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Reasonable Doubt (2010)

Who Will Prove Their Greatness, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt…

( EAW intro plays )…

( An Animated EAW pyramid is shown, of highlights from EAW greats )

( The beginning of 21 Guns starts to play )

Narrator: History…

( Camera shows the Pain for Pride, Grand Rampage and King of Extreme logos and flashbacks from each event )

Narrator: Faces come and faces go… legacies are born and others are erased from history…. Legends are exalted…

( Camera shows Mr. DEDEDE, Mak and MK celebrating with their respective World Titles on respective episodes of Showdown )

Narrator: Some are forced to walk away..

( Camera shows Masters’ Retirement, and LC’s final match before his indefinite hiatus )

Narrator: And through each generation, one question is asked… ( 21 Guns intensifies )

Narrator: Two competitors…. one shot at Redemption…

( Camera shows JMJ on Showdown confronting DE )

JMJ: Dark Emperor.. if you are trying to prove to me and the rest of EAW that you are good enough to contend for the Interbranded Title.. this wasn’t a good start, I feel bad for what’s going to happen to you, come this Saturday…

Narrator: Two young stars…. one Championship…

( Camera fades to ADV and Jon Keltons individual battles on Showdown )

…. tonight is the gateway to opportunity… but not for all…

[[ Flashes of a Hell in a Cell are shown ]]…

( Adam is shown standing in the parking-lot, holding the National Extreme Championship )

Narrator: A Championship held hostage becomes yet another shot at redemption…. but at who’s expense?…

( Camera shows Matt and Adam brawling in the parking lot, with Matt reclaiming his Title )

Narrator: By Authority consent, one mans treasure is another mans obsession… and will do what is necessary to pull out the win….

[[ More Hell in a Cell flashes are shown ]]

( Camera shows Speedy interfering in several Impact matches )

Narrator: The classic tale of a hungry Challenger, YEARS in the making for this day…

( Camera shows Speedy in an interview room )

Speedy: I made one mistake and I slipped, BUT I WILL NEVER MAKE OR LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN!… At Reasonable Doubt, Impact, your Championship is mine…

Narrator: And a champion already up to his neck in problems…

( Camera shows Impact shots holding the InterBranded Championship, competing match after match )…

Narrator: Throw in the wildcard…

( Camera shows Saint Anger announced into the match with shocked looks on Speedy and Impacts faces )

Narrator: A dispute too big for one brand…

( Camera shows Robbie V and Jaywalker stood face to face )

Narrator: All of the marbles are in one bag, are up for one grab, and in a flash will meet its maker…. Two men fight for one crown, one contract, another chance…

( Camera shows Jaywalker handcuffing Robbie )

Jaywalker: Robbie, just say you QUIT!!!!

King Robbie: I…. cant WAIT to kick your ass at Reasonable Doubt…

Narrator: Who will leave with the spoils?

[[ Camera continuously flashes towards the Hell in a Cell ]]

Narrator: And for the first time in Extreme Answers Wrestling History…. HELL IN ITS WHOLE is risen to EAW….
( ) …. ( Camera shows CM Bank$ standing in the EAW Ring )…

Narrator: A man held back years before his time…. ( Camera shows HBB celebrating with his WHC )

Narrator: A Champion enjoying every taste of Gold that he has….

Heart Break Boy: I’m the World Heavyweight Champion, and I’m not going ANYWHERE… Bank$, at Reasonable Doubt we make HISTORY….. in Hell in a Cell!!!

Narrator: Two men, one title, but is it worth it?….

( Camera shows Bank$ hitting the GTR on HBB ) – ( Camera shows HBB in the ring with Banks during a match )

DP: And Banks looks extremely confused as he gets up and looks around the ring for HBB…AND HE TURNS TO GET SWEET CHIN MUSIC! SWEET CHIN MUSIC BY THE HEART BREAK BOY!

Narrator: And eye for an eye makes the whole world blind….

Narrator: But tonight is the revelation. Who is the GREATEST???….

Stew-O: The Greatest! …. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt!… ( Camera shows several EAW Superstars standing in a squad-line in a dark room )

CM Bank$: Its gonna be me….

HBB: its me….

Y2Impact: Its me….

Jon Kelton: Its me….

Speedy: Its me….

ADV: Its me….

Jaywalker: Its ME…..

King Robbie: Rob-bie-V….

( Camera transitions to the outside of the New Orleans, Superdome as the Audience can be heard from there ) …. ( From the top of the Dome, theatrical fireworks are seen spiraling from the inside of the dome to skyrocketing to the Outside )…..

( Camera fades to the inside of the Superdome, with the Crowd Roaring as 21 Guns is blasted on the Stereo )

ETR: WHAT A TURNOUT!!! What a GIGANTIC Turnout for Reasonable Doubt! We had our Doubts that the Superdome wasn’t going to be the fitting place for RD! But it wouldn’t be the first time critics were proved wrong in EAW! 58,000 strong, we’re PAST capacity! But to hell with it, WELCOME TO REASONABLE DOUBT!!!!

( Camera shows Bank$ vs. HBB match card )

Deadprez: We are in for a THRILLER! Hanging above our heads for the FIRST TIME, ITS THE HELL IN A CELL!!! Just like that! WHAT body will be broken?! WHO will walk out World Heavyweight Champion?! Who will risk their LIFE to prove to be the GREATEST in this Business at what they do, beyond a Reasonable Doubt?!!!

ETR: I’m ETR, alongside my colleague Deadprez! And Prez you were on the dot with it, Bodies WILL be broken! But NOT just in the Hell in a Cell, we have a locker room full of Superstars who will do WHATEVER it takes night in and night out! This is a big night for Showdown! I can’t imagine the momentum we will have going into Dynasty vs. Showdown after this! Lets get the show on the road!!! …

( Lights dim and fades to the Ring Announcer ) … ( Ding! Ding! Ding! )…

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall…. and is for the EAW ALTERNATIVE X CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!….

ETR: WOO!! I’m PUMPED!! Our first match of this action packed evening is Alexander Da Vinci, The Current, Reigning and DEFENDING Alternative X Champion takes on Jon Kelton, Former Interwire Champion!! Let’s get ready, DP!

Deadprez: I’m ready, ETR! I think the fans in Louisiana are ALSO ready!

(Jon Kelton’s theme hits… Crowd Boo’s)

Announcer: The following contest is set for ONE Fall and its for the EAW Alternative X Championship! Making his way to the ring first, From Manitoba, Canada weighing at 215 POOOOOOOOOOOOUNDS…. JON KELTON!!!

ETR: Kelton and the Champ has pinned each-other whether it was on Turbo OR Showdown! Kelton pinned ADV in that tag match with the Adam and Matt Ryder! And then a few days later, ADV returned the favor by pinning Kelton on Turbo! Its an equal doubt for the Championship here tonight!

(Alexander Da Vinci’s theme hits…Crowd Erupts in Cheers as he comes out holding the Alternative X Championship with a cape wrapped around him)


Deadprez: This crowd is going NUTS for the Champion! What a obvation from the crowd here tonight! Later on tonight, I wonder how the crowd will be for the main-event… the Hell in a Cell as Heart Break Boy defends against CM Bank$! But right now, the referee is raising the Alternative X Belt in the air as this contest… IS UNDER WAY!


ETR: Alex and Jon Kelton lock up in the center of the ring! Without a huge doubt, ADV is over powering the young… Jon Kelton with his strength! ADV rams his elbow into the chest of Jon Kelton… and Kelton throws his knee into the mid-section of the Champ! ADV throws his right hands into the skull of Kelton, but Kelton irish whips ADV into the turnbuckle corner and Kelton runs for the corner splash… NO!

Deadprez: ADV moves and rolls up the Number One Contender! First pin fall of the night! ONE! TWO! But Jon Kelton JUST kicks out! ADV picks Kelton up back to a simple vertical base and Kelton throws his elbow into the temple of ADV… And the champ throws his boot into the mid-section and then follows by throwing lefts and rights into Jon’s skull!!

ETR: ADV backs up into the ropes and Jon Kelton catches the champ and hits the POWER-SLAM!! THE COVER! ONE! TWO! BUT… ADV kicks out! Alexander is showing his heart and strength when he is defending this championship Beyond a Reasonable Doubt! Keltons pulls Alex up to his feet… BUT A JAW BREAKER! Kelton is hanging on the ropes as Alexander runs and clotheslines him AND Kelton over the top rope as they got tumbling down infront of us!

Deadprez: Alexander gets on his feet followed by Kelton with the help of the Steel Steps as Kelton grabs a steel chair and is swining for the fences! ADV DUCKS and throws his boot as the chair falls back and hits Kelton square in the face!

ETR: ADV picks Kelton up on his shoulders and RAMS his back into the unforgiving steel post! Kelton is showing the signs of injury holding his back in a lot of pain after that shot from the steel post! ADV picks Kelton up and just tosses him like a rag doll into the steel steps!

Deadprez: Kelton is laid out as ADV rolls the Number One Contender, Jon Kelton back in the ring and is going to the Extreme here! Alexander grabs his Alternative X Championship and doesn’t come alone also… bringing a steel chair! ADV sets the chair up and sits in it taunting Jon Kelton!

ETR: Kelton is getting back onto his feet as ADV stands up and SLAMS Kelton back first into that set-up steel chair!! The chair IS Bent!! And look! ADV sets Kelton on that chair and is going for the Head and Shoulders locking it in as the referee takes away the chair!

Deadprez: This is crazy! Kelton is dead middle in the ring… BUT OUT OF DESPIRATION… Kelton SAVES himself lifting his leg… LOWBLOW ON THE CHAMPION! ADV is forced to let go and falls to the mat as Kelton seems to have the upper hand and an advantage!

ETR: Kelton slides under neath the bottom ring rope and grabs the Alternative X Championship and slides back in the ring with it as ADV is preaching Kelton at the ropes but Kelton hits a jaw breaker on the ropes as ADV stumbles over the referee as the referee falls knocked out!

Deadprez: I think Kelton did that on purpose! Kelton is taunting for ADV, The Champ to get on his feet… and ADV is aproaching to his two feet.. and Kelton swings for the fences and CLOCKS… CLOCKS THAT BELT BETWEEN THE EYES OF ALEXANDER DA VINCI!!

ETR: BUT WAIT DP!! WAIT A DAMN SECOND! ADV DUCKS! ADV grabs the belt and TOSSES IT to Kelton again and then backs into the ropes… and goes for a DROPKICK!! But KELTON nails it in the head of the Alternative X Champion! Alexander just screwed himself!

Deadprez: The referee is still down as Kelton pins ADV, but the crowd is counting… which does no help! Kelton is trying to wake the referee up… but the referee is stil Knocked out like a light! Kelton turns around and ADV LIFTS Kelton on his shoulders… and sets Kelton in place for the Da Vinci Slam! ADV has got Kelton under his wing and has the position of the deadly piledriver locked in!

ETR: Kelton is trying everything to get out but ALEXANDER HITS DA VINCI SLAM!! Its over! No waking up from THAT move!! Here comes a NEW referee sliding in the ring with ADV pinning Kelton! Alexander retains! ONE! TWO!! THREE!


ETR: Kelton is laid out and not moving! ADV is yelling at the referee… and KELTON SNEAKS BEHIND FOR THE SCHOOL BOY ROLL UP! ONE! TWO!! BUT ADV JUST KICKS OUT! What a match, DP! Kelton grabs the Alternative X Championship and places it in his hands…

Deadprez: WATCH OUT! ADV has a steel chair and swings and NAILS Kelton across the face! Kelton is busted WIDE OPEN! ADV goes for the cover! ONE!! TWO!! But KELTON KICKS OUT! OH MY GOD!! What an INTENSE MATCH FOR THE ALTERNATIVE X CHAMPIONSHIP!

ETR: Both men are in pain on there backs in the center of the ring.. and Kelton is getting back to his feet someway! Kelton is finding it in his heart to get up in this aganizing pain he has gone through in this singles match for the EAW Alternative X Championship of the world!

