The Warlord of EAW

Myles is a man who has extreme dedication and loyalty to his one duty; to rid EAW of all it’s greed. He believes the company has been infected with selfishness and toxicity, with accomplishments like championships, awards and tournaments taking away from the passion people should have for the fighting itself like he does, instead of just exploiting the company for it’s benefits. This is why he hates all forms of these accolades, although he will however sometimes aim to take these accolades, as he doesn’t want other greedy Elitists to feel validated because of them, so in his mind it’s better for him to hold those accolades hostage or boycott tournaments rather than just not participate and allow the cycle of greed to continue. Alongside Drake King and Minerva, he has formed the trinity known as New Eden, who come together to push this vision of an EAW that’s rid of greed. He has no care for personal glory or achievement, his only cares are to first and foremost complete his mission and save the future of EAW, and also to get the best fights possible along the way.

Written by Fight Grid

The Visual Prophet

Jake Smith