris: I see y’all had your little thing going on, I appreciate the sentiment and all but I don’t need anybody fighting my battles for me.

Noah: I respect it, either way, I got Ahren on my hitlist. Just thought I’d visit a like minded individual like yourself and let you know, you’re not alone with how you feel. You got an ally in House Reigner.

(Chris daps up Noah)

Chris: I appreciate that. Slap the shit outta him for me, then I’ll pick up where you left off after Wicked Games.

Noah: Sounds like a plan. Go get that EAW Championship and take Showdown over like you did Voltage, anybody but Ahren.

Chris: I gotchu.

Noah: Hey who knows, maybe in another lifetime we coulda been partners or some shit.

Chris: Maybe. Coulda called ourselves Broah or something.

Noah: Ha. I’ll see you around.

Chris: You too.

(Meanwhile in the background, Big Mike is eyeing Evelyn Ridley up and down rubbing his hands and biting his bottom lip while she looks on uncomfortable, Noah walks off as Evelyn quickly follows. Chris then turns to see Big Mike as he slaps him on his bald head to bring him back to his senses)

Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd : ONE FALL!!

(“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash hits as Cody Marshall makes his entrance)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 305 pounds… COOOOOOODDDYYYY MMMAARRRSSHHHAALLLL!!!!

Pierre: Cody can’t be too happy about his outcome at No Regards. You know he’s looking to get back on track tonight.

Deadprez: the man had his face nailed to the ring. “Not too happy” is an understatement.

(“Odee” by A Boogie hits as Chris Elite makes his entrance with Big Mike)

Fitzpatrick: And his opponent, making his way to the ring from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 210 pounds and accompanied by Big Mike… CHHRRRIIISSSSS EEEELLLLIIITTTEEEE!!!!

Deadprez: And another man looking to get things right after No Regards is Chris Elite. Kassidy Heart got herself involved in his match with Ahren Fournier.

Pierre: Well both men need some retribution tonight. Let’s see how it goes.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Pierre: and the two move to the center of the ring! Chris tries to lock up… BUT CODY GRABS HIM BY THE FACE AND SHOVES HIM BACKWARDS!!! Cody has a tremendous size advantage and looks to use it tonight! Elite goes to get back up… BUT CODY GRABS HIM AROUND THE WAIST! GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB! Cody dominating the former World Heavyweight Champion! Cody goes for an early cover!



Kickout from Elite! But things don’t look good! Chris tries to roll to the ropes but Cody grabs him by the leg and pulls him back! Cody wraps both hands around Elite’s ankle… and Cody hurls Chris over and into the turnbuckles sideways! Cody making him look like a rag doll!!

Deadprez: Cody pulls Elite up and throws him into the ropes! Chris bounces back— BIG FALLAWAY SLAM FROM CODY! And the big man picking Chris apart here! Big Mike is not a fan of this and he’s yelling at Cody from the outside! Cody flips him off and turns back— INTO A BOX OFFICE SMASH!!!! Elite delivers the superkick to the jaw and covers Cody quickly!




Cody kicks out but he was really caught off guard there! Elite can’t believe Cody kicked out! But now he stands and starts to kick Cody with everything he has! Got to wear the big man down! Cody slowly climbs to his feet through the cracking shots the Elite plants into him! He places his massive hand on Chris’s chest and shoves him backwards into the corner! Cody Charges—

Pierre: But Elite moves out of the way and Cody crashes sternum first into the turnbuckles! He stumbles back— BUT ELITE WITH A SHOTGUN DROPKICK SENDS CODY BACK INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!!!! But Cody is still standing and Elite can’t believe it! He starts kicking now at the knees of Cody! Trying to chop the tree down! Kick after kick cracking against the knee of the big man as he starts to stumble! CODY IS DOWN ON A KNEE! Elite winds up… AND CRACKS A KICK AGAINST CODY’S SKULL! Cody drops to the mat and Chris Elite sees his chance! He looks to the top rope! He hops up in one leap! He turns! Looking for YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!!!

Deadprez: No! Cody rolled out of the ring before Chris could take off! Chris looks annoyed… BUT HES REPOSITIONING! ELITE WITH A BIG FLYING FOREARM TO THE OUTSIDE! Both men crash and burn but Elite caught Cody right over the eye with that forearm! The referee sees both men down and begins to count!


Chris Elite is up to his knees and Cody tries to pull himself up by the barricade!




Cody looks over and smirks at Big Mike! Big Mike is coming to check on Chris!


