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Reasonable Doubt (2009)

( EAW Intro plays )

(Clips of previous EAW moments and events are shown)

(Reasonable Doubt Promo:

Lethal Consequences: Tonight….

Captain Charisma: …. is the night…

StarrStan: Championships….

Mak: Rivalries…

Mister K: …. but most importantly, pride…

Instant Game: Everything is on the line…

The Dark Emperor: Careers…

EOE: Opportunities…

Methuselah: … Friendships…

TLC & Snagz: Tonight…

Speedy & Leo: History will be made!

TLC & Snagz: Tables..

Speedy & Leo: Ladders…

VIP & Undefined: … and Chairs! Those Tag belts…

TLC & Snagz: Belong to us!

Indy: EOE wants to steal diaries? Well tonight, I close his diary and I end his career!

Speedy & Leo: Mean everything to us!

VIP & Undefined: Will be around our waists…

EOE: I will perfect myself tonight when I burn you into the flames Indy!

HBB: The Showstoppa, The Heart Break Boy will once again steal the show!

Mak: I’ll prove HBB I’m the real Showstoppa and King of EAW!

DE: Tonight, the spirit of Methuselah will forever be destroyed!

Methuselah: DE, You cannot beat me! You are not better than me! I am the best!

Sabina: I am the only dominant Vixen in EAW!

Eve: Tonight, the title comes to me!

Game: MK’s 8 month IW title reign comes to an end tonight!

MK: Game can kiss his dreams goodbye!

Lethal Consequences: It is my world, this is planet consequences…

Captain Charisma: There will be no Reasonable Doubt I will win back my title..

StarrStan: So many times I’ve been so close… but so far away….

Lethal Consequences: … CC and Starr are just living in it…

Captain Charisma: This is the end of the line for LC and then beginning of the end for Stan!

StarrStan: So many times I’ve been inches away from glory… to be held back..

Lethal Consequences: The EAW title..

StarrStan: Comes home to daddy!

Captain Charisma: Goes back to its rightful owner!

Lethal Consequences: I walked into Planet Consequences Champion… and I’ll leave it the same way!

(Huge Pyro goes off, as camera fades to fans in the arena cheering on their feet…)

Stew: The Air Canada Centre has been sold out for months! Over ninety thousand fans are here for this great event, EAW’s first ever brand exclusive FPV, Reasonable Doubt! And we welcome you from all around the world live to Toronto, Canada!

DP: Big matches are set for tonight, three championships on the line, and this crowd is completely excited for this historic event! I’m Deadprez alongside Stew at ringside… and for the first time ever in EAW History, it’s all about Showdown for the night!

Stew: We’re joined by Pedro “El Mero Mero” De La Cruz and Juan Pablo Gonzalez as well at the Mexican announce table for this huge FPV! Enough talk, because it’s time to kick off our show with the first match of the night!

Announcer: The following contest is an Inferno match, and it’s for the number one contender for the EAW Interwire Championship! Now the only way to win this match is to set your opponent on fire!

(Video package of the Independent/EOE rivalry is shown)

(Independent’s theme song hits, he comes out to a lot of boo’s)

Announcer: Introducing first, from Death Valley, weighing in at 270 pounds… The King of Legends…. INDEPENDENTTT!!!

DP: And here comes the monster who’s willing to destroy anyone who steps on his way, he’s a former EAW Tag Team Champ, and has been with the company for a long time… he never won the top championship, but however he did make some impact on Dynasty at some time, and now he’s looking to rebuild his career, starting from tonight!

Stew: In the last couple of weeks, he had many matches, he defeated Nik-e-G and Instant Game, but last Showdown, he lost to Captain Charisma in the Main Event.. Indy is here to destroy EOE for his own pleasure, as he claims he doesn’t want championships, and he made it clear that he’s not fighting for Jaden, who had her diary stolen by EOE…

(The Essence of Excellence’s entrance song plays, he gets a pop as he comes out to the ring holding Jaden’s diary)

Announcer: And his opponent, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 220 pounds…. THE ESSENCE OF EXCELLLLLLENCEEEE!!!!

DP: EOE is in a situation he’s never been in before, as he competes One on One against an experienced competitor inside a ring surrounded by flames! Few months ago, EOE had potential more than any of the young extremists, but his career went downhill a little bit, and he’s trying to revive his career… this might be an opportunity, because if he gets a victory, he gets a title shot for the Interwire title belt!

( Ding! DING! DING! )

Stew: Both men are inside the ring, EOE seems stressed while looking at the flames as he goes quickly to attack Independent! The referee rings the bell, and EOE is backing his opponent into the corner… but Indy reverses putting him in his place instead, delivering a huge elbow to EOE’s head…

DP: He grabs him by his arm, and throws him into the opposite corner… Indy continues the attack with a running clothesline, but EOE moves out of the way, as Indy smashes his head onto the turnbuckle! EOE comes from the back hitting Indy’s legs, and then connects an atomic drop..

Stew: EOE whips him into the corner, and then hits a running elbow to his head as Independent falls down… EOE starts stomping on him, and now he’s trying to send him to the apron through the flames! But Indy is fighting back, and he manages to survive as he pushes him off, and then kicks him in the stomach…

DP: EOE tries to lift his opponent up on his shoulders, but Indy counters and nails a huge uppercut! And now he picks him up, and connects a powerslam! Now remember the only way to win this match is by setting your opponent on fire! There’s no pinfall or submission, any little mistake could cost one of these two the match, and maybe even their career!

Stew: Independent is up on the top of the corner as he prepares to jumps off… but EOE hits an enzuigiri out of nowhere to knock him down! And Indy ALMOST came on fire, if he didn’t catch on the ropes to get back in a better position on the corner!

DP: EOE climbs up the corner, and he tries to put Independent in a position for a Superplex! But Indy is trying to avoid it, as he starts throwing punches at EOE and then pushes him off as EOE falls down off the ropes… EOE attacks him again, and then does a headbutt, as he grabs Indy by his head….. and connects a DDT from the corner onto the mat!

Stew: Now that was perfect! EOE is trying to force him into the flames at the moment, and look how close Independent is from losing this match! This might be over for The King of Legends, as EOE continues to drags him through the flames!

DP: But Independent uses his power to get himself out of the danger! EOE throws him through the ropes, Independent bounces back and hits a running Big Boot! EOE is up on his feet, Indy connects a Side Slam! He follows with a huge diving elbow drop, and then gets EOE up…

Stew: And Indy picks him up for the Necross! But no, it’s countered! And he goes for the Perfect-Plex… but Indy reverses, and he hits an IKO!! This could change the direction of this match! EOE is down as Independent walks towards the corner, and he starts taking the off the top rope…. WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING!?

DP: And now he goes to the other side of the ring, and unhooks the other top rope from the corner! The ropes have been taken off, and this is very dangerous now! Indy turns around but he gets kicked in the gut, EOE grabs him by his head, and tries to throw him into the flames!

Stew: Independent blocks the attack, and catches him by neck! You know what’s coming now…. The CHOKESLAM!!! Indy has him up, but EOE counters to his back…. And nails a Dropkick…. As Independent gets closer to the flames and he almost got burned!

DP: This could be EOE’s chance to win, as he goes for a running clothesline on Independent….. BUT WATCH OUT! Independent lifts him up quickly on his shoulders…. And he CONNECTS A NECROSS SENDING EOE INTO THE FLAMES!!!

(Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Announcer: Here is your winner…… INDEPENDENTTT!!!

Stew: This match is over! EOE IS ON FIRE and he’s screaming in pain! Indy promised he would get Jaden her diary and make sure EOE never bothers her again… and he stayed on his words! EOE is suffering from a lot of pain right now, as he runs down to the back…

DP: Independent is at ringside now, and he goes to the ring announcer, as he grabs Jaden’s diary… she must be happy now that she’s getting it back… Indy holds it, and then goes besides the ring…. He looks at the crowd for a second AND THEN PUTS THE DIARY ON FIRE!!!

