Most Valuable Elitist #231

Rising Star of the Week

Dray Fontana

Our Rising Star of the Week is none other than the now number one contender to the PURE Championship, “The Prince” Dray Fontana! These past few months we’ve seen a tremendous amount of improvement coming from Dray, but this week he managed to overcome the odds and win a fatal four way match against Komatsu Ogawa, MITSUBACHI, and SEBAS to win a shot at Xander Payne’s PURE Championship. Only time will tell whether or not Dray can defeat Xander and capture the Championship, but Dray’s impressive performance this week was deserving of the Rising Star of the Week award.

Beef of the Week

Terry vs SKA

With Terry Chambers wanting to start his season on a good note after failing at Pain for Pride, meanwhile SKA made a vow to bring Terry the same violence and brutality commonly associated with the Voltage brand, it was clear that this would become an interesting war of words. Not only was this interesting, but seeing what these two put each other through this week it was more than deserving of Beef of the Week. This was an excellent match for the first Voltage of the season, and this is exactly what both men needed in order to show what they have in store. Congratulations to both Terry and SKA, and hopefully the rest of the Voltage roster kept a very close eye on these two.

Show of the Week


Yes, Voltage is the first “Show of the Week” winner of season 14! This show started off on an interesting note as Myles answered Rex McAllister’s open challenge for the EAW Championship, immediately setting a great tone for the night. With fantastic matches such as Barlow versus Gaines versus Sturgis, Terry Chambers versus SKA, and the main event match between Minerva and Ahren Fournier, the in ring side of the show was great as well! In the end we also saw exciting confrontations such as the ones between Ahren and SOSA, as well as what looks like a brewing feud between TLA and Malcolm Jones, and an appearance from Dynasty’s Serena Bennett, resulting in a Voltage definitely worthy of Show of the Week!

Match of the Week

Consuela Rose Ava vs Jon Kelton

Our “Match of the Week” this week is a match between a former 24/7 contract holder and the Interwire Champion versus the current 24/7 contract holder, Consuela Rose Ava and Jon Kelton! After what both of these two accomplished at Pain for Pride, it was clear that a match between these two wouldn’t be easy for either Elitist, and in turn we got an amazing match! Jon Kelton had risen through the ranks extremely quickly since his return to EAW and with that contract he could very well be the next Interwire Champion if he chooses to challenge for that title, but in the end the current Champion was able to lock in the Suela Lock, and while Kelton didn’t tap out, he did pass out, giving Consuela Rose Ava a huge submission victory, what a performance these two put on!

Promoer of the Week

Dray Fontana

Our “Promoer of the Week” award will also be going to Dray Fontana! Dray’s performance this week has shown just how much he’s grown in such a short period of time, and if the number one contendership for the PURE Championship isn’t enough to recognize his growth, hopefully this is! Xander Payne is a difficult opponent for anyone to go up against, but after a performance like Dray’s this week, he definitely has what it takes to go up against the self proclaimed “PURE God”. Good luck to Dray Fontana, and congratulations!

Champion of the Week

Sarah Price

After Dynasty, there is nobody who deserves this week’s “Champion of the Week” award more than the Specialists Champion, Sarah Price! During Dynasty, Sarah laid out an open challenge for her Specialists Championship, which would later be answered by Harper Lee. Before the challenge was answered though, she’d team up with Harper to successfully defeat the Grand Athletes in an excellent tag team match. All in all it should be safe to say that it was a great night for Sarah, and with such a great start to the season it’s only right that she’s the Champion of the Week.

Most Valuable Elitist

Charlie Marr

Our Most Valuable Elitist for this week is the man who seems to have turned over a new leaf since Pain for Pride, Charlie Marr! On Dynasty, Charlie Marr went up against the legendary Impact after basically threatening him, saying that he’d retire him himself right before the match. As it turns out, Charlie actually managed to defeat Impact clean without any outside help, securing his second clean win in a row against a former World Champion. After the match things got nasty as Charlie hit Impact with “The Queen is Dead” after he had already won, but his surprising performance has earned him the spot as Most Valuable Elitist. Maybe Charlie really has changed, for the most part at least.

Written by Fight Grid

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