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Rex McAllister

The Elitist

Rex is a fierce competitor who loves a good fight, and can give intensity a run for it’s money. Rex is strong willed, commanding on the mic, intense, passionate and a little zealous. He’s old school personified. This elitist simply loves what he does, and he goes to great lengths to show it in the ring. He’s proven time and again to be one of the toughest most tenacious young competitors in all of EAW who doesn’t back down from anybody.

Rex acts altruistically, without regard for or against the traditional codes of ethics, lawful precepts and the likes, but he does not feel beholden to them. If need be, Rex will do what’s necessary to win a match ON HIS OWN (or rather when an opponent is trying to bend the rules to gain an unfair advantage, Rex will look to turn the tables). Like most elitists he strives for success on all levels in EAW and will stop at nothing to achieve the goals he sets forth for himself.

At this point of Rex’s career, he’s exactly where he’s always worked to be. He’s now viewed as one of the well-known, most respected, and valuable Elitists of Elite Answers Wrestling. Lately since becoming a Grand Slam Champion and being inducted into the most recent Hall of Fame, Rex has often been referred to as the model Elitist, which he has now dubbed ‘The Elitist’. Now in his third reign as a World Champion, not to mention one half of the current Unified Tag Team Champions, and now newly minted Hall Of Famer from the 2020 Hall of Fame class Rex is set on doing nothing less than vaulting the Voltage brand straight to the top through his continued efforts of being a locker room leader as a beacon of hope and opportunity while continuing to add to his legacy in the Land of Elites in the process.

Written by Fight Grid

Scott Diamond