Most Valuable Elitist #270

Rising Star of the Week

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Beef of the Week

IDOL-GUN vs Chained Fury

The Beef of the Week for this week was the match between IDOL-GUN and Chained Fury for the Unified Tag Team Championships! With Chained Fury looking to finally capture the Tag Titles following Ronan’s loss of the Interwire Championship, these two put on a great showing, especially Ryan Wilson who made it clear that he wasn’t looking to slow down at all following Grand Rampage. The Champions put on a just as good performance as they did what they did best. In the end IDOL-GUN was the better team, but it was no easy win. Great work this week from both teams!

Show of the Week


This was a great week for all three shows as we saw the aftermath of Grand Rampage, featuring tons of returns, matches set up for Battle of Egypt, and even a Championship match. In the end, this week’s Show of the Week was Voltage. This show opened up with the new EAW Champion Malcolm Jones and the announcement that he’d be defending his Championship at Battle of Egypt, and the rest of the night would feature even more announcements and surprises, such as the Women’s No Way Out match reveal and Rex McAllister taking up Malcolm’s challenge. Closing the show with great matches such as the Unified Tag Team Championship match and the tag team main event, this show was a great way to follow up Grand Rampage and build to Battle of Egypt. 

Match of the Week

Constance Blevins & Dr. Bethany Blue vs TLA & Terry Chambers

This week’s Match of the Week was the Voltage main event match between the Corona Hombres, TLA and Terry Chambers, versus the unlikely duo of Constance Blevins and Dr. Bethany Blue. Constance and Bethany have spent the past few weeks at each other’s throats, but somehow even while refusing to cooperate as an actual team they somehow managed to get the job done in a fantastic match, partially thanks to Ahren Fournier who’d interfere against TLA. In the end this was a great match with a shocking ending as Constance Blevins would lay out the Doctor following the match, and matches like this

Promoer of the Week

Ryan Wilson

Grand Rampage week was historic for many reasons, and part of the reason was because of what everyone brought to the table even before the match. You’d think all of the promos he delivered and his performance in the Grand Rampage match would slow him down, but in the end Ryan Wilson showed everyone just how much he wanted the Unified Tag Team Championships. In his own words, Ryan’s gone under a four year journey to Championship gold, and while he may not have found that gold this week and while things actually aren’t looking great between him and Ronan Malosi at all, Ryan showed everyone just what he’s capable of and how driven he really is to get what he wants, making him this week’s Promoer of the Week! 

Champion of the Week

IDOL-GUN (Hikari Kanno & Miku Sakai)

This week’s Champion, or Champions of the Week are the two Elitists who actually defended their titles this past week on Voltage, Miku Sakai and Hikari Kanno! This was a big deal for the three as this marks their third Championship defense, and in the end the two managed to get the job done as they defeated Ronan Malosi and Ryan Wildon to retain their Championships. These two were chosen as this week’s Rising Stars of the Week for this very reason, as once again IDOL-GUN has shown everyone just how much of a force they are not just within the tag team division, but in EAW as a whole. Congratulations, IDOL-GUN!

Most Valuable Elitist

The Visual Prophet

This week’s Most Valuable Elitist was the man who actually appeared on two shows this weekend, the Visual Prophet! His weekend started on Dynasty as he teamed up with Lethal Consequences, Impact and Mr. DEDEDE to defeat Insurgency in the main event of the show. The Visual Prophet would get the winning pinfall over the team, but that wasn’t all he’d do this weekend as he’d show up to Voltage and take out the entirety of New Eden, the group that temporarily took him out of action following Reckless Wiring! In the end the Visual Prophet had a great weekend, one deserving of being this week’s Most Valuable Elitist. 

Written by John Helms

Showdown 5/8/21

Voltage 5/9/2021