Santo Muerte

The Saint of Death

There is not much public information that is available on Santo Muerte before his introduction in the professional wrestling world. The belief is that he was a child that had grown up watching the most impressive luchadors of Mexico and came from a family with a strong belief in Santa Muerte, but he has never revealed his past unto the world. The actions that he has made in the ring, however, are what has made him renown through the independent wrestling circuits. The brutality that he would force an opponent to endure whether it be through breaking an opponent’s bones with his own hands or the carnage that was left in more violent stipulations at his disposal, Santos Muerte became a dangerous force in the wrestling world that made him victorious. No matter how much money he made, how many championships he secured, it seemed that Santos Muerte took pleasure in the pain of others more than anything else that the sport had to offer him.

Written by Fight Grid