Most Valuable Elitist #276

Rising Star of the Week

Adam Lucas

This week’s Rising Star of the Week was the new Hardcore Champion and the man who defeated Mr. DEDEDE at the biggest show of the year, Adam Lucas! Adam Lucas’ road to Pain for Pride saw him prepare to face off against one of the biggest names in the industry, with none other than Ronn Banks himself in his corner. In the end Adam wasn’t able to keep his PURE Championship thanks to Mr. DEDEDE retiring it, but Adam was able to win the newly reinstated Hardcore Championship. After a huge win like this on the biggest show of the year, the only thing left to say is congratulations!

Beef of the Week

Darcy May Morgan vs Ms. Extreme

The Beef of the Week for this week was one of the four main events of Pain for Pride, Darcy May Morgan versus Ms. Extreme! This saw Darcy May Morgan defending her Championship and Ms. Extreme looking to win her first World title, but the match became very personal extremely quickly, leading to an amazing promo battle between the two women. This was the first ever Pain for Pride main event for both Darcy and Ms. Extreme, and they definitely delivered! In the end there could only be one winner, but both women should be proud of their performance at Pain for Pride. 

Show of the Week

Pain for Pride

Not that there was ever any doubt, but the Show of the Week for this week is the BIGGEST show of the year, Pain for Pride! This was a huge Pain for Pride with match after match delivering. There was so many high stakes involved including Veena Adams and StarrStan’s futures as well as Malcolm Jones’ career and New Eden’s, and in the end every match played a part in making this one of the greatest shows of the year. Pain for Pride is always an unforgettable experience every single year, and this year was a great addition to the list. 

Match of the Week

Kassidy Heart vs Jamie O’Hara

This week’s Match of the Week was one of Pain for Pride’s main events, the Answers World Championship match between Kassidy Heart and Jamie O’Hara! This match was personal in every way, especially with Jamie’s family watching the match. Kassidy Heart and Jamie O’Hara are two of the best wrestlers on the planet, and even with Kassidy going after Jamie’s family and Jamie attacking Kassidy’s injury, these two proved that once again tonight, especially when Kassidy Heart did the unthinkable at the end of the match. Pain for Pride was a fantastic show all around with many match of the year contenders, but in the end this match was fantastic. 

Promoer of the Week


It wouldn’t be fair to give Promoer of the Week to just one person, especially after a week like this. So many Elitists put out great promo after great promo, many of which being their best yet, so with that being said this week’s Promoer of the Week goes to everyone. So many people did a fantastic job this week and those people know exactly who they are. Part of what makes Pain for Pride so special is seeing the amazing efforts of the best competitors in the world, and weeks like this definitely help remind us just the type of talent EAW has. 

Champion of the Week

Kassidy Heart

There may not have been any Champion with a bigger night at Pain for Pride than the Answers World Champion, this week’s Champion of the Week Kassidy Heart! Before the match even began Kassidy Heart delivered some of her greatest promos yet, and she managed to follow this up with doing what nobody thought was possible. At the biggest show of the year, Kassidy Heart managed to make Jamie O’Hara tap out to retain the Answers World Championship. Defeating Jamie alone is huge, but making him tap out after that’s pretty much become impossible over the years is something nobody will ever forget. Congratulations to the Answers World Champion!

Most Valuable Elitist

Drake King

In one of the best matches at Pain for Pride, Drake King faced Malcolm Jones with both Malcolm’s career and New Eden’s existence on the line in an EAW Championship Unsanctioned Match. There’s no doubt that the winner of the final match of the show deserves to be called Most Valuable Elitist for this week, which is why we’re giving it to Drake King! This match has been building all season, and once it actually came the stakes managed to rise higher than anyone could’ve imagined. Nobody expected Malcolm’s career to come to an end this year especially after winning the EAW Championship, but he did and it’s all thanks to this man. Congratulations to the new EAW Champion! 

Written by John Helms

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