Cody slides back into the ring and takes a knee, waiting to see what happens.


Big Mike leans over the barricade and CHRIS ELITE IS BUSTED OPEN! He must’ve hit his head on the concrete when he fell!


Elite beginning to stir and Big Mike trying to urge him on!


Big Mike is reaching and pulling to help Chris get up to his feet! He’s standing!






AND THE REF SAYS ELITE MADE IT IN TIME!! Chris Elite still a little wobbly from planting his head on the concrete!

Pierre: I think anyone would be! The fact that he’s still fighting says a lot! But Cody isn’t wasting time! He comes now! Cody throws Chris into the turnbuckle and unloads lunches into his gashed head! Now Cody grabs Chris and pulls him outta the corner! He lifts him up! GORILLA PRESS! Drops for the cutter! BUDWEISER SLAM!!!!





CODY KICKS OUT! And the momentum sends Elite up and bounding into the ropes! Cody tried to get up quick—





(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner by pinfall… CHRIIIIISSSS EEEELLLIIIITTTTEEEE!!!!

(“Odee” blares as Big Mike rolls into the ring and raises Chris’s hand! Chris feels where his head is busted open and stumbles a bit)

Deadprez: I gotta say, even I thought Cody had that match there at the end.

Pierre: Well the fighting spirit of Chris Elite overcame here tonight. And now we have to guess this is the beginning of Chris’s rise back to the top.

(Commercial for a get rich quick scam featuring Jackson Blayde)

(The camera transitions to a secluded block in Harlem, NY, a dark night where nobody is outside or around Malcolm Jones is seen with his newly won Interwire Championship, he steps in front of the frame and touches down in front of a closed bodega with the security closure down in front of it.)

MJ: I came. I saw. I conquered. The thing about destiny is that it’s just something that simply cannot be stopped no matter how hard one tries to hinder it. You can’t change what is God’s plan. I made my mark in this company a year ago, I was touted as a highly valuable prospect with one of the brightest futures, and a lot of people didn’t take a liking to that declaration. I had an upwards battle to the top despite what was seen as a headstart, and I did what very few people are able to do, I fulfilled my destiny.

(MJ takes a deep breath before he begins speaking again)

MJ: How many times have a delivered on a promise that the people have doubted me in? No Way Out match for the PFP main event slot, check. Tag Team Championships, check. Interwire Championship, check. It’s not designed for dudes like me to flourish but I do it anyways because nothing drives me more than seeing the look of disappointment and agony on the faces of you people seeing somebody like… me… be successful in this business. I’ll defeat your golden children, your so called GOATs, your flavors of the months, all that circle jerk bullshit y’all like to be a part of, you better fuckin believe you gonna go broke betting against me. Heart Break Boy had a cool lil run, now it’s MY time to Eclipse his reign. Double entendre don’t ask me how. Beating so called legends are fun to me, because even tho I know they’re weak as fuck and can’t fuck with me, it props me up even more since idiots actually value them.

(Malcolm shakes his head)

MJ: It’s funny how I continue to find myself in a spat with these so called legends. Latest one on the dinner menu is Impact, a man we are all familiar with, a man who I’m no stranger to but he can’t keep my dick out of his mouth like it’s Sienna’s strap-on so I gotta put him back in his place. Imp, you got another thing coming to you if you think you just gonna bitch me around like I’m Cameron Ella Ava or some shit. You might hit but not only do I hit back but when I hit I slap the shit outta you, or I can do closed fists, or I can just shoot your whole shit up. I match whatever energy you wanna provide for the occasion and give it back to you times ten. I let you breathe, I let you eat on my block that we call EAW, you a renter and I’m the tenant. I could easily kick your bitch ass out and make way for some new young blood but I let you live because I respected what you brought to the table in the past despite not producing anymore now.

(Malcolm gets closer to the camera)

MJ: Yeah I said it, you don’t produce SHIT now. You only ever look good when you’re standing next to fellow old washed up fuckboy Mr. DEDEDE. You still living off of that fluke ass PFP performance against a Jamie O’Hara who could have given two shits. Then you tried to get spicy with his bitch only to look like an old man yelling at clouds and wasn’t good enough to ever pin her for the three count. Now you riding the 1%’s coattails. You and your bitch really just might be kindred spirits, because it’s no coincidence that the BOTH of you are third wheels in your respective groups. Actually scratch that, you’re more of a fourth wheel since Jack Ripley at least actually holds a championship. When’s the last time you held a title? Them REVOLT shits that you only won because Chris Elite’s selfish ass was too busy worried about the main event match he had later that night? It’s only so long you can live off of a legacy before a young dude like me takes a shit all over that bum ass legacy and makes you look as dumb as you actually are, exposing you to the world, removing that blanket from over you so people can see you for what you actually are.

