Most Valuable Elitist #326

Rising Star of the Week

Komatsu Ogawa

The Rising Star of the Week for this week was Komatsu Ogawa! Komatsu Ogawa for the most part has had a successful return to EAW, and this week has helped show that as Ogawa competed in a unique opportunity qualifying match against Mary S. Atlas! Komatsu Ogawa would defeat Mary S. Atlas, moving forward as he qualifies for this unique opportunity match! This could definitely be a great chance for Komatsu Ogawa to show what he is capable of, as he seems to have only improved with time. Congratulations to Komatsu Ogawa!

Beef of the Week

Andre Walker vs Ruler

This week’s Beef of the Week was between the Undisputed World Heavyweight Interwire Champion Andre Walker and his challenger for the Interwire Championship, Ruler! With a lot on the line both Elitists brought their best to the table this week, putting out incredible promos that led to such a great back and forth between the two Elitists! Ruler is an Elitist with a bright future ahead of him and Andre Walker has proven to be an amazing talent for a very long time now. This was another week that proved that both of these men have what it takes to be a huge part of EAW going forward. 

Show of the Week


This week’s Show of the Week was Dynasty! One week away from Midsummer Massacre, the red brand put out such a great show. Dynasty this week started off with a contract signing between Madison Kaline and Andre Walker, who’d defend one of his titles in the main event in an amazing match, and from there a lot of exciting matches would take place! Diamond Dixon would take on Caroline, SOSA Henderson would face Astraea Jordan, and Dr. Bethany Blue faced off against Aurora Monroe! Dynasty was stacked this week, and it just helped make the upcoming free-per-view even more exciting!

Match of the Week

Harper Lee vs Sheridan Müller

The Match of the Week for this week was the main event match for Voltage, the match between Universal Women’s Champion Harper Lee, and one half of the Prescription who’ll be challenging for the Unified Tag Team Championships, Sheridan Müller! Andrea Valentine would be seated at commentary for this match, and this would add to what was already a great match! These two would deliver in the final match of Voltage, which was to be expected from two fantastic competitors like these two. Both Elitists showed the level of competition that they are on as they both prepare for their huge upcoming matches. 

Promoer of the Week

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Champion of the Week

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Most Valuable Elitist

Andre Walker

The Most Valuable Elitist for this week is the Undisputed World Heavyweight Interwire Champion, Andre Walker! This week was very important for Andre Walker, as his match would decide whether or not he’d be able to surpass Mister K’s record for the longest Interwire Championship reign. Andre defended the Interwire Championship against Ruler on Dynasty, and in the end Andre would successfully retain the title, allowing him to break the record and officially become the longest reigning Interwire Champion! This is a record that’s been around for such a long time, and it’s now the second Championship record that Andre Walker has broken! Congratulations to Andre Walker, who has made history once again!

Written by John Helms

Showdown 7/23/22

Voltage 7/24/22