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Reckless Wiring (2010)

The Fate of Extreme Is In Your Hands

( EAW Intro plays )

( The screen turns black & white, and fades to a young EAW Fan on his laptop voting on the Reckless Wiring page )

Narrator: On this night…. it isn’t management….

( Camera quickly elevates into the sky, showing the house in an aerial position, then the city, than the continent, and the entire globe eventually from a satellite view ) …

( Camera rushes from the Satellite in space to another EAW Fans computer focused in Europe )

Narrator: It isn’t the superstars…

( Camera elevates back to the sattelite, and rushes to Salt Lake City where a fan is voting on his mobile phone while in the passenger seat of a vehicle that is on its way to the arena )

Narrator: It isn’t the producers who are in charge tonight….

( Camera elevates back to the satellite, and spots are lighten up from all over the globe indicating the people who voted in the polls )

Narrator: It is the EAW Fans…. tonight is the one night where everything goes in favor of the EAW Fans…

( The Hova vs HRDO match card is shown ) … careers will be altered…

( Mister K vs Viper match card is shown on the screen ) … hatred will be spewed….

( Camera shows the MC Squared vs RR, KD vs HH and Montell vs Enigma and Speedy match cards ) … and championships will be decided… but it will ALL be in your favor… Ladies and Gentlemen, our fate… is in YOUR HANDS….

( Camera cuts to black on the screen, and fades to the arena where it is pitch black in the arena with the crowd cheering radiantly )

( A laser shoots across the entire arena )

( Several more lasers shoot across the arenas in various colors and hold its essence across the arena, until “Solar Midnite” by Lupe Fiasco begins playing over the loudspeakers )

( An opening is seen in the stage, and a platform rises from under and the higher the platform rises the brighter the Arena lights get, until Pyro shoots all over the Arena )

( Lupe Fiasco and a live band are seen performing “Solar Midnite” on the Ramp as the Crowd Roars when Lasers shoot across the arena, and the lights flicker simultaneously to the music )

Hey Yo Chico: HERE WE ARE!!!

Stew-O: 20,000!!! The arena packed with a crowbar at 20,000!!!! A RECORD audience at The EnergySolutions Arena, we are LIVE in Salt Like City, Utah…. and WELCOME EVERYBODY TO THE 2ND ANNUAL RECKLESS WIRING!!! I’m Stew-O!

Hey Yo Chico: And I’m Hey Yo Chico, and boy do we got a night for you! This is lookin like an Instant Classic in the making! In our Main Event of the evening we got three young guys! Extreme Enigma, 227 pounds, young, high-flying, fearless! Speedy, 230 pounds, young, ambitious, relentless! And The EAW Champion at 250 pounds, Montell Smooth! Young, charismatic and POWERFUL as ever! This Main Event alone that you fans have voted for is promised to be a big one! But right now lets get the show started!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This match is scheduled for onefall… and is a THREEEEE STAGES OF HELL MATCH!!! The first contest will be a Stretcher Match, where the winner most wheel the other to the top of the ramp to win. Then the next stage will be an Ambulance Match where one must lock his opponent into the Ambulance and drive their opponent to the third stage behind the arena for the final Buried Alive Match! Where one must literally trap their opponent into a casket within a 6 foot grave, and bury their opponent alive!….

( Hova’s music plays as Crowd gives a Mixed Reaction when he comes out, and shoots a dity look to Lupe Fiasco now sitting in the crowd as he walks to the ring )

Announcer: Introducing first…. from The Projects, weighing in at 220 POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUNDS….. HOOOOOOOOVAAAAAAAA!!!!

Stew-O: The Dynasty Owner tonight has been reduced to a brawler! And with Hova’s hip hop, hard knock background I can’t say im surprised! Hova really looks ready, he knows that this is going to be a very big night for him, and the most important match of his young career! It’s been interesting to see the roller coaster Hova has ridden on since becoming Dynasty General Manager, and I must say it’s really been explosive… but the worst really could be yet to come! ….

( Massive Flames shoot up from the Stage )

( HRDO’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he Comes Out )

Announcer: And his opponent…. from Orlando, Florida, weighing in at 245 POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUNDS…. H!!!!! R!!!!! D!!!!! O!!!!!!

Hey Yo Chico: Well this is gonna be ugly. THIS is the stuff that I been waitin for, Hova’s Brooklyn-Marci style of brawling and fighting mixed with HRDO’s monstrous slugger style…. this is gonna be a mix of a UFC Main Event and a Drunken Bar Fight! So much is on the line! Hova’s entire career, every right that belongs to HRDO! Neither of these big guys are doin down without a fight!

Stew-O: Its going to be graphic…. HRDO gets into the ring, but Hova ALREADY HAS THE MUGSHOT WRAPPED AROUND HIS FIST!!!! AND HOVA SWINGS!!! HOVA SWINGS AND DROPS HRDO WITH THE MUGSHOT AS IT HITS HIS FACE, SENDING HIM BACK IN BETWEEN THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE!!! And this whole crowd is in a shock!!! Hova rolls to the outside of the ring, and Hova goes towards the Stretcher at the bottom of the ramp… and Hova grabs HRDO…. and drags HRDO’s slumped body over the Stretcher! Hova finally got him over and Hova pushes that Stretcher up the ramp…. Hova pushes the dead weight up the ramp… but HRDO who is still fighting through the pain rolls off, more than midway up the ramp!!!

Hey Yo Chico: HRDO is on the ramp on his hands and knees, and Hova looking unhappy knocks over the Stretcher and KICKS into HRDO’s ribs!!! And pulls HRDO up, to deliver some mean shots into HRDO’s face, without the mugshot equipped ofcorse! And now HRDO who is barely balanced is being sized up by Hova… and with EVERYTHING HOVA HAS, HOVA WHIPS HRDO PARALLEL ACROSS THE RAMP INTO THE METAL CROWD DIVIDERS!!! …. BUT HRDO REVERSES THE WHIP!!! AND HOVA INSTEAD CRASHES AND THUDS into the Steel!!! Hova is hurting, and HRDO is recuperating…. and after a moment, HRDO goes over to Hova, pulls Hova to his feet and RAMS him face first into the Metal Divider!!! Take notice that after this stretcher match is over, an ambulance that is parked with medical “props” that are all on the side of the ramp on the outside awaits one of these two fellas!!

Stew-O: Well HRDO has Hova dragged over to the Stretcher, and HRDO pulls Hova up… and FLAPJACKS Hova SO HIGH INTO THE AIR, ABOUT 10 FEET, AS HOVA DROPS gutfirst onto the Stretcher!!! Hova is completely laid out facefirst over the Stretcher, and HRDO pulls Hova up the ramp… and HRDO is quickly pulling Hova to the top of the ramp…. and HRDO has passed the finish line!!! But the Stretcher hasn’t!!! Hova is moving around rolling onto his back, and HRDO stops pulling the ramp as he CLUBS SHOTS OVER AND OVER into the skull of Hova! And HRDO pulls Hova up to the stage!! The first Stage of Hell is done & done! ( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Hey Yo Chico: But this aint over, Stew…
Stew-O: No Prez, its not! HRDO has won the first Stage of Hell, and this is now time for the Ambulance Match! Hova rolls off of the Stretcher now as these men are at the top of the ramp on the Stage, and now HRDO is looking at the back of the Ambulence that is at the side of the Stage, and HRDO grabs Hova and TOSESES him onto the hood of the Ambulance, which is only a foot or two lower than the height of the Stage!

Hey Yo Chico: And HRDO steps onto the top of the Ambulance… grabs Hova… and PULLS HIM IN!!!

Hey Yo Chico: And LIFTS HIM UP FOR THE LAST RIDE POWERBOMB!!!! BUT HOVA PULLS HIMSELF OUT, AND DELIVERS A LOW BLOW!!! CLUBBING THE FIST INTO THE GROIN!!! Hova is on all fours now crawling on the top of the vehicle, and Hova grabs HRDO and crawls down to the front of the Ambulance and pulls out one of the windshield wipers! And the other, and pulls HRDO down to the front hood of the car… and now Hova pulls HRDO to his feet and connects a RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP, SENDING HRDO INTO THE WINDSHIELD!!! And Hova rolls off of the vehicle, and goes over to a nearby Steel Chair! And Hova storms over to HRDO, things aint lookin good!!! Hova swings and BATTERS HRDO REPEATEDLY WITH THAT STEEL CHAIR INTO WHATEVER OPEN PART OF HRDO’S BODY THERE IS! And HRDO rolls off of the Ambulance as Hova grabs HRDO…. and quickly runs him FACE FIRST into the side of the Ambulance, as HRDO goes down!