MJ: You can’t go through the motions against a young lion like me. You can’t fuck with somebody in the prime of his career when you walking around with fading blonde hair turning into grey that you gotta try to grow long in order to cover your bald spots. You got a beer belly the size of Sienna’s stomach after she gets knocked up by her real boyfriend. Oh you ain’t know? You just a sugar daddy providing that bitch with a lifestyle she always wanted because your tenure grants you a higher pay than most of the roster, meanwhile that shit going to another nigga. You ain’t actually think she saw anything attractive in you did you? Sucker for love ass bozo. The only person who was ever actually attracted to your bitch ass was HBG and you fucked that up and let Robbie snatch her away from you. You the type of bitch to claim emotional abuse because you don’t know how to keep a female in line because you’re a mental midget who lets them walk all over you then you wanna lash out after the damage is already done. You bitch ass cuck ass beta male. You fucked with the wrong one, and you better fucking believe that every time I see you, it’s on sight. You either gonna have to give me a match to get me off of your ass, or you’re going to have to be ready to scrap whenever we in the same vicinity, and your little bitch ass group of fellow fuckboys that only drag you along for name recognition won’t be able to do shit about it either. I’m on your fuckin head. Now get the fuck outta my face.

(MJ puts his hand over the camera lens and pushes it away as it statics and transitions elsewhere)

(“Ambitionz az a Ridah” by Tupac hits as TLA makes his entrance in a lowrider, slowly riding out along with the music. The San Diego crowd is eating it up.)

Deadprez: TLA won an opportunity to face Kevin Hunter for the Openweight Championship after facing Cody Marshall in a hellacious Last Man Standing match and weeks before that he defeated Chris Elite – the man is on a roll, Pierre!

Pierre: He’s on a roll and tonight he can solidify that by becoming the Openweight Championship representing Showdown. A huge opportunity tonight in our main event tonight.

(‘DUST’ by Tremonti plays and Kevin Hunter comes out with smoke filling the entrance ramp and the crowd cheers.)

Deadprez: Well we saw the Openweight Champion suffer a loss to Lucas Johnson on Dynasty, but surely he’s going to want to be more focused and more in tune as he takes on TLA in uncharted territory here tonight.

Pierre: The anticipation is killing me, let’s go to Stephie Love for introductions!

Stephie Love: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! And is for the EAW OPENWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 210 pounds, he is from Tlaxcala, Mexico…. T! L! A!

Stephie Love: And his opponent, weighing in at 235 pounds, hailing from Brooklyn, New York, he is The Devil Incarnate, the EAW Openweight Champion…. KEVINNNNNNN HUNTERRRRRRR!

(The referee holds up the title and shows it once again to both competitors and then rings the bill – DING! DING! DING!)

Deadprez: And no time is wasted here as TLA is striking Hunter with left and rights – he wasn’t kidding when he said Hunter was going to get hands and boots tonight, Pierre, as TLA just goes to town with rights and lefts on Hunter. TLA backs Hunter toward the turnbuckle and blasts him with a right forearm. Another huge right forearm but Kevin Hunter blocks it and returns with some rights and lefts of his own. Look at this, Hunter is coming back out of the corner striking TLA with some hard blows! Wait, TLA ducks, TLA JUMPS ON HUNTER – HURRICANRANA TO HUNTER SENDS HIM FLYING!

Pierre: LOOK OUT! TLA isn’t done… SPRINGBOARD BACK-ELBOW TO HUNTER! And TLA kips up right afterwards! TLA charges off the ropes now, and leap frogs over Hunter who’s keeled over, TLA charges back… running bull-dog to Hunter! TLA makes the pin!



Deadprez: Not quite enough. TLA jumps back to his feet and flies off the ropes once again, Hunter presses to the ground, TLA comes flying back… AND IS MET WITH A HUGE LARIAT FROM KEVIN HUNTER! Hunter was pressed to the ground but jumped to his feet and turned TLA inside out from that huge clothesline. Kevin Hunter is now going to town stomping on the back of TLA. Hunter is now sitting on TLA and throwing right hand after right hand to the back of his head! My god!

