Serena Bennett

In late 2018, Serena Bennett made her debut on EAW television after being handpicked by FOX Network’s representatives in an effort to appeal to multiple demographics―her sex appeal would cater to the male audience, and her position as another woman of color on the Empire roster would have appealed to more minorities. As degrading as this may seem on paper, Serena is aware of how the decision to sign with FOX came across, but saw it as the fastest and most profitable way to further her career as a professional wrestler since doors did not open as readily for reasons obvious to Serena.

Since her debut, Serena has been doing all that she can to expose the discrimination and bigotry in the industry, as well as aspire to succeed in EAW. Serena prides herself on being one of the biggest draws in the industry―and she has herself as well as a select few authoritative figures to thank for her popularity. But mostly herself.

Nothing about Serena’s personality or on-screen presence can truly be considered a “gimmick.” Serena is unabashedly loud, proud, and unapologetic af about staying true to herself given the state of the industry. Serena exudes self-confidence bordering narcissism and isn’t afraid to tell her fellow Elitists exactly how she feels about them: that they’re narrow-minded, unskilled, ugly, and/or whatever other petty insults she can come up with.

Various circumstances and feuds had nearly gotten the better of Serena on multiple occasions and set her back quite a few steps, but the resiliency and passion Serena has shown since signing with EAW speak for themselves.

Written by Fight Grid

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