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Showdown 10/6/2018


( Showdown has a cold open to Scott Diamond walking backstage as the backstage officials look on and Scott Diamond is just walking backstage in his normal track pants and custom “Just Fight” T Shirt as he continues making his way through the backstage area and then through the gorilla position)

(“Shook Ones” By Mobb Deep hits to a HUGE ovation from the audience as Scott Diamond stoically makes his way out to the stage and looks around as this sold out crowd here in Spark Arena as Scott continues making his way down to the ring we cut to Deadprez and Pierre Mcguire at the commentators table)


Pierre: This man strikes fear and if he doesn’t strike fear he commands and owns a room and he owned last week when he showed up and came face to face with Diamond Cage.


Pierre: I wouldn’t get so ahead of myself but I promise you, Cage wouldn’t have backed down from that fight without some kind of reason. I know there’s a reason.

Deadprez: The man is scared. He knows if he ever stepped foot in the ring with Scott Diamond his title reign is the same way he left EAW years ago. Dead!

(Scott’s music dies down, as he is handed a microphone but the applause of the audience is stopping him from getting his words out as Scott looks around to the audience showing a great deal of respect to Scott Diamond)

Pierre: This is quite an ovation he is getting from this crowd, everyone is excited for the direction Showdown is heading in and the landscape will always change upon this man’s arrival!

(Scott raises the microphone to his face)

Scott: I’m sure you all have a bunch of questions, I have plenty of answers. I’m sure nobody was expecting me to show up and return to Showdown but, here I stand. And the simple answer is I look at this Showdown roster, no disrespect to the talent, but I see who is on top of this brand and-

(“Smells Like Teen Spirit” By Nirvana hits as Diamond Cage storms down to the ring with the EAW Championship in his hand dragging on the floor as he hightails his way to the ring)

Deadprez: I smell a chicken shi

Pierre: Hey! Anyways Scott didn’t have to wait long to get an answer from Cage.

(Cage gets inside the ring and walks past Scott as he goes over and snatches the microphone)

Cage: What are you going to say Scott? You see Showdown and you think this is easy pickings? You see that Diamond Cage is the head of the ship holding this EAW Championship and you think you can rebuild shambles of your career on my head? You know I’ve always had a chip on my shoulder, even with this EAW Championship. And it’s getting to that point now in my reign where people are propping up who they want to be the champion but I have news for everyone, it’s going to take a lot to pry this fucking championship away from my hands and you with all your braun and strength sure as hell won’t be enough.

(Scott looks on as Cage is fuming)

Cage: And you look at me, with that stoic look, who the hell do you think you are? You come here and you try to big league the EAW Champion? You think you are still better than me? Times have changed and I’m the best I’ve ever been, people are running their mouths talking about I ran away from a fight with you but that’s bullshit. I’ve fought you before and you know it, but I see a difference in our careers Scott. And in my eyes, I don’t need to face you, because I’ve already surpassed you and this EAW Championship in my hands is all I need to fucking prove it and a match against you wouldn’t prove a damn thing but cement what I already know. I’m the number one man in this business.

(Scott raises the microphone)

Scott: That’s always been your problem. You are so damn angry, and I think it’s because you have that chip on your shoulder. And no one put that there, you put it there and it’s been your best motivation but it’s also been your downfall. I came here not to big league you, I didn’t come here thinking I deserve anything, I came here because I saw the talent on Showdown and It got my interest and you have got my interest. And I agree, you have the EAW Championship and that makes you the best here, I won’t start from the bottom, I’m here to offer a challenge, No Regards. I will compete against the best and I will beat the best, I want to fight you for the EAW Championship at No Regards.

(Crowd cheers loudly at the thought of that match as Cage looks at Scott)

Cage: You don’t seem to get it, what the hell does beating your ass in this ring going to do for me? It won’t do absolutely nothing, you think you can just get a shot at me because of name value or because you refuse to start from the bottom? Scott, listen to me and listen to me good. You and everyone in the entire world are going to learn that picking a fight with Diamond Cage and the EAW Championship is a very bad, bad Idea. I’m a dangerous man when I didn’t have this title and I’m an even more crazy son of a bitch with this championship and I refuse to be disrespected. I’d fight you and you know I’d fight you.