Referee: One! Two! Three! Four! Fi-

Pierre: This is an all-out assault from Hunter now, wrestling a match here has gone out the window and he’s looking to do whatever it takes to keep the Openweight Championship on his waist. Hunter tosses TLA out of the ring right next to us out here by our announce table and Hunter is following him out here. Look at this, Hunter whips TLA toward the ring steps – TLA reverses!! HUNTER CRASHES RIGHT INTO THOSE STEELE STEPS, SENDING THE STEPS FLYING! What a counter. TLA is getting his bearings back now. TLA climbs onto the ring apron now looking toward Kevin Hunter, motioning for this San Diego crowd to get louder. TLA WITH A RUNNING MOONSAULT OFF THE RING APRON! NO, HUNTER CATCHES TLA! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER COUNTER, MY GOD!!

Deadprez: That look like it broke TLA’s neck! The referee is out here trying to get these two men back in the ring and is being awfully lenient in this championship main event matchup with so much on the line by not counting. Kevin Hunter has now rolled back in the ring, but he rolls right back out and falls to his knees. It appears he was trying to break the count but we didn’t even have one going, Pierre! Smart awareness from the Openweight Champion, nonetheless. Kevin Hunter is finally back on his feet and TLA is still laid out from that tombstone on the outside here. Hunter grabs TLA and rolls his carcass back into the ring… wait, Hunter hooks both TLA’s legs! I THINK TLA IS OUT COLD STILL!



Pierre: NO!!! TLA KICKS OUT, PREZ. TLA is still in this match and these people are going ballistic, solidly in TLA’s corner now. Hunter is beside himself. The champion is back to his feet and he’s now dragging TLA to the corner turnbuckle. What’s Kevin Hunter going to do here?! Hunter is positioning TLA’s head against the damn ring post, what the hell! Hunter is now on the outside, oh god, he’s lining up… he’s lining up – HUNTER CHARGES! NO… TLA GETS OUT OF THE WAY AND HUNTER’S KNEE WAS JUST DRIVEN INTO THE RING POST!

Deadprez: Well Kevin Hunter is now on the outside nursing that knee of his after a failed attempt to crush TLA’s skull and TLA is now recouping in the ring. TLA is back on his feet and he’s climbing the turnbuckle. TLA is on the top turnbuckle, what’s he going to do, Pierre?! Hunter is stumbling back to his feet… THE 420 TO A STANDING KEVIN HUNTER! TLA JUST CONNECTED TO HUNTER WITH THE 420 SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

Pierre: And he throws Hunter right back into the ring, TLA makes the cover!



Deadprez: NO, NO, NO! Kevin Hunter gets the shoulder up, this thing was almost over, TLA almost had it after that move to the outside. TLA is setting up again, going to the top turnbuckle. This capacity crowd is shouting his name and rooting for him! Could he be going for the Burnout?! TLA is taunting Kevin Hunter now and making a show of it for this crowd. WAIT… KEVIN HUNTER RUNS UP THE TURNBUCKLE…. A HUGE SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!! HOLY!!!!

Pierre: The energy of this place just changed dramatically, TLA was thrown from that top rope as he took just a little bit too much time to connect with that finishing move and now both of these men are down and the referee is checking on them both after that huge impact. It looks like the champion is going to be the one to climb to his feet first as he uses those ropes to get to his vertical base. TLA is also now struggling, stumbling to his feet, barely able to get up or catch his breath after he was thrown who knows how many feet.




Pierre: NOOOO! TLA GOT HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE. TLA used his ring awareness to get that foot on the rope and keep himself in the hunt for the Openweight Championship, Prez, and Kevin Hunter is PISSED! Hunter has the referee by his collar, he might be trying to get disqualified here! Kevin Hunter pushes down the referee. Hunter delivers several stomps to the head of TLA, hammering him to keep him on the ground. Kevin Hunter has now come back to the outside. Hunter is looking under the ring… he pulls out a chair! He’s going to get disqualified! Hunter climbs back into the ring and the referee is yelling at him, telling him not to use that chair. TLA is about to turn around and be smacked with that steele chair which could end this match! Do something, ref!

Deadprez: HUNTER SWINGS…. TLA DUCKS!!! CARTEL KICK!! TLA counters with a pele kick which sent that chair right into the face of Kevin Hunter. The referee grabs that chair and throws it out of the ring. TLA makes the cover!



Pierre: HUNTER GETS THE SHOULDER UP! After that huge cartel kick, a chair to the face, the champion gets the shoulder up. This has been an amazing exchange but the principle thing we’ve seen is Kevin Hunter’s absolute desperation to win this match at any cost, Prez. He wants to prove what TLA said this week wrong, his win over Lars Grier wasn’t a ‘fluke’!