Deadprez: ADV is getting up slowly… with the helps of the ropes. Kelton and ADV have gone Beyond a Reasonable Doubt in this match.. and Kelton SLAPS ADV across the face! The Champ doesn’t like that and CONNECTS DA VINCI SLAM ON THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER!

ETR: NO!! KELTON ROLLS UP ALEXANDER! ONE! TWO! BUT ADV KICKS OUT!! ADV runs onto his feet and picks Kelton up… Scoop Slam! Kelton Lands on his feet and dropkicks the knees sending ADV down on his stomach!

Deadprez: Kelton grabs the bent steel chair and throws the rest of the un-bent steel into the shoulder and arms of the Champ! ADV is going through hell, and is feeling it with those chairshots! Kelton slides out of the ring and goes under the ring looking for more weapons!

ETR: Kelton pulls out a Table! He doesn’t stop there, grabbing Two Fresh steel chairs and a 18 foot high ladder! Kelton sets up the table followed by the ladder! ADV is back on his feet limping! ADV throws his right hand into the jaw of Kelton! ADV then throws his boot into the mid-section, followed by a chair shot sending Kelton on the ladder!

Deadprez: Alexander Da Vinci isn’t usually a ladder type Extremist in EAW, but he is setting the chair on the stomach of Kelton and begins to climb the ladder! ADV looks down, but Kelton is on the other side of the ladder throwing right hands at ADV’s head!
ETR: Both men are over 24 feet high above the ring! This isn’t a ladder match, but couldn’t turn out to be one hell of a match as it already is a GREAT… Match! Kelton is setting The Champion up for a suplex onto the tables down below… but ADV punches his way out of it on the top of the ladder! Kelton is falling off the ladder as ADV gives him ONE LAST GOOD PUSH! KELTON FALLS OFF THE LADDER THROUGH THE TABLE! WAIT! KELTON GRABS THE SIDE OF THE LADDER AND IS HANGING OFF THE SIDE OF THE LADDER!

ETR: ADV is trying to kick Kelton off the ladder, but Kelton gets back on the ladder and ADV swings again and goes to toss Kelton off the ladder… BUT KELTON… OMG DP! KELTON CONNECTS THE CANADIAN PLUNGE OFF THE LADDER AS ADV GOES THROUGH THE TABLE! BOTH MEN ARE IN THE RING LAID OUT!!

Deadprez: They are NOT MOVING! Get them some help! Kelton is trying to move but the pain is come back to haunt him! Kelton puts his arm across ADV! ONE! TWO! BUT WHAT?!?! SOMEWAY… SOMEHOW ALEXANDER KICKS OUT! WHAT A MATCH… ETR! 5 STAR MATCH!

ETR: Kelton is on his knees rubbing his hair in TOTAL shock! Kelton aproaches his feet and then picks ADV up… He grabs the belt and throws it across ADV’s face… and ADV is still on his feet and Kelton CONNECTS THE CANADIAN PLUNGE AGAIN… BUT THIS TIME ON THE ALTERNATIVE X CHAMPIONSHIP! NOW ITS OVER!


(Kelton’s theme hits… Crowd Boo’s as he Celebrates with the Alternative X Championship)

Announcer: Winner of this match… AND NEW ALTERNATIVE X CHAMPION… JONNNNN KELTON!!!

ETR: What A VICTORY! A 5 Star performance between these two young rookies! I am proud to say, Kelton is the New Alternative X Championship! And coming up next, is the Number One Contender’s match for the Interbrand Championship!

(Highlights of the last Showdown are played where Montell Smooth accepts the Dark Emperor’s challenge)

(Camera fades back to the ring)

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! And is for a NUMBER ONE CONTENDER’S SPOT FOR THE INTERBRAND CHAMPIONSHIP!!

(The Dark Emperor’s music hits)

Ring Announcer: Entering first.. from the Kingdom of Hades, weighing in at 275 pounds he is.. THE DARRRRRRRRKKKKKKK… EMMMMMPERORRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

ETR: Well we saw DE on Showdown and he addressed his recent string of losses and shortcomings. He wanted to get himself back into the mix of things and I think he accomplished that, with a little help from Montell Smooth..

Deadprez: That’s for sure.. and tonight, the Dark Emperor got himself a match with the winner receiving a shot at the InterBrand Championship! Two men, one goal.. this is gonna be a good one guys!

(Montell Smooth’s music hits)

Ring Announcer: Entering second.. from the Serengeti, weighing in at 265 pounds… MOONNNNNNTELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL… SMMOOOOOOOOTTTHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

ETR: And this man has been one of the most dominant figures EAW has seen in the last year or so. Ever since his time in the Triple Crown Syndicate, his career took off! And tonight he’s fighting for a shot at the InterBrand Championship!

Deadprez: And don’t forget ETR, Montell Smooth is a former InterBrand Champion.. He knows what it’s like to fight for a title THIS big.. and that may be one of his biggest advantages over the Dark Emperor tonight! And I think we’re ready to kick this thing off!

( Ding, Ding, Ding )

ETR: EOE and The Dark Emperor lock up in the center of the ring, but The Dark Emperor knee’s EOE in the gut and then nails an Uppercut on EOE, The Dark Emperor then goes off to the ropes and as he comes running off he nails a knee shot to EOE’s skull, Taking EOE off of his feet, The Dark Emperor lifts EOE back up and puts EOE in the corner, The Dark Emperor nails a Knife Edged Chop on EOE, The Dark Emperor irish whips EOE off to the opposite Turnbuckle and as he comes off The Dark Emperor clotheslines EOE right in the corner, EOE sits down in the corner as The Dark Emperor starts stomping away on EOE, But EOE grabs The Dark Emperor’s legs and stands up, then nails a SHORT ARMED CLOTHESLINE ON THE DARK EMPEROR!!!!!

DP: Knocking The Dark Emperor’s lights out, ETR lifts The Dark Emperor’s legs up and stomps on The Dark Emperor right in between legs, EOE then goes over to The Dark Emperor’s head, jumps… and nails a Double Knee drop right across The Dark Emperor’s skull, EOE hooks The Dark Emperor’s legs for the pinfall attempt, 1!!!!!………………… The Dark Emperor powers EOE out, EOE gets right back up and goes over to The Dark Emperor’s head and lifts The Dark Emperor up by the hair and nails a headbutt smash to The Dark Emperor’s skull, EOE nails another headbutt on The Dark Emperor’s skull, EOE boots The Dark Emperor up and hoists The Dark Emperor over head, But The Dark Emperor jumps down and nails a LOWBLOW ON EOE!!!!!

ETR: The Dark Emperor nails a Knife Edged Chop on EOE, then sends EOE off to the ropes, The Dark Emperor then catches EOE and nails a Powerful Powerslam right in the center of the ring, The Dark Emperor hooks EOE’s legs, 1!!!!………………… but EOE was lucky, just lucky enough to power out of that pin fall, The Dark Emperor gets up and stomps on EOE’s chest, The Dark Emperor pulls EOE up and sets EOE up on his shoulder, EOE jumps down from The Dark Emperor and nails a kick to the back of the leg of The Dark Emperor, The Dark Emperor goes down on both knee’s as EOE goes to the ropes and he comes springing off and he nails a Jumping Holding The Dark Emperor’s head and smashing it down, as DE goes face first on the Ring Canvas.

DP: EOE stops away at a downed Dark Emperor, EOE then goes down and wraps his hand around The Dark Emperor’s throat choking him out, EOE is now doing push ups to apply more pain to that move, The Dark Emperor is beggining to lose air, EOE gets back up to his feet and stomps on The Dark Emperor’s shoulder, EOE pulls The Dark Emperor up by the hair then boots The Dark Emperor in the gut and throws The Dark Emperor shoulder first into The Steel Ring Post, We can hear that Impact all around the arena, EOE rolls The Dark Emperor up, 1!!!!!……………………….2!!!!…………….. but The Dark Emperor kicks out! EOE looks at the referee disappointedly, EOE kicks The Dark Emperor in the gut once again and goes for a Pumphandle Slam… AND CONNECTS!!!!

ETR: EOE is starting to Dominate this match up, EOE waits in the corner, for The Dark Emperor to get up… The Dark Emperor is beggining to get up… AND EOE RUNS FULL SPEED AHEAD… BUT EOE RUNS SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE STEEL RING POST!!! Because The Dark Emperor fell back down, The Dark Emperor gets up and pulls EOE from The Steel Ring Post and turns EOE around then nails a Punch to the skull, The Dark Emperor then rams his fist into EOE’s sternum, The Dark Emperor lifts EOE up and grabs EOE in a Bearhug position, taking the air and oxygen out of EOE, Wearing EOE down, that is exactly what The Dark Emperor needs to do, to avoid the Pounce, The Dark Emperor then rams EOE back first into the Turnbuckle.

DP: The Dark Emperor nails a Knife Edged Chop to a hurten EOE in the corner, The Dark Emperor then backs up… runs… and CLOTHESLINE EOE in the corner, The Dark Emperor looks to whip EOE to the opposite corner… but EOE reversed and sent The Dark Emperor running the ropes…. POOOUUUUNCCEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Out of nowhere by EOE, EOE hooks The Dark Emperor’s legs… this could be it… ONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! THRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!


Ring Announcer: The winner of this match.. and the NEWWW Number One Contender for the EAW InterBrand Championship… MONNNNTELLLLLLL.. SMMMOOOOOOOOTTTHHHH!!!!!!

Deadprez: What a match for the Essence of Excellence, Montell Smooth tonight.. becoming the new Number One Contender for the IB Championship.. and whoever wins the InterBrand Championship match later tonight is gonna have their hands full with Montell Smooth hot on their heels!

ETR: And speaking of that match.. we have Speedy on hand backstage with Flashback, who will go up against Saint Anger and Y2Impact later tonight for the Interbrand Title! What’s up guys!

(Camera fades backstage to Flashback standing next to Speedy)

Flashback: Good Evening everyone! I hope you’re enjoying Reasonable Doubt.. but with me here right now is a DYNASTY Star, and he has a match later tonight for the Interbrand Championship against the Champ, Y2Impact, and the undefeated Saint Anger.. Now Speedy, this is by far the biggest match of your career.. This could be your chance to become a big breakout star with a possible win tonight of the Interbrand Championship.. what’s going through your mind with that huge match not too far away?

Speedy: Well Flashback.. I have butterflies in my stomach.. Because I know that this is a huge point in my career and it’s all up to me to capitalize on it. Y2Impact and Saint Anger are guys that I’ve faced before. I’ve been watching film of them for weeks, trying to find any flaws in their game.. looking for places that I can take advantage of.. Reasonable Doubt.. this is where my career took off, and I’m glad to be back here a year later and taking part in the biggest match of my career at this point. I feel nervous, but confident at the same time. I know I’m capable of winning this match, and I’ll be going 110% out there tonight.

Flashback: Do you think you have any kind of advantage or disadvantage with Saint Anger and Impact being a tag team.. Do you think that a match like this can turn them against each other.. or maybe they’ll team up on you?

Speedy: This is a title match.. The Interbrand Championship is a huge prize for anyone and I think that both Impact and Saint Anger both know that. They’re both very competitive guys and I really do think that they’ll do anything to capture that title, even if it means turning against their own partner.. and if that’s the case, you can be sure that I’ll be there to take advantage of that. But on the other hand Flashback you’re right that they could stick together and team against me.. But how long will it last? Only one person can come away with the win and with their egos.. I don’t think they’ll be able to come to a non-violent agreement as to who takes the title.. so I’ll be looking to capitalize on that sort of situation.

Flashback: So either way, you think you’ll have a decent advantage against them. Now I have to ask you.. are you intimidated by the 7 foot tall, 350 pound Saint Anger.. he’s undefeated and has won in over 20 straight matches.. There has to be some intimidation on your part, am I correct?