Scott: So do it, fight me Cage. Or the stigma of being a coward will continue to follow you so much that even I will begin to believe it.

(Cage gets nose to nose with Scott as Scott looks as calm as possible)

Cage: I know what you are trying to do, you are trying to get me angry, so I can just throw myself into a match with you. I don’t need to beat you, I don’t need to hand you another loss.

Scott: Then maybe you aren’t as good as you think. Maybe that’s why you don’t want to fight.’

Cage: Or maybe, just maybe Scott. It’s because I’m done playing little league with you.

(Cage drops the mic and raises the EAW Championship before he leaves the ring and continues walking up the ramp as Scott looks on)

Pierre: Man! That was intense, Cage making it known he doesn’t want to face Scott at No Regards! He views it like it is a blemish to compete against Scott!

Deadprez: That’s what all cowards do. He knows what he’s doing, our EAW Champion is a coward ladies and gentlemen!

Pierre: We’ll be back with more Showdown action after these short messages!

(Commercial Break — Operation Doomsday! LIVE! OCTOBER 20!)

(The camera cuts to Aaron Fitzpatrick in the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for…

(Aaron Fitzpatrick checks his notes.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: ONE FALL!!!

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing first…

(“Warriors” by Imagine Dragons hits!!!)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: From Parts Unknown… he is one half of The Dragon Slayers… MIKE SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

(Mike Shaw comes out alone as he seems sad his partner isn’t there with him tonight.)

Deadprez: Damn this is heartbreaking to watch Pierre. The Dragon Slayers should never be apart.

(Suddenly Samuel Steele comes running out to the ring and embraces Mike Shaw in the ring.)

Deadprez: Omg yasss!

Pierre: I ship them so hard tbh.

(“Revolution” by Pennywise hits!!!)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his opponent from Brooklyn, New York weighing in at 220 pounds… “THE OK” DRRRRRRRRRRRAKE KING!!!

(Drake King comes out as his fans cheer and chant OK as he makes his way down to the ring.)

Deadprez: Last week Drake King fought hard against TLA but was handed another loss. However, he isn’t letting that keep him down he is coming out here determined to make a comeback tonight!

Pierre: The odds are against him tho. Both Dragon Slayers are at ringside and will likely interfere!



Pierre: Samuel Steele coming off the top with a Flying Crossbody!

Deadprez: But Drake King moves out of the way! Steele crashes and burns as he rolls to the outside!



Pierre: But Drake King knocks him down with a Superkick! Drake King goes to the top! OK SPLASH! IT CONNECTS!!! THE COVER!!!





Aaron Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner… DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAKE KING!!!

(“Revolution” by Pennywise hits as Drake King has his arm raised in victory!)

Deadprez: Damn that was fast. The Dragon Slayers done fucked up!

Pierre: They sure did but Drake King has gotten back on the winning path here tonight!!!

(The Dragon Slayers are shown hugging each other outside the ring looking up in distress as Drake King celebrates.)

Deadprez: At least they still have each other.

(The camera cuts to a commercial for some trash indy wrestling show being held by 90 year old former EAW Elitists out of their retirement home.)

(Camera pans backstage to Chris Elite arriving to the arena along with Big Mike by his side)

Big Mike: breh, we back where we started, back on the blue brand, pulling up like we never left, I like the way you think.

Chris Elite: It’s all apart of plan RBWTFIA.

Big Mike: The hell is that?

Chris: Plan remind bozos who the fuck I am, and what better place to do it on Showdown? You got a bunch of bozos in here false claiming shit.

Big Mike: You got they champion who is a balding claiming to be the top man around here.

Chris: Nah Cage the homie but that is where we disagree,

Big Mike: Malcolm is still here too and you know whenever yall see each other it’s bound to be some drama

Chris: I’ll tell him suck my dick, stoopid! I ain’t ducking him.

Big Mike: You got oldheads like the Heart Break Boy and Ahren claiming to be the GOAT, I don’t see any world titles in they recent resume!

Chris: Despite these clowns and they claims, I know they willing to throw down for what they believe in, but I ain’t lose a step, if anything, I’ve been slacking but I sure as hell ain’t fall off, and that is why we here, we coming back to where we got started, we gonna kick in the door and we won’t rest till I’m absolutely at the top where I grinded to get to and that grind started here.