Deadprez: TLA is finally back to his feet, Pierre, and he’s out for revenge for Kevin Hunter’s antics. TLA grabs Hunter by the hair and brings him to his feet. TLA spits on his hand, reels it back… SWAG SHOT! That slap – that PIMP slap – just sent Kevin Hunter to his knees… TLA follows up with A VERY MEXICAN UPPERCUT! Hunter is laid out on his back on the mat and TLA points at the turnbuckle. TLA is going to try and end this match once again, he climbs to the Turnbuckle and does a shimmy for the San Diego crowd who are on their feet.


Deadprez: LOOK OUT!! NO, TLA elbows Hunter to stop it! Another elbow as these men are teetering on the top rope here! TLA with another elbow, TLA slaps Hunter again and sends him backwards to the mat… TLA FOLLOWS HIM!!! BURNOUUUUTTTT!!! TLA CONNECTS WITH THE BURNOUT!!!!!!







(TLA is seen celebrating as he’s handed the championship, he leaves the ring to celebrate with fans and eventually his poons come out from the back to celebrate with him)

Pierre: It’s a party out here! What a win, what a match! This contest was back and forth the whole time but at the end of the day TLA has come out with the victory. A huge win for TLA and a huge win for Showdown in our main event. I can’t think of a more deserving and formidable champion.

(Scott Diamond is seen walking intensely in a hallway in the back)

Deadprez: Folks, stay with us… Scott Diamond… NEXT!

(Commercial Break)

(“Shook Ones” by Mobb Deep hits to a loud mixed reaction as Scott Diamond makes his way out, he’s sporting a beanie and his sleeveless shirt and tearaway pants. The back of his shirt has a “DONDA” sponsorship)

Deadprez: Scott Diamond makes his way down the ramp and his presence just gets me in a tense mood. I don’t feel comfortable with this man in the same vicinity as me especially knowing how he’s feeling following last weeks absolute war with Diamond Cage.

Pierre: The only thing scarier than a caged Scott Diamond is an uncaged Scott Diamond! I’m hearing that Cage took the night off so he won’t be in the building, and understandably so. Scott has been looking around for him backstage all night because he feels they have unfinished business, now he’s out here to address the crowd.

(Scott enters the ring with a microphone and begins speaking after the music ends)

Scott: I don’t need to come out here and try to convince anybody of anything. I don’t need to make any excuses, and I don’t need to cover anything up. Cage knows what he was locked inside of that ring with last week and Cage knows that he barely survived. So as long as CAGE understands what he dealt with…. I’m good with that. But I also expect Cage to know that because of those circumstances, we still have unfinished business. In other words, I want a rematch.

(The crowd gives a loud mixed reaction)

Scott: For a good part of my career now, people have mistaken this for a game, people have questioned my passion, people have doubted my drive, my abilities, and everything in between. I capture a world championship earlier this year by dismantling that other guy and I’m still treated like an afterthought. I work my way up to world championship contention here on Showdown and people automatically assumed I’d b another notch under Cage’s belt. Ask Darkane how much hell he had to put himself through just to be able to call himself the Answers World Champion. Ask him what his toughest matchup was. You people think this is a game and that is what pushes me to keep coming out here and proving you otherwise, no matter who’s career I end, who I dismantle, what I do, there’s always going to be that shadow of doubt and in return it drives me to strive to destroy your favorites until I get my respect. Cage I want you to understand this, you can take as many Showdowns off as you want, you can run away and hide in you protected bubble until it’s time to defend your championship again and think that you can wiggle your way out of the impossible, but next time you defend that championship, it WILL be against Scott Diamond and no one else.

Scott: I want you to understand how serious I am about this, I want you to understand that I am not stopping until I get my hands on world championship gold once again. You will never be able to rest easy, not even in the confides of wherever the hell you’re at right now, whether it be a fucking hospital bed, or your house. If I don’t win that championship from you, well then I have no other purpose of being here. I’m willing to put my career on the line for that championship, and if I don’t win it…… I will walk away from EAW forever and never look back.

(Scott Diamond drops the microphone and makes his way back up the ramp, the commentary booth doesn’t speak, shock from the fans can be heard as the camera follows Scott walking down the ramp and the camera fades to black)

(EAW Logo Buzzes)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Dynasty 11/2/2018

Voltage 11/4/2018