Stew: Wtf? EOE is burning! The diary is burning! …. And Independent seems just not to care about anyone or anything… he told that he wasn’t fighting for Jaden tonight, and I think he just proved it….

DP: Don’t forget, Independent is now the number one contender for the EAW Interwire Championship! He will have a chance to win his first EAW single title, as he challenges the winner of tonight’s match for the championship gold, between Mister K and Instant Game…

Stew: And right now we go backstage with Mike08!

(Camera fades backstage to Mike08)

Mike: Hello everyone! Your favorite EAW announcer is here with the…. Heart Break Boy! (Crowd boo’s)

Mike: I can hear the loud boo’s from here, HBB… tonight, you face King Mak, these fans are one hundred percent behind him… now you’re used to have the crowd on your side, but tonight, it’s the opposite…..

HBB: You see, Mike… I spent a long time in this company, and I got used for any atmosphere, any crowd, and any situation… I realize these fans despise me for going against a fellow Canadian, but what they don’t realize is what’s more importantly… they’re supporting a coward who always cheats his way to get what he wants, he went as far hitting a Vixen with a Steel chair instead of the man in his face… tonight is no different than DvsSD, or any of the last couple Showdown episodes… 97 years ago, the Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg… Tonight, Mak’s days as King and his FPV undefeated streak will sink after he’s hit with a Superkick!

(Camera fades back to the ring)

(Video package of the TLC & Snagz vs Speedy & Leo vs VIP & Undefined rivalry is shown on the screen)

Announcer: The following contest is a Triple Threat TLC match for the EAW World Tag Team Championships!

DP: And there’s the second match of the night! A TLC match between three teams who have a chance to make history tonight, by becoming the first ever EAW World Tag Team Champions!

(Undefined & VIP’s entrance song hits, they come out to a lot of boo’s)

Announcer: Introducing first, at a combined weight of 475 pounds…. VIP and Undefined!!!

Stew: Honestly, I don’t like these two at all… Two weeks ago, they attacked the two other teams they’re facing tonight from the back after Speedy and Leo’s match, and they beat them up with steel chairs… one week later, Undefined was in a Triple threat match which he lost….

DP: All three teams were brawling after the Triple Threat contest, which led each team to go to ringside bringing their own weapons, tables, ladders and chairs! Speedy, Leo, TLC and Snagz took out Undefined and VIP who crashed onto tables…

(Speedy & Leo’s entrance song plays, they get a big pop as they come out to the ring)

Announcer: Making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 470 pounds… the team of….. SPEEDYYYY and……. LEOOOOOO!!!!

DP: Were haven’t seen much of these two yet, but you can see their talents from their debut matches! And tonight, they might walk out with the Tag Team titles if things go their way!

Stew: They enter the ring going face to face with VIP and Undefined, only one team left to come out to the ring….

(TLC & Snagz’s theme hits, and they get a mixed reaction from the crowd)

Announcer: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 565 pounds…. T… L…. C…….. and……… SNAAAAAGZZZ!!!!

DP: One of the most athletic extremists, Snagz, and the monster TLC! These two want the Tag Team championships so badly, but then against all three teams want them just as much! Three teams are in the ring, the titles are hanging above the ring, and only way to be crowned first ever EAW World Tag Team Champions is by climbing up the ladder and taking off the belts from the top….

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew: This match should be amazing with a lot of hardcore action… and now the referee rings the bell, as Undefined and VIP are quickly attacked by the other two teams, and they’re thrown to ringside! But now TLC grab Speedy and Leo from the back of their head’s, and throws them outside the ring next to VIP and Undefined!

DP: The four are getting up at ringside….. But watch out for Snagz as he goes through the ropes and bounces back… CONNECTING A SPRINGBOARD PLANCHA FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO THEM!!! What a great move!

Stew: His tag partner isn’t wasting any time, as he slides to outside the ring, and grabs a ladder… he gets it inside the ring, and is setting it up in the center…. TLC takes a first step, and then continues his way to the top of the ladder… Snagz is back inside the ring, and he’s next to the ladder to make sure TLC takes off the title belts early this match to end it!

DP: Speedy rolls inside the ring, and Snagz quickly attacks him, but Speedy gets up, Snagz tries to send him into the corner….. but Speedy reverses and throws him onto the ladder….. which moves as TLC falls from the top of the Ladder to the floor at ringside!!

Stew: Damn! Snagz just caused his opponent to fall off the top to ringside by accident, and now Speedy and Snagz are brawling in the ring… Speedy backs him down to the corner, and then connects a Monkey flip! Nice move right there, Leo is back in the ring as they double team Snagz….

DP: They send him onto the ropes for a double elbow smash as he bounces back…. And then they hit a double leg drop! But watch out for the other team who’s been quiet for some time, VIP and Undefined are in the ring and they attack Speedy & Leo from the back smashing two Steel chairs on their backs!

Stew: Ouch! Speedy is trying to get up, but VIP cracks the chair onto the back of his head! And then hits a baseball slide to send him outside the ring! VIP takes the chance to climb up the ladder, Leo tries to catch him and stops him from getting to the top, but Undefined attacks him from the back… and the sends him to the ropes… as they both hit a Double clothesline at the same time!

DP: VIP is climbing up slowly, and he’s getting close to the title belts… Every single competitor of this match is down excluding one man, and that’s TLC! He enters the ring from between the ropes, and goes straight up towards the ladder… VIP is not paying attention to him as he continues climbing up, but now TLC is throwing huge punches at him from the back to stop him….

Stew: TLC grabs him by his legs, and he lifts him up over to CONNECT A HUGE POWERBOMB!!! What a great catch, you could hear the impact of this move from down here! Leo and Undefined are up now as they attack the biggest man of this match, TLC…

DP: And under the ring, Speedy pulls out a table! The crowd has been waiting for this! We’ve been hearing ‘We want tables’ for over five minutes now! Speedy gets it inside the ring, but he’s attacked with an elbow drop by Undefined as soon he tries to enter the ring….

Stew: Leo bounces back off the ropes and TLC tries to catch him for a slam… but Leo reverses with a hurricanrana sending TLC to the floor! And now it’s followed by a Slingshot crossbody to take TLC down at ringside! Snagz attacks Undefined with a clothesline, but it’s reversed with a Back body drop sending him to the floor as well!

DP: Undefined grabs the table and he sets it up vertically in the corner… He goes back to get Speedy, and puts him on the table…. Undefined is in the corner, and he’s signaling for a….. GORE!!! Undefined runs onto him to connect it….. BUT SPEEDY MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AS UNDEFINED GOES STRAIGHT ONTO THE TABLE TO BREAK IT!!!

Stew: My God! This one could be over for Undefined, as he rolls to ringside while screaming in pain… VIP is now pulling out a second ladder from under the ring, while Speedy is setting up his in the ring… And Speedy is climbing up to get the title belts, but watch out behind him! VIP nails him with the ladder onto his back as Speedy falls down to the mat!

DP: VIP is quickly attacked by Speedy’s partner, Leo, who takes him down with a flying crossbody, followed by a DDT! Leo grabs the second Ladder in the ring, and he turns it upside down putting the bottom over the third rope, and taking the top inside the empty space of the other Ladder…..

Stew: Leo isn’t sure whether to continue his way to the top or make sure to have VIP beaten up…. But apparently, he decides to go get the title belts! And he’s on the top of the ladder now trying to take the belts off….. But here comes VIP! And he climbs up after him fast, and starts throwing quick punches at him….

DP: Leo is fighting back as he smashes VIP’s head to the ladder, and then rolls over him to connect a….. SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB ONTO THE LADDER TO BREAK IT DOWN!!!!

