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  1. Sierra Bradford

    Underdog – Voltage II

    Charlie, I can speak whenever I want, cry all you want I couldn’t give a crap, tough luck for you more than anyone else in this whole entire world cause you seem to be the only one concerned about this. In fact, I ask the question, who cares at this point about Charlie Marr’s opinion about women? I don’t, because so far it shows nothing other than the fact he gets defeated by the exact thing he despises in the form of Andrea Valentine. Because again if anything I couldn’t give a fuck about what Charlie Marr cares or expresses about a woman because it’s the equivalent of an old man yelling at clouds more than anything else, it’ll get him nowhere, it won’t benefit him in any sort of way. But yes, equality more than anything sure let’s express it as something I “earn” and I need to earn it in order to get an equal footing in this business, but you continue to assume that like it means something at the end of the day. I legit said ten times I could care less because at the end of the day I still have equal ground when it comes to the chances of winning or losing against you, whilst it’s uncertain I can definitely be sure of that. But then again it’s just me beating around the bush saying that whatever you’re saying is pointless if you can’t seem to put it into effect in some way shape or form, no base claim. I couldn’t care less if you were a conspiracy victim either regarding Andrea Valentine or whatever else you whine about on a constant basis that nobody could care about just to give an excuse to wiggle into a title match with “equal” baring, when in reality if anything you know it’s not going to be in an Electrified Steel Cage of Death, and if time serves well Jordie Marr is going to walk her ass up and try to gain a victory for you, but you know what, good on you you go do that. Yet one match and you go off on a mighty tantrum or whatever on how she doesn’t deserve it or whatever trying to turn it around in your favor with no avail when truly nobodies listening to you and unfortunately I’m the one forced through this. But you can assume that the woman is getting more to give EAW an equal look upon their bright billionaire faces, but we’ve done this cause we’ve earned it believe it or not. I mean if anything Andrea Valentine went through a whole plethora of men in the Extreme Elimination Chamber to win the EAW Championship, especially you if we care to talk about that. But there’s one thing I’m certain of Charlie and that’s the fact that believe it or not, I actually have a chance of winning. People always place in front of newcomers the fact that they’ve been here longer and achieved more, therefore, they’re instantly better than them or in Charlie Marr’s case gender or something like that, yet they don’t focus on wrestling skill, that’s your downfall. I mean, I would understand if someone helped me get the win, that’s something I can accept no matter how hard it may seem to accept it in reality. But it was a match where Rath pulled the switch and electrocuted Consuela and not me, I wasn’t the one to do that, I didn’t gain the gratitude to do so not like a regular match where I can take the pin and take the credit in some sort of form. But I mean I’ve stated multiple times Charlie that I look up to the Beating Hearts of Voltage, I’ve said it multiple times hell I probably even said it last time I was speaking to you. Even if that’s doesn’t seem to be the case by the looks of it, I respect them because of what they do in the ring, bringing down braindead tyrants like you always brings a smile to my face no matter who seems to do it. But then again if you want me to accept the win sure, I beat Consuela Rose Ava, why the hell not to give you a peaceful state of mind more than anything since I know you of all people don’t know the definition of a clean win either way. I mean I think the odds are pretty fair here, you have Jordie Marr, and I have my reassurance plan of Sarah Price, and if Jordie tries to interfere in any way I’m sure Sarah is going to put her foot out in front to make sure that doesn’t happen, and who knows what happens next. All I know Charlie despite my self deprecating thoughts about Shock Value, two can play the game of cheating and don’t mind if I do.

    Don’t twist what I said at Shock Value, Charlie. I said that despite me going through a lot I’m sure Charlie Marr has gone through worse during that time in the EAW Championship match, I think we can both agree with that. But you did have it coming to you, and yes you did deserve it if I’ll be honest with you and being pretty stern with it as well. You deserve it after screwing so many people out of shot after shot with your dirty tactics and whatnot that you can practically not live without at the end of the day, that you had it coming that someone would do the same to you, to take a page out of your book in order to gain the win. But you consider the EAW Championship stolen from you? I’m tempted to say tough luck, but I will. We always happen to get screwed out of things, that’s the thing we just have to accept at some point in time and move on to make sure we either change that or regain a shot once more, but whining about it is not the way to truly go if you look at it. But you can consider it victim shaming or whatever you want to to get a cheap laugh out of it or whatever, but guess what? I guess you already know I don’t care so I don’t really need to say it more than anything else at this point. But oh yeah tough luck I called Jordie a sex slave, Jack Ripley said it best himself before Road to Redemption, they lived in Las Vegas, Jordie probably got married ten times and got fucked even more times than that. But either way, it is your choice to devise a plan to make sure Jordie interferes every time or not, it still doesn’t change the facts.

    You can make jokes acting like you’re serious but it doesn’t affect me. I get if nobody knows me, that’s a given because I’ve only been here for such a handful, that’s fine because I got half the people here not knowing me and that doesn’t change anything whatsoever over anything. It just counts relevancy over wrestling skill and you can’t seem to realize that because you’re not contending that, rather focusing on the things that benefit you more than anything else. But I get it that I don’t pose a threat to you, you’re acting like that’s a factor that’s going to bring me down more than anything, my track record could show a lot and I get that, but that doesn’t mean I’ll still go out there and put on the best match of my career like I always do because every match will forever be a challenge that is just awaiting me throughout the week and that’s when I train my ass off to make sure I do so. And sure I might seem like a newbie compared to you but there’s always a constant time where the odds shift, where what seems to be impossible becomes possible in some sort of way. And whilst I can’t change your mind about that situation because no matter what you’ll continue to deny that because you don’t believe it for a moment, we’ll just see where the cards fall and how it turns out. Sure it might seem like I’m talking more highly about myself than I should be, but at this point what’s new? You have to convey your point more than anything and I have to state what I have to state. I don’t care if you don’t consider me a challenge Charlie, because in no way will that change the odds of this match in any sort of way for certain. You can put into assumption how I can give it my all and it won’t be enough but so many people doubt me the same way you do it’s nothing new to hear that, to say the least, yet they’re proven wrong. This week I’m the underdog for certain, the one that nobody knows is going to win, yet I put my heart out into the ring no matter the odds seemingly placed in front of me, and that won’t change. Although you can put the title of the hardest worker on yourself I have forever been fighting my whole life at this point, I’ve come to every show with a big smile on my face no matter the circumstance and I put the bigger fight up when I enter the ring. No matter what happens if I fall down, I always get back up and dusts myself off and learn from my mistakes, and I’ve lost enough to accumulate enough learning lessons at this point that have evolved me more than anything else if that’s something I have to take away from this match. So Charlie, this week I don’t expect you to respect me, I don’t expect you to look at me as the person that’s going to beat you, I want you to look at me and see the fighting spirit in my fucking eyes and how badly I want to win this. This is a match I must win to prove you wrong, and I will put my body on the line in order to do so. No matter how much “better” Charlie might seem to be that won’t make a difference. Because that hasn’t stopped me before, and it won’t stop me now.

    Bet on it

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