Big Mike: I feel you, how we gonna start this plan off though?

(Ahren Fournier is shown stepping into the scene)

Ahren: Don’t mind me, but I can’t help but overhear you speaking of getting back to the top.

Chris: That’s exactly what I said.

Ahren: yo, yo, yo, I don’t want no drama but you W-I-L-D-I-N, “fam”

(Big Mike and Chris look at Ahren with a bewildered look)

Chris: The nerve.

Big Mike: The Caucacity.

Ahren: I thought I was speaking your language? I’ve been studying how you speak and it took me awhile but I think I got it down pack. We weren’t properly introduced. I’m Ahren Fournier, also know as the GOAT around these here Showdown parts. Formerly known as the GOAT Champion but it won’t be long until I’m once again carrying championship gold, and you are?

Big Mike: He’s deadass?

Chris: He can’t be serious?

Ahren: I know, that you are from way down there at Voltage. And I have no recollection of you because only Showdown lives matter around here.

Big Mike: hold up, hold up.

Chris: Wait, see Big Mike, this is what I’m talking about, it’s bozos like these that make coming to Showdown so intriguing, down playing me, silly dickeater, he’ll learn.

Ahren: I don’t understand a word you said, but if that’s Voltage language we don’t speak second best here.

Chris: Are you dumb da dumb dumb dumb? Let me dumb it down for you, I ain’t here for all that talking, if you want smoke we can do this whenever you want.

Ahren: I have better things to worry about, like claiming an EAW Championship that is being held by some guy who thinks grunge is still in style. I won’t belittle myself by messing with bottomfeeders. I’ll catch you, or maybe not.

(Ahren walks off as Chris and Mike just look on)

Mike: you want me to handle that?

Chris: Nah, I’m enjoying this, we going to clean this place up one dickeater at a time, I got a plan.

(Chris and Big Mike leave as camera cuts back to the arena)

(The camera cuts to Aaron Fitzpatrick in the ring.)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!!!

(“You Only Live Once (Instrumental)” by Suicide Silence hits!!!)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: Introducing first from Orlando, Florida weighing in at 205 pounds… DAMON DIESELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

(Damon Diesel makes his way down to the ring and throws fake punches at the referee frightening him.)

Deadprez: Damon Diesel scored a big win last week against Cody Marshall! He looks ready to continue to lay down the pain here tonight on Showdown!

Pierre: Damon Diesel is tired of being looked at as an underdog! He is going to defeat Terry Chambers this week and prove that he can hang with the top dogs in the business!

(“Can’t Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr. hits!!!)

Aaron Fitzpatrick: And his opponent from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at 287 pounds… TERRRRRRRRRRY CHAMBERSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

(Terry Chambers makes his way down to the ring as the fans chant “Kill Terry Kill!”)

Deadprez: These fans solidly behind Terry Chambers after his impressive effort last week against Diamond Cage!

Pierre: I was personally impressed Dead. Terry has come a very long way from where he used to be in this company and he even gave the EAW Champion a true run for his money!


Deadprez: We are underway as both men lock up in the ring! Terry Chambers goes in for a headlock on Damon Diesel! But Diesel with hard jabs to the gut as he fights free! Now he is punching Terry right in the face! Damon going in with those hard blows! Terry getting rocked back! But Terry with a hard knee to the gut! Terry grabs the arm of Damon as he whips him across the ring into a corner. Terry charges in… violent Clothesline into the corner! That impact! Now Terry rearing back as he begins to deliver some intense shoulder thrusts on his opponent! And again! And again! Terry whips Damon across the ring!

Pierre: NO! Damon counters the Irish Whip sending Terry into the corner instead! Damon Diesel charges in and connects with a devastatingly vicious Clothesline of his own! Terry falls forward but pulls himself back up… only to be met with a SPEAR OUTTA NOWHERE! GOOD GOD THAT IMPACT! THIS MAN IS COMPLETELY BROKEN IN HALF!

Deadprez: But Terry pulls himself back up! I can’t believe it! A hard kick by Damon Diesel into the gut of Terry Chambers! Damon runs off the ropes…

Pierre: And he walks right into a Big Boot from Terry Chambers! Holy shit he just kicked his fucking head off!

