Most Valuable Elitist #317

Rising Star of the Week


The Rising Star of the Week for this week was Wildcard! Wildcard had a huge match on Voltage this week as she looked to settle her differences against Robyn Valentine, in an exploding barbed wire deathmatch! This is not a stipulation seen very often thanks to how dangerous it is, but on Voltage Wildcard not only competed in one, but she managed to come out of the match victorious against Robyn. Congratulations, Wildcard!

Beef of the Week

Ronan Malosi and Charlie Marr vs Cameron Ella Ava and Roberto De La Rosa

This week’s Beef of the Week goes to the big tag team match on Showdown, featuring the team of Cameron Ella Ava and Roberto De La Rosa, versus the unlikely team of Ronan Malosi and Charlie Marr, who will be opponents at Battle of Egypt. This turned out to be a really entertaining back and forth especially knowing that one of these teams likely wouldn’t be able to work as a team, making for a fantastic match on Showdown! In the end everyone involved put out some great promos, and made sure that this was match worth looking forward to!

Show of the Week


The Show of the Week for the final week before Battle of Egypt is Dynasty! Dynasty this week was a really great show that started off with all of the competitors in the Universal Women’s Championship number one contendership match, as well as the Champion! This show also saw the Dynasty return of Bryant Coffey and Nariko, as well as a fantastic main event match between Astraea Jordan and Jon Kelton. This show would end with a promo between Andre Walker and the Visual Prophet, one that showed us all why this will be such a major match at the biggest show of the year! This was an amazing show to have just a week before Battle of Egypt!

Match of the Week

Jon Kelton vs Astraea Jordan

The Match of the Week for this week was the match between Jon Kelton and Astraea Jordan! With Jon Kelton having a New Breed Championship defense and Astraea Jordan having a contendership match for the Universal Women’s Championship coming up both at Battle of Egypt, these two put on a fantastic match in Dynasty’s final match of the night! This was both Elitists final match before Battle of Egypt, and with a performance like the one they put on at Dynasty, they both stand a very good chance of walking out victorious against Alex Myers and in that ladder match respectively!

Promoer of the Week

Charlie Marr 

This week’s Promoer of the Week is the Hardcore Champion, Charlie Marr! This week Charlie was in a tag team match where he and his Battle of Egypt opponent Ronan Malosi faced Cameron Ella Ava and Roberto De La Rosa, and in the end Charlie Marr’s promos throughout the week were amazing. Having to team up with his Hardcore Championship Challenger made this matchup very interesting and it definitely showed with Charlie’s promos throughout the week, as each promo he put out was great!

Champion of the Week

See Most Valuable Elitist

Most Valuable Elitist

Jon Kelton

The Most Valuable Elitist for this week is the New Breed Champion, Jon Kelton! In his final match before Battle of Egypt Jon Kelton went up against Astraea Jordan, one of the competitors in the Universal Women’s Championship number one contendership match! Astraea Jordan is incredibly talented and a major threat which she has continued to show since returning, and on Dynasty Jon Kelton managed to pick up a huge victory after he managed to defeat her, just a week before he defends his title against Alex Myers! Congratulations to Jon Kelton for the huge victory!

Written by John Helms

Showdown 5/14/22

Voltage 5/15/22