Thunder Child

Nariko is a former idol, who still keeps ties with her fellow band members. Wrestling wasn’t always the number one option for her, but it’s more of a case where she was pushed into doing it due to unfortunate circumstances, and now she has to slowly adapt and work her way up. She had left her parent company because of the lack of opportunities and being treated terribly by the company leading to her motivation broken and her dreams crushed and lost passion and seeked for another profession, thus leading her into pro wrestling. It was not an easy decision, but she has always been a person who is up for a challenge and always looking for something new. Nariko’s decision however wasn’t just a swift decision taken without any thoughts behind them. She knew what she was going to face and she’s more than ready to face the music. Knowing very well the stigma that she would have to face and overcome in her new field that she decided to step on, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to prove everyone wrong and show the whole world that her background won’t stop her from becoming someone to fear in the squared circle. Instead of taking her differences as disadvantages, she’s determined to use them to her own advantage and make it a strength of hers that’s going to push others to the limit. Nariko has little to no experience in the ring, but she doesn’t believe that’s something that’s going to stop her or hold her back, as she’s always looking to learn more, and with an experienced wrestler like Masami Odate as her mentor always guiding her along the way, she’s got little to worry about. Nariko also has a pretty big following due to her days in the entertainment industry, she has her own circle of fans. Because of this, her ego is quite inflated. Her fandom is like an iron dome for her, always protecting her from criticism and always acting as her first line of defense. This leads to many delusions in her mind, and she’s prone to overestimating herself and underestimating her opponents due to the illusions that her following has created. She basically mentally lives inside a bubble.

In her head, Nariko is a “girl against the world”. There’s a lot of people who like her but in the field that she’s in there’s a lot more people who don’t because of her background and she knows that. A polarizing individual to say the least, although the scale tends to tip on the more hated side. She’s a very determined person, but at times that could lead to peril. She knows that there’s a long road ahead of her in her journey to become great, and she will not hesitate to throw anyone under the bus to get the recognition that she wants. If you’re not someone who has had long relations with her from outside the squared circle, she’s not to be trusted and that’s keeping it mildly. Her nickname is the ‘Black Swan’, mostly because of her lack of in ring experience, her opponents don’t know what to expect, and she almost always will have something special up her sleeve that almost everyone won’t see coming.

Written by EAW

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Haruka Kashimashi