Stew-O: Hova pulls HRDO back up again…. and drives him facefirst INTO THE VEHICLE again!!! And HRDO is slumped over the side, as Hova goes over to the back of the ambulance where the opening is… and pulls open both doors as Hova grabs HRDO and slowly drags him over to the back of the Ambulance, and they’re behind it! But HRDO thrusts fists into the ribs of Hova, over and over again! And HRDO swings behind Hova, and as Hova turns around and runs towards HRDO…. HRDO DUCKS AND CONNECTS A BACK BODY DROP, HOISTING HOVA IN THE AIR AS HOVA FALLS SPINEFIRST ONTO THE RAMP!!! And Hova is sitting up in agony, quickly trying to get up, and HRDO pays no mind as he goes over to the side of the ambulance and searches for weapons… and pulls out two oxygen tanks! And HRDO goes behind the Ambulance… but HOVA LEAPS OFF FROM THE RAMP, TO THE SIDE OF THE STAGE WHERE HRDO IS WITH A PLANCHA!!!

Hey Yo Chico: Holy Smokes!! I’ve NEVER seen Hova do something like this! But at the same time Hova has never been in this situation, many people wish for this kind of excitement but be careful what you wish for! Hova is down, and Hova crawls back up after the quick recovery and grabs HRDO…. and now Hova rolls HRDO into the back of the Ambulance!!! HRDO is rolling around trying to get up, and Hova backs from the Ambulance Doors that are open out, and HRDO in a moment gets up to his hands & knees and tries to crawl out of the Ambulance… but HOVA RUNS FULLSPEED, AND CONNECTS THE DRIVEBY KICK INTO THE AMBULANCE DOOR, AS THE DOOR SWINGS AND SMACKS STRAIGHT INTO HRDO’S SKULL!!! AS HRDO FALLS BACK INTO THE AMBULANCE WITH A CAMERAMAN
INSIDE, AND HOVA SHUTS THE AMBULANCE DOORS AND SEALS THEM! And now Hova runs into the Drivers Seat of the Ambulance!

Stew-O: Hova shuts the door, and both windows are down…

( Hova switches on the radio as “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” is blasted, and Hova drives past the finished line into the backstage area/garage )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Hey Yo Chico: And Hova has won the 2nd Stage of Hell! And Hova looks like he’s cranking some tunes but HRDO is in the back singing soprano!

Stew-O: Well cameras are following the Ambulance as Hova is driving in a long tunnel inside the arena headed towards the back of the arena, where the Grave lies! And now inside the car Hova is driving quickly…. but THE GLASS WINDOW BEHIND HOVA IS SHATTERED WITH A BARE HAND, AND HRDO CRAWLS FROM THE BACK INTO THE FRONT OF THE VEHICLE, AND RAMS HOVA FACE FIRST INTO THE WINDSHIELD OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! AND THE VEHICLE SWERVES AS THEY ARE OUTSIDE OF THE BUILDING, AND HOVA CRASHES INTO A WALL!!! And you can see they’re outside with the gray skies, and cameras show the outside of the Ambulance as HRDO’s door swings open and HRDO steps out, and Hova’s door opens as Hova falls out coughing as he’s on the ground!

Hey Yo Chico: Well its funny how the music stopped as soon as the Ambulance crashed, but this has been one hell of a ride! One of the biggest matches Hova has ever been treated to, but that quick and illustrious career could be put to a halt tonight! HRDO goes over to Hova, and you can see clear across from them infront of bushes is a Tombstone and a 6 Foot Grave with a Casket inside! HRDO grabs Hova, pulls Hova in now… and HRDO LIFTS HOVA!!!! HRDO LIFTS HOVA AS HIGH AS HE CAN AND CONNECTS NO!!! NO NO NO!!! HE CONNECTS THE LAST RIDE POWERBOMB AS HOVA SMACKS INTO THE ROUGH SEMENT !!! And Hova is screaming and groaning in pain!!! And HRDO grabs Hova… and drags Hova by his arm over to the grave! And HRDO… oh no!!! HRDO WRAPS HIS CLAW AROUND HOVA’S THROAT!!! AND HRDO LIFTS HOVA HIGH AND WITH EVERY AMOUNT OF POWER, THRUSTS HIM INTO THE CASKET, 6 OR 7 FEET INTO THE GRAVE!!!


( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: HRDO HAS WON THIS MATCH!!! AND THAT MEANS THAT HOVA IS NO LONGER A DYNASTY STAR, AND PROBABLY THE BIGGEST PART IS THAT HE IS NO LONGER THE DYNASTY OWNER!!! BUT HRDO doesn’t look satisfied!! A mountain of dirt that has to be 10 feet high is right next to the grave, assumingly for props… and now HRDO IS GRABBING A SHOVEL!! AND HRDO IS LITERALLY DUMPING THAT 10 FEET OF DIRT EASILY ABOVE THE CASKET!!! HRDO’s gotta atleast stop this!!! Be easy!!!

Hey Yo Chico: HOVA IS LITERALLY BEING BURIED ALIVE! This isn’t called Buried Alive for nothing, HRDO is literally burying Hova with the 10 Feet of Dirt! We don’t really have the time to forward all of our attention to this… but HRDO has won this match and HRDO is clearly adding the insult to injury!

( Camera fades backstage to Kevin Devastation sitting with The Kliq )

Kevin Devastation: Whatsup Gang… y’all gonna be out there just incase Hawk tries pullin anything funny I presume…

Cyclone: Don’t worry boss, its all under wraps you got nothin to worry about…

Adrian Christ: We’re keepin this a clean match, no chairs, no tables no nothin. And if that ref tries pullin anything funny well trust me, we’ll take care of it…

Kevin Devastation: That’s why I like to hear… we’re the Kliq, The Black Hand… and we’re leavin’ , *KD pats his Interwire Championship* with this badboy tonight… not Hurricane Hawk… lets get goin…

( Kevin Devastation and The Kliq get up and walk out of the lockerroom )

( Camera fades backstage to Speedy stretching for his EAW Championship Match )

( An EAW Development worker walks into Speedy’s office, and whispers into Speedy’s ear )

Speedy: …. what are you doing he– …. no I don’t give a damn about the polls…. ( The worker speaks into his ear again ) … what??… ( The worker speaks into his ear again ) … WHAT!? ( Speedy gets up and storms out of his lockerroom ) …

( Camera follows Speedy storming down the hallways, and pounding on Hova’s Office Door until Jaywalker opens it )

Jaywalker: Can I help you?


Jaywalker: Im VP, you can consult with me… what do you want.


Jaywalker: Hey, the fans voted…

Speedy: I understand if I bring ratings, but im being MISUSED again! If im not put in a good match, im overbooked and put in USELESS WASTE OF TIME TAG MATCHES! You know the last time I needed some sort of Tag Title? 13 Months Ago…. I’m PAST the tag team division, and I feel sorry if a couple of hasbeens don’t know when to call it quits, but im NOT going to be going out there with a waste of human air like Adam, and waste my time when I need to be in the—

Jaywalker: Woah! Chill out, Speedy… look, as much as I’d like to help you… well… nah I take that back, I don’t give a crap. But on the flipside, as much as it sucks to be you… at least you get to reunite with your “long time chump”… i mean chum, Adam! Now if you’ll excuse me ive got some cabinets to… uh… refile…

( Jaywalker shuts the door in Speedy’s face, as Speedy kicks a dent into the trashcan )

( Reasonable Doubt DVD preview airs ) …

( Kevin Devastation vs Hurricane Hawk promo, along with Interwire Championship highlights air )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This match is scheduled for onefall…. and is a SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE MATCH, FOR THE INTEEEEEEEEERWIREEEEEEE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

(Latino Game’s theme plays as the Crowd boos)

Announcer: Please welcome the Special Guest Referee for this match up!…… LAAAATINOOO GAAAYYYY…. ME!!!

Stew-O: Oh now what the hell is this? That’s Flashback dressed as Latino Game…

Hey Yo Chico: Does that REALLY make a difference between the this and the real thing, Stew? They both have the same amount of athleticism anyways, and both got about as far in EAW… Besides, I think Flashback looks pretty manly sporting that new mustache (hehe).

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!…. And is for The INTERWIRE CHAMPIONSHIP!!….

(Hurricane Hawk’s theme plays as the Crowd cheers)

Announcer: First, the challenger!… Making his way to the ring… Weighing in at 219 pounds!…. From Jacksonville, Florida!…. HURRICAAAAAANE HAAAAWWK!!!

