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Road 2 Redemption (2009)


(Video recap of 2007’s Road to Redemption is shown)

(R2R Promo video plays)

(Huge pyro goes off, camera shows the fans up on their feet cheering as “Re-Education Through Labor” by Rise Against is blaring over the sound system, and pyro shoots up from the stage and the top of the arena. )

DP: The Thomas & Mack Centre arena has been sold out since last month in anticipation for this EAW interbranded FPV…. This will be the MOST extreme event in EAW history! Welcome everybody, I’m Deadprez here at ringside with the former EAW champion, Masters!

Masters: What a great crowd we’ve here tonight! Tonight, there will be two # 1 Contender matches, and three titles are on the line, two of them will be defended in an Extreme Elimination Chambers!

DP: The EAW World Heayweight championship is on the line, and we will crown a NEW champ here in Las Vegas….. This title has been vacant for a while, but tonight, one of these extremists will walk out with the championship around his waist….. It will be Jaywalker taking on Ronn, JiK, Regulator, L.C, and HRDO in an EEC….

Masters: Ronn and Jay were in the first ever Extreme Elimination Chamber, in which Ronn lost his title to Mak, while Jaywalker was eliminated first….

DP: Our Main Event will be HUGE, Methuselah’s EAW Undisputed Hardcore Championship is on the line for the first time in a while…. He will defend it against Captain Charisma, Mister K, Latino Game, The Dark Emperor, and Wwefan!

Masters: But now it is time to find out who will face Ronn and Lethal Consequences at a future time…

Announcer: The following contest is a 3 way Tag Team Match, to determine the Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Titles!!

(StereoParty’s theme hits)

Introducing first, they are the team of PartyManiacs and StereoRaptor … STEREOPARTY!

(Crowd gives mixed reaction )

( Mickey Masterson’s theme hits, crowd cheers )

Next, they are the team of Mickey Masterson and Adam!!

( The Xtremes’ music hits, crowd cheers )

And finally, the team of Xtreme Classic and Extreme Enigma … THE XTREMES! ( They run down the ramp with steel chairs in their hands. )

Ding! Ding! Ding!

DP: EE and XC slide in the ring with their chairs as StereoParty rushes each of them separately with a clothesline. Both EE and XC run under it and throw their chairs at Mickey and Adam. EE and XC turn around to meet StereoParty and in sequence they hit picture perfect dropkicks on both of them! The Xtrems are fired up for this match and to become the number 1 contenders for the tag titles! EE and XC pick up Adam and shove him into a corner and continue to stomp on him. Mickey tries to make the save but XC grabs his arm and locks in the crossface! This match could be over all ready!

Masters: But wait, here comes StereoParty, and they have a ladder! EE makes the wrong move by rushing the two guys with the ladder, and gets taken out. Raptor takes the ladder and nails XC in the face to break up the submission.

DP: Raptor sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and Party starts to climb to the top as Raptor rolls over Mickey for the big splash. BUT ADAM PUSHES THE LADDER OVER FROM BEHIND SENDING Party to the outside of the ring!!!!!!!!!

Masters: Raptor rushes at Adam but he ducks and he hits a few right hands to Raptor. Adam sends Raptor bouncing off the ropes as Mickey is back up and they hit a double flap jack! Mickey and Adam are fired up as they pick up XC and throw him off the ropes and go for a flap jack on him.

DP: BUT XC REVERSES into a double DDT on Mickey and Adam. And EE is at the top rope! SWANTON BOMB! And he goes for the cover on Mickey as XC holds down for extra pressure! 1…2…2/12… BUT ADAM BREAKS UP AT THE LAST ½ OF A SECOND!

Mas: Adam is fighting both XC and EE as everyone else is knocked out. He’s throwing rights and lefts at both men and runs off the ropes and clotheslines both men! XC and EE are turned inside out and Adam is the last man standing.

DP: Adam helps his partner up and together they set up the ladder in the corner. They pick up XC and throw him into the ladder. But XC reverses and sends Adam into the ladder! XC quickly ducks a right from Mickey and throws him outside the ring.

Mas: XC kneels down in front of Adam and EE runs off the ropes creating a step ladder drop kick! But Adam throws the ladder into EE blocking the kick, and kicks XC in his temple! XC is knocked out cold as he rolls out of the ring with Mickey.

DP: Mickey and Adam pull out a table and slide it into the ring. But wait, StereoParty is finally back up and they get a table! And raptor is just throwing chairs into the ring! This match is becoming a TLC match! Tables, Ladders, and Chairs OH MY!

Mas: StereoParty has XC as Mickey Masterson and Adam have EE. Raptor has XC set up for the Batista Bomb! And he brings him up… BUT XC REVERSES INTO A TWIST OF FATE! OMG what a counter, but PM is quickly on a beat down trying to stop any momentum.

DP:But EE isn’t having any luck, as Mickey and Adam have him at the top rope setting him up for a superplex through the table! But EE is throwing punches, doing anything to get them off. Finally he gets Adam to let go, and he pushes him off the top rope through the table!

Mas: EE knees Mickey in the gut … SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB! AND EE HOOKS THE LEG! 1…2…BUT PM IS ABLE TO BREAK IT UP! PM hits a quick DDT on EE before he can do anything else.

DP: XC is back up and he rushes PM with a clothesline. BUT XC MISSES, AND XC HITS A DROP TOE HOLD SENDING HIM INTO THE BOTTOM ROPE! HERE IT COMES … 6…1…9!!! XC flies back into the middle of the ring and PM spring boards and hits the BIG SPLASH!

Mas: BUT EE HAS THE LADDER, AND NAILS PM WITH IT BEFORE HE HITS XC! EE throws the ladder down and covers PM! 1…2… BUT RAPTOR SOMEHOW BROKE UP THE PIN! EE is pissed that Raptor broke up the pin, and EE knees him in the gut.

DP: EE quickly hits a snap suplex onto the ladder! Raptor’s back may be cut open but EE doesn’t care. He’s kicking his back over and over again! AND BAG GAWD NOT THE CHAIR! EE takes the chair to the back of Raptor! AND YES THERE IS BLOOD!

Mas: Raptor’s back has blood flowing down it, and EE and XC pick him up and throw him off the ropes and hit a double clothesline.. But Raptor runs under it … AND SPEAR! SPEAR ON EE! AND RAPTOR GETS BACK UP AND SPINE BUSTER ON XC!


Mas: But before he can go for the pin, Mickey and Adam are back in the ring kicking down Raptor. They each get a steel chair, and it looks like they’re going for a conchairto. Raptor is stumbling up, AND THEY CONNECT! But Raptor ducks, AND THEY HIT EACH OTHER!

DP: AND RAPTOR RUNS OFF THE ROPES AND CONNECTS WITH A SPEAR … INTO THE RING POST!! Raptor’s shoulder may be broken, and Adam closelines Raptor over the top rope down to the floor! PM has recovered from the ladder shot earlier, and is attacking Adam.

Mas: Trying to get retribution for Raptor, PM is trying to take Adam down but Adam is barley stunned. And PM runs off the ropes and hits a body splash! BUT NO, ADAM COUGHT PM, AND SPINS HIM AROUND INTO A TORNADO DDT ONTO A STEEL CHAIR! OMG HERE COMES THE BLOOD!


Mas: Mickey tries to make the save, but XC nails him with a chair! XC turns around, and hits a german suplex on Adam! But he’s not done … 2 GERMANS!! 3 GERMANS!!! 4 GERMANS!!! 5 GERMAN SUPLEXES ON ADAM!!! XC is fired up, and he climbs to the top rope, and is calling for the Diving Headbutt.



DP: He hooks the leg, it’s over now … 1…2…3!!!!! Yes, Mickey Masterson and Adam are the new number 1 contenders for the tag team titles!!!

( Mickey’s theme hits, crowd explodes )

Announcer: Here are your winners, and the new No. 1 contenders for the EAW Tag Team Titles, the team of Adam and Mickey Masterson!!!!

Mas: What a match! EE turned on XC, but I have no idea what this is about!!!!

DP: I think we’ll find out sooner or later, but right now it’s time for some women action! We’ll be back for our second match tonight, after this short preview video…

(Video preview about the Battle Royale is played)

Announcer: The following is a Vixens Battle Royale, and it’s for the NUMBER ONE Contender for the EAW women’s championship!

Masters: Well, it’s Battle Royale time, ten vixens will compete in the ring, and one will walk out as the n.1 contender, to go face Sabina at Reasonable Doubt….

DP: Some of the participants had already made their way to the ring during the commercial break, we’ve HBG, Sandy, Francesca, Wild4Rko and Katt Kizz in the ring….And 5 more to come!

Announcer: Making her way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois….she’s the former EAW Women’s champion……JENNYYYY!!!!!!

(Mixed reaction as she comes out to the ring)

From, Boston, Massachusetts…… ALEXAAAAAA!!!!!

(Her entrance song plays, she gets some boo’s and some cheers)

From New York City…. KRISTINA….. HAAAAAARDYYY!!!

(Some cheers from the crowd)

From Los Angeles, California…… EVEEEEE!!!!!!!!

(Eve comes out for a big pop

And from …… the former EAW Women’s champion….. HBKF!!!!!!

(She gets some heat while she joins the other vixens in the ring)

DP: We’ve two former champions in this ring, so they’ve advantage over the rest, since they’re more experienced…..The referee asks to ring the bell, as the huge brawl in the ring starts! HBG and Kristina are fighting in a corner, while Katt Kizz and Francesca are teaming up on Jenny on the other side of the ring…..And the rest of vixens are exchanging punches, except for HBKF…..who’s just watching them! HBKF hasn’t been involved yet, Kat and Francesca connect a double elbow on Jenny, then send her to the ropes, she bounces back, throwing a crossbody on them out of nowhere!

Masters: At this time, Wild 4 Rko is dominating Sandy, and nails a quick snap suplex! But then she leaves Sandy, and goes after HBKF, as they tie up….But HBKF pushes her off, and nails a clothesline…Now she throws her into the corner, and performs a few backhand chops! Eve and Alexa are trying to force the other outside the ring, but none of them is able to finish….They continue fighting on the ropes, but Francesca comes from the back with an attempt for a clothesline….However, they catch her with a back body drop to outside the ring!

Announcer: Francesca has been eliminated!

Masters: That was nice done, and right now, Kristina is going for a slam, but HBG counters, then lifts Kristina up, and does an inverted atomic drop….She nails a kick to Kristina’s leg after that taking her down!

DP: HBG climbs up to the top corner, and goes for a diving clothesline….As she jumps for it, Kristina moves out of the way, and Katt Kizz receives the shot! HBG turns to her back quickly, but Kristina hits a surprising backflip kick…driving HBG OVER the third rope!

Announcer: HBG has been eliminated!

Masters: That was a great kick by Kristina Hardy! Let’s see it once again. (Footage plays)…Impressive move right there, and now Jenny is being attacked by Sandy AND Katt kizz, they put her on the top of the corner, and try climbing to the second rope, but they get kicked in the face at the same time….And Jenny with a diving bulldog on Sandy and Katt!

DP: Niiice! Sweet counter by the first ever EAW Women’s champion, now she catches Sandy by her neck, and use her power to throw her outside the ring!

Announcer: Sandy has been eliminated!

Masters: But watch out! Katt is on the top rope behind Jenny, who I doubt has noticed that……Jenny turns around, and Katt Kiz jumps off for a diving hurricanrana! The former EAW Women’s Champion is in trouble!

DP: Katt attempts to throw Jenny out of the competition with a hurricanrana, but she gets caught, Jenny grabs her perfectly, and delivers a…..RUNNING POWERBOMB TO THE FLOOR!!!! GET THAT GARBAGE OUTTA HERE!!!

Announcer: Katt Kizz has been eliminated!

Masters: Kristina is brawling with Eve on the right side of the corner, as they exchange punches, Kristina pulls her from her hair for a snapmare, then sends her into the ring’s ropes, but Eve performs a Handspring Back Elbow Smash on Kristina Hardy!

DP: And now, Alexa is running towards Wild4Rko, but she gets caught with a scoop slam! Then she goes to the apron, and goes to jump off the third rope, but HBKF comes……with a quick Superkick to the head!

Announcer: Wild4Rko has been eliminated!

Masters: Nice superkick right there! Only five competitors are left in the ring, each one of them has eliminated at least one Vixen in this contest…..Jenny and HBKF are fighting on the ropes, pushing each other, but not powerful enough to cause an elimination….While Kristina Hardy and Eve are fighting, as Alexa starts to get up slowly….

DP: HBKF is currently choking Jenny on the ropes, putting as much pressure as she can, she kicks her in the chest, then tries to pull her outside the ring….But she can’t, now HBKF is going for a german suplex….But it’s countered, and Jenny tosses her into the ring post!

Masters: Jenny picks her up, and puts her on the top of the corner, as she climbs her way up to the second rope, while HBKF is trying to fight back….Jenny elbows her, and puts herself in a position for a top rope hurricanrana!

DP: She connects it! Both vixens are on the floor right now….Kristina does a neckbreaker on both Alexa and Eve….And then she goes to the top rope, and signals for a Swanton Bomb!