Stew: Unbelievable! VIP could’ve broken his back from this one! Snagz is under the ring, and he pulls out a Table! He sets it up at ringside, and then goes back under the ring for a second, pulling out ANOTHER TABLE! Snagz sets it up next to the first one stacking them together… while his tag team partner is inside the ring putting the Ladder in the middle…

DP: Leo does a bulldog from Snagz back onto the mat, as TLC starts climbing up the Ladder… and now Undefined joins him on the same ladder, one of these two could win it for his team if they knock the other down! Both men are on top trying to shove each other, but none has taken advantage…… BUT WAIT A MINUTE! It’s Leo and he’s down grabbing the ladder… as he pushes it off causing TLC AND UNDEFINED TO FALL OFF THE TOP TO RINGSIDE CRASHING ONTO TWO TABLES!!!

Stew: In the words of Mr.DEDEDE, Bah Gawd! Leo is looking down at his opponents at ringside talking trash, while Speedy is on the apron behind him trying to get inside the ring… Leo turns around to go to the Ladder… but Snagz goes for a Superkick out of nowhere….. BUT NO! Leo ducks under his leg, and Speedy receives the kick which knocks him out….

DP: Leo comes from Snagz back for a German Suplex, but it’s countered… and Snagz runs towards him CONNECTING THE PAYDIRT ON THE REMAINING OF THE BROKEN LADDER!!!

Stew: Amazing move! Snagz puts the ladder in a better position, but VIP is trying to enter the ring as he gets to the apron…. But SNAGZ SUPERKICKS HIM TO SEND HIM BACK TO THE FLOOR! And this could be the chance he’s been waiting for! Everybody is down, as Snagz starts climbing up the Ladder!

DP: We’re getting close to crown the first ever EAW World Tag Team Champions! But maybe not! Leo is not giving up as he gets back on his feet to go stop Snagz…. And he comes from behind Snagz, and lifts him up on his shoulders setting up for an Electric chair!

Stew: Look out for Speedy who’s on top of the corner at this moment, Leo still has Snagz up on his shoulders as he turns him towards the corner…. And Speedy jumps off for a flying clothesline….. but no! Snagz saves himself by hitting a hurricanrana on Leo!

DP: BUT SPEEDY CATCHES ON THE LADDER!!! No way! And he’s climbing up fast towards the title belts….. And there’s Snagz to stop him, but Leo drags him down to the mat by his legs!!! And Speedy is on top of the Ladder as he… UNHOOKS THE TITLE BELTS!!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

(Speedy and Leo’s theme song hit, as they celebrate in the ring)

Announcer: Here are your winners…. And the FIRST EVER EAW World Tag Team Champions…….. SPEEEDYYYYYYY and….. LEOOOOOO!!!!

Stew: They’ve done it! These two young superstars fought hard to make history at Reasonable Doubt! And they can’t believe it themselves! They’re a part of EAW’s history now!

DP: There was many great spots in this match as expected, and you can tell that from the end of the match! Speedy balanced to catch on the Ladder while flying high and went on to take off the Championship belts hanging above the ring!

Stew: The newly crowned EAW World Tag Team champs are getting a standing ovation from the crowned! And our second title match is upcoming next!

(Reckless Wiring promo)

(Video Package is shown of the rivalry between Sabina and Eve)

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it’s for the EAW Women’s Championship!

(Eve’s theme song hits, she gets a big pop from the crowd)

Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 133 pounds…. EVEEEEE!!!!

DP: The challenger is out here first! This is a great match up right there, and might turn out to be the greatest EAW Vixens match in history! Eve wants this title more than anything in the world and this is her chance…

Stew: Sabina has been without a doubt the most dominant Women’s champ in EAW history! She beat about every single vixen who stepped in her way, from Alexa, to Jenny, Jaden, HBKF, Angel and many more… will Eve join the list tonight?

(Sabina’s entrance song plays, and she comes out to the ring in her turn to a mixed reaction)

Announcer: And from Sacramento, California, weighing in at 126 pounds…. the EAW WOMEN’S CHAAAAAMPIONNN….. SAAAAAABINAAAAA!!!!!!

DP: The two times EAW Women’s champ seems ready for the challenge.. last Showdown, she pinned Eve during the Tag Match.. but tonight, it’s a different situation, I expected both to give their best to have the belt around their waist!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew: Both competitors are in the ring, Sabina is looking at her belt while holding it, as this could be the last time it belongs to her, and now she gives it to the referee.. as the bell rings!

DP: Watch out! Sabina hits an early cheap shot taking advantage, and she follows with a flying crossbody… Eve is back up quickly and Sabina goes straight onto her with a clothesline, but Eve ducks under as Sabina continues through the ropes and bounces back…. For Eve to catch her with a sidewalk slam!

Stew: Eve irish whips Sabina hard into the corner, and she follows with a running forearm smash… but Sabina moves out of the way, and she connects a quick monkey flip! Sabina gets quickly to the second rope, and jumps off for a diving elbow… but Eve pulls up her leg nailing Sabina in the face!

DP: And now Eve connects a big splash, then goes for the cover…… 1……. 2…. But a kick out! Eve gets Sabina up, but the Champ is in control as she sends Eve through the ropes…. And she bounces back, but Sabina throws herself on the mat, as Eve continues her way to the other side of the ring…. and now she bounces back once again, but Sabina jumps over head, and then catches her with a dropkick!

Stew: Sabina grabs her by her head, and goes towards the corner smashing her face in turnbuckle… and now she goes for a second attempt, but Eve counters with a big elbow, and then lifts up Sabina to the top of the corner… she climbs after her as they start exchanging punches… and now Eve puts her in a position for a Superplex!

DP: Sabina counters by shoving her down, but she gets kicked in the face as she falls down off the top of the corner to ringside! Sabina tries to get back into the ring as she gets to the apron, but Eve is there to block her as she tries to throw her back onto the floor…

Stew: Sabina does a shoulder thrust from between the ropes, and then grabs Eve’s hand and goes back to the top rope.. as she connects a spinning tilt-a-whirl arm drag!

DP: Nice move! Sabina sends Eve onto the ropes as she bounces back…. Sabina goes for a clothesline, but Eve ducks under her arm, and connects a swinging neckbreaker for the pin! 1…. 2…. But a kick out! Eve hits a quick legdrop for another pinfall, 1…. 2…. And a kick out!

Stew: Sabina is on the ropes, Eve comes with a clothesline….. but Sabina counters with a back body drop to outside the ring… but NO! Eve catches on the ropes, and she’s on the apron behind Sabina who’s not paying attention… and now she gets to the third rope, and jumps off for a flying bulldog on Sabina!

DP: Eve hooks up the leg, One….. two…… and a…. kick out! Eve gets Sabina up and tries to connect a scoop slam, but it’s countered, and Sabina hits a spinning headscissors… she follows with a kick to the stomach, and a huge spinebuster! Sabina goes for a bridge pin, 1…. 2…… but Eve is able to kick out!

Stew: Sabina gets Eve up, and puts her on the top rope for a Superplex… but Eve is nailing huge punches on her opponent, who tries to fight back… but Eve does a headbutt, and Sabina falls down from the top to the mat…. Sabina is up, and Eve jumps off the third rope and goes for a hurricanrana…

DP: But no! Sabina catches her with A HUGE POWERBOMB!! And she hooks up the leg… One……. TWOOOO….. and a…… kick out! Sabina gets the challenger up and tries to send her to the ropes, but Eve sends her instead… Sabina bounces back and Eve connects a Hip-toss… Sabina is on the ropes at the moment, and Eve hits a spinning heel kick driving the champ to the floor at ringside!

Stew: Nice kick right there, Sabina is getting up slowly… but watch out for Eve… who goes to the corner, and climbs up to the top rope…… AND DIVES OFF CONNETING A FLYING MOONSAULT ON SABINA AT RINGSIDE!!!

DP: As DEDEDE would say, Bah Gawd! Eve goes under the ring, and she gets out a Kendo stick! This young lady realizes she’s in EAW, and she’s ready for some extreme action! Sabina is trying to get back on her feet, but she falls down…. And now she tries to get up once again, but she loses balance and falls down on the floor outside the ring…

Stew: Wtf is going on with Sabina? She’s having hard time getting up… and now Eve is confused as well just like we are, the referee goes to check on Sabina who’s still on the floor at ringside….

