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Most Valuable Elitist #268

Rising Star of the Week

Andre Walker

This week’s Rising Star of the Week is Dynasty’s New Breed Champion, Andre Walker! The man currently on the road to having the longest New Breed Championship reign of all time went up against a former World Champion and a Hall of Famer in Chris Elite this week, and in the end Andre was able to capture the victory. This was a fantastic match and a great showing of why Andre has held that title for so long. Congratulations!

Beef of the Week

Candice Blair vs Drake King

Beef of the Week for this week was the Voltage match between Candice Blair and Drake King! This was weeks in the making as Candice has made it her mission to try and free Sierra Bradford from her relationship with Drake, and this week these two had an amazing match with even better promos. With Candice fighting to prove that Drake is clearly lying about him and Sierra, these two had a fantastic back and forth. 

Show of the Week


Show of the Week for this week was Voltage! Voltage had a great show this week, starting off with an intervention for Sierra Bradford hosted by Candice Blair. After this the show would offer great surprises such as Hikari Kanno’s addition to the Grand Rampage match, and fantastic matches such as Jake Smith versus Myles, Candice Blair versus Drake King, Ms. Extreme versus SOSA Henderson, and the main event match between Rex McAllister and Ahren Fournier. All around this was a great show to help build up Grand Rampage!

Match of the Week

Rex McAllister vs Ahren Fournier

This week’s Match of the Week was Rex McAllister versus Ahren Fournier, Voltage’s main event match! We’re on the road to Grand Rampage, and during the road to one of the biggest shows of the year we’ve been given tons of preview matches like this. In the end Rex and Ahren had a fantastic match, showing the world why they should be people to look out for once the free-per-view arrives. Congratulations to Rex McAllister for the victory, and great work by both Elitists!

Promoer of the Week

Jake Smith

This week’s Promoer of the Week was Insurgency’s Jake Smith! This week Jake would appear on Voltage to face the New Eden member Myles, and Jake would have a fantastic week as he delivers multiple promos showing just how lowly he views Myles in comparison to himself. Jake did a great job this week, and if he can keep this up then he’ll without a doubt do a great job in the Grand Rampage match!

Champion of the Week

Xander Payne

This week’s Champion of the week was Dynasty’s World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Payne! On Dynasty Xander would face the former PURE Champion and former Unified Tag Team Champion in Limmy Monaghan, and Xander would capture a decisive victory on the road to his upcoming title defense against Charlie Marr at Grand Rampage. This is Xander’s first ever World Championship reign, and with performances like this, his title reign may just continue for a long time.

Most Valuable Elitist


This week’s Most Valuable Elitist was the winner of Dynasty’s main event, Impact! On Dynasty Impact would face the National Elite Champion TLA in a Grand Rampage preview match, and after a fantastic match Impact would capture the victory over the Champion. This was a great way for Impact to end the weekend, and at this point Impact might just be one of the favorites to win the Grand Rampage match. Either way, there’s no doubt that Impact is someone to watch out for heading into Grand Rampage. 

Written by John Helms

Showdown 4/24/21

Grand Rampage 2021