The Warlord of EAW

Myles is a fighter, through and through, and not being able to fight for months after being put out of commission drove him low-key crazy. On his time off he found an extreme sense of duty, now believing it’s his job to push his ideal view on what a combat show should look like, which is that EAW should be about just fighting, not championships or money. He believes too many people do this for the money, fame, to entertain the fans or just for their own gain when they should be doing so just for the thrill of fighting like he does. Hates the fans and all kinds of audience reactions whether it be boos or cheers; because they are just distractions who steal the spotlight from the fighters, and he believes they are not a necessity to the world of pro wrestling. He hates faces who pander to the crowd too much, but he equally hates heels who try too hard to get the crowd to boo them, but most of all he hates money hungry people or dudes who are too focused on championships. He hates almost everyone but he is open to respect wrestlers who he believes actually enjoy fighting and aren’t doing it for their own monetary gain.

As Season 14 begins, he thinks he has something to prove, as when he first entered EAW he was proclaimed the ‘Future Star’ but now he is going back to those roots, however this time he won’t try to become the Star by chasing titles, since he believes that’s what led him to his downfall in his first run. Instead, he says he will make his own definition of the future, becoming the Star of EAW by dominating and proving that he is the biggest and best star in EAW, and his name alone is worth more than mere championships and titles.

Since Territorial Invasion and his pin over Xander Payne, he thinks he has now redeemed himself from his worst loss ever the year prior, and with that he believe he can now fully focus on his goal of changing EAW and stamping himself on the top of the ladder by taking titles from undeserving and selfish champions and destroying those he doesn’t deem worthy. With this, he has adapted the nickname “Warlord of EAW”, an alias that he thinks describes what he feels his new role in the company now is.

Written by Fight Grid

The Visual Prophet

Jake Smith