Most Valuable Elitist #315

Rising Star of the Week


This week’s Rising Star of the Week is Joso! The New Era Classic has been a great tournament but this week featured the matches that’d determine the semifinals at Grand Rampage. ARIA vs Joso was one of these matches, and in the end Joso picked up a big victory as he defeated a member of the Ice Aces just a week before Grand Rampage, allowing him to move forward to the semifinals! This is a huge victory for Joso so early on in his EAW career, so congratulations to the New Era Classic semi finalist!

Beef of the Week

ARIA vs Joso

This week’s Beef of the Week has to go to the match between ARIA and Joso, which had a lot on the line! This was bound to be very competitive as both of these Elitists have shown a lot of talent during their time on the roster, but this was also a New Era Classic match! In the end these two really went the distance with a fantastic performance even before the match, both putting out great promos all throughout the week. This was a great showing by both Elitists, who more than proved how talented they are and how deserving they are of this opportunity.

Show of the Week


This week’s Show of the Week on the final week nefore Grand Rampage was Dynasty! Dynasty started off with a huge surprise as the Visual Prophet would use the VPLA Students to attack Cage ahead of Grand Rampage, and from there what followed was great matches, as Joso took on ARIA, Sheridan Müller and Astraea Jordan faced the Haircare Kings, and in the main event Scott Diamond returned to the ring against Solomon Stane! There were so many more great matches too, which just goes to show how good of a show this was. This was a great way to build to Grand Rampage, as Dynasty put on a fantastic go home show.

Match of the Week

Scott Diamond vs Solomon Stane

This week’s Match of the Week was the Dynasty main event, which was a match between Scott Diamond and Solomon Stane! This was a great match, and it was also a really special one as this match the in ring return of Scott Diamond, who had not wrestled in years! This match did a lot, whether it was showing how talented Solomon Stane is or how dangerous Scott Diamond still is even after all these years, and in the end both Elitists ended the night with a great showing to close out Dynasty!

Promoer of the Week

See Most Valuable Elitist

Champion of the Week

Jon Kelton

The Champion of the Week for this week was Jon Kelton, the New Breed Champion! This week Jon Kelton was up against Xander Payne, who is a former World Heavyweight Champion. These two would have a great match, but that’s not all that happened. While it’d be because of a countout, Jon Kelton would pick up the victory, capturing a huge win against Xander ahead of his New Breed Championship match against Alex Myers! Jon Kelton’s had a great New Breed Championship reign, and weeks like this only help show how good Jon Kelton is!

Most Valuable Elitist

Scott Diamond

The Most Valuable Elitist for this week is the man who had his in ring return in the main event of Dynasty, Scott Diamond! We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Scott over the past weeks, but this week he returned to the ring just one week before Grand Rampage, facing off against Solomon Stane! In the end Scott was able to capture the victory just one week before his big Interwire Championship match against Andre Walker! Scott Diamond has always been a huge threat, which is exactly why he’s accomplished all that he has. This week reminded everyone what he’s capable of, and why Andre Walker’s Championship reign may be in jeopardy!

Written by John Helms

Showdown 4/30/22

Voltage 5/1/22