Stew-O: I bet you this man right here just cannot wait to get his hands on Kevin Devastation, Chico, we began to see a new side of him on Turbo and we’re bound to see more tonight.

Hey Yo Chico: That’s true, we did, but I wouldn’t forget, Stew, Hawk’s “new side” came out with the help of the weapons he used around him on Turbo. What’s Hawk gonna do without those weapons now that Cyclone and Adrian Christ are gonna keeping him from them? I guess we’re about to find out..

(Kevin Devastation’s theme plays as The Kliq come out while the Crowd boos)

Announcer: And his opponent!… Now making his way to the ring, accompanied by Cyclone and Adrian Christ!… Weighing in at 285 pounds!…. From Detroit, Michigan!…. He is THE INTERWIRE CHAMPION!!…. KEVIIIINNNN DEVAAAAAASTATION!!!

Stew-O: I can’t believe the smirk this guy is sporting right now after all the bloodshed he’s caused since creating this Kliq. Hawk was only one of the multiple victims of their attacks, but as we know Hawk to be so resilient, he’s decided to fight back and take that InterWire Title from KD.

Hey Yo Chico: Oh just cry about it then, Stew, Kevin is a leader, he wasn’t the one you saw beating Hawk to a pulp, that was Cyclone and AC, and even THEY’RE not at fault here in my opinion. Hawk just needs to know his place and that’s that.


Stew-O: And Latino Gayme, Flashback, calls for the bell and here we go, AC and Cyclone on opposite sides of the ring here to stop any notion of using a weapon by orders of KD.. Hawk though doesn’t seem to be taking a liking to that as he looks over the ropes to AC on the outside. You can’t seem to help the feeling that there’s more to this and Hawk knows it, staring down with Cyclone from the ring now. But in comes a forearm smash from Kevin Devastation!!

Hey Yo Chico: But it can’t connect as Hawk ducks under the arm of KD and connects with a forearm smash of his own straight to the ribs of Big Kev! Another forearm smash connects! KD attempts to swing at Hawk out of desperation but it’s no good as Hawk stops KD with a toe kick straight to the gut! Hawk leaps to the middle rope and springboards off for a flying crossbody!! But Kevin manages to catch the entire body of Hawk, bringing that smirk quickly back to his face as he drops Hawk down straight on his knee, spine-first!! KD picks Hawk up again.. And brings him down onto his knee for a second time!

Stew-O: KD seems more focused now as he.. He swings the body of Hawk around to connect with a swinging sideslam straight down to the canvas!! My God, Hawk’s body literally just bounced off of the canvas! Kevin can’t seem to help but smile proudly as he covers Hawk, this could possibly be the end right here!

Flashback: 1!!!!

Hey Yo Chico: BUT it’s no good, Hawk’s got a shoulder up! KD doesn’t seem to show any signs of frustration but who knows what’s exactly going on his in mind as he lifts Hawk up to his feet.. KD forces Hawk into the ring corner and begins furiously connecting with knees into Hawk’s upper leg and ribs area! KD quickly shifts to punches all over Hawk’s head and neck area, Hawk is defenseless right now! KD puts a stop to the attack as a dazed Hawk walks out to the middle of the ring as KD picks him up, looking for a sidewalk slam!! No! It’s not gonna connect as Hawk manages to escape, climbing up the back and to the head of KD, attempting to choke him!! KD reaches up to grab Hawk, but Hawk quickly dazes KD with a headbutt straight to the back of the skull!! And now Hawk is unloading multiple headbutts to the back of KD’s head, that’s GOTTA hurt!!

Stew-O: Hawk stops the attack at last, jumping down to his feet as Kevin Devastation drops to one knee, grabbing his now damaged head as he tries to recuperate.. But he should know better than that as Hawk comes running back with a full head of steam! BAM!! A Shining Wizard kick straight to the back of Big Kev’s skull courtesy of Hurricane Hawk!!! My God, Kevin falls like a tree face-down on the canvas! AC and Cyclone are looking on not to happy about that as Hawk rolls KD onto his back and hooks his leg for the pin!

Flashback: 1!!!!!!!……. 2!

Hey Yo Chico: And just BARELY a two count as KD kicks out! KD’s probably got one hell of a headache but manages to get back up to one knee.. As Hawk connects with a shot to the jaw! And there’s a buzzaw kick to the head just as KD got to his feet, causing him to back pedal into the ring corner, propping himself on the middle turnbuckle! Hawk looks to take advantage of the situation as he comes running at KD!!

Stew-O: And Hawk leaps and grabs a hold of the top turnbuckle, UNLOADING stomps into the head and neck area of KD!! My God, he’s not stopping this, he just might literally stomp a mudhole in the InterWire Champion!!! Hawk stops the stomps at last, quickly pulling Kevin up by his hair.. And as soon as KD gets to his feet, Hawk follows up his attack with a shoulder thrust straight to the gut of KD!! A second shoulder thrust!! A THIRD shoulder thrust!!! Man, this kid is on quite a roll as he handsprings backwards and lands on his feet, charging back at Kevin for one final-KD CATCHES HAWK BY THE THROAT!! HE PICKS HIM UP!! CHOKESLAM OVER THE ROPES AND TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!! JESUS CHRIST!!!

Hey Yo Chico: Even Adrian Christ is in some shock from that desperate and DEVASTATING maneuver KD just pulled off! HH is NOT moving! Kevin Devastation is still pretty beat up, slowly rolling to the outside and falling to all fours as soon as he does get out.. AC begins to help KD to his feet-But Kevin pushes him back a bit, telling AC to get back! Kevin gets to both feet, reaching down and pulling Hawk up.. Hawk is still motionless as KD picks him up over his head.. And drops Hawk face-first onto the ring apron!!!

Stew-O: And it seems as though Hawk is either bleeding from his lip or he could actually have some internal bleeding! KD connects with a shoulder thrust of his own into the ring apron! Cyclone is now over there, RIPPING the mats off next to Kevin and Hawk, exposing the cold concrete that lie under them! KD doesn’t seem to mind that as he pulls the hurt Hawk in, picking him up… SEXICUTION ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!!!! NO!! No, no, wait, Hawk swinging, connecting with shots all over the face of KD!!!

Hey Yo Chico: KD backs up, giving Hawk an opportunity to climb off his shoulders, through the ropes, and into the ring! KD is hurt, he’s now bleeding from the forehead as he turns back to the ring, but… WHAT’S THIS?! HAWK LEAPS TO THE TOP ROPE!! SHOOTING STAR PRESS INTO KEVIN DEVASTATION ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!! MY GOD, BOTH MEN ARE SENT CRASHING THROUGH THE BARRICADE!!!!

Stew-O: That was completely, UTTERLY out of nowhere!! All you can see is the lifeless legs of KD, Hawk’s body isn’t even visible in the Crowd!! I don’t.. I don’t even know if these two young men are able to finish this match up… They might not even-WAIT! Wait, there’s the arm of Hurricane Hawk reaching over the barricade!! Hawk makes it to his feet and walks through the broken barricade, over to ringside, possibly for a weapon!

Hey Yo Chico: But wait, that isn’t gonna fly with Adrian Christ and Cyclone, they’re in Hawk’s way! Hawk stares at them for a moment, but decides not to fight, slowly walking around the ring… Hawk is now.. He’s walking up the ramp? Where’s he going?! Hawk gets to the side of the ramp, I think he’s looking for a weapon over there!! AC and Cyclone don’t notice as they help KD back up to his feet! KD’s up as he notices what Hawk’s doing, he’s actually gonna go after him!!

Stew-O: KD walks around the ring as Hawk notices him coming, rolling back onto the ramp.. Both men meet at the ramp and begin throwing fists all over the place!!! They fight further and further up onto the stage! KD connects with a kick to the gut of Hawk, then swinging for a big boot!!! But Hawk ducks under it!! Hawk comes charging at KD as KD turns around!!… But KD connects with another shot to the gut.. Pulling Hawk in!! SEXICUTION!!!!! BAH GAWD ALMIGHTY, SEXICUTION OFF OF THE STAGE!!!!!

Hey Yo Chico: KD isn’t wasting anymore time! He lowers himself down to the side of the stage,picks Hawk up, and rolls him onto the ramp! KD drags Hawk all the way down the ramp as AC and Cyclone watch! KD ROLLS HAWK IN, HE SLIDES IN AND COVERS HAWK!!!

Referee: 1!!!!!!!……. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!………… THRE—-


Referee: 1!!!!!…… 2!!!!!!!!!!!………


Flashback: 1!!!!!!…..2!!!!!!!!!!!………. 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


( Kevin Devastation’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he celebrates )

Announcer: The winner of this match… and STILL the Interwire Champion!!! … KEVIN… DEEEEEEVAAAAAASTATIOOOOOON!!!