DP: Eve comes over as well while holding the stick, but Sabina pulls her down by her legs out of nowhere! Wtf was that? Sabina grabs the Kendo stick, and nails Eve with a huge shot to her back!!! And now she starts hitting MULTIPLE SHOTS WITH THE STICK ONTO HER BACK!

Stew: Dammit! You could see red marks already on her back, and this might be a great opportunity for the Champ to win this one as she throws her inside the ring along with the Kendo stick… and now she’s coming towards the ring announcer, as she holds a Steel chair and gets it to the ring…

DP: Sabina grabs the Kendo Stick….. and she SMASHES IT OVER EVE’S FACE AS SHE TRIES TO GET UP!!! And now she goes for the cover….. 1…….. 2……. But Eve gets a shoulder up! The challenger survives once again and Sabina is shocked to see her fight!

Stew: Sabina is setting up the steel chair at the moment in the center of the ring, and she kicks Eve in her stomach as she gets up.. and she puts her in a position for the STRATUSFACTION!!! She springboards off the ring ropes, and tries to follow with a bulldog… BUT EVE COUNTERS WITH A BACK SUPLEX!


Stew: And Eve pins the current champ……. 1………..

………….. TWOOOOOOOOO……….. and……….. THREEEEEEE!!!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

DP: It’s over! Can you believe it?! We’ve a NEW EAW Women’s Champion!!!

(Eve’s theme song hits, she gets a huge pop from the crowd)


Stew: This crowd is on their feet cheering for the new champ! Sabina dominated the match, but at the end, Eve took the edge and she won the EAW women’s title for the first time ever in her career!

DP: This was one of the greatest matches ever involving vixens, and right now in a short minutes, it’s the battle of the monster DE, and his former Tag Partner, the former Undisputed Champ, Methuselah!

( Road 2 Redemption DVD promo airs )

( Camera fades backstage to HBKFan in her office, sipping her Tea )

HBKFan: This looks like tonight will be another successful FPV…

( The Essence of Excellence walks in with an ice pack over his head )

HBKFan: Oh! Hey EOE, whatsup

Essence of Excellence: Hey A-Allie.. Yourr… your pretty cool with me right?

HBKFan: Whatever floats your boat..

Essence of Excellence: Well good… b-because im wondering if Dynasty would be able to accept me back with open arms if Jaden fires me….

HBKFan: Well I dont think Jaden is gonna fire you, as long as you keep up with…..


( Camera shows Jaywalker strutting in the Room with a Thong and Fishnets on )

HBKFan: What The Hell????

Essence of Excellence: I think I should leave you two alone….

HBKFan: JAY????


HBKFan: HUH???


HBKFan: Get the Hell out of my office!!! You have SOME NERVE TO… ( Jaywalker’s wig falls off as Flashback is revealed )

HBKFan: F-Flashback????

Flashback: Oh…. Um….. ( WWEFan walks through the Door in shock )

WWEFan: What the hell????

Flashback: um…. HUH??? YES MOM???? I .. Gotta go…. my… ( Flashback grabs his wig and runs out )

HBKFan: Andy I Can explain… He..

WWEFan: You dont need to explain anything… I’m out of here… ( WWEFan walks out of the room )

HBKF: Andy wait! …( WWEFan slams the door ) ….. Damn…

(Video package of the rivalry between Methuselah and The Dark Emperor plays)

(The Dark Emperor’s theme song plays, crowd has a mixed reaction…)

Announcer: The following contest is an Exxtreeeeeme rulez match! Introducing first, from the Kingdom of Hades, weighing in at 275 pounds… THEEE… DAAARKKK EMPERORRRR!!!

Stew: The dominate monster is out first, DE making his way slowly to the ring.. he’s been waiting for a chance to prove himself to be one of the biggest names in EAW, and this is his chance as he goes one on one with his former tag team partner…

DP: I’ve been on this announce table for so long and I’ve seen DE in action plenty of times… I’ve seen him making his opponents suffer and bleed, I’ve seen him go through flaming tables, and I’ve even seen him getting his finger chopped off with a chainsaw!

Stew: There’s no doubt about DE’s talent, and what’s capable of, but his opponent is simply… a legend!

(Methuselah’s entrance song hits, he gets a mixed reaction as well as he comes out to the ring)

Announcer: And his opponent, from New York, weighing in at 247 pounds…. METHUSELAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

DP: The former EAW Undisputed Champ who dropped the title at Road 2 Redemption is making his way to the ring while holding The Equalizer! He gets inside the ring quickly and drops his weapon on the mat as he goes face to face with DE…

Stew: These two screwed each other out of championship belts and opportunities, tonight only one of them will be standing in the ring, as I expected this match to have a lot of extreme action…

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

DP: Meth tries to take DE down from the beginning, but he gets shoved down and then nailed with a huge uppercut, DE throws him into the corner, and connects a huge running clothesline! And now he hits a sidewalk slam for the cover, 1….. 2…. But a kick out…

Stew: Meth is getting up and he tries to get back into the match by nailing a few punches, but DE hits another huge uppercut, and then picks him up over his head… AND THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR AT RINGSIDE!!!

DP: Nice throw, DE goes outside the ring and quickly attacks Meth smashing his head to the barricade… And now he clotheslines him driving him to the crowd! DE goes to chase Methuselah who starts running from him, and now Meth picks up a STOP sign and nails DE in the face out of nowhere!

Stew: Meth grabs a car battery, and he smashes it over DE’s face as well! Meth wraps his arms around DE’s neck and he connects a DDT onto the car battery! Meth grabs a trash can lid, and he hits DE in the head!

DP: And now he puts DE’s head over the trash can lid, and connects a leg drop! Meth drags him by his leg and he’s taking him back towards the ring, but DE kicks Meth away and tries to get back on his feet… Meth attacks him with a running clothesline, but DE catches him with a huge powerslam onto the steel chairs of the crowd!

Stew: These two don’t give a damn about anything except for beating each other up! And now DE tries to get him up but Methuselah pokes him in the eyes, and then does a dropkick to his legs… DE is on the barricade and Meth runs towards him for a…. SPEAAAAARRRRR!!!!

DP: BUT DE catches him by his neck out of nowhere! And he lifts him up, and CHOKESLAMS HIM OVER THE BARRICADE!!! Ouch! DE climbs up over the barricade and goes towards Meth… but he takes him down and DE’s head goes straight into the ring post!

Stew: Meth goes under the ring and he gets a table… he slides it inside the ring, and then pulls out a Steel chair hitting it onto DE’s face! Meth throws his opponent inside the ring and follows him… he holds the table, and sets it up the in the corner of the ring…

DP: Meth nails some punches and then sends DE over the table.. as he takes a few steps to the back…. And goes for a SPEAAAAAAAR!!!! BUT NO! The Dark Emperor catches him with a Flapjack at the last second ONTO THE TABLE TO BREAK IT!!!

Stew: This one might be out of reach for Meth! DE has the pin, 1…… 2……. And a…. KICK OUT! I don’t believe it! It seemed like Meth had no chance to get himself out of this one, but oh well this match continues!

DP: DE sends Meth to the ropes, but he bounces back connecting a spinning kick! Methuselah grabs the steel chair, and puts DE’s face in the chair, as he CONNECTS A METHCUTION!! And here’s the cover! Oneeee….. Twooooo….. and…. The Dark Emperor gets a shoulder up!

Stew: That was an extremely close cover! Meth is holding his weapon, The Equalizer at this moment as DE starts getting up….. and he goes for a huge shot… BUT THE DARK EMPEROR SPEARS METH!!!! And he pins him! 1….. 2…… but Meth kicks out again!

DP: And now The Dark Emperor is on the rope, but watch out for Meth who comes to knock him down with a huge shot! He climbs up the ropes, and connects a hurricanrana from the top rope to the mat!

Stew: Methuselah is on the top rope and he jumps off for a DIVING SPEAR! BUT NO! DE grabs the Equalizer and NAILS HIM IN THE FACE!!!! MY GOD! This might be it! DE goes for the cover… this must be cover, 1……. TWOOOO…..