Deadprez: Language Pierre! Fuck what is this?!?!? Terry picking Damon back up and he whips him across the ring! Terry bends down! Back body drop incoming! No! Damon kicks Terry in the skull sending his opponent back into the ropes! Terry fires back with a charging Lariato! But Damon Diesel ducks beneath the arm of Terry Chambers! Terry reeling as he whips around… right into a waiting Damon Diesel who lifts Terry up above his head! Damn what strength! Damon Diesel going in with a dominant Running Powerslam!

Pierre: NO! Damon Diesel’s legs gave out from beneath him! Terry Chambers drops down behind as he claws into the back of Damon! Terry shoves Damon forward as he bounces off the ropes! Damon rushes forward… DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! BOTH MEN CONNECT WITH THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINES! DOWN GOES DIESEL! DOWN GOES CHAMBERS! THESE MEN HAVE TAKEN EACH OTHER OUT!

Deadprez: Both men down now as the referee is checking to see if he should continue this match! Honestly I think it is over for both of them! Wait no I don’t believe it! They are getting back to their feet! Both men back up as they begin trading punches in the ring! Oh lawd! Damon ducks a shot from Chambers and then kicks him in the gut as he turns around! Damon lifts Terry up above his head… SPINNING BOMB CONNECTS!!! THE COVER!




Pierre: Kickout by Terry Chambers! That was a close call Dead! Damon Diesel pulling Terry back up… only for Terry to immediately connect with a Jumping Knee Strike to the face! Quick cover by Terry! He’s got this one!



Deadprez: Kickout by Damon Diesel! Terry Chambers is so appalled he thought he had that right there! Terry now looking to go up to the top rope! What does he have planned here! Hold up! Damon Diesel has rolled out of the ring! But Terry notices as he turns around on the top and takes the ultimate plunge! Flying Senton Bomb from the top rope to the outside takes down Damon Diesel! Absolutely savage! Both men crash and burn but Terry Chambers immediately gets back up! Such resilience! Terry tosses his opponent back into the ring and immediately climbs up to the top rope!




Deadprez: Kickout by Damon Diesel! Terry really thought he had it there! Lmao what a dumbass! Just kidding I thought he had it won there also if I’m being honest…

Pierre: Both men back up! But Terry shoves Damon back and he collides with the referee! The referee is down! Terry rolls out of the ring and shoves the timekeeper aside! Terry Chambers has a Steel Chair and he is bringing it into the ring! Such a naughty boi! This is cheating!

Deadprez: Terry Chambers is going off script! He rams the chair into the gut of Damon Diesel who cries out in pain! I bet this kid wishes he had his NEO Syndicate butt buddies out here to back him up right now! A savage chair shot across the back of Damon Diesel who still has not yet gone down! Wait nevermind he fell over that was a delayed reaction brought about by the sheer pain of the chair! But wait he’s not quite down actually! He grabs onto the ropes and pulls himself back up! Damon Diesel holding on! But Terry Chambers with the chair! He drives it right into the gut and then bashes him across the back with the chair!

Pierre: Terry now setting the chair up in the ring as he drags Damon Diesel back up to his feet! Terry lifting Damon Diesel up over his head… T-5 CONNECTS RIGHT INTO THE CHAIR!!! THE COVER!!! BUT THE REFEREE IS STILL DOWN!!!







Aaron Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner… TERRRRRRRRRRY CHAMBERS!!!!

(“Can’t Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr. hits as the crowd chants KILL TERRY KILL!!!)

Deadprez: Terry Chambers pulling off the big win here tonight in a way like only the big man can! Terry took advantage of the downed referee to throw the rules out completely and turn this thing into a straight up no holds barred brawl!

Pierre: Props to Damon Diesel for withstanding as long as he did! I don’t know many men who would still be standing after even one chair shot from the likes of The Barbaric Carnivore!!!

(The camera cuts to a commercial from former EAW Elitist Keelan Cetinich who is shown crying and begging the Showdown roster in New Zealand to come visit him at his mom’s house in Australia. He will even let you pet his kangaroo if you swing by!)