Stew-O: Hurricane Hawk was put through so much adversity! When your Hurricane Hawk who isn’t 100%, going against 3 men to be technical and one of them is the 7 foot Interwire Champion, this surely isn’t going to be any walk in the park! But you have to admire and respect Hurricane Hawk for that showing!

Hey Yo Chico: But did Hurricane Hawk REALLY think he had a chance against Big Kev!? Heck no, Kevin had this in the bag the whole time, Hurricane Hawk put him through some trouble but this was game since the match was made! … ( Adrian Christ and Cyclone run down the ramp, slide into the ring and begin attacking Hurricane Hawk )

Stew-O: Why cant these guys give it a rest!? That damned Kliq is just ambushing Hurricane Hawk 3 on 1, stomping like theres no tomorrow all over Hurricane Hawk’s body!! And they drag him into the ropes in front of our announce tables, and drop Hawk throatfirst over the first rope as Kevin PRESSES his boot onto the back of Hawk’s skull! And Kevin raises his fist at Hey Yo Chico…

( Hey Yo Chico stands up from his seat and raises his fist with KD ) … This is sickening! The Kliq drags Hawk to the middle of the ring, both men have Hawk held from behind as Kevin just KICKS at Ha—- WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!

Hey Yo Chico: WHAT THE HELL???


Hey Yo Chico: CM Bank$!? Of all… of all people why??? …

( CM Bank$’ music plays as he kneels in the ring helping Hurricane Hawk )

Stew-O: I have no clue why he’s out here, but in many opinions Banks suprisingly did a noble thing… but the real question behind this is why? Because noone, especially Bank$ just comes out of the blue and saves Hurricane Hawk…

Hey Yo Chico: We’ll look into that one…

( Camera shows Montell Smooth, Extreme Enigma and Speedy in a Triple Split Screen preparing for the EAW Championship match )

Hey Yo Chico: But comin up we still got the EAW Championship on the line! Its going down, Extreme Enigma, Speedy and the EAW Championship Montell Smooth are going to put on CLINIC! And its going to be in an Elimination Falls Count Anywhere, you fans voted it, and you fans could end up having the entire match decided within the crowd! Anywhere this match could extend! …

( Split Screen is consumed into one screen showing Extreme Enigma doing exercise routines )

( Max A. Million walks into the locker room with a microphone, as Enigma gets up )

Max A. Million: Hello Enigma, may we have a word?

Extreme Enigma: Whos we? Its just you…

Max A. Million: You know the EAW Fans…

Extreme Enigma: Oh… sure…

Max A. Million: Well Extreme Enigma, tonight you obviously take on two men who will push their limits past its max for that Gold, and the fans have been wondering what kind of limits will you exceed? What kind of risks and plights will you take to ensure an EAW Championship is returned to your shoulders?

Extreme Enigma: For the last few weeks, by the way thats an interesting question, for the last few weeks ive been trying to switch my style up alittle bit. Even against Montell Smooth, I tried keeping my style into a more ground based style, because you simply never give your opponent what you want… and im sure many people have practically prayed and hoped for typical Extreme Enigma that’ll jump all over the walls… well tonight you’re not gonna see a lunatic bouncing off the walls, and you’re not going to see the ground and pound

Extreme Enigma…

Extreme Enigma: You’re not going to see anything you’ve seen before… the EAW Fans are going to see a much different Extreme Enigma. The EAW Fans are going to see a different Extreme Enigma. Crashing & Burning? Nope. Abusing suplexes? Sorry. You’re going to see a man who will look Montell Smooth dead in the eye, look at Speedy dead in the eye and slap the HELL out of them both. I’ll plunge miles into pits, I’ll dive off of the tallest structures this building may have… but I promise that this time im not crashing and burning alone. If I don’t win the EAW Championship then obviously ill be going down…. but if I dont beat you for the EAW Championship…. you’re just gonna have to go down with me….

( Extreme Enigma picks up several weights and leaves his locker room ) …

( Camera fades back to the arena )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: This match is scheduled for onefall…. and is for the UNIFIED TAAAAAAG TEEEEEEEEEEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!! ….

( Malicious Intent’s music plays as Speedy and Adam come out uncomfortably exchanging dirty looks )

Announcer: Introducing first… the Special Guest Enforcers…. The former team of Speedy and Adam… MAAAAAALICIOOOOOOOOOOOOUS…. INTEEEEEEEEEEEEENT!!!

Stew-O: Well here are Speedy and Adam, and just look at these two! Since coming from Malicious Intent, look what’s become of these two men… Adam is the Interwire Champion, Speedy the InterBranded Champion… these guys have really done well since disbanding! So its a pretty nice sight to see how far they’ve come…

( Ryding Regulationz’ music plays as Regulator and Matt Ryder come out to Cheers )

Announcer: Introducing the CHALLENGERS! They are the team of Regulator and Matt Ryder….. RRRRRRRRRRYYYYYDING…. RRRREEEEEEEGUUUUUULATIOOOOOOOOOONZ!!!

Hey Yo Chico: Ryding Regulationz is what they call them! Since joining together, Regulator and Matt have played teacher-mentor and already they’re gunning for the Unified Tag Team Championship! But will this huge leap for Ryding Regulationz pay off? …

( The stage fills with smoke as Mr.DEDEDE’s music intro plays )

( Music and Lights switch over to Captain Charisma, as Crowd gives a Mixed Reaction when they come out with the Unified Championships )


Stew-O: They are the Unified Tag Team Champions! Experience, confidence, wit, the two of them combined have a hunger that just cant be extinguished! And we saw that when they defeated The Order of the Angels and shocked everyone! What are we gonna see tonight? …

Hey Yo Chico: Well its happening! First in the ring is Mr.DEDEDE and Matt Ryder…. and Matt feels like he’s in the hall of fame, surrounded by legends and the top talent in this business! And he locks up with one of the greatest of all time, Mr.DEDEDE…. and Matt ACTUALLY GETS A HEADLOCK!!! How about that!! But DEDEDE has a tight grip, and DEDEDE throws feirce punches into Matt’s gut several times, and DEDEDE pushes Matt back into the ropes… whips him to the other ropes… and as Matt returns DEDEDE lifts the knee DEAD into the midsection!!! As Matt drops to the middle rope throatfirst, and as DEDEDE backs up he runs FULLSPEED, AND RUNS the shoulder into Matt’s lower spine!!

Stew-O: And Matt gets back to his feet in a hurry, and DEDEDE goes over to Matt, SHOVES him into the corner and starts pummeling Matt with hardknock right hands into the face!!! 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7 shots! But Matt KICKS DEDEDE into the gut, drops to the mat as DEDEDE is bent down and THRUSTS A MASSIVE UPPERCUT!!! And as DEDEDE turns around, Matt hooks his head under DEDEDE’s arm…. and CONNECTS a Back Suplex! And DEDEDE pretty suprised by the impact as he sits up, and luckily he’s near his partner so he sits up and tags Captain Charisma in! And now Matt gets up and tags Regulator in! And woe the HISTORY between these two men! As both men look ready as ever…. and lock up dead in the ring! Its a struggle… but Regulator QUICKLY SHIFTS BEHIND CAPTAIN CHARISMA, WRAPS HIS ARMS AROUND HIS WAIST AND RELEASES THE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!

Hey Yo Chico: But Captain Charisma in midair backflips!!! Lands on his feet, turns Regulator around and connects several right hands! And delivers a HUUUUUUUUGE SLAP!!! WOAH MAN!!! Regulator turns around as the whole half of his face is red!!! And CC shaking off the sting from his hand turns Regulator back around and pummels right hands, him and DEDEDE have really been throwing all the punches!! … But Regulator infuriated with that slap BREAKS FREE OF CC’S BARRAGE, AND FIRES OFF SHOTS INTO THE CAPTAINS FACE!!! And Reg backs CC into the ropes…. whips him… STRAIGHT INTO A CLOTHESLINE! Knocking CC down, and as CC gets back up Regulator drives the forearm into CC’s face, as he hits the mat hard! And as Captain gets back up, Regulator goes up to him, as CC delivers several punches into Regulators gut… but Regulator THRUSTS the knee into Captain Charismas face!