DP: BUT WAIT A SECOND! Meth reverses the cover into roll up pin!!! 1!!! TWOOOO…. And DE turns him around to stop the cover and wraps his legs behind Meth’s back to connect the GOGOPLATA!!!!

Stew: O shit! Meth is in big trouble right now! DE is applying a lot of pressure on him as Meth is trying to survive and get out of the hold! He’s close to tapping out! And DE has more pressure on him!


( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Announcer: Here is your winnerrrr…… THE DAAAARK EMPERORRRRR!!!

Stew: Not only he beat Meth, but he made him tap out! A lot of hardcore action in this match, and it took DE one little chance to beat Meth, his former partner, and show the whole EAW Roster what’s he capable of!

DP: DE was dominate, but it seems like he’s not done yet… Meth is getting up, and he goes face to face with his opponent.. And now he offers him a handshake! The Dark Emperor is not too sure as he looks at the eyes of his opponent, and then looks at the crowd….

Stew: And DE chooses not to, as he goes for a BIG BOOT!!! But No! Meth ducks under his leg, and the two start brawling once again! This isn’t done even after their match, and now nothing could stop them….

DP: BUT WAIT A MINUTE! Look who’s coming down to the ring, it’s… INDEPENDENT!!! What the hell is he doing out here?! His match took place already and he was damn close to go on fire!

Stew: Indy slides inside the ring, as him and DE double team Meth… and now DE hits a big boot on Meth, and then gets him up for Indy…. who lifts Methuselah over his shoulders, and CONNECTS A NECROSS!!!

DP: What’s the point of all this? This match was already over and there was no need to continue it!

Stew: DE and Indy are standing in the middle of the ring, but now they’re signaling to the titantron, and I have completely no idea what’s going on right there….

DP: My God! Who’s this?!? A masked monster is making his way to the ring while his theme song is playing! This crowd has no idea what’s going on, and neither do I!

(Camera fades to the screen as it shows on the titantron…….. ST.ANGER!)

Stew: Seems like we have a new EAW Extremist… or should I say Monster?! St. Anger climbs up over the third rope to get inside the ring, and he signals for a chokeslam as Methuselah starts getting back up on his feet…

DP: And he catches him by his neck out of nowhere! St. Anger lifts him up high…. And THEN CONNECTS A HUGE CHOKESLAM!!!

Stew: What is this?! What’s going on right there? DE, Indy and St. Anger are rising their hands in the sky, and I think EAW has just witnessed the birth of a NEW STABLE!

DP: Three monsters in one stable?! I can tell they’re going to dominate, but upcoming next, the Interwire Championship is on the line!

(Video package of Instant Game vs Mister K is shown)

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it’s for the Interwire Chaaaampionship!

(Instant Game’s theme song plays, he gets a lot of cheers as he comes out to the ring)

Announcer: Introducing first, from St.Louis, Missouri… weighing in at 228 Pounds… INSTAAAANT GAAAAAAAAAMEEEE!!!!!

DP: The challenger is here! This rivalry has been big for months, it started on during the EOW invasion, Game defeated MK in a non-title match, which got the champ to attack him later on backstage…

Stew: And it continued as they started facing off in Tag Matches, and they were even forced to team up at times… MK believes that Game was the reason he didn’t win the EEC at Road 2 Redemption, in which Game switched MK’s weapon with a bag of worms…

DP: MK stole his lowrider, and the last we’ve seen of this feud was last Showdown, when Game, dressed as a cameraman, nailed MK in the face with the camera during the Loudmouth’s lounge…

(Mister K’s theme song hits, he comes out to the ring for a mixed reaction)

Stew: Well the champ barely ever put his title on the line, but tonight he has some tough competition… Game beat MK once and I could see him doing it again!

Announcer: And his opponent, from Long Island, New York… (Mister K takes the mic from him, and throws it to outside the ring, and then pushes off the ring announcer as a mic falls down from the ceilings)

MK: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people from all around the world… Americans, Mexicans, Arabs, Russians, Asians, Puerto Ricans, and even Canadians have been waiting to see their favorite Champ in the world in action.. and it’s finally here! Game,you can try to get my title. You can try to be a champion. But little boy, I don’t try. I make it happen! Can you imagine it? Mah God,The M!K Check!! The cover ..1…. -MK holds up one finger- ……2….. -MK holds up 2 fingers-………. 3.-MK holds up 3 fingers- …AND YOUR WINNER HAILING FROM GREEN BAY WISCONSIN,THE MONARCH OF THE MIC,AND STILLLLLLLLLLL THE INTERWIRE CHAMPION…… MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRR….

……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………..KKKKKKKKKKKKKK……………………………………………………………………. -MK hits his hand on the microphone-………..KAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!………….

DP: One thing for sure, these two can’t stand each other at all, you can see the heat and tension in the ring… MK and Game are trash-talking as the referee rings the bell, and we’re ready to kick off this one!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew: They lock up immediately, Game takes advantage backing the champ down into the corner, but MK pokes him in the eyes, and then throws him over to the corner… MK doesn’t waste a second and he starts punching Game left and right… Game pushes him off, and runs towards him, but he’s quickly caught with a Snap Suplex…

DP: MK goes for an early pin, but the challenger kicks out at 1 easily and now he does an elbow drop on Game… The champ has been dominating, he has Game up on his shoulders at the moment… But Game counters going behind him, MK turns around and Game tries to catch his head for an RKO! But no, MK counters sending Game to the ropes…

Stew: Game bounces back and MK has him in a position for a scoop slam, it’s countered once again and this time Game connects an inverted headlock backbreaker! Game climbs up the corner going to the top rope, as MK gets back on his feet… and now he jumps off for a diving crossbody!

DP: Game has the cover, 1…. 2…. But MK kicks out… Game goes outside the ring and grabs a steal chair… he throws it inside the and goes under the ring getting a trash can… Game slides inside the ring holding the weapon….

Stew: Game grabs the steel chair and goes for a chair shot, but MK blocks the attack with a Drop toe hold onto the trash can! Well done by the champ who gets the challenger up on his feet and attempts a suplex.. but Game reverses it with a hurricanrana!

DP: Game nails a huge right hand, and now he picks him up and puts MK’s leg over the ropes, and then puts his arm around his neck… AND CONNECTS A DDT ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!!

Stew: Ouch! Game goes for the cover, One….. Twoooo…. But MK kicks out! And now he hits a low blow as Game tries to get him up, and follows it with a neckbreaker… MK is in hold of the trash can and I think he has something in mind! MK puts Game’s head and a part of his body inside the trash can, and then grabs the chair…..

DP: And MK is smashing the chair over the trash can! And he continues nailing HUGE SHOTS WITH THE CHAIR! MK is climbing up the corner and he gets to the top rope while Game is still down… and HE HITS A DIVING LEG DROP ONTO THE TRASH CAN WHERE GAME IS TRAPPED!!!!

Stew: This one might be over! MK covers the number one contender…. ONEEE…. TWOOOO…. But Game finds a way to kick out!! MK is disappointed as he thought this one should’ve done it…. Game is getting back on his feet, but he’s attacked quickly by the champ who backs him down to the corner……

DP: But Game nails a European uppercut, but MK replies back with a knife-edge chop… and now Game hits another European uppercut followed by a Gutwrench Suplex! The pin…… One…. Two….. and Mister K gets a shoulder up!

Stew: Game hits a knee drop on MK, and then goes for another cover…. 1….. 2….. but a kick out! MK is in big trouble as Instant Game is signaling for an RKO! MK is getting up, and turns around….. as Game tries to connect the RKO…. But NO! MK counters and pushes him off, and he goes for the M!K CHECK!!!!!

DP: But Game counters again, and he connects an RKO out of nowhere!!! New champ, new champ! Game goes for the cover….. it’s a One….. twooo…. But MK gets a shoulder up!

