Most Valuable Elitist #310

Rising Star of the Week

Becca Black

This week’s Rising Star of the Week is Becca Black! This week on Voltage, Becca competed in the opening round of the Gold Rush tournament as she faced off against the Hall of Famer, Cleopatra! In a great back and forth match, Becca got a huge shocking victory as she successfully defeated Cleo, helping Becca pull off one of her biggest wins to date and moving forward to the second round of the Gold Rush tournament in the process. Congratulations to Becca Black after the amazing week she had!

Beef of the Week

See Match of the Week

Show of the Week


The Show of the Week for this week is Voltage! Voltage was a huge show this week as the Gold Rush tournament kicked off, featuring every single First Round match! Despite the major tournament featuring so many members of the roster, this show had even more to offer, as Brian Daniels had his first match back in the company as he took on the National Elite Champion, Donovan Duke! This was a great Voltage, and shows like this make things even more exciting as we get closer and closer to one of the final events of the season, Grand Rampage!  

Match of the Week

Brian Daniels vs Donovan Duke

The Beef of the Week and Match of the Week has to go to the match between Brian Daniels and Donovan Duke! This was a huge match as it was Brian Daniels’ first match since returning to the company, and in the end it was a fantastic match as both Brian and Donovan had a fantastic performance. Myles would distract Brian during the match which would lead to Donovan Duke nearly picking up the victory, and while that wouldn’t happen, this was still a great showing by both Donovan Duke, and the returning Brian Daniels, who has an upcoming EAW World Championship match at Grand Rampage! 

Promoer of the Week

Hikari Kanno

The Promoer of the Week for this week is Hikari Kanno! Hikari Kanno has always been extremely talented, and this week was another week where her promos shined. Facing Jake Smith and rejecting the idea of Jake being any different than before, Hikari Kanno’s promos throughout the week proved just how special and talented the members of IDOL-GUN really are. Hikari Kanno would win the match in the end and move onto the next round of the Gold Rush tournament, but even before that happened Hikari made it clear just how much of a shot she had against such a big challenge. 

Champion of the Week

Jon Kelton

This week’s Champion of the Week is the New Breed Champion, who defended his Championship this week on Dynasty! On Dynasty Jon Kelton faced Cloud Stryfe, who won at Reckless Wiring and in turn earned an opportunity to face Jon Kelton for his Championship. In the end Kelton would defeat Cloud in a really good match, retain his Championship and keep the New Breed title reign going. This was another week where Jon Kelton proved that his title reign won’t be coming to an end that easily. Congratulations to Jon Kelton for retaining the New Breed Championship!

Most Valuable Elitist

Limmy Monaghan

The Most Valuable Elitist of this week is Limmy Monaghan! On Showdown, Limmy Monaghan teamed up with Theron Nikolas against TLA and Adam Lucas in the main event of Showdown! After TLA would make the mistake of refusing to tag in Adam Lucas, Limmy Monaghan would take out TLA and capture the winning pinfall over the Answers World Champion! This was a huge win, moving Limmy Monaghan far up the ranks and putting Limmy in line for a shot at the Answers World Championship. Limmy Monaghan is extremely talented having just come off of a Hardcore Championship reign, and very soon he might just be World Champion. Congratulations, Limmy!

Written by John Helms

Voltage 3/27/22

BREAKING NEWS: Limmy Monaghan Gets Answers World Championship Match!