Mr. DEDEDE suffers torn MCL, expected to miss 6-8 weeks of action!

At Fighting Spirit the EAW Chairman and Answers World Champion Mr. DEDEDE suffered a confirmed grade III MCL tear in his left knee, just two years after experiencing a similar Meniscus tear on his right one. The injury was believed to have taken place during a tope con hilo to the outside that went awry during his match against Andrea Valentine for the EAW Championship. DEDEDE would land on an awkward position after being hit with a dropkick during the dive, and according to doctors, it is likely that his continual physical activity may have potentially exacerbated the severity of the injury, escalating it from a grade II to grade III tear.  

There were false reports floating around that Mr. DEDEDE underwent an emergency medical procedure, this has not been confirmed to be the case. While an MRI was performed on the night of Fighting Spirit, there is no confirmation that the Chairman has received any invasive procedure. It is important to note, however, that the 8-time World Champion has been placed on the injured reserve list, usually signifying a no-compete order from EAW’s medical officials. DEDEDE is rumored to be at the Performance Center tonight’s episode of Showdown, however, whether he intends to address his injury or projected Pain for Pride match against Jamie O’Hara remains to be seen. Fight Grid will report any further updates that become available.

Showdown 6/6/20

Voltage 6/7/20