Stew: I can’t believe it! And Game can’t either! The champ kicked out of an RKO! This crowd was on their feet and thought for a second we will be crowning a new champ, but MK somehow manages to kick out!

DP: Game doesn’t have a lot of gas in his tank left, and he’s on the top rope at the moment…. But Mister K attacks him, and knocks him down to the turnbuckle, as he climbs up to the second rope…. and now MK does an eye poke to his opponent, then lifts him up on his shoulders!

Stew: MK rolls him over….. CONNECTING THE LOUD MOUTH SLAM FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!! And this could mean that the belt remain his, as he quickly covers Game…… ONEEEEEE……. TWOOOOO…..

DP: But Instant Game KICKS OUT OF THIS ONE!!! I don’t believe it! The champ is shocked to see Game fighting for the belt! And look out for Mister K who goes to ringside, and goes to under the ring…. pulling out a….. BAAAGG!! And we all know what’s inside it!

Stew: MK is back in the ring, as he opens up the bag… and spreads the mat with PIECES OF SHATTERED GLASS!!! And I believe this was his weapon for Road 2 Redemption, which Game changed for him with a bag of worms!

DP: This could be the end of this match as MK gets Instant Game up and puts him in a position for the M!K Check! But Game blocks it with an elbow to MK’s head, and he hits an RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!

Stew: BUT NO! It’s countered, and MK quickly sets up for the M!K Check again… and HE CONNECTS IT THIS TIME!!! ONTO THE PIECES OF SHATTERED GLASS!!!!

DP: MK goes for the pin….. ONEEE…. TWOOOO…. And….. THREEEEE!!! It’s over!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

(Mister K’s theme song hits as the referee hands him his championship belt)


Stew: The champ’s done it, the belt is still his after 8 months! He’s the longest reigning champ in EAW history, and his reign continues!

DP: Instant Game was really close and he almost win it but at the end, Mister K successfully retained his Championship belt, and his legendary title reign has yet to come to an end…

Stew: We’ve had some huge fights tonight but upcoming next, it’s the biggest of all, it’s streak vs pride, it’s King Mak against The Heart Break Boy!

( Reckless Wiring promo )

(Camera shows Flashback standing with LC and StarrStan…)

Flashback: LC, Starr, you two are heading into the match with a more experienced extremist in the ring. What are your thoughts or game plan for tonight?

LC: Well Flashback, whether CC is more experienced, whether he is more powerful, more ruthless, one thing you have to realize is that the title is around my shoulder, not his!

StarrStan: Blah blah

Stan: Blah blah blah! You think you’ll still be holding that title after I break your damn ankle tonight?! Im not going into the match to play around, Im going into it to win it! And Flashback, its pretty damn obvious what my thoughts are. My thoughts are of grabbing CC by his scrawny little nerdy neck, smashing his head through a steel chair, BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

LC: Just wait a damn minute there Slapnut. If you want to kill CC so bad, why don’t you prove it and take this title away from me? This is my world! And it will continue to be until that little bitch CC or you, take the title from my grasp! -LC raises the title-

Stan: We’ll see motherfucker…..-Stan flexes his teeth showing off his grills-

(Video package of Mak vs HBB is shown)

Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall….

(Light goes off, camera fades to the ramp where Fabolous & Swizz Beatz are standing, and they perform ‘Return of the Hustle, as Mak comes out wearing a Toronto Raptors classic Jersey for a standing ovation from the Canadian crowd …)

Announcer: Introducing first, from Montreal, CANAAAADAAAA…. Weighing in at 230 pounds… he is the King of Extreme….. KIINNNG….. MAAAAAKKKKK!!!!

(As Mak makes his way to the ring, it starts raining hundred dollar bills in the audience…)

Stew: Considered by many to be EAW’s number one legend, while others view him as the most overrated.. hate him or love him, you’ve got to admit this man has made huge impact in EAW!

DP: Mak is getting a huge pop from the hometown crowd as he looks to add another victory tonight to his undefeated FPV record… and this rivalry has been one of the biggest rivalries of this year ever since the Dynasty vs Showdown battle royale…

Stew: HBB, who had Masters on his side, pinned Mak.. which got the newly crowned King of Extreme to call him out one week later on Showdown, HBB stepped up and ended up superkicking him…

DP: Mak beat up HBB’s former partner, Masters, while HBB won the Hardcore Championship… and most recently they faced off in a Tag Team match, which the team of Mak and Sabina won.. but the celebration didn’t last as HBB chased Mak to backstage and nailed a superkick once again but this time sending him into a river!

(HBB’s theme hits, he gets huge boos from the crowd)

Stew: It’s HBB! The EAW Hardcore champ and one of the most talented competitors, he’s been pretty impressive lately, can he tonight end Mak’s undefeated FPV streak?

DP: …. But wait a second! HBB is no where to be seen! His entrance song is still playing but he has yet to come out to the ring where Mak is awaiting for him…

Stew: Look! Look at the sky, it’s him, the one, the only….. The Heart Break Boy!

(A spotlight points to HBB standing on the roof at the top of the arena 100 ft in the air, as he flies down all the way to the ring on a zip wire!)

Announcer: And his opponent, from St.Louis, Missouri… weighing in at 220 pounds, he’s the EAW HAAAAARDCORRRRE CHAAAMPIONNN….. THE… HEAAAART BREAAAAAAK BOYYYYY!!!!!!

( Ding! Ding! Ding! )

Stew: What an amazing entrance! I’ve never seen such thing before… and now both men are in the ring ready to kick off this contest… Mak and HBB go to face to face and eye to eye as they start exchanging words…. And now they lock up and try to back the other onto the corner of the ring…

DP: But none has taken any advantage yet, and now they break it up… Mak throws a huge punch at HBB, his opponent fights back with another big shot to the face… and now they’re exchanging punches, but Mak dominates and takes him to the corner….

Stew: Mak puts him up on the top rope, and sets up for a Superplex… but HBB nails a few punches to Mak’s back, and then chops him in the body on the top of the corner…. Mak tries to fight back, but he can’t as HBB rolls over him and CONNECTS A POWERBOMB FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!

DP: HBB goes for the cover, 1…… 2……. But Mak kicks out… HBB gets Mak up, and sends him to the ring ropes, as he bounces back, HBB connects a hip toss… and he follows it with a Belly to Belly suplex…. And now Mak slides to outside the ring to take a break, he tries to get back inside… but HBB attacks him with a baseball slide…

Stew: HBB goes to the top rope of the corner, and he flies to outside the ring with a diving crossbody… but Mak catches him, and connects a powerslam to the floor! Mak gets him up, and smashes his face onto the steel steps.. and now he throws him over the ring post as HBB falls down on the floor…

DP: Mak grabs the steel steps and grabs it while HBB is slowly getting back on his feet… and Mak runs towards him for a huge shot, but HBB throws himself out of the way as Mak goes onto the ring post with the STEEL STEPS SMASHING HIM IN THE FACE!!!

Stew: HBB takes advantage, and connects a DDT to the floor at ringside as he goes for the cover…. One…… Two, and a… kick out! HBB is going towards the Mexican announce table right now, and he’s taking off the top… he grabs a TV monitor, and SMASHES IT ONTO MAK’S FACE!!!

DP: DAMN! You could hear the impact of this shot clearly, and now HBB is trying to place Mak over the announce table… but Mak is trying to stop him as he starts nailing punches left and right, and then pokes HBB in the eyes… Mak gets up, and connects a sidewalk slam on his opponent…

Stew: Mak gets a Steel chair and cracks it over HBB’s face! And now he puts the chair on the announce table, and then follows by putting HBB’s face over the chair as he goes to get another one! You know what could be coming now, this doesn’t look good for HBB at all!


Stew: My God, what a shot! HBB has been busted open! And now Mak grabs him by the back of his neck and gets him inside the ring, as he goes to get the Steel Steps, and takes it to the ring along with him…

DP: Mak puts HBB on the bottom of the corner, and then brings in the steps, and puts it in front of HBB… as Mak takes a few steps to the opposite corner, and runs back into him delivering a DROPKICK TO THE STEEL STEPS SMASHING IT ONTO HBB’S HEAD!!!