( We open up to see Heart Break Boy as he is seen walking down the hall with his head down and a focused expression on his face preparing for his main event match until suddenly he’s taken aback as he’s stopped by Eve who approaches him with a microphone in hand.)

Eve: HBB! Could I get a word in with you as you prepare for tonight’s main event?

HBB: I guess..

Eve: Last week before the main event match on Showdown, we were interrupted by Malcolm Jones who demanded that he be next in line to face you for the Interwire Championship.

HBB: Well it was less of a demand and more of a declaration but yeah I saw. The guys kept my name in his mouth for weeks about how he’d be next in line and honestly it’s quite amusing. I’d love nothing more than to kick his teeth down his throat and humble him for once in his life.

Eve: So is that you accepting his challenge?

HBB: Like I said, it wasn’t a challenge. He said he was going to do what he wants whether anybody liked it or not so I’m looking forward to when that day comes. Nothing like beating the humility into a young obnoxious clown who thinks they have it all figured out.

???: Word?

(Malcolm Jones walks into the frame)

MJ: Thanks Eve, I got that guap for you later for helping set this up.

(Malcolm pats Eve on the back as she nods and quickly leaves the scene as HBB looks on at her with a perplexed expression)

HBB: Wow all that for lil ol me? I’m starting to think you got a crush on me.

MJ: Nah all that for lil ol’ THIS.

(MJ taps on the Interwire Championship that is draped on the shoulder of Heart Break Boy)

MJ: You can joke all you want but that ain’t gonna save you from getting kufi slapped and sent back to obscurity where you belong while a young bull takes that belt off of you.

HBB: Well I surely can’t wait to meet this young bull, because from where I stand all I see is a little over excited puppy who’s way in over his head.

MJ: Way in over my head? Maybe you’ve taken too many chair shots to the head over the course of your 30 year career or some shit and musta forgot what the fuck been goin on. So let me bring you up to speed. I pinned you fair and square a week after you won the Interwire Championship. I pinned you again a few weeks back in tag team action. How many times do I have to prove I’m superior to you before you accept that fact?
HBB: You’re in over your head if you think the me you faced is anywhere close to the me you’ll face in a big match situation where the stakes are high. But I’ll be glad to show you better than I can tell you. I’ve been proving young overhyped overconfident assholes wrong all summer and fall, you’re just the latest on the list I guess. When I’m done you’ll understand why they call me the GOAT.

MJ: Here we go with this dumbass GOAT shit again. Listen fam nobody cares about some overused GOAT title claimed by any fuckboy with a Hall of Fame ring. Last time you even had a legit claim to that name I was probably a freshman at UConn or some shit, but that’s besides the point. The point is when this is all said and done the only thing that will be understood and established is how much better I am than you. And not just in the year of 2018 due to your old ass age, but PERIOD, IN GENERAL, IN ANY ERA. There’s a reason why I skipped the New Breed, and that’s cuz I’m a RARE breed.

HBB: Or because you had friends in high places but hey who’s keeping count. Look pal unlike you some people actually compete on Showdown and can’t follow their girlfriends around on female brands so yeah I kinda have a match I gotta get to. Don’t worry we’ll see each other soon so don’t get too emotional without me. If it makes u feel any better…

(HBB leaves the frame for a few seconds and comes back with a marker and a hat as he’s signing the hat. He then gives it to Malcolm Jones.)

HBB: Here’s an autograph for your brother, I wrote it on a starter cap.

(HBB winks at MJ and struts away as MJ looks on at HBB confused and annoyed.)

MJ: I didn’t even a-

(MJ looks down at the signature and it says “Fuck Off” and his expression changes to an angry one as he tosses the hat.)

Fitzpatrick: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

(“Until It Sleeps” by Metallica hits as Shane Gates comes out to make his entrance to a good reaction)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Huntington Beach, California, weighing in at 210 pounds… SHAAAAAANNNEEEE GAAAAAAATTTEEESSS!!!

Deadprez: Shane has had some ups and downs in his time here on Showdown but he’s looking to get a big win tonight to get himself moving in the right direction.

(“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash just as Cody Marshall makes his entrance. The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Cody snarls at them)

Fitzpatrick: And his opponent, making his way to the ring from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 305 pounds… COOOODDDYYY MMMAAARRSSHHHAALLLL!!!!

