Most Valuable Elitist #327

Rising Star of the Week

Kenn Kenn

The Rising Star of the Week for this week was Kenn Kenn! Kenn Kenn has had a great return to the company so far, and on Fight Grid he looked to pick up another victory as he took on newcomer CJF! In the end Kenn Kenn was able to accomplish exactly that, adding another victory to his record which just goes to show that this time around, Kenn Kenn manages to reach greater heights than before. Kenn Kenn definitely has a lot of potential, and so far he’s been proving that he can be a very valuable member of the Voltage roster!

Beef of the Week

Adam Lucas vs Xander Payne vs Jake Smith

This week’s Beef of the Week was the triple threat between Jake Smith, Xander Payne and Adam Lucas! This was always going to be great seeing the three Elitists involved with this match, but this turned out to be an amazing promo battle that exceeded the already high expectations! It helps that there was a huge opportunity on the line, because while they were already on team Showdown, only the winner would receive the opportunity to be Showdown’s team Captain. All three Elitists put out amazing promos this week, all proving once again that they were three huge additions to Showdown’s roster this season, and three of the best in EAW today. 

Show of the Week

Midsummer Massacre

The Show of the Week this week was the first free-per-view of the season, Midsummer Massacre! This show was amazing, with three different World Championship matches that all delivered, as well as matches such as Kassidy Heart versus Jack Ripley, Drake King versus Samael, Astraea Jordan versus Aurora Monroe, the triple threat featuring the Showdown Anarchy in the Arena team, and at the very start of the show the Prescription would win the Unified Tag Team Championships against the Off-Brand Amphetamines! Midsummer Massacre was the perfect way to kick off the season! 

Match of the Week

Samael vs Drake King

This week’s Match of the Week was the match between Drake King and the 24/7 Contract holder, Samael! This was a very creative match as all of Samael’s alternate personalities came into play, making this far more than just an ordinary match! Samael has established himself extremely quickly as a very dangerous competitor, and this match helped prove that on top of that he’s a very unique individual, and the type of competitor EAW has never seen before. These two Elitists brought their best to this match all week, and helped create a fantastic match for Midsummer Massacre!

Promoer of the Week

See Champion of the Week

Champion of the Week

Andre Walker

This week’s Champion of the Week was Andre Walker! At Midsummer Massacre Andre faced off against a Hall of Famer in Madison Kaline for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Interwire Championship! This turned out to be a really competitive match which isn’t a surprise considering the two amazing Elitists involved, and in the end Andre Walker would successfully retain, making this his first World Championship defense! This was a huge match for Andre both because of what was on the line and the level of competition, and in the end Andre proved himself to be an incredible Champion! Congratulations Andre Walker!

Most Valuable Elitist

The Prescription 

The Most Valuable Elitists for this week are the new Unified Tag Team Champions, Dr. Bethany Blue and Sheridan Müller, also known as the Prescription! These two joined forces thanks to the history they have with each other before challenging the Off-Brand Amphetamines for their Unified Tag Team Championships at Midsummer Massacre, and in the end these two were able to win the titles! These two have already proven to be an amazing tag team, but this match gave them what they wanted, the Unified Tag Team Championships and the spot at the top of the tag team division. Congratulations to the new Unified Tag Team Champions!

Written by John Helms

Midsummer Massacre (2022)

Fight Grid LIVE 7/31/2022