Serena Riot

The Fallen Prophet

“The Fallen Prophet” Serena Riot is a 2nd Generation eWrestler. Her father, “The Prophecy” Nick Riot retired in 2014 as a former 2x Champion. Since then, she realized that she cannot, nor she will not live in her fathers old, worn down legacy. A Prophet makes their own way. They are not shown the light, they ARE the light. And she has set out to prove that. In 2014, she ran away to Honolulu, Hawaii, before leaving shortly to train to become a professional herself. Her relationship with her father is seen as up and down at best. They fight, they argue. They do not however, encourage. That eats her alive. She cannot stand the man her father has become, and due to this, goes into her own world she calls “The Demon Dimension”. Oftentimes, she enters a somewhat possessive state. She no longer is just “Serena,” but moreso The Fallen Prophet.

Written by Fight Grid

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