Pierre: Well Shane is up against this beast of a man. Cody has been on a violent tear of late. He believes he should be the reigning EAW Champion and blames TLA for getting pinned by Diamond Cage at Territorial Invasion.

Deadprez: Well tonight he needs to focus on Shane. Looks like the ref is ready to get started.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)



Deadprez: Shane’s gonna scoot himself away, watching the behemoth in front of him. He needs a different strategy. Going in trying to match a guy like Cody head on won’t get you anywhere. Shane back to his feet and Cody tells him to bring it on! Here we go! Shane charges… Cody goes with he big boot—BUT SHANE BASEBALL SLIDES UNDERNEATH IT AND GETS BWHIND CODY! Cody is off balance from the missed kick! Enziguri from Shane!

Pierre: Did you hear how his foot cracked against Cody’s skull? Now look! Cody is staggered! Shane hits the ropes! BIG CHOP BLOCK TO THE BACK OF THE KNEE AND CODY IS DOWN KNEELING! This is what Shane needs to do! Stick and move and chop down the tree! Shane hits the ropes again! Running knee to Cody—

Deadprez: CODY JUST CAUGHT SHANE’S KNEE AT FULL SPEED! Cody is smiling! He wanted Shane to come strong and he got exactly that! Cody stands while he holds on to Shane’s leg! He throws the leg to the ground and kicks Shane in the stomach! Puts Shane’s head between his legs and lifts him up! WELCOME TO HELL! Cody plants Shane with the elevated power bomb! Cover!!




Shane kicks out! And Cody grabs the smaller man by the roots of his hat and lifts him up to his feet! Shane is still staggered from the impact of the power bomb! Cody still has that smile on his face! It’s like an animal playing with his food! Cody grabs Shane with both hands by the throat! Lifts him up for the Rapture!!!

Pierre: But Shane wraps his legs up around Cody’s neck! He doesn’t have the arm for a proper triangle but he’s got the head scissors applied! Cody refuses to release Shane and Shane continues to apply pressure! Cody’s face is turning red as a tomato! Shane claws at Cody’s massive hands trying to get them off his throat! Cody lifts Shane a little higher! Tries to throw him down! BUT SHANE KEEPS THE HEAD SCISSORS AND ROLLS THROUGH FOR A VICTORY ROLL PIN!!




Cody kicks out and sends Shane flying! Cody looks stunned! I don’t think he expected that from Shane at all! And Gates needs to keep finding his openings! He was a half a second away from the upset of his career!

Deadprez: But the big man looks angry now! Shane is in the corner! Cody charges! SHANE SLIPS OUT OF THE WAY AND CODY RUNS ABDOMEN FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!! Shane from behind with another roll up!



Just a two count this time as Cody kicks out! Shane now comes and grabs Cody’s tree trunk of a leg… BUT CODY REARS BACK AND KICKS SHANE SQUARE IN THE CHEST! Shane stumbles backwards and falls between the second and bottom rope! OH! And it looks like he just landed on his head as he fell!

Pierre: Looks like Cody is gonna follow! The big man rolls over and slides out of the ring! The referee yells at him to get back in! Cody waved him off as he walks around the ring now like he’s stalking his prey! Shane is moving slowly, still clutching his head! But he gets to a knee! And Cody has him in his sights! Cody charges! But Shane throws himself backwards and into the barricade! Cody collided face first with the steel post! The referee is done waiting! He starts the count!


Both men are down! Cody clutches the ring skirt as Shane reaches for the top of the barricade.


Shane manages to lift himself up and prop against the barricade! He checks the back of his head for bleeding!


Shane sees Cody on the floor and sees his opportunity!


Shane grabs Cody by the head and heaves to pull the big man up!




Shane pulls Cody back and rolls him into the ring!


Shane climbs up the outside and stands on top of the turnbuckle! He needs to get back in the ring break the count!


Cody is up to his knees! He doesn’t seem to know where he is!


Shane leaps from the top rope! He breaks the count with a flying axe handle! BUT CODY JUST GRABBED HIM BY THE THROAT OUT OF MIDAIR!! He gets both hands on the throat! RAPTURE! Two handed chokeslam plants Shane into the mat!! Cody makes the cover!