Stew: Another pinfall! 1….. TWOOOOO….. and a kick out by The Heart Break Boy! HBB is in a tough situation that I’m sure no one would like to be in his place… and Mak is still assaulting him.. Mak pushes the Steel steps over to the center of the ring… and then gets HBB up, he twists his arm and goes for a hook kick…

DP: But HBB DUCKS UNDER Mak’s leg, and then kicks him in the gut! HBB takes Mak over to the Steel steps, and he lifts him up….. AND CONNECTS A PILEDRIVER ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!!!!!!

Stew: Holy shit! That could cause a broken neck! HBB puts his arm over Mak’s body for the cover………. 1………. TWOOOOO…. And…. MAK GETS A SHOULDER UP!!! I can’t believe what I’m seeing! Both these men are putting their careers on the line…

DP: HBB gets Mak up, and sends him through the ropes, but Mak reverses with a running spinning kick! And now he tosses HBB to outside the ring….. BUT HBB catches the ropes, and he bounces back flipping backwards to inside the ring… and Mak is not paying attention, as he turns around… and HBB CONNECTS THE SWEEEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!

Stew: The Streak is over!!! HBB goes for the cover, 1….. TWOOOOOO…… and…. MAK KICKS OUT!!! Are you kiddin’ me? This is unbelievable, HBB thought he had this match between his hands… but apparently not… HBB is going for a scoop slam as he gets his opponent up, but Mak counters and goes behind him…

DP: AND HE HITS THE ROYAL EXPERICENCE!!! THIS SHOULD DO IT! 1….. 2……. BUT HBB MANAGES TO KICK OUT!!! This match continues after bunch of pinfalls, none of them could get the three counts, and this crowd has been on their feet for minutes…

Stew: HBB is using the ring ropes to help them get back on his feet, but Mak doesn’t give him a chance as he hits a running knee to the head driving him to the apron… HBB tries to get inside the ring again, but Mak nails a springboard dropkick driving his opponent back into the Mexican Announce table!

DP: Mak rolls to ringside, and pulls out a big ladder from under the ring! He takes it besides the announce table, and sets it up… Mak tries to put HBB over the table, but he can’t as HBB smashes his face onto the table, and then places him over it!

Stew: The ladder has been set up, Mak is on the announce table, and HBB is climbing up the ladder! The crowd is on their feet, as HBB arrives to the top of the Ladder… and he taunts the Canadian crowd with the ‘Suck it’ signature, and JUMPS OFF THE TOP FOR A DIVING ELBOW DROP THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TAAABLEEEE!!!

DP: My God! This is INSANE! Both competitors are dead over the remaining of the table! And let’s see once again a replay of that last spot which was well done… and at this moment of the match, I don’t know how much left they have to give…

Stew: HBB and King Mak are having hard time, but they finally get up… and they can barely find balance, HBB grabs Mak by the back of his head and gets him inside the ring… as he goes under to get a weapon, and he pulls out a BARBED WIRE TABLE!!!!!

DP: HBB throws it inside, and he sets it up in the corner of the ring.. HBB is putting it in a better position, BUT WATCH OUT!!!! IT’S MAK! AND HE CONNECTS THE ROYAL EXPRESS ONTO THE BARBED WIRE TABLE TO BREAK IT!!!

Stew: That’s it! It’s over! Mak goes for the pinfall……. ONNNEE…. TWOOO… and a THRRRRR…… NOT! HBB GETS A SHOULDER UP!!! … wow… I’m speechless! This seemed like it was 100 % over for HBB, but this contest continues…

DP: Mak gets him up on his feet, and he puts his arm around HBB’s neck setting up for the C-4! But no! It’s countered, as HBB connects an inverted atomic drop… and he follows with a scoop slam! HBB goes to the corner and he’s signaling for the….. SWEET…… CHIN….. MUSIIIC!!!

Stew: Mak is getting up slowly, the crowd is booing HBB… but WATCH OUT! Look who finally came, it’s…… SABINAAAA!!! And she has a baseball bat between her hands… HBB stops for a moment as he sees her coming down to the ring, and she stops at ringside…

DP: Mak attacks HBB from behind and takes him down by his legs, and now he tosses him onto the ropes… Sabina gets to the apron, as HBB bounces back off the ropes, and Mak tries to catch him, but HBB grabs him by his arm while running and sends him to the opposite corner where Sabina is…. As she NAILS A HUGE SHOT WITH THE BASEBALL BAT TO MAK’S HEAD!!!!!!!!!

Stew: Wtf?! I think she meant to hit HBB but she hit her own boyfriend and might cost him the match… Sabina is still shocked on the apron, as HBB pushes her off to the floor and then NAILS A SWEEEEET CHIN MUUUSIC ON MAK OUT OF NOWHERE AS HE TURNS TO THE BACK!!!!

DP: That’s it…. Sabina is down, and this is the end of the streak! HBB has the pinfall……… ONNNNNNEEEEEEE……. TWOOOOOOOOOOO………….. AND.. NO! MAK GETS A SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew: … are you serious now? Look at the shocking reaction on the face of HBB! Not one single person in this arena can believe what’s going on… HBB is getting Mak up, but he gets a LOW BLOW!!! And now Mak sets up for the Ranhei, but it’s countered, and HBB HITS A THIRD SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!

DP: But Mak DUCKS UNDER HIS LEG… and kicks him in the gut, then goes through the ropes….. and CONNECTS THE SCISSORS KICK!!! And he goes for the cover quickly…. It’s a ONEEEEE….. TWOOOOOOOO……. And a….. THREEEEEE!!!!

( Ding! Ding! Dng! )

Stew: MAK HAS WON IT! And his Undefeated FPV streak lives on expanding to 8! These two gave their all, but Mak was able to pull off a victory and now both can barely stand on their feet anymore…

Announcer: Here is your winner….. KINNNNGGG MAAAAAAAKKK!!!!!

DP: Despite all the pressure and all the spots in this match, Mak came with a victory in his hometown, but you’ve got to admit, HBB gave him a hard fight, and this is going down as an amazing match in EAW History…

Stew: We witness a lot of great moments and matches tonight, but upcoming next it’s the Main Event of the show for the EAW Championship!

( Grand Rampage Promo)

(Video recap of LC vs Starr vs CC plays)

Announcer: The following contest is for the EAW CHAAAAAAMPIONSHIIIP!

(Lethal Consequences’ theme song hits, he gets a lot of boos from the crowd as he comes out to the ring in a Limousine)

Announcer: Introducing first, from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 230 pounds… he’s the EAW CHAAAAMPION…….. LETHAAAAAAAAL CONSEQUENCEEEEES!!!!

DP: The Champ has got a lot to prove tonight! Some people believe his victory was a fluke, and that his days as Champ are coming to an end tonight… But this is his chance to establish himself as a good champ, as he faces a Wrestling machine and a former EAW Undisputed Hardcore champ!

(Starr’s theme song hits as a huge fireworks go off, he gets a mixed reaction as he comes out to the ring with the gold medal on)

Announcer: And the challenger, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… weighing in at 250 pounds….. STAAAAAAAAARRR…….. STAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!

Stew: What can I say about this competitor? He’s simply an amazing competitor! And he’s been hungry for a Championship gold for a while, Starr made a lot of big names tap out in the past, but tonight… can he do it again achieving his first EAW single gold?

(Captain Charisma’s entrance song hits, he gets a huge pop from the crowd as he comes out holding a mic…)

Announcer: And from….. TORONTOOO, ONTAAARIOOO… CANADAAAAA… weighing in at 224 pounds…… CAPTAAAAAAAIN CHAAAAARISMAAAAA!!!!!!

