Most Valuable Elitist #272

Rising Star of the Week

Ryan Wilson

The Rising Star of the Week for this week was one of the competitors in Battle of Egypt II’s New Breed Championship match, Ryan Wilson! It was never going to be easy dethroning Andre Walker especially at this point in his New Breed Championship reign, but Ryan Wilson had an amazing performance in the New Breed Championship match that’s definitely worth celebrating. Ryan may not have walked out of Battle of Egypt II with the victory, but after that performance Ryan definitely showed the world just how talented he is. After making it to the final two, Ryan Wilson has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! 

Beef of the Week

Andre Walker vs Ryan Wilson vs Jon Kelton vs Jonny Airhart vs Shane Gates vs Greg Voltaire vs Ronan Malosi vs Lucas Johnson vs James Ranger vs Jordan Payne

This week’s Beef of the Week is Battle of Egypt’s New Breed Championship match! A lot was on the line here as nine competitors had the opportunity to stop Andre Walker from breaking the record for longest reigning New Breed Champion in history, and of course Andre did everything in his power to break that record. In the end most of the Elitists in this match put on amazing performances. In the end Andre Walker was able to retain his Championship, but seeing what it took for him to do so, everyone in this match should be proud of themselves!

Show of the Week

Battle of Egypt II

Battle of Egypt II was this week’s Show of the Week! Battle of Egypt was a fantastic final free-per-view before Pain for Pride with a lot on the line before the biggest show of the year, from the two No Way Out matches to determine the fate of the World Heavyweight and Universal Women’s Championships, to the Championship matches where we saw Dr. Bethany Blue become the new Specialists Championship, to Jamie O’Hara finally accepting the match against King Kass at Pain for Pride! With amazing matches all across the show, there’s no doubt that once again EAW delivered an amazing show.

Match of the Week

Myles vs SOSA Henderson

Battle of Egypt’s Match of the Week was the match between Myles and SOSA Henderson! Battle of Egypt was a great show all around and every single match delivered, and while this match didn’t have any Championships or opportunities on the line, it did see SOSA Henderson finally get revenge after New Eden took him out and stopped him from entering the Grand Rampage match. SOSA Henderson managed to capture the victory, but Myles also proved just how much of a threat he is. This was an incredible match from two amazing Elitists!

Promoer of the Week

See Champion of the Week

Champion of the Week

Andre Walker

This week’s Promoer of the Week is also the Champion of the Week, the man who successfully defended the New Breed Championship for the final time before breaking the record for longest reigning Champion, Andre Walker! His match at Battle of Egypt was a huge deal from the start as it was only days away before Andre became the longest reigning Champion, and despite the odds being against him due to the large amount of competitors, Andre managed to retain that Championship once again, proving that he really is unstoppable on his path to going down in history. Congratulations to Andre Walker on the historic achievement!

Most Valuable Elitist


This week’s Most Valuable Elitist is the winner of the No Way Out match to determine Xander Payne’s challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship at Pain for Pride, Impact! After a great performance in the Grand Rampage match Impact believed that he deserved an opportunity to main event Pain for Pride, and at Battle of Egypt he proved that he was right to feel that way! He went up against multiple former World Champions and some of Dynasty’s best, and in the end Impact captured the opportunity to win his tenth World Championship, more than anyone else in EAW! Congratulations Impact!

Written by John Helms

Voltage 5/16/2021

Battle of Egypt 2: Clash in Cairo