Masters: She hits it! But Alexa moved out of the way, meanwhile she got up on her feet….She grabs Kristina by her arm, and throws her towards the corner…..BUT SHE FLIPS TO THE BACK AND HITS A WHISPER TO THE WIND!!! But NO! Alexa catches her while attempting the move, and she has her up on her shoulders……She goes next to the ring’s ropes, and powerslams her outside the ring!

Announcer: Kristina Hardy has been eliminated!

Masters: It’s down to four! Six vixens have been eliminated so far, and only one of these four will go to Reasonable Doubt to face the current EAW Women’s Champion for her title…Kristina Hardy made some impact in her EAW return match, and we’ve in the ring two former women’s champion out of the four competitors….Each vixen takes corner, and they’re staring each other, but suddenly HBKF rolls out to ringside leaving the rest brawling…Alexa and Eve are double teaming Jenny, they deliver a running knee strike to her face, then connect a double STO….Now they start exchanging punches, while HBKF pulls out a table from under the ring, and sets it up between our announce table and the ring…

DP: Eve lifts Alexa up and hits a Gutwrench suplex! Then she throws in the corner, and goes for a huge running clothesline, but Alexa moves out of the way, and dropkicks her over the ropes! But Eve catches the ropes! She’s able to hang on the ropes the last second, Alexa doesn’t wanna let her come back inside the ring, as she attacks her quickly with a running elbow, but Eve is still on the apron, and now Jenny comes to help Alexa eliminating Eve! They’re pushing her off the ropes, and try to knock her off the apron, but Eve’s still hanging there, now she headbutts Jenny and throws a huge right hand at Alexa, then enters the ring, as HBKF slides back in….

Masters: And she attacks Alexa quickly from her back, she picks her up for a slam to the mat! HBKF climbs up to the top rope, and hits a diving elbow on Alexa! HBKF goes for a running forearm smash, but Eve catches her in position for a spinebuster! But it gets countered with a DDT! Alexa doesn’t waste a second, as she grabs her by her head and attempt to throw her out, but HBKF sends her to the apron instead, as Alexa hangs on there, but NOT for long, cuz….. HBKF SUPERKICKS ALEXA TO THE FLOOR! And she’s out of this competition for the # 1 Contender!

Announcer: Alexa has been eliminated!

DP: This leaves three vixens! HBKF and Jenny lock up, going towards the ropes, HBKF pushes her off, and goes for a Superkick……But Jenny ducks under, going into the ropes, she bounces back, and hits a Tornado DDT! Jenny dropkicks Eve to the corner, then hits a Monkey Flip! And now she’s trying to get rid off her, but Eve is fighting back! HBKF comes to help Jenny eliminating Jenny, Eve pushes Jenny off her, and delivers a kick to HBKF’s body…. Eve lifts her up for a sidewalk slam, but HBKF counters, she goes into the ropes, then bounces back for a running hurricanrana….. But Eve blocks her by grabbing her legs before she connects it!

Masters: She has her up on her shoulders, HBKF is trying to perform the hurricanrana, but Eve has her locked up….. She runs toward the ropes, and THROWS HBKF TO THE FLOOR FOR A POWERBOMB!!!!!

Announcer: HBKF has been eliminated!

Masters: My god, what a throw! Jenny comes from Eve’s back and tries to throw her outside the ring, but she can’t, Eve counters and tosses her into the ring post, Jenny turns around, and Eve goes for a belly to belly suplex…. But NO! Jenny reverses it into a Tornado DDT! Nice counter by the former champ, Jenny dropkicks Eve when she gets up, driving her outside to the apron….. She’s hanging on there, but she’s almost fell to the floor, Eve is trying to get back into the ring……

DP: Jenny comes with a running elbow….. BUT EVE counters with a shoulder thrust blocking the attack! And then she goes back inside the ring, she connects a powerslam to the mat, and runs to the ropes, then bounces back for an elbow drop, but Jenny moves out of the way!

Masters: Jenny goes for a running crossbody on her opponent, but Eve catches her, and lifts her up OVER her head! AND SHE CONNECTS A GORILLA PRESS SLAM THROWING HER OUTSIDE THE RING INTO THE TABLE TO BREAK IT!!!!!

(Eve’s entrance song hits, crowd cheers)

Announcer: The winner of this match…… and the NEWWWW NUMBER ONE CONTENDER….. for the EAW Women’s championship……. EVEEEEE!!!!!!!

DP: MY GAWD! What a great catch by Eve! And she’s done it, she will be facing Sabina for her championship belt at Reasonable Doubt! Eve dominated tonight, and she deserved her victory, we’ll be back for Road 2 Redemption in just a few minutes!

(Reasonable Doubt Promo)

(Dr. Feelgood is seen backstage looking at someone the camera doesn’t show )

Feelgood: You’re gonna be huge kid, with me on your side, you won’t have any problems in this business. I chose you because you’re special, you have that potential that others don’t, and one day, you could be at the top in EAW. With countless amount of gold under your name! The people will chant your name all over the arena. How does that sound?

Voice of other guy: That would be just…oh my god, I just cant even explain it right now, Dr. Feelgood, it would be a privilege to have you manage me, and together, we’ll dominate over anyone that gets in our way!

Dr. Feelgood: Hell yeah we will, glad to have you on the team….

( Camera pans to the other person )

Dr. Feelgood: ROBBIE V!!!!

(Crowd cheers)

(Camera fades back to the ring)

(Sabina’s entrance theme plays, she comes out for a big pop)

DP: It’s Sabina! With her being here, we all know what match is about to take place… She is at ringside at the moment, next to some ladder…..

(Video preview of the Ladder match plays)

Announcer: The following is a Triple Threat Ladder, only way to win is by getting the briefcase above the center of the ring!

Introducing first, from Lebanon, weighing in at 205 Pounds…. EDGE AND TNA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

(Crowd boos as he comes out to the ring)

DP: Out here first is ETR, he ruined the relationship of the couple, RRSKO, by interrupting their wedding on Showdown….Ever since then, there’s been a lot of tension between him and RRS….

Masters: He’s been trying to take Sabina from RRS, but he hasn’t succeeded yet….If he wins this ladder match, then Sabina is all his, and she won’t be able to do ANYTHING about it……

Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Los Angeles, California…… weighing in at 220 Pounds…….THE RATED R SHAMAAAAAAAN OF SEXXYYYYY!!!!!!

(RRS receives a big pop from the crowd, after his theme song hits)

DP: RRS is here! He was defeated by ETR on Dynasty, but with Sabina’s help, he defeated Mak on Showdown…. And last week, both of these two were in the last four of the Battle Royale, which was for the last spot in the Showdown Extreme Elimination Chamber, but they eliminated each other….

Masters: This rivalry keeps on growing, and it will finally be settled tonight, when one of the three competitors wins this contest…..

Announcer: And from Montreal, Canada…….weighing in at 237 Pounds … MAAAAAAK!!!!!!!

(Mak’s entrance song hits, he comes out to mostly boo’s…)

DP: Well, this man right there’s been on a losing streak ever since he returned….After winning the Greatest Extremist of All time award, he’s been having some problems with Sabina, who he threw off stage during the show….

Masters: One week later, he was beaten by RRS in a Tables Match, with Sabina’s help…. and the week after, he was pinned to Sabina, after some distraction from RRS…

DP: Mak’s goal is different than the other two competitors, unlike them, he wants to HURT Sabina, and isn’t competing because of his love to her…. However, this one turns out will decide the future of all three…..

Masters: The referee asks to ring the bell, as this match starts!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Masters: All three are looking down at Sabina at this time, but suddenly ETR and Mak attack RRS, and double team him, since they don’t really have anything against each other…They start choking him on the ropes, and then they kick him out to ringside…
Mak and ETR start fighting in the ring, ETR attempts a big punch, but Mak goes behind him, and connects a back suplex….. He kicks him while he’s down, and then runs into the ropes, and delivers a dropkick to his head…. Mak gets ETR back on his feet, he throws him into the corner, and hits a running shoulder thrust….. Then he gets him up to the top of the corner, and start throwing punches at them….. At this time, RRS has grabbed a ladder, he slides it into the ring, and goes inside after it…..

DP: Mak has wrapped his arm around ETR’s neck on the top, but WATCH OUT! RRS nails him WITH the ladder on his back! Mak falls down on the mat, RRS kicks him away, then puts the ladder next to the corner, he opens it and turns it down, having each side of it on a rope…

Masters: I don’t have the slightest idea what RRS’s thinking, but it doesn’t look good at all….. He is climbing up to the top rope, where Edge and Tna Rocks is….RRS has his back turned to his opponent, he grabs his head, and jumps off the corner…. NAILING A CUTTER FROM THE TOP ROPE INTO BETWEEN THE LADDER!!!

DP: HOLY SHIT! That was a sick ass move…. RRS with a high jump came after the ladder, while smashing ETR’s face into it……Mak comes quickly, and gets the ladder, he tries to set it up in the center of the ring, but he can’t….. it’s been broken!

Masters: Oh wow, I could only imagine how much that hurt ETR… Mak is pissed off, he has to get another ladder, he goes outside the ring and gets one…. Then enters back, and sets it up in the center of the ring….

DP: He starts climbing up, but he notices that RRS is getting up, Mak throws himself for a crossbody, RRS catches him! And he hits a powerslam onto the broken ladder! RRS grabs the ladder, ETR is on the apron, he jumps to the ropes, and nails a springboard dropkick through the ladder smashing it into RRS! Then ETR throws the ladder on Mak’s back… He puts it in the corner, and sends Mak into it….RRS is attacking ETR, but he counters, and sends him over Mak as well to the corner….. And he runs toward them for a huge clothesline….. BUT they move outta the way, and he comes right into the ladder!

Masters: Mak and RRS with a double inverted DDT from his back, then they start brawling, RRS is on the ropes, Mak comes with a huge clothesline take RRS and himself to the floor outside the ring…. ETR sets up the ladder next to the ring’s ropes, and he climbs up a few steps until he’s above the third rope….. At this time, RRS and Mak start getting up outside the ring, they turn around toward ETR……WHO NAILS A DIVING MOONSAULT OFF THE LADDER INTO THEM!!! Great move by ETR! He gets RRS up, and tosses him into the steel steps! Then ETR starts smashing his head repetitively into it taking RRS down on the floor…. ETR climbs up the barricade, as Mak starts getting up, he runs then jumps off the barricade connecting a tornado DDT on Mak into the floor!

DP: ETR is dominating, and it’s his chance to get the briefcase! He gets back inside the ring, and sets up the ladder in the center of the ring….. Then he starts climbing up slowly until he gets to the top…. He grabs the briefcase, but watch out! RRS is on the apron, he gets on the third rope, and JUMPS OFF…. going straight to the ladder!! ETR is distracted and he tries to throw him out of the ring, but RRS is blocking his punches, he headbutts him, and smashes his head to the ladder, RRS is setting up for a superplex off the ladder, but ETR eye pokes him, and pushes him off the ladder!

Masters: This leaves ETR alone on top, and if he gets the briefcase, then Sabina is his! But look! Sabina slides inside the ring, and she is moving the ladder! ETR is begging Sabina not to do it, but she PUSHES THE LADDER, and ETR falls down landing between the ropes on his nuts!

DP: O shit! Mak is getting back in the ring, but RRS attacks him with a running spinning heel kick, he goes into the ropes, and hits a leg drop when he bounces back…. Sabina is back at ringside, while ETR is under the ring, and he gets outside a bag! ETR slides in back, and he attacks RRS with a clothesline from the back…. Mak throws himself outside, ETR opens the bag, and spreads the thumbtacks all over the ring! Oh now this is dangerous! ETR does a kick to the gut, then puts his arm around RRS’s neck for a DDT! Don’t do it! He goes for it, but RRS counters somehow, and…. HITS A CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER ONTO THE THUMBTACKS OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!

Masters: Sweeeeet! RRS has advantage over his opponents now, he’s putting the ladder back in the center of the ring, while Mak is at ringside getting a weapon….. and he pulls a part of it, looks like a ladder…. Then pulls it completely to outside, o no! It’s a mini-ladder! Mak takes it anyway, and uses it to attack RRS from the back after he gets back in the ring…… The ladder falls from between Mak’s hands, RRS comes for a clothesline, but he gets caught with a drop toe hold into the Mini Ladder!

DP: Mak takes RRS to the corner, and lays him down, then he places the ladder in front of RRS’s face, and takes a few steps to the back…… And he connects a RUNNING DROPKICK ONTO THE LADDER SMASHING IT INTO RRS’S HEAD!!!

Masters: Nice! ETR is back in the ring, he is having a hard time getting up, but he manages to balance back…. Sabina gets on the apron, while ETR goes for a running shoulder block on Mak, who ducks, and he hits Sabina driving her into the barricade!

DP: Mak tries climbing up fast the ladder, but ETR catches him, and takes him down, then they start exchanging punches….. wa….. WAIT A SECOND!!!!! Can you believe it?!?! Look who’s here, Masters! This crowd is shocked to see him back, but it’s…… KNOCKAAAAAA!!!

Masters: What in the world is Knocka doing here?? He’s making his way to the ring, and this crowd is just as confused as we are….. Mak is going for the C4 in the ring, but ETR counters, and picks him up for the COP KILLA!!!!