(CC comes out with a brand new jumpsuit)

CC: Listen up USA….this….. this is the kind of ovation, the kind of cheers you should give me, the kind of peeps you should be! Now, I think my peeps have heard this over and over and over and over again, as a matter of fact, I’m not going to repeat this again anymore! Captain Charisma is becoming a EAW Champ tonight! (The Peeps cheer).. And Stan and LC can have fantasies about killing me, about making me bleed like a pulp, but after they snap back into reality after the 3 count, all they will see is me holding up the EAW title!

CC: To all the peeps watching at home… to all the peeps here in this arena, I have just a few words to say to you before I become Captain Champion again……….. Because thats!………….. (Crowd yells How I roll!) ….How I roll!

DP: His name says it all… Captain Charisma! His peeps might be witnessing CC being crowned new EAW Champ live from Toronto! All three competitors are in the ring right now as the referee rings the bell…


Stew: And Starr quickly attacks the champ taking him down by his legs, LC reverses and puts him in a headlock… CC comes from the back, and he hits a legdrop on LC to break the hold… But Starr takes CC down in his turn and goes for a bridge pin! 1……. 2…… LC stops the cover…

DP: And now LC rolls CC over for the cover, 1…. 2…. But another kick out… CC and LC are exchanging punches at the moment, CC sends him to the ropes and nails an elbow to his head as he bounces back… And now Starr comes from CC’s back connecting a German Suplex!

Stew: Starr goes towards the champ and tries connecting a German Suplex on him as well, but it’s countered and LC follows with a DDT from behind him! CC is getting up, and he’s attacked with a clothesline by LC, but he ducks under, and then hits a dropkick!

DP: CC sends LC to the corner, and then tries to put him on the top, but LC hits a big backhand chop and then turns CC around, putting him on the top of the corner… LC climbs up after him, and nails a huge punch as he sets up for a Superplex…..

Stew: BUT WATCH OUT FOR STARR! He comes out of nowhere and gets to the second rope hitting a Belly to Belly suplex on LC to the mat! Starr is able to find balance and stays on the top of the corner, but CC elbows him in the face, and then connects a FACEBUSTER FROM THE TOP ROPE!!!

DP: Nice move by CC, as he goes for the cover….. 1….. 2….. but Starr is able to get a shoulder up! LC is at ringside now, and he goes under the ring to pull out a bag! We’ve seen this before, and the champ is ready now to hurt the challengers… as he goes back inside the ring…

Stew: CC attacks him quickly, and starts stomping on the champ… Good strategy by CC taking him down, and now he grabs the bag, and opens it up… spreaing THUMBTACKS ALL OVER THE MAT!!! LC pulls him down by his leg, and tries to get up, but CC uses the rope for help and kicks LC in the face as he climbs up to the top rope…

DP: And CC dives off for flying crossbody… but he gets caught by LC… who SLAMS HIM ONTO THE THUMBTACKS!!! Oh God! CC is screaming in pain, and LC takes the opportunity to pin him…… One….. Two……. BUT CC GETS A SHOULDER UP!

Stew: LC gets up in shock, without paying attention to his back, where Starr is awaiting for him… he lifts him up on his shoulders, and connects an Electric chair drop! Starr goes for the cover, 1….. 2…………. But LC kicks out!

DP: Starr gets him up, and tries to connect a German Suplex, but it’s countered as Lethal Consequences tosses him outside the ring! And now LC goes through the ropes and flies over the third rope connecting a suicide dive on Starr!!!

Stew: Nice move by the champ! But watch out for Captain Charisma who’s getting up slowly in the ring, and sees his opponents outside the ring… CC jumps to the third rope and DIVES TO OUTSIDE THE RING CONNECTING THE TRIANGLE PLANCHA!!!

DP: The peeps are cheering for CC who goes towards the ring announcer, and grabs the Championship belt! CC climbs up the barricade and holds the belt over his head as the crowd continue to cheer, but wait a second….. it seems like CC is forgetting the match is still going on, as LC comes from behind with A HUGE CHAIR SHOT TO CC’S BACK AS HE FALL DOWNS INTO THE CROWD!!

Stew: And now LC attacks Starr, and throws him onto the ring post… LC grabs him by the back of his neck and starts smashing his head onto it repetitively… Starr tries to reverse and nails a European uppercut, and then he follows it with a Snap Suplex to outside the ring!

DP: Starr better be prepared because The Captain is on the barricade… and HE DIVES OFF CONNECTING A CORKSCREW ELBOW!!! CC grabs the ring bell, and he SMASHES IT ONTO LC’S FACE AS SOON HE TURNS AROUND!

Stew: And now I think it’s time for us to leave the table as CC starts cleaning it up! Starr comes from the back and tries to stop him by delivering a few punches to his back… But CC nails a big shot to the guts of Starr, and then takes him over the announce table…

DP: CC gets him up, and sets up for the Instant Annihilation! He goes for it, but Starr counters to his back…… and he LIFTS HIM UP FOR AN OLYMPIC SLAM!! …. BUT NO! It’s countered, and CC puts him in the same position he was in before…. AND HE CONNECTS THE INSTANT ANNIHILATION THROUGH THE TABLE TO BREAK IT!!

Stew: HOLY SHIT! This is it! We’ve a new Champion…… 1……. 2…….. and a…. KICK OUT BY STARRSTAN!!! No way! I thought this was definitely over but look at the reaction of the crowd who can’t believe it either as they thought Captain Canada had won it!

DP: This match continues, LC is back inside the ring, and Captain Charisma follows him… Both seem to be dizzy as they start throwing punches at each other, CC gets him up on his shoulder in a set up for the GUERILLA WAFARE!!

Stew: But it’s reversed as LC goes behind him connecting a Timber, which is a Russian legsweep… and he goes for the cover! 1……. Twoooo…… BUT NO! STARR PULLS HIM BY HIS LEG FOR THE ANKLE LOCK!!!

DP: And the champ is going to tap out!!! But no, he’s fighting and not giving up easily! LC is trying to reach the ropes, but Starr drags him back to the middle of the ring! A lot of pressure on him, but CC comes with an elbow drop to break it!

Stew: And now CC gets him up, and goes for the Charisma DDT! But it’s countered as Starr goes behind him connecting….. THE OLYMPIC SLAAAAAAM!! Starr goes directly to the top rope, and he looks at the crowd, I have no idea what’s on his mind…

DP: Starr jumps off the third rope….. AND CONNECTS A SHOOTING STARR PRESS!!! THE COVER, 1…….. 2………. BUT CC MANAGES TO KICK OUT!!!

Stew: Dammit! Starr has a shocking look on his face, and now he is staring as CC’s leg…. And he grabs it, to lock in the ANKLE LOCK!!!! Starr is going to make Captain Canada tap out in his hometown as he can’t take the pressure any longer!

DP: BUT WAIT! CC reverses it taking Starr down, and he PUTS HIM ON THE ANKLE LOCK!!!! But no! Starr quickly reverses, sending CC onto the ring post! And now he hits an Olympic Slam as soon he bounces back!

Stew: And Starr has this match in lock! BUT NO! Wait a minute! It’s the EAW Champ himself….. and he’s behind Starr! He sets up for the Stroke….. AND HE CONNECTS IT!!!!

DP: CC is down, and so is Starr! LC takes the chance to cover Starr as he puts his legs on the ropes for the support! Not this way! The pin, ONEEEEEE…… TWOOOO…… and THREEEEEEEE!!!!!

( Ding! Ding! DING! )

(LC’s theme song hits, the referee hands him the belt as he gets loud boos from the crowd)


Stew: Dammit! LC retains, and this was a great match with a surprising ending! I don’t think anyone should doubt the Champ after this victory in Captain Charisma’s hometown!

DP: The crowd is very disappointed and unhappy about the results, but oh well… all three were great, but after all, this is still Lethal Consequence’s world!

Stew: What a great show we had tonight in Toronto! We saw some amazing battles, debuts, new champs, and shocking moments! Hope you enjoyed our show, I’m Stew, and I wish you a goodnight!

(EAW logo buzzes)

Written by Fight Grid

Road 2 Redemption (2009)

Reckless Wiring (2009)