Speedy: Well… not necessarily intimidation.. but there is a matter of higher preparation for this match because of his streak, his size, and his attitude.. that’s for sure. And it’s not just Saint Anger. Y2Impact is a great competitor too.. You saw him defeat me in that brutal Junkyard Brawl on the last Showdown.. Although I’m real confident I can handle these guys.. But not only Saint Anger and Impact.. the entire EAW Roster, Staff and even the fans have to realize that this is my time.. I’ve been in this company for over a year now and Reasonable Doubt is the first FPV I’ve ever performed at.. And I’d be proud to say that it will also be the place where I became legit.. I became Interbrand Champion.. and I think I’ll be able to do that after tonight.

Flashback: Bold words from Speedy! I wish him luck later tonight when he challenges Y2Impact and Saint Anger in a Triple Threat Match for the Interbrand Championship GOLD!

(Highlights of the Matt vs. Adam feud play including Adam breaking into Matt’s car to get the National Extreme Championship, and Matt brawling with Adam in the parking lot)

(Camera fades back to the ring)

Ring Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL! And it is for the EAW NATIONAL EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP!!

(Adam’s music hits)

Ring Announcer: Entering first, the challenger.. from Boston, Massachusetts.. weighing in at 245 pounds.. AAAADAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

ETR: Welcome back to ringside ladies and gentlemen and now its time for the National Extreme Championship Match! And here’s the challenger right now, Adam! These two guys have been going at it for weeks.. with Adam not having a job with EAW and he needed to find a way to get into the building!

Deadprez: So what did Adam do? He broke into Matt Ryder’s car and STOLE his National Extreme Championship! And it all led to this.. Adam vs. Matt Ryder at Reasonable Doubt for the title! What a match!

(Matt Ryder’s music hits as he comes out with his National Extreme Championship)

Ring Announcer: Entering at this time, from Long Island, New York.. weighing in at 220 pounds… HE IS THE WOO WOO WARRIOR, THE NATIONAL EXTREME CHAMPIONNNN… MAAAATTTTTTTTTT RYYYYYYYYYYYYYDERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Deadprez: And here’s the champ himself.. who assaulted Adam in the parking lot shortly after finding out that he had broke into his car.. Matt was none too happy about it and with Adam being allowed into the arena afterward, it only got Matt more motivated to fight Adam right here!

ETR: This will be a great match, ETR.. these guys are at their boiling point are are about to spill over the top.. and what a place to have it happen! In the ring here at Reasonable Doubt in front of over 50,000 people here in New Orleans, Louisiana!

( Ding, Ding, Ding )

Deadprez: Here we go as Matt Ryder and Adam lock up in the center of the ring, but Matt Ryder gains the advantage and applies a headlock on Adam, Adam tries to break out of it, and he evantually does as he powers out and he pushes Matt Ryder off to the ropes and as Matt Ryder comes back… ADAM NAILS A SNAP SLAM ON MATT RYDER! With all his power and energy put behind the move, Adam hooks Matt Ryder’s leg quickly.. but Matt Ryder kicks out, barely a one count, Adam pulls Matt Ryder up by the hair and he kicks Matt Ryder in the gut, Adam goes for a DDT but Matt Ryder pushes Adam off AND EXPLODES OUT OF NOWHERE with an excellent placed clothesline, Matt Ryder nails an Uppercut on Adam and boots Adam in the gut.

ETR: Matt Ryder goes for a Scoop Slam, but Adam uses his power and lands right ontop of Matt Ryder, Adam hooks Matt Ryder’s legs, 1!!!!!…… but Matt Ryder kicks out quickly, Adam is disappointed as he pulls Matt Ryder head up and nails a powerful punch to Matt Ryder’s skull, Adam rolls out of the ring… and he looks Under the ring, this looks bad for Matt Ryder, Adam could be thinking of using something devious, very, VERY devious to use on the Innocent Matt Ryder, Adam pulls out from under the ring…. A BARBED WIRED TABLE! My goodness, I think Adam wants to make his match extreme, Adam rolls the Table in the ring and then takes appart the Steel Steps and chuck them in the ring, and Underneath them was a Barbed Wire baseball bat, Adam enters the ring with that.

Deadprez: Adam lifts Matt Ryder up by the hair… AND SMASHES THE BARBED WIREBASE BALL BAT TO THE STERNUM OF MATT RYDER! Then he smashes it right on the legs of Matt Ryder, Adam then grinds the Barbed Wired Baseball bat on Matt Ryder’s head, trying to bust Matt Ryder open already, Adam applying preasure as Matt Ryder is on his knee’s in the middle of the ring, and Adam is just trying to open a Wound in Matt Ryder’s head, Matt Ryder is dizzy and daized AND ADAM SMASHES THE BARBED WIRED BASEBALL BAT RIGHT ON MATT RYDER’S SKULL! Adam pulls Matt Ryder up to his feet and sets him up for a DDT… AND ADAM NAILS A DDT ON MATT RYDER, SMASHES MATT RYDER FACE FIRST ON THE BARBED WIRED BASEBALL BAT!

ETR: Adam is already completely annihilating Matt Ryder, Adam stomps on the back of Matt Ryder head, then stomps on Matt Ryder’s arm, then stomps on Matt Ryder’s leg, Adam backs up… THEN RUNS… AND NAILS A JUMPING DOUBLE KNEE DROP RIGHT TO THE BACK OF MATT RYDER’S HEAD!!! Matt Ryder is trying to get back up, he is on his hands and knee’s, AND ADAM KICKS MATT RYDER RIGHT IN THE GROIN! As Matt Ryder went face first on the Barbed Wired Baseball Bat as he fell back down… The Barbed Wired Baseball bat has red stuff dripping from it and it seems to be Matt Ryder’s blood, The Barbed Wired Baseball bat is stuck on Matt Ryder’s face, Matt Ryder screams in pain as he is on his hands and knee’s once again.

Deadprez: Adam is just staring at Matt Ryder laughing… Adam kicks Matt Ryder’s arm away, sweeping his arm, Matt Ryder goes down, Adam pulls The Barbed Wired Baseball bat off of Matt Ryder’s face, then un-wraps The Barbed Wire that was on The Baseball bat, lifts Matt Ryder up and puts Matt Ryder in the corner, Adam then wraps a Barbed Wired Baseball bat around Matt Ryder, tying Matt Ryder to the ring, The sharp part of The Barbed Wire is digging into his arms, as he screams in pain… ADAM USES THE TIP OF HIS FOOT TO KICK MATT RYDER’S GROIN! And Matt Ryder has absolutely nothing to do about it, Adam lifts up The Barbed Wire Table and puts The Barbed Wire side on Matt Ryder!!! Trapping Matt Ryder completely! Matt Ryder has been caught!

ETR: Adam runs off to the ropes and as he comes off… HE DROPKICKS THE BARBED WIRE TABLE COMPLETELY SANDWHICHING MATT RYDER IN THE CORNER! Matt Ryder is caught as he is screaming in absolute pain! Adam pulls The Barbed Wire table off of Matt Ryder and then sets it up in the middle of the ring, Adam then pulls The Barbed Wire off of Matt Ryder and wraps it around The head of Matt Ryder, almost using it as a leash on him except, it’s on his skull, Adam tightens the grip, then sets Matt Ryder up on the top turnbuckle, Adam goes onto the top turnbuckle AND GOES FOR AN RKO…. BUT MATT RYDER PUSHES ADAM OFF AS ADAM GOES CRASHING THROUGH THE BARBED WIRE TABLE!!!!! ADAM WENT CRASHING!!!!!!

Deadprez: But Matt Ryder was so dizzy he fell off of the top turnbuckle and landed on the Outside! What un-believable action right there, Blood is dripping from Matt Ryder’s head, as Matt Ryder grabs Wire Cutters from steel steps and cuts the end of the Barbed Wire that is wrapped on his head, but he keeps the rest on like a bandanna or a hat, Matt Ryder seems to like that, Matt then goes Under the ring and pulls out a Trash Can of weapons, Matt Ryder then even rolls the EAW National Extreme Championship in the ring, Matt Ryder then pulls a Table of his own to the outside and sets it up outside the ring, Matt Ryder then SETS THE TABLE ON FIRE… Oh-boy, Matt Ryder is defying Extreme Answers Wrestling, Adam is hardly moving in the ring. Adam may be laid out completely right here.

ETR: Matt Ryder wraps the chunk of barbed wire he cut off around his hand, and enters the ring of Carnage, as The Referee throws all the Broken Table parts out of the ring, Matt Ryder startst hrowing so many shots to Adam’s head with the Barbed Wire wrapped around his fist, Matt Ryder then jumps and lands a punch on Adam’s head! Matt Ryder grinds his fist wrapped in barbed wire on Adam’s head, unleashing some blood, Matt Ryder goes straight to the Trash Can of weapons and pulls out… A KENDO STICK AND SMASHES THE KENDO STICK ON ADAM’S STERNUM SO HARD IT BREAKS! That woke Adam up as he rolls around the ring in pain, Matt Ryder empty’s The Trash Can of weapons…. and lifts Adam up… AND SMASHES THE TRASH CAN ON ADAM’S HEAD!

Deadprez: Adam sits down as he doesn’t know where he is, Matt Ryder picks up a TAZER GUN! Adam turns to see Matt Ryder… and slowly heads backwards… But Matt Ryder…. AND HE TAZERS ADAM RIGHT ON THE HEAD! AS THERE IS MASSIVE EXPLOSION AND SMOKE COMMING FROM ADAM’S HEAD! ADAM IS SPAZZING IN THE RING! Adam is having a shock, Matt Ryder is starting to have his fun, Matt Ryder then rests Adam on a Steel Chair, Then gets another Steel Chair… AND CONNECTS THE CONCHAIRTO! ON ADAM! AS HE CONTINUES TO DO IT REPEATIDLY! AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! Matt Ryder picks up Steel Steps… Oh-boy foam is comming out of Adam’s mouth… I think… Matt Ryder may be killing Adam…

ETR: NO… IT’S BLOOD COMMING OUT ADAM’S MOUTH… Matt Ryder lifts Adam up and Set’s Adam up in the corner, Matt Ryder goes running…. AND SMASHES THE STEEL STEPS RIGHT ON ADAM’S SKULL! AND THROWS THE STEEL STEPS OUT OF THE RING! Matt Ryder runs to Adam and nails a clothesline sandwhiching Adam in the corner, then Matt Ryder sets Adam up in Position for a RUNNING BULL DOG AND HE CONNECTS IT AS ADAM LANDS FACE FIRST ON THE TRASH CAN!!!!!!!, It seems like there was one more thing left!!! A bag… Matt Ryder opens the bags and makes space… then EMPTYS the contents of the bag in the middle of the ring… IT’S SHATTERED GLASS AND THUMBTACKS!!!!!

Deadprez: But, he is looking at the table that is set on fire… AND HE POURS THE REST ON IT!!! Matt Ryder has Adam on his knee’s, Matt Ryder is looking to nail a DDT… But no Adam reverses it INTO AN RKO!!!! BUT MATT RYDER THROWS ADAM BACK FIRST ON THE THUMBTACKS!!!!!! BLOOD IS COMMING FROM ADAM’S BACK!!! How much can thse men Endure! Adam is screaming and shouting about his back, He worries about the injury, that Matt Ryder may have caused on his back! Matt Ryder is just excited, Matt Ryder sets Adam up on the turnbuckle facing outwards, Matt Ryder goes over and standso n the ring apron, then climbs up to MEET ADAM…. THERE RIGHT INFRONT OF THE BURNING TABLE!!!!!!!