DP: Knocka slides in the ring fast, he gets Mak down, and CONNECTS AN MKO ON ETR OUT OF NOWHERE!!! My god what’s going on right there!! RRS is still on the floor on the other side of the ring, and he’s trying to get up…. BUT NOOO!!!! Knocka runs toward him, and KICKS HIM IN THE HEAD TO KNOCK HIM OUT! What a kick! RRS is unable to move at this moment, and Knocka just goes outside the ring, and he’s walking his way back to the stage…. What the hell was all that about??? The King of Extreme is back, and apparently, he’s helping Mak!

Masters: Knocka left, ETR and RRS are both on the floor, and Mak is getting back on his feet….. He starts climbing up the ladder, going step by step to the top slowly, Mak arrives and he’s unlocking the briefcase! This is most likely OVER! BUT WAIT! RRS pushes the ladder off, and Mak falls from the top landing on the floor outside the ring! Sabina is saved! And RRS is getting up, he sets the ladder in the middle of the ring, as he starts climbing up once again….. ETR pulls him down, and tosses him in the corner, where they start brawling…. Mak is sliding, he goes to get a weapon, and he pulls out a table! Then he pulls out another table as well!

DP: Mak sets them up stacked next to each other at ringside! And then he goes under the ring again, and gets ANOTHER TWO TABLES! He opens them up, and puts one next over the other, next to the other two tables! Wow this isn’t gonna be good at all! Mak is back inside the ring, and he attacks them both, but they send him into the ropes, Mak bounces back, and they catch him with a double flapjack! I never thought I would see the day where these two would team up, but anyway RRS kicks Mak outside the ring, while at the time, ETR started climbing up the ladder, RRS follows him quickly, and they both get to the top!

Masters: RRS throws a right punch at ETR, but his opponents fight back with a right hand, and now RRS headbutts, however ETR does an elbow to his head! Whoever gets the briefcase wins Sabina! They’re pushing off each other, but none falls….

DP: BUT look! Sabina is in the ring, and she’s here to help RRS, but wait WTF!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!! Sabina is moving the ladder, and…… she uses ALL her power to push it completely off causing ETR AND RRS TO FALL FROM THE TOP ONTO THE FOUR STACKED TABLES!!!!!!!

Masters: My god, NO! Mak is in the right right, and he puts the big ladder back in a good position, as he starts climbing! None is there to stop him, his opponents are down and probably INJURED! Mak is on the top off the ladder, and he UNLOCKS THE BRIEFCASE!!! He got it! Mak is the winner after some big help, first from the returning Knocka, and now Sabina turned on RRS!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: And the winner of this match……… MAAAAAAK!!!!!!!

(Mak’s entrance song hits, the crowd boos)

Masters: Well, despite all the help, Mak came out with a victory for the first time tonight ever since he returned…..

DP: And we’ll be back for our upcoming match next!

(Dynasty FPV Promo)

(Camera fades backstage, where Cole is seen entering Jaden’s GM office)

Jaden: WHAT THE HELL!? Get out of my office!

Cole: Calm down! I’m here to apologize, I did you wrong when I took your diary, and I’m sorry about that… But this is why I’m here, I’m here to give it back to you, as long you accept my apology….

Jaden: Alright, Fine… Now give it to me!

(Cole gives Jaden her diary, and she takes it from him)

Cole: Anything else?

Jaden: Could you bring me some water, and these two pills next to the cup? I have a headache…

Cole: Sure, no problem….

(Cole fills the cup with water, he looks at the pills, then throws them in the garbage! And now he gets out of his pocket a small package, which has written on it “Extenze to increase the size of penis)

(Cole gets two pills, and takes them with the cup to Jaden)

Cole: There ya go….

Jaden: Thank you! I needed those.

Cole: No problem, if you need anything else, just tell me….

(Cole gets out of the office, Jaden takes the pills!!!)

(Jaden opens her diary book, and she sees on the first page “Extenze: Best product seller in China”…. She flips to the other page…… where she sees the lyrics of this song…. )

Jaden: AHHHHH!!!!!!

(Camera fades back to the ring)

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: The following matchup is scheduled to be a LOSER LEAVES DYNASTY MATCH that will be contested under EXTREME RULEZ, and is a NATIONAL EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHUP in which the loser is sent to SHOWDOWN!

( Starr Stan’s theme plays as cheers echo throughout the arena )

( )

Announcer: Making his way to the ring, first, from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania….weighing in at 250 lbs….he is the challenger….STARR STANNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masters: And down to the ring comes Starr Stan! This kid has done everything he could to mess with Impact’s mind. Last week he created a segment with Impact and the week before that he sent a message to him not only by dominating and injuring Hardy Boyz but also taking Impact out before his match against Regulator!

DP: And not to mention that that match was for a spot in the EXTREME ELIMINATION CHAMBER! The World Heavyweight Championship match that will be coming up later tonight. Starr has seemingly dominated impact with mind games!

Masters: And possibly the biggest mind game that Impact will be dealing with tonight is the stipulation for this match. LOSER LEAVES THE BRAND! One of these men is going to Showdown!

( Impact’s music plays…crowd boos )

( )

Announcer: And his opponent…making his way to the ring…from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 245 lbs….he is….THE NATIONAL EXTREME CHAMPION….IMMMMMMPACCCCTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DP: And here comes the National Extreme Champion, Impact himself, who seems a little worried as he comes down to ringside. He knows what’s at stake here and he knows exactly what Starr wants to do to him.

Masters: These two men have feuded for a very long time and this match will settle everything. There will only be one winner. One man going to Showdown. AND ONE MAN to be named NATIONAL EXTREME CHAMPION!

DP: Impact is in the ring and begins to pull on the ropes to get mentally stable in this matchup. Starr circles around the ring and tries to grapple with Impact but Impact dodges and goes to the other side of the ring. Starr goes again but Impact slides out of the ring!

Masters: It doesn’t look like Impact is mentally ready for this! Starr goes for a baseball slide but Impact grabs the legs and pulls him out…Starr lands hard on his abdomen. Now Impact gets him up and smashes the challenger’s face into the barricade.

DP: A left hand from the champion and now a scoop slam to the floor. Impact drops down to Starr and gets him up again. He throws him into the steel steps and Starr went headfirst into that steel! And Impact follows up with a running dropkick and hits it!

Masters: Impact has control of this match right now and goes under the ring for a weapon. He pulls out a stop sign and waits for Starr to get up. Impact charges but Starr hit’s a spine buster to the floor! Starr puts Impact in a headlock and takes him to the announce table.

DP: Starr smashes his opponent’s head into the table and sets up for a suplex! Suplex on the announce table but it doesn’t break! Impact is lying there as Starr begins to clear the table now. He climbs up with impact and Starr hit’s a vicious kick to the face. He gets impact to his feet and sets up for a German suplex!

Masters: GERMAN SUPLEX OVER THE BARRICADE! Impact landed on his neck on that uncovered cement floor on the other side of the barricade! Starr might have broken Impacts neck but now Starr dives with a frogsplash to the outside! That seemed like it hurt Starr just as much as it hurt Impact!

DP: Both men get up slowly but Starr is the first to get up and hit’s a running clothesline. Impact gets and is knocked down again. Impact up for a third time but Starr charges…big boot to Starr! Impact regains control and goes farther back into the crowd and gets a shopping cart filled with weapons!

Masters: Starr gets up but Impact grabs him and throws him into a guard rail. Impact now back to the shopping cart…he rolls it INTO STARR! SHOPPING CART TO THE FACE! Starr’s head smashed into that exposed guard rail! Impact grabs a weapon from that cart…he brings out a trashcan lid!

DP: Impact waits for Starr to get up and when Starr does Impact charges and NAILS HIM with that lid! Starr pulls him up with the guardrail immediately but AGAIN Impact smashes the can’s lid in Starr’s face but this time Starr goes over the guardrail! Impact climbs over the top as the crowd moves away. Impact throws a hard right hand but Starr answers back with a right hand of his own. These two men continue to trade blows and keep going farther and farther back into that crowd! Now they’re at the stairs and Starr slams his opponent’s head into that handrail!

Masters: That’s gotta hurt but he does it again and Impact has to be in A LOT of pain here! Starr takes him up the stairs now and suplexes him into the seats! OUCH! Impact rolls to the aisle while Starr goes to a fan and grabs a limited addition Cuck U.Fena chain! Starr wraps it around his knuckles and waits as Impact gets up! And he smashes him SQAURE IN THE NOSE! Impact is bleeding and is down at the moment! Starr goes up the stairs and gets to the top…he now goes out the door…where the hell is he going? Impact is getting up slowly with no opponent around as the fans are booing at him.

DP: And Masters, some are even throwing things at him! I don’t think one fan here in Las Vegas thinks Impact deserves to be National Extreme Champion. The door is open again…AND STARR COMES BACK WITH A TASER! HOLY SHIT! STARR HAS A TASER! More mind games on the part of Starr and Impact is obviously scared! He falls back and crawls back begging…BEGGING…Starr to spare him! But we can see the look in Starr’s eyes! HE DOESN’T PLAN ON SPARING IMPACT! What the hell is this?! Impact is up and grabs a fan- A CHILD AT THAT-obviously a StarrStan fan, wearing a Starr shirt…IMPACT IS HOLDING THIS CHILD INBETWEEN HIM AND HARMS WAY! This is just wrong! Now Impact is demanding that Starr drops the taser!

Masters: Starr does as Impact says, not wanting the child to get hurt and now Impact shoves the kid into Starr! And now he charges and hits A ONE HANDED BULLDOG ONTO THE CEMENT STEPS! Starr is out and EVERYONE IN THE CROWD IS BOOING! Impact is on his knees and the child is out of the way but he spits in the National EXTREME Champion’s face! Impact stares back at the kid and grabs him! This fan only wants to help his favorite extremist! He shouldn’t have ANY part of this matchup but Impact doesn’t care! And Impact sets the fan up….FOR A SCORPION DEATH DROP! A SCORPIAN DEATH DROP BY THE GUARD RAIL TO ENSURE NO ONE FALLS OVER THE TOP! A death drop here could SERIOUSLY INJURE THIS 10 year old fan! DON’T DO IT IMPACT!

DP: The crowd is booing but Impact isn’t phased and he is about to do it! BUT STARR IS UP AND SHOVES THE CHILD AWAY! AND NOW…..OLYMPIC SLAM! OLYMIP FUCKING SLAM OVER THE TOP OF THAT SAFETY RAIL!!!!!!

Masters: THAT HAS TO BE A 30 FOOT DROP THROUGH 2 TABLES BELOW! I don’t know if Starr planned to put Impact through those tables but he sure as hell intended to hurt the national extreme Champ! But Starr doesn’t seem finished…he’s going out that door again but comes back quickly…

DP: OH MY GAWD! A 30 FOOT LADDER! STARR’S GOT A 30 FOOT LADDER! HE’S BRINGING IT DOWN AND SETS IT UP! He’s now climbing, step after step. And when he’s finally at the top he looks 60-SIXTY!-FEET BELOW AT THE MOTIONLESS BODY OF IMPACT!


DP: Starr hit it PERFECTLY BUT BOTH MEN ARE OUT COLD! Starr may have just SACRIFICED HIMSELF just to hurt Impact! This feud has reached a boiling point and only one person is going to walk out of Las Vegas with the National Extreme Championship!

Masters: Right you are, Deadprez, but I’m not sure if Impact and Starr can even MAKE IT through this matchup! EMTs are coming out now alongside stretchers. They come to the aid of Starr and Impact. We may need to stop this match, but if we do Impact will retain!

DP: Impact is being carried over the barricade now and is being put on a stretcher. Now they do the same to Starr as Impact is being rolled away…but what’s this? Impact is holding onto the ring post and slowly crawls up to the apron… IMPACT HITS A FROGSPLASH ONTO STARR ON TOP OF THE STRECTHER! Impact could be seriously injured right now but he continues to battle for his National Extreme Championship! Starr is still strapped down to that stretcher and the EMTs have backed off. Impact pulls himself up once again and goes under the ring to grab a weapon…he pulls out…A SHEET OF GLASS! Impact slides it in the ring now and takes Starr off the stretcher. Starr is now rolled into the ring. Impact puts the glass sheet on the top rope in the corner.

Masters: Now Impact throws Starr into the ropes and meets Starr with a dropkick. Impact gets Starr up again and now hits a belly to back suplex then holds Starr for a bear hug. Impact drives a knee to Starr’s ribcage and slides over to the other side to put Starr in a crossface! Starr might tap here! But Impact releases the hold before any real damage is made. Now Impact bounces off the rope and drops a shoulder but Starr rolls out of the way and gets up, dropping a knee to Impact’s face. Now he bounces off the ropes and hits a baseball slide to Impact’s head. Starr is planning to seize the opportunity as he climbs to the top rope where that glass sheet is! He might go for that Starrsault again! Starr taunts now! Impact lay flat on his back! …..BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? SOMEONE JUST SLID A STEEL CHAIR INTO THE RING!!!






( Ding! Ding! Ding! )


DP: Starr rolls out of the ring clutching his head and face from that devastating maneuver as the referee gives Impact the title and he falls the second rope, leaning against it, unable to move after going through such a match!