Stew-O: And Captain Charisma on his knees crawls over to the Turnbuckle, and look at Matt Ryder!!! Sliding in the Steel Chair as Regulator grabs it…. SWINGS AND CONNECTS THE CHAIRSHOT INTO CHARISMA’S SPINE!!! And Captain Charisma is screaming in pain after that hard shot, and Regulator goes over to DEDEDE and RUNS FOR A CHAIRSHOT!!! But DEDEDE ducks and thrusts the shoulders into Reg’s gut… and Reg backs up as Captain Charisma QUICKLY HOOKS THE ARMS!!! But CC doesnt have nearly the strength after turning Reg around, and Regulator PLANTS an Electric Chair Drop! And covers Captain Charisma! 1!!!!!…………2!!!!!……………… but Captain Charisma kicks out! And now Regulator gets up and tags in Matt Ryder, and as Matt steps into the ring he grabs Captain Charisma and locks in from behind a chinlock!!!

Hey Yo Chico: What an effective lock! Captain Charisma is suffering and suffering bad, that wrenching hold is hurting his neck, his entire jaw and Matt is holding it with all hes got! Captain Charisma is in a seated position, Matt in one knee, and Matt THRUSTS CC’S JAW in that hold, putting a HUGE contortion in a split second, and leaving Charisma’s neck sore! And Matt lets up, backs up and delivers a MASSIVE KICK INTO THE BACK OF CC’S NECK!!! And backs up again and THRUSTS ANOTHER KICK into Charisma’s spine!!! And now Matt Ryder grabs ahold of the Steel Chair, Matt Ryder grabs Captain Charisma only by his hair alone!!! And pulls him up just to THRUST HIM THROATFIRST INTO THE TIP OF THE STEEL CHAIR!!! Now Regulator slides in a lean, Wooden Table and Matt Ryder leans it right on the Turnbuckle! And look at Matt Ryder! The aggression, relentlessness… that is STRAIGHT out of Regulator’s textbook! Now Matt Ryder pulls Captain Charisma up again…. hooks him…. and CONNECTS A HARD SNAP SUPLEX!!!

Stew-O: And covers! 1!!!!!…………..2!!!!!!………… but theres the shoulder out! Now Matt Ryder is looking up at Mr.DEDEDE…. and after a while Matt grabs CC into a full nelson and LITERALLY WALKS CC OVER TO MR.DEDEDE, AS IF HE WANTS DEDEDE IN!!! And as SOON as DEDEDE swings to tag himself in, Matt THRUSTS CC away from DEDEDE, and connects the Full Nelson Facebuster instead! And rolls CC onto his back, and covers, 1!!!!………..2!!!!…………. but Captain Charisma kicks out! And now Matt Ryder pulls Captain Charisma up and backs him in the Turnbuckle…. and backs up!!! RUNS!!!!! AND!!!! OH NO!!!! OH NO, MATT THRUSTS THE SHOULDER INTO CC’S GUT! As CC coughs up all of his cough, and Matt backs up…. and RUNS AND THRUSTS THE SHOULDERS IN THE GUT AGAIN!!!! …. — BUT CAPTAIN CHARISMA SPINS!!! SPINS OUT OF THE WAY AS MATT RYDER RUNS RIGHT INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!

Hey Yo Chico: I’m seeing a look in Matt’s eyes as he hits that Turnbuckle, and that look is ANGER! Captain Charisma stumbles over to Mr.DEDEDE and LEAPS, to tag in his partner!!! And Mr.DEDEDE gets in! As Matt Ryder turns around and see’s Mr.DEDEDE standing there to his suprise! And Ryder runs fullspeed to DEDEDE, as Mr.DEDEDE KNOCKS DOWN Ryder with a righthand! Now look at Captain Charisma, from behind he PULLS REGULATOR OFF OF THE APRON, and sparks a fist fight between him and Regulator!!! And Ryder gets back to his feet as Mr.DEDEDE KNOCKS HIM RIGHT BACK DOWN AGAIN with a Clothesline!!! … But Matt ducks under it, and runs FULLSPEED to the Ring Apron! And as Matt is on the apron, DEDEDE turns around as Matt SRPINGBOARDS OFF OF THE ROPES, FOR THE SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE!!! … AND DEDEDE LIFTS HIS BOOT, AND IN MIDAIR KNOCKS MATT RYDER DOWN WITH THE BIG BOOT!!! And now Mr.DEDEDE pulls at his hair!!! EAW’s Angry Blonde looks like he’s in his zone!!!! Matt Ryder is getting up!!! Turns around!!! BE CAREFUL!!!!

Stew-O: AND MR.DEDEDE CONNECTS THE SPEAR!!!!! AND SPEARS HIM SO FAR, SO HARD MATT RYDER IS DRIVEN STRAIGHT THROUGH THE WOODEN TABLE!!!! And Mr.DEDEDE pulls Matt Ryder into the middle of the ring!!!! And theres the hook of the leg!!! 1!!!!!!!!!!!…………..2!!!!!!!!!……………3!!!!!!…..

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Mr.DEDEDE’s music plays as he and Captain Charisma roll into the ring, and celebrate with the Unified Tag Team Championships )


Stew-O: They did it!!! Mr.DEDEDE and Captain Charisma have retained the Championships after this fight, and despite the ups and downs, despite that IMPRESSIVE performance from Matt Ryder, Mr.DEDEDE and Captain Charisma still came out of this match as a team! And its because they’re able to provide defense for eachother, not just total offense but defending the legal man whenever he’s got the advantage! And after that spear through the table, there was NO other option!!!

Hey Yo Chico: Big time win! Reckless Wiring another bump in the road that Mr.DEDEDE and Captain Charisma were able to overcome, and this might now have been the biggest all-out brawl, but the Unified Tag Team Champs sho—


Hey Yo Chico: ITS!!! ITS REGULATOR!!!! REGULATOR FROM BEHIND JUST KNOCKED DOWN CAPTAIN CHARISMA WITH A MONKEY WRENCH! And Mr.DEDEDE looks at Regulator in a mixture of shock, anger and anticipation! And that COLD stare in Regulators eyes tell the story!!! And Mr.DEDEDE RUNS FAST AS LIGHTNING FOR THE SPEAR!!! BUT REGULATOR SPINS LIKE A TORNADO, AS DEDEDE RUNS SKULLFIRST into the Turnbuckle!!! And as he turns around, Regulator SWINGS THE MONKEY WRENCH INTO DEDEDE’S GUT!!!

Stew-O: And now Regulator picks up the Unified Tag Team Title with Mr.DEDEDE’s name on it… and CLOCKS IT DEAD INTO THE SKULL OF MR.DEDEDE!!! This is just… this is just unbelievable! Last year Regulator did the same exact shameless thing! Its like he cant STAND to see Mr.DEDEDE win!

Hey Yo Chico: You know Stew? This is just a painful dose of Deja Vu! A year ago this happened! Regulator mercilessly attacked Mr.DEDEDE, showed him who’s boss and now its happening again because DEDEDE LET IT! Not much to say but you should’ve watched your back! Losing isn’t an easy thing to deal with, and for whatever reason, Regulator drops the Monkey Wrench, steps through the ropes and walks up that ramp without looking back an inch!

Stew-O: This is just stupid and sickening…. I thought Regulator got his little revenge, but I guess i was wrong…

( Camera fades backstage to Montell Smooth laid on a bench, lifting several hundred pounded weights in sweatpants and sneakers ) … (

Max A. Million walks into the room with a microphone )

Max A. Million: Montell its been a busy night, and your EAW Championship Match is really soon…

( Montell throws the weights off of him and sits up, grabbing his EAW Championship infront of him )

Montell Smooth: Excuse me?? Do you know what respect means?? I’m the EAW Championship… an already you’ve introduced the whole entire world to the secret TCS Toast to my Championship… and now you’re gonna barge into my lockerroom like you live here or something, and eventually ask me questions?

Max A. Million: Well I apologize Mr….

Montell Smooth: Apology not accepted buddy. You treat your EAW Championship or you feel the POUNCE. And now I assume you’re gonna ask me some stupid repetitive little questions that you ask every World Champion coming into a title match… “oh, what do you expect?” “what will be your method”? Find a real damned job. People like you shouldn’t get paid to be in EAW… so about the EAW Champinship match and my opponents, I have NOTHING to say.

Max A. Million: Nothing?…

Montell Smooth: Nothing at all. And you might be in some chippery mood to the point where you can skip around pointing mics at guys, but I’m not in the mood at all… you want me to make a statement!? Watch what I do to Extreme Enigma and Speedy… and watch closely, because thats EXACTLY what I’m going to do to you on Dynasty…

Max A. Million: You…. You’re challenging me to a match? Look Montell I— ( Montell picks up a large weight and points it at Max )
Montell Smooth: You see these lifts? You’re gonna have to do alot of these to survive the first knockdown… just look at it as my Post-Championship retaining warm up….