ETR: Matt Ryder… GOES FOR A HURRICANRANNA…. BUT ADAM CATCHES MATT RYDER AND POWERBOMBS MATT RYDER RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE AND ADAM FALLS OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE AND LANDS ON THE OTHER HALF THE STEEL STEPS, THAT REMAINS IN THE RING!!!! ADAM IS DOWN! MATT RYDER IS DOWN! What action we are seeing Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Adam sits up in some shock and in some pain two… Adam rolls off of the Steel Steps and rolls out of the ring and brings the Steel Step from the bottom rope and goes over to a broken and downed Matt Ryder.. he lifts The Steel Step in the AIR……. AND JUST DROPS IT RIGHT ON MATT RYDER!!! CRUSHING HIM!!!!

Deadprez: Adam removes The Steel Steps off of Matt Ryder and rolls Matt Ryder back into the ring, Adam enters the ring, and picks up a Guitar… Adam has The Guitar in place, and then pulls Matt Ryder up, Matt Ryder is on spaghetti legs, Matt Ryder turns around…. AND ADAM SMASHES THE GUITAR RIGHT ON THE SKULL OF MATT RYDER! Wrapping The Guiatr around the head of Matt Ryder, Adam takes the broken guitar off of his head, as Matt Ryder is still standing on Spaghetti Legs… AND ADAM NAILS A PERFECT RKO!!!!! ON MATT RYDER!!!!! Adam rolls Matt Ryder over and hooks Matt Ryder’s leg,


( Ding, Ding, Ding )

( Adam’s theme song hits as the fans give him a mixed reaction as he raises The EAW National Extreme Championship up high )


ETR: Adam did it! What a long way for Adam to go! He didn’t even have a JOB a few weeks ago, but now here he is at Reasonable Doubt, holding his newly won National Extreme Championship HIGH!

Deadprez: I hate to say it, but Adam wrestled a great match.. so congratulations are in order for him after that triumphant win of the National Extreme Championship!

(Highlights of the Robbie V and Jaywalker play including Hova and the Heart Break Boy getting involved)

(Camera fades back to the ring as Jaywalker’s theme plays as he makes his way out to the stage in a silk red robe with a white sash and a maple leaf on the back of it with Kendra Shamez following behind)

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is Winner-Leaves-The-Brand match!! As well as the King of Extreme Crown on the line!!… Now making his way to the ring… Weighing in at 240 pounds!…. From Scarborough, Ontario, Canada!…. He is the Vice President of Extreme Answers Wrestling!!…. JAAAAAYWALKER!!!

DP: You can’t not love this man’s style, ETR, he’s intimidating in the worst way, I mean he’s calm, he’s collected, but he’s cold-blooded just as well, you never know what’s he’s capable of. He’s thrown Robbie through a table AND out-smarted him on Dynasty, that’s two totally different forms of cruelty coming from one man.. Jaywalker.

ETR: I can’t say that I agree with any of Jaywalker’s actions since returning, I personally think he’s been kinda immature about this whole situation just as much as Hova’s been, but this match is gonna happen no matter what my opinion is.

(Robbie V’s theme plays as Robbie slowly begins to emerge from backstage)

DP: So you’re saying you’ve got your bet on THIS guy? Give me a break, ETR, I could beat this guy on his best… What’s this?

(Robbie V comes out to the stage wearing a Golden, Silver trimmed Robe with Diamonds all over it, as well as a microphone in his hand)

(Robbie V’s theme stops)

Robbie: Hey Jay, do you uh.. Remember this? I’ve been thinking about this all week, and.. How I got this doesn’t matter right now, but what I wanted to do was decided by your actions. Springing Kendra as my Parole Officer on me and screwing me out of the EAW Title wasn’t the best move.

(Robbie takes off the Robe)

DP: What’s he doing?! That’s Jaywalker’s infamous Robe from Pain For Pride 2!! Jaywalker is looking on in shock!

Robbie: I’d hate to do this, but you leave me no choice, I guess these Fans you hate so much deserve more respect than you do…

DP: Jaywalker is LIVID!! He immediately rolls out of the ring and charges after Robbie!!

ETR: ROBBIE THROWS THE ROBE INTO THE CROWD!! That Robe was worth more than EOW and a lucky Fan just grabbed it!! But Jaywalker takes down Robbie on the stage!! This fight is on!

DP: Jaywalker throws several shots into the face of Robbie!! Jay picks Robbie up.. and rams him straight into the screen on the stage! Jay now.. Now takes his attention off of Robbie to climb over the steel barricade and into the Crowd!

ETR: Jaywalker finds the Fan that grabbed his Robe and literally fights him for it! And OH! Jaywalker with a shot to the jaw of the poor Fan, that was cheap! Jaywalker holds the Robe up proudly above his head as.. Robbie V-He’s ready to charge from the stage!!

DP: Robbie runs from the stage and LEAPS from it, over the barricade, and right onto Jay with a splash!! Robbie and the Fans now pick up Jaywalker and throw him over the barricade, back onto the steel ramp!

ETR: And now Robbie’s climbing back over to meet Jay with a nice european uppercut, sending Jay further down the ramp! Robbie runs down, grabs Jay by his tights, and sends him rolling through the ropes and into the ring!

DP: Robbie finally slides in the ring as well and lets start this match officially!..


DP: Jay attempts to get to his feet.. But is quickly struck down by Robbie with a kick straight to the back of his leg! And it looks as though Jay has a bit damaged his ankle in the process of that.. Robbie follows up with a spinning leg drop!

ETR: But it’s dodged by Jay! Jay gets back up to his feet and looks to capitalize on himself.. But Robbie lunges from the canvas, straight into Jay’s ankle! Jay’s once again downed by Robbie and KING Robbie is now looking like he wants to follow up with some style! Robbie connects with a second attempt of the spinning leg drop on Jay, hurriedly gets to his feet, and charges to the ropes and back, he it goes- Rolling Thun-NO! Jay quickly counters, catching Robbie with a nice powerslam!!

DP: There’s a quick pin attempt! But it’s kicked out of by Robbie just before the one count! Jay gets to his feet.. Jay charges to the ropes and back to connect with a nice baseball slide with enough force to send Robbie straight to the outside! Kendra moves out of the way of Robbie who collides with the barricade!

ETR: Jaywalker’s got a smirk already, he knows he’s got Robbie here.. Jay gets through the ropes, remaining on the ring apron.. And leaps for somewhat of a diving baseball slide, forcing the body of Robbie harder into that barricade! That’s gotta hurt!

DP: Jay now props Robbie up against the barricade.. And shoves his boot straight into Robbie’s throat! Jay’s putting more and more pressure into the throat of Robbie, even keeping a grip on the barricade for added pressure!!

ETR: Jay stops the hold and brings Robbie to his feet.. Jay picks up the entire body of Robbie of above his head, showing off his strength here! Jay drops Robbie’s body on the barri-NO! No, Robbie lands his feet on the edge of the barricade, leaping back for a moonsault!!

DP: But Jaywalker manages to catch Robbie on his shoulder! Jay quickly takes Robbie out once again, driving him head-first into the closest steel pole of the ring!! Jay once again props Robbie up, this time against the steel steps, and backs up.. Jay charges at Robbie for a boot into the steps!! But Robbie negates it, causing Jay’s foot to be caught between the steel pole and the steps!

ETR: A dazed Robbie leaps to the barricade and leaps back for a diving baseball slide of his own straight into the steel steps, causing that already damaged ankle of Jay’s to gain a LOT more damage to it!! Jay’s screaming in pain from that, but there’s nothing he can do, his foot is still stuck and Robbie once again uses that to his advantage, running up the steps and catching Jay with a hard DDT into the steps!!

DP: A devastating maneuver, but it pulls Jay’s foot out! Robbie drags the body of Jaywalker up towards the apron, rolling his body into the ring and a pin? No, though that could hurt Robbie in the future he decides to not go for the pin, but instead drags Jay to the closest corner..

ETR: Robbie leaps to the top turnbuckle for a Split-legged Moonsault!! But Jay gets his knees up! Robbie anticipates it from Jaywalker, catching his legs and pulling him into the middle of the ring! Robbie tries setting up Jay for a possible submission!! He’s trying to lock it in, all he’s gotta do is turn Jay onto his stomach.. and…. Kendra slides in a steel chair!

DP: Jaywalker immediately grabs the chair and connects it square in the face of Robbie V!! Jay pulls himself up with help from the ropes and yells something at Kendra I believe.. Kendra reacts to it and begins.. She begins ripping off the mats on the outside!

ETR: Kendra is exposing the cement under the mat!! Jay turns his attention back to Robbie, pulling him up by his hair-and yes, Robbie now apparently has blood streaming down his forehead! Jay pulls Robbie in and sets him up.. Setting him up just right for a CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB!!!

DP: Robbie catches Jay with a hurricanrana just before it can be done though! Jay is sent to the outside as Robbie charges towards the ropes! Kendra checks on the downed Jaywalker as Robbie rolls on his way to the ropes and.. ROLLING THUNDER OVER THE ROPES!!!

ETR: And thankfully Kendra gets out of its way as it connects on Jaywalker!! Robbie’s finally lost it! He gets to his feet screaming to the crowd, these Fans want blood! Robbie tears off the spanish announce tables top and throws their monitors to the side!

DP: Robbie grabs Jaywalker, placing him on the Robbie leaps to the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle! Robbie’s ready for it, he’s gonna go for this, FIVE STAR FRO–

ETR: But Kendra stops him! Kendra Shamez is.. Yelling at Robbie that he isn’t allowed to do that? Robbie argues with Kendra about this, what is the big de-Jaywalker trips up Robbie on the turnbuckle, causing him to take an awkward fall down to the mat, hitting his head on the apron on the way down!

DP: Jay smiles at Kendra as he rolls Robbie in, setting him up for a.. No, Jay, don’t do it, NO! PILEDRIVER ONTO THE CEMENT!!! Jesus, that could’ve just broke Robbie’s neck!! Jaywalker doesn’t seem to care much as he rolls the lifeless Robbie onto that announce table..

ETR: Jay climbs to the top turnbuckle himself.. And leaps for a Diving Fist Drop!!! And that’s all she wrote for that announce table as it breaks into pieces! Robbie is left not moving whatsoever as Jay tends to his damaged ankle..

DP: Kendra walks over and helps Jay to his feet.. Both Kendra and Jay now drag Robbie V to the apron, I can only hope that it doesn’t end like this.. They roll Robbie into the ring and Jay slides in for the cover on Robbie!

Referee: 1!!!!…….. 2!!!!!!!!!………. TH–

ETR: Robbie’s got a shoulder up, how the hell did he do that?! Jay can’t believe it, he doesn’t know what else he can do! But then again maybe he does as he now goes for the legs of Robbie, setting him up for.. YES, Jay locks in the MAPLE LEAF!!!

DP: Robbie is screaming in pain! But Robbie’s able to use whatever energy he has left to pull himself onto his back! Robbie forces Jaywalker off through the ropes and to the outside! Jay regains himself as Robbie crawls to the opposite ropes, pulling himself out half-way and lifts up the ring apron, he might be trying to escape here!!

ETR: Jaywalker slides back in though! Jay grabs Robbie by his feet and pulls him back into the middle of the ring, this might have to end here! Jay turns Robbie onto his back to lock the Maple Leaf in once again.. And… Robbie reaches up and connects with a left hand to the jaw of Jaywalker!!

DP: What the hell is that, are those handcuffs wrapped around Robbie’s fist?!! And YES they are! Robbie crawls over to Jaywalker and turns him onto his stomach.. Robbie connects one of the cuffs to Jay’s right hand.. and connects the other part to his left hand!!

ETR: Jaywalker realizes what just occurred, he’s losing it! Robbie slowly pulls himself up using the ropes.. And drops a knee straight into the left ankle of Jay!! Robbie gets up and begins stomping on that ankle of Jay over and over and over again, he’s gone mad!!

DP: Robbie rolls out of the ring.. And comes back.. With steel steps in hand!! Robbie slides the steps in and follows into the ring.. Robbie picks up the steps and drops them straight into the ankle of Jaywalker!!

ETR: Robbie’s not even doing anything with that ankle, he’s just toying with it it seems! Kendra is looking for something under the apron as Robbie continues to bash the ankle of Jay, who remains screaming in pain!

