Most Valuable Elitist #319

Rising Star of the Week


The Rising Star of the Week for this week is Ruler! On Voltage, Ruler faced off against Wildcard in a match that had very high stakes! This was a number one contendership match for the New Breed Championship, and with Pain for Pride coming up that means a match against Alex Myers on the biggest show of the year! In the end Ruler was able to pick up the victory, earning him a huge opportunity at his first ever Pain for Pride! Congratulations, Ruler!

Beef of the Week

Dr. Bethany Blue vs Andre Walker

The Beef of the Week for this week has to go to the Dynasty match between Dr. Bethany Blue and Andre Walker! This was a match between two extremely talented individuals and both of the tournament winners from King of Elite, which is exactly why the promos between the two, along with the involvement of Albert Hitchman, were all really good. This was an extremely exciting promo battle to watch, and both Elitists showed everyone why they’re some of the most entertaining Elitists to see compete. 

Show of the Week


This week saw a very special Showdown, which is just one of the reasons why it is this week’s Show of the Week! On Showdown there were two different steel cage matches to wrap up some of the most exciting feuds of the season in Lucas Knight versus Aurora Monroe and Cameron Ella Ava versus Veena Adams! This show also saw the in-ring return of Daryl Kinkade,  as well as the first of Showdown’s Cash in the Vault qualifiers in Adam Lucas versus Amir Yusuf! This was a fantastic Showdown, and with shows like this Pain for Pride is looking very exciting!

Match of the Week

The Visual Prophet vs Andrea Valentine vs Xander Payne

The Match of the Week for this week has to go to the triple threat between the World Heavyweight Champion the Visual Prophet, the Universal Women’s Champion Andrea Valentine, and former World Champion Xander Payne! These are three major names and in the end these three put on an excellent match, which is to be expected from Elitists like them. This match may have ended in chaotic fashion, but this was a great showcase of three incredible talents heading into Pain for Pride. 

Promoer of the Week

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Champion of the Week

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Most Valuable Elitist

Andre Walker

The Most Valuable Elitist for this week is the Interwire Champion, Andre Walker! Andre had a huge night for himself as he defeated the Empress of Elite Dr. Bethany Blue, but that’s not the only thing that happened. Andre Walker would be the reason for the main event ending in chaos, as he would unleash a brutal assault on the Visual Prophet, proving that he is absolutely ready for Pain for Pride, and he is a threat to Viz’s Championship reign. This was a night that proved the kind of competitor Andre is, and why the two Championship reigns he has had in EAW have been this dominant.

Written by John Helms

Showdown 5/28/22

Voltage 5/29/22