Max A. Million: Your fatass is gonna have to do alot more situps to catch up to me…

Hey Yo Chico & Stew-O: :O!!!! …

( Montell Smooth gets up in a shock, as Max A. Million quickly leaves the lockerroom and Montell tosses the steel weight breaking through the Wooden Door )

Hey Yo Chico: We’re really gonna see Montell Smooth face Max A. Million?

Stew-O: Well Montell doesn’t have any shame in his game, and lets look back to how Montell got here! He won the EAW Championship in one of the most shocking and controversial ways I’ve ever imagined up! …

( Montell Smooth’s EAW Championship victory is recapped ) ….

( Camera fades to the Arena ) …

( Ominous Music begins playing as the Steel Cage begins to lower closer to the ring ) …

( Camera fades to the Ring Announcer standing at Ringside )

Announcer: The following matchup is scheduled for onefall…. and is a STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL CAAAAAGE MATCH!!! The only way to win is to escape the cage, or to defeat your opponent in regular match ruling…

( Mister K’s music plays as Crowd gives a Mixed Reaction backed with Boo’s as he Comes Out with a Red Spotlight in a dark arena shining on him )

Hey Yo Chico: Well look what we have here! …

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Mister K walks down the ramp as his music stops and the Microphone drops from the rafters into his palm )

Mister K: Ladies and Gentlemen…. DO I NEED AN EXPLAINATION??? Do I need a commentator??? No… because this Entrant, and tonights WINNER OF THE MATCH WILL BE… MIIIIIISTEEEEEEEEEEERRRR… KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! …

( Mister K rolls into the ring, and quickly climbs up to the Turnbuckle to sit ontop of the Steel Cage with the mic ) ….


Hey Yo Chico: I love this guy! He’s going to tell you who the hell he is whether you like it or not! (clap) I’m a fan! …

( Viper’s music plays as Crowd Cheers when he Comes Out )

Announcer: And his opponent…… from San Diego, California…. weighing in at 165 POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUNDS…. VIPEEEEEEER!!!!

Stew-O: Well boy do these styles clash! Mister K a roughneck bruiser-typed brawler and mat wrestler facing Viper, the highflying! Anxiety drawing showman! Viper always has something up his sleeve that you might not think he can do, but yet… Viper does it! Is Viper gonna do it tonight, we saw the attack from Dynasty… but is Viper going to get some sort of comeuppance against Mister K…

Stew-O: The Cage is planted around the apron…. and both of these guys looking at each other in the most despising of ways LOCK UP… and it didn’t take long for MK to run a knee into Vipers ribs, and SWING HIS SKULL as the back smacks into the canvas! And Mister K quickly hops onto the Cage Wall! And is climbing! And Viper quickly gets up as Viper SPRINGBOARDS TO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE, AND PULLS HIM DOWN LEAPING AND CONNECTING A REVERSE DDT INTO THE MAT!!! And Viper hooks the leg!!!! Oh my Goodness!!! 1!!!!!!…………2!!!!!……………. but MK kicks out!!! HOW LUCKY is Mister K right now, as he sits up and gets to his knees holding the back of his skull!

Hey Yo Chico: It aint luck, its resilience…. MK uses the ropes to get back up, and Viper leans MK back on the ropes… pulls off his glove and delivers HARSH KNIFE-EDGED CHOPS into that Sternum!!! As MK is hurtin for certain! And Viper whips MK into the ropes, and as MK comes back Viper slides behind MK from inbetween his legs… and as MK turns around Viper is already backed up on the ropes, running towards him… but KNOCKED DOWN with a lifted boot into the face! And MK with that same boot just stomps over and over onto Viper’s stenrum and throat, THIS is is the size advantage! THIS is why I don’t see Viper winning, as Mister K lifts Viper up and DROPS him with the scoop slam…. MK is just toying with the little fella! A Scoop Slam? And the mocking of Viper’s taunts by MK? MK is putting insult before injury! And now MK backs into the ropes…

Stew-O: And delivers a KNEEDROP into Viper’s skull!! And MK covers! 1!!!!………..2!!!!!……… but theres the shoulder up! And after that harsh Knee-Drop, Viper turns away, as Mister K pulls him up by his mask…. and MK DRIVES VIPER FACEFIRST into the Cage Walls! And Viper just holds on by one hand to the ropes, as MK backs up, and VICIOUSLY RUNS A KNEE INTO VIPER’S GUT!!! MK’s velocity is unmatched! He is the INNOVATOR of velocity when it comes to EAW! We’ve seen alot of tough guys show their strength in controlled rage, but none like MK, ill give him that! But the way MK picks on Viper just because he wants to be Mak’s golden boy and Mak refused—

Hey Yo Chico: Thats so biased! SO Biased! How can you say that?

Stew-O: Because its true! Mister K grabs Viper now… hooks him up and delivers a mean Snap Suplex into the canvas… but YES, IN MIDAIR, Viper instead lands on his feet as MK falls to his back!, and MK rushes back up as Viper attempts a Standing Moonsault, but cat-like Viper lands on his feet! And MK goes towards him, but Viper delivers SHARP AND RUTHLESS SHOTS WITH THE KICKS INTO THE SIDE OF MK’S RIBS AND LEGS!!! And MK is in so much pain!

Hey Yo Chico: Wait, MK catches one kick… but Viper SHIFTS AND CONNECTS THE ENZIGURI SIDE-KICK to the head! As MK falls to his knees again! And now Viper backs up showing off to the fans which isnt gonna do much for him… and MK is leaned back on the Turnbuckle as Viper runs FULLSPEED, AND HITS THE WHEELBARROWED BODY-SCIZZORS BULLDOG driving MK facefirst into the Canvas! And Viper covers with an arm! 1!!!!!………..2!!!!!……….. but MK kicks out! And Viper has been handicapped for another reason, he can’t even do his finisher! How do you do the 619 in a Steel Cage Match, huh? Go ahead tell me how!

Stew-O: Cmo–

Hey Yo Chico: Sorry, its my time to commentate! Viper is now thinking of something else as Viper looks towards a Turnbuckle and climbs up…. and Viper aint stopping there! Viper is climbing up the Steel Cage Wall looking to get to the top! Obviously Viper’s gonna take the cheap way out and crawl to the top like the little baby attention-hog he is! But YES! Mister K is getting back to his knees! Cmon MK!! MK is up to his feet but has legs of spaghetti! And MK rushes up the Turnbuckle with all hes got….

Stew-O: BUT MK LOOSES BALANCE!!! HE FALLS OFF!!! …. NO WAIT! WITH ONE HAND HE GRABS VIPERS FOOT!!! AND VIPER IS HANGING ON THE TOP OF THE CAGE WITH MK’S 246 POUNDS OF DEADWEIGHT! And MK… PULLS VIPER OFF THE TOP, AS VIPER FALLS 12 FEET FROM THE TOP FLAT ON HIS BACK!!! As Viper is out!!! And Viper is curled up infront of the Turnbuckle in the shock of pain!!! And MK is hurt too, but he knows what he just did to Viper and is thinking of taking the advantage! MK crawls over to Viper slowly, remember that MK took some of that fall too! And MK is closer to Viper, and pulls at his legs to drag him in the middle of the ring… and Viper HUGS THE ROPES!!! VIPER KNOWS that MK was thinking pinfall! And Viper hugs those ropes for dear life, as MK with the rest of his strength YANKS Viper off of the ropes, and hooks the leg!!! 1!!!!!!!…………..2!!!!!!………….. but Viper kicks out!!!

Hey Yo Chico: Well Viper’s resilient… but Mister K is 100% smarts! MK is slowly getting up, and MK is clapping loudly and is CLEARLY thinking of his finisher that he can do (any time he wants!) And Viper sluggishly gets up after a moment of exhaust being drained…. and MK PULLS VIPER IN!!! BUT NO!!! VIPER BREAKS FREE! And LEAPS for the Hurricanrana!!! As MK FLIES into the Steel Cage Body-on-Steel, and Steel always wins! And now MK stumbles backwards as Viper connects a DROPKICK into the Spine, shoving MK face first into the Steel again!! And after eating steel twice, MK turns around as Viper SOCKS MK IN THE GUT, AND SNAPS A DDT!!! PLANTING MK INTO THE RING!!! And Viper has two options! And he’s picking the option that with his quickness can assure! As Viper gets up and through the pain, fatigue and struggle climbs up the cage!!! This aint good!!! Cmon MK!!!

