Most Valuable Elitist #274

Rising Star of the Week

Candice Blair

This week’s Rising Star of the Week is one of the women competing for the Specialists Championship at Pain for Pride, Candice Blair! This week on Voltage Candice faced a multiple time World Champion, Pain for Pride main eventer and hall of famer in Rex McAllister, and while an interference from Cameron Ella Ava may have played a part in this, Candice Blair managed to capture a huge victory. This will definitely go down as one of- if not Candice’s biggest win to date, so congratulations to Candice!

Beef of the Week

Limmy Monaghan vs Myles

Beef of the Week for this week goes to the match between two of the Cash in the Vault competitors, Limmy Monaghan and Myles! These two already have experience with each other thanks to the Grand Rampage match, and that allowed these two to put on a great match this week, along with even better promos. These two showed just how much they belong in the Cash in the Vault ladder match this year, and they might just go down as two of the biggest threats in the match come Pain for Pride. 

Show of the Week


This week’s Show of the Week is Dynasty! Dynasty was a great show from top to bottom, starting off with a huge Xander Payne promo where he runs down Impact’s World Championship history. From there we’re met with big matches such as Andre Walker versus Donovan Duke in a Cash in the Vault qualifying match, and IDOL-GUN versus Chris Elite and SOSA Henderson for the Unified Tag Team Championships. We also saw Ashley Flores and Candice Blair’s opportunities being revealed to be a Specialists Championship match, the big match reveal of the Visual Prophet and Lethal Consequences versus Ad Infinitum, and of course to end the show we got to see another encounter with Ronn Banks and Mr. DEDEDE as the two along with the PURE Champion Adam Lucas had a huge back and forth. This was a great show from the red brand! 

Match of the Week

IDOL-GUN vs Chris Elite & SOSA Henderson

This week’s Match of the Week is the final match of Dynasty, the Unified Tag Team Championship match between IDOL-GUN and the team of Chris Elite and SOSA Henderson. This was bound to be really good as the extremely impressive Champions went up against two former World Champions, and in the end these two teams delivered, putting on a fantastic match with the Championships on the line. IDOL-GUN may have retained their Championships, but Chris and SOSA also put up a fantastic fight. 

Promoer of the Week


This week’s Promoer of the Week was Minerva! Minerva was part of a very interesting match on Voltage as she was forced to team up with her Pain for Pride opponent TLA against the team of Ms. Extreme and Darcy May Morgan. Minerva may not like the person she’s teaming up with, but throughout the week Minerva made it clear that she planned to win the match anyway. Putting on a fantastic performance, Minerva spent this week showing just how dedicated she really is, leading her to yet another victory as the team of Darcy and Ms. Extreme fell apart on Voltage. 

Champion of the Week

See Most Valuable Elitist

Most Valuable Elitist


The Most Valuable Elitists and Champions of the Week are the two women who retained their Unified Tag Team Championships on Dynasty, Hikari Kanno and Miku Sakai! Not only did IDOL-GUN defend their Championships once again on Dynasty, but they defended their titles against Chris Elite and SOSA Henderson, a team made of two former World Champions and a hall of famer. This was definitely a big win for IDOL-GUN on their road to Pain for Pride, so congratulations to the Unified Tag Team Champions!

Written by John Helms

Showdown 6/5/21

Voltage 6/6/21