DP: Robbie finally rushes to the ropes, leaps to the middle rope, then to the middle top on the side of the ring next to it, then leaps for a NICE somersault senton, AIR-VEN-DETTA!! Robbie climbs to the top turnbuckle, he’s ready to nail it, he’s got this, he taunt for these thousands of Fans!!

Robbie (without a mic) and Crowd: ROB!! BIE!!! V!!!!!!

ETR: FIVE-STAR FROGSPLASH CONNECTS!!!! Robbie rolls in pain from it, he’s gotta pin Jay, this one is OVER!! Robbie slowly.. He covers Jay, there’s the pin!!

Referee: 1!!!!!…… 2!!!!!!!!!………. THRE—

DP: JAYWALKER GETS A SHOULDER UP!! Jay’s hands are cuffed behind his back, he just got Frogsplashed, and he’s STILL not giving up, Bravo! Robbie is shocked by Jay’s resilience as well! But Robbie is poised, he knows he wants to end this, he’s waiting to hit a Concussion!

ETR: Jay’s rolling around slowly, trying to find any way to get out of this.. But Kendra pulls Jay out!! Robbie is a bit frustrated at this point, but.. What’s Kendra doing? Wait, it seems she found the key to those handcuffs!! Kendra keeps the handcuffs as Jaywalker slides back in the ring!

DP: Robbie charges straight for Jay with a full head of steam!! But ends up paying for it with a spinebuster from Jaywalker, straight out of desperation!! Kendra now sets up a fresh table on the outside, this can only mean trouble for Robbie..

ETR: Jaywalker is beaten and battered, limping, but he pulls Robbie in, picking him up just right.. and….. CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB TO THE OUTSIDE!!!! My GOD, Robbie crashes and burns through that table!!!

DP: Thank God Jaywalker didn’t send Robbie into that exposed cement on the other side of the ring at least.. But Kendra drags the bloody Robbie V to the apron.. Kendra manages to roll Robbie into the ring! Jaywalker drops to his knees and covers Robbie, I guess this is it…

Referee: 1!!!!!……. 2!!!!!!!!!……….. THRE—

ETR: Jesus, NO! Robbie V-He actually gets a shoulder up after that?!! Jaywalker is dazed and confused, he gets to his knees, cursing Robbie! Jaywalker gets to his feet and pulls the bloody Robbie V up to his knees.. Jaywalker is screaming at Robbie “Why won’t you stay down?!”

Jaywalker (Without a mic): STAY! DOWN!! You stupid… Son of a bi–

DP: Robbie spits in the face of Jaywalker!!! Talk about deja vu.. But Jaywalker pulls Robbie up to his feet and sets him up for… THE VERACITY!!! But Robbie punches out of it just before it connects!! Robbie hits Jay with a shoulder thrust, pushing him back into the corner of the ring!!

ETR: Another shoulder thrust!! Another shoulder thrust again into the gut of Jaywalker!! Kendra reaches into the ring and grabs that chair of Jaywalker.. Robbie connects with yet another shoulder thrust! Robbie handspring moonsaults and comes charging back for his final shoulder thrust!

DP: But Kendra places that chair in between the top and middle turnbuckles!! Jay dodges Robbie!!! But Robbie stops himself, leaping to the turnbuckle and leaping back at Jay!! But Jay stops him with a kick to the gut! NO! Robbie catches the leg of Jay, grabbing his other leg and dropping him down for.. A SLINGSHOT INTO THE CHAIR IN THE CORNER!!!

ETR: Robbie V crawls over to the corner.. He’s got to end this… Robbie makes it to the corner and begins climbing.. Robbie’s there, he’s at the top! FIVE-STAR- Kendra stops Robbie again!! Kendra’s on the apron, screaming at Robbie! Robbie slowly climbs down and gets face to face with Kendra.. Kenda swings for Robbie!! But Robbie catches the arm of Kendra, taking the handcuffs and key out of her left hand and latch one half of them to her right hand!!

DP: Kendra tries to get away but Robbie quickly latches the other part of the handcuffs to the top rope!!! Robbie throws the key into the crowd, Kendra is officially out of the equation here!! Robbie turns back around as Jay finally gets to his feet.. Robbie goes for… THE CONCUSSION!!!!

ETR: But Jay ducks under it!! Jay kicks Robbie in the gut and picks him up!! VERACITY!!!! It FINALLY connects!!! Jay is out of it, he’s gotta pin Robbie!! Jay slowly crawls… He’s just about got it.. and.. Jay hooks the leg of Robbie, this one is finally over!!

Referee: 1!!!!!!…….. 2!!!!!!!!!!………… THREE—

DP: NO, NO, NO, ROBBIE GETS-A-SHOULDER-UP!!!! What will it take for these two guys to just give up?!! Jaywalker is fed up though, he’s losing his mind with this! Jay pulls himself up to his feet and pulls Robbie V in.. Jaywalker’s got Robbie set up.. one last time… CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB!!!

ETR: Wait.. Jay is heading over to the side of the ring with that exposed cement!! No, no, don’t do this Jay, this could kill him!! CRUCIFIX POWERB—Robbie struggles out of it, rolling up Jay for a sunset flip pin!!! NO! Robbie follows up with it, getting to his feet and grabbing the foot of Jaywalker for a… AN ANKLE LOCK!!!!








(Robbie V’s music hits as he breaks the Ankle Lock on Jaywalker)

Announcer: The Winner of this match and NEWEST Member of the Showdown Roster and STILL King of Extreme!!!….. ROB! BIE!! V!!!!!

DP: Wow.. I just don’t know what to say for these two men, they did what both men promised they’d do tonight at Reasonable Doubt, they stole the show in my opinion. Robbie V just won, but I don’t see any losers out of these two men.

ETR: Ain’t that the truth, DP, both of these men have just passed out from exhaustion, Robbie V continues to bleed profusely and man, what a hell of a show these two just put on. E.M.T.’s are quickly arriving on the scene here.

DP: But lets not ignore it, Robbie V is still King of Extreme, he is coming to Showdown, and Jaywalker is now to remain on Showdown as well. Nothing much left to say about these men besides… Bravo.

(Camera fades backstage to the Heart Break Boy praying in his locker room with his World Title on the bench next to him)

(HBB gets up and picks up the World Title onto his shoulder)

(HBB smiles and slowly turns around out of camera view to come face to face with Mak) (Crowd Cheers)

HBB: ….. So… I feel kind of stupid asking this, but uh, what are you doing here?

Mak: Well what do you expect, HBB? I’m here to see the Free Per View that you and I made famous when we fought last year, and I must say, it ain’t looking too bad.

HBB: That’s good… Well it was nice to see you, Mak, but I kinda have to get ready for a match, I–

Mak: Ah yes, your World Title defense tonight, eh? Well that’s good, HBB, I know you’re busy, but.. Well, if I may reach up from all the shit I’m buried under here and talk to you about something, I hope you won’t mind.

HBB: What do you wanna know?

Mak: Well, you know what kind of guy Banks is, so do I.. But you have to realize that he isn’t just a opportunist, HBB, is THE opportunist. Banks is, lets face it, an asshole, and he’s gonna do ANYTHING to make sure you don’t walk out of this arena, he–

HBB: I know where you’re going, Mak, and I know what to do, I’ve got this covered..

Mak: Nah man, you have to realize that if you make one mistake, just ONE, Banks will attack straight at it, he won’t be afraid in the least bit to injure you in this match. I beat Banks at TI last year because I didn’t make a mistake, I don’t like him… I HATE him, but he’s smart enough to do something like pick up on any mistake you make.

HBB: So what are you suggesting?

Mak: Just… Just take SOME risks, but don’t take one big risk.

HBB: I see what you’re sayin… I see it, Mak, and don’t worry, I’ll take it into consideration for sure..

Mak: I’m not joking, HBB, don’t do it.

HBB: … Okay, I’m gonna take your word on this, Mak, I won’t take a big risk.

Mak: Thank you.. I’ll be watching your match tonight, I’m sure it’ll be something.

HBB: See ya…

(Mak begins to walk through the doorway but stops and looks back at HBB)

Mak: …… HBB.

HBB: Yeah?..

Mak: ……. Whoop his ass.

HBB: Haha, will do.

(Mak walks away)

(Highlights of Y2Impact, Saint Anger and Speedy rivalry play including Speedy becoming Number One Contender on Dynasty, Saint Anger become the second Number One Contender on Turbo, and the Junkyard Brawl on Showdown)

(Camera fades back to the ring as Speedy’s music hits and Jaywalker limps back up the ramp)

Announcer: The following match up is scheduled for one fall and is for the Inter-Brand World Championship!!… Now making his way to the ring… Weighing in at 248 pounds!…. From London, England!…. SPEEEEEEDDDYY!!!

ETR: A year ago we saw this man’s Free Per View debut here at the first Reasonable Doubt, winning a triple threat ladder match and becoming one half of the first EAW World Tag Team Champions, now this has become a deja vu situation, but will Speedy be able to get lightning to strike twice here tonight at this year’s Reasonable Doubt?

(Order of the Angels’ theme plays as Y2Impact and Saint Anger make their way out)

Announcer: And his opponents!… First, weighing in at 350 pounds!…. From San Quentin Prison!…. He is one-half of the EAW Unified Tag Team Champions!!…. SAAAAINT ANGER!!!…. And, weighing in at 226 pounds!…. From Seattle, Washington!…. He is one-half of the Unified Tag Team Champions and the Inter-Brand World Champion!!…. Y! 2! IMPAAAAACT!!!

DP: Lets face it, these two men ARE the most dominate force in EAW right now, but that’s gonna have to be put aside, because they won’t be fighting for each other in this match up, they’ll be fighting against each other for that Inter-Brand Title tonight.

ETR: The Inter-Brand World Title’s retaining streak.. or curse… Saint Anger’s Winning streak… Once again, or curse.. Both of those things are on the line once again tonight, and there’s GOTTA be a Winner, no matter how much OTA wants it to go their way.


DP: All three men stare down for a moment.. But there’s Saint Anger with a big boot to Speedy just as the tension breaks!! No, Speedy’s able to dodge it and slip through the ropes to the outside! Impact smiles and goes out after him..

ETR: But Speedy quickly grabs Impact by his hair as Impact attempts to come out, and pulls Impact to the outside! Speedy quickly whips Impact into the barricade!! Impact’s quickly taken out momentarily and now Speedy slides back in the ring to confront Saint Anger..

DP: Speedy gets face to face-Well, face to chest as Saint Anger towers over Speedy.. But that doesn’t seem to intimidate Speedy, he connects with a knee straight to the gut of SA!! But it seems as it might as well be useless as SA shows no signs of being fazed towards it!

ETR: Saint Anger merely reaches out and wraps his hand around the throat of Speedy!! But Speedy’s not gonna give up that easily, he lifts up his arm and elbows the arm of SA away! Speedy follows up with a series of kicks to the upper and lower areas of Saint Anger!!

DP: Saint Anger once again stops Speedy, wrapping his hand around his throat, but this time backing him up into the ropes, slowly choking the life out of him!! SA is staring straight into Speedy’s eyes as he chokes him out, this looks to be the quick end to Speedy’s short time in this match up!!

ETR: But what’s this? Impact comes in from through the ropes on the outside, grabbing the feet of Speedy and pulling him out! Impact connects with several shots into the face of Speedy before following them up with a snap suplex straight onto the mat!

DP: Impact twists his waist, pulling both him and Speedy up to their feet, looking to hit a second snap suplex to the series! But Impact instead turns Speedy around and locks his waist, connecting with a nice German suplex! Close too, Speedy nearly landed on his head there!

ETR: Impact gets up and pulls Speedy up as well again.. But this time rolls Speedy into the ring! Impact slides in as well, pulling Speedy away from the ropes and hooking both of his legs for the pin to end this possibly!!

Referee: 1!!!

