Most Valuable Elitist #273

Rising Star of the Week

Ashley Flores

This week’s Rising Star of the Week is Ashley Flores! On Dynasty Ashley faced off against Harper Lee in a match with a “unique opportunity” on the line, and after a distraction from Sierra Bradford, Ashley was able to capture the victory. This gave Ashley her first opportunity since joining EAW, which is definitely great news for her as Pain for Pride is only weeks away. This was a fantastic way for her to start her own road to Pain for Pride, so congratulations to Ashley Flores!

Beef of the Week

SOSA Henderson vs Hikari Kanno

This week’s Beef of the Week goes to SOSA Henderson and one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, Hikari Kanno! SOSA and Hikari delivered a great back and forth this week ahead of their upcoming Unified Tag Team Championship match. In the end their match didn’t go to plan as it’d end in a no contest, but both Elitists proved how good they are. They both have history with each other as SOSA was part of some of IDOL-GUN’s first matches in EAW, and once again they managed to deliver great promos all across the board. 

Show of the Week


This week’s Show of the Week was Dynasty. This was a huge show with tons of Pain for Pride implications as we saw Cash in the Vault qualifiers, Andre Walker relinquishing the New Breed Championship, and more. We also saw huge matches like the one between Mr. DEDEDE and Cameron Ella Ava, and on that same night we also saw the return of one of- if not the greatest of all time in Ronn Banks. There’s no denying that this was a show to remember, and if there’s any way to prepare everyone for the biggest show of the year, it’s with shows like this. 

Match of the Week

Cameron Ella Ava vs Mr. DEDEDE

This week’s Match of the Week is the match between Mr. DEDEDE and Cameron Ella Ava, the Dynasty main event. There doesn’t really need to be anything said once you see the two names mentioned, as these are some of the biggest in EAW history. This match would also see the return of Ronn Banks, contributing to what was already a huge main event match. These two have had tons of matches in the past which all went different ways, but there’s no denying that this one won’t be forgotten about anytime soon. 

Promoer of the Week

Limmy Monaghan

This week’s Promoer of the Week is one of the first people to qualify for the Cash in the Vault ladder match, Limmy Monaghan! Limmy may not have won his Battle of Egypt No Way Out match to determine the World Heavyweight Championship challenger at Pain for Pride, but this week he was able to bounce back with his qualifier for the Cash in the Vault. Limmy’s promos this week were great, and while he may not have been against five other people, this week he definitely proved that he has what it takes to be a big threat in that ladder match.

Champion of the Week

Darcy May Morgan

This week’s Champion of the Week is the Universal Women’s Champion, Darcy May Morgan! At Battle of Egypt Darcy suffered a brutal attack at the hands of Ms. Extreme, but this week she was able to get her revenge in a big way. Tricking Ms. Extreme into believing that she wasn’t at Voltage this week, Darcy blindsided her and attacked her Pain for Pride challenger, even stuffing her into a garbage can. Darcy’s attack showed just how far she’s willing to go, and stuff like this is exactly why she’s been Universal Women’s Champion as long as she has. 

Most Valuable Elitist

Cameron Ella Ava

The Most Valuable Elitist for this week is the returning Cameron Ella Ava! On Dynasty she faced one of her biggest rivals in Mr. DEDEDE, and with a bit of assistance from the returning Ronn Banks, Cameron was able to pick up a huge victory over her longtime rival. Not only was this a fantastic match and a great way to end Dynasty, but in the end this was a great win for Cameron on her road to Pain for Pride. Congratulations to Cameron Ella Ava after picking up the victory in her return to Dynasty!

Written by John Helms

Voltage 5/30/21

BREAKING NEWS: An update on the condition of Sierra Bradford!