Masters: But I can’t understand who would actually help Impact win this match! Starr is headed to Showdown but thanks to Impact and his unknown helper…

( HBKF’s theme plays…crowd has mixed reaction )

HBKF(with mic): Hold on a second, Karl. I was watching this match from my office and just like every other fan here, I saw a chair being thrown into the ring. Now, I don’t like to leave the fans questioning, and I’m sure that you wouldn’t mind fighting against the man who helped you win this matchup, Impact. And this championship bout will begin….RIGHT….NOW!

(Lights go out suddenly)

( )

(Regulator’s theme plays…crowd cheers)


HBKF: Ladies and Gentlemen, Impact’s opponent about to face him in a National Extreme Championship Match…fromOakland, California…weighing in at 189 lbs….REGGGGGULATORRRR!!!!!!!!!

(Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Masters: Regulator is down the ramp and grabs the same steel chair that won Impact the matchup…SMASHED IN THE NATIONAL EXTREME CHAMPION’S FACE! Now Reg is in the ring and is facing Impact’s motionless back.. Impact is in position for a 619! Reg bounces off the ropes….SIX!!!!!! ONE!!!!!!!!! NINE!!!!!!!!! Impact falls back and lands on his back! He’s still motionless as Regulator climbs to the top rope! SERVES YOU RIGHT MOONSAULT! MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP ROPE! COVER!






( Ding! Ding! Ding! )



DP: I CANNOT believe what I have just witnessed, Masters. Reg has just defeated Impact and captured his first National Extreme Title. And the night is still young for the up-and-coming, Reg. He STILL has a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity TONIGHT!

Announcer: The following is a First Blood Contest! In this match there are no pinfalls, no submissions, no count outs, no disqualifications, the winner will be the first man to make his opponent bleed!

Introducing first, from Birmingham, Alabama, weighing in at 224 Pounds……. The Phenomenal Gawd…….. COOOLEEEEE!!!!!!!

(His theme music plays, crowd cheers)

DP: Cole is out here for this match, one of the most hardcore competitors in EAW history, he has taken so many risks during his career, and he’s ready to do anything tonight to come out with a victory

Masters: He’s been through flames, tables, thumbstacks, and he never gave up! He was so close to win a spot in the Showdown Extreme Elimination Chamber, and be in tonight’s main event!

(Nik-e-G’s entrance song hits, crowd welcomes him with huge boo’s)

Announcer: And his opponent, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 236 Pounds……… NIK-e……… G!!!!!!!!!!

Masters: The returning Nik will be willing to put his life on the line to beat Cole tonight. After trying to take over this e-fed, Nik-e-G was fired by the chairman when he lost against Ronn in a Lumberjack contest….

DP: However, he was brought back by Jaden, the current Showdown General Manager to attack The Phenomenal Gawd after his handicap match. The only way to win this match is by making your opponent bleed first….

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Masters: The bell is rang, and this match is underway, they start brawling quickly, but Nik takes him down by his legs, he is trying not to give him space to get up, but Cole is fighting back, and he kicks Nik in his left leg driving him to the mat…

DP: Nik gets up, and they stand face to face, Cole throws Nik into the ropes, Nik bounces back with a clothesline, but Cole ducks under his arm, as Nik-e-G goes to the opposite ropes, coming back towards Cole, who jumps over him….

Masters: Nik bounces back once again, but this time Cole has connected a hip toss, and then he does a running hurricanrana, which takes Nik to the floor outside the ring…..

DP: Cole is looking at the crowd, as he gets ready to jump on his opponent, who at the time just took a steel chair from the ring announcer…..Cole runs and jumps to the third rope, as Nik has set himself a position to counter by throwing the chair at Cole…..

Masters: BUT wait a second! Cole’s standing on the third rope!!! How’d he do that?? He’s losing balance, and is about to fall…..BUT WATCH OUT! He hits a FLYING DROPKICK SMASHING THE STEEL CHAIR INTO NIK’S HEAD…who comes towards the Mexican announcing table!

DP: WOAH! That was unbelievable! Cole just did the impossible, and I can’t believe what my eyes have just seen!

Masters: Cole is slowly getting up, while Nik is still down, Cole throws him into the barricade, then puts his head over there, and connects a huge running kick! Cole climbs up the barricade, and goes for a diving crossbody on Nik, who got back up on his feet….

DP: But Nik catches him, and throws him into the steel ring post! That hurts! Nice catch by Nik who’s dominating the match right now….He grabs a ring bell, and goes to hit Cole! Don’t do it!

Masters: Cole ducks to the floor, and tries escaping by sliding away, but Nik stops him with a huge elbow to his back, and he pulls him next to the steel steps, with his back leaning on it….Nik goes under the ring, and gets out a STOP sign! He places it on Cole’s face, as he takes a few steps to the back…..Nik runs, and connects a running kick nailing Cole’s head into the steel steps! What a move right there! No blood yet, as this match continues, Nik is nailing repetitively a few shots with the STOP Sign to Cole’s head! Cole is on the floor, unable to move, but he’s not bleeding yet, and Nik continues assaulting him….

DP: Nik gets him up, and smashes his head into the side of the Mexican announcing table, then puts him through it, as he goes to the top with him….And Nik sets up for the TWIST OF FATE! But he gets pushed off the table, and Cole connects a tornado DDT into the STOP sign! That was well countered, Cole is in control now, he picks up the ring bell, and smashes it right into Nik’s head!

Masters: NO blood! That could’ve ended this contest, Cole is surprised as he expected him to bleed after this huge shot, and look out now for Nik-e-G, who’s sliding under the ring….. what the hell is he doing there? Cole follows him, and goes under the ring, and we’ve no idea what’s going on there! The referee rolls outside the ring, and ducks to take a look, as he starts yelling, telling them to go out….. Nik gets oustside, and Cole follows him….but….W….WAIT A SECOND! BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD! He’s bleeding!!!!

Masters: Cole is bleeding! And the referee asks to ring the bell, this contest is over! Cole’s face is covered with blood, but he doesn’t seem hurt at all, we’ve NO IDEA what happened under this ring……

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: And the winnerrrr of this match…….NIKKKK-e…….G!!!!!!!

DP: Cole is against the referee’s decision, he is telling him that Nik cheated! Nik is defending himself, and he goes face to face with Cole, who ducks to go back under the ring…. Nik is trying to stop him, but the referee orders Nik-e-G to let him go…..

Masters: Well, I’m not sure what’s happening so we can’t explain….But Cole is back outside the ring, and he is holding a………KETCHUP BOTTLE?!?!?

DP: WTF!!?!? Don’t tell me what I’m thinking! This can’t be possible, but….it seems like Nik-e-G cheated by using Ketchup!

Masters: The referee is making up his mind, and he goes to talk to the ring announcer to announce his decision about this situation….

Announcer: The referee decided that this match continues, since Cole did NOT bleed!

DP: Nik is upset by the referee’s decision, and he tries to convince him to keep his old decision, but Cole attacks him from the back with a huge clothesline! Then he tosses him into the ring post….

Masters: Cole is back under the ring, and he pulls outside a LADDER! Cole sets up the ladder at ringside, and then puts Nik through the Mexican announcing table….Cole is climbing up the ladder, while Nik is still on the table……

DP: Cole is on the top now, but Nik rolls off the table, and starts climbing up after his opponent…. Nik gets there, as they start exchanging punches on the ladder, whoever takes advantage now might be the winner!

Masters: Nik with the right hand, Cole blocks it, he does an elbow to the head, and try setting up the Phenomenal Awakening…….BUT Nik counters, and then headbutts Cole, who FALLS TO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!

DP: The table didn’t break, but Cole’s in danger, Nik takes a step down on the ladder, and gets ready for some action……..and he jumps off the top, connecting a DIVING LEG DROP FROM THE LADDER ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!

Masters: Oh my GODD!! A diving leg drop from the ladder straight into Cole’s face! But…..Is Cole bleeding? That’s the only way to win, and we can’t tell if he’s since his face is down towards the floor….

DP: Nik grabs him by the back of his head, and there’s no blood! Nik is back under the ring, and this time, he pulls outside a STEEL CHAIN! He attacked Cole using that weapon, and made him bleed on Showdown, this contest is over, I’m telling you!
Nik starts wrapping the chain around his fist while Cole is getting up….Cole has no idea what’s waiting for him, as he turns around toward his opponent, and receives a HUGE SHOT with the steel chain! BUT NO! Cole caught him while attempting to hit him, and lift him up, Nik is upside down……and……COLE HITS A BRAINBUSTER!!!!! Is this over? The referee is checking on Nik-e-G, but apparently…..he’s NOT bleeding!

Masters: This one could’ve done it, but it didn’t….They both seem tired right now, Cole throws him inside the ring, and then grabs the steel chain, and slides it inside, as he goes under the ring…. He gets out barbed wire brushes, and he starts putting them around his shoe, although his hands are hurt….What is Cole doing now?? He can barely walk with barbed wire wrapped around his foot! He rolls in the ring, and walks toward Nik slowly….He is getting him up, but Nik nails him with a LOW BLOW out of nowhere! This could change the direction of this contest, as Nik grabs the steel chain and grabs it around his fist once again!

DP: Uh oh Cole is in danger, he is getting back to his feet, while Nik is standing on the ropes behind him…..Cole turns around, and Nik comes running, throwing a punch with the steel chain!!! ……. BUT….. Cole ducks and performs a backflip… THEN CONNECTS THE TERMINATION AKA PELE KICK….. with his right leg that’s wrapped with BARBED WIRE!!!!!!

Masters:: Can you SEE IT??? It’s red!!!…….I see RED ON THE MAT……This means…..NIK-E-G IS BLEEDING FROM THAT KICK!! IT’S OVER! Cole’s done it! He made Nik-e-G bleed, after a long fight with a lot of attempts and hardcore moments!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: The winner of this match……THE PHENOMENAL GAWD…… COLEEEEEEE!!!

(Cole’s theme song plays, as he celebrates in the ring….)

DP: Jaden won’t like how this match turned out! With this victory, Cole will be revealing what’s inside Jaden’s diary on Showdown!

Masters: Nik-e-G was pretty impressive, although he cheated, but at the end, Cole got the victory…This might not end the drama between these two young extremists, but it we’ll see in the upcoming weeks what does the future have for them….

DP: Upcoming next, it’s the Essence Of Excellence taking on 2xtreme in an Extreme Rules Match!

(Video preview of their feud plays)

( Camera Fades to Backstage with EOE and Max-A-Million )

Max: Ladies and Gentleman I’d like to introduce to you, Essence of Excellence! EOE how’s it going tonight? You have a huge match…your first FPV match in fact! Anything you’d like to tell the fans?

EOE: Well, Max…as many of you haters know, I’ve been pushed around here like I’m nothing. EOW dragged me down and I want to get as FAR away from it as possible. So tonight I’m going to demolish one of EOW’s favorite faces, 2fuckinXtreme. And When I do I have a little surprise for 2x.

Max: And what’s that EOE?

EOE: I can’t tell you Max but I can tell you that it’s inside the very brief case EVERYONE has been talking about over the last couple of weeks. So tonight after I defeat 2xtreme and embarrass him and the now dead EOW…I’ll expose what’s inside the case later on tonight.

EOE: I better get going, Max I can’t afford to lose any time before my match.

( EOE goes to his locker room )

Mas: We’re back live in Las Vegas, and now its time for a personal battle, it’s going to be a brutal grudge match between the Essence of Excellence and 2 Xtreme!!!

( Ding Ding Ding!! )

Announcer: The following grudge match is scheduled for 1 fall!

(EOE’s theme hits, crowd Boos )


( 2X’s theme hits, crowd explodes )

And his opponent, HE IS 2XTREME!!!

DP: And here we go in what will be a very brutal matchup. EOE and 2x lock up in the middle of the ring. 2x pushes EOE into the corner and pushes him up onto the second rope. 2x hits a glass breaking knife edge chop and puts him up on the top rope!

Mas: 2x goes up to the top rope and starts laying on punches. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10…11 PUNCHES!! 2x backflips off the rope and runs back in with a clothesline. But EOE ducks and hits a northern lights suplex on 2x. EOE follows up with a snap suplex. EOE is lining up 2x for a big boot! But 2x quickly bails out of the ring before EOE can hit him. 2x grabs a chair BUT EOE IS AIRBORN! EOE suicide dive over the top rope takes out 2x! EOE is fired up, and he picks him up and slams his head on the announce table! EOE grabs 2x by his head and throws him into the ring steps. EOE grabs 2x again and for a second time throws him into the ring steps! But 2x revered and hits a drop toe hold on EOE! EOE lands head first right in the corner of the step! EOE is already bleeding, and may have a broken nose!

DP: 2x grabs EOE and rolls him in the ring. 2x quickly throws the ring steps in the ring and slides in. 2x quicks EOE in the back of the head and starts stomping on his legs. 2x picks EOE and puts him in the corner. 2x knees him in the gut and strikes him on the head. But EOE blocks it and headbutts 2x! 2x falls to the ground and EOE school boys him! 1…2…but 2x kicks out. EOE quickly gets back on top of 2x before he can get up and starts pounding on his head. EOE wants 2 busted open too, AND NOW EOE IS CLAWING AT 2X!