DP: But it’s quickly.. Not kicked out of, but Saint Anger pulls Impact off! Seems we’re already gonna see a confrontation between these two teammates in this match up! Impact glares up at SA, slowly getting to his feet as he begins to argue with him..

ETR: But Speedy’s already caught up to them, he surprises Impact with a lowblow from behind!! Speedy gets up and grabs Impact by the tights from behind as Saint Anger swings at him! But Speedy dodges the fist of SA! Saint Anger turns around as Speedy rams Impact head-first straight into his groin!!

DP: Speedy now grabs a hold of Saint Anger, looking for a tornado DDT!! But Saint Anger begins to over power him! But Speedy is able to use his weight against Saint Anger, causing him to land on the top turnbuckle of the corner!

ETR: Speedy unloads several shots to the head of Saint Anger, causing SA to back up, dazed, as Speedy leaps off the turnbuckle for a flying cross body!! But Saint Anger sidesteps it! But Impact is hit directly by the maneuver from Speedy instead!! Speedy quickly hooks the legs of Impact for a quick pin after that move, this could be it!

Referee: 1!!!!

DP: But Saint Anger charges straight after Speedy to break up the pin, causing Speedy to break it up and move out of the way! Speedy manages to get out of Saint Anger’s way, but SA turns back around to.. A NICE dropkick to the gut courtesy of Speedy!!

ETR: Saint Anger actually seems FAZED by that dropkick! Speedy quickly gets back to his feet and connects with another one! That’s enough for Saint Anger to back up into the corner of the ring, and there’s Impact getting back up now…

DP: Impact’s still hurting as he gets up, and doesn’t seem to get time to defend himself as Speedy quickly gets him with a couple chops to the sternum!! Speedy continues the attack on Impact with constant chops until Impact backs up into the corner of the ring, opposite from Saint Anger!

ETR: Speedy nails Impact with one more hard shot to the jaw before charging back at Saint Anger for… I’m Faster!! The corner clothesline luckily connects on the massive monster, Saint Anger!! Speedy’s got a huge grin on his face as he turns his attention back to Impact!

DP: Speedy comes charging back… and… Yes, connects with a second IF straight into Y2Impact!! Speedy’s feeling it, he can feel the momentum these Fans are giving him, he’s gotta capitalize once and for all on these two men!!

ETR: Speedy proudly turns around.. But it met with a hand wrapped around his throat!! None other than Saint Anger, who lifts Speedy up.. and CHOKESLAM!!! What a move!! Saint Anger immediately follows up, sticking his boot straight into the downed Speedy’s throat!!

DP: Saint Anger continues to heavily choke Speedy out as Impact makes it back to his feet once again.. Impact glares at Saint Anger for a moment, but decides to run to the ropes, leaping to the middle rope and springboarding off it for a.. LIONSAULT!!!!

ETR: This seems to be the beginning of the end for Speedy in this one.. Saint Anger pulls Speedy up now… Saint Anger sets Speedy up for the….. Impact grabs Saint Anger by his tights, pulling him down for a roll up pin, this is it!!

Referee: 1!!!!!…. 2!!!!!!!

DP: But Saint Anger is able to kick out of the cheap pin from his partner and opponent!
Both Saint Anger and Impact get to their feet, SA pushes Impact back, obviously in a fit of, well.. Anger. But none the less, Impact is-No wait, Speedy grabs the tights of Impact and pulls him down for a roll up pin now!!

Referee: 1!!!!!…. 2!!!!!!!!

ETR: But it’s broken up with a kick to the skull of Speedy from Saint Anger!! Speedy rolls to the outside in a daze, but Impact and Saint Anger quickly follow him out.. Speedy gets to his feet, but he’s quickly met with a forearm to the back of the head from Impact!

DP: Impact swings at him again, but Speedy ducks under it and rams into Impact, connecting with a shoulder thrust into the ring apron!! But Speedy is pulled away from Impact by Saint Anger, who forces Speedy back, spine-first into the barricade!!

ETR: Saint Anger now-No, Impact pushes SA back and grabs a hold of Speedy, obviously wanting him for himself.. Impact connects with a few shots on Speedy, slapping him and yelling in his face! Impact finally ends the attack with a european uppercut!!

DP: Impact jumps over the barricade and yells something at Saint Anger.. Impact holds Speedy’s arms back, keeping him in place for something Saint Anger is preparing for! Saint Anger charges! Impact lets go as Saint Anger SPEARS SPEEDY THROUGH THE BARRICADE!!!

ETR: Impact walks over the damage done by Saint Anger and looks under the ring apron.. He pulls out a steel chair! Impact slides in the ring with the chair in hand as Saint Anger begins to get back up on the outside..

DP: Saint Anger seems a bit damaged, but alright enough as he slides in the ring and gets up.. And it seems as though Impact is HIDING that steel chair! Saint Anger kicks Impact in the gut out of nowhere though!! SET! 2!! REST!!!! It connects on Impact!!

ETR: WHERE did that come from?! What Saint Anger aware of Impact’s weapon he had behind his back? Well at least he knows now as Impact dropped the chair! But the fact is
Saint Anger just connected with the Set2Rest, he covers Impact, NEW Champion!!

Referee: 1!!!!!…… 2!!!!!!!!!………

DP: Impact gets a shoulder up though!! Impact is able to kick out of that devastating finisher by Saint Anger, but it seems that Impact may have injured himself.. Saint Anger doesn’t like that Impact kicked out, but realizes that Impact is pain, he might actually have injured him!..

ETR: Saint Anger pulls Impact up to his feet.. And I think-CODEBREAKER!!!! My GOD, Codebreaker out of literally nowhere from Y2Impact!! Impact has an purely evil grin on his face as he slowly makes the cover on his partner, Impact’s gonna be the first Champion to retain!!

Referee: 1!!!!!……. 2!!!!!!!!……… THRE–

DP: NO!! Saint Anger is able to get a shoulder up after a devastating finisher as well!! Impact just wants to end this triple threat, he knows he wants nothing more than to break that curse on his Title, he charges towards the ropes, leaping to the middle rope and springboarding back! LIONSAULT!!!!

ETR: Impact lands straight on the KNEES of Saint Anger!! Impact is rolling in pain from that counter! Saint Anger now sets up, looking as if he’s been unfazed by all of these damaging moves this whole time! Saint Anger gets to his feet and picks up that chair Impact had earlier..

DP: Saint Anger unfolds the chair and places it in the middle of the ring.. Saint Anger finally pulls Impact up and sets him on the chair.. Charging to the ropes and back for a DECAPITATING Bigboot!!!

ETR: Impact catches the foot of Saint Anger though!! Impact quickly reacts, grabbing SA’s other leg and dropping him on his back!! He might… Impact just might have it…. And………… Saint Anger’s on his back, it’s locked in, WALLS OF IMPACT!!!!

DP: Saint Anger is moaning in pain, he’s struggling in every way to get out of this!! Is this it, will we see not only Saint Anger lose, but lose by tapping out?! Saint Anger is panicking being in this hold, he’s clawing his way to the ropes!

ETR: He’s almost there…. Saint Anger’s nearly got it…….. And YES, Saint Anger clutches the bottom rope!! But…. But Impact-He’s not breaking the hold!! There’s nothing the Referee can do!! Saint Anger is now losing it, trying to get out of this, he pulls himself half-way out of the ring!

DP: He’s gonna tap, he’ll have to tap, Saint Anger’s got no other option left but to just tap now!!! He raises his hand!!…. And…. Speedy catches it!!! Speedy stops the arm of Saint Anger before it can go down for the tap out!! Speedy connects with several shots to the head of Saint Anger, dazing him!!

ETR: Speedy slides into the ring and wraps his arms around the back of Impact’s head for a full-nelson!! The Walls of Impact has been broken, causing SA to fall to the outside!! SKULL CRUSHING FINALE ON THE SEAT OF THE STEEL CHAIR IN THE RING!!!! Speedy quickly pulls Impact onto his back and hooks his leg for the pin!!

Referee: 1!!!!!!……. 2!!!!!!!!!……….. 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Speedy’s theme plays as he rolls out of the ring to pick up the Inter-Brand World Title)

Annnouncer: The Winner of this match up and NEW Inter-Brand World Champion!!…. SPEEEEEEDDDY!!!!

DP: Speedy did it, we have a new Inter-Brand Champ, the streak.. Well, curse, of the Inter-Brand World Title seems to continue here tonight at Reasonable Doubt! They all fought hard, but it seems Speedy was just able to pull one over Impact and Saint Anger tonight.

ETR: Impact is looking up in shock as Saint Anger remains on the outside of the ring, Impact can’t believe what just happened. But there’s just nothing he can do about it now, Speedy is on the stage, holding up his new Inter-Brand World Title.

DP: A huge win tonight, one World Title has just changed hands, why not another? I still can’t wait for Banks versus the Heart Break Boy for the World Title tonight, but I guess I’ll just let Speedy have his moment here tonight at Reasonable Doubt.

ETR: That should be a hell of a match to watch.. These two have been at each other’s throats ever since HBB won the World Heavyweight Championship at King Of Extreme! And it all culminates tonight in a match that will define the whole meaning of EAW.. Extreme!

ETR: That should be a hell of a match to watch.. These two have been at each other’s throats ever since HBB won the World Heavyweight Championship at King Of Extreme! And it all culminates tonight in a match that will define the whole meaning of EAW.. Extreme!

(CM Bank$’s music hits)

Deadprez: And speaking of that… Bank$’s music is playing and here is he coming down the ramp! What is Bank$ doing out here right now? His match is headlining the show tonight and he’s already on his way out here to the ring… and it looks like he’s got a mic in his hands! I guess CM Bank$ has a few words to share with us here!

(Crowd fills the arena with boos)

CM Bank$: Shhhhh… Your boos only motivate me even more to put an end to the Heart Break Boy’s undeserving World Championship reign.. You all disgust me, booing someone like me when I’ve been the face of EAW for almost 3 YEARS! You should all be cheering me on, and supporting me on my quest to become a World Champion once again.. all I’ve done for EAW and you people have the nerve to boo me? It all just makes me want to prove each and every single one of you, including the Heart Break Boy wrong. HBB has been around for 2 years, showing more loyalty to second rate companies like XWF, AWA and ACW rather than EAW.. And you really cheer this guy over someone like myself, who is one of the MAIN reasons that EAW is even still around to this date. I won my EAW Championship against one of EAWs biggest legends, Jaywalker.. and for that, I deserve all the credit in the world for. But who did the Heart Break Boy defeat to gain his championship?.. MK? (XD)!! Oh man you gotta be kidding me. HBB is lucky that he’s even competing in this big of a match. Because in my eyes, he should still be lounging around with guys like Speedy and EOE, competing for the Interbrand Championship.. now that’s a title that you may be capable of putting up a good fight for.. But this, this is the big leagues HBB… This is for the World Heavyweight Championship, and winning against MK, even after LOSING to MK once or twice is nothing. If you struggle to beat MK, there’s absolutely no way that you can come close to beating me. I’ve made a career of beating guys like Jaywalker and Mak.. while you were winning titles in a bunch of other feds.. why? Because you couldn’t make it to the top in the big time.. EAW. Do I even have to bring up your embarrassing loss against WWEFan at Midsummer Massacre wayyyyy back in 2008? Because that match pretty much defines your entire time spent here in EAW.. Not being able to get the job done.. and once again here tonight, you won’t get it done.. you won’t be able to manage to build any offense against me.. or anyone else that actually belongs in the main event for that matter–

(HBB jumps over the barricade an creeps into the ring behind Bank$ as the crowd begins to cheer)

CM Bank$: Oh… nowww you wanna cheer? After I have to CONVINCE you all exactly why I’ll beat HBB tonight? Well.. hold on a second.. Let me show you even more..

(Bank$ turns around without looking and swings the microphone into HBB’s skull)

ETR: Oh my God!! Bank$ saw that coming and he stopped HBB DEAD in his tracks and dropped him to the canvas with that microphone!