Stew-O: Viper is up that cage, and what would’ve been a quick climb is a long slow and painful one! And the saying goes “dont look down”, but after several moments Viper looks back and to his astonishment see’s MK turned around and getting up!! Viper is more than half-way up the Cage Wall… and Viper hangs on with one hand and SOMEHOW TURNS HIMSELF AROUND, so that his back is to the Cage Wall!!! That is skill!!! And this is as risky as it can get!!! Mister K is wobbly and up and turns around… and VIPER LEAPS OFF!!!!!!! FOR THE LOU THEZ TAKEDOWN FROM 12 OUT OF 15 FEET!!! …..

Hey Yo Chico: YES!!!!!

Stew-O: NO!!!! MK DODGES OUT OF THE WAY, AS VIPER LANDS STRAIGHT INTO NOTHING BUT CANVAS!!! And MK looks around frantically…. and goes over to the corner of the Cage!!! Oh no!! Not like this!!! MK KICKS INTO THE STEEL CAGE WALL! And it isn’t locked & bolted, its accessible! As MK demands the Refs around the ring open the Cage door…. and STUMBLES out of the Steel Caged Ring, to the ringside floor! …

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Mister K’s music plays as Crowd Boo’s when he stumbles to the ramp, and looks at the hurt Viper on his back celebrating )

Announcer: The winner of this match…. MISTEEEEEEEEEEEER KKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

Stew-O: This is unfortunate… I thought MK would show abit more heart and class instead of trying to technicalize his way out of everything…

Hey Yo Chico: Unfortunate!? Sorry to burst your bubble Stewie, but MK just showed how much smarter than Viper he is! Both of these guys got their styles from two different people, Mister K from Mak and Viper from Robbie…. but which one of their mentors spent the first Year and 1/2 of their time in EAW a WINNER? While Robbie V is struggling to Main Event, Mak won World Championships and literally supported the industry on his back! Which one is more of a winner? You can answer this one Stew, tell me!

Stew-O: Well that doesn’t matter, Mister K’s won this match and I don’t know what you and him have gained out of it besides some sort of chuckle and a laugh, but the rest of us aren’t impressed…

Hey Yo Chico: The only people that need to be impressed are the people that MATTER… end of story.

Stew-O: We’ll just agree to disagree I suppose… this was quite a match, but coming up next Ladies and Gentlemen is a CAN’T MISS! The cap to an instant classic of a FPV that this has been! Coming up next Ladies and Gentlemen is the EAW Championship on the line in triple threat action that will run rampant through-out the entire arena! Absolutely ANYTHING can happen!

Hey Yo Chico: LITERALLY anything could go down, and they may tear this whole freaking place down if that’s what they need to do! That match starts right after our break! … Gonna take a smoke.

( Grand Rampage preview is aired ) ….

( Camera fades back to the Commentary and Solar Midnite plays over the loudspeakers as Stew-O and HYC are seen )

Hey Yo Chico: What an honor its been to be here! I feel really lucky to get to call tonights show right now!

Stew-O: The perks of commentating for Dynasty are something else! And Reckless Wiring has been, in my opinion an Instant Classic! And remember that as soon as the logo buzzes for tonights show, the Road to Pain for Pride begins! Which is why this EAW Championship Match to these 3 men coming up is going to be the most important match in these three mens careers, I can HONESTLY say this! Because when you’re a World Champion walking into Pain for Pride season, your entire career is changed forever!

Hey Yo Chico: That’s the unmitigated truth! Stew, as many things as we might disagree upon, you just gave the most sensible and elaborate explanation to this match! …

Announcer: This following contest is a Three-way Falls Count Anywhere Match…. for the EAW CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOONSHIP!!!!

( Montell Smooth’s music plays as the crowd gives a mixed reaction when he comes out with his EAW Championship )

Hey Yo Chico: A very proud man… Montell Smooth has walked around with a massive chip on his shoulder, and that big chip is the EAW Championship… many obviously argue that Montell Smooth was completely undeserving of the EAW Championship and that he didn’t win it… but tonight is his opportunity to prove himself! What will we see from Montell Smooth? The same we saw earlier tonight and that, Stew was intensity! And there is going to be A LOT of that…

( Extreme Enigma’s music plays as the audience jumps up to give a massive applause when he comes out )

Stew-O: What a guy this is… I’ve watched his career for over a year and ive seen him grow from that insecure young kid who didn’t know what to do or who to trust anymore, and now he’s grown stronger. He’s become a warrior, and has gotten the confidence in himself like you wouldn’t believe… but now is all about redemption! Extreme Enigma obviously wants back that Championship and in reckless abandon will he get it back if ANYBODY lets him! …

( Speedy’s music plays as Crowd gives a mixed reaction when he struts out to the ring with his InterBranded Championship )

Hey Yo Chico: And here comes the wildcard in this one… Speedy’s aggression and hunger has only increased tenfold what it was before… Speedy looks at the EAW Championship and literally DROOLS, almost foams of the mouth. Speedy already has a World Championship on his shoulders, but his heart & soul belongs to the EAW Championship and he would give up that IB Title in a quick heartbeat! He would give ANYTHING for that title! The question now is what is he going to give tonight??? ….

( All 3 men stand in the middle of the ring ) …

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, first introducing the CHALLENGERS… first, from Parma, Ohio…. weighing in at 235 POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUNDS… He is already the reigning INTERBRANDED CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOON…. SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! … ( Crowd gives a Mixed Reaction as he looks around the crowd in disgust )

Announcer: His opponent…. hailing from Jersey City, New Jersey…. weighing in at 227 POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUNDS….. EXTRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME…. EEEEEEEEENIGMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! … ( Crowd Cheers as he runs up the turnbuckle )

Announcer: And finally! ( Crowd begins booing ) … from Boston, Massechuchettes…. weighing in at 250 POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUNDS….. He is the EAW CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!…. MONTEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH!!! ( Crowd Boo’s in disgust as he beats his chest and raises his Championship )

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew-O: Well this is the moment… and typical Speedy is the first to roll out of the ring, as Extreme Enigma and Montell Smooth look at Speedy and look back at eachother, not wanting to miss a beat… and Extreme Enigma quickly rolls out of the ring as Speedy has ahold of a Trashcan lid! And Speedy SWINGS, but Extreme Enigma ducks under the lid, and as both men turn around facing eachother Enigma throws punches into Speedy’s face, grabs Speedy’s head and RAMS HIM FACE FIRST into the Steel Steps!!! And Enigma rams him OVER and OVER and OVER into the steps, face first! And now Montell Smooth rolls out of the ring, goes over to Speedy and stares at Extreme Enigma for a long time… as Montell grabs Speedy and RAMS HIM FACE FIRST INTO THE STEEL STEPS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! And Enigma grabs Speedy, RAMS him into the steps, and Montell grabs Speedy RAMS HIM facefirst into the steps!!! These guys are just showing off and putting speedy through hell!!! Now Extreme Enigma grabs Speedy and rolls him into the ring, as Speedy is seated in the corner….

Hey Yo Chico: And look at Extreme Enigma! Enigma is STOMPING and STOMPING mudholes into Speedy’s body over and over, as Speedy now has a minor cut above his left eye! And now Montell Smooth rolls into the ring, pushes Enigma out of the way and STOMPS into Speedy HARSHLY, OVER and OVER! And now Enigma SHOVES Montell out of the way, as he pulls Speedy up, and throws hardknock shots straight into Speedy’s skull!!! And Montell GRABS EXTREME ENIGMA, AND TOSSES HIM inbetween the ropes as he lands to the outside!!! And Montell grabs Speedy and throws his hardknock shots into Speedy’s skull, as Speedy is practically gasping for air as those punches are RAINING into Speedy’s forehead, as Speedy is more busted open!!! And Speedy is leaned on the middle ropes, as Extreme Enigma rolls into the ring with a Steel Chair!!! And Extreme Enigma from BEHIND SPIKES the chair into the back of Montell’s knee!!!

Stew-O: Montell is on one knee, and Enigma gets infront of Montell Smooth and SMASHES the Steel Chair into Montell’s skull!!! Oh what a BRUTAL chairshot!!! And Extreme Enigma quickly covers!! 1!!!!!……………. 2!!!!……….. but Montell kicks out! And Extreme Enigma rolls out of the ring, pulls Montell out of the ring aswell by his arm as Extreme Enigma grabs the hurt Montell Smooth… lifts him up and DROPS HIM Sternum first as Montell spills into the crowd!!! And members of the crowd get up as he rolls right on the concrete, and Extreme Enigma follows Montell as Montell gets up, and stumbles as far away from EE as he can to regroup!! And Extreme Enigma STILL SWINGS at Montell Smooth, as they are headed deeper into this crowd!! And now Montell Smooth is in the crowd area behind our Announce Tables, as Extreme Enigma grabs a large nearby stereo speaker…. and Enigma RUNS IT STRAIGHT INTO MONTELL’S SKULL!!!