Mas: EOE is throws more rights and lefts but 2x won’t bleed. 2x blocks a right from EOE, and cracks him right on the chin! EOE falls right off, and he may be knocked out. 2x stands up, and EOE isn’t moving! 2x quickly hooks the leg…1….2…3!! BUT NO, EOE GOT HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! 2x is pissed off now. And he drags EOE to the steel steps and slams his head on them. No, 2x grabs a chair. HERE COMES THE 1 MAN CONCHAIRTO … LOW BLOW! EOE low blows 2x, AND BRINGS HIM UP … EXCELLENCE PLEX ON THE STEPS! GOD DAMN 2X’S BACK MY BE BROKEN!

DP: 2x rolls off the steps holding his back, and what’s this, EOE has his suit case! And he puts 2x’s head the steps. EOE opens his suitcase, AND THROWS A WAD OF CASH AT 2X! AND HITS A CONCHAIRTO WITH HIS SUITCASE! AND YES 2X IS BUSTED OPEN NOW!

Mas: 2x is bloodied, and EOE is closing in on the win. But wait, 2x is hiding the chair, and EOE doesn’t see it. EOE is signaling for another Excellence Plex, but 2x slams the chair in EOE’s gut, and goes behind him and smacks the chair across EOE’s back. 2x drops the chair … AND DDT! EOE is bleeding bad now! And 2x hooks the leg 1…2…BUT SOMEHOW EOE KICKS OUT! 2X CAN’T BELIEVE IT! 2x wants to finisher this match now, and brings in a table. 2x drags EOE to his feet, and brings him up for a suplex through the table!

DP:: But EOE falls back down, and 2x tries again! But once again EOE falls back down, and EOE gets out of the suplex, and hits a low blow on 2x, and sends him off the ropes. And he comes back … POWERSLAM THROUGH THE TABLE! With blood flowing down his face, EOE covers 2x! 1…2…2/12….BUT SOMEHOW 2X KICKS OUT! Both these men are giving it there all, and are pushing each other to the limit here tonight. EOE doesn’t know how to finish off 2x, and EOE is bring in a 25 foot ladder! OMG THAT’S THE BIGGEST LADDER I’VE EVER SEEN!

Mas: EOE is bringing it into the ring, but 2x is up, and baseball slides the ladder into EOE’s face! EOE’s blood is really flowing from his face after that shot, and he’s trying to recover on the ground. 2x brings out a smaller ladder, and sets it up between the ring and the security barricade. 2x grabs a trashcan, and smashes EOE on the top of the head, and rolls EOE onto the ladder!

DP: With the trashcan still on EOE, 2x is climbing the 25 foot ladder! Finally, 2x is at the top of the ladder, looking down on EOE. He can’t be thinking, NO, NO, DON’T DO IT… 450 SPLASH! OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER! HE IS TRULY 2FUCKINGXTREME! 2x had not only destroyed himself, but EOE with him! And 2x is passed out over EOE, and the ref counts the pinfall, 1…2…3! IT’S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( 2X’s theme hits, crowd goes nuts )

Here is your winner…….2 XTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mas: What a match! 2X took the ultimate risk and it pain off, what a spectacular 450!!

DP: And not to mention that was off a 25 foot ladder!!! What a brutal bout…

( Lights flicker )

(Cena29 appears on screen )

Cena: Woah woah woah, Brent. I know everyone is somewhat excited about you victory but the majority is probably just coming back from their bathroom break to see me on their Television Screen. And, hey, why wouldn’t they. I’m the top prospect of EAW and they want to know which brand I’m going to: Dynasty or Showdown.

Cena: And since the crowd seemed 2FuckinDead during your match I decided to come onto this screen and tell the fans a little information I have. Do you want to know what it is, 2xtreme?

( Cena shows that he has EOE’s brief case )

Cena: Sure EOE said he’d only reveal what’s inside the case if he won but I’m not EOE and I can tell you that inside this case it has nothing to do with the Essence of Excellence. In fact, let me SHOW YOU what’s inside…

(Cena opens case and takes out a VHS tape )

Cena: Brent, last week your girlfriend, Larah was taken out by EOE but this week I looked inside this very case and found something that could cheer her up….


( Crowd boos )

Cena: I don’t know how to say it any more clearly, 2x….BUT I’M “YOUR” CHILD’S REALLLLLL FATHER!!!!!

( Titantron fades to Cena29’s laugh and then to nothing )

(Video of EAW History plays)

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: The following contest is your DYNASTY MAIN EVENT…scheduled to be an EXTREME ELIMINATION CHAMBER for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!! Two men will begin in the ring while the remaining six are kept in pods, only to be opened after 5 minutes. Each man who submits or loses by pinfall will be taken out of the chamber and will therefore not become Champion!

( Jerikewl’s theme plays…crowd boos )

( )

Announcer: Making his way to the ring…from Cleveland , Ohio …weighing in at 240 lbs…he is one of the two men starting off in the chamber…JERRRRRIKEWLLLLLL!!!!!!

DP: Out comes JiK, the former World Champion himself. He had a tremendous feud with Jaywalker months ago and seeks to recapture his World Championship belt! He has definitely had some bad blood with Ronn over the past couple of weeks but definitely has been focused for this match.

Masters: JiK has a very gewd chance of walking out of here as World Heavyweight Champion and even though he’s one of the first men entering, he’ll the last to give up on this opportunity!

( Lethal Consequences theme plays…crowd has mixed reaction )

Announcer: And his opponent…making his way to the ring from San Diego, California…weighing in at 300 lbs….he is one of the two men beginning in the ring…LETHAL CONSEQUENCESSSSSSS!!!!!!

DP: And here comes Ronn’s henchman, Lethal Consequences. Last Dynasty, Lethal was taken out of the elimination glass tables match by Jaywalker and I think that Lethal will end up focusing more on himself that helping Ronn win the title tonight.

( Regulator’s theme plays…crowd cheers )

( )

Announcer: And his opponent…making his way to the ring from Oakland, California…weighing in at 189 lbs….he is…the NATIONAL EXTREME CHAMPION and the 3rd Entrant in the EXTREME ELIMINATION CHAMBER…REGGGGGULATORRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

Masters: And now here comes Regulator! Adding A LOT of suspense by not coming out here right away. Reg captured the National Extreme Championship earlier tonight and now could capture his first EAW World Championship! Where the hell is Reg? He’s still not out here…

(Lights dim as a scene of backstage appears on the titantron)

(Screen shows Regulator lying beaten and bloody on the cement floor)

DP: What the hell is this? Regulator has been taken out and he is beaten and BLOODIED out in the backstage hallway! Will there only be five people in this Extreme Elimination Chamber???

( )

(Impact’s theme plays…crowd boos)

Announcer: And their opponent…from Seattle Washington ….weighing in at 245lbs….he is the third entrant in the EXTREME ELIMINATION CHAMBER…IMPPPPACCCCTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masters: By the looks of things…it looks as if Impact has taken Regulator out backstage and is taking his place in the Extreme Elimination Chamber! Impact was screwed out of his National Extreme Title right after he screwed Starr out of the title and now Impact has screwed Regulator!

DP: And you mentioned something there, Masters. This will be Impact’s THIRD match of the night. The fatigue is probably at an all time high but if Impact plans to walk out as champion he needs to put aside the pain!

( Jaywalker’s theme plays….crowd cheers )( )

Announcer: And their opponent from Scarborough , Canada ….weighing in at 247 lbs…he is the 5th entrant in the EXTREME ELIMINATION CHAMBER….JAYYYYWALKERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masters: Here comes Jaywalker! The last World Heavyweight Champion waiting…and I mean…WAITING eagerly for this day where he can reclaim what was stolen from him. Tonight could be the night where Jay makes history again!

( Ronn’s theme plays…crowd boos )

( )

Announcer: And their opponent…making his way to the ring from Connecticut …weighing in at 223 lbs…he is….the 5th entrant in the EXTREME ELIMINATION CHAMBER….C! M!!! RONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!

Masters: And now we have….probably the most controversial person in this main event for Dynasty, Ronn. This man has pissed off almost everyone in this industry and now wants to take what he claims to be “his”. He wants that title and he’ll do anything for it!

( HRDO’s theme plays….crowd has mixed reaction)

( )

Announcer: And their opponent from France ….weighing in at 325 lbs…he is…the final entrant in the EXTREME ELIMINATION CHAMBER….H!!R!!D!!O!!

Masters: And finally, we have the big red machine! He defeated all 5 scheduled Extreme Elimination Chamber participants in the glass tables elimination match on Dynasty. Will HRDO dominate again, tonight?

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

DP: The elimination chamber is set to go and JiK and Lethal stat off in the ring. JiK has a ladder and Lethal has handcuffs as they circle. JiK immediately knocks LC down with the ladder and sets it in the corner. He throws LC face first into the ladder and hits an impaler DDT!

Masters: Quick cover by JiK but LC kicks out at a one count. JiK continues the beatdwon on LC and drops a quick knee. Now he grabs the ladder and throws it down to Lethal’s torso. Lethal in some pain but JiK keeps stomping on that ladder and goes for a lionsault now!

DP: But LC throws the ladder and it collides with JiK in midair! Nice ring presence by Lethal. Consequences begins to get up and bounces off the ropes and connects with kick to JiK’s gut. Now a half Boston Crab applied but JiK breaks the submission. Both men grapple now.

Masters: LC now goes for a suplex and hits it over the top rope and onto the steel on the outside! That’s going to leave a mark! Lethal is now going to the top rope! Lethal goes for a diving clothesline! But JiK catches him and applies a crossface! What a reversal!

DP: JiK is a master at submission maneuvers and if he can apply his holds he may be able to dominate this match. LC is hurting but gets a hold of the ropes. JiK releases the hold and grabs the ladder from the inside of the ring. He sets it up in the ring and takes Lethal back inside.

Masters: JiK slams LC’s head against the ladder, knocking it over and now JiK shoves Lethal into the corner and lifts him so that he’s facing the pod. JiK sets up for a powerbomb AND HE HITS IT! RIGHT ONTO THE LADDER! A rare move for JiK but SOOO devastating!

DP: And now JiK goes for the cover! This could eliminate Lethal Consequences!!!



But Lethal Kicks out at 2 and a half!

Masters: JiK isn’t sure how Lethal kicked out of that one but bounces off the ropes now and goes for the LIONSAULT! But LC rolls out of the way and AGAIN JIK MISSES! But this time he lands GUT FIRST ONTO THE LADDER! Lethal is gripping his back
but lifts JiK up and hits a scoop slam on him onto the ladder.

DP: Now Lethal gets JiK to his feet and whips him to the corner to collide with him with a gigantic spear! That knocked the wind out of JiK! Time is running out! Lethal Consequences lifts JiK up to the top rope possible for a superplex! Time’s going out!!!







Masters: And the pod opens for Impact as he comes in with his table wrapped in barbedwire. But he drops is and goes in the ring to put LC in the electric chair as LC goes for the supersplex…..JIK SLAMS THE BACK OF HIS HEAD AGAINST THE LADDER!!!
Now Impact is up and applies a headlock on Impact but is backed into the corner. Impact climbs and sits on the tops rope and now hits LC in the face with a knee….and now a diving clothesline by Impact! And it connects! Impact is picking up momentum!
Impact grabs that barbed wire table now and sets it up outside the ring. He gets back in the ring and grabs JiK, tossing him into the ropes and goes for a snap suplex but JiK blocks it and hits DDT! Nice move but JiK goes over to LC and gets him up. JiK tosses him over the top rope and goes over with him.

DP: JiK slams LC’s head against the pod and now the cage! JiK is now rubbing LC’s face against the chain link but now LC is taken over towards the table….CODEBREAKER!!!! WAIT! NO! LETHAL IS HOLDING HIM! AND HE LIFTS HIM UP!!! POWERBOMB THROUGH THE BARBED WIRE TABLE!!! A VICIOUS POWERBOMB!!!! LC gets back in the ring…but where’s Impact? HOLY SHIT HE’S ON THE TOP OF THE POD! FROGSPLASH!!! FROGSPLASH ONTO JIK! THE COVER NOW BY IMPACT!!! JiK might be out of this!!!





Masters: JiK has been eliminated from this matchup right as the time is down to the last 10 seconds! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!


DP: And here comes Jaywalker now. The man who in my opinion wants this championship belt the most. Jay exits his pod with his baseball bat dipped in superglue and rolled in thumbtacks as he smashes it into LC’s gut and now RIPSSSS it against his back! Lethal is bleeding badly on the back and gut! Jay drops his weapon and hits gutbuster. Now he goes for a headlock and backs into the ropes as Lethal sends him to the ropes. Jay returns with a shoulder block and now goes for a cover!



Kickout by Lethal! Impact is beginning to come in as Jay goes out to grab him from the outside but Impact hits shoulder in between the ropes and LC gets a rollup on JAY! THIS COULD TAKE HIM OUT!




3! NO! Jay kicked out at 2 and a half!