Deadprez: What a shot! You could hear that unforgiving thud of the microphone smash into the skull of the Heart Break Boy from the nosebleed seats!

ETR: He must have knew HBB was behind him! I can’t believe what we just saw! The Heart Break Boy thought he had Bank$ RIGHT where he wanted him but Bank$ turns around and immediately swings the microphone into HBB’s head! That would’ve been impossible to do if he didn’t know HBB was there!


(Bank$ drops to his knees and brushes HBB’s hair out of his face as he looks into his eyes with an evil glare)

CM Bank$: Hahh.. If I were you Mike Rush… I’d spend your last moments of quality bonding time with your World Title gold.. because tonight is the last time you’ll ever even TOUCH the World Heavyweight gold… again.

(Camera shows CM Banks standing in the middle of the ring on a previous Showdown)

CM Banks: Well, as most of you know I’ve been setting around not doing much here on Showdown.. (Camera fades to the Heart Break Boy versus Mister K at King of Extreme)

Stew-O: MK jumps off the top rope!!!!!! HBB goes off the ropes and comes running back as he connects an impressive running, swinging neckbreaker!! (Camera fades back to CM Banks)

CM Banks: And what I don’t understand is.. WHY? Why isn’t CM Banks in the World Title picture?.. (Camera fades back to the Heart Break Boy versus Mister K)

ETR: This is HBB’s time to take advantage!

DP: And now HBB lifts MK up and he nails and Inverted Atomic Drop and now HBB.. SUPERKICK!! SUPERKICK!! Wait.. MK ducks underneath it! (Camera fades back to Banks)

CM Banks: If HBB wasn’t General Manager of this Brand.. I’m SURE things would be running a lot differently.. (Camera fades back to HBB versus Mister K)

Stew-O: MK charges forward and looks for a running kick across the side of the Heart Break Boy’s face!!! (Camera switches back to CM Banks)

CM Banks: I’ve been the HEART and SOUL of this company since DAY ONE.. That’s almost THREE YEARS– (Camera switches back to HBB vs Mister K)


(Camera switches back to CM Banks)

CM Banks: Now some guy who just finished trying to TAKE OVER EAW is our World Champ? (Camera switches back to The Heart Break Boy celebrating with the World Title)

ETR: HBB WINS!! HBB WINS!! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!– (Camera fades back to Banks)

CM Banks: I am declaring myself the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER..

(Camera fades to CM Banks and the Heart Break Boy standing face to face in the ring on Showdown)

HBB: You think YOU’VE been ignored?! Try being me for the last month, everyone forgets how hard I’ve worked to be here, and how hard I work now..

Banks: So for the last two or three weeks you feel like you’ve been robbed? Try being me for the last two or three YEARS..

HBB: SHUT UP… Put it in the press, at Reasonable Doubt the Heart Break Boy defends his World Heavyweight Championship against CM Banks!

HBB: You’re not stepping into that ring at Reasonable Doubt until you pay your debt to Showdown.. (Camera fades to HBB in his Office on Showdown)

HBB: The Heart Break Boy versus CM Banks will be taking place inside.. OF A 30 FOOT HIGH HELL IN A CELL! (Camera fades to The Heart Break Boy and the Order of the Angels against CM Banks on Showdown)

DP: HBB has a smirk on his face looking at his Reasonable Doubt opponent..


Stew-O: Anger gets up using the ropes and lifts Banks up on his shoulders!! THE


(Camera fades to The Heart Break Boy and Robbie V versus CM Banks and Jaywalker on Showdown)

ETR: Robbie and Jay are headed backstage for a brawl!!

DP: And Banks looks extremely confused as he gets up and looks around the ring for HBB…

CM Banks: I can assure you that once I’m finished with the Heart Break Boy..


CM Banks: He’ll have no choice but to head back to his little XWF or CWA or whatever it’s called now..

(Camera shows the Heart Break Boy triumphantly standing over Banks with the World Title as Banks’ voice is heard in the background, drowning out)
CM Banks: Because his EAW Career…. will be deader than ACW..

(Camera fades back to the ring as ominous music plays while the Hell In A Cell begins to lower from the ceiling)

ETR: Well here you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, the most intimidating thing never before seen in Extreme Answers Wre– (The ominous music is interrupted by the Heart Break Boy’s theme as the Cell continues to slowly lower)

DP: What’s this? What’s THIS?! The Heart Break Boy is on top of that massive Hell In A Cell as it lowers from the ceiling!! This is one great big, intimidating structure but it seems that HBB can even make a show out of that!

ETR: The Crowd is on their feet already for the Heart Break Boy as he continues to show off that beautiful World Heavyweight Title about forty feet high up! HBB takes off his new T-Shirt and throws it to some lucky fan in the crowd!

DP: HBB takes off his signature chaps, lays that World Title in front of him, and shows off with his signature pose just as the Cell finally hits the floor and pyro from the corner of the Cell?! THAT’S how you make an entrance!!

ETR: HBB now puts that Title on his shoulder and climbs down.. jumping nearly half-way and lands perfectly on his feet! Finally HBB makes his way through the door of the Cell and rolls into the ring, quickly hitting his signature pose one last time! You can tell HBB is more than prepared for this!

(CM Banks’ theme plays, interrupting HBB’s entrance)

DP: Woah, woah, woah, now lets not forget about THIS man, ETR, Banks doesn’t need a fancy intro to show how focused he is, you can just see it in his eyes. I think this guy is ready to go to War, lets hope HBB is as ready for this as he is.

ETR: I think Banks is always ready for something like this, he says he’s been ready for this for a long time and hey, I can believe that, he hasn’t touched Championship gold since becoming the first EAW Champ, no doubt he’ll try again tonight.

DP: Banks goes through the door of the Cell before it’s finally locked and gets in the ring to meet face to face with HBB.


Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is your MAIN EVENT!!… First, in this corner… Weighing in at 220 pounds!…. From Jersey City, New Jersey!…. C! M!! BAAAAAANNNKSS!!!….. And his opponent, in this corner… Weighing in at 220 pounds!…. From San Antonio, Texas!…. He is THE EAW Heavyweight Champion of the WORLD!!…. THE HEART! BREAK!! BOOOOOYYYY!!!

ETR: Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, lets get this started!.. Banks and HBB start out by circling the ring, both men seem to be admiring the massive 30 foot Cell that surrounds them as well. But Banks is the one to break the ice with a high kick to the head of HBB!!

DP: But HBB is able to duck under it, causing Banks to completely spin around into a shot from HBB! Theres another shot! Banks looks to stop it with a shot of his own, but HBB anticipates it, ducking under Banks’ arm and countering with a nice northern lights suplex! There’s a pin!

Referee: 1!!

ETR: Hardly a one count as both men quickly get to their feet.. Banks attempts a right hook this time! But it’s once again countered by HBB into a drop toe hold! Banks seems a bit frustrated already, pulling himself up quickly using the ropes..

DP: HBB gets up as well, but Banks just awaits for HBB to make a move, which he does as he goes for an elbow to the jaw of Banks! But Banks is the one to counter the move, hooking the arm of HBB, going to the other arm of him and hooking it, and pulling him down for a backslide pin!

Referee: 1!!

ETR: Once again barely a one count.. Both men get to their feet as HBB swings once more, but Banks quickly swings behind HBB and catches him with a schoolboy rollup pin!!

Referee: 1!!!

DP: It’s quickly kicked out of a well, both men get to their feet as HBB charges at Banks but ends up whipping Banks into the ropes! Banks comes back for a clothesline courtesy of HBB! But no, Banks decides to slip through the legs of HBB and come out to the outside!

ETR: HBB doesn’t have to wait to come to the outside as well because Banks reaches in, grabs HBB by his ankles, and drops him on his stomach, pulling him to the outside! Banks grabs HBB by the hair and throws him back-first into the cell!!

DP: Banks throws HBB into the wall of this structure once more before HBB finally elbows out of a possible third one! That doesn’t make Banks none too happy, he charges at HBB on the outside! But HBB is able to catch Banks with a nice backbody drop, straight on the mat!

ETR: HBB picks Banks up and rolls him into the ring.. Banks quickly gets to his feet as HBB slides in.. Banks charges for HBB, but straight into a SUPERKICK-No, HBB fakes Banks out with the thought of some possible Sweet Chin Music!

DP: Banks laughs it off.. But quickly grabs HBB by the arm and pulls him onto his shoulders, GTR-No! It seems Banks does the same thing to the Heart Break Boy as HBB lands on his feet and backs up!… Banks looks like he’s gonna further the mockery now..

ETR: I believe you’re right, Deadprez, as CM Banks mocks HBB with his own signature pose! But HBB quickly cuts Banks off with a chop straight to the sternum! Another chop! Another chop! HBB backs Banks into the ropes now!

DP: Banks comes back as HBB meets him with a nice flying forearm smash! Both men quickly gets up as Banks turns around to meet some SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! No, HBB fakes Banks out for a second time, this time causing Banks to escape
through the ropes and to the outside!

ETR: HBB follows up, using the top rope to catapult himself over with a flying crossbody!! But Banks is able to catch him! Banks swings around for a spinebuster on HBB straight into the chain-link wall of this Cell!

DP: Banks grabs the back of HBB’s hair.. And drives him face-first into the Cell!! HBB bounces back from it as Banks quickly rolls him into the ring, slides in as well, and hooks the leg of HBB for the quick pin of this match up!

Referee: 1!!!!

ETR: Almost a two count there! Banks pulls HBB up.. And whips him as hard as possible into the corner of the ring, causing HBB to roll straight up the corner back-first!! HBB rolls back down as he’s met with a running inverted STO from Banks!

DP: This time up Banks turns HBB onto his stomach and traps his arm, reaching over to his face and.. Crossface!! Banks has the Crossface locked in on HBB!! HBB is panicking being in the hold, we’ve already seen one submission victory tonight, will we see another?!

ETR: The Fans are clapping for the Heart Break Boy to get out of this, he’s using that to get himself out of this! HBB uses that strength of his to slowly but surely pick himself up as well as Banks, who remains with that Crossface firmly locked in!

DP: And.. HBB quickly runs up to the middle turnbuckle and leaps back for a sidewalk slam-like maneuver on Banks!! That manages to break the Crossface at least!.. HBB pulls himself up to his feet as Banks now does the same.. Both men meet each other with a flurry of punches!

ETR: Lefts and rights are flying everywhere! But Banks quickly grabs HBB by the back of his head and sends him over the top rope to the outside! No! HBB catches the top rope with both hands! HBB shows off some nice strength, skinning the cat as he pulls himself back up..

DP: But Banks quickly reacts to it, catching HBB on his shoulders as HBB pulls himself in!! HBB is aware of what could happen though, he’s not letting go of that top rope for one second!! Banks attempts to simply throw HBB’s body over the ropes to the outside!

ETR: But HBB is able to catch himself on the apron! Banks swings at HBB, but is met with a headbutt to the gut through the mid-ropes from HBB! HBB connects with a second headbutt to the gut of Banks! And HBB tops it all of, leaping over the top rope and Banks, sunset flip pin!!

DP: No, Banks quickly rolls up to his feet after the pin attempt and NAILS HBB with a kick straight to the skull!! Banks covers the downed HBB, this could be it right here!

Referee: 1!!!!!…. 2!!

ETR: But there’s no way HBB will give up that easy, he gets a shoulder up.. Banks is showing signs of frustration now as he pulls HBB up to his feet and whips him hard into the corner! HBB slams into that corner with great force, but incoming Banks with a running knee straight to the jaw of the Heart Break Boy!!

DP: HBB is incapacitated in the corner, but Banks isn’t worried in the least bit about that as he follows up now with a running bulldog!! But HBB is able to force Banks off! Banks stops himself, leaping to the top turnbuckle of the nearest corner!