Hey Yo Chico: BUT MONTELL DUCKS, and instead connects a Backbody Drop as Extreme Enigma smacks into the concrete with the impact!!! And now Montell Smooth holds his head and slowly drags Enigma right behind us, and TOSSES him over the cade’ as Enigma lands right inbetween us here…. and Montell leans Enigma over the Announce Table, and Montell gets infront of our Table now as he backs up and is looking to RUN THE KNEE INTO EXTREME ENIGMAS SKULL!!!! … BUT FROM BEHIND, SPEEDY SWINGS THE RINGBALL STRAIGHT INTO THE BACK OF MONTELL’S SKULL!!! And Montell Smooth is down, as Speedy goes infront of the Announce Table and lifts up the ringside padding, and wraps his arm around Extreme Enigmas’s skull!!! And SPEEDY HAS HIM HOOKED, AS HE PLANTS A DDT STRAIGHT INTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR, AS EXTREME ENIGMA IS LAID OUT!!!! And it looks like Extreme Enigma’s out of this picture!

Stew-O: That is true, Speedy grabs Montell Smooth and rolls him in the ring, and Speedy grabs Montell as hes on the Turnbuckle…. and the FIRE in Speedy’s eyes behind the blood tells the story!!! Speedy RUNS, AND CONNECTS HIS VINTAGE AND PATENTED SWINGING CORNER CLOTHESLINE!!!! As Montell Smooth falls flat on his face! And Speedy hooks the leg of Montell! 1!!!!!……………….2!!!!!!………………….. BUT MONTELL kicks out! Extreme Enigma is outside of the ring crawling, but is RATTLED! Montell is getting up…. and Speedy grabs Montell as Speedy whips Montell to the ropes…. no wait! Montell reverses the whip, and as Speedy backs into the ropes and comes back, Montell connects a SPINNING SCOOP SLAM! Right into the mat!!! And Montell Smooth is looking around the ring, but the ring just doesn’t look good enough! So Montell grabs Speedy by the arm and pulls Speedy out, as Speedy is already moving around…

Hey Yo Chico: Wait a second! Look at Extreme Enigma!!! Montell and Speedy are at the bottom of the ramp, but Enigma isn’t too far and is leaning on the Barricade!!! And Extreme Enigma crawls ontop of the Cade’, and Enigma IS UP!!! HES UP THERE, AND EXTREME ENIGMA RUNS ON THE BARRICADE AND LEAPS FOR A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE, KNOCKING SPEEDY AND MONTELL DOWN!!! And Enigma is down too, still holding his head! But Extreme Enigma was able to take his opponents down, as he hooks the leg on Speedy! 1!!!!!!!……………2!!!!!………….. but Speedy kicks out! And now Enigma slowly gets up… and grabs Montell Smooth by the head, but Montell is HAMMERING punches into the midsection! Enigma is hurting from it, and he releases as Montell delivers MORE right hands, and Enigma stumbles to the left side of the ramp at the stage! And now Montell brings Enigma over to a table….

Stew-O: And clears it of its technical equipment! And now Montell scoops Extreme Enigma and MILITARY PRESS-LIFTS him high in the air!!! And Montell DROPS ENIGMA THROWING HIM SPINEFIRST THROUGH THAT TABLE!!! As Wooden Shards are all over the place, and the table is as wrecked as Enigma! Now Extreme Enigma is aching in pain, and Speedy from behind turns Montell around and connects a European Uppercut! And a big one as Montell turns around… and SWINGS AROUND KNOCKING SPEEDY DOWN with a Clothesline!!! And now Extreme Enigma is leaned back on the doubledoors…. and Montell Smooth is POISED!!! AND MONTELL RUNS FULLSPEED!!!! AND CONNECTS THE POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUNCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! ON ENIGMA STRAIGHT THROUGH THE DOUBLEDOORS!!!

Hey Yo Chico: HOLD UP!!! EXTREME ENIGMA SPINS OUT OF THE WAY, AS MONTELL SMASHES THROUGH THOSE DOORS, BREAKING 1 COMPLETELY OFF OF ITS HINGE!!! And Extreme Enigma after a moment realizes what he just dodged! As he goes through the once exit doors, to see several people laid out, and Montell Smooth leaned on several stacked crates… and Enigma eyes the Water fountain in between he and Montell, as Enigma backs up and runs & springs OFF OF THE FOUNTAIN, to connect the Poetry In Motion!!! As Montell spins out and falls to the ground! And Extreme Enigma is holding his back, can barely stand and is in just so much pain! And here comes Speedy now as he goes for a Back Suplex on Extreme Enigma… but INVERTS IT INTO A FLAPJACK! As Enigma is sent into the ground! And Enigma curls up in the pain, as Speedy backs up and Enigma….

Stew-O: Extreme Enigma is trying to get up as hes bent down, holding his midsection… and SPEEDY RUNS FULLSPEED AND CONNECTS THE SLOW KILLA!!!!!!!! AND THE NECKBREAKER CONNECTS!!!! And ladies and gentlemen this is an EAW Championship match, but this is NOT in the middle of the ring! This is in a Hallway backstage, falls count anywhere action!!! And Speedy hooks both legs!!!! 1!!!!!!!……………….. 2!!!!!………………. BUT EXTREME ENIGMA KICKS OUT!!! My God!!! My GOD these men are being put through hell!!! And Speedy grabs Extreme Enigma and drags him by the hair for a LONG, LONG distance, until they are halfway down the ramp!!! And Speedy pulls Extreme Enigma up to his feet, carries him from behind and runs Enigma GUTFIRST INTO THE STEEL RINGPOST!!!! And Speedy drops him on the ringside floor, and pulls Extreme Enigma in a seated position infront of the Ringpost..
Hey Yo Chico: And Speedy digs under the apron… and pulls out a SOLID PAIR OF HANDCUFFS!!!! AND A KEY!!! AND SPEEDY BEATS ENIGMA ACROSS THE SKULL WITH THE HANDCUFFS, UNTIL EXTREME ENIGMA STARTS BLEEDING!!!! AND SPEEDY HAS BOTH OF EE’S HANDS TOGETHER, AND HANDCUFFS THEM TO THE TURNBUCKLE BEHIND HIM!!! Extreme Enigma is in a seated position, with both hands cuffed on the handcuffs wrapped around the ringpost!!! And Extreme Enigma’s torso is WIDE open to abuse as Speedy backs up… and thrusts A NASTY KICK STRAIGHT INTO EXTREME ENIGMA’S MIDSECTION!!!! And he backs up… and kicks AGAIN!!! AND AGAIN!!!! AND AGAIN!!!! AND AGAIN!!!! And Speedy TEARS off Extreme Enigmas shirt as you can see marks and bruises all over him!!! Speedy is hovered over Extreme Enigma…. but LOOK AT MONTELL SMOOTH!!! I DIDN’T SEE MONTELL SMOOTH COMING, BUT


( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

( Montell Smooth’s music plays as Crowd reacts in a shock as he feintly celebrates with the EAW Championship )


Hey Yo Chico: Its finally over!

Stew-O: These guys battled through hell and BACK!!! The EAW Championship meant being whipped! Being knocked around! DESTROYING bodies! And these men STILL GOT UP, STILL GOT UP and STILL GOT UP! But Montell Smooth within the blink of an eye and a wince of forgetfulness capitalized to its full extent! And Montell hit the Pounce, and Montell Smooth is STILL the EAW Champion!

Hey Yo Chico: These 3 guys didn’t care WHAT was coming for them! They made sure that if they werent gonna go out Champ, then they weren’t going to go out without a fight! But to Montell Smooth, losing just wasn’t an option! Montell Smooth can proudly celebrate his EAW Championship, because now the Road to Pain for Pride has begun! Everything has fallen into place! And we wanna thank you all for spending your time HERE at Reckless Wiring in Utah!

Stew-O: I don’t think Utah’s ever seen a show like this, and I don’t think we’ll ever see an Instant Classic like this again! We’ll see you next time as the Road to Pain for Pride starts: NOW! ….

( Grand Rampage preview airs )

( Camera fades to a black )

( EAW logo buzzes )

Written by Fight Grid

Reasonable Doubt (2010)

Grand Rampage (2010)