Masters: Jay is back up and begins to trade blows with Impact. Impact kicks Jay in the gut and wraps around for a berahug and now goes for a german suplex and hits it Impact goes for the cover now!



But Jay still kicks out! Impact and LC will have to do much more to Jay if they want to pin him 1,2,3! Now Jay slowly gets up as LC comes in with Impact to set up for a double suplex, They lift him and he goes sailing across the ring! Jay is being outnumbered here! But now LC goes to Impact and kicks him in the gut, PILEDRIVER by Lethal! Lethal grabs that ladder and sets it up then he grabs Jaywalker and smashes his head into the step and begins to push him up to the top! Jay is at the top with Lethal next to one of the pods. AND LETHAL TAKES OUT HIS HANDCUFFS, the weapon he came in with and LOCKS JAY UP TO THE TOP OF THAT POD!

DP: Jay is basically stuck on the top rope, dangling from that pod and in just a minute Ronn will be coming in! This DOES NOT LOOK GEWD FOR JAYWALKER! Lethal goes over to the broken barbed wire table now and is digging through the twisted metal wire and now…what the hell? There was a steel chair wrapped in BARBED WIRE hidden under the barbed wire of the table! And OUT OF NOWEHERE Impact goes for a springboard crossbody! But LC smashed the barbed wire chair into Impact’s face sending him toppling back into the ring! Lethal is eyeing his partner in crime, inside his pod…waiting to escape and cause pain to Jay! The final ten seconds! Impact is down and bleeding! Jay is handcuffed to the top of the pod!







Masters: And HERE COMES RONN WITH HIS BABED-WIRE TENNIS RACKET! Ronn comes charging in and yells for LC to hold Jay’s legs down as Ronn smashes the racket into Jay repeatedly! Now Ronn grabs the barbed wire steel chair AND SEND IT RIGHT BETWEEN THE LEG! LOW BLOW BY RONN! Ronn continues to beat down on Jay by rubbing the chair against his gut and hitting him in the head! This is sickening Jay is being owned!!!


Masters: SCORPION DEATHDROP TO THE CHAIN LINK OUTSIDE AND THAT GIVES JAY A CHANCE TO USE HIS LEGS! HE punts the chair into Ronn’s face! RONN IS BUSTED OPEN JUST LIKE JAYWALKER AND IMPACT! Impact goes for the cover now on Lethal! This could take him out of the matchup!




But STILL Lethal was able to kick out of that one!! Jay pulls him up to the top of the pod now so that he’s not dangling and tries to break free of those handcuffs! And what’s this? HRDO, the man left in the pod below, Jay is doing something to the cuffs…JAY’S UNLOCKED! HRDO HAS A LOCK PICK! AND NOW JAY DIVES OFF THE TOP ROPE AND HITS A HELACIOUS SPEAR!!!

DP: SPEAR FROM THE TOP OF THE POD TO THE CHAIRMAN! BOTH MEN ARE OUT COLD! Jay and Ronn are not moving and it takes a minute for Jay to roll over onto Ronn and hook the leg!




Thr- NO!! Ronn somehow kicked out! Impact is still on the outside with LC and Impact sends him into one of the empty pods. LC is now irish whipped into the opposite pod and Impact goes for a dropkick but Lethal moves out the way and Impact cannot connect! Lethal now grabs his partner’s tennis racket! Lethal now sets up and SMASHES IT OVER THE HEAD OF IMPACT! THE TENNIS RACKET’S BARBED WIRE BROKE OVER IMPACT’S HEAD AND LC drops it….STUNNER! STUNNER!! STUNNER ON IMPACT! AND THE QUICK COVER! BOTH LEGS HOOKED!!!





Masters: And the monster is waiting patiently inside his cage…he’s been hiding his weapon so I’m not quite sure what it is…Jay and Ronn are still down as is Impact! Lethal is trying to get himself up! These men are sacrificing for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Time is coming down for HRDO to exit his pod…







Masters: AND HERE COMES HRDO WITH HIS WEAPON!!! But what the hell is it? OH MY GAWD!!!! HRDO HAS A STAPLE GUN! HE HAS A STAPLE GUN! AND HE’S RUSHING IN AND HITS A HUGE BOOT TO LETHAL’S FACE! And now he drops down dangerously close to Lethal with that staple gun! And HE STAPLES LETHAL’S ARM! OH MY GAWD! Ronn is up but doesn’t want to get anywhere close to HRDO! Jay shoves Ronn into the corner and lifts him and hits snake eyes to the turnbuckle! Now he sets up and hits a T-Bone Suplex on the chairman! HRDO drops the staple gun and grabs something in the corner of his pod….and now…HE POURS LIGHTING FLUID ALL OVER THE CORNER OF THE RING CANVAS! AND NOW HE HAS A MATCH AND LIGHTS THE FLAME!

DP: A PART OF THE RING IS ON FIRE! Jay continues to work Ronn in the corner but Ronn connects with a boot in the jaw and climbs up to the top rope and then the top of the pod! Jay backs away though because HRDO is coming with his staple gun and he climbs up to that very pod! Ronn is backing as far away as he can on the top of that pod BUT IMPACT IS COMING IN WITH THE BAT ROLLED IN THUMBTACKS AND LOW BLOWS HRDO!!!!!! AND RONN GRABS THE STAPLE GUN AND NAILS HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE! ONCE! TWICE! THREE TIMES! HRDO IS BUSTED WIDE OPEN AND NOW JAY CLIMBS TO THE TOP ROPE AND…..CRUCIFIX BOMB! JAY’S FINISHER ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE RING INTO THE FIRE AND BAH GAWD HE WENT ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE RING!






DP: HRDO has been taken out of this matchup! Jay comes out of the hole but brings up a table from under the ring! Ronn begins to climb to the edge of the pod as Jay sets up the table in the center of the ring! Lethal coming from behind as Ronn jumps! RONN IS GOING FOR A BULLDOG ON JAYWALKER! But Jay rolls out of the way! AND RONN HITS THE BULLDOG ON LETHAL INSTEAD! Miscommunication there and Lethal was just put through that table. Ronn can’t believe what he just did! Jay goes for the cover as Impact hits a DDT on Ronn!




………………3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ronn has just accidently helped Jay in eliminating his partner but Ronn goes right after Jay and takes him to the corner. Ronn goes up and rains down punches! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Ten punches by Ronn and now he sets up on the top rope….PEPSI PLUNGE!

Masters: PEPSI PLUNGE ONTO THE BARBED WIRE STEEL CHAIR! That’s probably it for Jaywalker! The cover by Ronn!




JAY KICKS OUT JUST IN THE KNICK OF TIME! Impact is looking under the ring through that hole HRDO left and he pulls out a barbed wire glass table! He sets it up in ring but Ronn comes and hits a roundhouse kick to the side of the jaw! Impact falls back against the side of the table….AND RONN SETS UP…. FOR THE GTS!!!! AND HE HITS IT! GTS! G!!!!!!T!!!!!!!S!!!!!!!!! Impact falls back against the table and Ronn lifts him Impact onto the table…BUT WHAT THE HELL?! JAYWALKER IS RIGHT THERE AND HE LIFTS RONN UP FOR A CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB!







Masters: And the referee is dropping down to count it! What the hell is this the World Title isn’t contested under 24/7 Rules!

1…………………….. 2………………………….And…………………………..……………………………3!!!!!

( dING! dING! dING! )

DP: What in the blue hell just happened here? Impact just pinned Jay but I thought Jay already won this match! Impact was pinned! The referee goes over to the time keeper and is telling him something to tell the ring announcer.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman, according to the referee although Impact and Ronn were pinned, Impact had his foot on the bottom rope, therefore he was not eliminated!

( Replay shows that Impact’s foot was, indeed, on the bottom rope during the 3 count )


( Impact’s theme plays as the crowd boos like hell )

Masters: This is complete bullshit! Jay was just screwed out of his title ONCE AGAIN! What a shock! Our second Extreme Elimination chamber and main event will take place just in a few minutes!

(Reasonable Doubt Promo)

Masters: It’s Main Event time! 16 foot high, over 10 tons of steel and chain, one of the most dangerous matches in EAW history… Each extremist has his own weapon, and outside the ring, there’s also a variety of weapons…

DP: Two Extremists will start the match in the ring, the four other participants will be locked away in the chambers… Every 5 minutes, an extremist will be released from his chamber…

Announcer: This is the EAW Showdown Extreme Eliminaaationnnn Chamber, and it’s for the EAW Undisputed Hardcore Championship!

Masters: It’s time for the second Extreme Elimination Chamber, and our Main Event tonight! On the stage of the arena, AlterBridge is there, and it’s dark, so we could barely see anything….

(Alter Bridge start performing “Metalingus”, and then Methuselah appears coming from an elevator, standing in the middle between the band members)

DP: It’s METH! And he’s getting his entrance song performed live by Alter Bridge…. The EAW Undisputed Hardcore Champion is looking to retain his championship tonight, he realizes how hard this will be, but that won’t stop him from giving his best to come out WITH the championship…

Masters: Methuselah has picked The Equalizer as his weapon, which is a guitar filled with thumbtacks and shattered glass, he is holding it, while the championship is wrapped around his waist…..

Announcer: Introducing first, weighing in at 240 Pounds…… the current E…….. A….. W……. Hardcore Undisputed Champion….. METHUSELAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Master: Meth makes his way to the ring, receiving huge boos, this WHOLE arena is against him, and I bet none of these fans want to see him retain….

DP: The referee opens the Chamber’s door, as Methuselah enters inside the huge cage….. He doesn’t enter any of the pods, because he will apparently be one of the starters!

Masters: Whoever enters second will start off this match as well, and Methuselah is looking forward to see who it is…….

(Wwefan’s theme song hits, crowd explodes…)

Announcer: Introducing the challenger, first, from Los Angeles, California….weighing in at 234 Pounds…….WWEFAAAAAAAANNN!!!!!

DP: Look who it is, Masters! It’s Wwefan! He was last to qualify to the Extreme Elimination Chamber, when he won the BattleRoyale on Showdown, by eliminating Starr Stan…. Methuselah is acting as if he doesn’t care who starts off, while Wwefan seems ready to kick some ass!

Masters: Two security guards are coming after Wwefan holding a TV, which apparently is his weapon! That’s just…. too HUGE….. Meth is concerned about it, since he might be first to taste it…..

(Latino Game’s music is on, he comes in a lowrider for a big pop)

Announcer: Introducing next, from El Paso, Texas….weighing in at 228 Pounds…..LATINOOOOOOOOO GAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

DP: The third man is right here! He has a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire around it, and he’s looking ready for some extreme action…. This man right there has two title shots at two different championships in two consecutive FPV’s!

Masters: He enters his pod, while holding his weapon, and the crowd is waiting now for the next competitor to come out…..

(Mister K’s theme song plays, mixed reaction from the crowd……)

Announcer: And, from Long Island, NY…..weighing in at 243 Pounds….the current EAW Interwire Champion, he is…..MI………

(Ring announcer is interrupted by Mister K, who’s holding a mic with one hand, and a small bag with the other)

Mister K: I see, we’ve a guitar right there….. a TV…. A barbed wire baseball bat… That’s pretty impressive, but nothing too scary….. This bag right here might end careers tonight…. I have inside it what y’all are afraid of…. I’m kinda surprised, I expected Methuselah to use his lover, Dirti Diva’s jewelry as his weapon…. And Wwefan to come out with a Harry Potter book…. As for Game, I only had one thing in mind for him as a weapon, which is a…. DILDO…. (He goes inside the ring….) But apparently, I was wrong…. But I can’t be wrong twice in the same night, because I guarantee to you that the winner of this match, and the new EAW Undisputed Hardcore Champion will be…….

MISTERRRRRRRR…………KKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! (He climbs up in front of Latino Game’s pod….)


DP: Well, I didn’t take this kid seriously not too long ago, but now I see he has potential, and he might really be able to do end this FPV with a huge victory!

Masters: MK is yelling right now, asking Latino Game if he’d like to see what’s inside his beg, he nods yes…. And MK is slowly opening it, I think we all know what it has…..

DP: Ewww! EWEWEWEW!!!! It’s a bag full of….. WORMS!!!!!! And they’re going ALL OVER MK’s FACE!

Masters: Latino Game is laughing in his pod at him, and I think MK was set up by his rival! MK starts removing them, and he’s very pissed off at the moment!

DP: Well, MK has NO WEAPON…. He’s upset, as he enters his pod….. Let’s move on to the next participant…..

(Captain Charisma’s entrance song hits, a lot of boos from the crowd)

Announcer: From Toronto, Canada…. Weighing in at 224 Pounds….. CAPTAAAIN…. CHARISMAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masters: Five times, five times, five times, five times, five times EAW Hardcore Champion! The fastest rising EAW Extremist of 2008, and one of the biggest names in EAW ever since it was re-made, is making his way to the ring, and he has his eyes on the gold….

DP: CC’s worked hard during his career, and after being robbed from his title shot many times, he will finally be having a chance to become EAW Undisputed Hardcore Champion!

Masters: He’s making his way to the ring, in front of two security guards, who are holding his weapon, which is in a box….. Apparently, he won’t be revealing his weapon….. They put the box in Captain Charisma’s pod, and then go outside the chamber…..

