Most Valuable Elitist #271

Rising Star of the Week

Adam Lucas

This week’s Rising Star of the Week is the PURE Champion, Adam Lucas! On Dynasty Adam went one on one against one of the only two-time PURE Champions in Insurgency’s Jake Smith right before his upcoming No Way Out match to determine the World Heavyweight Championship match at Pain for Pride. In the end Adam would leave Dynasty with a big victory under his belt, proving once again why he deserves to hold that Championship. Congratulations to the PURE  Champion, Adam Lucas!

Beef of the Week

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Show of the Week


This week’s Show of the Week is Voltage! Voltage put on an amazing show going into Battle of Egypt, giving us fantastic matches such as Ms. Extreme versus Miku Sakai, and the huge main event six man tag team match between New Eden and the team of the returning Cameron Ella Ava, the Visual Prophet, and the EAW Champion Malcolm Jones! We also got to see the Universal Women’s Champion Darcy May Morgan in action as multiple Battle of Egypt matches continued to be set up, such as Darcy versus Cameron, Sierra Bradford versus Candice Blair, and Malcolm Jones versus Rex McAllister!

Match of the Week

New Eden vs Malcolm Jones, Cameron Ella Ava & the Visual Prophet

Beef of the Week and Match of the Week for this week goes to the six man tag team main event match between New Eden and Malcolm Jones, Cameron Ella Ava and the Visual Prophet! This was bound to deliver as soon as this match was made knowing the talent that are in this match, and the fact that this match gave us a preview of what’s to come between Drake King and the Visual Prophet at Battle of Egypt! In the end it’d be the EAW Champion standing tall with the Visual Prophet and Cameron Ella Ava, this was a great way to close out the final Voltage before Battle of Egypt!

Promoer of the Week

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Champion of the Week

Malcolm Jones

This week’s Champion of the Week is the man who captured the winning pinfall in Voltage’s six man tag team main event match, the EAW Champion Malcolm Jones! Malcolm would have such a good showing this week that not only is he the Champion of the Week, but he’s also this week’s Promoer of the Week! Malcolm Jones has been on fire ever since he returned back at Shock Value, and if him becoming the EAW Champion for the second time in his career at Grand Rampage wasn’t enough to prove just how amazing he still is, then this week should do exactly that. 

Most Valuable Elitist


This week’s Most Valuable Elitist is the chairman of Elite Answers Wrestling, Mr. DEDEDE! Mr. DEDEDE’s an all time great, and this week he once again proved that as he did something you don’t see very often, and pinned the World Heavyweight Champion Xander Payne in the main event of Dynasty! This was a surprising way to end Dynasty, but in the end Mr. DEDEDE is one of the most accomplished names in EAW history and this week he just showed us another reason why. Congratulations to Mr. DEDEDE for the victory!

Written by John Helms

Dynasty 5/14/21

Showdown 5/15/21