Ryan Joseph Wilson

For a while, cracks have begun to show through the seemingly impenetrable armor that is Ryan Wilson’s confidence in himself. For years he rolled with the loss going off of him as if they didn’t matter but something happened after Territorial Invasion 2022, especially after a loss against Jon Kelton: Ryan began doubting himself openly. The Jerk on the Mic began slipping into a bad place in his mind and he no longer was the strong-willed fighter we all knew and hated. Since then, he grew paranoid, hating his state of mind and hating even more that he still has not been able to reach the level which he has been talking about for a long time. Being more open about his weaknesses, he began more humble as well, more honest even as he goes through what he hopes is a transformation phase where if he emerges it will finally allow him to make his way to the promised land. With a more realistic view of himself, and dealing with his inner pain, Ryan marches on and keeps on fighting hoping that this time he will at long last make it to where he knows he can be.

Ryan has since then started to listen to Xander Payne’s ideas and suggestions which, along with his work to better himself as a person has allowed him to make massive strides toward the top of the Showdown roster. With a more humble and grounded approach, the former Jerk on the Mic is gradually making his mark and is slowly but surely finally reaching the level of excellence he needs and wants in order to make it big in EAW. Only time will tell if his work will truly pay off but his progression is evident and undeniable.

Written by EAW


Ahren Fournier