Most Valuable Elitist #290

Rising Star of the Week

Donovan Duke

This week’s Rising Star of the Week is Donovan Duke! On Voltage, the 24/7 Contract holder competed in a triple threat against Jay Jerry Johnson and Chris Elite. This was definitely a great match, and in the end Donovan managed to capture the victory after throwing Chris Elite out of the ring and pinning Jay Jerry Johnson, getting a win over a Hall of Famer and former World Champion as well as continuing his recent wave of momentum. This was a big victory for Donovan just weeks after his already impressive Divide and Conquer win back at Territorial Invasion, so congratulations to Donovan Duke!

Beef of the Week

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Show of the Week


This week’s Show of the Week is Voltage! Voltage had a very interesting show coming off of Clash of Kingdoms, starting on a very surprising note as it turned out Jamie O’Hara was taken out of action by New Eden. Following this we saw some great matches such as the triple threat between Donovan Duke, Chris Elite and Jay Jerry Johnson, as well as some big announcements, such as an upcoming National Elite Championship contenders match and an upcoming Universal Women’s Championship match! The show would end with the final round one match of the tag team turmoil tournament, where the concussed Myles and Justin Wondgate defeated Ryan Wilson and Alex Myers. This was a great show from Voltage! 

Match of the Week

Adam Lucas vs Harper Lee

The Beef of the Week and Match of the Week goes to the Hardcore Championship match between the Champion Adam Lucas, and Harper Lee. This was a pretty personal match after the issues these two have had leading up to Territorial Invasion where they were on the same Brand Warfare team, and in the end they put on a fantastic match. This was a no disqualifications match thanks to the Hardcore rules, and in the end these two did everything in their power to leave Showdown with the Hardcore Championship, to the point where the match ended with both Elitists laid out. What a match! 

Promoer of the Week


This week’s Promoer of the Week was Myles! Coming off of an amazing match against Mr. DEDEDE, Myles was teaming up against one of New Eden’s enemies, Justin Windgate, to face Ryan Wilson and Alex Myers in the tag team turmoil tournament. Myles posted some great promos this week, in a match that had very unique circumstances for him. Myles made it clear that he didn’t like his partner in the tournament whatsoever, but Myles was also able to put that to the side for the week just so he could deal with Ryan and Alex, which in the end seemed to work in Myles’ favor. 

Champion of the Week

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Most Valuable Elitist

Adam Lucas

This week’s Champion of the Week and Most Valuable Elitist is Adam Lucas! Adam competed in the main event of Showdown this week, where he defended his Hardcore Championship against Harper Lee in a match that was announced when Harper challenged Adam at Clash of Kingdoms. In the end, Adam managed to defeat Harper to once again successfully retain his Championship, only one week after defending it successfully against Jon Kelton. This was extremely impressive from Adam Lucas, and if there’s anything Adam has shown this season, it’s that taking the Hardcore Championship from him would not be easy no matter who you are. Congratulations Adam Lucas!

Written by John Helms

Voltage 10/3/21

Dynasty 10/8/21