Most Valuable Elitist #269

Rising Star of the Week

Bronson Daniels

Grand Rampage was a very eventful show, and while there were definitely many great choices for this, Rising Star of the Week for this week is Bronson Daniels! At Grand Rampage Bronson faced Ronan Malosi for the Interwire Championship after winning contendership for it by defeating Kensingten Calhoun-Astor, and in the end after forcing Ronan to tap out Bronson would be crowned the new Interwire Champion, winning his second Championship of both his career and just this season! Congratulations Bronson!

Beef of the Week

See Match of the Week

Show of the Week

Grand Rampage

As expected, Grand Rampage was this week’s Show of the Week. Not because of a lack of options, but because we’re only a few months into the year and Grand Rampage might just go down as one of the greatest shows of the year! From all of the fantastic matches, to title changes such as Bronson Daniels and Malcolm Jones’ Championship victories, to possibly one of the best Grand Rampage matches ever which was full of huge returns and fantastic moments, Grand Rampage had a lot to offer and everyone involved should be proud of themselves!

Match of the Week

Grand Rampage Match

Beef of the Week AND Match of the Week was without a doubt the Grand Rampage match. This match was amazing from beginning to end. Starting from number one and two entrants Drake King and Jake Smith, this match had pretty much everything you could ask for, including tons of returns and the reunion of both Generation Genesis and the Beating Hearts of Voltage, although the latter didn’t end how people thought it would. In the end this is going to go down as one of the greatest Grand Rampage matches ever, and that’s thanks to both the Elitists competing in the match and thanks to what they offered in their many, many promos!

Promoer of the Week


Promoer of the Week for this week couldn’t just go to one person, not this week. Last year was a historic Grand Rampage, and not many people thought the promos for that could be topped. One year later, and once again this place managed to surprise us all. Everyone should be proud of their work this week regardless of how many promos they posted, and this goes to everyone competing on the show, not just those in the Grand Rampage match. This was a fantastic week for everyone involved!

Champion of the Week

Kassidy Heart

At Grand Rampage we saw a historic match, as we were able to witness the first ever Answers World Championship match between two women thanks to Kassidy Heart and Consuela Rose Ava. Consuela is an extremely talented Elitist who definitely has what it takes to one day become World Champion, but her time didn’t come at Grand Rampage and that was thanks to 2021’s King of Elite winner, King Kass! Congratulations to the reigning Answers World Champion for a successful title defense!

Most Valuable Elitist

Drake King

After going from the number one entrant to winning the entire match, there’s no doubt that the Grand Rampage winner Drake King was this week’s Most Valuable Elitist! All week New Eden promised to take this match away from everyone, and despite Drake, Myles and Minerva having many obstacles in their path, they still managed to live up to their words and stop everyone else from winning the Grand Rampage. This win gives Drake the opportunity to main event Pain for Pride in a World Championship match, so congratulations on a historic victory! 

Written by John Helms

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