ETR: Banks leaps back at HBB for a flying cross-SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!! No, NO! Banks leaps out of the way of HBB’s foot, escaping through the ropes and onto the apron!! Banks looks as he’s escaped it.. But not nearly as HBB comes in with a forearm smash, sending BOTH men flying into the wall of the Cell!!!

DP: HBB kips up on the outside, showing no signs of damage from ramming into that chain-linked wall! HBB pulls Banks up.. And picks him up on his shoulder.. Ramming him into the steel pole of the ring!! Banks is still standing though! But
HBB takes care of that quickly, capitalizing with a drop toe hold, causing Banks’ face to connect with the steel steps in front of him!!

ETR: HBB doesn’t wanna waste anymore time, he’s screaming to the Crowd that he’s gonna do it, he’s signaling for the end to this!! HBB begins tunning up the band as Banks crawls up to his feet using the steel steps!!

DP: Banks pulls himself all the way up and turns around as HBB swings-SWEET CHIN—Banks ducks under the leg of HBB, picking him up on his shoulders!! Electric chair drop on HBB, spine-FIRST onto the steel steps!!

ETR: Banks’ is looking as though he was never hurt in the first place as he quickly gets to his feet, I think he smells blood in the water! HBB is pulled up by his hair as he’s still in pain from smacking his back on the steps.. Banks props HBB up against the door of the Cell..

DP: The steps are looking to be brought back into play as Banks-No, Banks is deciding against it.. Banks drops the steps and begins searching under the ring apron.. Banks-He pulls out a 15 foot LADDER!! What’s he plan on doing with that thing?!

ETR: Banks brings that ladder above his head.. And charges towards HBB!! Banks RAMS the ladder straight into the ribs of HBB, breaking the lock of the Cell door and sending both men out of the massive Cell itself!!!

DP: Banks isn’t stopping this attack there, he grabs HBB once again pulling him to his feet and grabs his right arm, pulling it behind his head and tries to trip HBB up, ANACONDA VICE-But HBB is able to resist the hold as he uses his weight against Banks, flipping him over his back!

ETR: Banks quickly gets back to his feet and charges! But HBB this time anticipates it, sending Banks running into the barricade near our table!! Banks attempts to come back from it but he’s stopped by a dropkick courtesy of HBB!!

DP: Banks is once again sent back into the barricade.. But it’s NOT over there, HBB gets Banks with a clothesline, sending Banks over the barricade!! HBB realizes he’s in full control now! He reaches over the barricade to complete his attack on Banks.. But wait! I.. I think Banks just raked the eyes of HBB!!

ETR: HBB is temporarily blinded! Banks climbs on top of the barricade as HBB turns around.. And leaps off for a PEPSI PLUNGE!!! But HBB swings with a toe kick to the gut of-Banks lands on his feet and catches the foot of HBB, pulling him in and onto his shoulders!!

DP: G! T!! R!!!! NO, NOT YET!! HBB lands on his feet behind Banks and wastes no time setting him up for.. THE HEART BREAKER!!!! It connects, that Un-Prettier connects!! But HBB is no position to get a pin here!

ETR: HBB kips up once again!! HBB’s looking for something that’ll take Banks completely out of the equation here! HBB picks up Banks’ ladder and brings it towards us! HBB throws off the top to our announce table and rips out the monitors as well!

DP: HBB now places that ladder on our announce table (ETR and DP stand up) and turns his focus back on Banks, pulling him up a bit, but scooping him up and slamming him down on that ladder!! HBB’s not finished here, he begins climbing the Cell wall!!

ETR: I don’t know if HBB should do this, I don’t even think he knows if he should do this, Mak told him to not take any risks, not mess up, he’s about 15 feet high up on the wall!! HBB turns over, his body facing towards us, this could be good or bad at this point!

DP: And… Banks is up!! Banks grabs the ladder and jams it under the feet of HBB! What’s he… Banks runs straight up the ladder, charging to the very top to meet HBB with a knee straight to the gut!!! They’re too high up, this is looking bad!! Banks grapples HBB by his head and.. No, oh no, NO!! BULLDOG FROM THE CELL WALL THROUGH OUR ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!

ETR: Good God almighty, HBB is WRECKED!! I’m not gonna lie, Banks is looking rough as well as he landed even more awkwardly through our table as well!! Both men are showing signs of life though! HBB and Banks begin crawling towards the door of the Cell!

DP: Neither man can take much more, they’re slowly getting to their feet as they make their way to the inside of the Cell… I can’t believe these men aren’t unconscious, maybe they truly hate each other so much that they’d rather keep going than just give enough respect to just give this one up.

ETR: But both men make it back into the Cell.. HBB uses the bottom rope to slide himself in first.. HBB begins to get up as Banks rolls in the ring.. Banks gets up to meet SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! No, no, false alarm again, Banks ducks under it and takes HBB down!!

DP: Banks wraps HBB’s arm around the back of his head, my God, ANACONDA VICE!!!! It’s locked in, it’s locked in at last, this is it, we’ve seen on submission victor tonight, we’re bound to see another right here right now!!!

ETR: NO!! HBB is struggling out of this, he can do it, he’s not gonna let this stop him!! HBB uses his strength against Banks excluding being locked in this deadly maneuver and pulls them both to the outside of the ring!!

DP: HBB now.. He picks up Banks!! OLYMPIC SLAM INTO THE CELL WALL!!! HBB taking a page straight out of his former rival, Starr Stan’s book for that move!! HBB is panicking, he knows he’s gotta end this!!

ETR: HBB climbs on the apron as Banks slowly gets back up using the chain-linked wall for support!.. HBB climbs up the corner.. Banks climbs to the apron as HBB gets to the top of the corner! Leaps! MOONSAULT!!! Banks catches HBB on his shoulders!!

DP: Banks swings HBB forward, causing him to guillotine himself on the top rope in the ring!! HBB backs up as Banks looks to finally end this!! He leaps to the top rope!! PEPSI PLU-SWEET! CHIN!! MUSIC!!!! IT CONNECTS, IT CONNECTS!!!

ETR: HBB came out of nowhere, absolutely no where with that!! HBB is back down as Banks is laid out, this can all end if HBB just gets to the cover on Banks!! HBB is coherent now, he’s aware that this one can end here for sure!!

DP: HBB slowly makes his way over to the downed CM Banks… And…….. AND…….. And yes, HBB covers Banks, STILL World Champion tonight!!

Referee: 1!!!!!……. 2!!!!!!!!!……….. THREE—-

ETR: Banks gets a shoulder up!!! HBB is livid!! How did Banks kick out of that, it sounded like it cracked his jaw!! You can see disgust in the face of this angry HBB, he immediately rolls out of the ring after the shoulder up!

DP: HBB’s limping a bit but makes his way out of the Cell.. HBB is-he’s climbing the Cell?! What’s he doing?! HBB looks as if he’s been through War, whatever he’s about to do could be fatal! HBB makes it to the top of this massive Cell, now what?

ETR: HBB walks to the middle.. And kicks through one of the doors of the top!! HBB’s signaling for something.. No, whatever you’re doing HBB, DON’T DO IT!! NO, YOU’RE 30 FEET HIGH UP, HE’S ABOVE BANKS, MY GOD, HBB DROPS-HEART! BREAK!! ELBOW!!!!

DP: JESUS CHRIST, BANKS PUTS HIS KNEES UP!!!! HBB lands RIBS-FIRST on the lifted knees of CM Banks!!! HBB is rolling pain, and he has the right to do so!! HBB is quickly coughing up blood, this isn’t looking good at ALL!! But Banks.. Banks is making his way to HBB!

ETR: Banks covers HBB, this is over finally!!

Referee: 1!!!!!…… 2!!!!!!!!……… THREE—

DP: NO, NO NOT YET, HBB GETS A SHOULDER UP!!! How in God’s name did HBB just get a shoulder up after something like that, he’s possibly got a few cracked ribs!! Banks isn’t putting up with it anymore, he pulls HBB to his feet and picks him up… G! T!! R!!!! IT CONNECTS!!!

ETR: And….. Banks hooks the leg of HBB, this one is sadly over..

Referee: 1!!!!!!…… 2!!!!!!!!……… THREE—

ETR: HBB KICKS OUT?!! No, no, no possible way could HBB have just done that!! Banks slowly gets back to his feet, completely ignoring what just happened and pulls HBB up… GTR AGAIN!!!! It connects for a second time and there’s the pin!!

Referee: 1!!!!!……. 2!!!!!!!!!!………. THREE–

DP: HOW IN THE HELL, THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE, THE HEART BREAK BOY GETS A SHOULDER UP AGAIN!!! Banks is a zombie at this point, he pulls HBB up for a third time… GO! TO!! HBB lands on his feet behind Banks!!!

ETR: Banks quickly turns around to swing for HBB, but HBB ducks under it and comes back as Banks turns back around with a flying forearm smash!!! HBB doesn’t have the energy to kip up, but quickly pulls himself up using the ropes as Banks gets back up!!

DP: Banks is met with an inverted atomic drop from HBB!! HBB scoops Banks up.. and SLAMS him down on the canvas, this is not happening!! HBB is a mad man, he’s holding those ribs but climbs up the corner anyways!! No, no, no-HEART BREAK ELBOW!!! It connects!!

ETR: HBB is rolling in pain for a few moments, he landed on those damaged ribs!! But he’s not gonna stop here, he’s gone too far!! HBB pulls himself up using the turnbuckles and makes it to his feet! He’s gonna go for it, HBB’s tuning up the band!!!

DP: Banks slowly gets up as HBB is looking forward to end this, stomping his foot to the ground, awaiting the rising of Banks!! Banks is UP!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!! Banks swings with a kick straight into the injured ribs of HBB!!! Banks lifts up the damaged HBB onto his shoulders!! GO! TO!! RETIREMENT!!!! GTR CONNECTS A THIRD TIME!!! BANKS HOOKS BOTH LEGS OF HBB FOR THE PIN!!

Referee: 1!!!!!!……… 2!!!!!!!!!………… 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(CM Banks’ music plays as the Referee hands Banks the World Title)

Announcer: The WINNER of this match and NEW Heavyweight Champion of the Wooorld!!!…. C! M!! BAAAAAANNNKSS!!!!

ETR: My GOD what a match between these two! It was without a doubt a WAR, but it’s finally over and the victor is none other than CM Banks! I’m in NO position to take this away from him right now, he is our new World Heavyweight Champion.

DP: And without a doubt in MY opinion Banks deserves it, it’s been a long time coming and he’s finally done it. But I’m not gonna take this away from the Heart Break Boy either, he fought with heart, but maybe too much heart, as that may had been his downfall when he was running on that heart of a Champion to go for that Heart Break Elbow from the top of the Cell.

ETR: No matter what the causes were, the affect is that Banks is still the new World Champion tonight. And now here comes some E.M.T.’s out here to tend to HBB.. Banks is celebrating on the top turnbuckle, holding that beautiful World Title above his head.

ETR: E.M.T.’s are placing HBB on a stretcher unfortunately, this may have just not been HBB’s night, but he still showed the World why is the the Showstopper tonight at Reasonable Doubt. And I personally believe.. What’s HBB doing?

DP: The Heart Break Boy rolls OFF the stretcher! What’s he thinking, he’s in no position to walk out of this arena! I believe HBB is asking for a microphone! HBB pushes the doctors trying to help him away as he’s handed a mic..

ETR: HBB glares at CM Banks in the ring..

HBB: …………. H-Hit… My music…

(The Heart Break Boy’s theme plays as he slowly limps up the ramp while the Crowd cheers him on)

DP: Well.. No other words could be said from the fallen HBB, he’s said all he’s need to say and so do we. So signing out for Edge & TNA Rocks, I’m Deadprez, and thank you for joining us tonight for Reasonable Doubt!…

(Banks holds the World Title on his shoulder as he watches HBB walk away as the camera fades to black)

( EAW logo buzzes )

Written by Fight Grid

King of Elite (2010)

Reckless Wiring (2010)