(The Dark Emperor’s music plays, he receives a mixed reaction)

Announcer: And introducing the final participant, from The Kingdom of Hades, weighing in at 275 Pounds….. THE….. DAAAARKK….. EMPERORRRRRR!!!

DP: D.E! He’s got to be the most dangerous extremist of all in this chamber, with him and Methuselah in the same contest, I could see either one of them walking out with the championship tonight….

Masters: Uh oh, D.E’s hands aren’t empty if you thought so…. He has a SLEDGEHAMMER WRAPPED WITH BARBED WIRE!

DP: D.E enters his pod, and disposes his weapon right there… This might go down as the greatest and most hardcore match ever in EAW history…. Methuselah and WWEFan are getting ready to kick off this contest, while the four other participants have been locked inside their chambers….

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Masters: Methuselah grabs The Equalizer, and climbs up to the top rope in front of The Dark Emperor’s pod, he puts it above the chamber, seems like he doesn’t want to use it now….

DP: He’s back in the ring, the referee rings the bell, Wwefan and Meth lock up immediately, each is trying to take early advantage, Wwefan backs him into the corner, and then he breaks it up…. But Methuselah slaps Wwefan out of nowhere! And then he throws him into the corner, hitting a combination of multiple punches. Methuselah with a huge knife-edge chop to Wwefan’s body, he does a second one, and attempts the third, but Wwefan grabs his arm, and does a hammerlock! Methuselah with an elbow to Wwefan’s face, he steps out and breaks it, then does a kick to the gut… Wwefan tries to fight back, but Meth shuts down the attack with a clothesline….

Masters: He sends Wwefan into the ropes, but he hangs on there, Methuselah goes for a running clothesline, but he is caught with a Back body drop into the outside platform! Wwefan is climbing up the chamber, where The Dark Emperor is locked up, to get the Equalizer… They’re exchanging words, while Wwefan continues his way, BUT WATCH OUT! Methuselah throws a steel chair at him to stop him! Methuselah climbs up to the third rope, and he smashes Wwefan’s face into D.E’s chamber, he puts his arm around Wwefan’s neck, and CONNECTS A METHUSELAH DDT FROM THE TOP ROPE INTO THE STEEL OUTSIDE THE RING!!!

DP: Meth is looking to eliminate Wwefan, as he goes for the cover…. 1……. 2…… But Wwefan kicks out! Methuselah gets him up quickly and throws him straight into the cage! In 10 seconds, another entrant will come out of his chamber to join the current champion, Methuselah, and Wwefan….

(10……. 9……. 8……. 7……. 6……. 5……. 4……. 3……. 2……. 1……. 0!!!)

DP: Who is it? Is it Captain Charisma, Latino Game, Mister K, or The Dark Emperor???

Masters: …… It’s….. MISTER K!!!!! The referee opens his chamber and he comes out quickly out of his pod, attacking both Methuselah and Wwefan!

DP: Mister K throws Methuselah into the steel chain, and then he delivers a DDT into the platform…. Wwefan gets up, Mister K grabs the steel chain, and nails him with a huge shot in the face! MK isn’t done, he continues with repetitive shots to Wwefan’s body with the chair…. Now Methuselah is trying to get back on his feet, but MK does a running knee taking him down…. Then he turns his face around, and puts it on the steel chain, he takes a few steps to the back, then connects a huge running kick smashing his face into the steel chain!

Masters: Damn! That was very powerful from the Interwire Champion… He covers Meth…… 1……2…… Kick out! Wwefan is back up, Mister K attacks him with a clothesline, but Wwefan picked him up, he has him upside down, then he slams him into the steel! Wwefan throws Mister K inside the ring, he sends him into the ropes, MK bounces back, Wwefan catches him with a huge flapjack! Wwefan goes outside the ring, and he picks up the TV!

DP: Methuselah gets back in the ring, and he’s behind Mister K, as they both start to get up slowly… Wwefan is inside the ring with his weapon, don’t turn around, MK! …. But he does! And Wwefan goes toward him for a huge shot…. BUT…. MK DUCKS….. AND METHUSELAH GETS NAILED WITH THE TV WHICH DRIVES HIM OUTSIDE THE RING!!! OH MYY GAWWD! What a shot! Meth got hit so hard in the face, and he was busted open! Wwefan rolls between the ropes to go cover the current champion, this might eliminate him! ONNNEEE…. TWOOOO….. BUT Methuselah kicks out! O man that was really close! Wwefan failed to eliminate him, but Meth is hurt…. Mister K and Wwefan are double teaming him right now, they throw him together into the steel chain!

Masters: But hey look at the time, another entrant will get in action! Is it Latino Game?? D.E? Or Captain Charisma?

(8……. 7……. 6……. 5……. 4……. 3……. 2……. 1……. 0!!!)

DP: It’s…… THE DARK EMPEROR!!!!! Methuselah’s tag team partner is out of his chamber, and the champ is safe! D.E goes to help him quickly holding the barbed wire sledgehammer, he hits a big boot on Wwefan… MK comes from the back throwing punches at him, the sledgehammer falls down on the floor, D.E turns around and lifts MK up over his head!


DP: OH MAA GOD!! What a throw! D.E is completely dominating! He is helping his partner, Methuselah, to get up at this moment…. Meth and D.E are staring each other, and the champ tells him to start eliminating the rest of the participants!

Masters: Methuselah is getting afraid of The Dark Emperor, his tag team partner might be the one to take the championship from him at the end! D.E starts kicking Wwefan down, while Meth goes to pin Mister K……. 1………… 2………. But Mister K gets a shoulder up! Meth gets him up, and uses his power, to send him into the steel chain, but MK reverses, sending the EAW Hardcore Undisputed Champion instead! And Mister K does a roll pin! One…… Two…… But a kick out by the champ! The Interwire champ almost eliminated him! Look out now, D.E picks up Wwefan for a powerslam, it gets countered, and Wwefan tosses him into the steel of CC’s pod!

DP: D.E is on his knees, with his head between the second and third rope, Wwefan picks up the TV, and brings it outside the ring, putting D.E’s face over it! Now he is climbing up the ropes in the corner…. down… and…. Wwefan jumps off FOR A DIVING LEG DROP SMASHING THE DARK EMPEROR’S FACE INTO THE TV SCREEN TO BREAK IT!!! What a great move by Wwefan! He pins DE….. ONEEEE….. TWOOO….. But he kicks out! Meth and DE are being dominated right now, MK hits Methuselah with a chain shot leaving him knocked out outside the ring!

Masters: MK enters the ring, as him and Wwefan are exchanging looks, they go face to face, then look at DE, and they team up on him! They’re trying to eliminate the big man from this match…. Wwefan starts stomping on him, while MK goes to get a table! He sets it up outside the ring, Wwefan throws DE next to it between the ropes… Methuselah is getting back up on his feet, he takes a sneak look, and sees DE getting beaten up, but Meth lays down on the floor! What?? He’s not doing anything to help his tag team partner! He’s letting Wwefan and Mister K beat him up! And look now for them, each one of them climbs up to a corner, while DE is standing in front of the table…..

DP: Mister K and Wwefan jump off the corner at the same time, grabbing DE by his head, connecting a DOUBLE TORNADO DDT INTO THE TABLE!!! DAMN! DE might be first to get eliminated….. MK covers him…… 1…… 2…… But DE manages to kick out! MK and Wwefan throw him back in the ring, and right now another entrant is close to come out!

(8……. 7……. 6……. 5…….)

DP: Only two left, Captain Charisma and Latino Game…

(4……. 3……. 2……. 1……. 0!!!)

Masters: And, it’s….. The Ultimate Opportunist of Ultimate Opportunities, Captain Canada….. CAPTAIN CHARISMA!!!!

DP: The referee unlocks his chamber, he enters quickly attacking everyone in the ring, CC with a running DDT on Mister K… He does a spinning heel kick on Wwefan who’s hanging on the ropes, driving him outside…. Methuselah is trying to get back in the ring, but CC attacks him with a running shoulder block to take him down on the floor…. CC goes on the third rope, and jumps off for a springboard clothesline, but Methuselah NAILS HIM WITH THE BARBED WIRE SLEDGEHAMMER IN THE FACE!!! What a shot! Meth caught him real good with this one, and he goes for the cover……. 1…….. 2…….. Kick out by CC! And at this time, Mister K is asking the referee to open the door of the cage, what’s going on with him???

Masters: The referee isn’t listening to him but Mister K grabs him by his shirt, forcing him to open…. And he goes outside the cage! Mister K is walking towards the stage of the arena, but suddenly he stops….. next to Latino Game’s lowrider! Uh oh… MK opens the back of Latino Game’s lowrider, and gets a lug wrench, he goes to the right side of the car, and starts removing one of the wheels! What the hell!? Latino Game is yelling in his pod, but he’s unable to do anything, he tries breaking the glass, but he can’t… The wheel has been removed, Mister K picks it up, and walks back toward the cage….

DP: He enters holding the wheel, and the last entrant, Latino Game is about to leave his chamber!

(8……. 7……. 6……. 5…….4……. )

DP: Mister K is standing in front of Latino Game’s pod, who’s getting ready to enter…….. 3……. 2…….. BUT WAIT A SECOND!!!! MK THREW THE WHEEL TOWARDS LATINO GAME’S POD WHICH BROKE THE GLASS COMING RIGHT INTO LG!!!!!

Masters: Wow… That was amazing! Latino Game is hurt, Mister K goes to pin him…. One…… Two…… BUT Latino Game gets a shoulder up! He almost got the pin!

DP: There’s a lot of tension between these two superstars, who will be going against each other at Reasonable Doubt…. And right now in the ring, Methuselah and The Dark Emperor are dominating…. You don’t want these two dominating, once they do, they can’t be stopped…. Meth picks CC up, and goes for an edgecution, but he pushes him off to the ropes, Meth bounces back, CC catches him with a drop toe- hold, and then locks in the STFU!!!!

Masters: DE goes to help Meth, but Wwefan takes him down by his legs!!! The champ is close to tap out! This crowd is on their feet, if Captain Charisma gets him to tap out, then we will see a new champion for sure tonight! Meth can’t take it anymore! CC has it applied really good, and he’s gonna make him tap out in any second! TAP! TAP! TAP!

DP: NO! DE jumped him out of nowhere to save his tag team partner! DE throws CC into the floor outside the ring, where Game and MK are fighting…. MK goes for a clothesline, but LG ducks, and connects a suplex! He hits another one, then….. a third one! And now Captain Charisma is getting up, Latino Game hits a suplex on him as well, and nails two others for The Three Amigos! He puts them next to each other, and then climbs up the chamber going to the top! DON’T DO IT! Latino Game HITS A DOUBLE FROG SPLASH OFF THE CHAMBER ONTO CAPTAIN CHARISMA AND MISTER K!!!

Masters: Unbelievable! That was great! LG is pinning MK….. ONE…….. TWO….. KICK OUT! He goes to cover CC……. 1……….. 2…… He kicks out as well! Damn, how’d they manage to kick out?? Latino Game is surprised, he goes to his pod, and gets his weapon, which is a barbed wire baseball bat! He goes inside the ring holding it, while DE gets his weapon as well, a barbed wire sledgehammer….. They go at each other at the same time, smashing their weapons together, they attempt a third time, but same results, DE kicks him in the gut, and nails a shot, but Latino Game goes under his arm running to the ropes, and bounces back hitting him with the barbed wire baseball bat!!!

DP: Game pins him, 1……. 2……. Kick out by DE! Mister K comes from Game’s back, attacking him, and he throws him outside the ring…. None’s been eliminated yet, Meth and CC are fighting on another side, while Wwefan is getting DE up…. Meth goes for a spear on CC, but CC moves outta the way, Meth stops before going into the glass, he turns around, and CC puts him into a position for the Unprettier! But Methuselah counters, and hits a Meth-O-Matic into the floor! The pin, 1…. 2….. Kick out! Wwefan is on the third rope right now, and he goes for a diving clothesline….. BUT DE CATCHES HIM BY HIS NECK! And he picks him up for a Chokeslam!

Masters: He goes for it, but no! Wwefan reverses it into a tornado DDT! He just saved himself, he is climbing up the cage right now, while DE slides inside CC’s pod, Wwefan continues his way to the top, without paying attention that DE moved out of the way…DE opens the box, which contains Captain Charisma’s weapon, and he picks it up….. OH MY GODD! NO! He has a….. a…… CHAINSAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DP: What?? Wwefan’s on top of the cage, as he was looking for a leap of faith, and he just saw the chainsaw… He’s scared at this moment, when The Dark Emperor TURNS ON the chainsaw! Uh oh, not only Wwefan is scared, but all the kids in this arena are yelling as well….And now, D.E starts cutting the steel chain! He goes to each side of the Cage where Wwefan climbed, and starts cutting it….. He continues doing it until it gets totally weak………… OH MY GOD!!!! THE SIDE OF THE CAGE JUST BROKE AND WWEFAN WAS HANGING ON THE TOP WHEN IT FELL, LANDING ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

DP: Wwefan is….. DEAD! DE walks outside the cage, and he pins Wwefan…….. ONEEEE…….. TWOOOOO……. THREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Announcer: Wwefan has been eliminated!