(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Fitzpatrick: Here is your winner by pinfall… COOOODDDDYYYY MMMAARRSSSHHAALLLL!!!

(“God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash hits as Cody has his hand raised by the referee. The crowd gives a mixed reaction)

Deadprez: This man is a beast. He came off all those shots to the skull and just grabbed Shane out of the damn air.

Pierre: I thought Shane had the match at one point there but Cody is a force. And he—WAIT WHAT?!?

(the crowd goes crazy as TLA slides into the ring behind Cody with a steel pipe in hand. Cody turns around and TLA plants the pipe into Cody’s head)

Deadprez: TLA here to get revenge for what Cody’s been doing!

(TLA bangs the pipe into Cody’s ribs on the ground. Repeated shots landing into Marshall’s body)

Pierre: There is nothing but hatred between these two men!

(TLA stands tall and holds the steel pipe up into the air as the crowd goes wild)

Deadprez: This rivalry is far from over. These two don’t care who wins a match at this point, just who wins the fight.

(Commercial: EAW Battleground! Only on EAW Network! $9.99 per month. $99.99 per month for HD)

(Camera transitions to Scott Diamond coming out of the office of Hurricane Hawk as Eve runs up to him)

Eve: Scott! We saw the confrontation between you and Diamond Cage tonight, what are your thoughts?

Scott: I didn’t expect this much of a hassle, Cage normally wants to fight this entire world, he moves like the world is against him, but Hawk just gave me a pretty good idea, and I’ll see what I can do but just know, I’m going to get exactly what I want and I will fight Diamond Cage.

(Scott walks off as camera pans to the ring)

Fitzpatrick: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!

Fitzpatrick: And it is our main event of the evening!

(“Ambitionz az a Ridah” by Tupac hits as TLA comes out escorted by six women from the Poon Palace, the women all give him a good luck kiss on the cheek and he gives them a grab on their ass cheeks before they walk off stage)

Fitzpatrick: Introducing first, making his way to the ring from Tlaxcala, Mexico by way of Miami, Florida, weighing in at 210 pounds… T! L! A!

Pierre: You know, there’s some people who would find TLA’s actions offensive and unsuitable for television.

Deadprez: Yeah. They’re called “losers”.

(“Ice Tray” by Quavo hits as HBB makes his entrance with the Interwire Championship around his waist)

Fitzpatrick: And his opponent, making his way to the ring from Ferguson, Missouri, weighing in at 220 pounds… he is the EAW Interwire Champion… THE HEARRTT BRREAAAKK BBOOYYYY!!!!

Deadprez: What a main event! Two of the best performers in the company today about to go head to head!

Pierre: Yep. And it looks like we’re are ready to get things going here in the battle of the alphabet soup as TLA takes on HBB.

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Deadprez: The two men meet in the middle of the ring and we’re off to a quick pace! TLA drives a big knee into HBB’s stomach and goes straight into a big gut wrench slam! This would be a great win for either man so it’s no surprise to see them out the gate so fast! TLA now working from the mounted position—

Pierre: CODY MARSHALL IS RUNNING DOWN TO THE RING! What is he doing here?!?

Deadprez: TLA beat him down earlier tonight. My bet is he wants to pay back. Cody gets up on the apron and stares at TLA, who stands to face him.


(Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Deadprez: Ref has no choice but to call this match off! Cody is stomping a hole into TLA and MJ is on top of HBB just raining down punches like a man possessed!

Pierre: This is chaos! Look! TLA FIGHTS BACK AGAINST CODY! HE LAYS SHOTS TO THE RIBS HE WEAKENED EARLIER WITH THE STEEL PIPE! But Cody just grabs him by the head and tosses him out of the ring! TLA lands hard!

Deadprez: Malcolm now stands over HBB and pulls him up! MJ takes ahold of the Interwire Champ! BUCK 50! HBB is planted! And look at— CODY JUST LANDED A LEG DROP FROM THE APRON ONTO TLA’S NECK ON THE OUTSIDE!


(EAW Logo Buzzes)

Written by Anna C. Flowers

Dynasty 10/05/2018

Voltage 10/7/2018