Masters: That was absolutely crazy! DE used a chainsaw to cut the steel chain, and Wwefan just fell from the top! And he’s out of this contest!

DP: At this moment, EMT’s are coming from the stage, and they go directly where Wwefan landed…. They lift him up, and put him on a stretcher, as he gets carried away….Well, we hope it’s nothing serious, hopefully Wwefan will be fine…. It’s down to five, Methuselah, Latino Game, The Dark Emperor, Captain Charisma and Mister K! One of these extremists will walk out with the championship, Meth and CC are currently down on the floor, while Mister K and LG are still fighting….

Masters: LG is choking MK with the barbed wire baseball bat, he puts his knee behind his head to the steel chain, and puts even more pressure on him! Mister K is bleeding a little bit, LG gets MK up, and throws him inside the ring….And then he brings the wheel to the ring as well, which MK removed from his lowrider earlier, LG throws him into the corner, and then places each one of his legs on a rope, leaving his legs opened…. Uhh, what the hell is Game doing now??? He grabs the wheel, and rolls it over…. SMASHING IT INTO MISTER K’S GROIN!!!! My god! MK’s future has been destroyed!

DP: MK is trying to get up, but he’s having difficulties, Latino Game tries to take advantage, he picks him up quickly for a suplex, but MK counters and sets up for the M!K Check! He attempts it, but NO! Latino Game reverses it into a roll up pin….. AND WAIT A SECOND! MK has him in a roll up position as well!!! 1……… 2………… 3!!!!!!!!!!!

Announcer: Latino Game and Mister K have been eliminated!

DP: O wow, the two rivals have eliminated each other! This feud will grow even more after this…. Latino Game is sliding outside the cage, while MK is still inside…. In the ring, DE and Meth are double teaming Captain Charisma, but watch out! MK nails DE with a huge shot using the barbed wire sledgehammer! And DE is knocked out outside the ring! Methuselah tries to attack him with a spear, but MK hits him as well with the weapon right in his face sending him to the floor! MK is climbing up the pod right now, and he’s on the top, while Methuselah is laying down on the floor! And…. Mister K connects a LONG ISLAND MOUTH, AKA SWANTON BOMB ONTO METHUSELAH OFF THE TOP OF THE CHAMBER!

Masters: MK is upset, and he finally leaves the cage…. Captain Charisma slides in to outside, and puts his shoulder over Methuselah! ONNNNNEEEEE…….. TWOOOOOO…….. THRRRRRRR………….

DP: BUT NO! DE pulls CC to the back to end the cover! Oh man, DE has helped Meth A LOT in this contest! You can’t imagine how close Captain Charisma was to eliminate him…. And DE is helping the champ to get back on his feet…. CC is trying to get back in a good shape, but DE attacks him, and he throws him into the steel chain…… DE lifts him up on his shoulders, setting up for the DEAD ANGELS BOMB… AKA LAST RIDE!!! But Charisma jumps off to the front to counter, and Methuselah comes running out of nowhere, for a……….. SPEAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masters: Oh NO! CC saves himself by throwing himself away, and DE gets speared INTO THE CHAMBER’S GLASS!!!!

DP: I don’t think he meant to his partner, but DE is DONE for tonight! Methuselah is in shock, but WAIT! Captain Charisma comes from the back, and turns him around in a position for the UNPRETTIER!!!!!…… And he CONNECTS IT! Unprettier into the platform outside the ring!!! Methuselah’s reign is OVER, Charisma goes for the cover…… ONNNEEEE….. TWOOOOOOOOOOOO……… BUT THE CHAMP GETS A SHOULDER UP!!! No way! How in the world would he kick out!?!? CC is totally shocked, and you can tell that by the expression on his face!

Masters: CC grabs Meth by his legs, and he pulls him to a pod, he kicks him down, and then asks the referee to lock the pod! Wtf! The referee is afraid, and he is hesitating, but he locks the champ inside the pod! Methuselah is locked away, while DE is on the floor unable to move…. Aww shit, Captain Charisma picks up his weapon, which is the…… CHAINSAW…. And walks toward DE….. Last time this weapon was used, DE injured Wwefan and eliminated him…. I don’t know what’s going on inside CC’s mind, but he steps out over DE and puts his leg over his arm…. And then he TURNS IT ON!

DP: DE is unable to move, and CC puts the chainsaw on DE’s hand…. CUTTING ONE OF HIS FINGERS!!!! OH MAH GAWD!!! DE is screaming in pain, this is the first time I ever see him suffering that much! I can’t believe this! A lot of blood is coming out right now, and it’s covering DE’s body…. Meth is locked in a chamber, while DE is down, Captain Charisma is taking advantage of the situation, as he goes to the top rope….. CC looks at the crowd for a moment, then jumps for a Frogsplash….. BUT….. The Dark Emperor catches him while jumping, and he has his hand on CC’s neck, DE gets back on his feet, and CHOKESLAMS CAPTAIN CHARISMA INTO THE PLATFORM!!!

Masters: CHOKESLAM! CC could be eliminated, but look at Methuselah! He is yelling inside the chamber, telling DE to come and unlock the chamber…. But DE does NOT listen to him, as he goes to cover CC! ONNEEEE….. TWOOOOOO……. and ….. THRRRR….NO! CC kicks out! I thought it was over for him, but I was wrong…. DE is walking toward Meth’s pod, and he breaks the chain to unlock it! Meth gets outside, and he goes face to face with DE, Meth is yelling at his tag team partner, while DE is trying to explain the situation and defend himself…. But watch out! CC comes from DE’s back pushing him off into Meth, who goes straight into the steel chain!

DP: CC tries to hit a scoop slam on DE, he can’t, DE with a big boot that take CC over the third rope, inside the ring…… The Dark Emperor goes after him, he does a knee to his body, followed by a spinebuster…. DE goes for the pin, 1…… 2….. Kick out! Look out for Methuselah, who’s climbing up the corner, and he grabs The Equalizer, which has been on top of the pod ever since this match started…. He holds it, and climbs down to the ring…… The Equalizer! Meth’s weapon, which is a guitar filled with thumbtacks AND shattered glass… He grabs it, and he’s awaiting for Captain Charisma to get up, while DE is on the other side of the ring…… CC is getting up slowly, he turns around, Meth runs and goes to hit him with the weapon!

Masters: But he doesn’t! Methuselah was just teasing, and CC ducked down right when he saw him coming…. OH NO! I can’t believe it! METHUSELAH JUST NAILED HIS TAG TEAM PARTNER WITH THE EQUALIZER OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!! What the hell is going on! Meth is betraying his tag team partner who saved him multiple times tonight! The champ covers DE….. this is OVER for him…… ONNEEEE…… TWOOOOO…….. and…….. THREEEEE!!!!!

Announcer: The Dark Emperor has been eliminated!

Masters: Damn, I still can’t believe it! How could Meth do that to his tag team partner?? Anyways, with DE eliminated, it’s between Methuselah and Captain Charisma!

DP: It’s 50/50 now….. Charisma comes with a roll pin from the back…… 1…… 2….. KICK OUT!!! They get up fast, and go at each other with a clothesline….. DE is getting up slowly, and he’s really upset, both men are down on the floor….. DE goes outside the ring, seems like he’s leaving, but he suddenly stops! And he goes toward the weapon, then looks between them…… And DE gets a table! He sets it up outside the ring on the steel, and then goes back to the weapons….. And he grabs a…… LIGHTER FLUID!!!!! Ooo shit! DE is spreading the fluid all over the table!

Masters: DE gets back inside the ring, and he picks up Methuselah, and throws him into the corner! This is the first time I ever see DE THAT MAD….. He lifts him up and puts him on the top of the corner…… DE climbs up the ropes after him, and then picks him up again, and puts him on the TOP of the pod! Uh oh! The champ is in danger! CC is sliding and he LIGTS UP THE TABLE!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!! And DE grabs Meth by his neck, and…… CHOKESLAMS HIM INTO THE TABLE WHICH IS ON FIRE!!!!! The champ is burning! He’s on fire, and he’s yelling so loud that he can’t take it anymore! DE is getting revenge, and Methuselah can’t move anymore!

DP: DE is outside the cage, and Captain Charisma is covering the champion! ONEEEEEE………… TWOOOOOOOO……. BUT METH GETS A SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masters: NO WAY! How did he kick out!?!? This is unbelievable! The crowd is shocked, and so are we! Meth is fighting! He wants to retain no matter how much it will cost……

DP: CC is disappointed, he puts Meth’s face into the steel chain, and starts kicking it repetitively…… Then he gets him up, and goes behind him, setting up for the Unprettier…… BUT Meth counters by pushing him off……. and NAILS A SPEAAAAAAAR INTO THE GLASS OF THE POD!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT! CC is done! Meth puts his shoulder over him for the pin……. ONNNNNNEEEEEE………… TWOOOOOOOO……… BUT CC KICKS OUT!!!!!! DAMN! These two WON’T give up! Meth is shocked, as he expected this would come to an end after a spear…… Back inside the ring, Meth is setting up for another spear……

Masters: CC is getting up, he turns around…… And Meth nails the spear! But going straight into the ring post, after that CC jumped over him! Now CC waits for him to turn, and then puts his arm around Meth’s neck……. CONNECTING THE GRAND SLAM!!!! Meth’s own finisher! Nobody could save the champ from this one, the cover…. 1……… 2……………… BUT METH KICKS OUT! Dammit! CC jumps straight to the top of the corner, he wants to end Meth as quick as he can…. And he hits a FROGSPLASH!!!! But NO! Methuselah counters with his knee straight into CC’s face! Damn! This isn’t gonna end! CC is trying to find balance, he turns around, Meth picks him up on his shoulders……. And HE HITS THE GUERRILA WAFARE INTO THE PLATFORM OUTSIDE THE RING!!!!!!!

DP: Meth didn’t let CC get away doing his finisher, so he replied to him with his own way! Meth goes for the pin….. 1……. 2……… KICK OUT AGAIN! Oh man, what’s next??? Methuselah goes to get a weapon, and he gets a bag of thumbtacks! He holds it, and goes inside the pod, where the wheel is still there…… And brings it as well with him… Meth sets up the wheel outside the ring, and he opens the bag, and spreads the thumbtacks all over! I don’t like the look of this, CC is on the floor, while Methuselah is climbing up to the top of the pod!

Masters: But Charisma is moving out! And he gets up on his feet, then climbs up, following Methuselah…. And they start exchanging punches from the top! Whoever falls is in big trouble! Meth goes for an eye poke, but Charisma catches his arm, and delivers a headbutt, then he climbs up to the top as well…. Meth is trying to push him off, but CC is still there….. And he punches him in the gut, then puts him in a position for the…. UNPRETTIER!!! DON’T DO IT!!! BUT HE DOES!!! CC HITS AN UNPRETTIER FROM THE TOP OF THE POD INTO THE WHEEL WHICH HAS THUMBTACKS ALL OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DP: OOHHHHHH MY GOOOOOD!!!!! Both competitors are DEAD! But CC puts his arm over Methuselah for the cover! ONEEEEEEEEE……. TWOOOOOO…… THREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Masters: IT’S OVER! We’ve a new champion!!!!


(CC’s entrance song hits, he gets a mixed reaction)

DP: What a great match! Meth lost the belt after a long battle! And CC’s finally done it over a YEAR in EAW!!!

(The chamber goes back to the top, as the referee grabs the championship belt, and comes to give it to CC…..But the light is off!)

Masters: Wait! Wtf is going on in here! The light is back on, but OH MY GOD! NO WAY!!!! CC is laying down on the corner, and there’s a briefcase which has written with big letters on it…….

DP: C……… I……. T……… V!!!!!

(Crowd explodes with cheers)


DP: Wwefan is finally cashing in!!!! But I didn’t expect this to be the place! Shit I would’ve never thought so after being injured by DE!

Masters: Ronn is outside the ring watching, the EAW Chairman allowed Wwefan to cash in! This is total bullshit!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

DP: Wwefan grabs CC by his legs, and he locks in the……. SHARPSHOOTER!!!!!!

Masters: Don’t TAP! CC worked really hard to win, you can survive this one!!! DON’T TAP!!!!!

DP: Wwefan puts even MORE pressure on Captain Charisma, who can’t survive anymore…… as HE TAPS OUT!!!!!!!!

Masters: NO FUCKIN WAY! NEW CHAMPION!!!!!! MY GOD!!!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: Here is your winner…… and the NEW EAW Hardcore Undisputed Champion………. WWEFAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!

(His entrance song plays, big pop from the crowd, as some money starts falling down on the crowd)

DP: New champ! The title has changed twice in the last five minutes! All the hard work has gone to NOTHING….. CC was SCREWED! This MUST BE the biggest screwjob of all time!

Masters: This FPV was FULL of surprises! One of the greatest FPV’s of all time, if not the greatest! All the titles have changed hands, except for the Women’s championship….

DP: Road 2 Redemption was live from Las Vegas…. What an amazing show we had here tonight, I’m Deadprez, and I’ll see you next week!

( Camera fades out )

( EAW logo buzzes )

Written by Fight Grid

King of Extreme (2008)

Reasonable Doubt (2009)